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Baby Registry

I Googled a woman I have only dealt with on the phone for 2 years. She has a THICK NY accent and I want to know if she has 1980’s NJ/NY teased hair. I couldn’t find her pic, but I found her recent baby registry.

She had an $800 chandelier! And someone bought it for them! There were a shitload of items, like everything you need for a new baby...and then some.

Is this typical to expect family & friends to buy all this stuff for you?

by Homoreply 3Last Friday at 3:29 PM

How is babby formed?

by Homoreply 105/20/2020

That’s not a usual item.

A few years ago, I went to a shower for a woman having her third child. She and her husband are quite wealthy. Like, her husband gets a million-dollar bonus most years.

She registered for gifts. The woman throwing the shower said “Yeah, I know. But people will bring gifts anyway, so she might as well get what she wants and not have to return things.”

How about you register for necessities and donate them to a homeless shelter? She had everything for a baby already, and could have bought the one or two things she “needed”.

Greedy cunts.

by Homoreply 205/20/2020

Wedding registries are shams too. I spent money on travel and you want hundreds of dollars in gifts?

by Homoreply 3Last Friday at 3:29 PM
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