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Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

This should be a freak show from HEAVEN!!!!

by Holy FUCKreply 3211/19/2020

see "Sister Wives"

by Holy FUCKreply 111/16/2019

I can't wait for the opening sequence..

Some people may think being a mommy blogger is boring, but...uhh... Sorry, what was I saying? Klonopin brain-fog.

The Relief Society biddies whisper behind my back. But I'm white and delightsome, and Heavenly Father has a plan for ME.

As an eight-cow wife in this herd of haters I'm gonna speak my mind. If that brands some booties, oh well!

by Holy FUCKreply 211/16/2019

First up is Lisa Barlow. She's been involved in everything from party promoting to local magazines to restaurants. Most recently, it's tequila that she and her husband push relentlessly. She used to swan around in full-length white fur but she seems to have dropped that....for now.

Offsite Link
by Holy FUCKreply 311/17/2019

This is one of the white plastic "lounges" they drag to Sundance every year. They have all the ambience of a steam shower in Boca condo.

Offsite Link
by Holy FUCKreply 411/17/2019

Kimber "Kim" Jaynes, pensive eyelash magnate

Offsite Link
by Holy FUCKreply 511/18/2019

Jennifer Shah, wife of Utes' cornerback coach Sharrieff Shah

Offsite Link
by Holy FUCKreply 611/18/2019

Another tagline ...

"Oh my heck, I'm as extra as three squirts of coconut syrup in a dirty soda!"

by Holy FUCKreply 711/18/2019

Angie Wilson, tech wife and fashion blogger

Offsite Link
by Holy FUCKreply 811/18/2019

None of these housewives seems very Mormon to me.

Please tell me there's at least one LDS family on the show.

by Holy FUCKreply 911/26/2019

I know for sure that Lisa Barlow is active. As for the others, some of the names have changed. Angie is LDS (not sure if she’s active), but I don’t know if she’s actually on the show as a full Real Housewife. What I posted was just word on the street; no official announcement had been made yet.

Lisa is still one of them as far as I know, so prepare for lots of tottering around frozen Park City in thigh-high stiletto boots.

by Holy FUCKreply 1011/26/2019

I think they're still filming.

by Holy FUCKreply 1112/12/2019

They are. The white trucks were in East Bench this week.

It looks like Deidra Smith will be an actual housewife and not just one of the side friends. I'm using "friends" loosely; the casting strategy seems to have been picking out the longest, thickest weaves in the first couple of rows at Jazz games and trying to make their owners seem like more than acquaintances.

by Holy FUCKreply 1212/12/2019


Offsite Link
by Holy FUCKreply 1312/12/2019

It just goes from strength to strength. Kimber Jaynes apparently isn't involved in any meaningful way and was only filmed at one event. But...Murilo Bueno and Mary M. Cosby are now filming with them as friends.

Miss Mary is a faith healer and "First Lady" of Faith Temple Pentecostal Church, and a friend of Jen Shah's. The church had a little scandal when the original First Lady, Rosemary "Mama" Cosby, was found dead and her daughter suspected stepfather Bishop Robert Cosby (to whom Mary is now married) was involved. Mama's body was exhumed and she was found to have died of natural causes, but the Bishop was later forced to pay almost 2 million in misappropriated funds back to Mama's kids.

Offsite Link
by Holy FUCKreply 1401/10/2020

And Miss Murilo is this:

Offsite Link
by Holy FUCKreply 1501/10/2020

When does this mess start???

by Holy FUCKreply 1603/08/2020

R16, Cohen recently said it will start towards end of year- I would guess October-

by Holy FUCKreply 1703/08/2020

Cast changes put them way behind, with a lot of the early footage being useless now. They're still shooting in Park City.

by Holy FUCKreply 1803/08/2020

Why would anyone want to watch this? They might as well have done Chicago.

by Holy FUCKreply 1903/08/2020

Mormons don't drink, so this will be a snooze

by Holy FUCKreply 2003/08/2020

nJ and ATL hardly drink and they're a hoot.

by Holy FUCKreply 2103/08/2020

They aren’t all Mormons. Other people are allowed to live in Utah.

by Holy FUCKreply 2203/08/2020

Mormons are apparently a minority now in SLC. In my experience, I can’t imagine anyone that active in that church doing this show: Mormon vs. “Mormon”.

Offsite Link
by Holy FUCKreply 2303/08/2020

Lisa Barlow (the one who owns the tequila company) is in the same ward as my sister. I’ve met her a few times and she comes across as pathologically desperate for attention but otherwise duller than dirt. Our “dead eyes” troll is going to love her.

My biggest disappointment is that Angie Wilson Engemann Harrington [add future ex-husbands’ names in this spot] has been demoted to “friend” status or maybe even cut. Her claim to fame is always managing to work in a mention that she used to be married to a totally hot BYU quarterback (yay!) who is also Larry King’s (oh my heck, for realz!!!!) last ex-wife’s if that scores points with people under 90. Marie Osmond’s manager’s name gets dropped as well, and some singers who were last heard from in 1953.

by Holy FUCKreply 2403/08/2020

Whitney is pretty, but I don’t know what that zebra top was at her lunch with Mary.

by Holy FUCKreply 2511/12/2020

Whitney and Meredith are my favorites right now. Mary is rude, tacky and fug. Lisa is a mean girl and an opportunist.

by Holy FUCKreply 2611/13/2020

Lisa and Meredith look too much alike. Right know I know Lisa as the bad mom who feeds her kids junk food every day and brags about it and Meredith as the one with the gay son.

by Holy FUCKreply 2711/13/2020

R27 yup wondering why Lisa even had kids. She has more concern about the dog being cold than the kids eating trash because she is too lazy to feed them at home. Bleh.

by Holy FUCKreply 2811/13/2020

It needs more of Whitney's father. A lot more.

Offsite Link
by Holy FUCKreply 2911/13/2020

Q. Why were there cast changes from initial filming? Did a Mormon get cold feet?

by Holy FUCKreply 3011/13/2020

Wow Whitney’s father is a mess. That wig!

by Holy FUCKreply 3111/19/2020

jen was born a man...still has some gross fug

by Holy FUCKreply 3211/19/2020
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