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Tito Jackson: Michael Jackson was a ladies man

At 18:49

"I used to tell people when they said Michael was gay, no he ain't, leave your wife or girl for a day with him and you will find out"

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by Tito Jacksonreply 131Last Friday at 11:09 PM

If ladies were nine year old boys.

by Tito Jacksonreply 103/16/2020

Did he mean lady man?

by Tito Jacksonreply 203/16/2020

The evidence just isn't there. Sorry, Tito!

by Tito Jacksonreply 303/16/2020

What sister Latoya said is probably more accurate.

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by Tito Jacksonreply 403/16/2020

Hilarious. Those Jacksons really live in an alternate reality.

by Tito Jacksonreply 503/16/2020

Just another attempt to rewrite history. It's all about $$$$$.

by Tito Jacksonreply 603/16/2020

What did LaToya say? I don't want to waste bandwidth on her.

by Tito Jacksonreply 703/16/2020

Ugh... having an interest in children (young boys) is NOT the same as being gay. He might have been heterosexual with adults but still a pedophile with a preference or boys. The two are not mutually exclusive.

by Tito Jacksonreply 803/16/2020

Michael could never get it up for an adult woman. People who believe these stories or the ones Lisa Marie Presley tells will believe anything

by Tito Jacksonreply 903/16/2020

You tell em Tito!

by Tito Jacksonreply 1003/16/2020

Michael Jackson was a lady man.

There. Fixed that for ya, T-man.

Just kidding.

He was a pedophile.

by Tito Jacksonreply 1103/16/2020

There are numerous accounts about how Michael witnessed his older brothers screwing groupies and prostitutes when he was a child, which repulsed him and no doubt contributed to his aversion towards adult relationships. Tito’s lies are even more appalling considering his personal contribution to his brother’s mental sickness.

by Tito Jacksonreply 1203/16/2020

Micheal was straight, his voice was super deep and butch when he was not in character. He had many straight relationships well into his 40's, after that he became more broken and asexual.

by Tito Jacksonreply 1303/16/2020

R13 = Janet Jackson

by Tito Jacksonreply 1403/16/2020

there's a LOT of denial in that family. and, i hate to say, in many black families.

people decide to follow behind and maintain the honour of some, usually male, family member as a face-saving maneuver. hiding all manner of misdeeds---DUIs, bankruptcies, extramarital relations producing children, child abuse, etcetc.

i know people in that community who were abused, and not even their own family members would stick up for them. why? because the perp was some "upstanding" man in that community, and "it can't be possible that he is xyz". a lot of putting on a show. a lot of "how DARE you bring down our upstanding father/uncle/brother. we know them". a lot of telling the women to shut up and lie.

yes, it happens in all cultures, but it most especially happens in that culture. and until the members of it stand up and say that it doesn't matter what a person does publicly, if they do not maintain their honour privately they are NOTHING and will be banished, the issue will not go away.

by Tito Jacksonreply 1503/16/2020


Typical liberal racist, like Maude

by Tito Jacksonreply 1603/16/2020

"Girls have cooties!"

by Tito Jacksonreply 1703/16/2020

[R7] , I watched the clip of La Toya until 3:12. I'd advise you to try to watch it, because it's worth the bandwidth. La Toya is erudite and she's insistent that it was wrong and highly unusual for a 35 year old man to spend days in bed with a series of boys. When Katie tries to tamp down her fire, La Toya is right back in Katie's face. It's worth it to watch because of all the BS that's come out of that family.

La Toya must have known she was risking the scorn of not only the Jackson family, but the whole host of enablers around Michael.

by Tito Jacksonreply 1803/17/2020

Why the media and wacko fans are ao desperate to wave away these allegations when there's proof all over is baffling, he was a paedophile no if's, ands or buts. It's especially gross when his disturbed fans calim racism when mentioning his addiction for boys.

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 1903/17/2020


If there was proof then why no convictions? I am no MJ fan but clearly it's not as cut and dried as you all make out.

by Tito Jacksonreply 2003/17/2020

Didn’t Madonna say that he loosened up quite a bit after a drink

by Tito Jacksonreply 2103/17/2020

Stop talking about this freak.

by Tito Jacksonreply 2203/17/2020

He was a paedophile. No smoke without fire is laughably appropriate with him. However all the pathetic apologists, family or otherwise, should take a good hard look at that mugshot and just shut the fuck up. The man was a maniac.

by Tito Jacksonreply 2303/17/2020

Oh Tito, Michael going to girl's homes day after day to try on their clothes and learn their makeup techniques did not make him a "ladies man".

by Tito Jacksonreply 2403/17/2020

Michael Jackson would have already had a single helping victims of the coronavirus

by Tito Jacksonreply 2503/19/2020

[quote] there's a LOT of denial in that family. and, i hate to say, in many black families.

Since we’re expressing things that we “hate to say.” Let’s talk about “denial” and the Republican voting white majority. No race or ethnicity, in this country, presents a better example of ignorance and rejection of truth/facts/reality. Which explains your white supremacist rant.

Poll: Just 26% of Republicans believe coronavirus will change their daily life in a major way

majority of Republicans — 54% — now say the response to the coronavirus is overblown,

President Trump's approval rating has hit a record high among his supporters in the latest Hill-HarrisX poll released on Monday. Of those surveyed, 90 percent of Republicans said they approve of Trump's job performance, compared to just 10 percent who did not have a favorable view of the president. That is the highest favorable rating among Republicans in the Hill-HarrisX poll since it began asking the question in 2018.

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by Tito Jacksonreply 2603/19/2020

This family is so pathetic. All they have is Michael. They are so desperate to hang on to him.

by Tito Jacksonreply 2703/20/2020

It's so pathetic and creepy when closet cases say things like that ("Leave your girl alone with me and see what happens!").

Are they insinuating that they're such manly, dangerous, red-blooded heteros that they'll commit rape??

by Tito Jacksonreply 2803/20/2020

Back when Michael Jackson was going for the Mommie Dearest look.

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 2903/20/2020

So, Michael Jackson wanted to look like Faye Dunaway?

by Tito Jacksonreply 3003/20/2020

Tito was always the punchline of the family.

by Tito Jacksonreply 3103/21/2020

Brooke Shields said he never laid a hand on her the whole time they were "dating"

by Tito Jacksonreply 3203/21/2020

R21 if I recall correctly, Madonna once tried to seduce Michael and he giggled and got uncomfortable. Meaning....nothing happened and Madonna thought he was not into her...or women at all, probably.

by Tito Jacksonreply 3303/21/2020

[quote]take a good hard look at that mugshot and just shut the fuck up.

R23 That’s no mugshot - it’s a crime scene photo.

by Tito Jacksonreply 3403/21/2020

He talks about Madonna here in the secret recorded tapes by his frau friend.

Poor Michael. Why did he have to be into children. Something about his homophobe mother and abusive dad or maybe he was a victim himself. He used to be such a likeable little kid. Tragic.

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 3503/21/2020

"Micheal was straight, his voice was super deep and butch when he was not in character. He had many straight relationships well into his 40's, after that he became more broken and asexual."

Funny, his voice does not sound deep or butch in that clip at r35

by Tito Jacksonreply 3603/21/2020

Here's his voice when he was drugged. Very sad.

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 3703/21/2020

R35, Was Michael talking to her trying to earn her trust so he could get her son in bed alone or something? Because he did that all the time where he faked friendships with the parents.

by Tito Jacksonreply 3803/21/2020

R37 Wow... he actually sounds like an adult in that clip. The artificially high voice he used in public was probably a ploy to make himself sound feminine, childlike, unthreatening. But picture the guy with the LOW voice sharing a bed with little boys. It really puts things into perspective.

by Tito Jacksonreply 3903/22/2020

Inevitably on these types of threads, you'll get a poster claiming MJ had a "super deep and butch voice when not in character." Is that supposed to make him more believable as a ladies-lovin' man?

by Tito Jacksonreply 4003/22/2020

leave your wife or girl for a day with him and you will find out

He'll give her a Princess make over & she'll be covered in sparkles

Yawn, this all comes down to their inability to "sell" Michael now that it's fairly widely accepted that he's a ped. For years, they tried the "another black man they're trying to tear down" line, but everyone is on to that by now. The cash cow is more or less dead at this point, but they've got noting else

by Tito Jacksonreply 4103/22/2020

He sure was into me!

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 4203/22/2020

1. MJ wasn't found guilty in his trial (2005)

2. After many years of investigations the FBI said he wasn't a pedo

3. He's dead

4. Move on

by Tito Jacksonreply 4303/22/2020

1. MJ wasn't found guilty in his trial (2005)

2. After many years of investigations the FBI said he wasn't a pedo

3. He's dead

4. Move on

by Tito Jacksonreply 4403/22/2020

The entire Jackson family is pure mentally-deficient trash. Who would even listen to one word that comes out of any of their surgically-altered traps?

by Tito Jacksonreply 4503/22/2020

the "doctor" Murray who killed MJ with his freemason medals

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 4603/22/2020

the "doctor" Murray who killed MJ with his freemason medals

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 4703/22/2020

Doctor Murray is a national hero.

by Tito Jacksonreply 4803/22/2020

Stan protocol: post duplicates for emphasis.

by Tito Jacksonreply 4903/22/2020

R44, no, they did not say he was a pedo. Everyone in law enforcement who worked on the case believed he was guilty. Move on, fangirl

by Tito Jacksonreply 5003/22/2020

Whoops, I meant "they did not say he was not a pedo"

by Tito Jacksonreply 5103/22/2020

Funny how Michael the uberbutch straight guy owned so many books featuring nude photos if young boys

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 5203/22/2020

I just calculated MJ's BMI using the height and weight listed in the screen grab at R19 (can you tell I have time on my hands now we're on lockdown?). It was 16.7 - very underweight. I wonder if he deliberately kept his weight down to make him seem more boyish and less physically imposing, so that the whole "grown man sleeping with little boys" thing seemed less predatory. As R39 points out, he did the same with his unnaturally high-pitched voice.

by Tito Jacksonreply 5303/22/2020

He's so creepy making his eyes all big.

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 5403/22/2020

I remmeber being so uncomfortable when he died and the media decided to deify him and pretend the sexual molestation never happened.

Obama crying over him on tv was the last straw. I stopped watching the news for months.

by Tito Jacksonreply 5503/22/2020

If he was alive, he'd have a hit single out for Coronavirus charity

by Tito Jacksonreply 5603/22/2020

R54, that's the least butch thing I've ever seen in my life.

And I've seen Liberace perform

by Tito Jacksonreply 5703/22/2020

There's a bit at the beginning of "You Rock My World" where MJ is all "watch me get that girl!" and it's so fucking forced.

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 5803/22/2020

R58 yeah always seemed so fake.

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 5903/22/2020

They have him on tape talking to a 13 year old boy.

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 6003/22/2020

Umm hmm.

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 6103/22/2020

If you believe that crap you dumb as hell.

by Tito Jacksonreply 6203/23/2020

The BBC aired a documentary called The Real Michael Jackson last night. Predictably, his stans were all over Twitter insisting he wasn't a child molester. I wasn't surprised by that, but I WAS surprised to see a few fans insist that he didn't actually have that much surgery and the media exaggerated it. That's a level of delusion I hadn't believed possible.

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 6303/31/2020

Translation: “I ain’t related to no faggot!”

by Tito Jacksonreply 6403/31/2020

Michael was definitely a ladies man - especially if that lady had a 10-year old son!

by Tito Jacksonreply 6503/31/2020

And he was also a little boys man.

by Tito Jacksonreply 6603/31/2020

I think Michael was straight. I have yet to see a gay man that acts exactly like him. Just because someone is weird, doesn't mean they are a certain sexuality. His dancing and movements also didn't look very "feminine".

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 6703/31/2020

R67, he wasn't "gay" in the conventional sense of being attracted to adult men. He was a homosexual paedophile.

by Tito Jacksonreply 6803/31/2020

He was a ladies man? So are you telling me he had those little boys dress in drag for him?

by Tito Jacksonreply 6903/31/2020

Haters will hate you know

by Tito Jacksonreply 7004/13/2020

Really R67?

Ok, watch this.

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 7104/13/2020

r71, I remember the first time I saw that video. I was like "Am I drunk? Was that a hallucination?"

by Tito Jacksonreply 7204/13/2020

Instead of Wesley Snipes, Michael wanted Prince to be the villian in the Bad video. Prince refused because he didn't like the "your butt is mine" lyrics.

by Tito Jacksonreply 7304/13/2020

In R4's video, LaToya looks just like Jackson did here.

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 7404/13/2020

I will never be convinced he was anything other than straight. There's a hell of a lot of Hollywood insiders that had dealings with Michael outside of his public persona, and he's described as being very butch and having a deep voice. Micheal really latched on to the whole Peter Pan persona and he hid behind that. When Michael died, that was the day that music truly the words on Don McLean. There will never be another Michael Jackson, he will never be forgotten.

by Tito Jacksonreply 7504/13/2020

In related news, LaToya is also the voice of all Janet’s music.

Also, Tito's real name is Titty.

by Tito Jacksonreply 7604/13/2020

R75, he wasn't butch and no recordings show that he had a deep voice

by Tito Jacksonreply 7704/13/2020

It's true, he wasn't gay. He was pre-surgery trans.

by Tito Jacksonreply 7804/13/2020

I remember when he claimed Tatum O’Neal tried to seduce him when her was 17. She had to come out and deny it and point out she would’ve been around 11-12 years old at the time. Latoya sounded very credible back on 93 but has recanted so she can get back on the Jackson family tit.

by Tito Jacksonreply 7904/13/2020

Tatum at 11 and 12 was throwing herself a grown men, she was a damaged child.

by Tito Jacksonreply 8004/13/2020

I believe Tito, he certainly knew Michael better than the rest of us.

by Tito Jacksonreply 8104/13/2020

I thought Latoya was so beautiful before going off the deep end with her face.

Didn’t MJ tell his staff tell his siblings he wasn’t home and wouldn’t take their calls. He hated Joseph with a passion and Katherine was the only one he communicated with on a regular basis.

by Tito Jacksonreply 8204/13/2020


by Tito Jacksonreply 8304/13/2020
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by Tito Jacksonreply 8404/13/2020
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by Tito Jacksonreply 8504/13/2020
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by Tito Jacksonreply 8604/13/2020
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by Tito Jacksonreply 8704/13/2020

These people saying he "just hid behind a Peter Pan persona". How many people would "hide" behind a concocted man-child pedophile persona? That doesn't make any sense.

by Tito Jacksonreply 8804/14/2020

Michael Jackson is a cautionary tale to escape such brutish families rather sooner than later.

Tito created the adult, pedophile monster that Michael was behind the scenes. Of course, he denies every responsibility for that and tries to protect the biggest money maker's legacy of his family.

by Tito Jacksonreply 8904/14/2020

R88 - because the whole purpose of the Peter Pan persona was to portray himself as someone whose obsession with children was non-sexual. If Michael Jackson had looked and talked like virtually any other adult man, he wouldn't have got away with half the stuff he did. Why would a grown man spend God knows how much money converting his home into a theme park, and develop "friendships" with little boys (even to the point of taking them on tour with him)? There are two possible explanations: either he never grew up or he was a paedophile. Of course he wanted to people to believe the first option.

by Tito Jacksonreply 9004/14/2020

That's why Tito was claiming Michael didn't get to do childhood activities like ride a bike or have friends.

It's always been the excuse for Michael AND Tito to explain away Jackson's inappropriate behavior and claim there was nothing nasty to it.

Ms. Jackson, if you're nasty.

by Tito Jacksonreply 9104/14/2020

How did Tito turn Jackson into a monster? I thought it was Joe Jackson that did most of the damage?

by Tito Jacksonreply 9204/14/2020

I remember watching this with my parents. Remember thinking it was awfully convenient for him to marry her after having a bunch of allegations.

Such an obvious ploy.

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 9304/15/2020

His maid's story. She saw things.

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 9404/15/2020

Janet says she hasn't talked to Michael in a year. Red flag. That's a huge red flag because Janet was the most sane. Michael wasn't working on anything.

She sounds a lot like Latoya here.

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 9504/15/2020

I’m surprised that no-neck bitch Flo Anthony didn’t say this. She was the keeper of the Jackson legacy, their talking head during Jacko’s molestation trials and when he died. They must keep her supplied with plenty of Baja Fresh.

by Tito Jacksonreply 9604/15/2020

The Jackson's are like Trump...they can not stop lying.

by Tito Jacksonreply 9704/15/2020

[quote] How did Tito turn Jackson into a monster?

My apologies. I mixed up Joe with Tito in my comment at r89. Tito is "just" trying to protect his brother's lucrative legacy. It was indeed his father Joe who messed Michael Jackson up.

by Tito Jacksonreply 9804/15/2020

So nice to see Janet "dancing" and lip syncing to her CD vocals. She da qween no doubts.

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 9904/15/2020

The testimony that made me believe was not Wade Robson but James Safechuck. Seeing Jackson and him hugging, him laughing. Only to be tossed aside later on.

Wade's story, I sort of believe but he's unreliable. James Safechuck had the look of a broken man. Juxtaposed with his happy kid self was so sad.

Of course Sean Lennon's video about it is disturbing. Where there's smoke, there's fire. If he wasn't a rich man you would all find it really fucking odd. Imagine if he looked like a redneck. What if he lived in a trailer? Had Peter Pan statues and was inviting children to share his bed? Cying about never having a childhood? You would call the cops immediately!

by Tito Jacksonreply 10004/15/2020

[quote] Imagine if he looked like a redneck. What if he lived in a trailer? Had Peter Pan statues and was inviting children to share his bed? Cying about never having a childhood? You would call the cops immediately!

r100. A predator creates an environment where he has access to his prey. That can mean he rises in the social ranks of his neighborhood to be considered a person of authority who can be trusted (like, say, a priest or scout leader). Or is too big to be taken down (like Jerry Sandusky, the coach). Predators have the motivation, or ambition, to succeed and have the power to satisfy their vices and get away with their heinous acts. Of course, there are a few "lone wolves" who fly under the radar, but without protection from a network of fellow pedophiles they are caught and brought to justice more easily than the ones who have a support system protecting them.

by Tito Jacksonreply 10104/15/2020

Allegations of pedophilia

A dark stain on Michael Jackson's otherwise spotless reputation is the allegation of pedophilia. These accusations have unfairly and significantly diminished Michael Jackson's reputation to a level not reflective of his true character.

The evidence presented, although relatively powerful, is false. In fact, there is ample evidence that completely disproves these allegations. Michael Jackson had this exonerating evidence under his bed, but he refused to present it and it has been subsequently lost in lootings. The reason for this refusal was that he didn't want to stoop down to the level of the tabloid media, his agenda-driven detractors, and the FBI. By trying to defend himself, he would have unnecessarily dignified the allegations, thereby lowering himself.

However, some of this evidence has come to light. Assume, for example, that he was a pedophile. Even if he did violate, or "molest", a few little boys, which isn't to say that he did, the fact is that such an act is regarded by many as a minor offence. It has been proven (in a survey of Catholic Priests) that one out of every two men is a pedophile.[Citation not needed at all; thank you very much]

But it is unfair and inappropriate to pursue only one such man due solely to his high profile. It is a common phenomenon in social psychology for people to harbor jealousy toward the highly talented, the highly successful, and the greatly beloved. Mr. Jackson was all of these things and more, so there will naturally be backlash against his greatness, and common hating people will seek and find reasons, however specious, to discriminate against him. The fact is that even if Mr. Jackson was a pedophile, it is a disease beyond the individual's choice and therefore he should not have been vilified for it any more than a cancer patient should be hated for his condition.

Offsite Link
by Tito Jacksonreply 10204/15/2020

It’s a bit sad though that masculinity is still measured in how many women you can seduce and the more women the more masculine you are and the more your male relatives respect you and have pride in you. That way of thinking is always strongest in poorer communities where men don’t achieve their standing through their education, career or hard work. You have men with babies all over the place and on the cycle of poverty goes. It’s a dreadful model of masculinity to me.

Anyway, I don’t think MJ was gay or straight. I think he had serious issues and could not have a romantic or sexual relationship with an adult. I don’t need him to have been a ladies man to respect him and aside from his die hard stans and fucked up family I don’t think the public ever did either. Talent speaks for itself.

To the people in denial who try to say the public thinks raping male children is not serious- it is actually the one thing that is a total NO in society. It brought down the Catholic Church. Everyone knew priests were interfering with little girls, women, nuns but BOYS, game over. There is nothing worse to a man than the idea of his SON being violated and penetrated and actually you will find that the majority of men would support hanging pedophiles on live tv. To deny this and minimize the severity of the crime in the eyes of society you have to be a delusional religious nut or a MJ fan it seems.

by Tito Jacksonreply 10304/15/2020

[quote] There is nothing worse to a man than the idea of his SON being violated and penetrated and actually you will find that the majority of men would support hanging pedophiles on live tv.

That would require these men to care about their kids more than about what the neighbors think (dude raised a messed up VICTIM not some alpha male who is going to places! How big of a fool do you have to be to not know what went on with your own kid? Or did he know and kept quiet?).

by Tito Jacksonreply 10404/15/2020

MJ was as much of a ladies man as Ms. George Michaels was. Both were talented for a time no doubt but the idea of these two banging a whole bunch of females is impossible. None of MJ's children were his biological children, there are articles on the internet with picture evidence showing who the real father's were. It is sad to think almost none of the big celebs from the 80s had many real children. Whitney did of course but that ugly daughter thing of hers killed herself the first chance she got. How fucked up it is to be a celeb that they cannot produce one healthy child. Even more horrifying that great goddess of the cunts of all time Madonna had two children that were somewhat "normal". Though ugly as hell thanks to her horrible genes.

by Tito Jacksonreply 10504/15/2020

R104 that’s true. I meant as a society as that poster was of the belief that the world at large doesn’t care about a few kids being molested. An entire country like Ireland will turn against their religion when abuse of young boys surfaces even though individual families treated their abused children terribly and sent them away or beat them into silence. So on societal level being a known abuser of boys is the worst thing you can be and you cannot expect the public to shrug and look the other way. My cousin is a prison officer and the last known pedo they had was brutally murdered by the other prisoners. I won’t say where because I know for a fact the prison officers made sure not for to intervene.

by Tito Jacksonreply 10604/15/2020

r106. The thing is that it's a nasty side effect of our snake oil salesmen driven society. It creates the predators and the prey. Society is OUTRAGED when shit goes down (sexual assault, school shootings, racism, etc.), but refuses to actually get to the bottom of it and change course to prevent these things from happening in the future. Why? Because those in power benefit from the status quo that divides us into predators and prey.

by Tito Jacksonreply 10704/15/2020

Ladyboy man.

by Tito Jacksonreply 10804/15/2020

Flo Anthony was caught sitting on Jermaine’s step...Baja Fresh refused her free burrito coupon and she needs him to vouch for her. He was out getting his hair and face shellacked. This will take all day, so Flo, gurl, set up that tent.

by Tito Jacksonreply 10904/15/2020

"Of course, there are a few "lone wolves" who fly under the radar, but without protection from a network of fellow pedophiles they are caught and brought to justice more easily than the ones who have a support system protecting them."

It's the opposite. Despite what loony QAnon types think, hardly any pedophiles have super secret "pedophile networks"

by Tito Jacksonreply 11004/15/2020

After a chance meeting as a young fan, Stacy Brown became friends with Jermaine Jackson — and later the rest of the Jackson family, including Michael. He helped write some of their memoirs, traveled on their tours, and even gave them loans (never to be repaid). Here, for the first time, Stacy explain what it’s like to be friends with the strangest family in America.

Randy Jackson, the second-youngest of the storied musical dynasty, likes to call his family “the black Kennedys.”

Maybe. But they certainly weren’t as smart with their ¬finances as the Kennedys.

Even before this month, when the family lost a $40 billion lawsuit against AEG over the death of Michael Jackson, they’ve struggled with debts. Especially when the family’s richest members, Michael and Janet, decided to cut off their seven other siblings and parents out of whim or spite.

A particularly low point came in 2003. No money was coming in, few of them had actual jobs and ¬Janet gave but one gift to her siblings: free meal cards to Baja Fresh, a fast-food chain with which she had an endorsement deal.

I visited Rebbie, the oldest of the Jackson kids, in Vegas, to work on a book. It was Baja Fresh for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From there I drove to Hayvenhurst, the family’s estate in Encino, Calif., to meet Katherine, the matriarch, and Jermaine.

And for 2¹/₂ weeks it was . . . Baja Fresh.

Finally, for the sake of my stomach, I offered to take Katherine to Trader Joe’s. She loaded the cart with groceries, and I ended up with the bill — $700.

There was no “thank you.” The money was never repaid. Whatever courtesies are shown to them are met with the air of “You did what you ought to. We are the Jacksons!”.....

by Tito Jacksonreply 11104/15/2020

Why No Black Boys?’

As a friend, ghostwriter and confidant of the Jackson family for nearly 25 years, people ask how I could put up with such behavior.

It wasn’t easy — but there’s something seductive about the ¬craziness. I first met patriarch Joseph and his sons Jermaine, Jackie and Tito in 1984. The brothers had just played the Victory Tour at Giants Stadium. I was 16 and went to the show with my girlfriend, Ameena, who was in love with Michael

After the show, we traveled to the Helmsley Palace Hotel, and amazingly we got to speak to the Jacksons in the lobby. Ameena gushed and handed them a letter for her idol.

A couple of years later, I was visiting a friend in a hospital in Canoga Park, Calif. Randomly, I ran into Jermaine. “I know you,” he said. To my shock, he remembered that night in New York in detail.

We spoke for a long time and ¬exchanged numbers. Two weeks later, he called me and invited me to Hayvenhurst, the seven-bedroom mansion Michael paid for. It’s full of family memorabilia, and a guesthouse is filled with dolls and stuffed animals.

I later became a journalist and, because of the friendship, I was enlisted as writer on two books — “Rebbie Jackson: The First Jackson” and “Legacy: Surviving the Best and the Worse,” the latter with Jermaine.

But for every little kindness, like Jermaine remembering me as a fan in the crowd, there was plenty of selfishness and bizarre behavior.

The Jacksons have been described as dysfunctional, but that’s an understatement. They loathe each other, particularly Michael — for whom they felt varying degrees of jealousy and disgust. The King of Pop rarely wanted anything to do with them, which only ¬increased the psychosis.

They’re not the Kennedys, Katherine’s longtime assistant, Janice Smith, said to me once. “They are more like the Corleone family. And Michael is Michael Corleone.”

To his parents, Joseph and Katherine, however, Michael could do no wrong.

One day, after the brothers were complaining about Michael not including them in his plans, Joseph exploded: “Y’all are lazy. He did all the work, and he figured out that if he were going to do all the work, why bother with your lazy asses?”

Katherine would defend Michael constantly — to a point.

Watching a news report that showed Michael boarding an airplane with a young boy, Katherine murmured: “Why is it that he’s always got to have those little white boys around? Why doesn’t he ever have little black boys with him?”

I said, “Well, there was a time that he had little Emmanuel Lewis, who played Webster.”

“That was just for show, for the cameras,” Katherine said. “Those boys he flies around with ain’t nothing but little Jews.”

The question I desperately wanted to ask but did not was, “Well, would you rather him ¬molest little black boys?”....

by Tito Jacksonreply 11204/15/2020

Secret Therapy

The dysfunction culminated in 2002. Michael had played a 30th-anniversary celebration the year before. He paid Marlon Brando $1  million to appear. He paid his brothers $1,100 each. Then he canceled a promised tour with the ¬entire Jackson family.

Randy figured the family needed therapy. Janet paid for it, and once a week the whole clan would pile into SUVs for secret trips to Malibu.

Rebbie began by talking about the abuse she allegedly suffered as a child in Gary, Ind., at the hands of Joseph, and which her mother witnessed. “Mother would simply say, ‘Joe, leave her alone tonight,’ ” Rebbie said.

Jackie, the second oldest, yelled at her for “bringing up things in the past that just pull us apart.”

“We’re in therapy!” Rebbie cried.

They all complained about Michael until finally the therapist said it was best if they didn’t even think about him.

“Michael is not your family, in his mind,” the therapist told them during those clandestine sessions. “Elizabeth Taylor is his mom, and you guys should move on.”

That sent Katherine over the edge. She already hated Taylor. At Neverland Ranch, Katherine would decide where she’d have her lunch or dinner depending upon whether or not Liz had ever used the spot.

“I’m not sitting where she sat,” Katherine would say. “She’s ¬stolen my son away.”

Joseph felt the same way about Motown boss Berry Gordy, who signed the singing children to the label in the 1960s.

“Michael better realize, it’s my blood running through his veins,” the family patriarch said. “Mine and nobody else’s. I’m his father, Katie is his mother.”

The therapy sessions ended. No one really felt better.

During this period, Jermaine was trying desperately to get on Michael’s good side. The brothers tried to trick Michael into attending therapy by saying there was going to be a “family day.” Jermaine tipped him off that it was a ruse.

Every single time a scandal ¬involving Jacko broke, there we were, Jermaine and I, hotfooting it to “The View” or some other talk show.

When Michael dangled his newly acquired 9-month-old son, Blanket, off a hotel-room balcony in November 2002, Jermaine and I went to “old reliable,” Larry King, to defend Michael’s actions.

“Nobody complains about [crocodile hunter] Steve Irwin, who has his small kids around those dangerous animals,” Jermaine said.

Following that appearance, Michael’s assistant called.

Michael wanted to speak with Jermaine. “Don’t do any more television, Jermaine. Tell the family no more. I have this huge, huge television special coming out in February that is going to shock the world and change ¬everything,” Michael said.

Ironically, the “huge television special” turned out to be the horrifying Martin Bashir documentary “Living with Michael Jackson,” which ultimately led to the molestation charges.

I remember watching it with great anticipation with Jermaine, Joseph and Katherine, and the looks on their faces were priceless.

When Michael pointed out that he’d rather climb a tree than have sex, Joseph let out a very disapproving groan. When the young accuser leaned against Michael, the warm feelings in the room quickly turned to ice. They knew what was coming.....

by Tito Jacksonreply 11304/15/2020

Lisa Marie Presley found out why he named his ranch Neverland.

by Tito Jacksonreply 11404/15/2020

atherine’s Letters

And they certainly weren’t surprised by it.

Way back in 1993, when the first public allegations of child molestation surfaced against Michael, sister La Toya accused the rest of her family of being “silent collaborators.”

She said Katherine had written letters to Michael in which she called him a “damn f – - – - t” and knew about payoffs, for as much as $1 million, made out to the parents of one of Michael’s victims.

Katherine and several of her children held a press conference outside Hayvenhurst to denounce La Toya. “She’s trying to sell her brother down the river,” Kath¬erine said.

A decade later, Jermaine and I were hanging out at Hayvenhurst in the courtyard near the swimming pool. Katherine emerged from inside the house.

“Jermaine, they got all of our things,” she said. The family had lost a civil judgment over a failed concert tour, and creditors took a storage locker full of memorabilia, including gold records.

“They got the letters, too, and those canceled checks,” Kath¬erine said.

Normally I didn’t ask questions, but I had to ask what she was talking about. “The letters,” she said, as if I were supposed to know.

Jermaine completed the sentence for her, “Those letters in which mother called Michael a ¬f – - – - t.”

I was stunned. Ten years later, I realized that La Toya really did tell the truth.

“You tell a lie long enough, people will believe it’s true,” Michael once said.

It could be the Jackson motto.....

by Tito Jacksonreply 11504/15/2020

That family is bonkers, the lot of them.

by Tito Jacksonreply 11604/15/2020

We know he didn't have an orm pit fetish, since he had no nose.

by Tito Jacksonreply 11704/21/2020

The only sane one in that depraved family of psychos is "crazy“ La Toya.

by Tito Jacksonreply 11804/21/2020

R118, in R95's video, Janet talks with Oprah about doing coffee enemas lol. So La Toya is the relatively sane one by far.

by Tito Jacksonreply 11904/21/2020

What about Pia Zadora?

by Tito Jacksonreply 12005/14/2020

Didn't Pia Zadora beat her kids with a hose?

by Tito Jacksonreply 12105/14/2020

R119, someone should tell her that chocolate mocha latte Frappuccinos don’t make good enemas.

by Tito Jacksonreply 12205/14/2020

I'm sorry, but those Baja Fresh stories are hilarious.

by Tito Jacksonreply 12305/14/2020

Did someone say "ladyman"?

by Tito Jacksonreply 12405/14/2020

And they mooch meals and nights out on the town...and they tell people that they should be grateful to do it because they’re the JACKSONS.

by Tito Jacksonreply 12505/14/2020

Michael Jackson would have been selflessly giving money to coronavirus children. OK he would have only given it to the young males under 12 but still.

by Tito Jacksonreply 126Last Friday at 6:10 PM

No wondering if they would rather him be a pedophile or be gay, cause this bullshit gives me my answer.

by Tito Jacksonreply 127Last Friday at 6:13 PM

Every Jackson is perfectly demented.

by Tito Jacksonreply 128Last Friday at 6:20 PM

[quote] Ugh... having an interest in children (young boys) is NOT the same as being gay. He might have been heterosexual with adults but still a pedophile with a preference or boys. The two are not mutually exclusive.

I don't think he was ANYTHING with adults, he was just a pedophile with a preference or boys.

by Tito Jacksonreply 129Last Friday at 6:34 PM

He was such a stud and loved fucking women so much that he had a plain-Jane broodmare artificially inseminated (probably with another man's sperm) rather than, you know, actually fuck an actual woman...and then lied about it for years, telling the world that the children were conceived "the old-fashioned way"...until the truth came out in his child molestation trial.

by Tito Jacksonreply 130Last Friday at 8:26 PM

He was 5'11" and 120 lb? That is anexoric. Very sad.

by Tito Jacksonreply 131Last Friday at 11:09 PM
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