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Help! Eastern Europeans Are Homophobic

Please give me some advice. I came to Eastern Europe as an author in an American company. I was born in Romania but left in 1984 as a kid and moved to LA. Grew up in West Hollywood, Glendale and Calabasas (my folks moved). I am a 40 year old woman. I have 2 gay young employees working as jr writers, a man and a woman and they do a good job. The people here are soooooooooo disgustingly homophobic I can't take another minute. They aren't allowed to say anything per corporate policy but they throw dirty looks and shade in every way possible. They think gay is a choice....WTF can I do so I can retain my jr writers and keep these idiots at bay?????

by Light Starreply 4205/16/2020

Wait I forgot to tell you...educated people here cannot distinguish between gay and pedophiles....driving me crazy.

by Light Starreply 104/17/2020

Yes a lot of the world is still homophobic and not a good place for gays. That includes eastern europe.

by Light Starreply 204/17/2020

Ok yeah but they are not allowed to leer, to discriminate....fuck them. I was having pizza with my jr.writer and these women (slim, European and speak 4 languages) looked at us in a nasty way. Worse they refused to give the man his extra overtime € despite his earning it and when I said something they shut me down. Now he is leaving.

by Light Starreply 304/17/2020

Deal with it. Not everyone is going to applaud your need to constantly get fisted. Doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it.

by Light Starreply 404/17/2020

Well I was pretty wild in my youth and before I became a widow but that was some sex I wasn't willing to try. As to gay rights, there is little gay folks in the US or the West van do about what gay folks out in Eastern Europe put up with, which is pretty sad. Actually my jr. writer is isolating in the mountains now, cuz if he was in the city, he feels he would be a perfect target for a fine from the local authorities. Pretty sinister.

by Light Starreply 504/17/2020

"Eastern Europe" is pretty broad and they don't all think the same. Why not name the country?

by Light Starreply 604/17/2020

Are you hiring?

by Light Starreply 704/17/2020

I don't believe a word of this.

by Light Starreply 804/17/2020

The country is Romania and the city is pretty progressive. It is Cluj.

by Light Starreply 904/17/2020

Romanians are hot

by Light Starreply 1004/17/2020

How did you not know this before?

by Light Starreply 1104/17/2020

Are they usually hung R10? I assume they are intact.

by Light Starreply 1204/17/2020


by Light Starreply 1304/17/2020

R11 - I did know it but presumed it to be more something blue collar people thought versus the highly educated in liberal multinationals would think. Most of the people I work with speak fluent English and are millenials who read a lot of news, books, etc. This is a university city and many international students live here. My grandmother was a ballerina and spoke of her gay partner disappearing one night and never being heard of again, but that was at the height of communist rule in the 1950's ffs...isn't it time they woke up?

by Light Starreply 1404/17/2020

R12 - they don't do circumcision. Personally, I think uncircumcized looks weird but I guess common in Eastern European countries.

by Light Starreply 1504/17/2020

Are Romanians as slutty in real life as they are on chaturbate? I think Romanians have sexy little dumpers

by Light Starreply 1605/14/2020

I was in Bucharest for the summer in 2017, and my very outlandish looking gay friend (monster tattoos everywhere, diamond in tooth, ear gages) had to play it down. He was scared to play the field, just in case -no man acted gay anywhere (we worked outside of Bucharest through Transylvania for 3 weeks as well). We did find out that there was a Pride parade in Bucharest that we missed.

Romanians apparently have never seen an Asian- I was stared at by EVERYONE to the extent it weirded out my friend, who was used to being stared at. We both were followed around by security in the mall stores (we were told only criminals have tattoos, but I guess I was akin to a black person?). It actually was better in the tiny villages- the kids were so charming and cute- they would try out their English on me, and the old folks could come up to me and confirm that I was Chinese.

I don't have any advice- I really don't think you can change people's minds in a culture like that on short notice.

by Light Starreply 1705/14/2020

Eastern eruopean men are just gross. They have decent looks but are dirty and smoke like chimneys.

by Light Starreply 1805/14/2020

It boggles my mind that you think you or anyone on DL has constructive input for how a single person can fight this.

by Light Starreply 1905/14/2020

R18 I like a little man stink

by Light Starreply 2005/14/2020

Like En Vogue says Free your mind!

Can't your mind, can't change my color, why even bother?

by Light Starreply 2105/14/2020

R17 - your post seems fake. There are tons of multinationals and companies like Siemens and Emerson are in Romania. At my firm we had offices in China and there are Asians everywhere. This is not even Bucharest but Cluj and a university town and there are Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese and Japanese people and businesses. Interracial marriages are common. The issue is not race, at least not here where I am, but sexuality.

by Light Starreply 2205/14/2020

r22, just because you haven't experienced it, that doesn't means that it didn't happen. This was 3 years ago, and it was so bad, that my (gay) friend had to ask people all the time why they stared at me, and they would reply, "Because we don't have anyone like her here". This was all in Bucharest. During my 3 month stay there, (we stayed at the Park Inn) I saw no Asians and one black guy, and we would walk everywhere in Bucaresti.

In the smaller towns like Sighisoara, Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Hunedoara, Medias, it wasn't that bad- maybe because of more tourists. I really liked the tiny villages with the kids and old people. And I do have to say that I also liked my female) Romanian crew- I'm still good friends with them.

by Light Starreply 2305/14/2020

You guys aren't doing this right. We want to hear about the local rough trade sex bombs.

by Light Starreply 2405/14/2020

Thank you r24 .... do the Romanian chaturbate whores do outcalls?

by Light Starreply 2505/14/2020

R24 - I do know that there are hot men on Grindr but the society is still homophobic. I haven't really been hooking up since I got here. The woman colleague I am living with in quarantine (we rented a huge place in a charming medieval plaza and we each have our own everything so just the kitchen is mutual) and who posts here sometimes is half Romanian half American and her cousin is an adorable twink. She was dating a Spaniard who was icredidbly abusive mentally to her and essentially uninterested in sex or unable to perform. She found out that he would disappear at night and would not tell his colleagues (staying with him) where he had been. He got sparkly eyed around her cousin and excited when he found out about me (I never met him and from his odious behavior and picture, I had zero interest). Her cousin told her he was cruising at night probably at the Opera house park. Even his colleagues said so.

Her cousin also said that loads of Americans and US military (there is an airbase near here) were cruising or on Grindr and wanted to be "discrete" because they were married. There is a gay club but all very cliquey and all in their 20s and the men here are PERFECT when they are young. So there is that.

by Light Starreply 2605/15/2020

R23 - you are gay but missed the only gay-friendly city of Cluj which is where I a SF of Eastern Europe. The men here are drop dead at under 30...the new generation has really picked up on work outs and good diets. Also, I agree that the women here are the anti-Melania...beautiful but very unassuming and cool and HATE Trump and Repukes...sadly they are women and I am a gay man. The men are really nice but so self involved. One has the right equipment but the other has the right personality.

by Light Starreply 2705/15/2020

R23 - I also loved Sighisoara and Alba Iulia... one very picture pretty medieval but not too touristy and the other was green and just breathtaking.

by Light Starreply 2805/15/2020

R25 - more than likely and with the virus leaving so many broke, you can chatrubate all around the globe and be an international whore. Too bad it will all be virtual.

by Light Starreply 2905/15/2020

I'm with R11. It's pretty well-known how homophobic this country is. Excerpt from 2014 article.

[quote] How can these social attitudes be explained? “Religion is a very important aspect of being Romanian,” Prisacariu said. In the 2011 census, 81 percent of Romanians self-identified as Romanian Orthodox, with a further 11 percent saying they belong to another Christian denomination. Organizations within the church have been “getting better” at advocating against the rights of LGBTQ people, “changing their discourse and finding ways of achieving things through legislation.” Today, the Romanian Orthodox Church “is the most trusted institution in Romania,” Ion-Rotaru said.

Offsite Link
by Light Starreply 3005/15/2020

From last year. Not much change. I believe some of what dragged them into this century on the non-discrimination front was because they wanted to be in the EU.

Offsite Link
by Light Starreply 3105/15/2020

R31 - the cause of gay rights is so hard here. There are so many religious retards. The woman I am in quarantine with said that even intelligent and worldly women who travel and read have been brainwashed by the church that gays are pedophiles. We were both reading this crap. I hope the city I am in will FINALLY get that pride parade OFFICIALLY sanctioned. The intellectual minority and some of the millenials at work who are more well read are more open minded but really, the church and political landscape is against them.

by Light Starreply 3205/15/2020

At my last job I loosely came into contact with a graduate student from Belarus. I say loosely because he wouldn’t even lower himself speak to me. I found him fairly useless, so that was a two-way street.

by Light Starreply 3305/15/2020

R33 - Russians are hands down the worst kind of Eastern Europeans when it comes to homophobia and racism...Ukrainains too.

by Light Starreply 3405/15/2020

r34 Last I heard, dude was looking for a job. Oh, well.

by Light Starreply 3505/15/2020

R35 - yeah just didn't adapt or want to open his mind. My roommate's cousin complained to her that some people who are from smaller towns leave the kitchen at work when he is there or point and whisper. Just can't get over the village behavior she says no matter how long they live in the city or go to colleges. That is probably why this guy couldn't get a job...attitude. She told me he was not paid for overtime even at a US company, that his boss didn't include him in meetings and she said to go to HR and Danny said forget it, I am openly gay. Now that we are on lockdown and can only leave the house to do shop for essentials and do a bit of sport he went to stay at a lodge in the mountains because he isn't gonna jog with a declaration between his teeth and he would be the first they would fine.

by Light Starreply 3605/15/2020

R31 - most of the South and East country is like that. Before the lockdown and alert there were some pretty cool LGBTQ events up in the northwest, which made me really enjoy being here.

Offsite Link
by Light Starreply 3705/15/2020

Romanians are descendants of Roman soldiers. They are hawt!

by Light Starreply 3805/16/2020

Sex abuse scandals will ultimately show up in the Eastern Orthodox Church and the truth will be revealed

by Light Starreply 3905/16/2020

I don’t know, but exposes are less likely there

by Light Starreply 4005/16/2020

Most Eastern Orthodox parish priests are married. Bishops not, and there are lots of monks in the "old countries." Sex abuse scandals are likely to heterosexual and with adult women at the parish level. The monasteries might have some same sex abuse of novices. But it does seem less likely there. The priest culture in the parish is not as isolated as in the Catholic Church.

by Light Starreply 4105/16/2020

R38 - indeed and mixed with a local people. The city I am in is in Transylvania and has Roman ruins. The men are striking provided they are young or city guys who take care of themselves. They are mixed with a local tribe that according to a Roman general had such beautiful men he could barely stand to fight with them....the Roman general was an old queen like me. The woman I live with here and I, before this mess went to Rome and saw the column of Trajan commemorating the battle with the Dacians and inscriptions speak to the beauty of the soldiers.

by Light Starreply 4205/16/2020
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