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I'm wearing a Diesel bralette,

JNCO pants, an Y3 belt, a MCM fanny pack and Swear Alternative shoes. My style inspiration is trans version of 90s raver with hints of contemporary designer. I mix between being 90s Italian gino and street/work wear as a twinky tomboy femme by day and ultra femme techno princess by night.

by Faith, 31reply 610/12/2018

No idea what you just said, OP.

by Faith, 31reply 110/12/2018

[quote] —Faith, 31

Dead name: Stanley

by Faith, 31reply 210/12/2018

Time for people named Petunia to call other people Maurice.

by Faith, 31reply 310/12/2018

You obviously have a staggering number of emotional issues as well as highly questionable anal hygiene

by Faith, 31reply 410/12/2018

Does the bralette come in husky?

by Faith, 31reply 510/12/2018

OP is Chloe Sevigny?

by Faith, 31reply 610/12/2018
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