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Parker Posey

So why was Parker Posey not invited to return to Tales of the City? She was in the original and the second version. Or are they saving her for a spinoff called Connie Bradshaw Returns!!

by Laura Linneyreply 9205/17/2019

Didn't her character die of AIDS?

by Laura Linneyreply 110/30/2018

She doesn’t work that much anymore. I think she has to take care of her son Tyler.

by Laura Linneyreply 210/30/2018

[quote]She doesn’t work that much anymore.

Doesn't work? She's currently in the Lost In Space tv reboot.

by Laura Linneyreply 310/30/2018

Would you believe there's ANOTHER actress named Parker Posey?

This second Parker was probably named after the first Parker.

by Laura Linneyreply 410/30/2018

[quote]This second Parker was probably named after the first Parker.

That's actually possible. Parker (the OG one) went "mainstream" (somewhat in 1993) with "Dazed & Confused." Younger Parker was born in '95. Unlikely, but certainly possible. Though it begs the question of why the latter didn't adopt a new stage name - "Parker McKenna Posey" sounds as ridiculous as "Gwyneth McKenna Paltrow," but without the grade-A-cunt actress underneath.

by Laura Linneyreply 510/30/2018

[quote]I think she has to take care of her "son" Tyler

Parker has a kid? Small dog sure, but I didn't think she had any children. Tyler is likely a pug or a yorkie.

by Laura Linneyreply 610/30/2018

Pussy Porker

by Laura Linneyreply 710/30/2018

Parker definitely doesn't have a kid. Tyler is the dog. (They lived down the block from me in NYC until a few years ago. She liked walks down Stuyvesant St. near St Marks because it was relatively free of pedestrian traffic.)

by Laura Linneyreply 810/30/2018

[quote]That's actually possible. Parker (the OG one) went "mainstream" (somewhat in 1993) with "Dazed & Confused." Younger Parker was born in '95. Unlikely, but certainly possible.

Parker II was born around the time of Parker OG's breakthrough film Party Girl; maybe II's mom went into labor while watching it. :)

by Laura Linneyreply 910/30/2018

Bump. Did she ever marry?

by Laura Linneyreply 1012/26/2018

I'd love a Janeane Garofalo/Parker Posey mashup. Love them both.

by Laura Linneyreply 1112/26/2018

[quote]Parker has a kid? Small dog sure,

Yes. Gracey (I think).

by Laura Linneyreply 1212/26/2018

[quote]I'd love a Janeane Garofalo/Parker Posey mashup. Love them both.

They live in the same building. They leave each other quirky gifts with their doorman.

by Laura Linneyreply 1312/26/2018

I miss her.

by Laura Linneyreply 1412/26/2018

Her character died in the books and Parker is probably committed to season two of Lost In Space.

by Laura Linneyreply 1512/26/2018

R13 Do they still? Pretty sure Parker moved out a decade ago.

by Laura Linneyreply 1612/26/2018

Does she ever have a serious BF?

by Laura Linneyreply 1712/26/2018

[quote][R13] Do they still? Pretty sure Parker moved out a decade ago.

Maybe. I dunno.

by Laura Linneyreply 1812/26/2018

R17, at 50 she goes after younger guys. So, if you're 30 and older, you have a chance with PP.

by Laura Linneyreply 1912/26/2018

R13 Did they share wigs?

by Laura Linneyreply 2012/26/2018

[quote]at 50 she goes after younger guys. So, if you're 30 and older, you have a chance with PP.

She doesn't strike me as very sexy. Wears weird clothes.

by Laura Linneyreply 2112/26/2018

Connie died in Babycakes giving birth to Puppy/Shawnee and the restart is set in modern times

by Laura Linneyreply 2212/26/2018

We liked her as Dorleen for our New York store.

by Laura Linneyreply 2312/26/2018

R23, it's Shawna.

by Laura Linneyreply 2412/26/2018

She's a bad actress, is why.

by Laura Linneyreply 2512/26/2018

R25 How dare you

by Laura Linneyreply 2612/26/2018

Does she wear dentures?

by Laura Linneyreply 2712/26/2018

She was amazing in The House of Yes.

by Laura Linneyreply 2812/26/2018

She's also an authoress. Her entire career, Parker's maintained a sterling reputation for being terribly thoughtful, sweet and considerate.

by Laura Linneyreply 2912/26/2018

When did she move off of Stuyvesant Street? She was in the same building as Chloe Sevigny who now lives in Brooklyn I hear.....

by Laura Linneyreply 3012/26/2018

R30 Couldn't afford the rent?

by Laura Linneyreply 3112/26/2018

How many wigs does she own?

by Laura Linneyreply 3212/26/2018

I remember her from ATWT. I like her low-key vibe.

by Laura Linneyreply 3312/26/2018


by Laura Linneyreply 3412/26/2018

A falafel with hot sauce, a side order of baba ganoush, and a seltzer.... please.

by Laura Linneyreply 3512/27/2018

Love her.

by Laura Linneyreply 3601/19/2019

Anybody want to start a punk band called "Parker Posey's Pussy"?

by Laura Linneyreply 3701/20/2019

Does anyone know what's going on with her now? She put in an application to rent my friend's apartment in the West Village and he doesn't know if he should accept. Is she sweet or a liability? I feel like all celebrities are divas to one degree or another.

by Laura Linneyreply 3801/29/2019

R38 Are you nuts? Accept Accept Accept!

by Laura Linneyreply 3901/29/2019

I thought she recently moved into a new place in the W.Village.

& surely she has enough money to buy something.

R38 = fake news

by Laura Linneyreply 4001/29/2019

She was also excellent in "Clockwatchers" with DL faves Toni Collette and Lisa Kudrow.

by Laura Linneyreply 4101/29/2019

R40 How much money does she have?

by Laura Linneyreply 4201/29/2019

I love Posey. She was amazing in Dazed N Confused and made Scream 3 watchable.

by Laura Linneyreply 4301/29/2019

Her acting is so bad in Lost In Space, i watched the first episode on Netflix and haven't been back.

by Laura Linneyreply 4401/29/2019

R44 But her wig flies out the door of the ship. It's fabulous.

by Laura Linneyreply 4501/29/2019

She's filming Lost In Space season 2 right now near Vancouver. A friend is a mother of one of the kid actors and she and Parker are besties. Parker is apparently a blast and fun and just what you'd hope if you are a fan of her work. No bad stories at all.

by Laura Linneyreply 4601/29/2019

R45 Bitch stole that routine from me.

by Laura Linneyreply 4701/29/2019

R46 Tell us some stories.

by Laura Linneyreply 4801/29/2019


by Laura Linneyreply 4901/29/2019

r46 You can tell she's having a great time but i'm guessing it's more from pills or something else because her acting is a little messy.

by Laura Linneyreply 5001/29/2019

R50 She was always like that. No pills.

by Laura Linneyreply 5101/29/2019


by Laura Linneyreply 5201/29/2019

R47 I wonder how many wigs Parker owns.

by Laura Linneyreply 5301/29/2019

She's always best in show.

by Laura Linneyreply 5401/29/2019

R38 here. It's not fake news. My friend doesn't want to accept just because it's a celebrity, if anthing they're liable to be annoying unless they're hardly ever home or using the place as a pied a terre. Not sure why she's renting and why she'd want a 400 sf apartment.

by Laura Linneyreply 5502/01/2019

R55 the only thing i've heard through the years is that her dog is a pain in the ass. But I don't even know if that dog is still alive. Otherwise she's quite popular in the city, just does her pottery and yoga and goes to plays and such. Not a party girl any more. ;)

by Laura Linneyreply 5602/01/2019

R33, see r14.

by Laura Linneyreply 5702/01/2019

Parker has my heart eternally for Darla Marks, Torture Queen of Texas.

“I’m BAD, Honey, I’m just BAD!”

by Laura Linneyreply 5802/01/2019

She's one crazy bitch, but I love her.

by Laura Linneyreply 5902/01/2019

"THIS? THIS IS A FISH!" Kills me every single time.

by Laura Linneyreply 6002/01/2019

Get references from her last landlord and it will be ok. She was a longtime coop owner on E 10 and Stuyvesant Street for many years. That unit must be worth close to $2 million. She was a great neighbor (I lived 3 buildings away) and always said hi. Maybe she is only in need of a part time place to stay in NYC these days.

by Laura Linneyreply 6102/01/2019

She goes after younger guys, I may have a chance.

by Laura Linneyreply 6202/01/2019

The best.

by Laura Linneyreply 6302/01/2019

Maybe she wants the small apartment for her dog. Maybe they're not getting along. Maybe they're divorcing and the pre-nup requires some kind of eternal support including housing. Maybe she's tricking people into thinking she's leaving her co-op every day to do one thing but really she's going to go to the 400 sq ft and nap all day. Maybe she's just going to use it for sex. Maybe she thinks her mail is being stolen by one of the doormen and the only solution she could come up with was sending all her mail to a different apartment. There are SO MANY possibilities.

by Laura Linneyreply 6402/01/2019

R64 She sold the other apartment, didn't she?

by Laura Linneyreply 6502/01/2019

Party Girl from1995 is on Amazon Prime. Watch it, worth checking out to see how Parker became a gay icon. Lots of great NYC Club scenes, brings back memories. Lady Bunny in opening scene.

by Laura Linneyreply 6602/02/2019

R66 But was she a Party Girl in real life?

by Laura Linneyreply 6702/02/2019

R66 It's a classic.

by Laura Linneyreply 6802/04/2019

Parker was awesome in the underrated Josie & The Pussycats

by Laura Linneyreply 6902/04/2019

R69 Eh, great soundtrack, so-so movie.

by Laura Linneyreply 7002/04/2019

I still know her DRUNKS monologue by heart.

by Laura Linneyreply 7102/05/2019

R71 The late Spalding Grey was also in that movie.

by Laura Linneyreply 7202/05/2019

You know, Posey’s acting flair reminds me a little of David Spade doing talk-shows.

by Laura Linneyreply 7302/11/2019

Any truth to the bestiality video?

by Laura Linneyreply 7402/17/2019

Looking good today.

by Laura Linneyreply 7503/01/2019

Looks like she needs help.

by Laura Linneyreply 7603/01/2019

who's gonna take care of the dog?

by Laura Linneyreply 7703/01/2019

R77 Parker loves her dog.

by Laura Linneyreply 7803/01/2019

Uh so what's going on with her?

by Laura Linneyreply 7903/01/2019

Her big empty, dangling, open bag is worrisome.

by Laura Linneyreply 8003/01/2019

R79 She's on "Lost In Space" on Netflix.

by Laura Linneyreply 8103/01/2019

^ I believe the dog goes in that bag.

by Laura Linneyreply 8203/01/2019

She is really fabulous in that Drunks clip.

by Laura Linneyreply 8303/01/2019

R83 Fabulous on every clip.

by Laura Linneyreply 8403/01/2019

"I don't recognize the past tense."

by Laura Linneyreply 8503/01/2019

Tell us some Parker stories.

by Laura Linneyreply 8603/16/2019

Well, Susie. Once upun a time...

by Laura Linneyreply 8703/16/2019

How many wigs does she own?

by Laura Linneyreply 8803/16/2019

Did Ryan Adams beat her?

by Laura Linneyreply 8903/23/2019

Anybody see her lately?

by Laura Linneyreply 9004/14/2019

How's she to work with?

by Laura Linneyreply 9105/17/2019

I used to like Parker Posey, but now I like Posie Parker!

by Laura Linneyreply 9205/17/2019
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