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Gary Busey as Buddy Holly.

How did he not win an Oscar? Just finished the Buddy Holly Story and his performance, especially the last ten minutes, when he sings pieces of every hit while in concert. Busey sings live and absolutely nails Holly. I thought Busey was just a goof and maybe he is but this performance is golden.

by Just sayin'reply 1706/02/2020

Thank you for sharing, OP! The world is captivated by your thoughts on Gary Busey!

by Just sayin'reply 105/24/2020

You know he was nominated, right? Jon Voigt won, though...for "Coming Home."

by Just sayin'reply 205/24/2020

R2 Voight should have won for Midnight Cowboy or Deliverance. Coming Home was not his be performance.

R1 Just move on. I didn't mean to disturb you with my spontaneous praise of a performance. I didn't ask for anything; I was simply sharing.

by Just sayin'reply 305/24/2020

^^be = best. Sheesh.

by Just sayin'reply 405/24/2020

I was shocked he didn't win, OP. He was also the only thing good about A Star Is Born, in my humble opinion.

by Just sayin'reply 505/24/2020

He went to the other side.

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by Just sayin'reply 605/28/2020

I saw that movie recently too. I thought he was tremendous!

by Just sayin'reply 705/28/2020

He started going batshit crazy after BHS. He probably came in last in the voting (or Larry Olivier for the dumb Boys From Brazil). No way he was going to win over Voight, DeNiro or Beatty that year.

by Just sayin'reply 805/28/2020

R8 I thought the motorcycle accident caused his brain damage. He was batshit crazy prior to that? I know he was druggy crazy but no more than anyone else. The bad stuff came about because of his brain being caved in the motorcycle accident.

by Just sayin'reply 905/28/2020

I just saw the movie too, I guess we all saw the one on channel 13 last Saturday. He really was amazing, and the story was so interesting.

by Just sayin'reply 1005/28/2020

Busey also did a good job in Barbarosa, a 1982 film starring Willie Nelson, directed by Fred Schepisi.

Give it a try.

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by Just sayin'reply 1105/28/2020

Busey made interesting choices. Try Carny - 1980 - with Jodie Foster, Robbie Robertson. Good stuff.

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by Just sayin'reply 1205/28/2020

He wasn't very well known before that film, but Jon Voight was.

It's rare for people to more-or-less come out of nowhere to win Best Actor or Best Actress. It DOES happen (as with Marlee Matlin, or with Audrey Hepburn), but it is rare.

by Just sayin'reply 1305/28/2020

R13 Oscar history is littered with newbies or near newbies coming out of nowhere to win. It is not rare.

by Just sayin'reply 1405/29/2020

R14 Hillary Swank comes to mind. Came out of nowhere. Wow. And now she owns TWO Oscars. Unbelievable.

by Just sayin'reply 1506/02/2020

He was a great Buddy Holly, but the movie was full of baloney.

Offsite Link
by Just sayin'reply 1606/02/2020

R16 Great article - thank you!

by Just sayin'reply 1706/02/2020
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