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I want to be underwhelmed, quarantine edition

I've been having work conferences on Zoom with our team, including a lovely coworker who's in her 50s. She has a bit of a Scottish brogue.

She keeps talking about how her cat seems to always sit on her couch to watch her work - but it comes out sounding like "the cat is sitting on my cooch again!" and it is everything to stifle a laugh when she says it.

by And you? reply 29Last Saturday at 2:52 PM

That reminds me so much of this show I've been watching recently. Its an old British show called Are You Being Served? Video is short, but hilarious!

Offsite Link
by And you? reply 104/16/2020

If I'm not home by 7 o'clock my pussy goes mad!

by And you? reply 204/16/2020

Hahaha! I LOVE that show!

by And you? reply 304/16/2020

Please underwhelm me.

by And you? reply 404/16/2020

I’ve been cleaning this week since my regular cleaning gal hasn’t been here since January, and I was wondering if my Coronacough might instead be caused by a buildup of dust. I think I’ll be done tomorrow and I’m sore and tired.

I did get some satisfaction today by throwing out a now-empty, excess container of pine-sol, 2 empty containers of Fantastic, an empty re-fill of Windex and another of some wood cleaner. Lots more space in my cabinets! Yay!

by And you? reply 505/21/2020

I’m back working in my office. My boss couldn’t cope without me. There are only 5 of us there out of 56. I hate it and resent having to get up super early - I wish I could still be working from home.

by And you? reply 605/21/2020

I feel for you, R6!

by And you? reply 705/21/2020

I've been blaming quarantine stress for the fact that I get irrationally annoyed when work from home talk show hosts, late night hosts, news and weather people have their children crash their segments BUT if I'm being perfectly honest, I've never really enjoyed children.

by And you? reply 805/21/2020

The Nurses Being Wild and Out thread. Nothing ' craaaaaazier' ! or more underwhelming. I'm underwhelmed with the zany side of anyone with my life in their hands. Blowing off steam or not.

by And you? reply 905/21/2020

An old acquaintance I follow on Facebook has never posted her two-year-old daughter's name. You may think this is for privacy, but she mentions her four-year-old son's name all the time and posts loads of photos of both kids. Her family mention her son by his name in comments but never the daughter. Both kids have the same dad, so it's not like he would have given permission for one child's name to be mentioned online and not the other. A few days ago, she actually posted about "[son's name] and his sister". Just post her fucking name! Is she called Hackensack or something? Why all the mystery? I don't know why this is making me so irrationally annoyed. It seems like the sort of thing Titus from Kimmy Schmidt would obsess over.

by And you? reply 1007/04/2020

My mini mauvette hydrangea isn't doing well, OP. The oak leaf hydrangea shows new growth all around and the wedding bell hydrangea only has one pale stalk up against the side of the house, but my mini mauvette hydrangea may not make it through the summer.

I treated them all with Hollytone to lower the pH of the soil, but then I read that mini mauvettes take rose food instead.


by And you? reply 1107/04/2020

I like blue.

by And you? reply 1207/04/2020

I'm on Screenrant and I just saw the headline "The Big Bang Theory: 5 Times Leonard Was An Overrated Character (& 5 He Was Underrated)". That doesn't make sense. If he was equally overrated and underrated, surely that means he was correctly rated?

by And you? reply 1307/05/2020

I am craving bready carbs. Please send help.

by And you? reply 1407/07/2020

My left hip is sore.

by And you? reply 1507/07/2020

I made biscuits from a can to go with tonight's pot roast and vegetables. From a can. I have sunk so low.

Offsite Link
by And you? reply 1607/08/2020

I have had a depressing year even before COVID 19 . The last several months I drag myself through the day and escape at 1am Mon - Fri with 4 hrs of NYPD Blue reruns - 4 eps a night - I wind up dosing in and out but I crave the comfort of familiarity . I think I’ve gone through the full rotation 4 times now. It is on this obscure HI Heroes & Icons network. Yes - I know I can stream it on Hulu - but I enjoy the cheesy late night commercials. As I type The first Mark Paul Gossleat episode is on. And Andy Sipowicz - Dennis Franz is endlessly entertaining.

by And you? reply 1707/08/2020

I ordered two more 42W jeans today. Three months ago I was a 38.

by And you? reply 1807/08/2020

I sit on my ass and drink wine too often, I feel lonely I hardly see any family and I can't even hug my friends. In fact I've only seen two friends the past few months, always outside always distancing.

by And you? reply 1907/08/2020

You've definitely come to the right place to be underwhelmed, OP

by And you? reply 2007/08/2020

I’ve been flying off the handle at stupid things and baking isn’t helping, it’s just making me into a blimp.

I have also murdered two plants. I can’t seem to keep them alive.

by And you? reply 2107/08/2020

I’m a plant serial killer too. Even mij cactuses die.

by And you? reply 2207/08/2020

mij=my damn it autocorrect

by And you? reply 2307/08/2020

I have a baby bunny nest smack in the middle of my backyard. I saw the mother digging the nest the other day. Today I checked and it has bunnies. I put the grass back on top. I had to put landscape flags around it today so my husband wouldn’t drive over it with the lawnmower.

There’s another part of the yard where I saw a bunny suspiciously hanging out yesterday & sure enough a hole is partially dug.

by And you? reply 24Last Saturday at 1:39 PM

R8 - after about 4 kids also annoy me. I loooooooveeee funny babies who do crazy things and laugh at silly things because I associate that with puppies and kittens but afterwards they are little adults so blah

by And you? reply 25Last Saturday at 1:47 PM

I'm going for a colonoscopy Monday at 6AM. I start drinking the purge concoction tomorrow. Will not be very far from a toilet all day. UGH.

by And you? reply 26Last Saturday at 2:04 PM

I work at a hotel and, being furloughed since March, was recently called back in. I've been eating and boozing it up out of boredom, and now I've gone up a shirt size. I feel awful for the guests who have to see the buttons on my current work shirt hanging on for dear life as I await my new shirt to be ordered.

by And you? reply 27Last Saturday at 2:41 PM

I tried to make bbq shrimp tonight. Not like sticky bbq shrimp but the kind you make in the oven with butter and black pepper. It was okay. The baguette to have with it got too toasted, and usually that’s the best part really.

by And you? reply 28Last Saturday at 2:48 PM

I’ve got rot and rising damp in my ‘new’ old house. Plus wood boring insects. Sigh.

by And you? reply 29Last Saturday at 2:52 PM
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