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American Idol 2019

Is there really no thread yet for this season of American idol????? Who else is watching? This has become my favorite guilty pleasure. Catch up on Hulu, if you must. Please indulge me and tell me your favorites.

by Billy Dean reply 60005/13/2019

Also applies to American Idol.

by Billy Dean reply 103/25/2019

The judges must be deaf. They gave that blind girl a standing O. She was awful and off key.

by Billy Dean reply 203/25/2019

They just got rid of her.

by Billy Dean reply 303/31/2019

Because they suck

by Billy Dean reply 403/31/2019

Not a bad top 20 at all! Surprisingly good, other than a couple I don't "get". And there are 3 out gay men (and 2 or 3 I suspect) including cute ginger former janitor Jeremiah..he, Alejandro, and the dark haired girl who sang Wicked Game...Eleanor, I think?

by Billy Dean reply 503/31/2019

^are my favorites.

by Billy Dean reply 603/31/2019

What's with all the suicides in the back stories? Is the criteria now to have a really hard luck story as part of the process? And as usual, lots of God talk. Guess nothing's changed.

by Billy Dean reply 703/31/2019

I watched this last night for the first time in years. Does everyone on the show have a suicidal brother? That being said I was happy that none of the hard luck story types made it through. They even rejected the blind girl! I actually enjoyed the show and plan on watching tonight. The country teen looks like someone who could make it to the end.

Katy Perry was bearable.

by Billy Dean reply 804/01/2019

Everyone has a story. Give yourself ten minutes, you'll think of yours.

by Billy Dean reply 904/01/2019

I think this is the deepest field American Idol has ever had. I have too many to count among my favorites.

by Billy Dean reply 1004/01/2019

They really have a lot of talent this year. I'm excited to see who's going to thrive in the competition and who's going to fold. I'm rooting for Jerimiah, Alejandro, Evelyn, Dimitrius, and Ashley, but I think Logan and Lacy Beth will go far, and I'm fine with that. Uche is a lot of fun. The gay guy who has lost a lot of weight is very good but I forget about him.

I'm not into the big Guy's voice at all..Wade. I was scared he was going to have a heart attack. I can't think of any of the others right now, but I didn't think any of the top 20 were terrible.

by Billy Dean reply 1104/01/2019

There's like four gay guys in this show. Every dude seems to ping gay or bi so far

by Billy Dean reply 1204/01/2019

Evelyn was on the show 90 Day Fiance last year. She married a guy from Spain.

This is her second attempt at fame via reality show.

by Billy Dean reply 1304/01/2019

Oh shit, that lady was with that hot Spanish dude that stripped down into briefs?

by Billy Dean reply 1404/01/2019

I would only watch to look at Luke Bryan but I won't. If I wanna hear karaoke, I'll go to the bar..

by Billy Dean reply 1504/01/2019

Sweet gay ginger Jeremiah was excellent tonight.

Damn, I thought I'd seen Evelyn before. I've barely ever watched 90 DAY FIANCÉ but I must have seen her. I do think she has a uniquely beautiful voice, but she needs to do something more than the "sleepy" songs she's been doing so far.

I guess they will be ditching 3 girls and 3 guys to make a Top 14.

For the girls, I think the eliminated ones will be "Ragu", Bumbly, and the hippie chick who sang the Cardigans song tonight or the blond girl in the stupid hat.

I think the ousted boys will be Eddie "Island" (ugh), Dimitrius (his "Hello" was kind of a mess), and either the has-to-be gay hardware store clerk, or maybe the former fattie gay. He has a great voice, but he's kind of forgettable.

Again, I don't see what's so special about Wade (the big guy).

by Billy Dean reply 1604/01/2019

I do believe all the DL faves are in the Top 14 making this year one long Pride parade. What a difference a decade makes. I remember when they had to be coy about Adam Lambert and balanced him out with fundie Danny Gokey.

by Billy Dean reply 1704/02/2019

I enjoyed this guy's audition the best. Alejandro.

One of the comments on there says "you know you're a winner when Luke Bryan looks like he's trying to solve a math problem" lol.

by Billy Dean reply 1804/02/2019

I am in Jeremiah's corner. He sang beautifully on Monday night, and all of his previous performances were noteworthy. I feel for the kid. His parents, who run a church, don't accept his homosexuality. They took his janitor's job (at the church) away from him after his audition turned out so well and he got some national exposure. They refuse to see him perform. It's heartbreaking.

by Billy Dean reply 1904/02/2019

Yeah but watch how fast they come around if he gains fame and fortune. These Xtians love money and power as much as Jeebus. I just want him to stop whining about it, hold his head up and be proud.

by Billy Dean reply 2004/02/2019

I hope Jeremiah goes far, and yes, tells his parents to fuck off.

by Billy Dean reply 2104/02/2019

Soooo bad. Pat Benatar barely raising a brow and blowing those bitches off the stage.

by Billy Dean reply 2204/07/2019

Why do we now have to accept Pat Benatar's husband as a star and her equal? That must be how she has kept him in the marriage so long. They are coming to my city and there are huge billboards making it look like they are a duo.

by Billy Dean reply 2304/07/2019

I'd like to fuck that little Jason Mraz.

by Billy Dean reply 2404/07/2019

Yeah, Mraz is aging nicely. But I'd rather fuck that Layne kid. Thank God they put him through.

by Billy Dean reply 2504/07/2019

He gives me douchebag vibes. And I really hate these fucking duets. Complete waste of an episode. Make that two episodes.

by Billy Dean reply 2604/07/2019

I easily picked the 3 who ended up getting the hook.

by Billy Dean reply 2704/07/2019

Yep, no surprises tonight.

I think the 3 getting the boot tomorrow will be the hippie girl --Raquel?--Eddie Island, and either Nick (with the suicidal brothers) or the former meth addict twink.

by Billy Dean reply 2804/07/2019

The western judge I call him the fake Blake. As American idol tries to copy The Voice.

by Billy Dean reply 2904/07/2019

I tuned out once my Bieber cowboy kid got cut so didn't realize Suicide Nick was still around. He has a good chirpy mouth at least. Odd how they exploit the sad stories and then boot 'em to the curb. "Blind teen? Thanks for the heartache but see ya'." "Mom abandoned cowhunk as a child? 9 out of 10 but bye." "Frizzy redhead biracial with slut Mom with mega kids from different daddies? It was fun, later."

by Billy Dean reply 3004/08/2019

OP: How're things in 2002?

I won't spoil the surprise and tell you what happens to Trump.

by Billy Dean reply 3104/08/2019

Fuck this season. They seriously cut Logan, Raquel and Ryan and picked Nate, Alejandro and Eddie?! Are you kidding me?!

by Billy Dean reply 3204/08/2019

Is Evelyn ever going to do anything different? One trick pony.

by Billy Dean reply 3304/08/2019

I stopped watching when they cut Myra Tran.

by Billy Dean reply 3404/08/2019

I was most shocked about cutting Ryan. They told Eddie Island to take it more seriously onstage and he couldn’t help himself. He still made some joke moves in his performance. I thought it was rude to his duet partner.. Why did they reward him?

Ryan deserved that spot. He was growing as a singer.

by Billy Dean reply 3504/08/2019

Jeremiah and Cynthia Erivo duet.

by Billy Dean reply 3604/09/2019

Jeremiah is just too karaoke. Walker is better but I see him more on Broadway doing "... Evan Hansen" (he'd be great, actually).

Of course, Logan is cut since he looks moderately like a star.

And I was right, Suicide Nick has been gone a while now.

by Billy Dean reply 3704/09/2019

R37 I said the same thing. I knew Logan wouldn’t make it through cause he actually is the full package. These judges hate that.

They prefer Eddies and Nate’s to Logan’s.

by Billy Dean reply 3804/09/2019

I used to enjoy American Idol but this version is unwatchable for me because I can't stand Katy Perry.

by Billy Dean reply 3904/09/2019

I miss the constructive (and sometimes snarky) criticism from past judges. These days, everyone gets a tongue bath. I have no idea why Evelyn gets such praise from the judges. It feels like they are trying desperately to make her happen.

by Billy Dean reply 4004/09/2019

Logan just did a Live and his vocals were PERFECTION. He sings beautifully, plays guitar, piano and drums, is good looking... but they choose Nate and Eddie Island instead.

by Billy Dean reply 4104/09/2019

Nate is gone.

by Billy Dean reply 4204/09/2019

And Logan's Young and Sober story was a good one for kids. Teen idol material. This show judging SUCKS.

by Billy Dean reply 4304/09/2019

Yes. Wasn’t Logan addicted to pills r43? Very common in today’s youth.

by Billy Dean reply 4404/09/2019

You could tell his blonde mentor adored him too. Really liked their duet and how it came together.

by Billy Dean reply 4504/09/2019

Ryan is tons better than stupid Eddie Island.

by Billy Dean reply 4604/09/2019

I would actually have picked Logan, Ryan and Raquel over the final 3 they chose. Nate, Eddie and Alejandro will never be pop stars.

by Billy Dean reply 4704/09/2019

Logan has a lovely voice.

by Billy Dean reply 4804/09/2019

At this point, there is only Layne for whom to root. He can go the Scotty McCreery route. The one thing that could help him is that an anonymous mousy blonde girl won last year so hopefully they will fix it/steer away from it this year.

by Billy Dean reply 4904/09/2019

We aren't alone apparently. What the fuck were they thinking? Get rid of one of the karaoke singers instead. I love the simple harmonizing he did with Julia up front.

by Billy Dean reply 5004/09/2019

I loved Logan’s performance with Julia Michaels. Their chemistry was natural and she adored him. He’s clearly nervous and she keeps smiling at him almost to get him to relax.

His vocals are very pure.

by Billy Dean reply 5104/09/2019

Logan is generic.

by Billy Dean reply 5204/09/2019

At least it intro'd me to Julia Michaels and especially that song -- though I prefer Logan's take on the male role. I love that he doesn't push it or fall for theatrics, though that might have kept him around. I'll buy his EP when it comes (same way I did with cutie Trevor Douglas).

by Billy Dean reply 5304/09/2019

Logan sounded like autotune in Hawaii. I really wanted that 16 year old country girl to get booted for her singing last week, but she redeemed herself in the duet with Brett Young. Unfortunately, I think she will make it to the top 3 now,considering the viewers of this show

by Billy Dean reply 5404/09/2019

R53 Julia Michaels song “Issues” was a #1 hit. I listen to it all the time and it’s always being played.

However, I never heard that song, and I too prefer Logan’s take on the male part to Niall Horan.

by Billy Dean reply 5504/09/2019

Love it. Who is the stud in the video?

Odd that she doesn't have a full length album yet, even with this level of acclaim (and she is indeed good). Only that EP and another upcoming -- but only Streaming (which I guess is the new trend? Not even bothering with actual CDs anymore?)

by Billy Dean reply 5604/09/2019

I feel newer artists don’t worry about CDs so much anymore cause most people don’t buy them. Very few artists sell physical copies these days, mainly Adele and Taylor Swift.

Julia is quite good! Issues is a great song and I liked watching her on American Idol. She seems very sweet. I hope she records a song with Logan.

by Billy Dean reply 5704/09/2019

Yeah, was nice when he asked her to keep mentoring him at the end. So maybe we'll see them together again. He got robbed so maybe she'll feel bad for him and give him a break.

by Billy Dean reply 5804/09/2019

There is no Nate in the top 20. Maybe you mean Wade? I don't get what the judges see in him.

Logan was generic and boring. Ryan had a great voice but was also a little boring. Maybe they didn't want America having 2 out gay guys to vote for.

by Billy Dean reply 5904/09/2019

R58 that’s what I’m thinking. I’m sure she feels bad he got cut when in reality he should have made it through. And I say that confidently. He has a lovely voice and is the full package. Anyone thinking Wade is gonna be a big Star is lying to themselves.

Hope she reaches out to him and does a duet with him, even if they record that song she did with Niall. I prefer him on it.

by Billy Dean reply 6004/09/2019

Oh please. They prefer Wade, Alejandro and Eddie Island to Logan because they are ugly. It caters to the SJWs.

The SJWs would riot if someone like Logan, young and handsome straight white guy, got in over the fat uglies.

by Billy Dean reply 6104/09/2019

I didn’t realize Logan was in Nate’s group when he couldn’t sing cause he was sick. And they still put Nate through lmao.

by Billy Dean reply 6204/09/2019

Yeah, Logan and the rest handled it nicely too, no bitchbites or drama. Nicely supportive. Only made me like him more.

BUT the real thing that keeps him from being "generic", in my opinion, is that high clear voice. It doesn't feel put on and it's very soothing, like a modern day Art Garfunkle. I just liked listening to him and I can't say that about some more technically trained singers who give me a headache.

That he was cute but a nice plus but, really, it was his voice. The cuter ones were Bieber cowboy, tall lanky cowboy whose mama left him, and sexy Spanish singer. Though I do think with a little skin therapy, Walker has something too.

by Billy Dean reply 6304/10/2019

Logan is so cute!!!

And he seems very kind, understanding and humble. He also has a beautiful and NATURAL voice. Nothing forced. He has a SMOOTH high beautiful voice and I’m obsessed.

Very gorgeous.

by Billy Dean reply 6404/10/2019

I have a hard time liking Wade. He thought he needed a passport to visit Hawaii, he didn't know it was a state. He was shown the direction to Pearl Harbor. He thought Pearl Harbor was just a movie. He walked barefoot to the judges to learn if he made the top 20. Am I being overly critical? Are most music stars illiterate in U.S. history?

Even worse, is he typical of the modern American youth?

by Billy Dean reply 6504/10/2019

Wade would've had a hard time being a rock star even back in the '70s before image and MTV. Now... forget it. Who's going to sign him?

by Billy Dean reply 6604/10/2019

Wade's weight will be a concern of the producers signing him up. How long can a man like that move energetically on a stage for a couple of hours under hot lights? Who would want to worry about insurance? He needs to figure out a way to slim down if anyone will have an interest in him.

by Billy Dean reply 6704/10/2019

Wade being picked over Logan or Ryan is blasphemy

by Billy Dean reply 6804/10/2019

The deplorables love him so he'll go far.

by Billy Dean reply 6904/10/2019

"Idol" is so over, I doubt they go on any kind of tour anymore. So producers will use up Garage Band Wade and milk his story and then toss him to the curb with the other sad eyes.

I do wish they would let the audience vote one person back though. For once in my lifetime, I would call in -- and push for Logan back. That great harmonizing he does up front is not on the original track with Niall so all his. And sounds so damn good.

by Billy Dean reply 7004/11/2019

Y'all...Logan is never going to fuck you.

by Billy Dean reply 7104/11/2019

I don’t need Logan to fuck me. I need him back on my TV. He was robbed.

by Billy Dean reply 7204/11/2019

Team Uche

by Billy Dean reply 7304/11/2019

Top 14 tonight!

by Billy Dean reply 7404/14/2019

Layne and Katy will probably be final 2, but I'm still rooting for Jeremiah!

by Billy Dean reply 7504/14/2019

Back in the day, Layne would be a lock with the Idol's then-voting base. Now, it's not so clear.

by Billy Dean reply 7604/14/2019

Anyone else noticing the small feud going on between Luke and Katy?

by Billy Dean reply 7704/14/2019

Severe weather warnings keep interrupting and they are more exciting than most of the singers tonight. I miss Logan, damnit. This screaming oversinging karaoke contest is just not interesting -- I can't stand the Madisons and the blonde cheerleaders and the soul singer who missed his decade and especially warbling Wade. At this point, there is only Laine to look at and I want Walker to stick around for Broadway night (if they still have it) but it's just so dull, little star power -- great singing technique maybe but bores me blond.

This is why so many great actors who conquer Shakespeare don't translate to the movies. They don't have that It thing. And they let go a lot of singers who did.

by Billy Dean reply 7804/14/2019

"blind", of course, not "blond". Though I am bored that too. Forgot to include the truly atrocious Eddie Island, as well. Childs birthday party act.

by Billy Dean reply 7904/14/2019

Madison is very good.

by Billy Dean reply 8004/14/2019

Eddie Island is terrible!

by Billy Dean reply 8104/14/2019

Madison has no star factor though. Just a chubby little Diane deMarmo or whatever her name was way back when.

Alejandro is appealing though. Shy but nice humble smile. And talented more in a recording contract way than a belting it at the High School musical way.

by Billy Dean reply 8204/14/2019

Riley's dad is a hot daddy!

by Billy Dean reply 8304/14/2019

Your wish is my command, r79.

by Billy Dean reply 8404/14/2019

Gets Worse.

by Billy Dean reply 8504/14/2019

Madison, Jeremiah, Uché back to back to back was amazing. I think they will be the top three.

by Billy Dean reply 8604/14/2019

I predict the 4 not making the top 10 will be Eddie, Evelyn, Dimitrius, and Alyssa.

by Billy Dean reply 8704/14/2019

I predict half the viewers will die of boredom by next week.

by Billy Dean reply 8804/15/2019

How did Laine do? I missed the first two acts.

I want to see all the bland acs go tonight -- Eddie Vote Him Off the Island, blonde girl who made it instead of hot boyfriend, dull Raghu girl, blonde cheerleader. We could go ahead and get rid of three more, though I seem to be in the minority regarding Madison. And Walker was really bad the other night, school Talent Show performance.

by Billy Dean reply 8904/15/2019

I love Logan. He should have been there.

by Billy Dean reply 9004/15/2019

R89: Laine was very good, but not stellar. I personally love the whole "Elvis vibe," but I think he risks being labeled a Johnny One-Note unless he mixes it up a bit in the coming weeks.

by Billy Dean reply 9104/15/2019

Eddie Island was terrible. Idk what they love about him.

by Billy Dean reply 9204/15/2019

Why are some of these "kids" or singers so overweight?

by Billy Dean reply 9304/15/2019

Cause they can sing...

by Billy Dean reply 9404/15/2019

I hope Evelyn goes home. My God.

by Billy Dean reply 9504/15/2019

I thought Evelyn’s performance tonight was strong. She should have did this yesterday.

by Billy Dean reply 9604/15/2019

Nice self-written song, Jeremiah. And then the belting (bleating?) begins. God, I miss Logan and his understated soothing voice.

by Billy Dean reply 9704/15/2019

I miss Logan also. Very natural singer with a beautiful voice and tone and VERY VERY SMOOTH. His vocals never have a glitch. Always smooth. His voice is easy to listen to and comforting.

I love Jeremiah though and am rooting for him.

by Billy Dean reply 9804/15/2019

Evelyn’s glottal air swallowing is now irritating.

by Billy Dean reply 9904/15/2019


by Billy Dean reply 10004/15/2019

I find Ragu boring.

by Billy Dean reply 10104/15/2019

The only "exciting" performer is Uche.

by Billy Dean reply 10204/15/2019

Uche was fantastic last night. He shocked me.

I’m tired of the judges saying each performer has “grown”.

by Billy Dean reply 10304/15/2019

Lionel is a master at softening Rejection.

by Billy Dean reply 10404/15/2019

What a haunting voice Wade Coda has.

by Billy Dean reply 10504/15/2019

But his Subtext isn't hidden very well: "No fucking WAY you are getting a second chance. Good luck out there on your way to oblivion."

by Billy Dean reply 10604/15/2019

Lionel looked shocked Wade made top 10.

by Billy Dean reply 10704/15/2019

Wade Heart Attack scheduled for week three, apparently. "Die for the music!", always a good career move.

by Billy Dean reply 10804/15/2019

Lionel is in his "own zone."

by Billy Dean reply 10904/15/2019

"Wade, you are 99% body fat and sitting in a room with no AC and about to sing under even hotter lights... I think you should wear a long sleeve flannel shirt and REALLY relax."

by Billy Dean reply 11004/15/2019

Remote is in hand ready to MUTE for Eddie Island.

by Billy Dean reply 11104/15/2019

Eddie Island is terrible. I don’t get what everyone loves.

by Billy Dean reply 11204/15/2019

So many sad fucking songs this season.

by Billy Dean reply 11304/15/2019

Eddie Island stole Logan’s spot so he’s dead to me.

by Billy Dean reply 11404/15/2019

With a little guidance, Dimitrius could do great. But I am afraid he is dead meat tonight (unless Lionel saves him).

by Billy Dean reply 11504/15/2019

"You are born enough...."

Lionel ministering to the AI flock.

by Billy Dean reply 11604/15/2019

Bet Uche wins it all. Everyone else is awful.

by Billy Dean reply 11704/15/2019

R115 why Lionel? Cause he’s black?

Luke has more emotional ties to him than anyone else

by Billy Dean reply 11804/15/2019

Lacis voice is so good.

by Billy Dean reply 11904/15/2019

OMG Eddie.....please please

by Billy Dean reply 12004/15/2019

Eddie is shocked! SHOCKED! lol

by Billy Dean reply 12104/15/2019

We may get lucky -- unless Katie saves Eddie Island, oy.

I figured Luke would go for one of the country boys, especially if Laine ends up in the bottom. They cut so many of that genre this year that there is almost nobody left.

by Billy Dean reply 12204/15/2019

A shot every time a judge says **room for growth**

by Billy Dean reply 12304/15/2019

LOL, Ryan: "You've still got a shot, right?" After Lionel pretty much told him to pack his bags.

by Billy Dean reply 12404/15/2019

I don't think Eddie's "mohair jacket" helped his cause last night.

- Elton

by Billy Dean reply 12504/15/2019

God, if we never have to hear "B-b-b-Benny and the Jets" again. So many great songs from Elton John especially obscure lesser hits like "In Neon" and "Sartorial Eloquence" and they go for karaoke?

by Billy Dean reply 12604/15/2019

Time to send this home to her much hotter than she deserves boyfriend. "Sir Duke", jesus...

by Billy Dean reply 12704/15/2019

(the WHITEST version of "Sir Duke" ever sung apparently).

by Billy Dean reply 12804/15/2019

Lionel is delicately crafting another sweet rejection.

by Billy Dean reply 12904/15/2019

And she looks ten years over the age limit too. Bye, sweetie.

by Billy Dean reply 13004/15/2019

Ashley shouldn’t have been placed through to begin with. She’s forgettable

by Billy Dean reply 13104/15/2019

Jesus, Katie... "that was the best performance I ever saw from you" if you are entering the Mrs. Georgia pageant and twirling baton at the same time. Here comes Laine. Hot as fuck.

by Billy Dean reply 13204/15/2019

Party Hardy...

by Billy Dean reply 13304/15/2019

Laine and those teeth. Interesting, he looks so Asian but I am guessing isn't based on his family (and his brother). Am I wrong?

Great skin too.

by Billy Dean reply 13404/15/2019

His mother is Asian, r134.

by Billy Dean reply 13504/15/2019

(Did you guys catch Laine in those gym oriented ads for the show this past week? With the headband over the wild hair and the push-ups? The only heartthrob left in the show now that Logan is gone).

by Billy Dean reply 13604/15/2019

Laine is half Asian.

by Billy Dean reply 13704/15/2019

I guess Alejandro is toast for a few minutes, anyway. They'll vote him back in aka Ada Vox and then he'll be gone again soonafter, I'm afraid.

Thanks for the Laine info. Don't know how I missed his mom all this time, just remember his brother coming on stage and looking quite different. Laine is a great combo platter.

by Billy Dean reply 13804/15/2019

Alejandro is the most dull. At least someone got rid of his frosted tips.

by Billy Dean reply 13904/15/2019

Laci's voice seemed really strained tonight.

by Billy Dean reply 14004/15/2019

Uche.....oh noooooo! Alejandro?????

by Billy Dean reply 14104/15/2019

Yikes, I was wrong. Uche in the bottom -- but saved, no doubt. Ale is as short as Ryan. Hadn't noticed before.

by Billy Dean reply 14204/15/2019

Alejandro seems to be going for a gig in a Steely Dan cover band. Now appearing at Eddie's Attic, 2 drink minimum.

by Billy Dean reply 14304/15/2019

Alejandro would be great as a lounge singer.

by Billy Dean reply 14404/15/2019

Don't forget DJ Alejandro at the Casino...

- Luke

by Billy Dean reply 14504/15/2019

With a tip jar on the piano.

by Billy Dean reply 14604/15/2019

..Or on a Viking Cruise Ship, r144.

by Billy Dean reply 14704/15/2019

"And now please welcome the song stylings of... Alejandro!"

by Billy Dean reply 14804/15/2019

Love UCHE! That guy can outperform them all..

by Billy Dean reply 14904/15/2019

Ryan comes up to Uche's nipples. Uche looks defeated but hope he pulls it off.

by Billy Dean reply 15004/15/2019

Uche could pull a Jennifer Hudson and win an Oscar for doing the Sylvester story.

by Billy Dean reply 15104/15/2019

Uche could sing a James Bond film opening score.

by Billy Dean reply 15204/15/2019

America won't vote for Uche.

by Billy Dean reply 15304/15/2019

Yay Lionel! Right On Lionel!

by Billy Dean reply 15404/15/2019

Love Lionel this season. He’s been on it.

by Billy Dean reply 15504/15/2019

I told you guys that Luke would be the one to put Dem through

by Billy Dean reply 15604/15/2019

Katy loved Ragu all along. Not a surprise.

by Billy Dean reply 15704/15/2019

Storms knocked out my cable. What is going on? Who was sent home?

by Billy Dean reply 15804/15/2019

They sure do use a lot of Elton John songs. 2 last night, tiny dancer last week, and Your Song the week before.

by Billy Dean reply 15904/15/2019

I have liked Ashley but that Sir Duke cover was cheesy. I don't really like "Ragu" but I'm glad she got in over Riley. Riley's cute and her dad is hot, but she was in over her head.

I think Evelyn could have a career with the right songs. She really does have a cool voice.

I hope I never see or hear Eddie Island again.

I still don't see anything special about Wade.

Laine is cute and can sing, but he's not my kind of musician..but he will probably win. Jeremiah is still my favorite. Uche and Dimitrius both have a ton of potential.

Is this the first time there's only been 3 girls in the top 10?

by Billy Dean reply 16004/15/2019

Riley’s actually good. Great Country vocalist. Issue is she is not winning American Idol.

I didn’t notice her dad.

by Billy Dean reply 16104/15/2019

R160 yes. Almost all males. Lol.

Evelyn is talented. I thought she was wonderful tonight. Eddie Island can rot. He stole Logan’s spot.

by Billy Dean reply 16204/15/2019

Now **this** is Talent. Uche.

by Billy Dean reply 16304/15/2019

This is talent. Under appreciated talent.

by Billy Dean reply 16404/15/2019

The lovely and talented Logan sang for us on Live. Love him.

by Billy Dean reply 16504/15/2019

I’m so surprised Uche wasn’t in the top 7. I’ll be voting for Uche to help him along. He is so gorgeous and entertaining. Laci has a beautiful tone and is by far my favorite.

by Billy Dean reply 16604/15/2019

Laci is so incredibly beautiful and she has the voice of an angel. I'll keep voting for her. Madison also has one of the best voices this season. Hope they both continue on in the competition.

by Billy Dean reply 16704/15/2019

How did America vote Wade over Uché? What???

by Billy Dean reply 16804/15/2019

Uche's problem is that he overperforms and it affects his singing. In his Sunday night performance I hard a time figuring out what song he was singing. His performance didn't get good until half way through. Tonight, it was like two different people inside male/female were singing. He has potential, but he needs more control over his voice.

by Billy Dean reply 16904/15/2019

Once America starts voting, the prettiest/hottest girls are in trouble. Any contestant looking like a cheerleader or a pageant girl is in deep trouble, no matter what she sounds like.

A lot of the votes come in from young and younger females, and they do not vote for sexy girls.

by Billy Dean reply 17004/15/2019

A lot of the votes come in from young and younger females, and they do not vote for sexy girls.

Definitely. Which is why Laine will continue on.

by Billy Dean reply 17104/16/2019

And why Logan should have remained

by Billy Dean reply 17204/16/2019

And why Bieber Cowboy should have stuck around.

Hot as I find Laine, I must admit his voice doesn't stand out to me -- unlike Logan's soft smooth high end range.

by Billy Dean reply 17304/16/2019

Uche is a star. Good for Lionel. I wonder how Simon Cowell would have felt about him. To me, and of course it's subjective, no one else comes a close second.

by Billy Dean reply 17404/16/2019

Uche is a STAR. Not a singer. He’s an entertainer.

Simon would love Uche as a performer. Simon said that if Britney Spears auditioned for him he would sign her before Jessica Simpson or Christina Aguilera. He also said she would beat them on American Idol cause she has that “IT” to her and is the real deal entertainer.

by Billy Dean reply 17504/16/2019

Logan is a heartthrob and has a beautiful soothing smooth voice. I do hope he records an EP so I can buy it. Love his vocals.

by Billy Dean reply 17604/16/2019

Can Logans familia get off this thread already? It's Helix for you buddy.

by Billy Dean reply 17704/16/2019

LOL r177. Don’t get the hysteria over him here either. Then again, he’s a bland twink, which might explain it.

by Billy Dean reply 17804/16/2019

He’s a beauty WITH TALENT.

by Billy Dean reply 17904/16/2019

Cock size?

by Billy Dean reply 18004/16/2019

Some of us have that "What a Time" song and his harmonies up front stuck in our head. I like that I didn't notice Logan much at first and then he won me over with his work. I don't even find him particularly hot compared to others that were on the show -- but he is absolutely one whose music I would buy. I hope some enterprising producer snaps him up.

by Billy Dean reply 18104/16/2019

I think Alejandro, Jeremiah, Madison and Uche are the top four. They have blown it out of the park several times each.

by Billy Dean reply 18204/16/2019

Sorry, Madison feels like that obnoxious niece whose parents make her play at an adult party. Nothing Pop about her. Jeremiah too, though he is working the gay closet angle so lots of Pride performances in his future.

Ale and Uche maybe. At least unique. The women are really lame this year, all pageant girls right down to the glitter dresses last night (save for Evelyn who at least had an odd voice). "Idol" already has an unsigned blando girl from last year sitting around or doing state fairs so no need for a new one.

by Billy Dean reply 18304/16/2019

I would be pissed if Logan, young handsome and talented, settled for fucking Helix.

by Billy Dean reply 18404/16/2019

The tenderness in Logan’s voice is unforgettable.

by Billy Dean reply 18504/16/2019

Jesus Christ.

by Billy Dean reply 18604/16/2019

R56 idk who the stud in that video is but I will say you should see the stud in this video for her song “Heaven”.

So hot. And love the song. She’s so talented.

by Billy Dean reply 18704/16/2019

I was at the Top 40 taping in Hawaii back in January. We were staying at the Aulani Resort and as guests, we got to be in the audience. Uche's performance in that show was mesmerizing in person. But when I watched it on the broadcast, it didn't come across as exciting as it did live. I also liked Alejandro's and Laci's performances in Hawaii. But they both need to stretch a little more and show that they have some range. Jeremiah's Hawaii performance seemed kind of blah in person and I was surprised he made it into the Top 20. But he's really started to shine.

My top 5 right now (in no particular order): Alejandro, Uche, Laci, Madison, and Jeremiah

by Billy Dean reply 18804/16/2019

That Uche didn't get America's votes to make it to the top 10 doesn't bode well for his advancement in the competition.

by Billy Dean reply 18904/16/2019

Evelyn was horrible. Her last performance was an embarrassment to all the other contestants who had to go home before her and the show American Idol.

R189 Viewer voter shows don't tend to vote for the black contestants. They always get kicked off early, even when they deserved to stay. It's the demographic of people that watch the show. His flamboyancy might be a turn off to them too.

by Billy Dean reply 19004/16/2019

R190 we’ve had black winners...

by Billy Dean reply 19104/16/2019

I wish that was true my season, R190.

by Billy Dean reply 19204/16/2019

After Ruben Studdard won Fantasia won.

Black contestants have done well.

Uche is just too unique for the general public.

by Billy Dean reply 19304/16/2019

Thanks for posting r188. I watched Uche from my living room, and I was rivited. I saw Luke couldn't even contain his own excitement and stood up grooving to Play That Funky Music. With Katy and Lionel standing right alongside. You're so lucky to have experienced Uche's performance LIVE!

by Billy Dean reply 19404/16/2019


by Billy Dean reply 19504/16/2019

r193 Ruben and Fantasia were very religious and sang religious songs to help draw in that crowd. Also, remember both won towards the very beginning of the show, when AM still had high viewership.

by Billy Dean reply 19604/16/2019

R196 they aren’t the only black winners or black people that made it far though...

by Billy Dean reply 19704/16/2019

Ruben didn’t sing many Christian songs at all.

And yes, America loved him.

by Billy Dean reply 19804/16/2019

Jennifer Hudson was eliminated far too early. I thought she might win the season.

by Billy Dean reply 19904/16/2019

JHuds voice is too big and Gospel like for Idol.

by Billy Dean reply 20004/16/2019

Jesus, I blocked the Logan troll and POOF like half the posts in this thread disappeared.

by Billy Dean reply 20104/16/2019

There’s more than one Logan lover

by Billy Dean reply 20204/16/2019

dear God

by Billy Dean reply 20304/16/2019

(and, seriously, what kind of cunt blocks someone for liking a contestant on "American Idol"? On a thread ABOUT "American Idol"? How the fuck do you get through an average day? "I'm not speaking to you!")

by Billy Dean reply 20404/16/2019

R188 here again. I forgot to add that at the Hawaii taping, I thought Eddie Island was a joke. He was, by far, the worst of all of the Top 40. When I found out he made it through to the Top 20, I was like WTF? Then when they pushed him through to Top 14, it made absolutely no sense. The only thing I can figure is that they purposely chose him because they needed one of the contestants to be a foil that everyone in the audience could rally against. But seriously, I watched 20 other kids that night in Hawaii who deserved that spot way more than he did. I'm so glad he is finally gone.

by Billy Dean reply 20504/16/2019

Everyone in the top 20 was decent to great, except Eddie Island, who was terrible, just terrible.

by Billy Dean reply 20604/16/2019

The judges put Eddie through because he had what they considered the “entertainer” factor. Lionel said Idol wasn’t a singing completion, it was an entertainment competition. That’s why he embraced Uche and made him his judge’s pick. So Ryan and, yes, Logan were at a disadvantage because they stood still or sat when they sang.

Memo to American Idol, if this is an entertainment competition, say so. How many kids auditioned, and some advanced to Hollywood, when they were uninformed there was a component they hadn’t prepared for.

by Billy Dean reply 20704/16/2019

And Eddie wasn't even entertaining. He was cringe-worthy and embarrassing. He's analogous to Trump and the election. I think he auditioned for Idol on a lark, not thinking he would get very far. But then he kept getting pushed through at every level until he found himself in the Top 14.

by Billy Dean reply 20804/16/2019

Eddie’s Bennie and the Jets performance was wretched. I was glad it was as bad as it was, because it gave me hope the judges would be done with him.

He was crying when he didn’t make the Top 10, though. Dude started to believe his press.

by Billy Dean reply 20904/16/2019

They're on opposite The Voice whose title spells out its' intentions. Idol wants to differentiate itself by switching from best singer to best entertainer as the ultimate outcome.

by Billy Dean reply 21004/16/2019

Top two - Madison and Alejandro

by Billy Dean reply 21104/16/2019

Then they should have written the job description, R210, before they strung these kids along.

by Billy Dean reply 21204/16/2019

Stringing karaoke singers along is half the fun. Especially after suffering through all their sad sack stories.

by Billy Dean reply 21304/17/2019

Logan needs to come back

by Billy Dean reply 21404/17/2019

Eddie Island's Benny and The Jets is so bad, I watch it for laughs.

by Billy Dean reply 21504/17/2019

I'd like to see and hear Walker singing The Pina Colada song. I think it would be the perfect song choice for him.

by Billy Dean reply 21604/17/2019

He needs to stay far FAR away from show tunes. Unless t's "For Forever" from "Evan Hansen".

by Billy Dean reply 21704/17/2019

He’s a cutie. Love gingers.

by Billy Dean reply 21804/17/2019

They should’ve kept Bieber Cowboy, Katie Bell, and Nick Townsend. And Ryan. All good-looking, charismatic, entertaining, and could sing reasonably well.

Hopefully one of the remaining contestants will pull something crazy - like Constantine Maroulis’ Bohemian Rhapsody or Adam Lambert’s Ring of Fire and Mad World.

Laci, even with her sultry voice, can’t make it unless she does some confident kick-ass moving around the stage.

Blah. This season started out so exciting. Now the only fun one to watch is Uche.

by Billy Dean reply 21904/17/2019

I remember Clay Aiken doing Unchained Melody and thinking it was lovely.

by Billy Dean reply 22004/17/2019

Anyone remember Kimberly Locke from season 2? She was 3rd place.

The poster claiming only white people make it far clearly never watched the show.

I remember them trying to make her a pop star lmao

by Billy Dean reply 22104/17/2019

Oh yeah, Clay Aiken should’ve won it all. He was incredible.

I’m just not seeing anyone with confidence, talent, charm, and charisma this year. But maybe it’ll change over the next few weeks.

by Billy Dean reply 22204/17/2019

Clay was great but Ruben was a big teddy bear everyone fell in love with.

I still remember Joan Rivers Telling him he needs to lose weight on the red carpet, poor thing. Lol.

by Billy Dean reply 22304/17/2019

She was right, R223.

by Billy Dean reply 22404/17/2019

R224 that was so rude. Lmao. He looked shocked and embarrassed, poor thing.

by Billy Dean reply 22504/17/2019

Wasn't the last time a black singer won that girl who is considered the least successful AI winner? I think it was the Ellen season. Years ago.

by Billy Dean reply 22604/17/2019

You mean Jordan Sparks?

I don’t think she’s the least successful winner, though.

by Billy Dean reply 22704/17/2019

No, think her name was Candace. Jordan did well. The big haired woman with the kid should have won her season but they went for big time dull wedding singer white guy. Not a word/lyric since, of course. (Trent?)

by Billy Dean reply 22804/17/2019

For me, the last truly original voice on Idol was Haley Reinhart. I loved her then and I love when I hear her voice turn up on something now. It's shame she hasn't had more success.

by Billy Dean reply 22904/17/2019

I swear that’s the one season everyone watched.

by Billy Dean reply 23004/17/2019

Nice, actually.,

by Billy Dean reply 23104/18/2019

Rebel Wilson is mentoring the contestants on Sunday

by Billy Dean reply 23204/19/2019

Disney Night? Again? This means some outrageously camp cartoon outfit on Katy Perry.

by Billy Dean reply 23304/19/2019

Any guesses what Disney character Katy Perry will be?

by Billy Dean reply 23404/21/2019

She’s Ursula

by Billy Dean reply 23504/21/2019

Judge's Save is back! (Great for Ushe!)

by Billy Dean reply 23604/21/2019

If they choose to use it on him ...

He picked a good song for Disney Week. One that’s not popular but fun.

by Billy Dean reply 23704/21/2019

Laci is amazing but she needs to change the pace. She sings a ballad every week.

by Billy Dean reply 23804/21/2019

Well, no big songs so far. ZZZzzzzz

by Billy Dean reply 23904/21/2019

Laci doesn't have that Big Voice Rebel Wilson was looking for.

by Billy Dean reply 24004/21/2019

Rebel wanted her to belt that big note. But she can’t.

She also can’t do a upbeat pop track it seems.

by Billy Dean reply 24104/21/2019

I feel this Alejandro performance is weak. Sorry not sorry

by Billy Dean reply 24204/21/2019

3 dullest judges in history, amazed these are the best their $ can buy.

katy is hideous, Ritchie is dum, the country guy is ….zeroville..

miss keith urban and the hot one on the other end who sings ballads...they were fun

by Billy Dean reply 24304/21/2019

Yes harry was hot and zippy, miss him....

by Billy Dean reply 24404/21/2019

Alejandro is a bore. His songs and voice is getting monotonous at this point.

by Billy Dean reply 24504/21/2019

Harry was cool. Keith was no better than Luke.

And I like Katy more than J Lo

by Billy Dean reply 24604/21/2019

Alyssa is off key and messy

by Billy Dean reply 24704/21/2019

They really need a Simon Cowell type judge. Cowell was sometimes was the highlight of the entire show.

by Billy Dean reply 24804/21/2019

Simon would have told Laci she’s boring by now, told Alejandro he always sounds the same and would have told Alyssa she was off key and was terrible.

by Billy Dean reply 24904/21/2019

Wade is awful. I’m so confused by the love for him.

by Billy Dean reply 25004/21/2019

Exactly, r249. No ass kissing all the time.

"You're relatable, so approachable...." blah blah blah to Wade from Katy Perry.

by Billy Dean reply 25104/21/2019

Hopefully Hardy will shake this show up a bit.

by Billy Dean reply 25204/21/2019


by Billy Dean reply 25304/21/2019

I hate theme nights. Just let them sing what they want to.

by Billy Dean reply 25404/21/2019

Queen night next week should be good.

by Billy Dean reply 25504/21/2019

Wade won't be able to sing Queen

Laci won't be able to sing Queen

Alejandro won't be able to sing Queen

Should be an interesting show

by Billy Dean reply 25604/21/2019


by Billy Dean reply 25704/21/2019

Jeremiah is my idol

by Billy Dean reply 25804/21/2019

Jeremiah is lovely

by Billy Dean reply 25904/21/2019

Why are they doing Live Results on the spot instead of giving it until tomorrow?!

by Billy Dean reply 26004/21/2019


America what is wrong with you?!

by Billy Dean reply 26104/21/2019

Dimetrius...come on!!!

by Billy Dean reply 26204/21/2019

Damn... Uche deserve to stay over Wade or Laci. He would have made the Queen performance into a show. Demetrius at least went out on a high.

by Billy Dean reply 26304/21/2019

The two black People left. Part of that is the way they do the voting now. Leave it for tomorrow when more people can vote.

by Billy Dean reply 26404/21/2019


by Billy Dean reply 26504/21/2019

Yeah, the first people to perform are at a disadvantage because I imagine a lot of watchers want to “save” their vote

by Billy Dean reply 26604/21/2019

How soon until the " AI is racist" trolls come out?

by Billy Dean reply 26704/21/2019

Laci is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen and her voice is just as beautiful. She looked amazing tonight and sounded great. It was a good song choice. Based on voices alone I'd say Madison has the best voice out of all of them. Hope she continues. And Laine is gorgeous and can sing. Based on the above I'll continue to vote for all 3.

by Billy Dean reply 26804/21/2019

Could Wayne and Alejandro put just a little effort into their appearance? It's not a bar, you know. Wayne looks like a butch lesbian.

by Billy Dean reply 26904/21/2019


by Billy Dean reply 27004/21/2019

Wade, r270.

by Billy Dean reply 27104/21/2019

yep jlo was super gross

by Billy Dean reply 27204/21/2019

So, it's a white wash? Are only deplorables watching this?

by Billy Dean reply 27304/21/2019

Uche would’ve been a star back in the mid 70s.

by Billy Dean reply 27404/21/2019

I weep that this is the best am idol can do

both in judges and talent

it was so dam fun when simon wielded his acid tongue and wit

now its fluff of the lowest order.


by Billy Dean reply 27504/22/2019

R273, not everyone left is pure white.

by Billy Dean reply 27604/22/2019

The ginger guy should not still be there.

by Billy Dean reply 27704/22/2019

R277 which? Walker and Jeremiah are ginger.

Alyssa is not white and Laine is half Asian. Alejandro is mestizo.

Sadly no more blacks though.

To be honest it’s cause Middle America can’t connect with the over the top flamboyance that is Demetrius and Uche

by Billy Dean reply 27804/22/2019

Walker, R278.

by Billy Dean reply 27904/22/2019

Gay wash then? They only vote for Jeremiah because of the religious angle. This show sucks so bad but happily, we'll never hear from these folks again.

by Billy Dean reply 28004/22/2019

Even since Jeremiah sang the Bob Dylan song, I've heard a little Bob Dylan in every one of his performances.

by Billy Dean reply 28104/22/2019

So tonight is a filler ep? My, how the mighty have fallen.

by Billy Dean reply 28204/22/2019

Are they booting two people each week? I'm thinking gone next week are Alyssa and Wade.

by Billy Dean reply 28304/22/2019

I HOPE Wade leaves. He should have been gone over Uche

by Billy Dean reply 28404/22/2019

I'm surprised people still watch this show...

by Billy Dean reply 28504/22/2019

I don't understand the love for Wade either. His raspy voice is actually like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

by Billy Dean reply 28604/22/2019

Even the judges look bored I noticed.

by Billy Dean reply 28704/22/2019

The judges don’t look bored. That is a lie.

by Billy Dean reply 28804/23/2019

Sorry but Madison isn’t that great tonight. She has a great voice but she’s not singing with emotion like Adam told her to. I agreed with him. She’s singing it like it’s a ballad.

by Billy Dean reply 28904/28/2019

Why are the judges standing for Laine? I like him but he had zero energy

by Billy Dean reply 29004/28/2019

Jeremiah's voice moves me. I wish he would win, but he won't.

Laine sure is pretty. Walker would make a good little bottom.

by Billy Dean reply 29104/28/2019

Walker sucked big time. Madison had zero emotion or oomf. Laine had no energy and looked scared.

Jeremiah was great.

by Billy Dean reply 29204/28/2019

Jeremiah was amazing in both performances. Lacey also just blew me away and previously I wasn’t much of a fan. Madison was disappointing tbh, zero emotion and with a song like that it’s vital.

by Billy Dean reply 29304/28/2019

Wade sounds terrible omfg

by Billy Dean reply 29404/28/2019

Queen was a poor choice but now that it's okay to be gay, they really wanted Adam on board. Where's Kris Allen?

by Billy Dean reply 29504/28/2019

Kris Allen tours. He had a song a few years ago I really loved.

Met him around 2015. Very very sweet and kind and humble. Very “safe” with himself. Doesn’t like being recognized either. He seems shy.

by Billy Dean reply 29604/28/2019

Wow Alyssa sounds AWFUL

by Billy Dean reply 29704/28/2019

I am ok with Alyssa and Walker leaving.

Wade better leave next week.

by Billy Dean reply 29804/28/2019

None of the contestants has the full package. Most have stage fright. It's really a departure from when there was real talent on the stage. Now, it's more like a college talent show.

by Billy Dean reply 29904/28/2019

Uche was the real deal. And Logan.

by Billy Dean reply 30004/28/2019

Waker needs to head straight to Broadway. "Dear Evan Hansen" needs to snap him up.

by Billy Dean reply 30104/28/2019

Shame on Lionel Richie for saying that big guy sounded good singing the Marvin Gaye song. “Marvin, is that you??” WTF!

Didn’t Lionel know Marvin? Did they hate each other?

by Billy Dean reply 30204/28/2019

These 3 judges are too nice. It’s annoying. Alyssa sounded so bad and they made her sound amazing.

by Billy Dean reply 30304/28/2019

The judges do more praising than they do criticizing. They usually have very little bad things to say. I can understand that to a point. But sometimes you have to tell the contestants they weren't that great when it calls for it. That's why I liked Simon. He wasn't afraid to tell them what he really thought.

I had a feeling Alyssa was going home. I think she knew it too. If the winner is based on vocals either Madison or Laci should win. They both have the most beautiful voices ever. I wish Wade would go already. I change the channel whenever he comes on. I voted for Madison, Laine and Laci and will continue to do so.

by Billy Dean reply 30404/28/2019

I don't understand why the judges don't give constructive criticism. How do the contestants know how to improve if they get drivel from the judges week after week after week. A judge "judges". That's what they are there for. It's not happening. I'd rather impress Simon Cowell than Luke Bryan. At least I'd know what made the performance special. I'd also know what to correct to advance.

The judges didn't understand how America didn't get Uche's electricity and entertainment value. It's because they are heaping the same praise on Wade and Alyssa and Laci and others. America cannot take the judges' lead if they refuse to show the way.

by Billy Dean reply 30504/28/2019

The show could grab three audience members every week to serve as judges. They could say the exact same things to the contestants and would save the producers a lot of money.

by Billy Dean reply 30604/28/2019



by Billy Dean reply 30704/29/2019

Wade sounds like a runaway freight train. Enough of that bellowing already.

by Billy Dean reply 30804/29/2019

R296: I like Kris Allen’s version of “Ain’t No Sunshine.”

by Billy Dean reply 30904/29/2019

Candice Glover - Loved her. This year's AI crop is such a let down - with the exception of Uche.

by Billy Dean reply 31004/29/2019

With so many slow weepers being performed I'd expect a Barry Manilow night.

by Billy Dean reply 31104/29/2019

R310: Candice was amazing, one of the best singers on the contest ever, but like Melinda Doolittle, unfortunately she lacks the charisma.

I loved her version of The Cure's Lovesong

by Billy Dean reply 31204/29/2019

WHET Fantasia?

by Billy Dean reply 31304/30/2019

Fantasia just performed at the Grammys earlier this year

by Billy Dean reply 31404/30/2019

R 309, this is a superior version.

by Billy Dean reply 31504/30/2019

So, Idol would have us believe Jeremiahs' parents are coming around? This sermon from just a few short weeks ago says different. Guess they're "coming around" to the possible wealth and fame the sinner they created may achieve.

by Billy Dean reply 31605/01/2019

Yeah they both unfortunately gave off a “We’ll pray for him” vibe whenever they did address their son being gay. So they don’t really accept him, just want the attention and money he may get.

by Billy Dean reply 31705/01/2019

But I’m glad Jeremiah has a loving boyfriend and is able to show off his talents on the show. I hope afterwards he’ll leave those toxic cretins in the dust.

by Billy Dean reply 31805/01/2019

R317, Jeremiah's parents are especially dumb if they think the 2019 Idol winner is guarantee fame and wealth.

by Billy Dean reply 31905/01/2019

R319 I understand he wants their approval and love cause they’re his parents but I hope he can ditch them cause they will never accept him.

by Billy Dean reply 32005/01/2019

R319 absolutely. But preachers like his dad are grifters and see only money signs just because their son’s on tv.

by Billy Dean reply 32105/01/2019

for marys sake get all new judges!!!!!!

by Billy Dean reply 32205/01/2019

Walker was robbed, I can't believe they got rid of him, but kept the fat guy.

by Billy Dean reply 32305/01/2019

Walker sucked.

by Billy Dean reply 32405/01/2019

The only person robbed this season was Logan.

by Billy Dean reply 32505/01/2019

What's even the point of having judges if they are just going to tell everyone they are great every time they perform?

by Billy Dean reply 32605/01/2019

All we have left to root for now is Laine, he is a little hottie!

by Billy Dean reply 32705/01/2019

I know this is Datalounge, but do all of you really think Simon's shtick would fly in 2019? The year Instagram is ditching likes because children have low self esteem because of them? The only way Simon can be "mean" nowadays is by being on a freak show like America's Got Talent.

Alejandro will probably win, btw. If not him, then Laine.

by Billy Dean reply 32805/01/2019

R316: That sermon was when he thought his song will be eliminated soon and he could ignore him without any backlash. Now that Jeremiah moved into live shows rejecting his son was probably bad publicity and given that Jeremiah is eager to forgive his parents he had an easy path to clean his public image

by Billy Dean reply 32905/02/2019

R319: True, but curiously even in low rated seasons the AI contestants even have more probabilities of making a song be played at the radio than a The Voice winner.

by Billy Dean reply 33005/02/2019

Agreed, R330, that's why I still watch Idol, and not The Voice. But being an Idol winner back in the day was certainly a ticket to fame and relative wealth.

by Billy Dean reply 33105/02/2019

Let's face it, there's really no one in this year's line up who is **star** material.

by Billy Dean reply 33205/02/2019

R332: True, but there are some who have the potential and talent to sustain a career

by Billy Dean reply 33305/02/2019

American Idol is beating The Voice in the ratings this season.

by Billy Dean reply 33405/02/2019

Is that really true, R334? The last thing I read indicated that this is Ryan's last year even in the unlikely event the show is renewed.

by Billy Dean reply 33505/02/2019

It's a mixed bag.

by Billy Dean reply 33605/02/2019

I got the feeling they’re grooming Bobby Bones to be Seacrest’s replacement if it keeps getting renewed. He’s gotten more screen time this year and spending more time with contestants backstage. RS will probably stay on with producer credit.

by Billy Dean reply 33705/02/2019

And he somewhat resembles Miss Seahorse so the change won't be so jarring.

by Billy Dean reply 33805/02/2019

Seacrest probably wants out cause it’s hard for him to do Live with Kelly and Ryan in NYC and this is LA every week

by Billy Dean reply 33905/02/2019

Bobby Bones is fuckable. Seahorse is not.

by Billy Dean reply 34005/02/2019

Woodstock theme tonight. Curiosity and dread setting in....

by Billy Dean reply 34105/05/2019

Logan would have been great for this. He could sing a Melanie song.

by Billy Dean reply 34205/05/2019

Uche would have knocked everyone out.

by Billy Dean reply 34305/05/2019

Sneak peek at Katy's get up tonight.

by Billy Dean reply 34405/05/2019

Is Melanie the only person from Woodstock 69 still alive?

by Billy Dean reply 34505/05/2019

Bobby Bones is the fraud winner of DWTS.

by Billy Dean reply 34605/05/2019

Bobby Bones "dancing"

by Billy Dean reply 34705/05/2019

Does Laci have laryngitis? omfg

by Billy Dean reply 34805/05/2019

Laci sounds off key.

by Billy Dean reply 34905/05/2019

by Billy Dean reply 35005/05/2019

Why does Alejandro get so much theatrics but the others don’t?

by Billy Dean reply 35105/05/2019

Laci's performance was the worst she's done so far. She was off key but her voice couldn't do justice to Love Somebody.

by Billy Dean reply 35205/05/2019

Wade needs to be on Project Runway this week as one of the male models.

by Billy Dean reply 35305/05/2019

Is this big guy pretending to be Joe Cocker a joke? Are we being punked? Why is he on TV singing????

by Billy Dean reply 35405/05/2019

Katy looks great tonight

by Billy Dean reply 35505/05/2019

That was the best of the night???? No. It sucked.

Jeremiah was the only one I liked.

by Billy Dean reply 35605/05/2019

I forgot how much I disliked Gabby.

by Billy Dean reply 35705/05/2019

Laci recap. Awful.

by Billy Dean reply 35805/05/2019

I don’t get the love for Alejandro? What am I missing?

by Billy Dean reply 35905/05/2019

Madison was awful

Bring back the gay ginger!

by Billy Dean reply 36005/05/2019

Laine is the only one we have left to root for.

by Billy Dean reply 36105/05/2019

Alejandro is such a snoozefest.

by Billy Dean reply 36205/05/2019

I prefer Jeremiah to Laine. Laine does the same thing over and over.

by Billy Dean reply 36305/05/2019

Alejandro peaked at his audition.

by Billy Dean reply 36405/05/2019

Jeremiah is my Idol!

by Billy Dean reply 36505/05/2019

Jeremiah's voice is very grating. I'll have to cave and vote Laine even though his "act" wears thin pretty fast.

by Billy Dean reply 36605/05/2019

Jeremiah is the fat guy, no?

by Billy Dean reply 36705/05/2019

Jeremiah is the gay Christian ginger

by Billy Dean reply 36805/05/2019

That's Wade, r367.

by Billy Dean reply 36905/05/2019

Wade has no business still being there.

Alejandro did wonderful with his original but it was so repetitive

by Billy Dean reply 37005/05/2019

Katy just anointed Alejandro as the winner.

by Billy Dean reply 37105/05/2019

I fucking love how the other contestants can watch the performances backstage and hear the judges feedback.

Did you see their faces after Katy anointed Alejandro the winner? They looked like “it’s on now” lol

by Billy Dean reply 37205/05/2019

Lacy and Madison are so bad but the judges keep pretending they’re good

by Billy Dean reply 37305/05/2019

Sorry but when Steve Perry sings “I come to you with open arms” he’s coming to you with open arms.

This young lady is pleasant looking but that’s about it.

by Billy Dean reply 37405/05/2019

Madison lacks any emotion in her voice. She has amazing vocals but lacks emotion or character in her voice.

Laci has a beautiful voice but doesn’t use it properly. Also, she didn’t do anything Lauren told her to do.

by Billy Dean reply 37505/05/2019

Open Arms is **too big** a song for Laci.

by Billy Dean reply 37605/05/2019

I wouldn’t call those amazing vocals but theyre adequet. Country music is probably her best route.

by Billy Dean reply 37705/05/2019

I should say “amazing range”. She has a large range with her voice, however, just adequate vocals and no emotion or feeling in her voice and tone. She just hits the notes and sounds polished.

I’m still annoyed Wade is there. He’s terrible.

I can’t get over how guys like Alex and Logan lost out for fucking Wade and Eddie Island.

by Billy Dean reply 37805/05/2019

Madison is Vegas / cruise ship

by Billy Dean reply 37905/05/2019

Jeremiah is singing one of my favorite songs...go gurl

by Billy Dean reply 38005/05/2019

Eat your heart out, Ben Platt

by Billy Dean reply 38105/05/2019

Love that song! Jeremiah really killed it! He did amazing!!!!

I love how supportive and loving his boyfriend is. Always there for him, unlike his parents.

by Billy Dean reply 38205/05/2019

Can Jeremiah smile sometimes? People might get the idea that he’s stuck up

by Billy Dean reply 38305/05/2019

R383 meanwhile he’s anything but.

by Billy Dean reply 38405/05/2019

How can Jeremiah be expected to smile and look engaged when listening to critiques of his singing from Katy Fucking Perry and that country guy? At least he isn’t rolling his eyes at them.

by Billy Dean reply 38505/05/2019

Amen r384...and dump this Wade already!

by Billy Dean reply 38605/05/2019

Is wades mom mtf?

by Billy Dean reply 38705/05/2019

I'm hearing Leonard Cohen in Wade. Loved it.

by Billy Dean reply 38805/05/2019

Yuck. I hate belting. Bring back understated Logan, goddamit.

This is really bad tonight. As if the Bee Gees sang at Woodstock. Nobody will buy records by anyone here except Laine (as a cute teen idol) or Lexi since her voice is odd (if not strong).

by Billy Dean reply 38905/05/2019


Did Luke just compare him to Johnny Cash?? Cash must be rolling in his grave.

by Billy Dean reply 39005/05/2019

Is “Vote for the Worst” still a thing? Is that why Wade is on this show?

Lionel Richie.....what happened to you??

by Billy Dean reply 39105/05/2019

R389 Laci. And she has a beautiful voice. Very unique.

by Billy Dean reply 39205/05/2019

Hell no, besides being a genius writer, Cohen sang with little fanfare and then stepped out of the way for his backup ladies to deliver on great harmonies. Wade is more Taylor whatever his name was, the first winner to underdeliver and kill the Idol spell way back when.

by Billy Dean reply 39305/05/2019

I vote based on looks and Laine is the only one left worth looking at.

by Billy Dean reply 39405/05/2019

R394 that’s unfortunate

by Billy Dean reply 39505/05/2019

This show needs a Simon cowell, someone who’s not afraid to say something critical. These celebrity judges are too afraid to say something negative.

by Billy Dean reply 39605/05/2019

Lionel has been around Katy and Luke too long. He’s becoming as deaf as they are to these contestants

by Billy Dean reply 39705/05/2019

Laci wins for best fashion.

by Billy Dean reply 39805/05/2019

Laci is very pretty. I wish she would lose the light blonde hair dye jobs though.

by Billy Dean reply 39905/05/2019

R398 sponsored by

by Billy Dean reply 40005/05/2019

I’m bored of Laines schtick

by Billy Dean reply 40105/05/2019

Kids got very little talent

by Billy Dean reply 40205/05/2019

Miss Perry picking her butt on national television. Breeding is everything.

by Billy Dean reply 40305/05/2019

Laine is not as good as some claim. He is one note. He can’t do anything else.

He’s just a cute and very sweet Eurasian.

by Billy Dean reply 40405/05/2019

Laine is a snooze fest

by Billy Dean reply 40505/05/2019

This is the whitest version of this song ever. Even whiter than Marty McFly’s version. Wow, quite an accomplishment.

by Billy Dean reply 40605/05/2019

I caught that too R403

by Billy Dean reply 40705/05/2019

R406 and coming from a half Asian. Who knew they could be whiter than whites.

by Billy Dean reply 40805/05/2019

Let’s have an acapello sing-off and cut the shit and really see who’s the best singer. I’m guessing Lainey wouldn’t do as well.

by Billy Dean reply 40905/05/2019

The fat guy should have gotten the boot long ago!

by Billy Dean reply 41005/05/2019

Laine would be out first and somehow Wade would still be around.

by Billy Dean reply 41105/05/2019

R410 he shouldn’t have made Top 14 period

by Billy Dean reply 41205/05/2019


by Billy Dean reply 41305/05/2019

Bring back Cowell.

by Billy Dean reply 41405/05/2019

Ok .I no longer give a flying fuck who longer watching and deleting the app

by Billy Dean reply 41505/05/2019

How did Wade make Top 4?! Who are these assholes voting for him in droves? He’s terrible!!!

by Billy Dean reply 41605/05/2019

These people are such useless assholes.

by Billy Dean reply 41705/05/2019

Laci over Jeremiah?! I’m livid!!!!!

He was 100x better than her tonight.

by Billy Dean reply 41805/05/2019

It’s not a singing competition, I hope the rumors are right and they cancel this shit.

by Billy Dean reply 41905/05/2019

There there. It's almost over, r415.

by Billy Dean reply 42005/05/2019

My jaw dropped. These judges are literally idiots.

by Billy Dean reply 42105/05/2019

R419 it’s not. They’re already promoting the audition process for next season.

by Billy Dean reply 42205/05/2019

Come on, you know who votes. The South votes and teen girls vote, so the country singers and cute boys are always going to do well. Wade and Alejandro are one trick ponies who will never make it. Open the votes up to the public and this is what you get. At least World of Dance has the judges be the determining factor - no public vote.

by Billy Dean reply 42305/05/2019

Alejandro is at least creative. Wade is all around awful.

by Billy Dean reply 42405/05/2019

Alejandro is miles better than Wade and Laine. Laine is just cute. But his talent is beyond limited.

by Billy Dean reply 42505/05/2019

You guys should see the comments under the pic of Laine AI posted.

People are FUMING Jeremiah didn’t make it.

by Billy Dean reply 42605/05/2019

For shits 'n giggles - Alejandro "singing" White Rabbit.

by Billy Dean reply 42705/05/2019

I imagine that last week Adam Lambert took Jeremiah aside and prepared him to get sent home. An out gay man will never win Idol. In a way, the judges did him a favor by using their save realistically.

by Billy Dean reply 42805/05/2019

R428 I doubt that happened. Lambert made Final 2 his season. He didn’t win, but he did make Final 2.

by Billy Dean reply 42905/05/2019

Laine's Asian hook keeps him from being the White Guy enemy that isn't exactly popular right now, especially on a show like this. And he has another story that makes him a good winner -- nothing sad but it's cool that he got cut last year early, came back to play guitar for a friend and then got a ticket too (or so that's what they presented to us). So a good "Don't Give Up" story.

by Billy Dean reply 43005/05/2019

Kris Allen was gonna win no matter what. He was young, hot and talented. Even Adam admitted to crushing on Kris, so he wasn’t shocked he won lol

by Billy Dean reply 43105/05/2019

What happened to the friend Laine played guitar for? Lol

by Billy Dean reply 43205/05/2019

She got cut in Hollywood. But he of course told her she could come back -- like he did. And now look. (I don't think there's ever been an Asian winner before either so there's that).

Plus he's hot.

by Billy Dean reply 43305/05/2019

Walker was robbed a couple of weeks ago and now Jeremiah was robbed. Laine is the only one that deserves to win though.

by Billy Dean reply 43405/05/2019

Walker wasn’t robbed. Walker was actually awful last week.

People are seriously PISSED Jeremiah wasn’t saved.

by Billy Dean reply 43505/05/2019

Have there ever been two fat slobs in the top five before?

by Billy Dean reply 43605/05/2019

R436 I think this is a first

by Billy Dean reply 43705/05/2019

Whenever I see Wade, I just know that his ass stinks when he stands up.

by Billy Dean reply 43805/05/2019

Reminder: Katy Perry is being paid $60 million to do what she does on this show.

by Billy Dean reply 43905/05/2019

Three if you count Madison, R436.

by Billy Dean reply 44005/05/2019

The Jeremiah supporters are like Democratic voters: they don't bother to vote, then complain bitterly about the results.

by Billy Dean reply 44105/05/2019

R440, she's young and doesn't dress like she's going to a pig slaughter. It looks like she bathes, which cannot be said about the two men.

by Billy Dean reply 44205/05/2019

Madison is thick but I wouldn’t say FAT

by Billy Dean reply 44305/05/2019

Wow, R439, that's a lot of money. I thought her salary was $27M per season.

Also, so the votes of people on the West Coast don't count for American Idol. The voting is over and decisions made by the time it airs.

by Billy Dean reply 44405/05/2019

Madison is the best out of the bunch. Jeremiah got robbed. Wade and Alejandro have no business being in this thing at all.

by Billy Dean reply 44505/05/2019

R444, the west coast sees it live at 5 pm and then repeats again at 8. My partner and I both voted but we suspect that most west coasters don’t tune in till the 8 pm show when it’s closed.

by Billy Dean reply 44605/05/2019

Thank you very much, R446. I did not know that.

by Billy Dean reply 44705/05/2019

Jeremiah's not being saved is as much a travesty as Bobby Bones winning DWTS over Milo.

by Billy Dean reply 44805/05/2019

I can't deal with Laine's fake white teeth they are so distracting. He's so weird to me for some reason. An ok singer/performer.

From episode one I called Madison winning, and of who's left I hope she does. I have to turn the volume off when Wade is on.

by Billy Dean reply 44905/05/2019

America canned the gay guy? Guess that's it for Mayor Pete.

by Billy Dean reply 45005/05/2019

Who is bobby bones? I had no clue who he is until he showed up on DWTS? I'm assuming he's on something that's owned by ABC.

by Billy Dean reply 45105/05/2019

Bobby Bones is an American on-air radio personality, best known for hosting the nationally syndicated The Bobby Bones Show, originating out of KISS-FM in Austin, Texas.

His fans nationwide voted for him, which is why, despite the fact that he has absolutely no sense of rhythm, he won DWTS.

by Billy Dean reply 45205/05/2019

I have to turn the volume off when Wade is on.

I change the channel when Wade is on. I can't stand that raspy voice. It's like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. I was really hoping he'd go home this week. I love Madison. She not only has the best voice of those left, she always seems so comfortable on stage and has a great stage presence. I mean, anyone can have a great voice but you need the personality to go with it. And Madison has it. I really do hope she wins.

by Billy Dean reply 45305/05/2019

Madison and Jeremiah were the only two really talented singers on the show, and now Madison’s the only one left. She deserves to win since she’s easily the best vocalist, which means Wade or Laine will get the title.

by Billy Dean reply 45405/05/2019

Alejandro will win. Apparently, he's been getting the most votes each week.

by Billy Dean reply 45505/05/2019

Obscurity just biding its time.

by Billy Dean reply 45605/06/2019

Ryan must be totally checked out for him to allow the show to hire a "Ryan Version 2.0" in the form of this Bones person. Maybe he's being paid extra to be nice to this guy who is obviously being groomed to take over for Seacrest at some point.

by Billy Dean reply 45705/06/2019

R457 rumor is Seacrest may leave once his contract is up.

I’m happy to see so many people upset over Laci being saved over Jeremiah. They fucked up big time.

by Billy Dean reply 45805/06/2019

Realistically none of them has a good chance at being commercially successful on pop charts. Maybe Laine has a chance at a country following because he’s cute. Jeremiah could release a niche gospel record for Christian gays. The rest are destined for state fairs.

by Billy Dean reply 45905/06/2019

Laci could do Country easily.

by Billy Dean reply 46005/06/2019

Yea i agree i think Bones replaces Seacrest

by Billy Dean reply 46105/06/2019

Producers decided that Laci should stay and told Katy to vote that way. Jeremiah has a distinctive voice, but it has no market.

by Billy Dean reply 46205/06/2019

Laine is the only one that deserves to win.

by Billy Dean reply 46305/06/2019

Laine sucks. But I like him.

by Billy Dean reply 46405/06/2019

I'd like to suck Laine.

by Billy Dean reply 46505/06/2019

Laine is half Asian. So his dick is probably small.

by Billy Dean reply 46605/06/2019

Don't know about his dick (half-Asian is very different, could've gotten his dad's penis and that's a myth anyway in my experience) -- but he's very small. Great body in clothes but same height as Seacrest.

by Billy Dean reply 46705/06/2019

But, you'd still suck him off.

by Billy Dean reply 46805/06/2019

I just noticed the theatrics after you mentioned it, r351. Alejandro's second set had even more incredible theatrics. Astonishing, in fact.

by Billy Dean reply 46905/06/2019

Why can't AI attract better talent like Europe?

by Billy Dean reply 47005/06/2019

Getting rid of Walker and Jeremiah but keeping the two ugly, fat slobs is a travesty!

by Billy Dean reply 47105/06/2019

It's a mirror of America so in that sense, spot on.

by Billy Dean reply 47205/06/2019

I don’t get laci, wade or Alejandro. They are just So MEH.

Laci has bad tooth to gum ratio, not helped by her fake lips, and reminds me of AMBER DEMPSEY from the simpsons. I also don’t get the fawning over her voice and I like quirky stylist singers Alejandro - I see the appeal, but not a singer.. Wade - ridiculous.

Like everyone else has said, laine has been a one trick pony all season and I didn’t like his Elvis persona from the very beginning. I thought it was pretty tacky but hilarious that when Katy saw him during his friends audition the first thing she pointed out was that he “got new teeth”.

Madison is the only actual contestant since Jeremiah is gone, and at least she sang Moana better than that terrible Myra or whatever - that girl was terrible!

by Billy Dean reply 47305/06/2019

Bobby Bones may replace Ryan....fact. However, he was brought in to take up some slack so that Ryan could still maintain his job at Live with Kelly and Ryan.....fact . I am an ABC employee

by Billy Dean reply 47405/06/2019

Ryan does the show as if he'd rather be anywhere else on earth.

by Billy Dean reply 47505/07/2019

I'd never heard of Bobby Bones before I saw him on American Idol. Who he is and what is he famous for?

by Billy Dean reply 47605/07/2019

Look at R452. It's already been answered.

by Billy Dean reply 47705/07/2019

For those of us bummed out about Jeremiah’s departure, one of my friends who is an entertainment writer compiled the following list of Idol non-winners:

Clay Aiken, Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert, Katherine McPhee are all well-known for their post-Idol success.

Constantine Maroulis was nominated for a Tony Award in for his performance in “Rock of Ages”. Ace Young appeared in the Broadway production of Hair. He also was nominated for a songwriting Grammy Award. Diana DeGarmo appeared in “Hairspray” and “Hair”, and Justin Guarini appeared in “Wicked” on Broadway. He is “Lil’ Sweet” on the “Dr. Pepper” commercials.

Kellie Pickler won “Dancing With The Stars” and now co-hosts the talk show “Pickler and Ben”.

Amber Reily of “Glee” was cut in the first round of Hollywood Week. Colbie Caillat was rejected by the judges in the Idol audition round. Hillary Scott of “Lady Antebellum” didn’t get far enough to audition with the judges.

So, Jeremiah, you may be going places. We could be seeing you on a much-brighter stage than Idol. It’s probably to your benefit, anyway.

by Billy Dean reply 47805/07/2019

I can't envision Wade performing two dozen songs at a concert under bright, hot lights and a fried voice. What if he wins Idol and can't make it through half of the American Idol summer tour? Is there a "first runner-up" who assumes the title and role in this case? Have the judges thought of this? Are they giving him advice on what he should expect on a tour?

by Billy Dean reply 47905/07/2019

Any guesses how much Wade could weigh? Serious health question.

by Billy Dean reply 48005/07/2019

The only voice I would like on the radio is Laci’s. But she needs to step it up! She’s got the look, but where is her charisma and energy?

Jeremiah is lucky - no idol contract, and he would be wonderful on Broadway. I’d pay to see him. His voice is pure and perfect.

by Billy Dean reply 48105/07/2019

Jeremiah isn't very attractive, he would have been a poor choice, go Laine!

by Billy Dean reply 48205/07/2019

Laine has a great voice for studio recordings. He just needs to hook up with songwriters in their 60's and 70's.

by Billy Dean reply 48305/07/2019

Laci has the perfect voice for radio.

by Billy Dean reply 48405/07/2019

Jeremiah cannot even act a song. He has no stage movement, as is the case with most of the contestants. And his voice is shrill and annoying. Broadway is not the answer, unless it's a show geared to the "woke" generation.

by Billy Dean reply 48505/07/2019

If there was ever a Broadway musical about the life of Bob Dylan, I could see Jeremiah in the leading role.

by Billy Dean reply 48605/07/2019

R479, coinciding with the show's plummeting ratings, the summer tour ended some years ago.

by Billy Dean reply 48705/08/2019

Walker is the Broadway star in the making. And they already have a blonde girl in the wings with no recording contract from last year so Laci is out. It's Laine but they all have hard-ons for Alejandro so maybe he'll be the next forgotten winner, a cool artist in the wrong era. If Paul Simon's SON can't really crack it, how can he?

by Billy Dean reply 48805/08/2019

Can we stop labeling bottle blondes “blonde” as if they’re natural blondes like the Olsens? They’re fake blonde.

by Billy Dean reply 48905/08/2019

R489 Most adult females that have blonde hair are bottle blondes. I'd say the Olsen twins are bottle blondes now too. My mother had very light blonde hair in her youth, but it gradually got darker the older she got. I had light brown hair when I was young and now it's basically black.

by Billy Dean reply 49005/09/2019

R490 that’s you and your mom. Not everyone has that. Some stay blonde, my ex being one.

Your hair stops darkening by a certain age.

by Billy Dean reply 49105/09/2019

It's been weeks and nothing has topped Logan and Julia Michaels duet. The show is limping to its inevitable anti-climax.

by Billy Dean reply 49205/10/2019

The best performances were in Hawaii. I haven't been that impressed with their performances since then. The only performance I really liked since then was the duet with Jeremiah and Madison.

Jeremiah always sang heavy sad sounding songs and it got tiring. Madison is probably the best singer left, but her performances lack emotion. I thought Wade did the best last Sunday.

by Billy Dean reply 49305/10/2019

Laine is by far the best, he had better win!

by Billy Dean reply 49405/10/2019

Alejandro sounds like a breathy version of Dave Matthews

by Billy Dean reply 49505/10/2019

Laine is the best looking... he's far from the best talent.

by Billy Dean reply 49605/10/2019

I didn't see Madison last week. She massacred the opening song. omg

by Billy Dean reply 49705/11/2019

Elton John songs tonight.

by Billy Dean reply 49805/12/2019

Wage has a two note range.

by Billy Dean reply 49905/12/2019

Lionel to Wade: "You're on the way to something HUGE."

by Billy Dean reply 50005/12/2019

I am so baffled by the Wade love. He is atrocious

by Billy Dean reply 50105/12/2019

Who the f**k is voting for the 400-lb tub of lard? I can't imagine that women actually find that fat*ss attractive. Jeremiah was voted off, but Lardo gets to stay? That's why I hate this show.

by Billy Dean reply 50205/12/2019

America loves Wade

by Billy Dean reply 50305/12/2019

Wade left his comfort zone, according to Lionel. He had to get up from the buffet.

by Billy Dean reply 50405/12/2019

Remember when this was a real show?

by Billy Dean reply 50505/12/2019

Alejandro was actually good. I liked his version of No Woman No Cry

by Billy Dean reply 50605/12/2019

Laine is not a vocalist. I am sick of them acting like hes better than he is. Same with Wade. Neither is a VOCALIST nor a STAR. Laine will never be a big star, hes too small town and shy.

by Billy Dean reply 50705/12/2019

Who votes, R 507? Small town America.

by Billy Dean reply 50805/12/2019

I don’t get the love for Alejandro. What am I not seeing/hearing that America is?

by Billy Dean reply 50905/12/2019

The majority of viewers for this show come from Middle America.

by Billy Dean reply 51005/12/2019

Again, Madison sings big notes but lacks any emotion or feeling in her voice...

by Billy Dean reply 51105/12/2019

Wade is terrible. Couldn't even begin to hit the right notes. Judges have lost all credibility.

by Billy Dean reply 51205/12/2019

Most voters are in the South.

by Billy Dean reply 51305/12/2019

r513 most viewers in the Midwest, not South

by Billy Dean reply 51405/12/2019

From a civicscience study:

With all the demographic shifts we’ve seen, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that the political makeup of AI viewers has shifted as well. In our 2012 segment, 30% of the audience members who followed AI “Very Closely” identified as Republican. By the time we got to 2015 and later, that number leapt to 40%.

by Billy Dean reply 51505/12/2019

Uh oh Alejandro.....the "whisperer" is next.

by Billy Dean reply 51605/12/2019

R514, no.

by Billy Dean reply 51705/12/2019

Take heart, music lovers. The travesty is coming to an end.........for good. How would you like to be the winner who had the show canceled?

by Billy Dean reply 51805/12/2019

Put your arms down, Madison. It's not a swimming contest. She has no stage presence.

by Billy Dean reply 51905/12/2019

Madison also lacks any feeling and emotion. Luke has no clue what hes talking about saying how much "soul" her voice has. None.

by Billy Dean reply 52005/12/2019

Lionel keeps asking contestants if they've been in his closet. Week after week.

by Billy Dean reply 52105/12/2019

r521 and everyone laughs each time.

by Billy Dean reply 52205/12/2019

Well, R521, his closet has been very active for decades and decades... he can’t possibly remember everyone he’s lured into it.

by Billy Dean reply 52305/12/2019

"You were born enough...."

Lionel 'ministering' to Wade

by Billy Dean reply 52405/12/2019

Madison's mom looks like Farah Fawcett in Burning Bed. After the fire.

by Billy Dean reply 52505/12/2019

Denine has a purse full of pills

by Billy Dean reply 52605/12/2019

Alejandro is cute but he can't sing live

by Billy Dean reply 52705/12/2019

Laine is so damn hot, he had better win!

by Billy Dean reply 52805/12/2019

The lack of stage presence and the fact that the contestants have not improved is more a function from over-fawning judges than anything else. They never have constructive criticism and don't firmly call out the contestants. With nothing to work with, it's impossible for the performers to improve. They are doing them no favors for a possible career.

by Billy Dean reply 52905/12/2019

Why doesn’t Alejandro ever have any family?

by Billy Dean reply 53005/12/2019

Alejandro's smile is so cute....

by Billy Dean reply 53105/12/2019

Alejandro is charming for sure, seems so serious on the surface but clearly is sweet and has some humor. He could have a Norah Jones kind of career. Not sure anybody else left could, not even stud Laine.

by Billy Dean reply 53205/12/2019

A country artist usually will do fine

by Billy Dean reply 53305/12/2019

Not one of these "singers" stood out. And they **all** get rave reviews from the judges. Laci is a "mega superstar" according to Katy. They're all being effusive and not at all offering realistic assessments.

by Billy Dean reply 53405/12/2019

Lacey can do porn. She already has the name and the stunt hair.

by Billy Dean reply 53505/12/2019

A Laine/Aljejandro showdown will be exciting. But watch, dumbass bar mitzvah singer Madison will end up winning and then they can cancel the show.

by Billy Dean reply 53605/12/2019

Or....better yet, Wade wins, r536. Somewhere Cowell must be cringing.

by Billy Dean reply 53705/12/2019

Wade can't win - he gone. If you are on a reality contest the next couple of years and are a white male, forget about winning.

by Billy Dean reply 53805/12/2019

Laine can't sing... so what kind of showdown will that be? Hes no better than Wade

by Billy Dean reply 53905/12/2019

[quote]Lacey can do porn. She already has the name and the stunt hair.

And Vegas hooker clothes.

by Billy Dean reply 54005/12/2019

Laci has the best voice for radio

by Billy Dean reply 54105/12/2019

Country has massive supporters in the US, Laine will make the finale.

by Billy Dean reply 54205/12/2019

Laine has to make decent country music first. Many country artists of Idol have vanished...

by Billy Dean reply 54305/12/2019

In 2019, successful country singers look like Luke Bryan (muscular man) and not like Laine (twinky boy)

by Billy Dean reply 54405/12/2019

Exactly r544 ... look at most of the big names in Country right now, not one looks like Laine.

by Billy Dean reply 54505/12/2019

Let's not forget......Country Justin Bieber twink Austin Michael Robinson caught Luke's fancy.

by Billy Dean reply 54605/12/2019

Well, there aren't many country singers who are half-Korean.

by Billy Dean reply 54705/12/2019

I wouldn't pay a nickel to see any of them live. They'd have to pay me.

by Billy Dean reply 54805/12/2019

Laine is the complete package!

by Billy Dean reply 54905/12/2019

Even though I'd hoped Jerimiah would make it through, this the Final 3 I predicted pretty much from the beginning.

Alejandro is the most talented, Madison has the best pipes, but Laine is the prettiest, so he wins!

by Billy Dean reply 55005/12/2019

Laine lacks talent... so no he isn't

by Billy Dean reply 55105/12/2019

Logan was robbed

by Billy Dean reply 55205/12/2019

Uche was robbed, if anybody.

by Billy Dean reply 55305/12/2019

Every time I see Alejandro I imagine him jerking off to thoughts of Katy Perry's titties.

Laine will be a great rock voice, not country.

Lacey will go to college. Her voice is cool sometimes but she swallows words...and Wade's cock...if she can find it under the blubber.

by Billy Dean reply 55405/12/2019

FInally, the fat tub of lard is gone!

by Billy Dean reply 55505/12/2019

I was waiting for you fat phobic people to celebrate Wade being gone

by Billy Dean reply 55605/12/2019

Just saw it tonight for first time and fell into a rabbit hole of Alejandro. I hope he wins. I love seeing natural talent. True musical genius vs the cutie Laine - who is fine and could be a pop star but is really more about his looks.

Really curious what happens with Alejandro. I fear that is the world of superficial artists, he may not get a payoff. But damn, he’s talented. Glad I watched it for first time in years.

by Billy Dean reply 55705/12/2019

omg girl on now is off pitch.. she there as token girl?


by Billy Dean reply 55805/12/2019

first guy sounded like nick drake

pity he no look like him

by Billy Dean reply 55905/12/2019

wade has layrengitis


by Billy Dean reply 56005/12/2019

He whispers songs, wtf he doin ther

by Billy Dean reply 56105/12/2019

Can the show still book big stars for the finale? Who do they have this year?

by Billy Dean reply 56205/12/2019

carrie underwood, weezer, adam lambert

by Billy Dean reply 56305/12/2019

omg the tacky ho blonde butcherin sat nite

by Billy Dean reply 56405/12/2019

Whom does these losers screw to be in the finals? weird

by Billy Dean reply 56505/12/2019

do the judges ever not like and not kiss ass of the singers? fake

by Billy Dean reply 56605/12/2019

Lawdy laci got a chin on her.

by Billy Dean reply 56705/12/2019

end of time: Dylan sold his song to coffee ad.

by Billy Dean reply 56805/12/2019

Show be so fresh n fuk when they fire seacrest.

by Billy Dean reply 56905/12/2019

Tub o' Lard not in final three. That's a relief. I love (1) listening to Alejandro, (2) watching Laine with the sound off, and (3) copying useless hand gestures from the girl (can't remember her name).

by Billy Dean reply 57005/12/2019

alejandro and his girly voice...trans?

by Billy Dean reply 57105/12/2019

if they the 3 finalists. they musta had slim fukin pickens this year.


by Billy Dean reply 57205/12/2019

They are like high school auditions.

by Billy Dean reply 57305/12/2019

Ide love a super close up of lionel Ritchie's face, every stretched , shot out millimeter...

by Billy Dean reply 57405/12/2019

so little of madden in the rocketman ads, taron so jealous huh of his performance

by Billy Dean reply 57505/12/2019

Does the fat guy alwys sound that raspy? Ghastly

by Billy Dean reply 57605/12/2019

Poor taron, this movie gonna be a huge bomb....

by Billy Dean reply 57705/12/2019

This one guy with the nelly soft high voice

how is he in this????

by Billy Dean reply 57805/12/2019

I think all 4 semi finalists are equally poor....

They interviewd so many, and we are stuk with this????


by Billy Dean reply 57905/12/2019

Why are most posts here from the same English language-challenged moron?

by Billy Dean reply 58005/12/2019

many are asked, but only he comes to the level of the bum dumb judges in their change of life bloos.

by Billy Dean reply 58105/13/2019

Can the judges be replaced next season?

They add nothing. They literally just clap and praise each contestant, never giving advice or criticism.

For this just let Britney Spears judge with her 3 word responses.

by Billy Dean reply 58205/13/2019

That Lane kid, they pretty much picked him to win when they handed him a golden ticket without him even trying out.

by Billy Dean reply 58305/13/2019

Laine obviously let all three judges blow him.

by Billy Dean reply 58405/13/2019

I would, and I'm not a judge.

by Billy Dean reply 58505/13/2019

THIS is what is missing.

by Billy Dean reply 58605/13/2019

R586 these judges would give standing ovations to the people Simon is tearing apart

by Billy Dean reply 58705/13/2019

Critique of Katy Perry's "Judging":

Throughout the 17 seasons of Idol, there have been many coaches that have come and gone. None have had the same chemistry or staying power as the original panel of judges. Paula, Randy, and Simon seemed to have what it takes.

So, why are some people saying Katy Perry is the worst American Idol Coach? Her job is to decide who continues on the show, but she also needs to give feedback. The contestants need to know how they can improve as singers, and Perry isn’t giving them what they need. She has instead spent much of the season critiquing the way the male contestants look and flirting with them.

by Billy Dean reply 58805/13/2019

R588 I agree. She just flirts and praises. She doesn’t give any feedback. Luke also, but he seems too nice to say anything mean. You can tell he’s a good boy and can’t say anything that would Be hurtful or “mean”.

The only one that sometimes gives critique is Lionel, and even he has stopped lately.

Katy “coaches” how Nicki Minaj did.

by Billy Dean reply 58905/13/2019

Officially renewed for another season. I’m kind of shocked.

by Billy Dean reply 59005/13/2019

They need one tough record producer who understands the business from the inside -- and can get the deserved winner at least one record. Philip Phillips was the last one to have any on air success, right?

by Billy Dean reply 59105/13/2019

R590 why? They’ve been promoting auditions for a new season for the past 3 weeks. They did a promo for it again last night. It was clear it was getting renewed when they promoted auditions

by Billy Dean reply 59205/13/2019

The show will be back but they are hopefully getting new judges. Katy's 25 million is a big waste of money.

by Billy Dean reply 59305/13/2019

Katy Perry flirts with "crooner." Non-Stop.

by Billy Dean reply 59405/13/2019

By not giving actual critiques, the judges are doing a dis-service to young viewers, who might benefit from seeing what should and should not be done; to teach them. Now, nothing truly constructive is being said.

by Billy Dean reply 59505/13/2019

we lurv katy! fast forward to 4:10

by Billy Dean reply 59605/13/2019

Laine is so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

by Billy Dean reply 59705/13/2019

Case in point, thank you, r596.


by Billy Dean reply 59805/13/2019

Part 2.

by Billy Dean reply 59905/13/2019

"You're SO hot."

- Katy Perry to male contestant

by Billy Dean reply 60005/13/2019
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