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The Sprightly, Sparkly Theme from 'Family Affair'

Was anyone else hypnotized by the sheer glamour and sophistication of rhinestones being filmed through a kaleidoscope?

by Music by DeVOLreply 14710/19/2018

Yes! And that apartment!

by Music by DeVOLreply 110/09/2018

Yeah, I liked it the FIRST time I saw it.

by Music by DeVOLreply 210/09/2018

In the 1970s when I was sometimes home sick from school my mom would bring the small portable (B&W) TV set to my bedroom so I can have something to watch in bed. It was all reruns, from Batman to Bewitched to Family Affair. I enjoyed Family Affair because I was about the same age as the twin kids, but I didn't take into account that the shows were older and that the actors who played the kids were practically adults by then.

by Music by DeVOLreply 310/09/2018

It was so glamorous and enchanting. I loved the cursive written credits, too.

by Music by DeVOLreply 410/09/2018

And the whole family ended up a train-wreck which is sort of satisfying in it's own way.

by Music by DeVOLreply 510/09/2018

It gave me illusions of living a glamorous life in New York. Of course, that wasn't manageable. There were lots of us who wanted that life.

by Music by DeVOLreply 610/09/2018

Uncle Bill and Mr. French were on the downlow lovers; whoever couldn't see that was blind! It's how it was done back then.

by Music by DeVOLreply 710/09/2018

The opening was the best part of the show.

by Music by DeVOLreply 810/09/2018

In retrospect, it was a weird opening sequence for a somber-ish low-key family comedy. Certainly had nothing to do with the show itself.

by Music by DeVOLreply 910/09/2018

I loved it! It was mesmerizing, thank you for starting this thread. I liked every character, but fantasized about having Mr. French, or an adult like that in my life. But I ADORED the dad....I used to practice saying Uncle Bill, Uncle Bill!! Like the kids. I thought all grown men were like that, loved his gravelly voice, blond hair, always dressed so nicely and I just KNEW he smelled divine. And his shoulders in those suits, I can’t even, I want to snuggle into his big fatherly chest right now. If only...

by Music by DeVOLreply 1010/09/2018

I was a baby when its original run finished so I didn't see it until it started airing every day after school at 4:30 when i was six or seven, but unfortunately it took the time spot of my favorite show -- Petticoat Junction. I vividly remember being furious that PJ wasn't on anymore and throwing a fit. I was mostly a well-behaved kid, but this just destroyed my world. My mom tried to tell me that I'd love Family Affair -- it had been a favorite of hers -- but I refused to watch and stomped down the hall of our trailer to my room.

Luckily right around the same time, I discovered three women to take the place of the Bradley sisters on Wednesday nights, and they were even more glamorous. Goodbye Betty Jo, Bobbie Jo and Billie Jo, and hello Sabrina, Jill and Kelly!

I did end up watching some episodes of Family Affair later and found it dull.

by Music by DeVOLreply 1110/09/2018

R11, You're cute.

by Music by DeVOLreply 1210/09/2018

Mr. French was always carrying around that damp towel. Was it a cumrag?

by Music by DeVOLreply 1310/09/2018

I still get chills thinking of Buffy and Jody, in Spain, terrified and in hysterics as the the bus rolled away with Mr. French left behind.

by Music by DeVOLreply 1410/09/2018



by Music by DeVOLreply 1510/09/2018

I thought the theme song was a copy of the opening riff of "Something" by the Beatles.

by Music by DeVOLreply 1610/09/2018

The credits weren't quite as sparkly in black and white and with constant rabbit ears static, trust me.

by Music by DeVOLreply 1710/09/2018

I don't know why these pixy sticks fascinated me.

by Music by DeVOLreply 1810/09/2018

Fuckin' Screen Gems. Let's see -- what can we animate that will be the cheapest. How about a couple dots and some lines? Done!

by Music by DeVOLreply 1910/09/2018

Later they came up with the infamous "S From Hell" logo. There's even a documentary film about people who are afraid of this logo:

by Music by DeVOLreply 2010/09/2018

music by DeVol

by Music by DeVOLreply 2110/09/2018

As was mentioned in a previous thread, that BIG CENTER DOORKNOB!


by Music by DeVOLreply 2210/09/2018

R20, the music sounds like it's sayin SHIT

by Music by DeVOLreply 2310/09/2018

That Screen Gems music has something terribly wrong with its frequency. Very unnerving!

by Music by DeVOLreply 2410/09/2018

A friend told me of a childhood nightmare he had that was due to the kaleidoscope effect iin "The Lucy Show" opening.

In the dream he was helping his mother weed a flower bed. All the marigold blossoms turned into Lucy's face and started to swirl in the kaleidoscope effect. He woke up screaming.

by Music by DeVOLreply 2510/09/2018

The depressing show didn’t fulfill the promise of the music and the sparkling jewels. I’d rather watch the opening over and over for a half-hour than watch an episode.

by Music by DeVOLreply 2610/09/2018

Kaleidoscope theme songs were apparently big in the '60s, because there was also this:

by Music by DeVOLreply 2710/09/2018

That creepy Lucy puppet from Here's Lucy was the stuf of nightmares.

by Music by DeVOLreply 2810/09/2018

Great thread. I loved that opening and had forgotten about the center doorknob! It was a 5 bedroom apartment (or did buffy and jody share?) R14, that Spain episode also freaked me out. As a young kid, I was always thinking about getting left alone or being kidnapped. One too many episodes pretending to not be watching Edge of Night, I suspect.

by Music by DeVOLreply 2910/09/2018

R28, the "Here's Lucy" puppet looks a bit like the doll in those "Chucky" movies from the 80s, don't you think?

by Music by DeVOLreply 3010/09/2018

The one that freaked me out was about Buffy's friend Eve (DL fave Eve Plumb) who was dying, so the Davises had an early Christmas party for her.

What a morbid premise for a 1960s sitcom about kids.

by Music by DeVOLreply 3110/09/2018

The FA bus episode also did a number on me when I was little (and I didn’t even know about human trafficking then or I would have died from fright).

Was I alone in loving the Lucy puppet? I wanted to have her live in my Barbie townhouse and drive the groovy Country Camper.

by Music by DeVOLreply 3210/09/2018

Imagine that old ciggies and whiskey voice, "wanna play?"

by Music by DeVOLreply 3310/09/2018

A very wise DL poster suggested in one of the numerous FA threads that the opening was actually an homage to Auntie Mame. Both deal with orphaned children who come from far away to live in the big city with an aunt/uncle.

by Music by DeVOLreply 3410/09/2018

I had watched soaps enough to know what the word 'affair' meant, thanks to Bernice Robinson having an AFFAIR with John Randolph.

So Family and Affair and that theme and the twirling lights really messed me up.

by Music by DeVOLreply 3510/09/2018

Also this 3-D way of printing.

by Music by DeVOLreply 3610/09/2018

Yes r35. I saw those same spinning lights when I shot Tom Baxter. And then Greg Barnard. And then, all the time when I drank.

by Music by DeVOLreply 3710/09/2018

I thought it was so elegant that they had a live-in servant.

And Unca Bill was cute.

by Music by DeVOLreply 3810/09/2018

[quote]I thought it was so elegant that they had a live-in servant.


by Music by DeVOLreply 3910/09/2018

Love the theme. Hated the show.

by Music by DeVOLreply 4010/09/2018

I can remember being fascinated by the opening as a toddler.

by Music by DeVOLreply 4110/09/2018

There was something vaguely European about the music, was that a particular genre?

by Music by DeVOLreply 4210/10/2018

R37, exactly.

by Music by DeVOLreply 4310/10/2018

[quote]I still get chills thinking of Buffy and Jody, in Spain, terrified and in hysterics as the the bus rolled away with Mr. French left behind.

FA was a favorite for a couple of years when my sister and I were kids; Johnny Whitaker is my age. I don't remember the bus or even that it was Spain, but the only thing I remember about the show is when they were lost in a foreign country; I think they slept in a barn one night? I just recall that it was very scary and worrying. Oh, I also remember what must have been a very early one where Buffy and Jody got the keys to Uncle Bill's car and went to the parking garage, and one of them was going to work the pedals and the other the steering wheel.

I think as the kids got older we lost interest.

by Music by DeVOLreply 4410/10/2018

Buffy and Jody weren't all that. They were trash. Poor cousins from the other side of the tracks

by Music by DeVOLreply 4510/10/2018

I remember the one about a bonsai tree. It freaked me out as a kid because if the tree died it meant the man who owned it died. And somehow Jodie had it and it was dying. That's what I think of whenever I see a bonsai tree. You people are right, there was some morbid episodes.

by Music by DeVOLreply 4610/10/2018

I never understood why we bought the idea of a man like Uncle Bill would employ someone like Mr. French. Wouldn't it be great if someone could edit some of these shows so Lurch would be the butler for Eddie's Father, Mrs. Livingston the housekeeper for the Addams Family, Rosario for the Brady Bunch, and Mr. French for Karen Walker.

by Music by DeVOLreply 4710/10/2018

I especially like the version of the opening with the voiceover saying "Family Affair." It's like the voiceover that announces "The Beverly Hillbillies" with so much enthusiasm.

by Music by DeVOLreply 4810/10/2018

She was cute you dumb assholes:

by Music by DeVOLreply 4910/10/2018

R49, another DL'er said as a kid, he performed the entire Lucy puppet performance with the TV for his mom including the wink and kiss to Gary. He said his mom cried herself to sleep that night.

by Music by DeVOLreply 5010/10/2018

They didn't exactly overspend on the Family Affair open did they? I mean the rhinestones were probably borrowed from Phyllis!

by Music by DeVOLreply 5110/10/2018

So many depressing episodes: Beasley lost or damaged, Bill threatening to send the kids away or marry his tarte du jour (upending everyone’s lives), and down-on-their-luck, one episode “friends”. It was like a live action version of a Keane painting.

No wonder we all grew up to heavily fuel the pharmaceutical industry.

by Music by DeVOLreply 5210/10/2018

[quote]Buffy and Jody weren't all that. They were trash. Poor cousins from the other side of the tracks

They were from Indiana, IIRC. Future Pence voters, no doubt.

by Music by DeVOLreply 5310/10/2018

Mrs. Beasley was no Kitty Carryall.

by Music by DeVOLreply 5410/10/2018

Fancy kids ain't allowed to get doity.

by Music by DeVOLreply 5510/10/2018

So many shows with single fathers back then.

by Music by DeVOLreply 5610/10/2018

The credits are like a mildly groovy little acid trip. Families were getting psychedelic in the 60s.

by Music by DeVOLreply 5710/10/2018

[quote]Fancy kids ain't allowed to get doity.

"Fat, fat, the water rat!"

by Music by DeVOLreply 5810/10/2018

Who wants bread n’ sugahhh?!

by Music by DeVOLreply 5910/10/2018

Wasn't Nancy Walker a semi regular? I remember thinking she was poor because she had curtains under her kitchen sink instead of cabinet doors.

by Music by DeVOLreply 6010/10/2018

Some of those story lines were brutal for a young kid. I didn't know what the hell was happening. Jan (Eve) was dying.? I think in Spain they may have slept in a church too. We thought it was a kids show but maybe it wasn't? Not to switch shows but Little House on the Prairie pulled those sad and sometimes spooky episodes too. Maybe they all did. Now I am remembering one terrifying The Waltons episode where Elizabeth sleep walked out her window and off the roof and joined up with some carnies down the road. The Ferris wheel and music was sinister.

by Music by DeVOLreply 6110/10/2018

Speaking of getting all groovy, the Brady's went hog wild one summer and returned with perms, bell bottoms and low cut tops. And that was on the men! Did real people make the same drastic fashion shift back then. My dad grew some sideburns but that was about it. But we were in Virginia and not California.

by Music by DeVOLreply 6210/10/2018

R47, I always thought it would have been funny to see Florence from "The Jeffersons" swap places with Alice from "The Brady Bunch": "Get your own damned coffee, Mr. Brady, I got shit to do!"

by Music by DeVOLreply 6310/10/2018

Brady Bunch in Hawaii with spooky Tiki caves and Vincent Price. This is NOT what innocent flyover kids signed up for.

by Music by DeVOLreply 6410/10/2018

R50 I just laughed myself sore over that one.

by Music by DeVOLreply 6510/10/2018

[quote]They were from Indiana, IIRC. Future Pence voters, no doubt.

Terre Haute, Indiana to be precise.

Why I recall that fifty years later, I can't tell you.

by Music by DeVOLreply 6610/10/2018

It was scary and mean when Mrs. Beasley was almost tossed in the garbage.

by Music by DeVOLreply 6710/10/2018

I had a big crush on zaddy Uncle Bill.

by Music by DeVOLreply 6810/10/2018

Cissy's hot boyfriend was the son of the producer.

by Music by DeVOLreply 6910/10/2018

I might be remembering this wrong but Cissy's face always seemed pinched.

by Music by DeVOLreply 7010/10/2018

Cissy's hot bf's hot brother, Mike Minor.

by Music by DeVOLreply 7110/10/2018

I remember watching it in syndication in the mid 70s. I was about 7- and the actress who played Buffy died of a drug overdose. I remember being really upset and confused. I was told she had died because she had “taken dope” and in my childhood brain I heard “dough.” For a long time I thought she had died because she had eaten raw cookie dough.

I also thought having “Affair” in the title was a suggestion of something immoral or risque. (I forgot about that - until I read the earlier post.)

Needless to say I was a nervous child.

by Music by DeVOLreply 7210/10/2018

I hated this fucking show

by Music by DeVOLreply 7310/10/2018

Why do you all keep posting blurry versions of these credits off crappy TV sets? Here's a MUCH better version of "Pruitts of Southampton"--you need to see that the jewels are, truly, marvy-poo.

by Music by DeVOLreply 7410/10/2018

The first time someone told me that Phyllis Diller once had her own TV sitcom, and that the theme song involved her flouncing around her giant mansion singing "Howcha do, howcha do, howcha do?", I couldn't believe it. It sounded to good to be true.

And then I finally saw it, and it was better than I ever imagined.

by Music by DeVOLreply 7510/10/2018

“Uncle Bee-oh, Uncle Bee-oh!”

by Music by DeVOLreply 7610/10/2018

[quote] It sounded to good to be true.

Oh, dear.

by Music by DeVOLreply 7710/11/2018


Jodie played by Johnny Whitaker said Brian Keith was very nice to everyone but there was one rule, "Never touch his hair."

by Music by DeVOLreply 7810/11/2018

[Did real people make the same drastic fashion shift back then. My dad grew some sideburns but that was about it. But we were in Virginia and not California.]

Well, my dad, whose hair was straight as a stick, did get a curly perm like the Brady men, but it was about 25 years after they did; he was always hopelessly clueless about stuff like that. Plus, he was a farmer and wore a cap, so when he took off the cap at the end of the day, he basically looked liked Bozo the Clown.

by Music by DeVOLreply 7910/11/2018

Crud, messed up the quote. Please, no one start a thread about it; I understand my error.

by Music by DeVOLreply 8010/11/2018

L O L R33 and R50


by Music by DeVOLreply 8110/11/2018

The Davis apartment didn't have enough bedrooms and at first Jody slept on the sofa in the den. So he could have his own bedroom, Uncle Bill converted the windowless storeroom for Jody. Today, putting your kid in a windowless storeroom would be considered child abuse.

by Music by DeVOLreply 8210/11/2018

This show was geared more for adults. In an era when kids were growing into rebellious hippies, it was a comfort for adults to see a perfect little family with cute and obedient children. The timeslot says it all. CBS scheduled it at 9:30PM Monday nights when in those days most children would have been in bed.

by Music by DeVOLreply 8310/11/2018

I grew up watching the show in French. I never saw an English version until FA went into syndication. It was called "Cher oncle Bill" in French.

by Music by DeVOLreply 8410/11/2018

The French version stared Cher. It was a very different show.

by Music by DeVOLreply 8510/11/2018


by Music by DeVOLreply 8610/11/2018

R82 Today, calling a TV show "Family Affair" would be considered child abuse.

by Music by DeVOLreply 8710/11/2018

There was a soap in the UK in the 1990s called Family Affairs but there was no incest. Odd.

by Music by DeVOLreply 8810/11/2018

It's not a garden It's a kitchen. A dirty....ol'

by Music by DeVOLreply 8910/11/2018

Crissy never seemed to be around much. Like, only in every 5th episode or so.

by Music by DeVOLreply 9010/11/2018

r90 Are you thinking of "Three's Company," dear?

by Music by DeVOLreply 9110/11/2018

How many of you lucky bitches got to go to this and meet Cissy IN PERSON???

by Music by DeVOLreply 9210/11/2018

Me too, r10! Brian Keith below v

by Music by DeVOLreply 9310/11/2018
by Music by DeVOLreply 9410/11/2018

r92 I have no interest in any of Kathy Garver's organs.

by Music by DeVOLreply 9510/11/2018

[quote] “Uncle Bee-oh, Uncle Bee-oh!”

Lol. That phrase and OP's theme song are what sticks in mind mind about the show.

by Music by DeVOLreply 9610/11/2018

He looks like he has Uncle B.O., r94.

by Music by DeVOLreply 9710/11/2018

What about her 'dos, r95?

by Music by DeVOLreply 9810/11/2018

I had NO idea that Cissy knew Larue!

by Music by DeVOLreply 9910/11/2018

R97//Jody, SHUT THE FUCK UP. He’s succulent and I’d nuzzle those pits from here to Tallahassee. Like r10 said, he smells DIVINE. And naturally so at that.

by Music by DeVOLreply 10010/11/2018

r98 I'm SO envious!

by Music by DeVOLreply 10110/11/2018

OMG, r99, I love Larue. She was the original wacky sidekick! Larue deserves her own thread!

by Music by DeVOLreply 10210/11/2018

I bet Brian Keith threw a mean fuck.

by Music by DeVOLreply 10310/11/2018

I feel like Cissy and NYC were a better fit for Larue because as we ALL remember.....Larue was allergic to the sun!

by Music by DeVOLreply 10410/12/2018

[quote]The Davis apartment didn't have enough bedrooms and at first Jody slept on the sofa in the den. So he could have his own bedroom, Uncle Bill converted the windowless storeroom for Jody.

I don't recall that episode. I know, the first episode, Uncle Bill says they can put "Buffy" in the guest bedroom. Then later on, when Jodie shows up, Uncle Bill says they'll put him in the den. Then when Cissy shows up at the end, she shares with "Buffy."

Mr French has a bedroom off the kitchen.

by Music by DeVOLreply 10510/12/2018

Kathy Garver said, that during the breaks from shooting "Family Affair" the network would always want the actors to do publicity tours, for which they received gifts and were paid.

And none of the three children wanted to do it, but Sebastian Cabot would take them aside, and explain they were very lucky to get on a hit TV series and they had to make the money while they could, because they probably would never get that lucky again.

Brian Keith had the same deal as Fred MacMurray whereas he would film all his scenes for a season at once. Then he'd go off to do other projects, and he'd come back for a few weeks and film any needed retakes or extras, in all he would do about 8 to 10 weeks per year.

Kathy said, since she and Sebastian Cabot were the only other adults (she was over 18 when it started), they would be on the set the longest as the other two children were limited by law. She said it was funny as she would often have to read lines to a teamster in a full beard and smoking, reading one of the children's lines, and then later they'd do a cutaway and insert either "Buffy" or Jodie in.

by Music by DeVOLreply 10610/12/2018

Interesting r106. I wonder if you can see smoke in Kathy's scenes.

by Music by DeVOLreply 10710/12/2018

I assume he would have been far enough off-camera that it wasn't an issue, r107.

by Music by DeVOLreply 10810/12/2018

Oh my gawd! I met Dick Clark. That puts me only one degree of separation from the divine Cissy!

by Music by DeVOLreply 10910/12/2018

Larue knew Cissy AND Gidget?! How cool! And agreed, Larue deserved her own spinoff!

by Music by DeVOLreply 11010/12/2018

[quote]R106 Kathy said, since she and Sebastian Cabot were the only other adults (she was over 18 when it started), they would be on the set the longest

How sweet if they had married....even if it were a sham.

by Music by DeVOLreply 11110/12/2018

PS: Cathy CARVER would be a great serial killer name....

by Music by DeVOLreply 11210/12/2018


by Music by DeVOLreply 11310/12/2018

Cissy was pretty, but come on, total squaresville. Never did a single interesting thing.

by Music by DeVOLreply 11410/12/2018

R114 Remember the episode where Cissy gets fed up about how the kids are told about babies and tells Uncle Bill that he should discuss sex with them realistically? Or the time when Robert Reed played an uptight psychology professor who thought kids should ONLY be told the truth, only to have Cissy realize that sometimes fantasy is good for kids. Those are the kinds of mixed messages the show often gave.

by Music by DeVOLreply 11510/12/2018

Holy fuck R66! I can only vaguely remember this series - the opening credits made the strongest impression! - but didn’t realise that the Terre Haute reference was from this show! I have the dimmest of memories of some kid responding to an old Asian guy who tries to get them to imagine the most beautiful place on earth - or the place they love the most? Something like that. And it sounded so exotic and unlike any other place name I’d heard...

So I’m guessing if I google Terre Haite - i’d be somewhat disappointed?

by Music by DeVOLreply 11610/12/2018

I used to dance and spin around in circles to the opening credits when I was a kid.

by Music by DeVOLreply 11710/12/2018

Slick and slickers....

by Music by DeVOLreply 11810/12/2018

THings like this are etched in my memory but I can't remember where I put my car keys two hours ago.

by Music by DeVOLreply 11910/12/2018

Uncle Beeyo

by Music by DeVOLreply 12010/12/2018

The cast was rather two-dimensional....

by Music by DeVOLreply 12110/12/2018

My friend says to me one night at the local watering hole, “I’m going to find some who looks like Mr. French and let him eat me out.” Well every since he said that, I now wasn’t him to eat me out too. Is that wrong?

by Music by DeVOLreply 12210/12/2018

Pump the brakes, r122, you're weaving all over the road there, fella. "Local watering hole?" Really? are you Fred Flintstone? Who says that? The rest I couldn't make sense. Please clarify. Thanks and have an awesome day!

by Music by DeVOLreply 12310/13/2018

See r89......

by Music by DeVOLreply 12410/13/2018

Alright, I was in love with Brian Keith. Such a man’s man. And didn’t talk too much and when he did his voice was gravelly...sigh...has it been mentioned here that he suicided, after his daughter died?

by Music by DeVOLreply 12510/17/2018

And his father went on to marry Peg Entwistle, woman who committed suicide jumping off Hollywood sign...small tragic world.

by Music by DeVOLreply 12610/17/2018

His daughter Daisy, an actress as well, committed suicide two weeks before her dad did.

by Music by DeVOLreply 12710/17/2018

I remember all the kids on 'Family Affair' being terrible performers, even the grown niece was awful. Am I remembering correctly?

Surely there were better trained child and teen performers back then. There were tons of TV shows with kids and teens.

by Music by DeVOLreply 12810/17/2018

Kathy Garver today.

Great caps! Or dentures!

by Music by DeVOLreply 12910/17/2018

I remember one episode where a tidal wave was going to hit NYC according to the twins. The episode culminated in a countdown to doomsday. Lots of anxiety issues with those kids!

by Music by DeVOLreply 13010/17/2018

Such tragedy with the cast. Poor Buffy ODed at 18. A stroke took out Mr. French at 59.

by Music by DeVOLreply 13110/18/2018

Of course the kids were anxious - they had lost their parents and had been sent to NYC to live with their closeted gay uncle and his British bear lover. Poor Buffy was strung out on black beauties and Jody was raised Mormon (he later went on to be a heroin addict AND Dano Plato’s manager) The doorknob alone was disorientating.

I blame Cissy.

by Music by DeVOLreply 13210/18/2018

Cissy was seen less in the final season as she moved into the dorms at college and had that short, curly hairstyle. She was obviously not a virgin any longer.

by Music by DeVOLreply 13310/18/2018

Since their shows came from the same production company, I assume Cissy and Robbie Douglas were at the same college, and Cissy lost her virginity at Robbie's frat house gangbang.

by Music by DeVOLreply 13410/18/2018

They were a damn hot couple.

by Music by DeVOLreply 13510/18/2018

Did anyone see the Ghost Story marathon on Decades last weekend? The series was introduced by Sebastian Cabot as Winston Essex in a set that looked like it was from The Prisoner. It played like a knock off of Night Gallery.

by Music by DeVOLreply 13610/18/2018

Jody was better with that sea monster.

by Music by DeVOLreply 13710/18/2018

Peg Entwistle....

by Music by DeVOLreply 13810/18/2018

[italic]Mysteries & Scandals [/italic]has the scoop:

by Music by DeVOLreply 13910/18/2018

The Diodes had their greatest success in their ode to Buffy and her OD.

by Music by DeVOLreply 14010/18/2018

Brian Keith had terminal lung cancer which was what led to his suicide. Shotgun in the mouth as I recall. How terribly sad.

by Music by DeVOLreply 14110/18/2018

Wasn't Sebastian Cabot replaced for a time by his character's brother?

by Music by DeVOLreply 14210/18/2018

John Williams who played a lot of butlers and Scotland Yard detectives briefly replaced Cabot.

Doesn't MSNBC cutie Phil Rucker kind of remind you of Mr. French?

by Music by DeVOLreply 14310/19/2018

Brian Keith had an extensive gun collection. He may have been cleaning one of his guns when it went off. My aunt was Brian's girlfriend in high school. I remember seeing the pictures when I was a kid. He was a very nice man and loved children.

by Music by DeVOLreply 14410/19/2018

[quote]My aunt was Brian's girlfriend in high school.

Ask her about his dick and report back to us.

by Music by DeVOLreply 14510/19/2018

I agree that it was a strange choice for the show, which was low-key and family focused. It would've been a great opening for a show featuring a glamorous woman like Zsa Zsa Gabor, Lucille Ball, or some such.

by Music by DeVOLreply 14610/19/2018

Mr. French does Bob Dylan....

by Music by DeVOLreply 14710/19/2018
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