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I dislike Memorial Day

Poignant, bittersweet memories are ever-present all day.

And while it lasts only 24 hours, its brevity only reinforces how it perfectly symbolizes the relentlessness of Time.

by Tuesday Fanreply 405/25/2020

I don't know anyone personally who died in a US war, so for me it's not terribly poignant. It's more a nice excuse to lounge about in the hammock, grill burgers and eat ice cream.

by Tuesday Fanreply 105/25/2020

[quote] It's more a nice excuse to lounge about in the hammock, grill burgers and eat ice cream.

Here, you're supposed to be scolded for not grasping the meaning of Memorial Day.

Not from me, though. After all, isn't that what US military personnel fought to preserve? That is, if you set aside the profit motive of war-making.

by Tuesday Fanreply 205/25/2020

Well there is a quietness to it that, e.g., the 4th of July lacks. Yet it is, as we are always reminded, 'the unofficial start of summer'. I've always liked it, as I am a summery but somewhat quiet kind of gurl.

by Tuesday Fanreply 305/25/2020

I had friends when I lived in DC, and we would picnic at Constitution Gardens (17th and Constitution) on Memorial Day. Or else on that strip of land across from the Watergate, right on the Potomac. I memorialize doing that today. Hardly any of us are in DC now, some not even alive.

by Tuesday Fanreply 405/25/2020
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