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Rex Woodbury, Ian Spear

DL's old faves Rex and Ian have been somewhat quiet on IG lately. I wondered if maybe they had broken up but looks like Rex posted some pics of them together recently. Just getting on with life quietly now? They've still got loads of followers though. Still fit despite their high tech jobs.

What's next for them do you think?

by 1705/24/2020

It does look like Ian has really buffed up more since meeting Rex. They were Equinox reps at one point, but maybe not any longer.

Offsite Link
by 110/18/2019

I'm annoyed that now they are "businessmen" there are no more shirtless pictures in their Instagram.

by 210/18/2019

Rex had mentioned before that he decided to take a break from Instagram, and now he must be busy with his MBA study. Well Ian is just doing whatever Rex is doing, Rex stop posting on Instagram he will stop posting, rex open a twitter account Ian will open one and forget he did that.

by 311/18/2019

R3 Yeah--it seems to be mainly Rex's adventure and Ian is along for the ride--though honestly I find Ian more hunky than Rex.

by 412/08/2019

Ian contracted Co-Vid19 and was on a ventilator but seems to have pulled through. Wow--this virus affects all ages. I wonder if Rex became positive too?

I'm not sure also how to post related links.

Offsite Link
by 505/07/2020

Rex has posted Ian is back home! Do they live back in Chicago now or still on the west coast

Offsite Link
by 605/08/2020

Glad to see that Ian is okay.

by 705/08/2020

R7 I wonder if Ian had a pre-existing condition like asthma that made his lungs more susceptible.

by 805/09/2020

He said he was otherwise healthy.

by 905/09/2020

Harvard Crimson Review the couple.

Offsite Link
by 1005/09/2020

^ they also mention DataLounge.

The author of that piece seems to be a tech newbie and needs to proof his article better, but he makes some good points.

Although I don't think he totally gets that these posts aren't about hating Rex and Ian, it's about celebrating them, in an envious and bitchy way, because they already seem to have it all figured out and together, and it's annoying because you almost hope their life isn't what they present, because it's too well curated.

by 1105/11/2020

That wannabe “Susan Sontag of homo” writing the Crimson article Is the funniest, most delusional thing I’ve read outside a pro-Trump op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

by 1205/11/2020

Do we find Rex masculine? He was a university athlete. Was Ian a letter winner?

Offsite Link
by 1305/18/2020

R13 "Was Ian a letter winner?"

Maybe in something like orchestra or band. College prep type schools now let today's snowflakes letter in things like band, orchestra, and FFA. Often, though, these letters can be distinguished from the true athletic letter winners. Sometimes they are in cursive.

Ian would look good in a letter jacket today, but I imagine him a lanky nerdy kid growing up. That is until he met Rex and buffed up considerably.

by 1405/18/2020

It's like they were created in a lab.

by 1505/18/2020

R14 FFA? Maybe in downstate IL, but Chicago itself is far from rural.

by 1605/18/2020

R15 He may have gone to a surburban high schoool LIkely big FFA presence there. There are a lot of agri-science related jobs in the midwest.

by 1705/24/2020
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