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What was/is your favorite candy and memory of Halloween?

I loved Halloween as a kid and want to make it special for the neighborhood kids.

My favorite candy was mallocups and kit kata. My favorite house was one where they did something spooky every year. The husband was in theater and could do a booming scary laugh, the wife did stage costumes.

I buy a variety of full size candy and small toys (glow sticks, glow balls, glider planes). We invite friends over and hang out in the decorated garage and hand out beer and wine to the parents while indulging ourselves.

What makes/made Halloween special for you?

by OPreply 610/12/2018

kit kata = kit kats

by OPreply 110/12/2018

You are a sporting giver, and your Halloweening sounds nice. The parents must be so grateful for a libation and it's fun to see kids in cute costumes. I haven't had a kid ring my (apartment building near a college) doorbell to trick or treat in forever. The last time I passed out candy the best costume was an adorable lil girl dressed as Frida Kahlo (Sp?) When I was a kid, one neighbor memorized our faces and costumes while giving out a full size box of Cracker Jacks. No matter how we tried, they never let us sneak back for a second box Anyhoo, Enjoy!

by OPreply 210/12/2018

I was lucky I was a kid and celebrated Halloween in the 1970s and very early 1980s. I don't have a specific candy memory, although I was partial to Mounds as a kid and still love the combination of chocolate and coconut to this day. The memory was more of a band of neighborhood kids traipsing all over town to fill two pillow cases worth of candy apiece. None of those small plastic pumpkins with handles for us! We'd start the minute it got dark and go until 9:00 or later. There was no time limit like many cities have nowadays. You'd start then go until you couldn't walk anymore. And we weren't accompanied by parents either. There'd be a gang of around 10 of us and the eldest were admonished to watch over the younger ones, and they did in fact protect us and watch over us.

The best Halloweens were the ones that landed on a Friday or Saturday because you didn't have to go to school the next day. You would just wake up and eat candy until you got sick, even though our mothers admonished us to only eat a few pieces. Also, all the scary movie marathons we'd indulge in, like movies about giant spiders or vampires or werewolves. I just loved Halloween as a kid. Too bad the holiday is now a shell of its former self.

by OPreply 310/12/2018

We was poor, so my mother would make me go out a half hour earlier and get candy, then I'd race home and she'd give my candy to other kids who came to our door, so no one would know how poor we was.

by OPreply 410/12/2018


So fucking sick of the Redundant Thread Thief.

by OPreply 510/12/2018

Seriously, r5? That thread is asking for the worst Halloween candy. I want to know what favorable memories people have.

by OPreply 610/12/2018
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