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Today is Liza Minnelli's birthday.

She was born on March 12, 1946. Any love for Liza as she turns 73 years old today?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 198a day ago

She's fabulous, and we all love her.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 103/12/2019

Happy Birthday, Liza.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 203/12/2019

It's Liza's birthday! Ring them bells!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 303/12/2019

It'sh shtime to shcelebrate! Shend in the clownsh!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 403/12/2019

Mother and daughter.

How could Liza not be great with a mother - Judy Garland - who was one of the greatest superstars of all time?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 503/12/2019

She sure has lived longer than I would have imagined.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 603/12/2019

Then and now. Give the girl a break - she's in her 70's now.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 703/12/2019

I was molested.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 803/12/2019

I like Blue....

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 903/12/2019

Liza got the coveted Oscar for her greatest on screen performance in Cabaret.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 1003/12/2019

Singing with Mom on her TV show back in the 1960's.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 1103/12/2019

I never had a famous mother who paved the way for me. I had to claw my way to the top.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 1203/12/2019

I went to one of her concerts a few years ago. She couldn't make it straight through any number without stopping and hacking. Plus she was either high, drunk or both. The other tacky gays in the audience cheered her on and were yelling that they loved her. I thought it was atrocious. She was a mess.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 1303/12/2019

i love her...................

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 1403/12/2019

When Dean Martin dropped out of the road show, She replaced him and I saw Liza perform with Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I did. I was a mere child of 16, but I was in heaven. Mama took me. She knew.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 1503/12/2019

I too saw her a few years ago in Rancho Mirage. Lorna was in the audience (not being molested) and it was a really good concert, all things being said. Of course the voice was nowhere near what it once was, but her sense of theatricality was totally on spot.

So give the old girl her due. All those surgeries and medical emergencies (and high drama) have taken her toll, but it was a good ride.

Happy Birthday, Liza May.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 1603/12/2019

Toot toot. Beep beep.

We love you, Liza.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 1703/12/2019

Happy Birthday, Liza!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 1803/12/2019
by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 1903/12/2019

Happy Birthday, Georgia!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 2003/12/2019

Liza's movie debut, with Mama and Van Johnson, in "In the Good Old Summertime."

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 2103/12/2019

Who molested Lorna?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 2203/12/2019

Streisand was first offered the lead role in Cabaret. But I think Liza pulled off the definitive role of Sally Bowles.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 2303/12/2019

Liza will always be fabulous. She was really great as Lucille II in Arrested Development, and had a great sense of humor, especially about herself.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 2403/12/2019

R20 Yes! Oh fuck...can someone find the thread about when she was off her tits on QVC? I'm looking but no luck so far.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 2503/12/2019

LOVE HER! Here is her gayest song

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 2603/12/2019

Happy Birthday to the beautiful and delightful Liza. Her talent can never be compared to today’s, because she shines.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 2703/12/2019

Happy Birthday, Liza.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 2803/12/2019

She doesn't look a day over 87.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 2903/12/2019

Dear Miss Minnelli, I was pre-pubescent small town cub when I saw "Cabaret" and left the movie theater in a daze knowing there is a world out there completely different from the one I knew, but could never relate to. Sally Bowles made me feel like I had two mothers: one mental, different from the biological one - 10 years before I could actually come to terms with my sexual identity. Thank you so much for your presence and your talent, that like a star shine a little bright light into our lives. Very Happy Birthday!!!!!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 3003/12/2019

Love your post, R30.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 3103/12/2019

R30 your sweet post gave me goosebumps. Thank you for sharing!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 3203/12/2019

Thank you R31 and R32 ...

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 3303/12/2019

All the best to Liza!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 3403/12/2019

Love you, Liza. Thanks for the music and the memories. Your magic will live forever in your recordings and films.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 3503/12/2019

She's the best.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 3603/12/2019

Liza, you're fabulous.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 3703/12/2019

I love her. Happy birthday, Liza.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 3803/12/2019

Today belongs to her.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 3903/12/2019

F&F for R4.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 4003/12/2019

Have they issued a stamp?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 4103/12/2019

Happy Birthday, Liza! There aren't too many people who can command a stadium like she does.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 4203/12/2019

You've got to hand it to her -- she kept topping herself decade after decade -- exhilarating performances. I saw her many times and, good as she was in Cabaret and in Liza with a Z, Liza's greatest strength is live performance. She brings the house down again and again. I first saw her live in 1976, just before New York, New York came out, full of raw energy. She was astounding in The Act -- lighting fast costume changes, powerhouse songs. Her 1980 concerts at Carnegie Hall was a new Liza -- more focused, channelling her talents more precisely. The Rink was haunting, and Liza playing a burnt out ex-hippy was different. She had one dazzling number the seared into your heard -- "All the Children in a Row" -- that anyone who came of age in that era was moved by. Carnegie Hall in 1987 was like a lightning bolt -- spot on. Radio City in 1990 and 1991 was a fun frolic, with all of Liza's Demon Divas. She and Aznavour together in 1992 -- they loved performing together, even though the were both better solo. Minnelli on Minnelli -- Liza was struggling with a cold, but great production values won the day. Liza's Back -- a departure, but some great moments. Liza's at the Palace -- another fun romp. There were other concerts, too, but each one of those live performances was a thrill.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 4303/12/2019
by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 4403/12/2019

Let's shout birthday wishes to the rooftops, just like her singing.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 4503/12/2019

Between the release of CABARET and the Oscar ceremony the following spring, I saw a young and nearly perfect Liza Minnelli perform in concert. At the Indiana State Fair.

The Oscar got her out of venues like that for decades. 10 years ago, more or less, I saw her perform a summer concert in Asser Levy Park in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. The neighborhood is heavily Russian. The Russian ladies turned out in force to see Liza. They were all black eyeliner, cigarettes, and huge smiles. "Ya, yah.... She is good. Good as mother." They all sang along to "New York, New York." I didn't know who to watch.

In some ways, the moment linked below is her best. NO ONE could have done what she does here.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 4603/12/2019

Is Lorna doing OK after collapsing while performing at Domino's Pizza in London?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 4703/12/2019

Did the Domino’s Pizza have a breakfast nook for Lorna to collapse into?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 4803/12/2019

Happy Birthday Liza!

I like the clothes!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 4903/12/2019

19 more years and she'll outlive Deanna Durbin! Happy birthday, Liza!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 5003/12/2019

Liza gave a sang at a prison yard in Illinois in June or July of1972. Joliet prison or maybe it was just the Cook County jail. I remember an article with photos in the Chicago Today newspaper the day it happened. Sounds very WTF but there's a slice of 1972 life for you.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 5103/12/2019

Thanks boysch!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 5203/12/2019

Cabaret was a central experience in my coming out. Both her performance and Michael York's performance out me - Mary yes! - on the road to comment my out. A month after the Oscar I saw her live in Chicago and I was "I guess I'm really gay now!" For those reasons she is beyond age to me, yes another "Mary!!" (It was also Liza With a Z" time as well.)

The movie New York New York was supposed to move her career forward but her film career never recovered.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 5303/12/2019

When I saw her live in concert in 1981 for the first time I was 17. It was then that I knew I was gay.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 5403/12/2019

What room you so long, R54

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 5503/12/2019

R51 that was at the time she sang at the Arie Crown Theater aka Cavern in Chicago. See R53

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 5603/12/2019

What took you so long, R54?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 5703/12/2019

"Stepping Out" (1991) was the nadir of Liza's film career. She was on every talk-show possible flogging it with the same old, bad clip from the movie.

It was supposed to be her comeback movie featuring dancing and singing with a group of misfits. It was rightly billed as "The comedy with two left feet".

When released it crashed at the box office and only took in a little over a quarter of a million dollars then went straight to video.

She never again had a starring role in a big screen movie.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 5803/12/2019

Great flashy photo of Liza.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 5903/12/2019

Quite a cast.....

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 6003/12/2019

Two of my favorite albums are "Liza Minnelli" (1968) and "Come Saturday Morning" (1969).

It's Liza in her pre-Cabaret kooky waif persona.

She sings Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson before they were well known. The selection of songs is eccentric and fits her personality.

She's not a great voice here but she gives a delight interpretation to the material.

If you're a Liza fan and don't know those discs, take a listen. Really enjoyable.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 6103/12/2019


by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 6203/12/2019

I had the Liza Minnelli “Foursider” album which had all that material, R61. Loved it!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 6303/12/2019

Happy Birthday Liza! I had never seen that Bad Girls video before, that was amazing! Liza sure could dance!!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 6403/12/2019

Liza and Cher.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 6503/12/2019

Tragic creature.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 6603/12/2019

She's an EGOT - even though her Grammy was not a competitive one - it was a "Grammy legend" award. So in a way that's better.

Streisand's Tony is also non competitive; she was given the "Star of the Decade" award in 1970.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 6703/12/2019

That isn't better. A true EGOT wins in all categories.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 6803/12/2019

R68 = Philip Michael Thomas

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 6903/12/2019

And how many awards a true IDIOT like R68 has ever won or ever will?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 7003/12/2019

Liza Minnelli is the only legend left alive ... if you can think of another just mention it ... just don't bring Olivia or Madonna, if you don't want to be laughed at .... Happy Birthday!!!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 7103/12/2019

I get sad when I see those glamorous pictures of nights long ago. Life is kind of a cosmic joke, isn't it?

Happy Birthday, Liza. Thanks for all the years of pure entertainment.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 7203/12/2019

She was incredible at her peak. I wonder if she misses the 70s.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 7303/12/2019

Liza Minnelli is the only person in the whole wide world that made me enjoy a Stephen Sondheim song. For that alone she deserves not only the Grammy but the fucking Nobel Prize!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 7403/12/2019

Liza, Fat Liz and Betty Ford at Studio 54.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 7503/12/2019

I have had no idea Studio 54 held AA meetings ...

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 7603/12/2019

That's how they were able to get around that liquor license problem, r76.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 7703/12/2019

Don't forget Kirk Douglas, R71.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 7803/12/2019

Oh! And Baby Peggy is still around. She turned 100 last October.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 7903/12/2019

Fabulous, R65. Kids, THAT’S how we dressed to dance, not the polyester stereotype.

It was the shoes that were important.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 8003/12/2019

Also, Kirk Douglas is a big old movie star, not a legend.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 8103/12/2019

Liza only made 12 big screen movies. Despite her Oscar win for Cabaret, musicals were on the way out and even with her terrific energy and musical talent her eccentric looks (she was not a beautiful woman or a sex symbol) worked against her as a romantic leading lady. Hollywood didn't quite know what do to with her and she fared out much better in live concert performances and Broadway than movies.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 8203/12/2019

I've met her twice -- Once when I was a kid trying to get her autograph and then years later when I briefly worked with her. Both times she could not have been nicer.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 8303/12/2019

After her pivotal role of Cabaret which put Liza on the A List, she waited 3 years to make another movie. "Lucky Lady" was a piece of dreck and it didn't help that Gene Hackman got top billing and was given a much bigger salary for the movie than her. It harmed her movie career and she never again went back to her glory days of Cabaret.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 8403/12/2019

Liza is a national treasure. I have seen her a half a dozen times in concert. She was sensational. Electric! No one has the stage presence or can perform like Liza. There was no one like her. She's enormously talented. I got to meet her once when I worked with her. She was lovely, charming, chatty, funny and oh so gracious. Her mother raised a warm, kind and wonderful person. Liza is show business royalty. I love her.

Happy Birthday, Liza. You're a doll.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 8503/12/2019

Liza never had album sales like "Judy at Carnegie Hall."

But she has lived much longer than her mother. And that is what really counts.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 8603/12/2019

Hopefully she won't die on the shitter, but her taste in men is like Mamas.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 8703/12/2019

Liza is a dynamic performer on stage, one of the best. Here she is performing for the Queen of England.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 8803/12/2019

And later she meets the Queen who smiles radiantly at her.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 8903/12/2019

Rhetorical Question: If Lucille Ball would have approved of Desi Jr. dating Liza do you think Marriage would have been in the cards?

I liked Desi and Liza together.

I know this can be a difficult question, because one can not change the past. It’s the what if’s...

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 9003/12/2019

I respectfully disegree R78, Kirk "raping dimples"Douglas just like Olivia de "so young" Havilland is/was a famous Hollwood actor. Neither have the iconic status that Liza Minnelli have achieved. Granted it is restricted to gay fraction of the population, but seriously the notions of straight and culture don't mix together very well.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 9103/12/2019

You've I do like your sense of reasoning R77

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 9203/12/2019

I do like your sense of reasoning R77

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 9303/12/2019

Speaking of Minnelli, I'm interested to see the Judy Garland movie being released in September. It's so refreshing to finally see a Hollywood biopic cover someone besides fucking Marilyn Monroe. Maybe one day Minnelli will get her own biopic.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 9403/12/2019

Yes, Chrissy Metz IS Liza. All Chrissy has to do is sit in a wheelchair, and talk/sing off key. Maybe Chalamet as Michael Feinstein.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 9503/12/2019

OP: Gorgeous photo of Liza. She deserves to be posted twice.

Liza is the greatest. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 9603/13/2019

For somebody who had such an insanely fucked-up childhood, Liza is remarkably down-to-earth and a good person. Lots of people would've been total nutjobs if they'd gone through what she did.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 9703/13/2019

It's too bad that she's in such poor health though. She's a poster hold for drugs and drink.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 9803/13/2019

What's wrong with her, health-wise?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 9903/13/2019

Two hips, three replacements. Knee replacements. Scoliosis. Arthritis. Encephalitis. Jazz Hands. Whim Whams and Scurvy.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 10003/13/2019

Jazz Hands, lol. But I feel bad about Liza -- a friend knows her and says that she is a really sweet person. Hope she is feeling better nowadays.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 10103/13/2019

Just a reminder of her onstage charm. This was cut from "Liza With a Z" because it was too raunchy. How quaint.

I wish the girl playing her in the Fosse thing weren't so... puny.

Liza was ZAFTIG!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 10203/13/2019

Liza really is someone who must be seen live on stage. Her energy was just out of this world and she was a true storyteller. She's a way better actress than people give her credit for. I remember her on some British talent show giving these actresses/singers advice on singing Maybe This Time and she was so smart and so articulate and so in tune with what the song was trying to say. She did something similar on Kathy Griffin's old reality show where she coached her for a role on SVU and she was terrific. She really knows what she's doing. Her voice was a powerhouse of the Merman variety - not pretty, but powerful. Merman didn't really translate well on recordings either. A true Broadway singing actress, which we don't have many of today.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 10303/13/2019

She did my favorite "Rose's Turn" form Gypsy. A shame she never played Rose on stage or on film/TV. She would have nailed it. I believe she was offered the Tyne Daly revival, but didn't want to play the role 8 shows a week because she thought it would be exhausted. With as much as Liza puts into every performance, I could understand and respect that.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 10403/13/2019

A "What if..?/"How would it have worked? "

Liza in "What's Up, Doc? "

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 10503/13/2019

How very dare you R105

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 10603/13/2019

Liza Minnelli Tries to Turn Off a Lamp

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 10703/13/2019
by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 10803/13/2019

Drop-dead gorgeous Broadway star Kelli Barrett is playing Liza in the FOSSE/VERDON series... she's insanely talented but very thin/fit and arguably much better voice than Liza at her peak, so as long as they play up the fabulosity I think she will be fine. BTW she is married to THE CHER SHOW star Jarrod Spector (Sonny Bono) who is similarly way too sexy/talented for the role he is currently playing. Did Sonny even know what abs were?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 10903/13/2019

Liza Minnelli doing a cameo appearance in Mel Brooks hit film, Silent Movie.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 11003/13/2019

Stepping out with Diana

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 11103/13/2019

Liza’s beauty is flawless, IMHO.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 11203/13/2019

Hope it was a divine birthday -- xo

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 11303/13/2019

R46 That really is a remarkable piece of video. And you're right. No one else in the world could do what she does there, or ever could. *Maybe* her mother. But, if nothing else Liza has a unique talent.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 11403/13/2019

She was a pretty little thing

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 11503/13/2019
by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 11603/13/2019

R116 and thus began Liza's love of gay men at 1:23

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 11703/13/2019

R46 is delusional. Or maybe Liza. No one could've sung it better? That's hilarious.

The poor thing was doomed from the start. No one could possibly compare to her mother, but growing up in that family she had no choice. The Oscar for Cabaret was a condolence 'gift', just a few years after Garland's death. And even Liza herself knew she could never compare, never ever be anywhere near as good, hence the close to 50 year heavy drug habit.

I will give her this though: When she was very young, as in the clip that R115 posted, she had a decent voice and clearly showed talent. The pressure was just too great for it to last very long...

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 11803/13/2019

I agree that at her best, Judy was better than all but a very few performer, especially in person..

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 11903/13/2019

A condolence Oscar? Have you even seen "Cabaret"?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 12003/13/2019

Yup. She was okay, but her screeching was over the top.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 12103/13/2019

R118 I didn't say no one could've sung it better at all. I don't think that.

I said no one could do what she does in that clip, which is holding the ENTIRE audience of Giants Stadium in the palm of her hand. And that utterly incredible 3rd fucking finale she does- no one would have the balls to do that. I find that piece of tape to be electric. Absolutely astounding.

Judy, at her best, was a better singer. But Liza had her mom's ability to sell a song and knock it across the footlights.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 12203/13/2019

Thanks R122, that helps clarify your views. I agree Liza COULD sell a song from time to time, but that faded WAY too quickly.

And I would counter that Whitney Houston did just as well, if not better, during her 1991 performance of the Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl. Certainly had a better overall voice. But she too ruined it all with her drug use. Very sad for both...

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 12303/13/2019

You should've stopped at 1, Mama

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 12403/13/2019

I was mosleted!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 12503/13/2019


by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 12603/13/2019

Liza's performance in Cabaret is terrific and has stood the test of time. Her Oscar was well-earned, especially considering it was a tough year. Diana Ross and Cicely Tyson were also deserving. But so was Liza.

And I'll always prefer her version of New York, New York to Frank's.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 12703/13/2019

R123 Whitney is great there, sure.

I was never a Liza fan until later adulthood. This is much a MARY! thing but I can remember being down over a guy, and crying watching Judy sing The Man That Got Away from her TV show. I never believed Liza capable of doing anything like it.

Then, I saw performances like this. Liza feels every word, every NOTE of this song. Her buildup is like her mother's doing Rock-a-Bye-Your-Baby. This is a pretty brilliant performance of The World Goes 'Round.

And then, I was finally old enough to appreciate how utterly perfect she was in Cabaret. It's a flawless performance.

So yeah, when I got older, I came to appreciate her. Only my wisdom made me take a second look. I was wrong about her for years.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 12803/13/2019

What a magnificent performance... thanks for the story, R128. I'd never seen this clip before. Nobody else can touch Liza. Plus, knowing her BFF Fred Ebb and John Kander tailor-made this song and so many more just to her, it's not unlike Harold Arlen writing for Judy. Haters will hate, but Liza on K&E tunes is the definition of spectacular. "And The World Goes Round", "Maybe This Time" and "New York, New York" are as good as it gets.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 12903/14/2019

Happy Birthday, Liza. Thank you for your enormous talent, unique and beautiful presence and will to go on. xo

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 13003/14/2019

You were late. Her birthday is over.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 13103/14/2019

[quote]Have they issued a stamp?

You have to be dead before they honor you with a stamp. And who uses stamps anymore?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 13203/14/2019

73 Questions With Liza

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 13303/14/2019

I once read in Billboard circa realy 90s that she was in the studio with Shep Pettibone, perhaps for a Results follow-up. What I wouldn't give to hear those tracks. Love Liza.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 13403/14/2019
by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 13503/14/2019

Sorry, R118, but the no reference to singing appears anywhere in my post.


by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 13603/14/2019

According to Stevie Phillips, Liza's former manager, she had a big production deal set up for Liza in the early 70s--Liza would have helped produce her own pictures, which would have made her a player and also allowed them to find her roles that suited her quirky talents. The deal fell apart when Liza fired Stevie in favor of her boyfriend Desi Arnaz Jr.'s marriage, supposedly to try to impress Lucille Ball, who disapproved of Liza. The new manager sent her out on tour after tour, which paid her well and let her party her ass off, but allowed her movie career to wither on the vine. She never revived it again.

Phillips' book is worth reading: It's a fast, fun, juicy read.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 13703/14/2019

Desi Arnaz Jr.'s MANAGER--don't know why it came out 'marriage' in the above post.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 13803/14/2019

It is a shame she didn't do more movies. She is a good actress.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 13903/14/2019
by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 14003/15/2019

"When I schould have schouted and schcremed inschead, Scho Schorry I Schaid"

Did The Pet Shop Boys purposely put that many s's in the lyrics so Liza would have to schay them?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 141Last Monday at 1:12 PM

Minnelli is an overrated bore.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 142Last Monday at 1:32 PM

I suspect you never saw her live, at her peak.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 143Last Monday at 2:01 PM

@R142 . And no doubt "bore" is something you know quite well.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 144Last Monday at 3:18 PM

Face it R144, she's a tired old has-been and her schtick is tedious.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 145Last Monday at 3:21 PM

@R145 . "Tired, old, has-been, schtick, tedious". That's quite a toolbox that you have there !

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 146Last Monday at 3:27 PM

R146 - she's so fresh and ground-breaking!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 147Last Monday at 3:30 PM

She's been through much diversity!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 148Last Monday at 3:33 PM

[quote] How could Liza not be great with a mother - Judy Garland - who was one of the greatest superstars of all time?

That'sh jusht what I alwaysh tell Joey! How can he NOT be shenshational with shuch a shupershtar ash a mother?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 149Last Monday at 3:35 PM

Her Roxie....

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 150Last Monday at 3:38 PM

Boysch, Boysch!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 151Last Monday at 3:38 PM

I was molested.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 152Last Monday at 4:44 PM

I like sequins

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 153Last Monday at 4:49 PM

R142, loves thrilling performers like Laura Osnes and Kelli O'Hara

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 154Last Monday at 5:24 PM

Has anyone seen her out? Even wheeled into The Abbey ala Liz?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 155Last Monday at 5:34 PM

Lascht time I schaw her (in this totally schpontaneous clip):

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 156Last Monday at 5:39 PM

Liza appears to be much nicer to her fans and people in general than many other celebrities. Gotta give her credit for being a sweetheart.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 157Last Monday at 6:14 PM

[quote] NO ONE could do what she does here.

Or here!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 158Last Tuesday at 7:50 AM

That TMZ video is 1 1/2 old.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 159Last Tuesday at 7:57 AM

Agree R137. It's incomprehensible that Liza won the Oscar for Best Actress and didn't have a follow up film in theatres until three years later. If she'd followed the typical pattern, she'd have had 1-2 prestige studio films per year for the next few years. But she wanted to tour and party and then the moment was gone.

And she had done Liza with a Z on TV that year too!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 160Last Tuesday at 8:01 AM

Touring seems much harder than making a movie. But Liza really needs to be seen in person, so she probably made the right choice.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 161Last Tuesday at 8:06 AM
by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 162Last Tuesday at 8:10 AM

Not so much R161. She can (and has) always tour. Film careers for women are only likely to take off and sustain within a short window of time in their youth. Being a bankable film star for a while opens the door to every other form of entertainment pretty much forever.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 163Last Tuesday at 8:17 AM

Don't you girls read Page Six?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 164Last Tuesday at 8:22 AM

I wonder if Desi Arnaz Jr. ever goes over to Sierra Towers and slips Liza the D, just for old time's sake.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 165Last Tuesday at 9:47 AM

URGENT: Liza now has her own VEVO channel on YouTube

The video for "Losing My Mind" has been uploaded!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 166Last Tuesday at 10:54 AM

I recently learned that she had her own rendition of "Rose's Turn". Fabulous! And then I listened to Liza With A Z for the first time. She really had something. It reminded me of Judy at Carnegie Hall. Anyway it's nice reading the memories here of older people who remember her from her prime. Wish I could've seen her then!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 167Last Tuesday at 11:30 AM

Well, I hate to stick a pin in the balloon, but late last night, This Channel ran NEW YORK, NEW YORK and I decided to watch it. I had only seen in once, in a theater, when it first ran, and unfortunately I could only take about 45 minutes of it. WHAT a CLUNKER! They were BOTH awful in it. It must have been one coke fueled spectacular failure.

At least Liza got the song out of it, despite that asshole Sinatra hogging it for himself and doing a shitty rendition. It is Liza's voice that should be heard throughout Times Square every NYE. Sad!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 168Last Tuesday at 11:49 AM

It's a movie that had no direction. Part old time musical, part romantic drama. DeNiro's character had no, and I mean no, redeeming or likable qualities. Liza's character appeared to be a doormat. You're right, Liza did get a good musical number out of it. In fact, all the music in it is first-rate. It's the plot, script, and direction that stunk.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 169Last Tuesday at 11:56 AM

Liza has many talents, but I don't think improv is one of them. The script, as it is, of NYNY was largely improvised. Maybe if they'd handed out a toot of coke with the admission ticket, it would have been a hit. It was a "you had to be there" script and the audience wasn't in on the party.

Though I do quote the taxi scene in the birch forest as often as I can.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 170Last Tuesday at 12:12 PM

And the World Goes Round is another great song in NYNY

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 171Last Tuesday at 1:36 PM

How come they got permission to exhume her?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 172Last Tuesday at 1:43 PM

She's supposed to have Taurus rising. How do you see that in her?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 173Last Tuesday at 2:01 PM

R173 The Taurus rising and its ruler Venus in Aries make her very confident and aggressive performer, but Venus is in the 12th house makes her a very hard worker behind the scenes. It makes sense that she grew up on movie sets watching movie magic get made and she truly appreciates the arts. Liza has Moon, Mars and Saturn conjunct in Cancer. Judy had Mercury, Pluto, Ascendant and Venus in Cancer. They are both sensitive and emotionally expressive. Liza has Sun in Pisces and Mercury in Aries which square her mother's Sun in Gemini and Mercury in Cancer respectively. The two definitely clashed but their Cancerian connection formed a very strong maternal bond between them.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 174Last Tuesday at 2:25 PM

As well as the title song, Liza also got "The World Goes Round" out of NYNY. That's one of my personal favorites, love that song.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 175Last Tuesday at 3:47 PM

I love the soundtrack to NYNY, but the movie is a dud.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 176Last Tuesday at 3:48 PM
by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 177Last Tuesday at 3:49 PM

R174 Also, Cancer is ruled by the moon and both represent the mother. So Liza has her moon in its home sign of Cancer, so she truly idolized her mother (with her many planets in Cancer) and thought Judy was the best at what she did and the same for her father Vincente, his Sun is in Pisces like Liza's and the Sun represents her father. She really did/does adore her parents.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 178Last Tuesday at 3:53 PM

Happy Birthday gorgeous lady. Ps. I keep hoping you'll turn up in Arrested Development. Xxx

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 179Last Tuesday at 3:54 PM

I've seen the Victor/Victoria clip before - friends who saw her in the show thought she was fabulous. But she did that after the hip replacement, and when I watch the dance routines I can't help but look at her hips and think "ow. ouch. ow." Plus she ruined her vocal chords on that show as well.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 180Last Tuesday at 4:03 PM

Lorna would've been better.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 181Last Tuesday at 4:30 PM

I was molested!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 182Last Tuesday at 4:32 PM

Elderly DL queens with a Liza obsession - almost as pathetic as the Madonna crazies.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 183Last Wednesday at 12:24 PM

Yes, except Minnelli has talent.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 184Last Wednesday at 12:55 PM

[quote]Plus she ruined her vocal chords on that show as well.

Oh, dear. Even C Sharp Major?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 185Last Wednesday at 5:08 PM

No, Liza was not wonderful in Victor/Victoria. To me, she better in a less complex show like "Minnelli on Minnelli" at the Palace in New York.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 186Last Wednesday at 6:40 PM

I don't know why people consider her ugly. Odd looking at times and unconventional, yeah, but not ugly.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 187Last Friday at 7:43 PM

I was molested!

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 188Last Friday at 8:42 PM

Please R129. Yes, Liza is at her best in R128's clip, but to say that 'no one else could touch her is just absolute nonsense. Are you actually saying that Bernadette Peters or Streisand or Lena Horne (who was still sounding great) could not have sung it as well or even better?

My gawd, even Michelle Lee had a stronger and especially less strained singing voice. This clip cuts into her number halfway through and the sound quality isn't so great, but you can still hear she had a great voice.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 189Last Friday at 8:56 PM

Why has she never had a hit?

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 190Last Friday at 8:58 PM

She wasn't a pop singer.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 191Last Friday at 9:09 PM

'Results' is a great CD start-to-finish. Her version of "Tonight Is Forever" is transcendant.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 192Last Friday at 9:16 PM

R189 Bernadette Peters with her kewpie doll shtick? Ice queen Lena Horne with her weirdo expressions? And Michelle Lee of all people? Michelle Lee ?? Shrill, zero stage presence. Not a clue...not a clue as to how to deliver a song.

Watch Liza. It's not just about voice. It's interpretation. It's honing down every little movement. It's knowing how to build the song, how to mine the lyrics for all they've got. How to weave a story and draw the audience in. Like her mother she knew how to tie every gesture, every nod of the head, every glance to the words she's singing.

And it's STYLE....Liza at her peak had that in spades. The eyes, the mouth, the signature hair cut...she was a Hirshfield caricature come to life.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 193Last Friday at 10:03 PM

R192 I just don't think Liza's voice and persona works very well for pop. She's Kander & Ebb, she's B'way. The Standards.

She was also great singing storytelling songs....Randy Newman, Harry Nilsson. But for me anyway she just sounds so out of place singing pop or rock.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 194Last Friday at 10:15 PM

R189 I doubt any of the people you mentioned could hold the entirety of Giants stadium in the palm of their hand singing New York, New York. And remember, those people didn't specifically pay to see Liza. I think the talent she displays in that tape is unique. Could someone sing it technically better? Sure. My Aunt Jane could. But very few could captivate 82,000 people like she does there.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 195Last Friday at 10:27 PM

I like blue.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 196Yesterday at 6:42 AM

R190 she had some pop hits in the UK with "Results".

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 197a day ago

This was set to launch a Top-40s career, but nobody played it. Seems like it could have been a middling hit for somebody like Helen Reddy back in the day.

by Happy Birthday Liza!reply 198a day ago
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