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Why? Why is it not OK for someone to women to walk away in 1 piece????

Sometimes, I just don’t know what to say anymore.


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by Poor baby. RIP. reply 42Last Saturday at 5:04 PM

The English as 4th language troll is back!

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 1Last Friday at 7:48 PM

What the fuck are you saying?

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 2Last Friday at 7:51 PM

What an idiot, aluminum foil will leak.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 3Last Friday at 8:02 PM

^^Just kidding. It's an awful story; and retold too often.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 4Last Friday at 8:04 PM

Awful story, but I wonder why OP decided to post it on DL??

I wonder. Praise Allah tell me why!

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 5Last Friday at 8:07 PM

She should have quit while ....

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 6Last Friday at 8:13 PM

R5 - his name...typical. The scourge of the earth.

Here in Romania where I am working you hear about these stories on the news daily...the locals just say "Vlad we nee you" for these horrid beasts.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 7Last Friday at 8:14 PM

[quote] Shabaz, who is claimed to have been born in Iraq before becoming a Swedish citizen in 2014, denies all the allegations, telling investigators: "You forget that this is a girl that I have loved and that I have lived my life perfectly."

Yes they have forgot that and I believe the mere act of forgetting should clear him permanently. Isn’t it a requirement of law that the police investigate and then memorize the alleged lifestyle of every citizen?

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 8Last Friday at 8:15 PM

R7 Yeah lets judge billions of people as subhumans for having different ethnic names. As if Romanians are any better.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 9Last Friday at 9:04 PM

R9 - yes Romanians ARE better as is anywhere here in Eastern Europe I have seen compared to the beastial ghettos in Muslim countries or Muslim infested neighborhoods. Physical assault is a crime, domestic abuse is punished by police, women are given equal pay, gay pride parades are protected by the jandarmes from hate, and there is no female genital mutilation. Tons of Arab students came here in the 1970s and all were desperate not to return to their hell holes, preferring to live under Ceausescu rather than in Palestine or Iraq or Syria. My colleague's aunt married a Iraqi doctor in the 70s and went there and was shocked when the women in his family came INTO the shower and then proceeded to encourage him to beat her because apparently you only shower after sex and why was she showering after taking the kids for a walk? The stories all these women tell are harrowing, gay bashing cases are always by a man with a Muslim name. The people avoid the streets where these idiots live who don't know how to dispose of their waste, slaughter animals in apartment buildings (!), harass taxi drivers, act like pigs in the mall to store clerks such that security has to remove them (and here they do not hesitate to hit them when they put their grubby hands on female shopers), and whom you need to stay the hell away from anytime you see them. Even now, when they take everyone's temperature before entering stores 2 yong Muslims hit the elderly woman who was hired to do that and complained the police handcuffed them and hauled their ass to jail. Everyone just calls them "barbarii" and after being here 2 years I see exaclty why.

Go see how they live and behave in Western Europe and Israel and then we can talk.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 10Last Friday at 9:21 PM

R10 Hey bigot, a few anecdotes doesn't reflect billions of people worldwide. I live next to Lebanese and Palestinians and they are civilized people. Why don't you shove your ethnocentrism up your ass?

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 11Last Friday at 9:31 PM

So Romanians' temps are taken before entering stores.

Somebody in the press please bring this to the attention of USA policy makers. Christ the USA is a shit hole.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 12Last Friday at 9:31 PM

R9 - Eastern Europeans died by the hundreds of thousands in their fights to keep the Islamic hordes out of Europe. R10 is right. All I ever read and saw in my trip to Hungary and Bulgaria was how the kings were constantly complaining that they would raid villages and burn crops and slaughter innocent farmers including children. It was a constant 9/11...why do you think these countries never were able to evolve like the West? A thousand years of keeping those savages at bay. Even now, no Hungarian rents to Muslims because they destroy apartments, are filthy and prone to violence and cheating.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 13Last Friday at 9:32 PM

R12 - yes temperature taken in every store, masks and gloves at the entrance or no entry, public transportation seats are blocked unless so that only those six feet apart can be occupied, and only limited amount of people in a store at a time. Those coming into the country now are put up in hotels for 2 weeks and guarded to ensure no breaking of quarantine.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 14Last Friday at 9:35 PM

R13 Muslims aren't uniquely evil. Yes some of them can be problematic this does not mean every single Muslim is a subhuman out to get everybody. Why don't we just stop judging groups and instead judge individuals?

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 15Last Friday at 9:35 PM

Apparently the guy who murdered this girl is a Kurdish Christian who supported Trump.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 16Last Friday at 9:37 PM

R13 - I am speaking in general about the behavior of the Muslim world. When my colleague roommate (a woman) and I travelled to Jordan to see Petra and to Egypt on a trip from Israel we essentially were advised by the people who had been there to act as a "couple" for both her safety and mine as a gay man.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 17Last Friday at 9:41 PM

R10 - go to their countries or go to a place where they are the majority (and you are a gay man) and see how "civilized" they are. They are one thing in YOUR country because they know there are consequences and because they have to "save face" in the West, but you better believe they do not love you.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 18Last Friday at 9:44 PM

R18 Lol are you saying my neighbors are just pretending to like me and actually hate me? Fuck off. This is what you guys also say to the Chinese about saving face. DLers just love demonizing non-white non-western folks.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 19Last Friday at 9:48 PM

R11 R19 is an apologist, ignorant of Islam, Muslims and Muslim societies. No surprise then that he turns a blind eye to Muslims being in open conflict with non-Muslim societies around the world. The apologist reacts to Muslim attacks, terror, and social challenge/disintegration with a shoulder-shrugging, mindless well what can one do, treating them like defective children who must be protected no matter what.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 20Last Friday at 9:53 PM

R19 - no I am not referring to them in particular and no, the Asian and African communities here are not a problem. I am saying you are INCREDIBLY naive if you think the Middle Easterners have any level of love or sympathy for us gays or for Westen women. Like I said, go to their countries and see. It is not about white or Western because I guarantee you would be safe in Israel and Japan and Korea and, as for the East, in the majority of Eastern Europe unless you went to some skin head territory in Russia or Ukraine.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 21Last Friday at 9:54 PM

R20 Sweetie, where was I defending Islam? I was defending Muslim people, not Islam the cult. Sorry, I don't hate Muslims. Some of them maybe, not all of them.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 22Last Friday at 9:56 PM

Everyone with a brain knows that the problem here isn't the ethnicity of these people, but their culture/religion. Hungary is a cesspool of neo nazis right now and a lot of it has to do with the immigration policies the left implemented in many European countries without forcing them to assimilate to the local culture. That was a major mistake they still haven't owned up to.

Just so you know most Lebanese from the diaspora that immigrated to the Americas are Christians, that's why you don't hear anything about them and they usually integrate so easily. One of my closest friends is Lebanese American.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 23Last Friday at 9:57 PM

R20 - my recommendation is for him to read "The Arab Mind" by an anthropologist who lived there all his life and see the legislation and practices against gays and women in those societies. Nowhere, with the possible exception of African dictatorships, do you see such barbarism.

R11 is like Ben Affleck running his mouth when Ayan Hirsi Ali was defending her movie with Van Gogh on Bill Maher...calling a black Muslim woman a "bigot" and just being a typical dumb American parroting PC stuff to a woman who was an actual liberal member or parliament. Embarrassing.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 24Last Friday at 9:58 PM

R2 My Lebanese neighbors are Muslim. A lot of DLers have this incredibly warped perception of Muslims as if they are all a hivemind and savages out to kill everyone, when this is far from reality. This is not ignoring the problems in their communities, but many Muslim individuals are decent people.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 25Last Friday at 10:00 PM

R22 - you are missing the point of the man's post. He is saying that taken as a whole, it is a cult that breeds violent and bigoted and uncivilized behavior which is inhumane. How you EVER brought the few that you know in your own country where, as he said, the laws protect you, into it is a poor way to debate the behavior of Islamic peoples throughout history.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 26Last Friday at 10:01 PM

R22 compounds his ignorance by attempting to separate Muslims from Islam.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 27Last Friday at 10:03 PM

R27 Yes, they should be separated since not all Muslims behave the same. It's true that Islam does promote questionable ethics, but many Muslims like many Christians have different interpretations of their religion. I find it amazing how you give billions of Christians the benefit of the doubt but billions of Muslims are somehow unique and should be treated as a monolith.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 28Last Friday at 10:05 PM

These types of threads always bring out right-wing shills from other sites. We've had a wave of comments promoting hate against Chinese and Blacks for instance.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 29Last Friday at 10:08 PM

R23 - there are many Christian Arabs here in Romania too, but they still bring the behavior of the Middle East with them. I have nothing against them but they are openly hostile to women, gays and hateful of Europeans and here there is no PC to stop them from talking, just acting. Few locals shop in their stores because they still leer at women, make offensive comments about any minority (black students, Japanese students, Americans, and gays). Even Eastern Europeans who may cuss at the government, take a shot of palinka at work, light up a cigarette in the stores until security kicks them out wouldn't dare call me a f@g or grab at or hit a woman or call a black person a "crow", because the social norms are contrary to jumping to violence for no reason.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 30Last Friday at 10:08 PM

R29 - yeah because disapproving and criticizing a cult that treats women like animals and kills gays is so right wing. It's not all about politics. As for the threads with blacks (not capitalized BTW) and Chinese, I have not seen gay men anywhere promoting hate.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 31Last Friday at 10:12 PM

[quote] My Lebanese neighbors are Muslim. A lot of DLers have this incredibly warped perception of Muslims as if they are all a hivemind and savages out to kill everyone,

I get what you're saying but there's a huge gap here considering immigration. Muslins in Europe are a completely different bunch that the ones in America.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 32Last Friday at 10:12 PM

R30 When the Christians are also acting like this that means it's more cultural and not necessarily religious. I think some are mislead into thinking Christians must behave better, they can be just as trashy.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 33Last Friday at 10:13 PM

[quote]many Muslims like many Christians have different interpretations of their religion.

[quote]but billions of Muslims are somehow unique and should be treated as a monolith.

R28 More appalling ignorance of Islam, Muslims and Muslim society. Starting with Islam is not a "religion" but rather a cultural and national identity, a creed governing every aspect of life . Unlike Xtians who have a choice, Muslims don't. For 1.7 billion Muslims, all there is is Islam, 24/7. There is nothing else. You might want to remember that Islam means submission, not freedom or choice.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 34Last Friday at 10:14 PM

R32 - because in Europe they know the people are not (potentially) armed and dangerous. Also because in the US they are more spread out while in Europe they create their own ghettos and live in hordes.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 35Last Friday at 10:25 PM

R33 - but in general Christian countries do not have the type laws and human rights abuses Muslim countries do. You get some extremists but, taken as a philosophy and setting the right-wing nutjobs aside, Christianity has a message of peace and forgiveness while Islam has one of war....just read the books. Nowhere in the New Testament of the Bible does it say a thing about gays, Jesus stopped them from stoning a woman to death, Mary took Mary Magdalene into her home without judgement. THIS is what the Repuke Chrisitan right doesn't understand....they do all the things the New Testament said not to do. However, Islam is not like that if you read the Koran, a short read, women are called inferior and "chastising" is ok as is burning non-believers.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 36Last Friday at 10:33 PM

Last year in the south of France, a place swarming with Arabs, we saw a man beating a pre-teen girl, presumably his daughter, on the street. Lots of people were watching, but no one intervened.

Yet, living in France, I have had doctors and veterinarians who were of North African origin, and they have been exceptionally caring and gentle. The hospital doctors are in France on contract from Morocco, and they are paid considerably less than French doctors doing the same work. They seemed really grateful, when I, a foreigner, treated them with the same respect I would show a French doctor. In France, respect is everything, and if you treat someone rudely or too casually, they will take it very personally.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 37Last Friday at 11:12 PM

How fitting.... the word "troll" was used in the very first response. Typical of the current sad state of DL. That said, I do agree with R2!

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 38Last Friday at 11:14 PM

Poor girl. Treated as property and possession. Typical thoughts for many straight men with their girlfriends/wives and daughters.

No wonder so many fraus let themselves get so fat as they age. They probably just want the straight man to lose interest and leave them, for if they're the ones to make the first move, they have to worry about shit like this happening to them (and their kids.)

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 39Last Saturday at 3:32 AM

[quote] Sometimes, I just don’t know what to say

You mean you dont know HOW to say....

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 40Last Saturday at 8:49 AM

Sometimes it is best to say nothing at all.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 41Last Saturday at 4:04 PM

R41 - or at least learn to write a title at a minimum Basic Beginner English level vs whatever the OP did here.

by Poor baby. RIP. reply 42Last Saturday at 5:04 PM
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