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The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season names are in!

Scientists say it will be an 'active' season...

Offsite Link
by Arthurreply 705/22/2020

It will be an active season? Are you trying to scare us an incite fear??

by Arthurreply 105/22/2020

#1 lives in a trailer in Apopka.

by Arthurreply 205/22/2020

[quote] Scientists say it will be an 'active' season

Petty much what they said every year since Katrina

by Arthurreply 305/22/2020

WTF is up with these names. Edoard? Isaias? Nana??

Offsite Link
by Arthurreply 405/22/2020

The man who gets paid $145,000 a year to name the hurricanes use to work at Trump's Taj Majal in Atlantic City. Why don't people talk about this? Crazy.

by Arthurreply 505/22/2020

Nana Mouskouri?

by Arthurreply 605/22/2020

The names are on a six year rotating list, with a name being retired when it is associated with a Hurricane that does memorable, catastrophic damage. The names are set up by a committee of the World Meteorological Organization. The reason there are "different" names is that British, French, and Spanish names are included alongside American ones as these are all nations with territories affected by tropical cyclones. The link below will show you the names for the next six years for the Atlantic basin. There are separate lists for each tropical cyclone basin in the world.

Offsite Link
by Arthurreply 705/22/2020
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