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The Jig Is Up!

The hunt is on! Rifles at the ready. Boots spit polished. This technology is so precise we're able to pinpoint people by counties in some cases.

See the DNA profiles matched to actual photos. Look at what categorizes racial identity and the phenotypes included in the determination results. So spot on.

It's a NEW! IMPROVED! form of entertainment witnessing these psychopaths getting picked off one by one. Sweet satisfaction as the hunter is now transformed into prey. Sweat bullets ya bastards because we're coming for you. It's now down to almost every week. A new national sporting event and pastime!

by Justice For Victimsreply 4003/25/2019

Actual (dyed hair)! Wouldn't you just die?😂

by Justice For Victimsreply 103/14/2019


by Justice For Victimsreply 203/14/2019

What the fuck is OP talking about????

by Justice For Victimsreply 303/14/2019

Published Police Investigations Although Parabon has produced Snapshot DNA Phenotyping Reports for a large number of different federal, state, local, and international law enforcement agencies, many of these reports are considered confidential, as their release may interfere with ongoing investigations.

The Snapshot predictions displayed below, however, have been released publicly as persons of interest in their respective cases. If you have information pertaining to the identity and/or location of these individuals, you are encouraged to contact the numbers listed in the report.

The accuracy is astounding! Lots of John/Jane Doe cases solved that have stumped for decades. So exciting to look on as cold cases are solved one right after the other.

by Justice For Victimsreply 403/14/2019

It must be like zodiac signs, when you want to believe so you convince yourself that a description of one matches to you. These drawing don’t look like the actual people.

by Justice For Victimsreply 503/14/2019

Probably one of the most satisfying collar of a killer. Law enforcement was so desperate to get this guy they released his DNA composite. Nothing happened because everyone was busy looking for an actual indian. No one let on that Mexican is considered Native American. He was right under everyone's noses for a decade. His father is a WASP and his mother's name is Juanita, from Mexico. Now if LE would have slashed the Native American/Latino people would have been able to i.d. him in a heartbeat.

by Justice For Victimsreply 603/14/2019

Don’t drink and post, OP.

by Justice For Victimsreply 703/14/2019

Give us some context please OP.

by Justice For Victimsreply 803/14/2019

There's something wrong with people who follow this sort of shit.

by Justice For Victimsreply 903/14/2019

Most of the guesswork photos don't look much like the actual person.

by Justice For Victimsreply 1003/14/2019

Someone took the uppers when he needed the downers....

by Justice For Victimsreply 1103/14/2019

Way off.

by Justice For Victimsreply 1203/14/2019

Dial down the 'shrooms, O.P..

by Justice For Victimsreply 1303/14/2019

Most of these people don’t look like their drawings.

by Justice For Victimsreply 1403/14/2019

Bring it on!

by Justice For Victimsreply 1503/14/2019

Dee Arrrr thread.

F&F and block.

by Justice For Victimsreply 1603/14/2019

Wondering how inbreeding would chart in the results...

by Justice For Victimsreply 1703/14/2019

Websleuths is gonna go out of business 😅

by Justice For Victimsreply 1803/14/2019

Here you go, OP (and anyone else who thinks they know what the fuck this is supposed to be).

by Justice For Victimsreply 1903/14/2019

Why do you feel the need to squash others and attempt control on an anonymous board is what you need to be questioning of yourself, stinker @ R16 R19.. beat it. Deflating and directionless. Please stop attempts at antagonizing over a long ago thread and cease replying to our contributions

by Justice For Victimsreply 2003/15/2019

OP here. Just blew a load!

by Justice For Victimsreply 2103/15/2019

Just think of all of these paranoid psychopaths looking over their shoulders when out in public eating, drinking, smoking.

You see, that's what we're talking about!

⏺He was traced after investigators used genealogy database Parabon Nanolabs to create a family tree using DNA found on her body and named him a suspect ⏺Investigators trailed him and tested a dropped 'personal item' and found him to be a match

Saddle up!

by Justice For Victimsreply 2203/15/2019

Something smells of 💩

by Justice For Victimsreply 2303/15/2019

Yeah R23, that would be your own breath!

Don't you dare accuse me of being one to wear control top pantyhose with sandals next to a stained pink heart shaped chair! How dare you!

Can you stop tracking me all over this damned website because I insulted you & set you straight on another thread looooong ago? Set some tangible goals for your life in 2019, wouldja?

by Justice For Victimsreply 2403/15/2019

R17 question-

Why yes you can! Talk about surprises. Imagine worrying about your results showing up another race or ethnicity only to find out you're an inbred bastard! That'll fix ya 😎

by Justice For Victimsreply 2503/15/2019

You just can’t help yourself, R24

by Justice For Victimsreply 2603/15/2019

At Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, sophisticated DNA analyses used to diagnose such disabilities as birth defects, epilepsy or developmental delays revealed that in some children, about 25 percent of genetic material inherited from their mother was the same as material inherited from their father. That suggested their parents were first-degree relatives -- father and daughter, brother and sister, or mother and son. Children who inherited half as much identical DNA from both parents likely were the offspring of second-degree relatives, such as an uncle and niece. Had the mothers and fathers of these youngsters been unrelated, those same stretches of DNA would have differed.-

Bet mountain people and mobsters find these results.


by Justice For Victimsreply 2703/15/2019

I love it!

by Justice For Victimsreply 2803/15/2019

Oh no, hon. This is not a bombshell! Besides anyone could see your indigenous blood lines a mile away.

The family secret threads on some of those DNA website forums are delish. Not as delish as murderers shaking in their boots though.

by Justice For Victimsreply 2903/15/2019

Well R23, if it is any consolation, I've saved in my phone every image of Poo & Erna. Even edited them. Not this one though😂

by Justice For Victimsreply 3003/15/2019

R28, are you quite done? Start by spreading joy & humor. Imagine you all hurt & sad. Turn a new leaf. Go 'head

by Justice For Victimsreply 3103/15/2019

To all those saying you have no idea what OP is talking about...

THANK YOU for chiming in. I thought it was me that was fucked up for a minute.

by Justice For Victimsreply 3203/15/2019

Has Lark Voorhies discovered DL?

This sounds like one of her creative writing ventures.

by Justice For Victimsreply 3303/15/2019

Wait, still don't get it. Glad not the only rube😂 OP wha? What? Saying what?

Fuck up, toolbag

by Justice For Victimsreply 3403/17/2019

Meth is a helluva drug, ain't it, OP?

by Justice For Victimsreply 3503/18/2019

I found OP's youtube channel, here's the most popular video:

by Justice For Victimsreply 3603/18/2019

Boomhauer, is that you at OP?

by Justice For Victimsreply 3703/18/2019

Op they look nothing alike. You can identify race that is about it.

by Justice For Victimsreply 3803/18/2019

So fucking sick of you, you colored race baiting POS. Don't answer here on my own thread & you're chasing me around day & night. Go do some laundry. Go clean up your hovel.

You're nothing but a low rent media stooge buying into a carefully crafted racial division fallacy "newsites" puppet for hits & ad revenue. Preying on our least educated, naive & hurting sector of society. Making them think they're in danger from the majority when nothing could be further from the truth! Portraying them as targets when in all actuality, we've got their backs. Might as well find a stable to burn down loaded with horses. Trapped & frying to death. You unAmerican miserable POS!


by Justice For Victimsreply 3903/18/2019

Every week now

by Justice For Victimsreply 4003/25/2019
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