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NO “GO FUND ME” *THIS* time...

Because some kind “benefactor” strung together the “hints”...(spilled water on the computer, dropped food pantry penne during the pandemic, but eating it anyway, the dying dog (AGAIN) allllll adds up to a shiny brand new MacBook Air computer for our lady of the Hudson Valley!! Don’t worry folks...he plans to “finish that play!!” and “write that third book!!” ( OH GOD! PLEASE DON’T!!) People are starving, cars line up for miles for food, yet this crafty queen manages yet another hustle. Repugnant. Didn’t he just get a Stimulus check? Maybe he needs to find another “mentor” (at age 64😂). Suzy Orman perhaps???

by Damn Disgustedreply 1605/24/2020

You sound deranged.

by Damn Disgustedreply 105/16/2020

We really don't enjoy your updates. You're as creepy as the object of your obsession.

by Damn Disgustedreply 205/16/2020

Yes we do! Keep doing them

by Damn Disgustedreply 305/16/2020

OK but we want pics. And links. We want the real town gossip from several of Hudson's Gladys Kravitzs

by Damn Disgustedreply 405/16/2020

If I knew how to put pics in here, BELIEVE me I would...his “found object” (garbage) tableaus are TOO RICH FOR COLOR TV.

He ate dinner last night with his new computer, an artfully placed vintage “fitness acrobat pin” and a western stirrup from a saddle. PATHETIC.

by Damn Disgustedreply 505/16/2020

OP is R3.

by Damn Disgustedreply 605/16/2020

LOL. OP really is r3; how pathetic. I don't even know or care who tf he's talking about, but he does sound like a deranged stalker.

by Damn Disgustedreply 705/16/2020

Yes R6. And I've long suspected OP is a angry second or third personality of Jeff, himself. Like his evil dead mother as a Psycho mummy corpse, who hates him, and takes over Jeff to post anti-Jeff screeds on DL. Any publicity is good publicity.

by Damn Disgustedreply 805/16/2020

Oh you people don’t know how to have any fun.

So what. All I do is REPORT the news, don’t fucking take it out on me. People LOVE my uproarious posts! It’s CERTAINLY more interesting than droning on about Ryan Murphy’s DREADFUL shows.

So you all can get fucked. LIKE SESSUMS! HE NEEDS TO GET FUCKED..... RIGHT NOWWWWWW! 😂😂😂

by Damn Disgustedreply 905/16/2020

Are you talking about Miss Sessums?

by Damn Disgustedreply 1005/16/2020

Yes. His dog died, (very sad). He dropped his penne and ate it off the ground (in the age of corona!!) and some nice lady bought him a new MacBook Pro, so he can continue writing his garbage posts about “gratitude” and “grace”....and “paying it forward”. OUCH! I rolled my eyes too hard!!

by Damn Disgustedreply 1105/16/2020

Poor guy. I do feel sorry for him. He was on top of the world and threw it all away for meth. He has never really recovered. His heart's in the right place though. He hates Trump with a passion.

by Damn Disgustedreply 1205/16/2020

OP, even if I had realized whom you were talking about, the problem is that none of the details you "reported" were particularly interesting, fun, or funny, let alone "uproarious."

by Damn Disgustedreply 1305/16/2020


by Damn Disgustedreply 1405/16/2020

Who is Jeff R8?

by Damn Disgustedreply 1505/22/2020

Yeah R8. WHO IS JEFF?? fool.

by Damn Disgustedreply 1605/24/2020
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