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what’s the most INSANE celebrity gossip you’ve EVER HEARD??

or what celeb dirt have you gotten straight from “the grapevine”...Hairdressers, make up artists, stylists...some of them are very chatty!!

by juicy juicereply 158Last Saturday at 8:11 AM

It’s difficult to share, because of the 0/10 troll. He ruins everything with his paranoia about our scoop.

by juicy juicereply 110/06/2019

The "most insane"? That Katy Perry is really Jonbenet Ramsey, all grown up and a sex slave to the rich and powerful.

Okay, that didn't come from a stylist or makeup artist, it came from some random schizophrenic with Internet access. But it's insane!

by juicy juicereply 210/06/2019

That Michael Stipe is a brainwashed MK Ultra assassin waiting for his trigger word to be uttered. there used to be a whole website about it.

by juicy juicereply 310/06/2019

Apparently Goop is a hermaphrodite with an insatiable appetite for young Mormons. x

by juicy juicereply 410/06/2019

Courtney Love really Murdered Kurt Cobain.

by juicy juicereply 510/06/2019

Pat Sajak and Vanna have been fuck buddies for 30 years?

by juicy juicereply 610/06/2019

That Flotus was a call girl.

by juicy juicereply 710/06/2019

Sarah Jessica Parker buys her shoes from my local farrier. x

by juicy juicereply 810/07/2019

Another thing I remember that was literally "insane," as in an actual crazy person obviously pieced together the "evidence": Stephen King killed John Lennon.

Offsite Link
by juicy juicereply 910/07/2019

Seth MacFarlane and Patrick Stewart (Seth's gay AF but JP Picard?).

by juicy juicereply 1010/07/2019

That Eve Plumb and Maureen McCormick played lesbian games.

by juicy juicereply 1110/07/2019

Not sure how insane it is but an acquaintance of mine who was a pre-op transgender used to peg Mark Wahlberg on a regular basis. (Had the boobs and all and looked like a passable woman.) Always thought it was a hoot as he always acted so pious and Christian.

by juicy juicereply 1210/07/2019

R7 That's not insane nor gossip. It's common knowledge.

by juicy juicereply 1310/07/2019

The gerbil, of course.

by juicy juicereply 1410/07/2019

Silvester Stallone being persona non grata at several upscale hotels because of his fondness for pooping in the shower and leaving it for housekeeping.


by juicy juicereply 1510/07/2019

Madonna liking her sausage extra rare.

by juicy juicereply 1610/07/2019

Gossip about a woman whose first name I don't even remember: McFadden is a lesbian and one time her stylist found her with the door to the salon bathroom open while McFadden shaved her pubes into the sink.

Who is this McFadden woman? I cherish that gossip but would love to see the face of this woman. Is she famous?

by juicy juicereply 1710/07/2019

Gates McFadden? Dr. Beverly Crusher on Star Trek: Next Generation.

by juicy juicereply 1810/07/2019

Nope. Found it: Cynthia

by juicy juicereply 1910/07/2019

That Mitt Romney is actually the Zodiac Killer.

That one sprang from the collective mind of the Datalounge, because it seems that Romney was in Riverside and the SF Bay Area at the right times.

by juicy juicereply 2010/07/2019

Stallone stays at Four Seasons.

by juicy juicereply 2110/07/2019

Cynthia McFadden was good friends with Katherine Hepburn

by juicy juicereply 2210/08/2019

That Carly Simon has sex with her son (with JT).

by juicy juicereply 2310/24/2019

That Gloria Grahame (Violet in It's a Wonderful Life) fucked her 13-year-old stepson, divorced his dad (director Nick Ray), then later married and had a kid with the stepson.

But it's not gossip. IT'S ALL TRUE.

Offsite Link
by juicy juicereply 2410/24/2019

Simon and Garfunkel were each other's first lovers (explains their volatile, complicated relationship?). A friend of a friend says Simon used to hang at Weho bars in the 90's and explained that he and Edie have an "understanding" (who'd wanna make that up?).

by juicy juicereply 2510/24/2019

Did Carrie Fisher and him have an understanding?

by juicy juicereply 2610/24/2019

[quote]That Mitt Romney is actually the Zodiac Killer.

Knew It!

by juicy juicereply 2710/24/2019

R26 Probably not. They were barely married a year.

by juicy juicereply 2810/24/2019

Would it have killed you to have at at least posted a picture or link OP? I mean would that have been so hard? Why don’t you try to think more of others next time before you post?

by juicy juicereply 2910/24/2019

Demi Moore has her career because she pissed in the mouth of some movie exec who was into that.

by juicy juicereply 3010/24/2019

Way back when, Demi Moore and her mom used to do mother/daughter shows for semi-rich guys.

by juicy juicereply 3110/24/2019

Oh man, r9, I remember that guy. He used spiel away on the Berkeley campus, and I'd see his van around town. To my non-surprise, he eventually moved on to antisemitism.

He did have a memorable response to a student who was sick of his haranguing. Student said, "Who CARES who killed John Lennon?" Insane guy's reply: "You should care, because your sex life will be better if you know the truth."

by juicy juicereply 3210/24/2019

That's not insane or gossip R5. She didn't kill him herself but she had it done. A little basic research will show you that. She's a fucking psychopath.

by juicy juicereply 3310/24/2019

That Barry Williams of Greg Brady/'BradyBunch' fame died after he shot himself in the head while watching hours of 'Brady Bunch' reruns while in a semi-catatonic state.

And that Susan Olsen of Cindy Brady/'Brady Bunch' fame died after getting one of her braids caught in the door of a departing school bus.

Then there was the whole Rod Stewart being rushed to the emergency room to have his stomach pumped thing.

by juicy juicereply 3410/24/2019

Ed McMahon's laugh was pre-recorded.

by juicy juicereply 3510/24/2019

Frank Zappa held a gross-out contest at his concert. Said he'd give 100 bucks to whoever could outgross him. Guy jumps on stage and takes a shit. While he's waiting for his money, Zappa says "watch this," and eats the shit.

by juicy juicereply 3610/25/2019

The two sisters from Ace of Base were lezzing out with each other for years. I think the brunette is still in love with the blonde, but blondie wants nothing to do with her anymore.

by juicy juicereply 3710/27/2019

Robert Wagner killed Natalie Wood

by juicy juicereply 3810/27/2019

R22 The gossip I heard was that McFadden was either Katherine Hepburns’ secret daughter or her secret lover. I believe she was executor of her estate.

by juicy juicereply 3910/27/2019

Colin Farrell was one of Kevin Spacey's concubines

by juicy juicereply 4010/27/2019

That Naomi Campbell is a procurer who happens to be involved in human trafficking with ties to Epstein, organized crime and cartels. Oh wait...

by juicy juicereply 4111/03/2019

That Madonna was pregnant with Dennis Rodman’s jid.

by juicy juicereply 4211/03/2019

ie: Dennis Rodman got Madonna pregnant.

by juicy juicereply 4311/03/2019

Marti Pellow likes farty pillows. He guffs in them and then takes a whiff. Grim! x

by juicy juicereply 4411/03/2019

OMG, R12! I heard that too! Was this around the mid to late 90s?

I heard this from a very reliable source whom I know knew Wahlberg pretty well, because Wahlberg and his then GF hung out with a bunch of us several times, so it wasn’t like this person was bullshitting about knowing Wahlberg, since Wahlberg would come over and hang out with us.

by juicy juicereply 4511/03/2019

The one about the former women's tennis star being fucked by every member of a football team and the sordid affair being taped. Allegedly when she was still married.

by juicy juicereply 4611/03/2019

^ Please, like any female tennis star would want to have sex with men!

by juicy juicereply 4711/03/2019

Some say Prince had AIDS, but when it comes to his death, I don't know what to buy.

by juicy juicereply 4811/03/2019

[quote] Then there was the whole Rod Stewart being rushed to the emergency room to have his stomach pumped thing.

This was the first celebrity gossip I ever heard, closely followed by the one about the sex worker shitting on a glass coffee table with some famous person I can no longer recall underneath.

by juicy juicereply 4911/03/2019

Well, this is kind of mean as mental illness is so stigmatized and it is no different than cancer. You do not pick that kind of life for yourself. Given that, rumors that Sharon Stone is bipolar. I have heard that the crew on one of her sets got so sick of her abusive behavior that they all peed in the water before she had to enter it in a bathing scene. I have also heard it from contractors who worked for her. It could have been caused by her brain injury so maybe this is unfair criticism.

by juicy juicereply 5011/03/2019

That would be Danny Thomas, R49.

by juicy juicereply 5111/03/2019

It took 49 posts for the Scat Troll to rear her smelly head. She's slipping.

by juicy juicereply 5211/03/2019

R25, I have mentioned this here before, but an editor I know was putting together an anthology of bisexual writers and he landed the deal because among his planned contributors was Paul Simon, but then Paul backed out and then the deal fell through for various reasons.

by juicy juicereply 5311/04/2019


Offsite Link
by juicy juicereply 5411/04/2019

From a friend who took a hot tub with Huey Lewis he is hung like a horse.

by juicy juicereply 5505/10/2020

Repugs insisting Michelle Obama is trans.

by juicy juicereply 5605/10/2020

Huey's bulge:

Offsite Link
by juicy juicereply 5705/10/2020

Huey's bulge:

Offsite Link
by juicy juicereply 5805/10/2020

Back in the 80s there was a rumor that Whitney Houston had rented a castle somewhere in Europe while on tour and the owner secretly videotaped her having lesbian flings.

by juicy juicereply 5905/10/2020

A lesbian makeup artist is the source for this. There is a female who is into footplay, scat and piss play. Also a financial dominatrix. Minor pornstar. Does giant women squashing tiny men with her feet type stuff. Online. But for herself doesn't work for a studio. Sends her shit out in the mail. Men get off on her degrading them and financially ruining them. 3 major Hollywood stars and one who bombed and now doing bit parts all were regulars. All import actors. 2UK, 1 Scottish, 1 Australian. Not too juicy these days but the source is impeccable.

by juicy juicereply 6005/10/2020

Just watch the Robert Altman film Short Cuts, r 55. Huey Lewis goes full-frontal in it, so you can see everything he has.

by juicy juicereply 6105/10/2020

That the young actor who played Kevin's nerdy friend on "The Wonder Years" grew up to be Marilyn Manson.

by juicy juicereply 6205/10/2020

r55. Where the fuck did that space come from?

by juicy juicereply 6305/10/2020

Most of these are urban legends, not gossip

by juicy juicereply 6405/10/2020

Jamie Lee Curtis and Darius Rucker (the singer from hootie and the blowfish) ate both hermaphrodites.

Janine went female and Darius went male.

That "singer" from Black Box is trans. she didn't have to worry about clocking herself because she lip-synced to all of Martha Wash's vocals anyway.

Billy Crystal and Adam Ant are the same person.

by juicy juicereply 6505/10/2020

Did you guys hear about Rob Schneider? Somebody told me he goes down to Home Depot and pays the migrant workers to go to his house and choke him while he masturbates in the shower.

by juicy juicereply 6605/10/2020

R65 The JLC tidbit, I'm told, is the first thing American medical students learn in class for some reason. So much for doctor/patient confidentiality.

R26/R28 They were having a misunderstanding - or way too much coke - the night I saw them screaming and slapping each other in Musso and Frank's back in the 80's. The maitre 'd escorted them out, screaming and kicking all the way through the back entrance to the parking lot. Our waiter had to lean in as they passed and just rolled his eyes as if to say, "It's no big deal" while he was taking our dinner orders.

by juicy juicereply 6705/10/2020

Keanu R. went to David Geffen's house & opened up the fridge only to

find a dead baby inside (reportedly used to make a youth serum of some kind).

by juicy juicereply 6805/10/2020

alright, not gossip but still entertaining. Robert Redford going to the neighborhood baskin robbins and a very star struck woman walks out and realizes she left her ice cream cone. Goes back in and says I can' t find my ice cream cone and RR says to her "It's in your purse."

by juicy juicereply 6905/11/2020

R69 that was Paul Newman. Baskin Robbins Westport, ct.

R62Paul from Wonder Years is not Marilyn Manson.

by juicy juicereply 7005/12/2020

Probably already mentioned, but Efron as an actual sex-slave owned by a cadre of hideously ugly old Hollywood jews.

by juicy juicereply 7105/12/2020

Prince, naw not gonna tell it, but he did kick KK off the stage cause she could not even dance.

by juicy juicereply 7205/14/2020

Donald Trump weighs 239 pounds.

by juicy juicereply 7305/14/2020

Prince Harry has an undescended testicle and a separate but related condition that made him sterile.

by juicy juicereply 7405/14/2020

Back in the 80s or 90s I read an interview with some whacked out nutjob who claimed she had been kidnapped as a little girl and forced into one of those sex trafficking rings that cater to the elite. One thing she claimed was that all the children hated being assigned to Dick Cheney because he has such an enormous dick that it was impossible for a child to take it without extreme pain.

Years later I ran across this photo:

Offsite Link
by juicy juicereply 7505/14/2020

that travolta openly cavorted with pretty young men, dgaf though, just kind of sad that him and Tom had to join Scientology as a cure

by juicy juicereply 7605/14/2020

Travolta did openly "cavort with pretty young men", R76. One of my best friends was one of them.

by juicy juicereply 7705/15/2020

Wayne Newton is a woman.

Offsite Link
by juicy juicereply 7805/15/2020

That Mae West was actually a man in drag.

That Suri Cruise was made from L. Ron Hubbard's semen.

by juicy juicereply 7905/15/2020

I need more of this thread pls!

by juicy juicereply 8005/15/2020

That Mae West was really a man. Hinted at by Dot Kilgallen back in the 60s in a Voice of Broadway column in the New York-Journal American.

by juicy juicereply 8105/15/2020

[quote]Did you guys hear about Rob Schneider? Somebody told me he goes down to Home Depot and pays the migrant workers to go to his house and choke him

Not hard enough.

by juicy juicereply 8205/15/2020

R75 his real name is Mark, Dick is his nickname.

by juicy juicereply 8305/15/2020

R75 I hate you for making me look at Dick Cheney's bulge!

by juicy juicereply 8405/15/2020

^ hunny, I ZOOMED IN on that bulge, tweaked my nipples, AND did a Google image search hoping to see more of Dick’s dick!

by juicy juicereply 8505/15/2020

I once read years ago that Ruth Gordon's illegitimate son (she had one) was....Larry Storch!

It isn't true, his name was Jones Harris, his father being Jed Harris, the well known Broadway producer and director. I'm not sure Harris ever recognized Jones in his lifetime, or if he did they were very quiet about it as it would have ruined Ruth's career at the time.

by juicy juicereply 8605/15/2020

Rock Hudson liked big dicks.

by juicy juicereply 8705/16/2020

Chuck Berry was a notorious scat freak, paid women to shit in buckets and also filmed women on the toilet.

by juicy juicereply 8805/16/2020

[quote][R75] his real name is Mark, Dick is his nickname.

Gee, I wonder why.

by juicy juicereply 8905/17/2020

One word: Adrenochrome.

I have no idea if it's even remotely true but if it is, it's fucked up in the extreme. That's the most insane story I've ever heard.

by juicy juicereply 9005/17/2020

Where in the world did that disturbing bit about Carly Simon originate?

by juicy juicereply 9105/17/2020

R91 Ben's therapist.

by juicy juicereply 9205/17/2020

Lional RItche was the worst most disgraceful person I ever had the misfortune to wait on. His driver came in to make sure the place was clear of fans. I have waited on so many celebrities and growing up in LA you don't fawn on them. And I was not a fan. But when a real fan came in and said how much she loved him and wanted his autograph he just denied that it was him. On a better note, Robin Williams, who I had the honor of waiting on was so gracious and respectful and spoke with every fan, and although I adored him I left him the fuck alone.

by juicy juicereply 9305/17/2020

That Charles Laughton was a coprofaghist.

by juicy juicereply 9405/17/2020

Jon Hamm and a fellow actor raped a woman on the set of this first movie Space Cowboys.

by juicy juicereply 9505/17/2020

[quote]—R75. Do you know why the call Bush I "Poppy" Bush?

Allegedly the world's most powerful drug lord, running the poppy/opium cartels in Afghanistan.

by juicy juicereply 9605/19/2020

^ meant to type "in Afghanistan and elsewhere."

by juicy juicereply 9705/19/2020

Whitney Houston was pretty open about being bi. She made out unabashedly with a woman companion on a flight on of my gal pals was a stewardess on. She was talented and gorgeous. What a loss.

by juicy juicereply 9805/19/2020

Johnny Depp is said to have a huge cock and was called Donkey Dick in Hollywood.

by juicy juicereply 9905/19/2020

R5 - I’ve read a few books on the topic back when I still read books and didn’t listen to them, and there was a lot of compelling evidence that C.Love did murder Cobain, some very compelling evidence indeed.

I’m not gonna bother reading through the whole article I linked with this because I’m too lazy but I’m sure some of those points are derailed there

Offsite Link
by juicy juicereply 10005/19/2020

Well, you asked for the most insane.

That GC and his fuck buddy RG had a young twink escape from their sex lair where they were abusing him and the two set off after him in chase until the youngster accidentally fell over a cliff and died. Due to their money and power, the two were able to get the whole affair covered up. I don't remember whether this was supposed to have been in the UK or LA.

by juicy juicereply 10105/20/2020

Who, R101?

by juicy juicereply 10205/20/2020

Let's not get the thread shut down, r102.

by juicy juicereply 10305/20/2020

Steven Seagal hunts humans in Russia, because fun.

by juicy juicereply 10405/20/2020

When he was young I would’ve done Johnny Depp even if he had a little dick.

As for the way he looks now I wouldn’t be interested even if it were a foot-long.

Offsite Link
by juicy juicereply 10505/20/2020

R101 now that’s the kind of gossip needed here. Bravo.

by juicy juicereply 10605/20/2020

Sounds like the kind of thing that could happen in Italy, actually, r101.

by juicy juicereply 10705/20/2020

Well, yes, Amanda, now that you mention it, there are many fine lakefront villas in Italy surrounded by mountains where such a scenario could plausibly play out. Hmmm....

by juicy juicereply 10805/20/2020

That old lake como villa could very well have a great space for a dungeon.

by juicy juicereply 10905/20/2020

r108 r109 Come stavo dicendo...

by juicy juicereply 11005/20/2020

George Clooney and who, R101?

by juicy juicereply 11105/20/2020

Don't get the thread shut down, r111. Nobody mentioned that man. As for me, I only know what I read in the papers.

by juicy juicereply 11205/20/2020

I asked a simple question. Why so threatened, R112?

by juicy juicereply 11305/20/2020

I don't want the thread shut down. Are you new here?

by juicy juicereply 11405/20/2020

You brought him up, not me.

You’re Poo Shoes, aren’t you?

by juicy juicereply 11505/20/2020

You're Matt the Loon, aren't you?

by juicy juicereply 11605/20/2020

Far from being hot gossip, a lot of this thread is just stale old news.

by juicy juicereply 11705/20/2020

R111: think tequila

by juicy juicereply 11805/20/2020

I don't think GC is/was gay. Not that I would care. I do have a friend who has been to his lake home in Italy and he was known to be quite a womanizer. But who knows? My mom worked at Cedar's in LA and did repeat the RG gerbil story but later recanted. C Love's medical history was stolen from CS. I think it was something about her drug use while pregnant and there was a huge law suit where people lost their jobs as a result. I have seen accusations that she had KC killed but I dunno. Does not seem likely. The rumors still persist that Bey faked her first pregnancy. LMAO Who makes up this crap?

by juicy juicereply 11905/20/2020

Ozzy bit the heads off small live animals on stage!

Jimmy Page was a Satan worshipper.

Hotel California and Stairway to Heaven are Satanic songs.

by juicy juicereply 12005/20/2020

Rachael Ray would get fantastically drunk when filming 40 dollars a day. She then sexually harassed all the dudes who worked at wherever the last segment for the day was until someone took her back to her hotel room and fucked her. If the crew tried to intervene she would fire them on the spot.

by juicy juicereply 12105/20/2020

Is Ellen really mean? I have heard no one is allowed to make eye contact or they will be fired. But Prince had the same rule. Howard Stern was so delighted to go to see him in NYC and the purple one demanded the lights be turned off. LOL I did see one of his outfits framed at a celebrity resale shop in Venice. I think he was like a ladies size 2. I would still do him. Sexy mthfkr.

by juicy juicereply 12205/20/2020

The funniest thing I ever heard was that MJ sent the lyrics to "Bad" to Prince because he wanted to do a duet with him and Prince rewrote it, sent it back and declined. Does that song really have the lyric "Your butt is mine?" The corona is getting to me... But seriously what is he saying in that song?

by juicy juicereply 12305/20/2020

There was some BI that hinted that GC likes to party with jocks in hotel suites and afterwards they are trashed and cum, piss and shit can be found everywhere.

by juicy juicereply 12405/20/2020

Stormy Daniels said dt had a mushroom d. LOL.

by juicy juicereply 12505/20/2020

[quote]Repugs insisting Michelle Obama is trans.

That's just part of that story. It was Joan Rivers who first made the remark in July of 2014. She said that Barack is gay, Michelle is trans and that "everybody knows that." She repeated it several times in July and August, at least twice on camera. By the first week of September she was dead after a miinor surgical procedure in an outpatient clinic went wrong, leaving her brain dead after being deprived of oxygen for an extended period. Immediately Alex Jones, Breitbart and others started screaming that the Obamas had her taken her out to protect their secrets.

In reality, Joan and the Obamas were good friends and Joan's daughter Melissa sued both the clinic and the doctors and received a major multi-million settlement from them out of court, although the exact amount was never revealed.

by juicy juicereply 12605/20/2020

Michelle Obama was born a man, Michael Robinson

by juicy juicereply 12705/20/2020

I read that about 10 years ago allegedly C-Z-J was having an affair with Juli-anne....Moore's director husband (can't remember his name, too lazy to google) and they were both planning to leave their spouses to be together. Then Mike Douglas was diagnosed with cancer and CZ had to stay with him and end the affair. After Mike recovered CZ wanted to resume their plans to be together but director guy had by then recommitted to his relationship with Julianne and wasn't interested anymore, that is when CZ had her first "breakdown". Allegedly.

The story that is alleged at r101 has been widely alluded to on a number of different platforms for years now making it difficult to ignore or dismiss it, in my opinion. His swift and conspicuous bearding and wedding pageant at the time only bolstered the allegations rather than negated them, in my opinion. I never bought the "womanizer" smoke screen his PR people touted. I hope his beard makes his life a living hell 24/7. Allegedly.

by juicy juicereply 12805/20/2020

R101 George Carlin and Richard Gere?

by juicy juicereply 12905/20/2020

The more I learn about Seagal the less r104 would surprise me.

Offsite Link
by juicy juicereply 13005/20/2020

This is a true story. There are nutters in the world who drink their own urine for some kind of putative health benefit. The English actress Sarah Miles did this. She was on some talk show and the host said, "I hear you drink your own urine." She replied, "I hear you eat your own shit."

by juicy juicereply 13105/20/2020

This isn't insane celeb gossip but it's a funny story. In the 60s, Frank Zappa was on the Joe Pyne show. Joe Pyne is an aggressive right wing guy who was frequently provocative and nasty to guests he didn't like. He had a wooden leg about which he was said to be very sensitive.

Anyway, he said to Frank Zappa, "With that long hair, I guess you must be a girl."

Zappa replied, "With that wooden leg, I guess you must be a table."


by juicy juicereply 13205/20/2020


[quote]Do you know why the call Bush I "Poppy" Bush?


[quote]Allegedly the world's most powerful drug lord, running the poppy/opium cartels in Afghanistan

Given that it's well documented that "Poppy" was HW's prep school nickname, I'm impressed with that kind of accomplishment at such a young age.

by juicy juicereply 133Last Thursday at 12:11 AM

The one about Bruce Willis buying very expensive gifts for Aaron Carter. So strange to me. But I can believe it.

by juicy juicereply 134Last Thursday at 12:34 AM

RG = Cindy Crawford's husband.

Offsite Link
by juicy juicereply 135Last Thursday at 12:37 AM

RG = Cindy Crawford's husband.

Offsite Link
by juicy juicereply 136Last Thursday at 12:37 AM

I think it's considered an urban myth by now, but I heard the story about a celebrity mom freaking out about pictures of her kid being tied up being leaked with Heather Locklear as the mom since she has become a hot mess.

by juicy juicereply 137Last Thursday at 12:40 AM

I think it's considered an urban myth by now, but I heard the story about a celebrity mom freaking out about pictures of her kid being tied up being leaked with Heather Locklear as the mom since she has become a hot mess.

by juicy juicereply 138Last Thursday at 12:40 AM

[quote] This is a true story. There are nutters in the world who drink their own urine for some kind of putative health benefit.

This is a millennial practice both in Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Hindu medicine. its older than western medicine and practiced by literally billions of people worldwide. hardly insane or worthy of gossip, though gross in nature.

by juicy juicereply 139Last Thursday at 1:19 AM

r139 didn’t the Japanese McDonald’s chains sell urine back in the 80s?

I know I’m dating myself asking that question, but I vaguely remember that as a child (and am now too old and lazy to Google for myself).

by juicy juicereply 140Last Thursday at 1:59 AM

Did they ever figure out why Beyonce's pregnant belly would collapse upon itself when she sat down for that interview?

By favourite posts in this thread both involved Frank Zappa.

Offsite Link
by juicy juicereply 141Last Thursday at 2:09 AM

R128 I’ve been reading internet gossip since the 90s and never heard CZJ & j. Moore as a couple before. W O W

by juicy juicereply 142Last Thursday at 3:36 AM

Moore's husband, not Moore herself.

by juicy juicereply 143Last Thursday at 4:19 PM

Cass Elliot was so hungry after a double-show one night, she ate one her fans who came backstage to meet her.

by juicy juicereply 144Last Thursday at 5:21 PM

R141, I mean, I think we all know why it happened, but you’re considered a tinfoil hat nutter if you say it. There’s also a video of a hugely pregnant Beyonce in stiletto heels climbing into an SUV as nimbly as a mountain goat. Ask any woman who’s been that pregnant if it’s possible. Strap a 10-lb medicine ball to your abdomen and see for yourself.

by juicy juicereply 145Last Friday at 4:12 AM

Anne Heche is an alien?

by juicy juicereply 146Last Friday at 4:16 AM

The Duke of Windsor / AKA Edward VIII and his wife Wallace would come to Los Angeles and have wild orgies. But, the Duke only did it with the boys and Wallace would only chomp muff. I think this was in Scotty Bowers book.

by juicy juicereply 147Last Friday at 4:37 AM

The rumors about the depravity of both the Duke and Duchess of Windsor are endless and go far beyond their mutual bisexuality.

by juicy juicereply 148Last Friday at 6:53 AM

[quote]Anne Heche is an alien?

Anne probably started that rumor herself.

by juicy juicereply 149Last Friday at 9:17 AM

R143 well that’s a let down.

by juicy juicereply 150Last Friday at 9:34 AM

Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson are the same person. And/or had sex with each other. Wait, you said insane as in "unbelievable", my bad.

by juicy juicereply 151Last Friday at 9:39 AM

R101 Fuck off. Your post is meaningless.

by juicy juicereply 152Last Friday at 10:19 AM

Look everybody. Poo showed up at R152.

by juicy juicereply 153Last Friday at 4:50 PM

Anna Wintour and Bob Marley having a hot fling

by juicy juicereply 154Last Friday at 5:02 PM

R151, also Michael Jackson and Diana Ross are the same person (I'm not sure how that works with the age gap).

R149, It wasn't really a rumour, was it? Heche actually knocked on a person's door and asked to speak with the alien Celestia, no? And it was reported on in the papers, no?

by juicy juicereply 155Last Friday at 6:21 PM

Jackson wasn't so much interested in black divas. Most of his surgeries and skin whitening were to make him look like his ultimate idol Elizabeth Taylor. (And yes, i know about his vitiligo which he was also trying to even out.)

by juicy juicereply 156Last Friday at 6:27 PM

Well, what *I* heard, was that Michael Jackson had all those facial surgeries because he was trying to make himself look like the Disney Peter Pan!

Certainly that seemed to be the target for the nose.

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by juicy juicereply 157Last Friday at 10:37 PM

R157, that's so creepy. But believable. It's believable because it's creepy? And vice versa? Yes, I'll go with that.

by juicy juicereply 158Last Saturday at 8:11 AM
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