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I think "Exorcist II: The Heretic" is the worst major motion picture ever made

At least in the top 5. Re-watching it recently reminded me its not a bit scary but a lot laughable. It basically ended Linda Blair's career.

"Friedkin saw half an hour of the film: "I was at Technicolor and a guy said 'We just finished a print of Exorcist II, do you wanna have a look at it?' And I looked at half an hour of it and I thought it was as bad as seeing a traffic accident in the street. It was horrible. It's just a stupid mess made by a dumb guy – John Boorman by name, somebody who should be nameless, but in this case should be named. Scurrilous. A horrible picture." Friedkin later stated that this sequel diminished the value of the original and called it "the worst piece of shit I've ever seen" and "a fucking disgrace." He later added, "That film was made by a demented mind".

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by Sarah T.reply 3306/29/2020

Hmm. That's not the trailer I know. On my first viewing of 'Star Wars' in 1977, there was a memorably abrasive trailer for 'Exorcist II: The Heretic' which has stuck with me all these years.

No, it's not "the worst major motion picture ever made", IMO - but then I've seen one hell of a lot of awful films; so many that it would be next to impossible to choose just one. (As I type this, one pushes its way to the front of my memory - Stanley Kubrick's 'Eyes Wide Shut' (1999). To me, it's certainly a candidate).

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by Sarah T.reply 106/20/2020


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by Sarah T.reply 206/27/2020

Oh shut up. We don't have time to list all the "worst major motion pictures ever made". Create a list on IMDB. If you can't recommend a good gay movie, fuck off.

by Sarah T.reply 306/27/2020

Exorcist II is a fascinating failure. It's one of the only horror sequels that doesn't try to ape the first film. It goes in a completely different direction, to it's credit and to it's detriment. It's complete nonsense from start to finish, but the filmmakers really attempted something original.

by Sarah T.reply 406/27/2020

I just watched part 3 on prime or hulu. Try it.

by Sarah T.reply 506/27/2020

Part 3 is one of my favorite horror movies. I may even like it more than the original. George C. Scott and Brad Dourif are both great, and the entire film has a dark, unsettling vibe that's never been equaled.

by Sarah T.reply 606/27/2020



Shove that up your mother's green cunt in Hell.

by Sarah T.reply 706/27/2020


The Pazuzu Spaz lacks pizazz.

by Sarah T.reply 806/27/2020

There are worse films out there. It had a couple of bright spots -- namely Morricone's score and some aerial shots of the African landscape.

by Sarah T.reply 906/27/2020

R8 was molested with a crucifix as a child.

by Sarah T.reply 1006/27/2020

Honestly, every time I ponder the worst major motion picture ever made I keep coming back to the same one...

The Mirror Has Two Faces

It is supremely awful in every way.

by Sarah T.reply 1106/27/2020

I myself don’t find THE EXORCIST to have much artistry at all (aside from the special effects) it sets a low bar for sequels.

by Sarah T.reply 1206/27/2020

"It had a couple of bright spots -- namely Morricone's score"

You mean that chorus of female voices that keeps swooning-in at the most inappropriate times, like some demented lullaby? Laaaa la la la, laaaa la la la

by Sarah T.reply 1306/27/2020

It;s a movie that should have never been made. I love some of Boorman's movies--Point Blank is one of my favorite movies of all time--but he was really out his depth here. He hated the first movie and then decided to make a "sequel" as a sort of antidote to the first. If you're going to do a sequel to one of the most famous scary movies of all time, you better make it scary. It completely fails on that count. According to Linda Blair, the movie's first script was much better but it was rewritten several times during production to the point where it was unrecognizable by the end. Apparently, people would get so angry watching the movie, they would throw shit at the screens. I don't blame them.

by Sarah T.reply 1406/27/2020

The Exorcist II did do something original--as R1's clip shows, it invented demon acid disco funk music. The only music of its kind. Not sure if thats a good or bad thing. But its something. That's more than can be said of the rest of the movie.

by Sarah T.reply 1506/27/2020

I think Boorman knew he could never stack up with the rattling shock of the original. He tried to go the metaphysical route and it instead backfired.

by Sarah T.reply 1606/27/2020

I'm kind of amazed Boorman still had the opportunity to make very good/great films after it. The Exorcist II was so bad, it would have even killed the careers of Kubrick, HItchcock, etc.

by Sarah T.reply 1706/27/2020

I think the demon Pazuzu was feasting on Richard Burton's alcohol bloat in the film.

by Sarah T.reply 1806/27/2020

Laughably bad.

by Sarah T.reply 1906/28/2020

R11 That piece of shit film needs its own thread. There's just so much about this movie deserving of complete derision.

by Sarah T.reply 2006/28/2020

I'd rather watch Exorcist II then Out of Africa.

In fact I've watched The Heretic several times (cuz it's batshit crazy fun) but have only made it through Out of Africa once in my life.

by Sarah T.reply 2106/28/2020

R21 I've never made it through Out of Africa, and I love Meryl Streep.

by Sarah T.reply 2206/28/2020

Is this the one with the big jumpscare?? Or is that the third movie??

by Sarah T.reply 2306/28/2020

Any idea what the first script was like?

Has Blair ever elaborated more on what happens in it?

by Sarah T.reply 2406/28/2020

R24, she said it was really deep and made a lot of sense. That sounds like a huge improvement right there. But it was rewritten countless times by the end of the production.

by Sarah T.reply 2506/28/2020

Blair’s character story was really complete in the first one. I’ve seen it once, and all I can remember were those stupid locusts. Burton obviously did it for the cash. Fletcher, off her Oscar win, I think took the first script that came her way, but this film ended her career too. Burstyn im sure chuckles to herself to this day that she dodged a bullet by not doing it. Part 3 was the better sequel. Atmospheric, scary and dark which was the appropriate way to do it.

by Sarah T.reply 2606/28/2020

James Earl jones in a bee costume. I want to know who thought that was a good idea.

by Sarah T.reply 2706/28/2020

Based on this scene, OP probably has a point.

Also based on this scene, I need to see this movie immediately

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by Sarah T.reply 2806/28/2020

R28, that's not even the worst scene in the movie.

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by Sarah T.reply 2906/28/2020

A chunky Linda Blair tapdancing was probably the scariest moment in the film.

I saw this stoned with friends during college, and that's probably the only way to enjoy this movie...

by Sarah T.reply 3006/28/2020

It always struck me so odd that they couldn't find a better way to explain Ellen Burstyn's absence. She clearly turned it down so we end up with teenage Linda Blair living alone in NY with the Louise Fletcher doctor "responsible for her."

What mother would leave their teenage daughter alone in 1970s NYC.....especially if you've already been through what they went thru in the first film.

by Sarah T.reply 3106/28/2020

Sharon was living with her.

by Sarah T.reply 3206/29/2020

The African cave way atop the steep inverted cliff is a fantastic set piece. I love all the Africa scenes.

And Linda Blair walking on the edge of the skyscraper (which apparently wasn't faked) still gives me the heebie jeebies.

Offsite Link
by Sarah T.reply 3306/29/2020
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