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Jennifer Garner stopped going to church

But she still drags herself out for pap shots every weekend. Meanwhile her fat fuck ex-husband "romances" the girl who starred with him in an EROTIC THRILLER.

I hope when this is all over, Jen, you go to church again.

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by GODreply 7005/30/2020

Here is Ben in a passionate embrace with his costar. They are just oozing with heterosexual erotic energy!

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by GODreply 103/29/2020

I’ve met Ben. I am no fan but I do believe he is hetero. He seems troubled, however.

by GODreply 203/29/2020

I admire Jen. She's saved Ben multiple times, and done the lion's share of the work raising their kids. It's very difficult picking up the pieces for an alcoholic. I don't have much of an opinion regarding the church attendance: I had to go to church ever Sunday when I was growing up, and I think the structure was good for me.

by GODreply 303/29/2020

Did your mother arrange to have your church trips photographed? I hope you know it doesn't count if she didn't.

by GODreply 403/29/2020

She's always complaining about the paparazzi, yet she's always schlepping in the streets with her kids in full view of them. Attention whore. Doesn't she drive a car?

by GODreply 503/29/2020

In the midst of the quarantine they find a new story line for the paps!

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by GODreply 604/05/2020

And another!

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by GODreply 704/05/2020

She's very, very, thirsty.

by GODreply 804/06/2020

[quote] I admire Jen.

I admire her, too. She stared a dangerous global pandemic in the face and confronted it with even more shameless famewhoring.

by GODreply 904/06/2020


by GODreply 1004/06/2020

R9, I had to go back and find that quote in the original post.

‘I admire Jen’ should be the new ”I am Fibro”

by GODreply 1104/06/2020

"I don't call the paps to come and take photos of me! I have always pushed my cat around the neighborhood in a stroller! This has absolutely noth-ing to do with Ben and his new, hot girlfriend, nothing."

by GODreply 1204/06/2020

This week we see them walking with masks, separately.

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by GODreply 1304/10/2020

Definitely spontaneous and unplanned photographs.

Offsite Link
by GODreply 1404/10/2020

Thirsty as can be.

She and Ben wearing the same mask.

by GODreply 1504/10/2020

No, it's not the same mask. The strings/earloops are different. Ben and his darling hottie have the same mask, though.

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by GODreply 1604/10/2020

Jen is completely out of Instagram ideas, so she's resorted to calling the cops for IG photoshoots. "Protect and serve (the privileged white community)"... indeed.

Offsite Link
by GODreply 1704/10/2020

Isn’t she afraid she will burn eternally in hell damnation if she doesn’t go to church? Especially on such an important holiday like Easter?

by GODreply 1804/10/2020

I'm ok if she misses Easter. It's that she missed church for the whole month of March that dooms her to hell.

by GODreply 1904/10/2020

I admire Jen.

by GODreply 2004/10/2020

[quote] Garner, her hazel peepers concealed behind a pair of RayBan sunglasses, kept it casual for her afternoon pick up.

[quote] The Alias star kept her brunette tresses tied back in a low ponytail and mostly concealed beneath a blue ball cap.

[quote] Donning a cozy grey sweatshirt, Jennifer leaned out of her car window to dial herself into Ben's secured estate.


[quote] Surprisingly Ana, who usually dons a face mask while in the company of her Hollywood beau, was sans any personal protective equipment while braving the open air.

[quote] Earlier in the day, de Armas made a quick stop with her dog at Ben's humble abode.

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by GODreply 2104/12/2020

R1 erotic thriller? Is there still a market for this. Men are used to watching explicit/hardcore erotica these todays. And fraus want the ultimate unrealistic fantasy a la 50 shades.

by GODreply 2204/12/2020

R22 that is what the director etc. classified it as. It could just be what they think an erotic thriller will be like

by GODreply 2304/12/2020

Is Ben white? Mixed race perhaps?

by GODreply 2404/12/2020

The director is Adrien Lyne, who made Fatal Attraction and Unfaithful. I can't wait to see it.

by GODreply 2504/12/2020

[quote] Is Ben white? Mixed race perhaps?

Ben's got a lot of Scotch in him.

by GODreply 2604/12/2020

[quote] Ben's got a lot of Scotch in him.


by GODreply 2704/12/2020

Why so many threads about this horsefaced fame whore?

by GODreply 2804/12/2020

Because DL likes to mock her.

by GODreply 2904/12/2020

[quote] Wow. I don't think many of the above have anything more than an elementary level of reading comprehension.

This is the follow up to my original thread. I am concerned about the state of her immortal soul-- or I was, before she stopped going to church.

by GODreply 3004/12/2020

You can always tell when a woman isn't giving up any pussy.

Can't imagine why/how Ben lost interest.

Offsite Link
by GODreply 3104/12/2020

R31 not giving up pussy? Do you think she is a lesbian?

by GODreply 3204/13/2020

I think Jen's bush is hairy and down to her knees.

by GODreply 3304/13/2020

Is Jen Garner transitioning? She has a strong jawline, beady eyes & a manly muscular body with beefy legs.

by GODreply 3404/13/2020

Let's just say she'll make a great Bruce Jenner in the inevitable I Am Cait biopic, R34.

by GODreply 3504/14/2020

So is she going to hell for not going to church or not?

by GODreply 3604/14/2020

Caitlin Jenner, Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Garner all have the same face now. Courtesy of the same quack plastic surgeon, I presume.

by GODreply 3704/14/2020

Ben and kids take a walk for photographers on Saturday.

Offsite Link
by GODreply 3804/19/2020

After working up an appetite on his walk, Ben gets some delicious donuts.

Offsite Link
by GODreply 3904/19/2020

Ben was happiest with JLo. Wonder how she is reacting to his newfoundling?

by GODreply 4004/19/2020

Ben left J Lo. He ditched her. Not the other way around.

Supposedly his mom hated her.

by GODreply 4104/19/2020

Just like daddy. I predict Jen will be making the Jack in the Box/rehab run with this child before his 16th birthday.

Offsite Link
by GODreply 4204/19/2020

It looks like Ben getting donuts is their new paparazzi strategy. For the second week in a row, the Daily Mail presents Ben Affleck buying a big ol' box of donuts.

Offsite Link
by GODreply 4304/26/2020

This gal's bra antics are Kardashian-level thirstiness. I am NOT amused.

Offsite Link
by GODreply 4404/26/2020

I love how every Sunday this thread pops up again as if to shame Jennifer Garner a little more each time that she will be burning in hell for not going to church.

by GODreply 4504/26/2020

Look at who's PR has bought her an award nomination! Praise ME!

Offsite Link
by GODreply 4604/28/2020

Just another post-op out for a run with his girlfriend.

Offsite Link
by GODreply 4705/11/2020

Ben has moved into Alec Baldwin territory.

by GODreply 4805/11/2020

Jen needs a new identity aside from pious martyr.

by GODreply 4905/11/2020

R48 He’s fathering more children?

by GODreply 5005/11/2020

"Lets go traipse in front of the paparazzi that we can't stand!"

They're fucking shameless, she, him, the whole lot of them.

by GODreply 5105/11/2020

Zzzzz wake me up when they go back to church. I am over this bitch.

by GODreply 5205/11/2020

You figure if she starred in a show called Alias, if she didn’t want to be noticed she could easily slip under the radar.

by GODreply 5305/11/2020

So,is Garner gay or is she straight and thinks Ben is straight? Garner certainly has a Butch personna

by GODreply 5405/11/2020

Garner couldn't even win that Webby award that she was up for and they awarded the top three in the category (of 5). Pathetic!

by GODreply 5505/19/2020

Well well well, look who's back in the Daily Mail today.

Offsite Link
by GODreply 5605/24/2020

How many Sundays has she not been in church now? Is she one of these people advising Trump that church is essential? Or do you think she’s secretly relieved and enjoying the time away from having to look like a church goer?

by GODreply 5705/24/2020

R57 she only started going to church after Ben got caught with the nanny. She tried to pray his cheating and drinking away and failed. Plus she really wanted all of those churchgoing Karens to stan for her, hence the weekly church stroll for the paps. However since everyone hates the Karens now, she'll probably have to try to get attention some other way.

Even though she's a Karen herself.

by GODreply 5805/24/2020

Garner seems like classic tomboy dyke. She's easy-going but still dyke. Her body is as perplexing as Ben's. Kids seemed to inherit worst physical traits of parents

by GODreply 5905/24/2020

Jen is still a simple wholesome girl from West Virginia., not corrupted by Hollywood.

by GODreply 6005/24/2020

Imagine all the texts to the paps. I'll be walking our street in about 20.

by GODreply 6105/24/2020

Wow, she’s from West Virginia? I have new respect for her getting the hell out of there and becoming something. Good for her.

by GODreply 6205/24/2020

[quote]Kids seemed to inherit worst physical traits of parents

The older daughter has no upper lip, just like Jen's original face. The younger daughter looks like a dyke. The son has been seen wandering around with painted nails, possibly a gayling in training? I'm sure Ben would freak out if his only son were gay. Perhaps his kids with Ana will actually be attractive.

by GODreply 6305/24/2020

She is so bad-bodied. No waist at all, very butch. She walks like a man who got kicked in the balls.

Offsite Link
by GODreply 6405/24/2020

Yeah, she worked hard to crawl out of that shithole West Virginia to make something of herself. She's a real HARD worker, and I would know.

Offsite Link
by GODreply 6505/24/2020

Here she is AGAIN today, engaging in some sort of pagan tree ritual.

Offsite Link
by GODreply 6605/24/2020

Now this is really obvious, this stupid front yard activity.

by GODreply 6705/24/2020

R63 No mention of the jug ears that the kids inherited from Jen?

by GODreply 6805/24/2020

Lavender marriages produce unfortunate looking Scion. Demi and Bruce. Rob Lowe and beard. Etc

by GODreply 6905/25/2020

Ben smiles as he carries a big box of donuts.

Offsite Link
by GODreply 7005/30/2020
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