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Rosario Dawson and Senator Cory Booker Spark Dating Rumors After Night Out on Broadway

Washington, meet Hollywood.

Rosario Dawson and Senator Cory Booker have been sparking dating rumors as of late, especially after the two of them attended the Broadway hit Dear Evan Hansen together. A source confirmed to E! News that the Daredevil actress and New Jersey lawmaker "appeared to be a couple." In fact, they brought some family members along to the musical as well. The source said Dawson's daughter and Booker's niece were there, too.

After the show, the 39-year-old got onstage and gave a little performance of her own as she sang an impromptu tune that said "I love you" in it. They also took photos with cast members, including lead actors Taylor Trensch and Lisa Brescia.

Diamond Essence White, an understudy in the show who also got to spend a few moments with the senator, tweeted about her experience.

"I know I'm being a nerd right now but Senator Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson saw the show tonight while I was on," she wrote on Saturday night. "I had to leave the room because I got too star struck and started crying."

According to Page Six, the Dear Evan Hansen outing was the second date night in a short period of time. The publication reported that they were seen at the movies together in New York City on Thursday night.

Neither Booker nor Dawson has commented on their relationship status or posted about it on social media. She perhaps hinted at it in a screen shot posted to her Instagram Story. "Hope somebody comes into your life & makes you so f--king happy & doesn't disappoint & makes you realize everything happens for a reason," it read.

by Robbie Mookreply 16404/13/2019

She has nice bazooms

by Robbie Mookreply 101/08/2019

With his presidential campaign right around the corner, here's Corey singing to Rosario:

by Robbie Mookreply 201/08/2019

It's not like people ever fake relationships for political gain.

by Robbie Mookreply 301/08/2019

Ms Dawson; leave Mr Booker to God, lest what I suspect to be YOUR closet comes a tumbling down. Politician = arsehole. Why this don't seem to be well known for all politicians , even the ones on one's "side", should be a matter of urgency.

by Robbie Mookreply 401/08/2019

She hates body hair so she should love his bald head

by Robbie Mookreply 501/08/2019

They would make nice Boule black children

by Robbie Mookreply 601/08/2019

She hates Hillary and showed it in 2016. Booker should find another beard, this one won't help him.

by Robbie Mookreply 701/09/2019

Beard, “Rosario” be thy name.

by Robbie Mookreply 801/09/2019

This is hilarious.

by Robbie Mookreply 901/09/2019


by Robbie Mookreply 1001/09/2019

Oh Lord, here we go

by Robbie Mookreply 1101/09/2019

So she is a lesbian ?

by Robbie Mookreply 1201/09/2019

She looks lesbian-approved.

by Robbie Mookreply 1301/09/2019

She has the battiest taste in men (see: André, Eric)

by Robbie Mookreply 1401/09/2019

I like them together.

by Robbie Mookreply 1501/09/2019

So this means he is really straight after all?

by Robbie Mookreply 1601/09/2019

He is so transparent. He tried to beard with Mindy when he was trying to get noticed for VP in 2016. Now he wants Rosario in time for 2020.

Gurl please. Nobody is buying that you like women.

by Robbie Mookreply 1701/09/2019

MS Cory with Rosario?! What a laugh. I hope someones outs that little queen now. It is so obvious that they are bearding that it is obnoxious.

by Robbie Mookreply 1801/10/2019

So, Cory has finally found "the one" after, as one poster stated in a previous thread, 15 imaginary girlfriends.

In Cory's defense, he does have Venus retrograde in Aries which can make finding love very difficult, if not impossible. A retrograde Venus is difficult to overcome for some. He also has Jupiter in Virgo residing in his 8th house. An 8th house Jupiter can indicate lots of sexual partners or the opportunity for a lot of sexual partners. He could attract a lot of women, but be super critical of them.

Both Rosario and Cory have their Sun in Taurus. They probably really get each other. Without a birth time for Rosario it will be hard to really know their compatibility. They might actually be able to pull this off...

Nothing in his astrological chart explains his stint as a "Walker" for Gayle King. Nothing.

by Robbie Mookreply 1901/10/2019

R19 Booker likes youranus ! That is his issue. His gayness not his fucking sun sign or his rising cock sign or whatever.

by Robbie Mookreply 2001/11/2019

I am not buying this, at all. She's weird and not at all the type of person he would normally date (insert "she's not a man" joke if you feel the need). She's available, and he's looking to not be single. They've known each other for years. Why didn't he ask her out before this? Oh- right- because he's not interested. He's "interested" in his career.

by Robbie Mookreply 2101/11/2019

NO Cory has been dating in Europe until now.......

by Robbie Mookreply 2201/11/2019

She shilled for Bernie in 2016 and now she’s bearding for Booker.

by Robbie Mookreply 2301/11/2019

She is an awful actress. I don't understand how she had a career except she loves taking her clothes off.

by Robbie Mookreply 2401/11/2019

She was dating Danny Boyle for a while

by Robbie Mookreply 2501/11/2019


by Robbie Mookreply 2601/11/2019

I thought she only dated white guys?

by Robbie Mookreply 2701/11/2019

There was a BI about this

by Robbie Mookreply 2801/11/2019

What's a Bl? I'm no expert, but aren't there women out there with much better bodies they could get to take their clothes off? Is this the best they can get? For God's sake, her implanted breasts aren't even the same size. Is this not fixable? And apparently her only option is to date a gay guy, so I guess other men must agree. Put it away!

by Robbie Mookreply 2901/11/2019

Blind Item

by Robbie Mookreply 3001/11/2019

The third item is about Ms. Cory.

by Robbie Mookreply 3101/11/2019

his on camera during the Kavanagh hearing proved he is as gay as the bonnet on Judy Garland's head as she's giving birth in "Easter Parade"

by Robbie Mookreply 3201/11/2019

Yeah, um no.

Don’t do it, bruh...

by Robbie Mookreply 3301/11/2019

I don’t understand in the article why Dawson got up on stage at the end of the show to sing a song

by Robbie Mookreply 3401/11/2019

Wow, she’s been hiding for a while now...

by Robbie Mookreply 3501/11/2019


by Robbie Mookreply 3601/11/2019

She is very manly looking.

by Robbie Mookreply 3701/12/2019

First Lady Rosario

by Robbie Mookreply 3801/14/2019

They are already being called a power couple.

by Robbie Mookreply 3901/14/2019

They've been dating since December. Really? Wasn't he dating Cleo Wade in December? Can't even keep it all straight.

by Robbie Mookreply 4001/15/2019

r1: Well, if you're gonna pay for them, you might as well get a pair that looks good.

by Robbie Mookreply 4101/15/2019

r6: Their kids would be biracial just like their biracial parents.

Cory should just grow a pair and run as a single male. A romantic relationship would just look like bearding.

by Robbie Mookreply 4201/15/2019

R41, those don't look good. Do they offer refunds for this sort of thing?

by Robbie Mookreply 4301/15/2019


by Robbie Mookreply 4401/15/2019

If Booker wants ANY shot at higher office, he needs to stay far away from that Bernie slag.

by Robbie Mookreply 4501/15/2019

She's almost as bad as Susan Sarandon... why doesn't she get the same hate?

by Robbie Mookreply 4601/15/2019

She was with Joshua Jackson and Colin Farrell back in the day.

by Robbie Mookreply 4701/15/2019

Those other relationships seemed real. This one with Princess Booker doesn't.......

by Robbie Mookreply 4801/15/2019

I once started a thread about who would be Cory Booker's beard once he started running for president, and it immediately got shot down by some prisspot posting, "OP, why are you persecuting our Democratic allies?"

I'm feeling vindicated.

by Robbie Mookreply 4901/15/2019

She's trash. She's had just about everyone, it seems. There's always a list of "oh she dated..." on every site and it always has different names- and a big list of them, too. I can't imagine what he thinks he can gain by teaming up with her worn out goods. She has zero class and I can't imagine how anyone could see her as a potential First Lady. He is making an ass out of himself at this point. Always chasing fame and famous people, but supposed to be about helping the average person? Ok- sure. So when he doesn't get the nomination- and he won't- is she going to marry him and move to Newark, NJ? Who believes this stuff? Who would vote for him at this point? There isn't one person in any comments section that can take this "relationship" seriously. You're 50 and still doing stuff like this. Can't even run your personal life and you want to run the country? I would vote for a single person, a gay person- whatever he really is. But I won't vote for a fake person. Or a fame whore.

by Robbie Mookreply 5001/15/2019

R50 Is she really a slut or are you projecting? Didn't she pump that cute guy from SATC? Did Colin Farrell have his way with her too?

by Robbie Mookreply 5101/15/2019

Isn’t she a lesbian?

by Robbie Mookreply 5201/15/2019

Melania has softened us up for more nude celebrity shaved snapper at the top of the Washington power hierarchy.

by Robbie Mookreply 5301/15/2019

Cory booker can take his paid-by-big-pharma closeted ass back to Newark and stay out of DC please! No more corporate Democrats, this country is moving forward

by Robbie Mookreply 5401/15/2019

Major mistake. How can you not feel embarrassed for him.

by Robbie Mookreply 5501/15/2019

I'm definitely embarrassed for him. This is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Passed around Hollywood like a pack of smokes and hates HRC, now she wants to climb on Booker's dick. Neither one has any integrity or conviction in their values at this point.

by Robbie Mookreply 5601/15/2019

Boy, she's certainly full of herself (insert video of her smiling that big smile and scrunching up her nose- she does that about every two seconds in her new YT video. Ugh.) Nice Botox job on your forehead that never moves. (Scrunch nose, big smillllleeeeee).

I can't believe that someone spent their entire life going to the best schools and working so hard to be distinguished would team up with this trash bag right before he biggest career move of his life. It just screams, I have no common sense. I only care about fame and notoriety.

She's just nasty. That's the best word for it.

by Robbie Mookreply 5701/27/2019

And, yet, he still likes everything Cleo Wade does and says on Instagram. Because he is still in love with her. He's at least bisexual. Hes pretty obsessed with Wade.

by Robbie Mookreply 5801/31/2019

R24, I like her. She seems to have a genuine respect for SF and stuff. She’s probably just doing a friend a favor.

by Robbie Mookreply 5901/31/2019

R49, since Kavenaugh, the Convigton kids, the fake Cohen story in the Guardian, and a bunch of other things, Trump Derangement Syndrome symptoms aren’t dangerously high anymore. Sanity is making a small comeback.

by Robbie Mookreply 6001/31/2019

R57 what makes RD "nasty" or a "trashbag"? I don't have any opinion on her whatsoever, but AFAIA, it's not like she's some tabloid or sex tape star. Why the weirdly strong language?

by Robbie Mookreply 6101/31/2019

They're both gay so here we go again. And its fucking 2019.

by Robbie Mookreply 6201/31/2019

Cory Booker is a huge joke. So emotional, so impulsive, so juvenile, so repulsive. Of course those are just his good points.

by Robbie Mookreply 6301/31/2019

She's a good 'likable' choice. They both are really. Although I'd rather see her team up with Keegan Michael Key and make a great comedy film. I think Corey really wants the VP. Kamala is the alpha between the two of them anyway but both together would be too much. He has a John Edwards kind of vibe. Dungeon in the basement?

by Robbie Mookreply 6401/31/2019

She's had a lot of dick for a gay woman. I stand by my nasty comment.

And he'd do anything if he thought he had another shot with CW. He's still in love with her. This doesn't mean he also doesn't like men, but come on. He fawns all over her every chance he gets. If he was acting, why not fawn over Rosario on IG since you're supposed to be in a relationship with her?

Both RD and CB want the attention- that's why they're doing this. It also helps keep the gay rumors at bay for him. But he's bisexual, not gay.

by Robbie Mookreply 6501/31/2019

Regardless~ why would we want another inauthentic career minded president? Aren't we worth more than that. Let Republicans stand for hypocrisy and the closet.

by Robbie Mookreply 6601/31/2019

I don't, personally. I can't stand the drama and the bad acting with him. But if it comes down to him or the thing we have now, I'm choosing him. Doubt he will get that far though.

by Robbie Mookreply 6701/31/2019

Rosario and her mother squatted in an apt in the East Village for years and the whole building was full of squatters, they took care of the building and eventually got to own the apt for like a few bucks, really good deal.

by Robbie Mookreply 6801/31/2019

Careful , Corey. Do not offend her. She what she does to the men who do? Although, you might like it.

by Robbie Mookreply 6901/31/2019

She tries to play both sides of the fence and used Sarah Palin as a sign of "exciting changes" in politics. I've side-eyed her ass since 2008. I feel she is a glass-closet Republican. All in all, she's a perfect beard for a corporate closet case like Booker. I hope he doesn't run because he will get his feelings hurt, and she will get dragged to filth if they start dating.

by Robbie Mookreply 7001/31/2019

I had no idea her body was so manly.

by Robbie Mookreply 7101/31/2019

I don't believe the squatter story with her. It's about as real as Booker living in the projects. Are we expected to believe the city just gave them a building, because they were squatters? What about nights like last night, where it was subzero? She's just trying to be hardcore. It's a fucking fantasy.

by Robbie Mookreply 7201/31/2019

Bernie nut.

by Robbie Mookreply 7301/31/2019

She endorsed Bernie in the primaries AND THEN Jill Stein in the election.

by Robbie Mookreply 7401/31/2019

The squatter story is true 100%, that happened many, many years ago. She was discovered on the stoop of the building she was squatting. Guess they don't own the apt dragged on for years. From the article linked...

"The building has been owned since 2002 by the nonprofit Urban Homesteading Assistance Board, known as UHAB. The city sold UHAB the property, along with 10 others, for $1 each. The non-profit was supposed to help turn the buildings into co-ops so the squatters could take legal ownership of the properties.

But the co-op conversion on East 13th Street has dragged on for more than a decade and the renovation did not begin until 2015. The city kicked in $1.78 million for the work there and at another building which together cost $12 million to renovate.

The squatters are being given the chance to buy apartments for $2,500 each, but have to earn no more than $53,450 a year and the home must be a primary residence, according to the city."

by Robbie Mookreply 7501/31/2019

Bullshit. Fake news. Sorry- she claims to have still been squatting even after KIDS came out. Why couldn't she afford rent then?

by Robbie Mookreply 7601/31/2019

Jesus Christ, did you even read the article? It says they left the "apartment" to move to Texas...that her asshole family was trying to buy an apartment there (they were designed for low income people)when she had already made millions. It doesn't paint any of them in a positive light. And if you have found a way to get running water and utilities, you're not "squatting." Go shit in a bucket and tell me about squatting. I've done it, which is why I resent people who lie about shit like this. Like it's some glamorous life.

by Robbie Mookreply 7701/31/2019

They are getting serious and taking their bearding to the next level...ROSARIO DAWSON Cory Booker Rumors are True ...WE'RE DATING AND IN LOVE!!!

by Robbie Mookreply 7803/14/2019

I love how love always finds a way!! He met his girl right as he started his presidential campaign. A time where he would need the most support. She'll be his rock during a tough primary season! #lovewins

by Robbie Mookreply 7903/14/2019

I like when she talked about sperm getting caught in her teeth in "Kids"

by Robbie Mookreply 8003/14/2019

Actress Rosario Dawson confirms relationship with Cory Booker

by Robbie Mookreply 8103/14/2019

Hot couple

by Robbie Mookreply 8203/14/2019

Trending on Twitter....I'm wondering if Booker planned this to take away attention from Beto's announcement today.

by Robbie Mookreply 8303/14/2019

Yep, Miss Coretta wants to take this special day to remind us that he bumps uglies with that hot, hot lady all the time!

by Robbie Mookreply 8403/14/2019

The crabs-in-a-barrel LSA fraus aren't going to have time for Bible Study if they have to spew self-loathing invective against BOTH Meghan Markle AND Rosario Dawson.

by Robbie Mookreply 8503/14/2019

Booker has lost his fucking mind! We had the perfect First Lady of any race in Michelle Obama, and now he thinks we will even consider a Black presidential candate who gallivants with the likes of this POS?

Bitch, please!

by Robbie Mookreply 8603/14/2019

What's their clean couple name?





by Robbie Mookreply 8703/14/2019

*celeb* not clean

by Robbie Mookreply 8803/14/2019

I have zero use for Rosario after she was so up Bernie’s ass. But Corey work that magic dick to swip some Bernie support

by Robbie Mookreply 8903/14/2019

Are there people who are stupid enough to believe this?

by Robbie Mookreply 9003/14/2019

He respects her too much to let things get physical too soon

by Robbie Mookreply 9103/14/2019


by Robbie Mookreply 9203/14/2019

R90, Corey wants to be prez, he will do what it takes to get votes. He will bed her down if he needs to. He can make it happen even if just for a couple years. The romance will be grand and over the top like his speech at the Supreme Court hearing but it will happen non the less.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bitch in Rosario.

by Robbie Mookreply 9303/14/2019

A First Lady with big fake boobs and nude pics all over the internet just seems SO 2016.

Or is it now a job requirement? (Please don't vote for Bernie. Please don't vote for Bernie!)

by Robbie Mookreply 9403/14/2019

How pathetic.

by Robbie Mookreply 9503/15/2019

Bernie and Booker aren't exactly carbon copies politically/legislatively speaking, so what changed from 2016 to now with Dawson that she jumped ship onto Booker's team? Or is she still a BernieBro who's dating Booker?

by Robbie Mookreply 9603/15/2019

R96, Dawson wants to be FLOTUS.

by Robbie Mookreply 9703/15/2019


by Robbie Mookreply 9803/15/2019

R96, she's a nasty dumpster with no values. No surprise here- she did fuck some old white casting director for a while. She is living in a fantasy world where she thinks her Hollywood hoe chubby ass is going to be FL. Like Booker has a shot in hell. Ten dollars fucking Andrew Yang beats him in Iowa...

by Robbie Mookreply 9903/17/2019

She's gotta have a dick. This dude is gay.

by Robbie Mookreply 10003/17/2019

I wish them all the best!

by Robbie Mookreply 10103/17/2019

R71 I've never seen a man with tits like that

by Robbie Mookreply 10203/18/2019

Actually, there are lots of M to F transgendered with fake tits that look better than hers!

by Robbie Mookreply 10303/18/2019

Booker didn’t play football until his freshman year of high school. As a senior in 1986, he was named the Gatorade New Jersey Football Player of the Year, and also earned a spot on the USA Today All-USA high school team as a defensive back. That year, he caught 46 passes for 589 yards and six touchdowns, and he made 53 solo tackles and nine interceptions as a safety. He was an AP all-state DB in high school, too.

Booker ended up signing with Stanford, where he played tight end. His decision was mostly focused on academics instead of football.

by Robbie Mookreply 10403/18/2019

He needs to highlight his football player past. It will help him with Middle America

by Robbie Mookreply 10503/18/2019

R99 can’t be any worse than Melania. She literally has photos with her tits and p*ssy shown to the whole world

by Robbie Mookreply 10603/18/2019

I can see the attraction since her nipples are also cockeyed.

by Robbie Mookreply 10703/18/2019

Ewwwwww her botox is shiny.

by Robbie Mookreply 10803/18/2019

Her forehead is a hot mess. It doesn't ever move much in all her little selfie videos on IG where she's making the cute faces. For a good time, look up her mother on IG. It's like cholo makeup meeting bad plastic surgery in a dark alley. I had to convince my friend that this person wasn't born male. It's a fucking train wreck.

by Robbie Mookreply 10903/19/2019

Disgusting comment r109. Watch yourself

by Robbie Mookreply 11003/19/2019

Who the hell are you? Don't threaten me.

by Robbie Mookreply 11103/19/2019

Bernie is home crying. Wonder if he ever imagined his pecker in her fine mixed mouth?

by Robbie Mookreply 11203/19/2019

This is so pathetic...I’ve lost my respect for Rosario.

by Robbie Mookreply 11303/19/2019

r110 Go back to your rapper/low end PR company, breathe deep, exhale, then buy a massage for everyone who works for you.

by Robbie Mookreply 11403/19/2019

More scary people on DL. I actually speak the way I write- highly doubt many of you do. Some of these comments are gross.

by Robbie Mookreply 11503/19/2019

Cory and Rosario are soulmates

by Robbie Mookreply 11603/19/2019

This seems beardy af, but it's a questionable choice since it does nothing to distance him from that "Hollywood Liberal Elite" association that Democrats would be wise to shake...

by Robbie Mookreply 11703/19/2019

Ms. Dawson, it’s good to see you’ve moved on and found someone else since Jack drowned on the Titanic.

by Robbie Mookreply 11803/19/2019

She cleans-up good.

by Robbie Mookreply 11903/19/2019

"Just In Time" Bearding

by Robbie Mookreply 12003/19/2019

Dumbass at R119, you realize that was for a movie where she played a drug addict, right? She probably sat in a makeup chair for hours in order to look that bad.

I realize DL is for "pointless bitchery," but the over-the-top nastiness (IDK if it's multiple posters or just one crazy cunt) directed towards such a nonfactor C-list actress just makes you come across as psycho. That includes the one poster denigrating Rosario's mother's appearance for no reason.

by Robbie Mookreply 12103/19/2019

Hold up, the creature at r119 IS ACTUALLY DAWSON!!? I honestly thought the poster was trolling by sharing a pic of an extra from The Walking Dead.

by Robbie Mookreply 12203/19/2019

R122 it's from the movie "Gimme Shelter" where RD played a crackhead

by Robbie Mookreply 12303/19/2019

Booker will be on Ellen tomorrow.

by Robbie Mookreply 12403/19/2019

R124 Is he bringing along his beard?

by Robbie Mookreply 12503/19/2019

Methinks there is a PR hack for Rosario or Corey posting here!

by Robbie Mookreply 12603/19/2019

Why would PR people waste time on a low profile site?

by Robbie Mookreply 12703/19/2019

Best of luck to the happy couple! These two kids look like they’re gonna make it. Insiders whisper there could be wedding bells in a special lady’s future. It may not be long till we hear the pittter patter of little feet!!

by Robbie Mookreply 12803/19/2019


by Robbie Mookreply 12903/19/2019

Lord... Booker tried to dance on Ellen today. Are y'all sure he isn't half white?

by Robbie Mookreply 13003/20/2019

Blind Item:

Remember when we told you last fall that this Presidential hopeful would be “trotting out a respectable female companion just in time for the start of his campaign”?

It turns out that the first one was just a placeholder until they found a more “permanent” companion.

And now he’s got one!

And this one is even better!

She is the ideal strategic partner. She is politically and socially active and she has good name recognition. She and her family are also intersectional, which will help him appeal to different minority groups and the Hollywood crowd.

She also has a contract.

They have been getting along well and she now has a personal appearance contract. This is a good role for her. She is in it for the duration of the campaign.

So, you can look forward to them being a “couple” for as long as he is in the race.

Sounds like they are both in it to win it!

No word on what happens after the election. Would he keep her around? Make her First Lady? That would certainly be the role of a lifetime!

Our candidate is currently clean-shaven, but if you were wondering whether or not he would grow a beard for the campaign… you now have your answer!

Similar: In It To Win It

by Robbie Mookreply 13103/20/2019

Booker has this imo infantilized idea of how we need to come together as a country. "Light over darkness" "kindness over hate". He never gives any substantial answers when he's interviewed.

Oh and he is vomit-inducing when talking about his "relationship" with RD. I would describe Booker as a lightweight.

Sanders and Buttigieg rise above the rest for me. I hope Joe makes it official soon too.

by Robbie Mookreply 13203/20/2019

It's interesting to me that everyone is a "wonderful human being." They each said the exact same thing about the other. Wonderful human beings for everyone!

by Robbie Mookreply 13303/20/2019

Katie Couric reveals she once went on a date with Cory Booker.

But "they didn't kiss"

by Robbie Mookreply 13403/20/2019

I just watched him on Ellen. He is Definitely Gay. It’s very sad he does not just come out. Although, I do understand the intense extra negative pressures he would face. I feel Sad for him. I was closeted 29 years, and it is emotionally challenging. I wish him luck he appears very stable and level headed. Anyone is better than what we have now.

by Robbie Mookreply 13503/20/2019

R135, you believe in ignorant old stereotypes. I do not.

by Robbie Mookreply 13603/20/2019

R136 really? As an elder Gay like it or not stereotypes affect all of us. It’s not a matter of believing in them, it’s a matter of people placing judgements and stereotypes on us whether we like it or not. We have progressed in many areas; unfortunately, LGBT has many more bridges to cross. I know my truth. Cory appears stable and secure, but also definitely gay. Not bad or good, it’s life.

by Robbie Mookreply 13703/20/2019

She's totally a beard but it's almost worth it for Rosario potentially being America's first Dominican First Lady. Pa'lante!

by Robbie Mookreply 13803/20/2019

One problem with that plan- She's not Dominican.

by Robbie Mookreply 13903/20/2019

Here we go again with Amazing Human Beings! It's like they're reading from a script. Everything he is saying is true- she did all of that stuff, she's great, etc, it just doesn't sound like someone talking about their significant other.

by Robbie Mookreply 14003/22/2019


by Robbie Mookreply 14103/22/2019

R37 She looks like Mangelina Jolie

by Robbie Mookreply 14203/22/2019

R65 She's had a lot of dick for a gay woman. I stand by my nasty comment.

only gay dicks :wink:

by Robbie Mookreply 14303/22/2019

So every man in the linked page is gay

by Robbie Mookreply 14403/22/2019

Closeted Hollywood lezzies love breast implants.

by Robbie Mookreply 14503/22/2019

Why does everyone think she's in the closet?

by Robbie Mookreply 14603/22/2019

Can't you just picture him beating up that pussy? I bet he sticks his thumb in her ass while he's doing her doggy style.

by Robbie Mookreply 14703/22/2019

This is exciting news. Maybe they’ll attend Trump’s second Inaugural together.

by Robbie Mookreply 14803/22/2019

Cory must think we're a bunch of idiots.

by Robbie Mookreply 14903/22/2019

what happened to the fake gf he had in October, Chanda Gibson?

by Robbie Mookreply 15003/22/2019

Both are gay....

and EVERYONE knows it.

by Robbie Mookreply 15103/22/2019

R150, don't forget the poetry reading and the big to-do WaPo article mid December stating he was back together with Cleo Wade. But Page Six has him dating Dawson in December? How can we keep it all straight?

See what I did there?

by Robbie Mookreply 15203/22/2019

I claim the double dildo on the wedding gift registry

by Robbie Mookreply 15303/22/2019

In October some troll accused him of sexually assaulting him at an event.

by Robbie Mookreply 15403/23/2019

these reporters should ask if the future first lady has ever stepped foot in Newark, cause the answer is a big fat no.

by Robbie Mookreply 15503/23/2019

LOL we need a lets be a Corey Booker and Rosario Dawson date night thread.

by Robbie Mookreply 15603/23/2019

The 2019 Bess Myerson?

by Robbie Mookreply 15703/23/2019

R155, they're never actually spotted together. They just happen to run into TMZ and expound on how wonderful the other is. But outside of that play in NYC in January, who has actually seen them together?

by Robbie Mookreply 15803/23/2019

Booker is a gold star queen & no one is fooled.

by Robbie Mookreply 15903/23/2019

I pretended to be in love with Kevin James in Zookeeper. This should be easy!

by Robbie Mookreply 16003/23/2019

CNN townhall on right now, with Don Lemon hunny!

by Robbie Mookreply 16103/27/2019

How did the town hall go? Any gushing or coy moments?

by Robbie Mookreply 16203/28/2019

my friend who works in DC swears he is a homosexual.

by Robbie Mookreply 16304/12/2019

The Washington Post Saturday morning has a top of the page report on Coretta and his putative "boo."

It will make you fwow up.

by Robbie Mookreply 16404/13/2019
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