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Don't get knocked-up in Ohio

Former purple state now poised to have the most restrictive abortion laws in the country.

by Buck Nakidreply 803/15/2019

Please anyone stupid enough to get pregnant now, deserve to have the baby.

by Buck Nakidreply 103/14/2019

Just what the world needs, more Ohioans.

by Buck Nakidreply 203/14/2019

What's on their iPad

by Buck Nakidreply 303/14/2019

The stupid rubes couldn't bother to vote in 2016 and let the maggots elect that fuckwit dewhine.

Fuck them. Idiots.

by Buck Nakidreply 403/14/2019

Why aren’t they on prep?

by Buck Nakidreply 503/14/2019

It, like the other heartbeat bills, will be ruled unconstitutional.

by Buck Nakidreply 603/14/2019

They are the most ignorant people in the country.

by Buck Nakidreply 703/14/2019

Poor R4 doesn't believe women will just go to other states or resort to illegal abortion in the buckeye state.

by Buck Nakidreply 803/15/2019
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