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Do you think Gomer Pyle accurately depicted the US Marine Corps?

My brother recently enlisted and I'm afraid he's going to turn into a gay baritone...

by Wink Martindalereply 51Last Sunday at 11:28 AM

Yes. Your brother will begin to speak in a corn pone accent and then burst into a song with his opera voice.

by Wink Martindalereply 103/03/2020

Has your brother picked a stage name for Active Duty yet?

by Wink Martindalereply 203/03/2020

Yes, it is completely accurate. 100%!!

by Wink Martindalereply 303/03/2020

r2 Some of those Active Duty guys are hot but their fucking is so mechanical and boring

by Wink Martindalereply 403/03/2020

R2 He's looking into adopting the name Private Parts for now. Hopefully, he'll make rank and change it to Corporal Punishment.

R4 Interesting. Maybe you need to widen your dating pool beyond the Bachelor Officers Quarters. I've heard the guys in the motor pool are outstanding.

by Wink Martindalereply 503/03/2020

OP - Indiana boy Gomer now lives like a king in Hawaii. Your brother should be so lucky after his hitch.

by Wink Martindalereply 603/03/2020

Anybody know if Gomer/Nabors was ever invited to any USMC events? Or did they just ignore him? He couldn't have helped their recruiting effort very much....

by Wink Martindalereply 703/08/2020

I think that Sgt Carter is the gay one on that show

by Wink Martindalereply 803/08/2020

R8 I can only imagine -- no, no, I WANT to imagine -- what went on between Gomer and Sgt Carter off camera. Gollly!

by Wink Martindalereply 903/08/2020

R8 I don't think there was a gay "one" on that show.

by Wink Martindalereply 1003/08/2020

Corporal Boyle (the late Roy Stuart) was gay irl. His longtime partner was French.

Oddly enough, I always thought Raven-Simone looked like Roy Stuart. And Eileen Davidson.

by Wink Martindalereply 1103/08/2020

Who knew it was such a gay show at the time? I remember watching it and Sgt Carter made me ping but that was it. Wow! What a fuck fest that set must have been.

by Wink Martindalereply 1203/08/2020

No, even as a kid when the show was on, I was perplexed as to why he was not in Vietnam.

by Wink Martindalereply 1303/08/2020

R13 Great point! Why weren't these goofs in Vietnam? And they never wore dress blues if I remember correctly. The Marine Corps must have been involved somehow. Did they demand that the cast never wear dress blues? Or any 'official' uniform? If the USMC wasn't involved, how the fuck did this show get on the air especially during the Vietnam War? Now I have to find out who the USMC commandant was when this show was on TV.

by Wink Martindalereply 1403/08/2020

It's cringeworthy now, esp. since we know Jim Nabors was gay. Sgt. Carter seems like the worst of bullies. No wonder gays were barred from the military for years!

by Wink Martindalereply 1503/08/2020

Everyone from Mayberry seemed to make an appearance at that Marine base....Andy Taylor, Opie,Aunt Bee, Goober, etc.

Gomer had a lot of catchphrases....Gollllllly, Shazam! and of course Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Favorite moment: no-talent Lou Ann Poovie singing her off-key "That Old Black Magic".

Wonder why they dumped Cpl. Boyle in the last season for Ronnie Schell's character?

by Wink Martindalereply 1603/08/2020

[quote] Everyone from Mayberry seemed to make an appearance at that Marine base....Andy Taylor, Opie,Aunt Bee, Goober, etc.

Aunt Bee was that Marine base's favorite whore. She satisfied every serving man inn uniform there, including Gomer and Sgt. Carter.

by Wink Martindalereply 1703/08/2020

"in," not "inn"

by Wink Martindalereply 1803/08/2020

Right, R16? And it was a terrible choice, because impish PFC Slater was adorable, but Corporal Slater was a limp, gluten-free noodle.

I loved Corporal Boyle, and in my mind he left because he secretly went to to officer training school at night, and got promoted to 1st Lieutenant. Sgt. Carter's ego never could have survived that.

by Wink Martindalereply 1903/08/2020

Ronnie Schell had been on the show early on, leaving for a short-lived sitcom. They brought him back with a backstory that led to him being a corporal.

by Wink Martindalereply 20Last Thursday at 6:51 PM

[quote] I always thought Raven-Simone looked like Roy Stuart. And Eileen Davidson.

Only on DL could that sentence have been written.

by Wink Martindalereply 21Last Thursday at 6:59 PM

R7 Yes! Gomer was "adopted" by the Marine Corps, and frequently did fund-raisers and personal appearances at bases all over the world. Seemed like a great guy.

by Wink Martindalereply 22Last Thursday at 7:00 PM

[quote]OP - Indiana boy Gomer now lives like a king in Hawaii. Your brother should be so lucky after his hitch.

Gomer is no longer living anywhere. Jim Nabors died three years ago.

by Wink Martindalereply 23Last Thursday at 7:02 PM

Jim Nabors does not live like a king in Hawaii. He does not live anywhere.

Not everyone who joined the military or was drafted during the Vietnam war was sent there.

by Wink Martindalereply 24Last Thursday at 7:02 PM

Ask Scotty Bowers about the USMC and Jim Nabors. He must have had something to say.

by Wink Martindalereply 25Last Thursday at 7:04 PM

Like Jim Nabors, Scotty is no longer capable of saying anything.

by Wink Martindalereply 26Last Thursday at 7:05 PM

My granny is dead too. šŸ˜¢

by Wink Martindalereply 27Last Thursday at 7:07 PM

Gomer Pyle was accurate at depicting the homoerotic aspects of the Marine Corps, but it strained credibility in other areas.

by Wink Martindalereply 28Last Thursday at 7:09 PM

Nabors was from Alabama, not the Hoosier State. For once, the Hoosiers were spared some native stupidity.

by Wink Martindalereply 29Last Thursday at 7:16 PM

An Officer and a Gentleman was more accurate, like a documentary. Your bro's gonna love it!

Offsite Link
by Wink Martindalereply 30Last Thursday at 7:18 PM

Barney accurately portrayed cops.

by Wink Martindalereply 31Last Thursday at 7:18 PM

[quote] Barney accurately portrayed cops.


Offsite Link
by Wink Martindalereply 32Last Thursday at 7:21 PM

Rock and roll baby.

Offsite Link
by Wink Martindalereply 33Last Thursday at 7:22 PM

Well Golly OP!!!

Mike and I will pray that never happens but if it does, Mike will get down on his knees and pray away the gay.

by Wink Martindalereply 34Last Thursday at 7:25 PM

Gomer had a woman. Remember sexy Mary Grace?

Offsite Link
by Wink Martindalereply 35Last Thursday at 7:28 PM

Right you are R35.

Mary Grace was considered the fourth Gabor sister when she got her glam on.

Offsite Link
by Wink Martindalereply 36Last Thursday at 7:37 PM

Gomer and Mary Grace bearded for each other.

by Wink Martindalereply 37Last Friday at 9:08 AM

What's a beard?

by Wink Martindalereply 38Last Friday at 10:10 PM

They were a Stunning couple.

by Wink Martindalereply 39Last Friday at 10:15 PM

[quote]Do you think Gomer Pyle accurately depicted the US Marine Corps?

Yes, and Hogan's Heroes accurately depicted the Nazi camps.

by Wink Martindalereply 40Last Saturday at 5:45 AM

Um no, but the show is mindless entertainment.

by Wink Martindalereply 41Last Saturday at 6:02 AM

R16.... Donā€™t forget ā€œCitizenā€™s Arrest Citizenā€™s Arrestā€.

by Wink Martindalereply 42Last Saturday at 6:10 AM

OP, it was a documentary depicting Marine life of that era. No doubt a documentary today would evidence a very different existence.

by Wink Martindalereply 43Last Saturday at 6:11 AM

Ronnie Schell surprisingly had quite a nice butt.

Offsite Link
by Wink Martindalereply 44Last Saturday at 10:58 AM

^^ That's Ted Bessell's butt. He was the gay boyfriend of Marlo Thomas on That Girl.

by Wink Martindalereply 45Last Saturday at 11:27 AM

R45 - I stand corrected!

by Wink Martindalereply 46Last Saturday at 11:59 AM

What's wrong with being a gay baritone?

by Wink Martindalereply 47Last Saturday at 3:08 PM

Wow, first Connie Stevens, now Jim Nabors. I wonder who the third will be.

by Wink Martindalereply 48Last Saturday at 3:12 PM

R44 R45 Who knew Ted Bessell had such a beautiful ass!

by Wink Martindalereply 49Last Sunday at 7:32 AM

I did. He always wore very tight pants in That Girl, where you could sometimes see the outline of his underwear.

by Wink Martindalereply 50Last Sunday at 10:16 AM

R47 Nothing, they all are.

Ronnie Schell is sitting behind Jim Nabors in that photo.

by Wink Martindalereply 51Last Sunday at 11:28 AM
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