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Do you watch "reaction" videos on YouTube?

I've fallen down a rabbit hole of sorts with younger people reacting to songs. One of the more entertaining ones is college boys Andy and Alex. Here they are going apeshit over Rush's song Spirit Of Radio.

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by Tom Sawyerreply 60Last Wednesday at 9:53 PM

I too watch a number of music reaction vids, including Andy and Alex. They are both actual musicians, so they go much more in depth than most others.

A lot of them seem to be black people reacting to white people music, and honestly, a lot of those channels seem somewhat performative. Like, their subscribers are all white, and they're doing this black person such a huge favor by turning them on to Lynyrd Skynyrd or Deep Purple or whatever...and the black reactor obliges by gushing over how great the song is, without really going into much depth, other than "wow, that was great!!!".

There is one channel called Cafe Enoma, which is kind of bizarrely entertaining. It's a husband and wife from Mumbai. They really churn out a ton of videos, but they don't have much viewership. The wife is very sweet and cute. The husband is very average-looking and prone to go on long, angry, defensive rants about other channels, people who leave negative comments, and anything else that's pissing him off at the moment.

by Tom Sawyerreply 106/18/2020

Spirit of The Radio is a fucking masterpiece. Have you heard Neil Pert's isolated drums in that song??

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by Tom Sawyerreply 206/18/2020

Peart. So sorry Neil. RIP buddy.

by Tom Sawyerreply 306/18/2020

No but my IQ is over 80.

by Tom Sawyerreply 406/18/2020

Jamal aka Jamel is probably the best of the reaction channels.

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by Tom Sawyerreply 506/18/2020

Also good are Lost in Vegas.

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by Tom Sawyerreply 606/18/2020

No. My nephews watch videos of other people playing video games on Youtube and I don't get it, but I also get that that type of thing is not geared towards me.

by Tom Sawyerreply 706/18/2020

As they seem to be reacting to suggestions from their subscribers, do they ever react negatively?

by Tom Sawyerreply 806/18/2020

I watch “Korean Grandma...” . Usually it’s a tasting video but there’s some reaction ones. She’s always so concerned if someone appears to be hurt in the videos she watches.

by Tom Sawyerreply 906/18/2020

Sista reacting to classic sista

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by Tom Sawyerreply 1006/18/2020

I enjoy Zachary Michael's reaction videos about assorted YouTube freaks.

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by Tom Sawyerreply 1106/18/2020

I’ve seen a few but it’s all so exaggerated and over-acted.

by Tom Sawyerreply 1206/18/2020

I was watching this young hip hop guy react to the music video of Pour Some Sugar On Me.

A minute in he stopped the video. “ looks like the drummer has ONLY ONE ARM!!!!”

It was pretty funny. His mind was blown. He had more questions than answers.

by Tom Sawyerreply 1306/18/2020

The Las Vegas guys at R6 have pretty entertaining reactions to the video of “Closer” by NIN

by Tom Sawyerreply 1406/18/2020

Here's Jamal aka Jamel reacting to the most played song on American radio during the 20th century.

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by Tom Sawyerreply 1506/18/2020

I don't know how we're supposed to believe that these people have never seen the videos or heard some of these songs.

And, let's just say that Meryl doesn't have to be looking over her shoulder based on some of those performances.

They know they're being filmed, and they're ridiculously over the top.

by Tom Sawyerreply 1606/18/2020

The reactions in porn are also always over the top and not believable, but that doesn't stop any of you from watching.

Lots of reactors react to the Righteous Brothers songs and they always seem to have huge view counts. I'm stunned that those songs are still so popular.

by Tom Sawyerreply 1706/18/2020

Is anybody following the current controversy regarding the FBE/React Channel/Try Not To channels?

It's a hugely popular channel (over 12.5 million subscribers) that has imploded in the last week or so, after an old 2009 video resurfaced of one of the channel's founders in blackface, and subsequently some of their black cast members and staff claiming mistreatment (I've read the accounts of the alleged mistreatment, and there's nothing particularly egregious there, it's just normal disgruntled-employee crap, and the usual office politics bullshit that comes with being a cog in a multi-million-dollar machine.)

A bunch of the channel's cast has quit over it, and they haven't uploaded any videos in about a week (there are usually several new videos a day, even during lockdown).

The channel goes out of its way to feature people from ALL walks of life, from kids to elders, every race and ethnicity, every religion, every body type, every sexuality and gender'd be hard pressed to find a channel that features a more diverse group of individuals.

The owners and the CEO apologized profusely, but it's apparently not enough.

(If I were them, I would just hire a bunch of new people. The people quitting seem to believe they're huge stars that the channel can't do without. In reality, there's nothing special about what they do. Wish them well, and replace their asses ASAP).

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 1806/18/2020

There's a young black guy who does reaction videos to old school hip hop and rap videos. It's actually pretty entertaining as he seems to know something about the history of rap music and watching him react to the songs I listened to at his age is fun.

He's also really cute, which doesn't hurt.

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 1906/18/2020

Andy & Alex's reaction to Fleetwood Mac's The Chain is entertaining.

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 2006/18/2020

I don’t get it.

by Tom Sawyerreply 2106/18/2020

The OP has fallen for a ruse by actors.

by Tom Sawyerreply 2206/18/2020

The reaction to songs videos is like watching a friend or acquaintance hear one of you favorite songs for the first time.

by Tom Sawyerreply 2306/18/2020

The best reactions are like watching a child excitedly open a present that you know they're really going to enjoy

by Tom Sawyerreply 2406/18/2020

This is classic!

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 2506/18/2020

OP -- how did you get the Youtube video to show as a link preview and play?

by Tom Sawyerreply 2606/18/2020

Twink vocal coach reacts to Marcelito Pomoy,

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 2706/18/2020

Audience reaction Thor.

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 2806/18/2020

I have the same problem. How do people watch the videos now? I'm willing to pay, but not for shitty service. I like Alex and Alex.

by Tom Sawyerreply 2906/19/2020

"As they seem to be reacting to suggestions from their subscribers, do they ever react negatively?"

Very rarely. The vast majority of the channels are basically just "oh wow, this is so great, I love it, blah blah blah". The subscribers/patrons suggest the songs expecting that the reactor will love them, and the reactor gladly obliges and collects his or her $.

With Andy and Alex, you can pretty much tell when they really don't like a song, but even they always try to put a positive spin on everything. They actually give the songs grades, and I don't think they've ever gone below a "B", and that's very rare. Two of the ones I saw that they seemed to not like were "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane, and "Poison" by Alice Cooper.

The channel where they will be brutally honest is Cafe Enoma, the couple from Mumbai. It's funny, because the guy gets really belligerent sometimes when he doesn't like a song, and he apparently pisses off the audience with his honesty, they insult him in the comments, triggering a long, angry response rant in the next video. What's interesting, is that for the most part, they lack the cultural context of knowing much about the artist, or how they are perceived, or how the song is perceived in general, so they are reacting strictly to the merits of the song as they hear it. So, they will give some silly or cheesy song like "Billy Don't Be a Hero" or "Seasons in the Sun" the same consideration they give to something by serious legends like Stevie Wonder or Neil Young.

They had about a 3-song run of Paul McCartney songs that they hated, and that really soured them on him. At one point, at the end of a reaction for a Tevin Campbell song, the guy said "Paul McCartney should take lessons from Tevin Campbell on how to sing and how to make music"...the idea of which I find hilarious, and I'm sure it infuriated the Macca stans. He also has a really low opinion of Gordon Lightfoot, thanks to "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald", and also ELO (I don't remember why exactly, I think it had something to do with them having the word "Orchestra" in their name, but they didn't sound orchestral).

by Tom Sawyerreply 3006/19/2020

I agree with R24: the best videos seem to show people being surprised by performances. The last one I managed to watch was Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, Carrie Underwood and Stevie Nicks all performing a tribute to Linda Rondstadt. I can't even tell you what tricks I played to hear that, since I don't know myself. I don't know what Youtube is doing, other than making an extra buck.

by Tom Sawyerreply 3106/23/2020

Lost In Vegas didn't care for Hank Williams Sr.

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 3206/23/2020

If I Can Dream by Elvis has been popular lately.

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 3306/23/2020

I've seen some movie reaction videos, which I find really sweet. It's nice to see people really enjoying themselves, even if most of them are overacting.

And I had no idea Spidey was so popular.

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 3406/23/2020

What kind of bizarre alternate universe did I fall into? Today’s young folk make all of their money by either having sex online for money, by uploading reaction videos to music or children uploading videos opening and critiquing gifts, being influencers to the huddled masses, driving strangers around in their own cars for pennies, or delivering food.

Whatever happened to working in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory for 12 hours a day for 50 cents?

by Tom Sawyerreply 3506/23/2020

Looks like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's family hasn't heard that DL has decreed that reaction videos are fake, over-the-top scams out to steal their hard earned money

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 3606/24/2020

R32 That's an off-key performance by Hank Williams Sr of Cold Cold Heart, so I'm not surprised. It almost sounds line a bad parody. The song itself and the music are very rudimentary. They are more into jazz, blues, funk, rock.

by Tom Sawyerreply 3706/27/2020

17 year old twink watches Queen at Live Aid.

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 3806/29/2020

I enjoy the Irish People Try ... Im not sure why started during lockdown ... I crush on a few of the guyss

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 3906/29/2020

And to clarify ... none of the Irish guys in the mochi one I do love the two chicks Lolsy and Justine .. seem fun

by Tom Sawyerreply 4006/29/2020

I like the "so-and-so reacts to someone reacting to them" type sometimes.

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 4106/29/2020

The kids in this one are a hoot, especially the boy with the eyebrows.

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 4206/29/2020

Silly videos - but he’s a cutie.

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 4306/29/2020

Guys, watch me REACT to something! Look at my FACE and the EXPRESSIONS I’m making! Can you believe it?! At first I was all 😐 but then I was all 😧 and finally I was like 😆. HEY! Are you still paying attention to me????

by Tom Sawyerreply 4406/29/2020

I love Jamal aka Jamel! I got into his videos after watching this one:

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 4506/29/2020

I know that there's some controversy as to whether or not the reactions are spontaneous, but I've seen a number of reactors review Al Stewart's 'The Year of the Cat'; and the few people who looked it up apparently didn't understand the 'Casablanca' references in the song. I watch an assortment of people, and some seem very naive, but a few are really well-informed, and I can learn something from them (Fil at Wings of Pegasus is a very well-informed musician himself).

by Tom Sawyerreply 4606/30/2020

r38, the son is cute but that Texas Christian University sweatshirt is a deal breaker... and the dad seems like a weirdo and a total MAGA person... ew...

by Tom Sawyerreply 4706/30/2020

This is my all time favorite Spirit Of Radio reaction video.

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 4806/30/2020

R4 nailed it.

Is THIS how low Datalounge has sunken to?

by Tom Sawyerreply 4906/30/2020

R46 I agree that Fil from Wings of Pegasus is very well informed. He's also a guitar teacher and dissects the live video performances, including the vocals.

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 5007/01/2020

There's a teen who "reacts" to the Robert Palmer "Addicted to Love" video and is baffled as to why so many of her followers recommended it to her. What was attention-grabbing in 1986 is "ho hum" in 2020. That made me feel old.

by Tom Sawyerreply 5107/01/2020

Anyone who wonders why Donald Trump is president need only read this thread. Odd what people find entertaining these days.

by Tom Sawyerreply 5207/01/2020

There is a quantum leap between someone appreciating someone reacting to hearing a song for the first time and being a Trumpster.

by Tom Sawyerreply 5307/01/2020


by Tom Sawyerreply 5407/01/2020

This 16 year old kid's reaction to the operatic bridge from Bohemian Rhapsody is hilarious.

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 55Last Wednesday at 8:31 PM

The reaction videos that seem to be the majority of them, I don't get personally. It's usually someone playing a music video, or concert performance while those watching just say, periodically: "Wow!" or "That's great!" I don't really understand why people would watch those, but whatever.

On the other hand, there are some really interesting ones, like actual vocal coaches watching performances and then critiquing the singing. I find that can be interesting, and teach you something too. Or historians watching historical movies and talking about the historical accuracy. So, if the channel is by an expert who is discussing stuff like that, I can see myself watching it. But just randoms watching a video, either underreacting or overreacting, does nothing for me.

by Tom Sawyerreply 56Last Wednesday at 8:41 PM

The Twins and only the twins. They don't understand anything about music, but they understand everything about good music. I love them. Dolly Parton tweeted them out. I find them genuine. When they started listening to Gloria Gaynor's I will survive - they looked at each other and said, Oh, I know this song.

The one twin is more outgoing than the other but they're pleasure and politeness is really appealing to me. Plus I like 90% of what they react to. Other than these two, and only because of COVID fever, I would never watch this type of crap. I think "reaction videos" are inherently ridiculous. But come on - the boys went viral for their response to Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight" and I fell down their YouTube rabbit hole and under the spell. They're cute the way they dance too. Their momma raised them right. The one boy fell in love watching the blonde from ABBA sing The Winner Takes It All - but they're so respectful. He doesn't know she's like 70 years old now. They're adorable. Only one twin this time, because the song is such a mood. Who wouldn't love it? These boys are getting rich. Gonna buy their mom a new house probably. Stay sweet boys. TwinsisthenewTrend

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 57Last Wednesday at 9:00 PM

I need to dig myself out of this dark reaction rabbit hole I’ve gone down on YouTube. There is a whole community where people react to morbidly obese women on “weight loss journeys”, but for years the women haven’t actually lost any weight, and instead they do grocery hauls and mukbangs at the same time protesting that they are on diets.

by Tom Sawyerreply 58Last Wednesday at 9:14 PM

^Oh god, I fell into that hole last year, when someone I used to watch do funny comedy skits, turned around to doing reaction videos to a girl called Amberlynn Reid who was always on a diet and never losing weight. It's not at all my thing, but I couldn't stop watching for awhile, it was weird.

by Tom Sawyerreply 59Last Wednesday at 9:20 PM

This fat queen vocal coach is highly amusing IMO plus I like that he reviews international singing stars.

Offsite Link
by Tom Sawyerreply 60Last Wednesday at 9:53 PM
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