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Clark Gable chose to be buried with third wife Carol Lombard instead of his current widow

I wonder how his current wife and heavily pregnant with his child felt about this? Wasn't it a bit of an insult, declaring that his wife who died 19 years previously was the one he wished to rest next to for all eternity?

I say it just ain't fittin'!

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by Mammyreply 21507/02/2020

Lombard was the love of his life.

by Mammyreply 105/31/2020

It was fitting, and I’m sure his wife understood. It happens all the time even with non-celebrities.

by Mammyreply 205/31/2020

Not to be horrible but Carole Lombard's body was burned and destroyed beyond recognition in the plane crash, how did they even know they buried the correct body?

by Mammyreply 305/31/2020

Frankly OP, I don’t give a damn.

by Mammyreply 405/31/2020

"I love you. But I dont ETERNALLY love you "

by Mammyreply 505/31/2020

Till death do us part, and then you’re on your own.

by Mammyreply 605/31/2020

Seriously OP?? Are you trying to get a man who died 60 years canceled? Let’s go after that damned Charlie Chaplin too!!

by Mammyreply 705/31/2020

How about that damned Sister Aimee? I'm still furious about her and that kidnapping fraud. Evil woman!

by Mammyreply 805/31/2020

Clark was a real p.o.s.

by Mammyreply 905/31/2020

R7 Who said anything about cancelled? Gable is an icon. I was wondering what his widow made of it is all

by Mammyreply 1005/31/2020

Clark Gable's widow, Kathleen (aka Kay Williams) is interred just a few crypts away from Gable, and she apparently was okay with his final resting place being next to Lombard's since she permitted it. Gable was her fourth husband, and she was his fifth wife, so I'm sure they were fine with each other having previous loves.

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by Mammyreply 1105/31/2020

R3, Edgar Mannix, Vice President of MGM at the time, identifed Lombard's body, saying he recognized her by her blonde hair and the contours of her face.

by Mammyreply 1205/31/2020

As she scooped up her inheritance from Gable, his heavily pregnant fifth wife declared:

"As God is my witness, as God is my witness they're are not going to lick me. I'm going to live through this and when its all over, I'll never be hungry again. No, nor any of my folk. If I have to lie, steal, cheat, or kill, as God is my witness I'll never be hungry again."

by Mammyreply 1305/31/2020

Too bad about the druggie grandson.

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by Mammyreply 1405/31/2020

What’s too bad R14, is that he wasn’t the Cheaters host that got stabbed.

by Mammyreply 1505/31/2020

It's my sole claim to fame, R15.

by Mammyreply 1605/31/2020

Carole was his favorite wife.

by Mammyreply 1705/31/2020

"Carole was his favorite wife."

Irene Dunne was mine.

by Mammyreply 1805/31/2020

" If Pa had one more inch he'd be the Queen of Hollywood'"

by Mammyreply 1905/31/2020

R19, dear, the quote was about his having one LESS inch.

Yes, oh, dear.

by Mammyreply 2005/31/2020

Lombard was the love of his life and she was dead by the time Gable remarried. It's not like he chose to be buried next to someone who divorced him. His decision would be perfectly understandable to his wife.

by Mammyreply 2105/31/2020

His mustache tickled.

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by Mammyreply 2205/31/2020

I fine! I send my love! Biden 2020!

by Mammyreply 2305/31/2020

[quote]Lombard was the love of his life and she was dead by the time Gable remarried.

That's kind of how being widowed works.

by Mammyreply 2405/31/2020

Carole Lombard was identified by a small amount of her blonde hair and the remnants of a ruby earring that Gable had given her.

by Mammyreply 2505/31/2020

[quote]Carole Lombard was identified by a small amount of her blonde hair and the remnants of a ruby earring that Gable had given her.

I belong to a group where one man has repeated hiked to the crash site and found several small pieces of Lombard's jewelry.

by Mammyreply 2605/31/2020

R24, meet me tomorrow on the courthouse steps. I've finally found true love 💘.

by Mammyreply 2705/31/2020

R26, The remains of the aircraft were never removed from the crash site.

by Mammyreply 2805/31/2020

I don’t know about Gable, but I think it’s common to bury people with their first partner, if they raised a family together and had a happy marriage, in particular.

by Mammyreply 2905/31/2020

They were stark raving crazy about each other, r29.

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by Mammyreply 3005/31/2020

Gable had a wife between Lombard and his widow Kay Spreckles Gable.

She was Lady Sylvia Ashley, who had previously been married to Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.

by Mammyreply 3105/31/2020

[quote] Carole Lombard was identified by a small amount of her blonde hair and the remnants of a ruby earring that Gable had given her.

As well as the contours of her face.

by Mammyreply 3205/31/2020

Lombard was the love of Gable's life. She was perfect for him. Both of his wives after her were replicas of her. Lady Sylvia Ashley was a disaster; she was a blonde beauty like Lombard but was very stuck up, whereas Gable was the most down to earth of men. His last wife Kay knew Gable never got over Lombard and she accepted it. She even tried to BE like Lombard, to please him. At any rate, Carole Lombard's death was one of the biggest film tragedies. She was a wonderful actress, was well liked by just about everybody and was the love of Gable's life. Her death was such a loss.

by Mammyreply 3305/31/2020

R32, The contours of her skull is more likely. After crashing into a mountain at full force and then a full fuel tank fire, flesh was minimal.

Eddie Mannix had George "Superman" Reeves murdered as punishment for fucking his wife.

by Mammyreply 3405/31/2020

R12 R25 R26 R34 thank you. I know some of you may have read the recent book about the crash and to me it's fascinating to learn more about it. I feel terrible for her and everyone in board.

Do you really believe there was any hair left to identify? Back then the body must have been hard to Id with no DNA. Obv it contracted so measuring wasn't an option.

by Mammyreply 3505/31/2020

Last week we found...

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by Mammyreply 3605/31/2020

Does Morrissey still own the house Gable built for Lombard?

by Mammyreply 3706/01/2020

Some articles claim they had her dental charts flown out as quickly as possible to identify Lombard.

More of the bodies was available than people are assuming. The body under the blanket looks largely intact.

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 3806/01/2020

A copy of her death certificate:

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 3906/01/2020

The old dude got his young wife pregnant, right before his death? That is disgusting. I blame the damn money hungry wife.

by Mammyreply 4006/01/2020

She may have been the "love of his life" but it didn't stop him from fucking anything that moved even after he married her. The story was that she insisted on returning in that plane because she had heard that Clark was hitting on Lana Turner and Lana was known as a woman who couldn't say "NO!" She hauled along her mother and got her killed too. (Mom is the "Peters" woman in the crypt next to Carole on that wall.)

One of his friends later said that Gable would fuck any woman who showed any interest him at all. He didn't care about looks, age, weight or marital status. His wives, past and present, seem to bear witness to that fact.

by Mammyreply 4106/01/2020

Clark was also fucking Joan Crawford off and on while married to Lombard.

Lombard got herself, her mother, and at least one studio employee killed because she was too impatient to take a train back home. She bumped Army men off the plane by throwing her celebrity status around.

by Mammyreply 4206/01/2020

The suit Lombard is wearing in OP’s pic was designed by Irene (Lentz Gibbons).

That is all I have to add.

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by Mammyreply 4306/01/2020

[quote]R42 She bumped Army men off the plane by throwing her celebrity status around.

In retrospect, they should have thanked her.

by Mammyreply 4406/01/2020

The people who were bumped were lucky.

It's also true that she pulled the "do you know who I am" card to screw over soldiers who were fighting in the war at that very moment.

by Mammyreply 4506/01/2020

In fairness, Carole just helped raise over €2 million by selling war bonds (the purpose of her trip) so she was deserving of a favour.

It's unimaginable to think of that rotten furnace. Anybody know if they were likely to know anything was wrong before they hit the mountain?

by Mammyreply 4606/01/2020

Clark's wife was 45 when he got her pregnant. He was 59. Hardly an old perv.

by Mammyreply 4706/01/2020

Carole's mother was frightened of flying and wanted to go by train as originally planned but Carole forced her to get on the plane.

She made that 2 million in one night.

Her last film To be or Not to Be seemed to be before I saw it so over praised I thought I was not going to like it. I was wrong, it is very good and deserves its standing. I highly recommend it.

Somebody should have asked Lana when she was doing her late in life autobio book tour if Gable was really bonking her at the time Carole rushed home because of her alleged affair with Gable. Stompanato was not her only victim it seems. A fatal beauty in the literal sense.

by Mammyreply 4806/01/2020

When George Cukor was interviewed about his life and was asked if the rumors were true about Gable being a hustler when he first arrived in Hollywood Cukor who knew a thing or two about young men trying to get into films and took advantage of it refused to answer the question. Was it true or was Cukor getting his firing from GWTW revenge?

by Mammyreply 4906/01/2020

Apparently it's not that uncommon for people to have done that (or I imagine still do that) -- to be buried with an earlier dead spouse even if they've remarried. Presumably he had told his later wife he had plans to be buried with Lombard.

by Mammyreply 5006/01/2020

He did and she agreed, R50.

As for whether the people on the plane knew they were going to crash, apparently not. The altitude was set incorrectly and they were flying along, oblivious to the fact that a cliff that went above 8000ft was approaching.

by Mammyreply 5106/01/2020

Nobody is going to correct OP?

by Mammyreply 5206/01/2020

R52 Carole I'm sorry, I did spell it correctly but it got autocorrected. Please accept my apologies, you've been through enough X

by Mammyreply 5306/01/2020

That crypt looks like a condo complex.

Not much “eternity” there.

by Mammyreply 5406/01/2020

Carole died in Clark county.

by Mammyreply 5506/01/2020

It's not like he divorced Lombard. That would've made a difference.

by Mammyreply 5606/01/2020

Gable and Lombard are interred in the Sanctuary of Trust in the Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn. Walk a little past their crypts and you'll come upon the Selznick family crypt, where David O. is interred, along with his wife Jennifer Jones, even though she remarried (to Norton Simon) after Selznick's death.

And over in the Sanctuary of Benediction, there is the Irving Thalberg family crypt, where you'll find Miss Norma Shearer's final resting place, under her remarried name Norma Arrougé. So it isn't uncommon for people to be buried with past spouses, not the most recent ones.

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by Mammyreply 5706/01/2020

Don't fall to pieces R52 over a vowel.

by Mammyreply 5806/01/2020

Poor Carole. Dying before she got an Oscar...just like G...kikiki

by Mammyreply 5906/01/2020

Poor Marti Arrouge, Norma Shearer's 12 years her junior, ski instructor second husband. He was always Norma's poor substitute for the The Oracle, Irving Grant Thalberg. As she grew older she would call him "Irving" and he would pretend not to notice. When she lost her mind and had to go into the Motion Picture Home for infirm film industry types she would ask male visitors "Are you Irving? Were we married?" Her time as the Queen of the Lot, the wife of Irving Thalberg, Head of Production as MGM, was, as she herself stated, "the very most of life." It was the only thing her mind kept going back to, when all else was forgotten: Irving. On Thalberg's tomb she proclaimed him "My Sweetheart Forever" and although she threw poor Marti a bone by using his name at her interment it was always Irving, Irving, Irving. I guess Marti Arrouge really cared about her. To always be in someone else's shadow like that. must not have been easy.

by Mammyreply 6006/01/2020

[quote]When she lost her mind and had to go into the Motion Picture Home for infirm film industry types she would ask male visitors "Are you Irving? Were we married?"

I'd say yes, I am. We were. Then I'd fuck her in the ass.

by Mammyreply 6106/01/2020

'God is good to me.'

What else could I say at Irving's funeral?

by Mammyreply 6206/01/2020

"To always be in someone else's shadow like that. must not have been easy."

Ya think?

by Mammyreply 6306/01/2020

Carole Lombard's first husband was William Powell, whom she married in 1931 and divorced in 1933. They remained good friends up until her premature death at the age of 33, in 1942.

After Lombard, Powell was engaged to Jean Harlow, his co-star in "Reckless" (1939), but her untimely death at the age of 26, in 1937, ended those marital plans.

And as we all know, Harlow was previously married to director, producer, and Irving Thalberg's assistant, Paul Bern, until his apparent suicide at the age of 42, in 1932.

And between her marriages to Powell and Gable, Lombard was engaged to popular crooner Russ Columbo, until his premature death at the age of 26, in 1934, when Lansing Brown's pistol accidently fired and the bullet lodged into Columbo's brain.

Columbo was previously romantically linked with ingénue actress Dorothy Dell, who was also killed in 1934, in a car accident at the tender age of 19. At the time of her death, Dell was set to star opposite Gary Cooper and Shirley Temple in "Now and Forever." The part was recast with Carole Lombard.

I just find it odd how this small group of people with direct social ties had so many its members die at the prime of their lives.

by Mammyreply 6406/01/2020

R57, Jennifer Jones' ashes are interred in the Selznick mausoleum section, but there is no marker for her.

Their daughter, who committed suicide, is also interred there.

by Mammyreply 6506/01/2020

R60 . . .

Martin Jacques Arrouge

BIRTH 23 Mar 1914

San Francisco, San Francisco County, California, USA

DEATH 8 Aug 1999 (aged 85)

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA

BURIAL Cremated, Ashes given to his wife, Michele Arrouge, on 24 August 1999

by Mammyreply 6606/01/2020

R64, The only one mentioned who lived a full life was William Powell, who died at age 91.

Pretty remarkable considering . . .

"In 1937, Powell was diagnosed with rectal cancer. He underwent surgery and experimental radium treatment which put the disease in full remission within two years."

by Mammyreply 6706/01/2020

R65, their daughter, Mary Jennifer Selznick, takes center stage.

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 6806/01/2020

Correction: Reckless (1935)

by Mammyreply 6906/01/2020

R68, What was left of her . . .

"The daughter of actress Jennifer Jones, Mary jumped off of a 22nd story skyscraper to her death in Los Angeles, California. "

by Mammyreply 7006/01/2020

Didn’t William Powell’s son die from suicide or something?

by Mammyreply 7106/02/2020

R71, Yes. His only son, William David Powell:

[quote]In 1968, after suffering from depression, hepatitis and kidney problems that had forced him to quit writing, he committed suicide by stabbing himself repeatedly in the upper body while in the shower. He left a four-page note addressed to his father, to whom he was still very close. The last two sentences were revealed to the public: "Things aren't so good here. I'm going where it's better."

by Mammyreply 7206/02/2020

Irene, the dress designer, also killed herself at 60 by jumping from her Knickerbocker Hotel room. She is cited in r43. The story was that she was despondent over the death of the one and only donkey dicked Gary Cooper who had died just a year previously.

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 7306/02/2020

[quote]R60 When Norma Shearer lost her mind and had to go into the Motion Picture Home for infirm film industry types she would ask male visitors "Are you Irving? Were we married?"

It’s probably a mercy she couldn’t remember all her shitty movies.

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 7406/02/2020

Carole sounded like she’d be awesome to have over for dinner.

by Mammyreply 7506/03/2020

She does sound like a great gal.

by Mammyreply 7606/03/2020

Yes, Carole Lombard appeared to be well liked by everybody. I don't think I've ever heard anything bad that was said about her. The same was true of Jean Harlow, who was a good friend of Gable's (they had terrific onscreen chemistry but suppposedly were never lovers). Everyone who knew her liked her with the notable exceptions of Wallace Beery, who was an unpleasant SOB, and Joan Crawford, who was jealous of her.

by Mammyreply 7706/03/2020

Joan was jealous of everyone.

by Mammyreply 7806/03/2020

Interesting . . .

"Clark gave away some of Carole's clothes to friends and, ever the spendthrift, sold the clothes she had recently bought from production of “To Be or Not to Be” back to RKO. After he remarried, he stored Carole’s personal items in the attic of the ranch. Following his death in 1960, Kay began selling Carole’s things to her fans, which was a nice thing to do. I have always wondered what became of the gray Irene suit Carole wore on her wedding day and the lavender gown she wore to the Atlanta premiere of GWTW. Perhaps some lucky fan has been hoarding them in their basement?"

by Mammyreply 7906/03/2020

I think the fact that she died in plane accident matters

by Mammyreply 8006/03/2020

Yeah, take the fucking train next time.

by Mammyreply 8106/03/2020

Gable loved kids and was desperate to have a family. He couldn't acknowledge the daughter he had with Loretta Young as the result of their affair, so the child was brought up as Young's and her husband's. Young's Catholocism didn't resist adultery, but balked at abortion.

So Gable's last marriage was really to fulfill at last his wish to have the children he so badly wanted. Everyone knew he never got over Lombard. I think Kay Gable knew exactly what Gable married her for, and it was rather a tragedy that Gable didn't live to see the boy.

Marilyn Monroe had fantasised all her life that she was the illegitimate child of Gable; her clinically disturbed mother had worked in Hollywood and may have fed the young Marilyn the tale. When they worked together on "The Misfits", Monroe was exceptionally difficult, arriving hours late and forgetting lines and forcing take after take after take - all of which put extra strain on the rest of the cast out in the desert, and took a toll on Gable's already weakening heart.

I think there was some murmuring, if I remember rightly, that Marilyn's behaviour had made the shoot more difficult and therefore helped to hasten Gable's untimely death. No one really knows, of course, but it hurt Marilyn deeply given her emotional attachment to him.

by Mammyreply 8206/03/2020

There is no question that Judy Lewis was Clark Gable's biological daughter. She looked exactly like the female version of Clark Gable, the resemblance was uncanny.

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 8306/03/2020

[quote]r82 there was some murmuring that Marilyn's behaviour had made the shoot more difficult, and therefore helped to hasten Gable's untimely death.

Insisting on doing his own stunts at his advanced age probably was worse for Gable's health than sitting idly in a trailer.

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 8406/03/2020

Didn’t he have terrible halitosis?

by Mammyreply 8506/03/2020

Gable did his own stunts out of boredom. It was maddening to have to sit around in that unbearable heat, waiting for Marilyn Monroe to show up on the set. He'd been a heavy drinker and smoking but working on that movie probably did help to do him him. The waiting, the tension was unbelievable. Gable was a consummate professional and he was working with two nutjobs, Montgomery Clift and Marilyn Monroe. It must have been really bad for him. But most critics agreed that he did some of his best acting in "The Misfits."

by Mammyreply 8606/03/2020

Gable and Lombard only did one film together, "No Man of Her Own" (1932), and that was when both were married to other people. Lombard was not in a particularly good mood during production. She had just come out of suspension from her home studio, Paramount Pictures, who had earlier loaned her out to Warner Bros for a James Cagney picture. But Carole hated the script and refused to report for work, pissing off both Paramount and Warners. When she came off suspension and reported to the "No Man of Her Own" set, Paramount announced that they were loaning her out again, this time to United Artists. Livid, she became very temperamental on the set.

Gable was a little put off by Lombard's salty language and bawdy sense of humor, while she found him conceited. On the last day of filming he presented her with ballerina slippers with a card attached that read, "To a true primadonna." She retaliated by presenting him with a large ham with his picture attached.

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 8706/03/2020

"Didn’t he have terrible halitosis?"

If he did, it didn't seem to be of any consequence. Women were crazy about him. Joan Blondell said of him "He affected all females, unless they were dead."

by Mammyreply 8806/03/2020

Supposedly he had bad breath because of his dentures. Others say that costar Evelyn Keyes spread rumors about it and that they were unfounded. Carole was very blunt and quite profane. She would have said something, wouldn’t she, if Clark’s breath was a problem?

by Mammyreply 8906/03/2020

For "The Misfits," Gable had script approval and was to be paid a sum of $750,000, plus ten percent of the gross. And if filming went over schedule he would receive an additional $48,000 a week. When a reporter asked if it upset him that director John Huston was habitually late on the set (due to late night drinking and gambling), Gable replied, "No, it doesn't drive me mad. Of course it would be better if we did start. But I'm being paid for it, very handsomely."

by Mammyreply 9006/03/2020

I also read that Gable was very understanding as far as Marilyn was concerned. He knew that she thought he was her father for most of her life and he made sure that he didn't disappoint her by making fun of that belief. He treated her with great kindness and sympathy.

He had a new Mercedes delivered to the movie set and was able to race it up and down the desert to kill some of the wasted time when Huston or Monroe or Clift were not on time or prepared to shoot. Marilyn was also having great difficulty with her marriage at the time and took it out on everyone around her. The movie was the last gasp for the Monroe/Miller union.

Marilyn was afraid that she had contributed to his death at the time, but the autopsy showed that his life long habits of smoking and boozing did him no favors. He died at 59. After his son was born, MM was invited to the christening by Kay and reportedly held on to the baby so tightly and for so long that people started to get worried about it.

by Mammyreply 9106/03/2020

. "She would have said something, wouldn’t she, if Clark’s breath was a problem?"

I think she would have. She did say something like "You know I love Pa (they called each other "Ma" and "Pa") but I can't say he's a helluva good lay." Women were so eager to jump Gable's bones that he didn't have to put forth much effort to sexually satisfy them. Women were just thrilled to be in bed with him and that was all they needed. So he didin't have to try too hard. But knowing Lombard, she probably made him want to do better.

by Mammyreply 9206/03/2020

R92, Carole was also quite candid about the disappointing size of The King's equipment.

She was quoted as saying, "If Pa's cock were any shorter, he could be The Queen of Hollywood".

by Mammyreply 9306/03/2020

Apparently, three of the military men aboard the plane were thrown clear when it hit the mountain.

The coroner determined that they may have lived for up to one hour, but it took a lot longer than that for help to reach the crash site.

by Mammyreply 9406/03/2020

R39 That death certificate seems fishy; Lombard was born in 1908, died in 1942 yet was 32?

by Mammyreply 9506/04/2020

R95, somebody marked her age and birthdate with an "x", so they too noticed the error.

by Mammyreply 9606/04/2020

Clark, Robert Taylor and Montgomery Clift were all allegedly lacking in the size department.

by Mammyreply 9706/04/2020

It's patently ridiculous to claim that either Monroe or Clift basically killed Gable with their behavior. You think he never dealt with a diva on the set before? Never worked with anyone who had an emotional disorder?

He smoked and drank all his life and was too old to be doing his own stunts, which he chose do to, and was not forced into by anyone.

by Mammyreply 9806/04/2020

"You think he never dealt with a diva on the set before? Never worked with anyone who had an emotional disorder?"

Gable generally worked with people who were as professional as he was. He'd never had to deal with anything like the insanity he had to put up with on "The MIsfits." No doubt the stress of working on that film helped bring on the heart attack that killed him.

by Mammyreply 9906/04/2020

I want Misfit Girl to add her views.

There is no evidence he was unduly stressed on The Misfits. From most reports he waited calmly, did his own thing and tried to keep the peace.

by Mammyreply 10006/04/2020

I’m cracking up that someone was triggered by mention of his halitosis. And the defense was “but his dentures”.

Reminds me of the uncut/smegma discussions here.

Anyway, he was a handsome devil.

by Mammyreply 10106/04/2020

On November 6, 1960, Gable was sent to Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, where doctors found that he had suffered a heart attack at home the previous day after changing the tires on his truck. Newspaper reports the following day listed his condition as satisfactory. By the morning of November 16, he seemed to be improving, but he died that evening at the age of 59 from a second heart attack caused by an arterial blood clot. Medical staff did not perform CPR for fear that the procedure would rupture Gable's heart, and a defibrillator was not available.

by Mammyreply 10206/04/2020

I remember hearing on an interview with someone who knew him, that Gable did not like gossip.

If people around him were gossiping about others, Gable's reply was to ask "Did you hold the lamp?"

by Mammyreply 10306/04/2020

Back in those days there was no angioplasty or bypass, and no blood pressure medication. If those things had been around back then, Gable probably would've lived for years longer. Treatment for heart attacks was basically nonexistent back then.

by Mammyreply 10406/04/2020

Gable probably had a heart attack because it was one of the first times he was in a group of real actors (Clift, Wallach, Monroe) and he was like, “What IS that they’re all doing??”

by Mammyreply 10506/04/2020

Eisenhower had a heart attack during his presidency. He was laid up in bed for weeks and they had him doped up on morphine. Today, he would've had a stent put in, and been back at work in two or three days.

by Mammyreply 10606/04/2020

Eisenhower had a heart?

by Mammyreply 10706/04/2020

Clark was a very good, very natural actor. He is really funny and suave and charming in "It Happened One Night." He didn't have to be Marlon Brando all the time.

A somewhat sad story that took place during the filming of "The Misfits" was the chilliness between former best friends Monty Clift and Kevin McCarthy. Apparently, they said "Hi" and that was it. At one point when they were young and upcoming actors, they were never far away from each other for years. One mutual friend was convinced that Kevin was the love of Monty's life. The old spark was long gone by the time they arrived on the Misfits set.

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 10806/04/2020

Clark Gable and Joan Crawford were fuckbuddies for years. They were close friends as well, because they both came from similar backgrounds.

by Mammyreply 10906/04/2020

Read a great Lombard quote referring to Gable: “I’m nuts about him. And it’s not because he’s all that great in the bed department, because, to tell the truth, I’ve had better.”

by Mammyreply 11006/04/2020

My aunt Jarmila Novotná starred with Monty in the movie The Search, 1948.. Clift felt in love with her and wrote letter to her very often. Most of the letters are in my place. He used to write that he likes men in bed, but he only loves women. Only the women could be friends to him. And he doesnt like US.

by Mammyreply 11106/04/2020

[quote]R109 Clark Gable and Joan Crawford were fuckbuddies for years. They were close friends as well, because they both came from similar backgrounds.

They were both sleazy whores trying to bury their pasts. When they were together, they could drop the mask.

It’s notable that Crawford’s the one he turned to after Lombard’s death. Even if she was a sleazy whore.

by Mammyreply 11206/04/2020

"There is no evidence he was unduly stressed on The Misfits. From most reports he waited calmly, did his own thing and tried to keep the peace."

There's plenty of evidence that he was. His wife even said that working on that movie "helped kill him." She said ""It wasn't the physical exertion that did it. It was the horrible tension, that eternal waiting, waiting, waiting. He waited around forever, for everybody. He's get so angry, waiting, that he'd just go ahead and do anything to keep occupied. That's why he did those awful horse scenes where they dragged him at twenty-five to thirty miles an hour behind a truck. He had a stand-in and a stunt man but he did them himself. I told him "you're crazy" but he wouldn't listen."

by Mammyreply 11306/04/2020

I wouldn't call Crawford or Gable sleazy whores. They were two people who came from hideous upbringings (Crawford especially) and had to do everything they could to survive. They were always insecure about their poverty-stricken, lower-class origins and felt they weren't "good enough."

by Mammyreply 11406/04/2020

Some males from Hollywood's Golden Age who checked out early . . .

Clark Gable 59

Gary Cooper 60

Errol Flynn 50

Tyrone Power 44

Humphrey Bogart 57

Alan Ladd 50

by Mammyreply 11506/04/2020

I like the sound of Carole, I wish she had won the Oscar in 1936 over Luise.

by Mammyreply 11606/04/2020

[quote]R114 I wouldn't call Crawford or Gable sleazy whores. They were two people who came from hideous upbringings (Crawford especially) and had to do everything they could to survive.

And, they fucked all takers to get a foothold in the entertainment industry. They could have made it on hard work - but preferred the shortcut of dropping to their knees.

by Mammyreply 11706/04/2020

Wasn’t Lombard in a hurry to get back to Gable because she was worried about his infidelity?

by Mammyreply 11806/04/2020

R115, I think those major male stars were dying one per year, starting with Tyrone Power. I suspect heart trouble ran in his family because his father died from a heart attack in 1931 while his son held him in his arms.

Flynn's health had been bad for a long time, even a heart attack in 1942 while he was filming "Gentleman Jim". Alexis Smith, who was his co-star in the film told him after he returned to the set that they didn't want to lose him and that he needed to take better care of himself. Flynn told her that he had no intention of taking care of him self that he intended to live it up during his life. He was rejected for military service as 4F. The doctor who did his death certificate when Flynn died in 1959 ...

[quote] From the book Tragic Hollywood Beautiful Glamorous and Dead:Weird stories seemed to follow Errol, even after death. Glen McDonald, the coroner who attended Flynn’s autopsy, told a story of stolen genital warts that has to be the most bizarre urban legend yet. As Glen described it, the official cause of death was, (taking a deep breath) myocardial infarction, coronary thrombosis, fatty degeneration of the liver (surprise), portal cirrhosis of the liver and diverticulosis of the colon. The pathologist examining the body noticed several warts at the tip of Flynn’s member, caused by years of venereal disease, and in some kind of twisted penis envy, insisted he needed those things as a teaching tool or something. McDonald said absolutely not but while he was out of the room, said pathologist went snip snip and when McDonald returned, Flynn’s penis was bare and the warts were stewing in a jar of formaldehyde. Furious, McDonald told the pathologist to “PUT THEM BACK!” and that’s what he did….with scotch tape…I kid you not. Errol would have laughed his ass off.

by Mammyreply 11906/04/2020

Error Flynn in Vancouver...alive and dead.

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 12006/04/2020

Gross. Why’d Flynn have such a self destructive streak?

by Mammyreply 12106/04/2020

PS. Errol’s son Sean was such a gorgeous young man. A shame that he died the way that he did.

by Mammyreply 12206/04/2020

About Clark Gable's death...

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 12306/04/2020

I did a college term paper about Lombard. I had seen her in My Man Godfrey at The Theater 80 in the East Village. I became enchanted with her. I did months of research and learned everything that was out there about her.

Not only was her mother afraid to fly but her mother was also a strong believer in numerology. The flight Carole and her mom were to meet their death on was TWA flight 3. It was the number 3 that truly terrified the mother. When the mother did the numerology on both of them for that day she knew they would die because of the number 3. Even though Carole had a slight belief in numerology, she put her mother’s warning aside because, as previously posted, she had it on good authority that Gable and Turner were having a very hot affair. It wasn’t like Carole to throw her fame around with the “Do you know who I am,” thing but she did indeed use it that time. Despite having some uneasy feelings because her mother had a pretty good track record with her numerology, she was desperate to get home and put an end to this affair. She felt this one was more dangerous to her marriage than Gable’s other flings. Lombard was very patriotic but got a bad feeling about this bond drive and thought about getting out of it, but her patriotism won out and got the promise that this would be a quick trip. It seems this was a time that both mother and daughter should have listened to that little voice in their heads that said, don’t do it.

Lombard also changed herself around to become Gable’s best friend as well as wife, an animal lover, she did not abide killing animals for sport, yet she went on every hunting trip with Gable and his male friends and became a very good hunter. Not one of the things I admired about her. She also laughed harder than anyone when Gable would take out his dentures in public and wave them around, even though she would have found that disgusting in anyone else. For his part Gable loved that Lombard was good at sports, as a child she was what they then called a tomboy and loved her very salty language. He got a kick out of someone who looked as classy as she did and was in most ways had no problem calling someone a cock sucker or mother fucker. He mom, however, was very embarrassed by it and Carole tried to curtail her use of that kind of language around her.

Oh, BTW, I got an A+ on that paper. My professor had strangely never heard of her but did become enchanted by her after reading my paper and was thrilled when I brought him all the books and research papers I had on her and let him keep it over the summer to read on his own. I’m sure it was how he felt about Lombard that got me that A+, not so much my writing.

Lombard was also trying very hard to find another film that both she and Gable were right for or to have some of her writer friends write one for them.

by Mammyreply 12406/04/2020

It helps when your spouse dies young to remain fond of them as you approach your own death.

There wasn't time for the rancor to set in. Or the divorce.

by Mammyreply 12506/04/2020

R124 amazing! Thanks for posting! Any more info?

by Mammyreply 12606/04/2020

Carole Lombard would've continued to have had a successful career for years if she had lived. She probably would've been like the other battleaxes of her generation like Davis, Stanwyck, Lucille Ball and Crawford and kept working into old age.

by Mammyreply 12706/04/2020

Did she deserve to win an Oscar?

by Mammyreply 12806/04/2020

She was also quite fetching.

by Mammyreply 12906/04/2020

R127, If she had lived, I'm sure Carole would have ventured into television.

So many of her contemporaries did, Loretta Young, Barbara Stanwyck, Lucille Ball, Jane Wyman, etc.

by Mammyreply 13006/04/2020

Supposedly Gable's daughter had his ears which had to be surgically pinned back.

by Mammyreply 13106/04/2020

R131, Judy Lewis' book, "Common Knowledge", is a very good read. Parts of it are heartbreaking. Loretta would not confirm Judy's paternity until she was an adult, yet everyone in Hollywood knew the truth. Judy had one meeting with Gable, in her mother’s living room when she was a teenager, but their biological connection was never discussed.

by Mammyreply 13206/04/2020

Carole Lombard was beautiful and seemed like a great, fun person.

I find most of her films to be unexceptional, though.

by Mammyreply 13306/04/2020

It's true, R131. Loretta had them pinned when Judy 7 years old so she wouldn't resemble Gable quite so much. (which seems kind of pointless because, Hello, her face!). There's a tribute video on YouTube (made by her half-brother) with home movie clips from when Judy was a toddler. She's often wearing a hat or bonnet, but there are a few glimpses of her "original" ears (especially at 0:57 mark). They really did stick out like Gable's.

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 13406/04/2020

Did Loretta hiding her pregnancy with Judy inspire the movie "The Great Lie"?

by Mammyreply 13506/04/2020

[quote]I have always wondered what became of the lavender gown she wore to the Atlanta premiere of GWTW. Perhaps some lucky fan has been hoarding them in their basement?"

Some fat fan squeezed himself into them and is now buried or creamated.

by Mammyreply 13606/04/2020

Sorry, R126, I was locked out of posting earlier. You're very welcome.

Lombard added the e to Carole at the advice of her mother, who besides being into numerology was known to be a bit of a psychic. She told her daughter that she saw great things ahead for her if she added the e to Carol. Her real name was Jane Alice Peters.

Gable was politically a Conservative. Lombard was very active in Liberal politics. She convinced Gable to support FDR. However, Gable went back to being a Conservative by the end of his life. Gable who was thought to have homosexual relationships in his very early life, perhaps for money or a chance at fame, or that he was gay, was very anti- gay for most of his life. Carole had very good relationships with those in the industry known only in the industry to be gay. She usually gave in to what Gable wanted, but she flatly refused to end her friendships with her gay male friends.

It seems that all the men Carole was involved with continued to adore her after they broke up. She had no bad break ups with anyone which is quite unusual. William Powell went into a deep depression when they broke up but eventually Harlow became the love of his life and Carole and Jean were good friends, even though Harlow had her own sexual relationship with Gable, pre Lombard,, but nothing emotionally serious. Harlow was not one to want every man she had sex with to marry her, and try to get them to dump any woman he was with at the time, Turner was and Carole and really all of Hollywood knew it.

Gable had to be physically restrained when he got to the site of the crash. He wanted to dig to find Carole with his own hands and he would have ruined any forensic evidence. He was hysterical and had to be sedated. At the beginning they didn’t know if the plane just crashed or if it had been sabotaged.

After Carole died Gable blamed himself, with good reason. He joined the Airforce. He was so suicidal and took so many unnecessary risks that no one wanted to fly with him. If he had not been who he was he would have been dishonorably discharged for endangering the lives of everyone who ever flew with him. He would have been forced into a mental hospital for being that suicidal. Yet he well liked. He never acted like a celebrity and was willing to do anything asked of him. He was just feared because it was so obvious that he wanted to die and would take anyone with him, although not in a deliberate way. He was perfectly happy to fly by himself. He couldn’t bring himself to out and out commit suicide, so he took terrible chances when he flew.

His last wife indulged him and allowed him to talk about Carole morning, noon and night. He cared about her, but she knew he had no real love for her. He had almost nightly nightmares about Carole and Kay would comfort him the way a mom comforts a child. He really was a basket case near the end of his life. While many people blamed Monroe for his death, he knew he had a weak heart. He knew what he wasn’t supposed to do in his condition. It seems that his desire to die was still strong, although somewhat tempered by his yet to be born child.

He left his last wife what in today’s money would be worth about 100 million. They agreed before their marriage that he would be laid to rest next to Lombard. He and Kay were both okay with knowing no one but Carole would ever be the love of his life. She also knew he did not like being alone and that was part of why he married after Carole died. He never really knew happiness again.

by Mammyreply 13706/04/2020

He could have not to try fuck other women, so she d be alive

by Mammyreply 13806/04/2020

R137, One of Gable's biggest mistakes was marrying Lady Sylvia Ashley, who was married five times, Gable being #4, Douglas Fairbanks #2.

by Mammyreply 13906/04/2020

He should have gone back to Cukor.

by Mammyreply 14006/04/2020

Gable definitely felt like the odd-man out amongst the company of Eli Wallach, Montgomery Clift, and Marilyn Monroe, who were all trained at the Actors Studio to get inside their character by living as the character. Gable's grooming and training at MGM taught him to just be himself, and it served him well. He was fascinated with Clift, and would stay on the set just to watch him perform. He and Wallach, however, didn't get along at first, and once when Wallach asked, "What's for lunch?" Gable retorted, "boiled ham!" Their acting, however, must've inspired him to stretch his acting muscles. He delivered a drunken breakdown scene that wouldn't have been possible years earlier at MGM.

by Mammyreply 14106/04/2020

Misfit Girl - Are you still around?

I always loved your comments.

by Mammyreply 14206/05/2020

The Misfits is an excellent film all the moreso for the visceral pain of the actors themselves in real life lending itself to their performances on screen.

by Mammyreply 14306/05/2020

Re: halitosis. When Gable co-starred with Jeanette MacDonald in San Francisco (1936) they didn't get on and Gable would eat spaghetti with tons of garlic on the days they shot romantic or close scenes to be devil her. Could be origin of bad breath... Or maybe it was the constant booze and ciggies... Not a recipe for minty breath!

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 14406/05/2020

Vivien Leigh used to spray perfume in her mouth so her breath would be fragrant.

by Mammyreply 14506/05/2020

R145 that's not all she perfumed

by Mammyreply 14606/06/2020

R145 You do realize she was playing a character in Gone With The Wind? It wasn't a documentary of her life.

by Mammyreply 14706/06/2020
Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 14806/06/2020

R147, She was known to partake in the practice in real life, as well.

by Mammyreply 14906/06/2020

There are recorded hikes up the mountain on YouTube from as recently as three weeks ago and a considerable amount of the wreckage is still there.

by Mammyreply 15006/06/2020

[quote]Gable generally worked with people who were as professional as he was. He'd never had to deal with anything like the insanity he had to put up with on "The MIsfits." No doubt the stress of working on that film helped bring on the heart attack that killed him.

He worked with Vivien Leigh, Joan Crawford, Lilli Palmer, Gig Young, Adolphe Menjou, Sam Wood, and Charles Fucking Laughton. He had dealt with divas, the mentally ill, and the unprofessional plenty of times before he got anywhere near the set of The Misfits.

Not to mention, he gained so much weight just a couple of years earlier during It Started in Naples that he weighed over 200 lbs at one point, then lost it very quickly on a crash diet, after already having had TWO heart attacks. He continued smoking and drinking as well, and went through a long period of years basically trying to get himself killed during the war.

Don't tell me Marilyn Monroe killed Clark Gable, because Clark Gable killed Clark Gable.

by Mammyreply 15106/07/2020

When Judy Lewis died, Loretta Young's biographer revealed that Loretta had once said Clark had date raped her.

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 15206/07/2020

I don’t believe the rape story...Loretta was a staunch Catholic, she probably said that out of guilt for having sex without marriage.

by Mammyreply 15306/07/2020

According to reports, Carole Lombard turned down the starring role in "It Happened One Night" opposite Gable, in 1934. Any else read this?

by Mammyreply 15406/07/2020

R152, Loretta and Clark had a prolonged affair during the location shooting for "The Call of the Wild", so it was hardly date rape.

by Mammyreply 15506/07/2020

R151, Gable developed a death wish after Lombard's death, based on guilt.

by Mammyreply 15606/07/2020

R142 - I think you meant me? I put the original post up about it being murmured that Monroe helped hasten Gable's early death. If that's so, here am I. I thought the thread had petered out and only just came back to see all the other great posts people had put up about Gable and Lombard. Further comment from me seemed superflous.

I think the "love of his life" bit is interesting. There is some parallel between the Gable/Lombard/Kay Gable and the Olivier/Leigh/Plowright (I'm British) marriages. I doubt anyone (including Plowright herself) thought Olivier, in late middle-age when he married the young Plowright to have finally the family he wanted, felt about Plowright the way Olivier had once felt about the young and stunning Vivien Leigh. It's not an unknown phenomenon.

I believe Flynn's early marriages and flings with the "exotic" types he favoured, like Lily Damita, were also different from the last marriage he had with the attractive but B-list Patrice Wymore, with whom he hoped to have the stable family life he also wanted - she was devoted to him and took a break from her not terribly brilliant career to raise their daughter and cared for him when his health was declining.

Olivia De Havilland and Flynn both acknowledged their profound attraction for each other - and I think you can see their chemistry in their films together - but De Havilland maintained all her life that she turned him down because she understood that his character would never lead to anything but disappointment for her, although publicly she put it more gracefully.

Flynn's later life and early death pretty much confirmed her judgement. It made her a rare species of female, in my view.

by Mammyreply 15706/07/2020

R157 there was someone on DL that signed her posts as "Misfit Girl". As a young girl she had interactions with Marilyn Monroe when she was making that film. She would often post stories about her when threads about Marilyn appeared. Apparently she had been very kind to her as she was very fond of children.

Now my father knew a guy that had been buddies with Errol Flynn and he had told my father that Flynn always said that De Havilland was one of the best lays of his life.

by Mammyreply 15806/07/2020

I love Misfit Girl. She said Arthur Miller was a foul piece of shit to MM on set.

by Mammyreply 15906/07/2020

Take it up with Loretta, R155. She is the one who learned what date rape was from a Larry King show (seriously) and said "That's what happened with me and Clark."

by Mammyreply 16006/07/2020

R160, Loretta also had a prolonged affair with Spencer Tracy, who was married at the time and years before he met Hepburn.

Later in her life, she was anxious to cleanse her past, but Loretta fucked around in her youth, as did Olivia.

by Mammyreply 16106/07/2020

I remember the poster who called herself Misfit Girl.

In one of her stories of hanging around the set with curious relatives, she told the story of playing hopscotch. It was a hot day and Gable was there, outside, somewhere out of the sun, waiting for filming to start.

As I recall that Misfit Girl told it, as she finished her run of hopscotch, she looked up at Gable and he apparently had been watching and he tipped his hat to her.

Rather a lovely story.

by Mammyreply 16206/07/2020

[quote]R160 Take it up with Loretta. She is the one who learned what date rape was from a Larry King show (seriously) and said "That's what happened with me and Clark."

Yeah, in an unsubstantiated conversation with her daughter-in-law, “revealed” years after her death.

Compelling stuff!

by Mammyreply 16306/07/2020

R158 - Then I am not That Girl. Apologies - I've never seen the Misfit Girl posts.


by Mammyreply 16406/07/2020

Olivia pretty much denied she ever had a sexual relationship with Flynn. But the I assume most co-stars fuck and then deny it.

by Mammyreply 16506/07/2020

What was the story about Loretta and a "swear jar" on one of her movie sets and a male co-star getting so fed up with her Virgin Mary ramblings that he fed a 50 dollar bill into the jar and then told her to go fuck herself?

Spencer just fucked her because that was the closest he could get to his real objective....Clark's mini dick.

by Mammyreply 16606/07/2020

Loretta Young was not liked by many of her contemporaries. They thought she was a sanctimonious, holier-than-thou bitch.

by Mammyreply 16706/07/2020

R167, Which made her 1947 Oscar win all the more surprising.

by Mammyreply 16806/07/2020

"When Judy Lewis died, Loretta Young's biographer revealed that Loretta had once said Clark had date raped her."

That is total bullshit. The idea of Clark Gable "date raping" anyone is beyond ludicrous. Here's all the "proof" there is of that accusation:

"In 2014, Young's son, Christopher Lewis, and his wife, Linda, publicly disclosed that Young had told them in 1998 that Judy Lewis was conceived during a rape, stating they had chosen to remain silent about the information until both Young and Lewis were deceased."

That fact that they waited until ALL the principles were dead before coming out with this titillating bit of Hollywood gossip (sound like something out of "Hollywood Babylon" or Scotty Bower's memoirs, doesn't it?) would seem to indicate that it's a pile of crap. My guess is that they said it to make Loretta Young look like an innocent flower whose illegitimate pregnancy was no fault of her own; she was date raped by that brute, Clark Gable! Well, first of all Clark Gable never had to date rape anybody. Women came after HIM. And if you watch the movie Gable and Loretta Young did together, "The Call of the Wild" you can tell by their chemistry that these were two people who were quite attracted together. And why shouldn't they have been? She was gorgeous and he was sex on a stick. No wonder they enjoyed each other.

I doubt a woman traumatized by a date rape would say this about her rapist, as Loretta Young said about Gable: "I think every woman he ever met was in love with him."

by Mammyreply 16906/07/2020

In her early films like Platinum Blond Loretta has to be one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

by Mammyreply 17006/07/2020

I’ll always relish the review (by James Agee?) that said of her comeback performance in COME TO THE STABLE, “Whatever it was this fabled beauty never had as an actress, she still hasn’t got it.”

by Mammyreply 17106/07/2020

Loretta Young and her sisters, Polly Ann Young and Sally Blane were lovely girls. The youngest one, Georgiana, who married Ricardo Montalban had a different look and grew more beautiful as she aged.

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 17206/07/2020

I agree R170. I think she must have been pretty insufferable as a person but when she was just starting out, and she started really young like 14-16 years old, she was absolutely stunning in her beauty.

by Mammyreply 17306/07/2020

Marlene Dietrich hated Loretta Young.

by Mammyreply 17406/07/2020

Her best friend was Rosalind Russell. They went to the same (fucked up) Catholic church.

One of Young's sons was latterv arrested for producing kiddie porn, so who knows what that place did to him - -

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 17506/07/2020

R175, Loretta's best friend was Irene Dunne. The two, along with Rosalind Russell and Jane Wyman, were very actively involved in the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills, volunteering their time with church duties and Catholic charities. Attendance at Sunday mass was a who's who of Beverly Hills elite that it was dubbed "Our Lady of the Cadillacs."

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 17606/07/2020

I'm sure she had affairs, R161, but I don't understand why you're saying she wasn't date raped by Clark Gable because she also fucked Spencer Tracy.

by Mammyreply 17706/08/2020

R108, based on the two biographies I have read about Clift, cracks in his friendship with Kevin and his wife started around the time Monty’s star rose. The friendship was fraught with boundary issues. One incident involved Monty dancing with Kevin’s first wife. He placed his hands on her ass while they were dancing. Of course alcohol was involved. Another incident that happened was when a drunken Monty almost hurt their infant son. No one realized at the time that Monty was self medicating because of his mental health issues. On top of that, Monty was far more successful than Kevin was career wise; so there was no small amount of jealousy on Kevin’s part. Kevin admitted to some physical affection between the two of them, but it never really went farther than that.

by Mammyreply 17806/08/2020

[quote]That is total bullshit. The idea of Clark Gable "date raping" anyone is beyond ludicrous. ... Well, first of all Clark Gable never had to date rape anybody. Women came after HIM

That is so fucking creepy. You're a fucking creep. Good lord, you're a grown adult and you think handsome men don't rape because they "don't have to," that's just embarrassing.

[quote]My guess is that they said it to make Loretta Young look like an innocent flower whose illegitimate pregnancy was no fault of her own; she was date raped by that brute, Clark Gable!

There wasn't any reason to make up that claim. The horse was long out of the stable when it came to Young's reputation. Everyone knew she had affairs and passed off her own daughter as her adopted daughter to cover for her indiscretions. Some brief news story that didn't make much of a splash and was quickly forgotten didn't do anything to change that reputation. If the goal had been to fix her reputation they would have continued to work on it, not told this story and then moved on like they have.

by Mammyreply 17906/08/2020

Great thread. Makes me sad, missing the old days of DL before every thread was Trump.

by Mammyreply 18006/08/2020

R177, Date rape implies that it was a one time occurrence. Clark and Loretta enjoyed a prolonged affair during the wintry Washington location shoot.

by Mammyreply 18106/08/2020

R176, Loretta was also very close to fellow Catholic Danny Thomas and his wife. She was Marlo's godmother.

by Mammyreply 18206/08/2020

Joan Fontaine was date raped by her first husband Brian Aherne.

by Mammyreply 18306/08/2020

R168, that story was about Merman. While rehearsing a guest appearance on The Loretta Young Show, Merman exclaimed "Where the hell does this go?" Young, who was a devout Catholic, advanced towards her waving an empty coffee can, saying "Come on Ethel. You know my rules. That'll cost you a dollar." To which Merman replied "Tell me, Loretta, how much will it cost me to tell you to go fuck yourself?"

by Mammyreply 18406/08/2020

Ethel Merman never appeared on "The Loretta Young Show".

by Mammyreply 18506/08/2020

At least we can thank Loretta Young for introducing us to the Rambo twins, Dirk and Dack, on one of her series.

Offsite Link
by Mammyreply 18606/08/2020

R186, Loretta used to see them in church every Sunday with their parents. She thought they were adorable and approached them about featuring their sons on her television show.

by Mammyreply 18706/08/2020

R187 "Pardon me, I was wondering if your handsome sons would like to date ra-, ur, be on my show?"

by Mammyreply 18806/08/2020

"I'm sure she had affairs, [R161], but I don't understand why you're saying she wasn't date raped by Clark Gable because she also fucked Spencer Tracy."

I guess what R161 was saying was that Loretta Young was, in her youth, a girl who had sexual appetites. She was no innocent flower, and hey, there was nothing wrong with that. The mention of Tracy I guess was to say that Loretta Young liked the men and it didn't matter if they were married or not. Both Gable and Tracy were married men when they had affairs with her. I don't think "date rape" was involved in any of the relationships Loretta Young had.

by Mammyreply 18906/08/2020

You can be "date raped" (that is, raped by someone you know) by people you are sexually involved with.

If they ignore a "no" one time, they are raping you.

by Mammyreply 19006/08/2020

"You can be "date raped" (that is, raped by someone you know) by people you are sexually involved with."

I suppose so. But I don't believe for a minute Loretta Young was date raped by Clark Gable. I think Loretta Young's declaration of "date rape" was a made up story by her relatives to make it seem that poor , innocent little Loretta got knocked up by force. Of course dear Loretta would NEVER consent to premarital sex! HAH!

by Mammyreply 19106/08/2020

Poor Judy Lewis, not only was she spurned by her identical looking biological daddy, but her "saintly" biological Mommy went on to imply that Judy was the result of a "date rape" and no love was involved.

Loretta really needs to be burning in her own private hell for the shitty lies she told whilst alive.

by Mammyreply 19206/08/2020

"Poor Judy Lewis, not only was she spurned by her identical looking biological daddy, but her "saintly" biological Mommy went on to imply that Judy was the result of a "date rape" and no love was involved."

I don't think Loretta Young ever said anything about date rape. I really don't believe that bit of gossip.

by Mammyreply 19306/08/2020

Some of those so called ladies of Hollywood were anything but.

Zsa Zsa Gabor said many times in interviews that Grace Kelly slept with more men in a month than she was married to.

by Mammyreply 19406/08/2020

Grace Kelly was notorious for sleeping with all of her costars, etc.

She would even get fucked in cars.

by Mammyreply 19506/09/2020

Didn’t Clark Gable fuck men from time to time?

by Mammyreply 19606/09/2020

Should Carole have won the Oscar instead of Luise?

by Mammyreply 19706/09/2020

Luise Rainer won for playing yellowface! They turned Chinese American actress Anna May Wong for the lead role because she was CHINESE! Fuck Luise Rainer.

by Mammyreply 19806/09/2020

That's not the role she lost to, that was the year after

by Mammyreply 19906/09/2020

Jack Benny had a major crush on Carole during the filming of "To Be or Not To Be".

by Mammyreply 20006/09/2020

I always thought Jack Benny was gay.

by Mammyreply 20106/09/2020

Carole was wonderful in "Nothing Sacred", the year after she lost to Rainer, but wasn't nominated... So many great comic performances have been ignored by weepy Oscar.

by Mammyreply 20206/09/2020

Jack Benny wasn't gay. He was devoted to his wife Mary. His comic person made him seem a little fey, but he was not gay.

by Mammyreply 20306/09/2020

He was the original gay 4 pay manwhore R196.

by Mammyreply 20406/09/2020

"He was the original gay 4 pay manwhore."

If you believe Kenneth Anger, and I don't.

by Mammyreply 20506/09/2020

Gable wasn't a gay 4 pay manwhore.

He married wealthy older women.

by Mammyreply 20606/09/2020

His first wife was not rich but she was 17 years older than Clark. She taught him all about movie acting and supported him until he got his first big break. She dressed him and had his gapped tooth smile fixed. Once he got his foot in the door, Josephine was discarded for the very rich older Ria.

Ria fell victim to Carole's charms.

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by Mammyreply 20706/10/2020

Kenneth Anger is a lying sociopath. Most of Hollywood Babylon is a complete work of fiction.

by Mammyreply 20806/14/2020

R208 = Darwin Porter

by Mammyreply 20906/14/2020

Should Carole have won an Oscar?

by Mammyreply 21006/14/2020

"Should Carole have won an Oscar?"

Probably. She was one of the greatest screen comediennes of all time. And she was gorgeous, which is certainly rare for someone like her, who was so adept at comedy.

by Mammyreply 21106/14/2020

I just tried to do a search to find and copy some of my old posts as Misfit Girl and found this thread. Thanks for remembering that story.

The post about Clark Gable watching me play hopscotch and it ended with a tip of his hat to me is accurate. The only thing I would add is he totally isolated himself. He was on the open back of a huge truck platform, that was parked against a big tall wall of some kind. At least for a while, that gave him some shade and made him seem unapproachable. He spent hours up there every day. But from that spot- he did watch my whole game of hopscotch.

But I'm not finding my own posts where I posted as Misfit Girl? Maybe too far back.

I should add that Gable's wife did appear at the shooting location in Dayton. She came in a car with several other women. My Mom told me who she was. However, I never saw her with Gable. Not once. I guess if she was pregnant they were trying to keep her out of the heat.

by Mammyreply 21206/27/2020

He was sweet to Marilyn. He never appeared to be upset with her - and when she did show up, he greeted her warmly. He was also good to poor Montgomery Clift too. She couldn't show up till about noon because of her anxiety and Monty by noon was on his way to full out drunk. They'd get an hour of taping and that was about it.

by Mammyreply 21306/28/2020

Welcome Back, Misfit Girl.

I remembered your hopscotch story and posted it above. Lovely story.

by Mammyreply 21406/28/2020

Clark had some unfortunate angles due of his ears. Still so handsome.

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by Mammyreply 21507/02/2020
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