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I'm starting to get old-man bumps on my forehead

Just a couple so far. Is there any way to get rid of or prevent them without liquid nitrogen applications, which make them disappear but tend to leave 'gouges' in your skin.

by 50+reply 803/14/2019

I do the liquid nitrogen on liver spots on my hands and forehead and have had no scarring or bumps. I jut had skin tags removed from my buttocks and anis. I love my dermatologist!

by 50+reply 103/14/2019

r1, let me guess you're a fat ass?!

by 50+reply 203/14/2019

Use an ointment (serum / night cream / day cream...) containing kojic acid, azelaic acid, or Vitamin C concentrate to brighten those spots.

As far as the bumps (seborrheic keratosis) go, use AHAs like glycolic acid, with a more potent concentration than usual.

by 50+reply 303/14/2019

I'll bet R1's "anis" doesn't smell like anise.

From the description, one pictures her looking like a rotting gourd on a wire fence.

by 50+reply 403/14/2019

You all are funny. I told my Dr. I get these things removed not just for vanity's sake , but that if I feel something on my skin like a bump or such, I tend to pick at it.

by 50+reply 503/14/2019

If you think that's bad, wait until you see what happens to the skin on your ballsac.

by 50+reply 603/14/2019

You could die.

by 50+reply 703/14/2019

This is bad.

by 50+reply 803/14/2019
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