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Will K-pop ever make it in the U.S.?

It hasn't so far.

by Tang*reply 22Last Monday at 3:42 PM

I hope not. It's music slavery. The performers are "products" that age out and disappear. Everything they do is programmed and produced to the nanosecond. Robotic and chilling.

by Tang*reply 1Last Sunday at 6:24 AM

It's the same with most child/teen performers.

by Tang*reply 2Last Sunday at 6:28 AM

Language barrier.

by Tang*reply 3Last Sunday at 6:54 AM

They’re just Asian Menudo.

by Tang*reply 4Last Sunday at 7:46 AM

K-Pop is already popular with schoolkids.

by Tang*reply 5Last Sunday at 8:02 AM

It did.....for a few months.

by Tang*reply 6Last Sunday at 8:33 AM

There was an attempt.

by Tang*reply 7Last Sunday at 9:47 AM

haha. NO.

by Tang*reply 8Last Sunday at 9:49 AM

Apparently K-pop just made its debut on SNL with BTS. Sounds like American music to me, The singers don't even have an accent I can hear.

by Tang*reply 9Last Sunday at 10:43 AM

It's too faceless and derivative to truly become a cultural phenomenon over here. I tried listening to some of it since there was so much hype in online blogs, etc, but all I see and hear is a competent, but conveyor belt copy of North American pop, performed by interchangeable bands, factory designed to appeal to young Asian girls. There isn't even anything particularly "exotic" or Korean about it. Why bother with this if you have the template already in place i.e. disposable American pop music.

by Tang*reply 10Last Sunday at 10:50 AM

My Asian co-worker cannot even tell them apart. The Koreans have too much plastic surgery and all go for similar look.

by Tang*reply 11Last Sunday at 10:50 AM

This is not music, it is trash.

by Tang*reply 12Last Sunday at 10:51 AM

Girly boys. They look like they were made in a laboratory by a mad bisexual pedophile.

by Tang*reply 13Last Sunday at 11:28 AM

Chinese k-popper ‘Victoria’ Song Qian of f(x) makes my heart pound, she’s so gorgeous. I want her to slap me and spit in my mouth.

She’s a classically-trained dancer out of the world-acclaimed Beijing Academy of Dance, so she’s really too good for pop-choreo but she’s beautiful and charismatic so praise be.

Some of the women in other vintage k-pop bands are talented in other areas (I used to have a crush on former model Nana of AFTER-SCHOOL because of her moves) they don’t have Vic’s cool beauty and shine.

by Tang*reply 14Last Sunday at 12:55 PM

I'm surprised Lee Hyori didn't give it a shot.

by Tang*reply 15Last Sunday at 1:08 PM

These bitches probably all look like shit without make up. I remember the videos online...the before and after were horrendous.

by Tang*reply 16Last Sunday at 2:05 PM

The most talented beautiful idols keep mysteriously dying. There's been a wave of deaths over the last few years.

by Tang*reply 17Last Sunday at 2:34 PM

And I'm sure a lot of them were suicides.

by Tang*reply 18Last Sunday at 8:56 PM

R14 Nana was a member of Orange Caramel. I like their outfits in the following video.

by Tang*reply 19Last Sunday at 9:43 PM

One or two of them probably will. Just a matter of time. But as a music phenom I doubt it. Even euro music doesn't except for a few and far between breakthroughs.

by Tang*reply 20Last Monday at 2:21 AM

R14/R19 Nana is an attention-getting dancer and she has amazing bone-structure plus endless legs. She’s one of those idols who should have broken out.

Nana totally stole the show in that notorious pole video AfterSchool did for their song ‘Cheossarang’ (‘First Love’).

by Tang*reply 21Last Monday at 8:21 AM

Lot of pandering to BTS by American popstars rn. Is this gonna be the new normal?

by Tang*reply 22Last Monday at 3:42 PM
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