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Dear God in Heaven/Damn You Jill Abbott

I am debuting as the new Katherine Chancellor after the pandemic ends. I will also win the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Who is excited?

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marinreply 2406/30/2020

The Chancellor mausoleum will be getting much play when new episodes resume.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marinreply 106/14/2020

I love my co-stars Katie Linder, Jess Walton, and Mel Scott.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marinreply 206/14/2020

The show is including me in all of the key art! I am in tears!

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marinreply 306/14/2020

I love you, Scoche! You’re a hoot!

by Scoche Marinreply 406/14/2020

And I love my beautiful, adoring fans! You are in for a thrill when I debut as Kay Shepherd Reynolds Chancellor Thurston Sterling Murphy.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marinreply 506/14/2020

I feel so at home in the Chancellor mansion. I can’t wait to be back on the set.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marinreply 606/14/2020

I can’t wait for Kay and Jill’s epic showdowns at the Chancellor mansion!

“I don't relish coming home and finding this monster is breathing the air that I have to breathe.” -Mrs. C

by Scoche Marinreply 706/15/2020

The show will be allowing me to use cue cards as I re-create the Mrs. C role. Morina and Griffith want me to start out having the full Jeanne effect.

by Scoche Marinreply 806/15/2020

OP still wanking to the Golden Girls.

by Scoche Marinreply 906/15/2020

I finally made it back to the studio today my dears! I sanitized my dressing room and pick up a beautiful script that contained heartwarming personal notes from our legendary executive producer Tony Morina and our genius head writer Josh Griffith. They cannot wait to see my rendition of Katherine Shepherd Reynolds Chancellor Thurston Sterling Murphy hit the screen.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marinreply 1006/15/2020

Rumors of my passing are greatly exaggerated. I am as alive and well as my character, Kay Chancellor, as you will soon have the immense pleasure of discovering on your screens. I just shared a two bottles of bubbly with Katie Linder to celebrate our glorious return to CBS Television City.

by Scoche Marinreply 1106/15/2020

I simply cannot wait until I can travel again with my dear sister-friends Susan Flannery and Kim Zimmer.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marinreply 1206/23/2020

In the last Y&R thread, Adam Newman's Shaved Ballsack—long since Murieled—people were talking about Nick Scotti, who played Tony Visconti. I also remember him from the cover of the 1996 issue of Newsweek titled "The Biology of Beauty."

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marinreply 1306/23/2020

Didn't realize Adam's ballsack had been Murieled. Is there a new Y&R thread?

by Scoche Marinreply 1406/23/2020

This is the new Y&R thread, isn't it, r14?

by Scoche Marinreply 1506/24/2020

Yes r15

by Scoche Marinreply 1606/24/2020

Looks like VR is now claiming that Sony/Steve Kent wants Trump supporters and stay at home women as viewers for their soaps especially Y&R.

by Scoche Marinreply 1706/24/2020

WHET Rachel Cory has been Murieled. Already!

by Scoche Marinreply 1806/29/2020

R18 and before I got to post my appreciation for the person who made the joke about Sherry Stringfield doing a Locher Room and quitting 20 minutes in. That had me LMAO.

by Scoche Marinreply 1906/29/2020

That was me, too, r19. Thanks.

You KNOW how she could be.

by Scoche Marinreply 2006/29/2020

Hello my beauties. I have been at CBS Television Studio over the past several days taking publicity stills before production officially begins. We have been social distancing, of course. The costume designers are doing a marvelous job with my wardrobe. They want me to wear one of these gorgeous new dresses to the Daytime Emmys next year when I celebrate my win for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.. I will make a magnificent Katherine Shepherd Reynolds Chancellor Thurston Sterling Murphy.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marinreply 2106/29/2020

Scoche,is there any chance they might resurrect Marge as well? She was Kay ‘s better half.

by Scoche Marinreply 2206/29/2020

That bitch looks like one of those apple-head dolls.

Offsite Link
by Scoche Marinreply 2306/30/2020

Luan sighting today!

by Scoche Marinreply 2406/30/2020
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