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Johnny Cash's First Wife

Was she black? Was June Carter actually an addict and a homewrecker?

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by Anonymous reply 2705/24/2020


I do think June was the homewrecker, at least according to Vivian's book.

by Anonymous reply 105/21/2020

R1 - given the racist horrors of that time in the South lots of POC claimed Sicilian or Portuguese. It was a matter of survival.

Well, June was fucking around behind Vivian's back as well as that of her husband so....she may have been a screwball.

by Anonymous reply 205/21/2020

Rosanne Cash looks a lot like her in that photo.

And R2 yeh good point about the Sicilian claim. Who knows. Maybe Rosanne has done DNA testing.

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by Anonymous reply 305/21/2020

R3 - a good book is "Passing" about African-Americans who passed as white in the early part of the 20th century.

by Anonymous reply 405/21/2020

IMO, Vivian was better-looking than June Carter. Interesting to hear Vivian's side of the story. You can't blame it all on June (and not Johnny), though.

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by Anonymous reply 505/21/2020

I’ve lived in NY+ & Lawn Guyland all my life & never saw an Italian girl who looked like her. She looks Cuban to me. She probably said she was Sicilian so she could pass. I would too, back in those days in the US. No sense not trying to pass if you could. Life was scary for nonwhite women as well as nonwhite men. It wasn’t as if she needed to provide documents.

by Anonymous reply 605/21/2020

Why do wives always blame the other women, rather than their husbands? Their husbands are the ones who are breaking vows to them.

I can understand being pissed at both, but not holding the man blameless. It makes no sense.

by Anonymous reply 705/21/2020

Jackson doesn’t make it all ok.

But it helps.

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by Anonymous reply 805/21/2020

Her grandfather was born in Palermo, Sicily.

Sicily isn't that far from Africa, though. I'm sure there's a lot of similar DNA.

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by Anonymous reply 905/21/2020

Doesn’t mean the rest of her family was.

by Anonymous reply 1005/21/2020

Roseanne Cash said on the PBS Country Music documentary that her mother was often misidentified as black by racist music fans but I understand that the attacks only happened when Johnny Cash was out of step with fans.

by Anonymous reply 1105/21/2020

Her father may have been from Sicily, but her nasal features are that of African heritage. I think the family denied or did not know of all her ancestors and it would not have served them well during the 50s for a white man from the south to have married someone with African heritage. She was a lovely woman and it should have made no difference in her heritage. It would be interesting if one of the Cash children have ever done a genetic test.

by Anonymous reply 1205/21/2020

[quote] given the racist horrors of that time in the South lots of POC claimed Sicilian or Portuguese. It was a matter of survival.

Yes. I remember a community in the south said they were Portuguese & not of African descent but DNA ultimately showed they were mixed race African & European. There are still white people in this country who would enslave & kill black people if they could. It’s a mass psychosis. It’s exactly what happens in places like Nazi Germany & the Balkans and India/Pakistan with Hindu vs Muslim. In those places it’s religion. In the US it’s race + religion that makes people crazed.

by Anonymous reply 1305/21/2020

Sicily was colonized by the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, the Normans, the Spanish and the French, I imagine that their DNA is quite a mixture.

by Anonymous reply 1405/21/2020

She's interesting-looking

by Anonymous reply 1505/21/2020

R 14. The genetic testing of today can trace your heritage to a geographic area, today's country boundaries and if you wish, way way back.

by Anonymous reply 1605/21/2020

Funny and sweet article by Rosanne about her late stepmother, June.

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by Anonymous reply 1705/21/2020

R13 - I am currently in the Balkans and I is incredible the things people are capable of doing to other human beings based on "being different". We really are deluding ourselves when we say we are evolved. In the US so many people are still attacked and hurt or worse for being different.

by Anonymous reply 1805/21/2020

R17, wow, Roseanne Cash really loved June Carter Cash, her stepmother. Makes me look at June differently. It's usually a hard relationship between a stepdaughter and stepmother.

by Anonymous reply 1905/21/2020

Is there no such thing as mixed in America? Girl..

by Anonymous reply 2005/21/2020

Rosanne Cash is a spectacular human being and musician. She's the truth of New York City with all those other deep roots. Not the world's best voice - but you don't always need that to make great music. She's her father's daughter. Famously prickly group who are much more than that. The music they make is full of pain and soul and funk. A bit of rock n roll.

I do think that Vivian was part black. The Ken Burn's documentary addressed it full on. I might be remembering wrong. One of my first dates with my BF was to see Roseanne Cash at the Opera House. Great band, great songs. Distinctive voice. NYC classic country. She's fucking cool.

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by Anonymous reply 2105/21/2020

Why was a grown ass man named Johnny?

by Anonymous reply 2205/22/2020

Cuz y'all were already named Sissy R22.

by Anonymous reply 2305/22/2020

At least he wasn't named Sue.

by Anonymous reply 2405/24/2020

I’m sure even being Italian back then was difficult

by Anonymous reply 2505/24/2020

She reminds me a little of Candi Staton.

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by Anonymous reply 2605/24/2020


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by Anonymous reply 2705/24/2020
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