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They should preserve his asshole in formaldehyde, its so damn purdy...

by Quintonreply 5503/14/2019

has his bf talked yet? the cute thin one that was on the stand.. for enuf $ maybe he will write bout their fuks.

by Quintonreply 112/17/2018

Aarons fukhole and tits were so tore up, he must have been a wild fukker.

by Quintonreply 212/17/2018

Hernandez was passed around the guards like a slutty cunt rag doll

by Quintonreply 312/18/2018

Any books out yet that tell bout his gay nasty life?

by Quintonreply 412/18/2018

r3, stop your fan fiction just so you can shoot your load.

OP, there is already a new thread about this.


by Quintonreply 512/18/2018

inmates fought over licking the cum off his legs that dripped out of his cumdump asshole. 25 loads a day!!!

by Quintonreply 612/18/2018

Any other sports guys mess with him? fellow foot ballers?

by Quintonreply 712/19/2018

I would make a book about and interview all the men who fuckd or suckd him...

by Quintonreply 812/19/2018

So it's been established that he was an insatiable bottom? Verificatia, please.

by Quintonreply 912/19/2018

I think so, word from the jail was he begged several guards to fuk him and 2 did.....often. powerbottom!

by Quintonreply 1012/19/2018

Is it entirely in accordance with prison protocols for the the guards to fuck prisoners?

by Quintonreply 1112/19/2018

it happens.

I was fukd by one when I was 19 in jail …. shit happens.

by Quintonreply 1212/19/2018

I sucked a big burly irish young subway cop off once in a old desertd room down in the bowels of the subway nyc ….he made me swallow and gave me his #...

by Quintonreply 1312/19/2018

Did Aaron value hiding his homo ness over bein at peace in his mind??? why was he so fukd up??

by Quintonreply 1412/19/2018

My brother was a prisosn guard in alabama…...he dumped a load regularly in the new chicken on the block. got rid of the stress on both sides..

by Quintonreply 1512/19/2018

We eagerly await Ryan's tell all chat with Rachel Madcow where he spills the beans on Aaron's pervy ways..

by Quintonreply 1612/19/2018

When did aaron know he was a cock sucker, whey did he not bbe proud of his queerness. its a gift from god!

by Quintonreply 1712/20/2018

I knenw I was gay when I was laying on the couch at ten and daddy walked naked thru the den, I saw his big cock and ass , and I immed started fondling my teats......yes lord then I knew.

by Quintonreply 1812/20/2018

I find it utterly disgraceful that someone is claiming aaron messed around with the warden's german shepard for the guards amusement. yes those dogs are hung and love sportsmens behinds, but its utter rubbish I tell u !!! STOP THE GOSSIP OF THIS NOW

by Quintonreply 1912/20/2018

So many nasty rumors bout the guy, a few must have some credence, the guy was huge druggie.....I think anything went with him, he got away with shit for a looong time.

by Quintonreply 2012/21/2018

I don't care what is said, he was a hot confused man, sorry he had to murder , he would have become a huge gay icon and hero if he came out.

hope someone does a good movie bout how his closet ways were to blame for his madness.

by Quintonreply 2112/21/2018

I say lets erect statues of him and plant them on the grave of the men he killed.

by Quintonreply 2212/21/2018

Is this a troll thread?

by Quintonreply 2312/22/2018

I prefer ryan, ,,, he has classic hot face, aaron is thug butt fugly, but good for bottom use

by Quintonreply 2412/22/2018

Is there really some pix of ryan and aaron naked? where????

by Quintonreply 2512/22/2018

They were removed. very quickly. but must be out there some where.

by Quintonreply 2612/22/2018

I don't think Aaron was very hung, hence much of his lack of confidence and druggyness…..

by Quintonreply 2712/23/2018

He looks ok in the tight football pants. not sure tho

by Quintonreply 2812/26/2018

Imagine having that big fat muscle ass in the air beggin for cock. I can see it

by Quintonreply 2912/26/2018

Well, R23, I just "ignored" R24 and all the posts disappeared except yours, mine at R11, and the skeptical/irate 5 and 9. So, yes.

by Quintonreply 3012/26/2018

What must his wife think of all his gay meanderings????/

by Quintonreply 3112/26/2018

She lez.

by Quintonreply 3212/26/2018

Stop pretending that he was a bottom. He was a total top with 11 inches.

by Quintonreply 3312/26/2018

His woman had toys from hell to abuse his hot man cunt.

by Quintonreply 3412/26/2018

Aaron paid dam good for Ryans farts on his face. like Rolexx good.

the man was a shark smark farky fart lover.

could not cum till his face was coverd with a thin film of schfartza.

by Quintonreply 3512/27/2018

Ryans delicious farts are known for their superb quality all across the state.

Boys come from far away to squirm in his juicy wet flatulence.

by Quintonreply 3612/27/2018

The beat goes on.....drums keep poundin rhythm to my brain.

by Quintonreply 3712/27/2018

I FF’d and blocked the “fart” troll. Red tag em if you can.

by Quintonreply 3812/27/2018

yes Judge judy….lay down the law u frunctious cunt licker Nazi whore

by Quintonreply 3912/27/2018

Lets run her out of town and burn her !

by Quintonreply 4012/27/2018

aaron did like fire, his tittys were fond of hella abuse...

by Quintonreply 4112/27/2018

I dreamed aaron and I went swimming. and when we reached the other side, we got married and lived happily ever after,

by Quintonreply 4212/28/2018

r42 it is conceivable AH might be wooed by a vegetation goddess, but not for the reasons she had in mind.

by Quintonreply 4312/28/2018

This thread is so stupid. Too bad Aaron isn't alive to kill it.

by Quintonreply 4412/28/2018


by Quintonreply 4512/28/2018

Why did he promise a Rolex to anyone in jail who would cum up his fukhole????

by Quintonreply 4612/28/2018

his manly cunt had an itch that can never be scratched enuf huh

by Quintonreply 4712/29/2018

Not true, the wardens and guards are not allowed to cornhole the prisoners..

by Quintonreply 4812/29/2018

R27 You must be kidding!

There is no accurate or honest information on this thread.

by Quintonreply 4902/14/2019

Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction restored after the Massachusetts Supreme Court eliminates 'antiquated practice' that vacated the ruling after the ex-Patriots star committed suicide

The Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts has eliminated a state legal principle that wiped out the murder conviction of former Patriots star Aaron Hernandez following his suicide.

by Quintonreply 5003/13/2019

op keeps keep this bozo tired thread alive....

by Quintonreply 5103/13/2019


by Quintonreply 5203/13/2019

He fed a system which glorifies violence and homophobia and he allowed it to devour him.

He was not physically attractive. He was a closeted murderer from a backward culture and only dinge queens ever jacked off to him.

He's dead, there's nothing further to discuss.

Move on.

by Quintonreply 5303/13/2019

AH was Hottest man on DL for years!

by Quintonreply 5403/14/2019

he ded, move on. don't glorify op

by Quintonreply 5503/14/2019
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