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CNN Reporter Kaitlan Collins Uses Gay Epithets

“Idk if I wanna room with a lesbian,” the reporter said in one post. She used the word “fag” in another.

Fuck her!

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by Fire this Frau!reply 26301/11/2021

It was those Russian hackers.

by Fire this Frau!reply 110/07/2018

I wouldn’t room with a lesbian either.

by Fire this Frau!reply 210/07/2018


[quote]Kaitlan Collins (born April 7, 1992)[1] is an American journalist. She is a White House Correspondent for CNN.[2] [bold]Previously, Collins served as the White House Correspondent for the website The Daily Caller.

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by Fire this Frau!reply 310/07/2018

R3 beat me to it.

More than anything, I want to know what the fuck is up with her mouth. The first time I saw her I thought she had botched Botox that had been meant to lift the corners, but then it moved into a normal position, so that's not it. When she's not speaking she holds her mouth in such a way that it looks like she has a fish hook in each corner pulling them straight up.

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by Fire this Frau!reply 410/07/2018

Why would CNN hire a reporter from The Daily Caller?

by Fire this Frau!reply 510/07/2018

Here it is in motion.

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by Fire this Frau!reply 610/07/2018

R5, CNN packs the room with right-wingers at every opportunity, in order to prevent anyone from getting the idea that they might be even a little left-leaning. Any panel is stuffed with Rethugs, good luck finding a Dem. Hell, even Don Lemon is a Republican.

They are Fox Lite.

by Fire this Frau!reply 710/07/2018
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by Fire this Frau!reply 810/08/2018

R7, Don Lemon has been very critical of Trump & the GOP, so I don't think he's a hardcore republican.

by Fire this Frau!reply 910/08/2018
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by Fire this Frau!reply 1010/08/2018

Why would anything happen to her? Joy Reid did far worse and is still working at the most liberal network in the country. Watch and see as our rights are stripped away over the course of the next few years. No one will lift a finger. Have you heard anything about gay rights in the past few weeks during the Kavanaugh debacle? No, you haven’t, because we are on the very bottom of the list. It’s going to get very ugly very fast.

by Fire this Frau!reply 1110/08/2018
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by Fire this Frau!reply 1210/08/2018

Surprised that CNN didn't do a better background check.

by Fire this Frau!reply 1310/08/2018

Chicken lipped bitch better shut her cunt mouth.

by Fire this Frau!reply 1410/08/2018
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by Fire this Frau!reply 1510/08/2018

How did she get her job at CNN? Does she come from a privileged family? Is her dad powerful?

I keep trying to figure that out every time I see her on CNN. She sounds really young. But I'm not that much older than her. Only a few years older.

by Fire this Frau!reply 1610/08/2018

Why wasn't CNN Management aware of her Twitter history?

by Fire this Frau!reply 1710/08/2018

R9, it doesn't matter how critical Lemon has been of them. He's still a Republican, and if at this point in our history he hasn't been moved to bail on what is a white supremacist party, then he must be pretty committed.

by Fire this Frau!reply 1810/08/2018

How do we know he's a Republican, R18?

by Fire this Frau!reply 1910/08/2018

I wouldn't want to share a room with Rachel Maddow either. She seems the type to hog the center of the bed and squeeze you out to precariously balance at the very edge on ether side.

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by Fire this Frau!reply 2010/08/2018

CNN has become a big fucking joke. Ted Turner doesn't even watch it anymore and he created the damn network. That should tell you something right there.

The only thing I love about CNN is Angela Rye. That's my girl.

As for Ted, he's made his billions and is in Montana with Jane Fonda living his life on his beloved ranch.

by Fire this Frau!reply 2110/08/2018

I think she should be dismissed for spelling her name that way.

by Fire this Frau!reply 2210/08/2018

She does have a really weird mouth.

by Fire this Frau!reply 2310/08/2018

Jane Fonda, R21??

by Fire this Frau!reply 2410/08/2018

CNN? Quelle surprise.

by Fire this Frau!reply 2510/08/2018

Jane Fonda and Ted Turner divorced a long, long time ago.

Try to keep up r21.

by Fire this Frau!reply 2610/08/2018

Deplorable past for sure. So far she has been decent on CNN. She's very young so assuming no more deplorable slip ups, I'm willing to give her a chance.

by Fire this Frau!reply 2710/08/2018

R27 uh fuck off! So if she'd said the N-word, you'd give her another chance?

by Fire this Frau!reply 2810/08/2018

I’ll care about Ted Turner divorcing Hanoi Jane when she apologizes for her treasonous acts during the Vietnam War.

by Fire this Frau!reply 2910/08/2018

I'm black actually and it depends. If they used it casually but not actually at a person to denigrate them, yes I think that could be forgiven assuming they stopped completely. That's different from calling a black person that word.

I feel the same with with gay slurs. There's a difference between using it as slang, which I can forgive if they realize it's wrong and stop, and calling gay people that or saying hateful things about gays. Many of my straight friends in college used that word before I came out to them and have since stopped.

by Fire this Frau!reply 3010/08/2018

R21/R29 are apparently stuck in a 1992 time warp. How many times does Jane need to apologize before it gets through your thick skull?

by Fire this Frau!reply 3110/08/2018

R21 is 6000 years old posting from 1997 on his dial up AOL account.

Most of the olds that post here are like him.

by Fire this Frau!reply 3210/08/2018

What a bitch.

by Fire this Frau!reply 3310/08/2018

It's offensive but it is minor on the scale of youthful indiscretions. I don't like it but I don't care.

It's over reaction that cost Al Fraken his seat.

by Fire this Frau!reply 3410/08/2018

[quote]It's offensive but it is minor on the scale of youthful indiscretions. I don't like it but I don't care.

It not just what she said, but rather her sorry/not really sorry statement.

It's one thing to have made comments in one's youth. It's another to continue to believe them and insincerely "apologize if anyone was offended."

by Fire this Frau!reply 3510/08/2018

The straights hate us. They really do.

by Fire this Frau!reply 3610/08/2018

She wounds.

by Fire this Frau!reply 3710/08/2018

R35, here is what she said:

“When I was in college, I used ignorant language in a few tweets to my friends,” wrote Kaitlan Collins on Twitter. “It was immature but it doesn’t represent the way I feel at all. I regret it and apologize.”

by Fire this Frau!reply 3810/08/2018

[quote]“When I was in college, I used ignorant language in a few tweets to my friends,” wrote Kaitlan Collins on Twitter. “It was immature but it doesn’t represent the way I feel at all. I regret it and apologize.”

I stand by my original position.

It "doesn't represent the way I feel" is pretty much the dog whistle for the insincere apology. It's right up there with "it's not who I am as a person." Check every insincere apology for everyone caught out by past bad behavior.

While it sounds like contrition, such statements are actually an abdication or personal responsibility. The vagueness of statements like "I regret it" is another tactic. People who actually are sorry make statements which take personal responsibility, "I regret making offensive comments that I no longer believe." Her apology implies that she made comments that she does not now, nor did not then, believe. Whereas, she obviously did believe them at the time.

by Fire this Frau!reply 3910/08/2018

You may be right, you may be parsing, you may be paranoid. I know I'm bored.

by Fire this Frau!reply 4010/08/2018

R39 I think it's possible that really isn't how she felt at the time though. Many people use f*g not out of any hatred of gays but because they just think it's a fun word to use. It's important to call them out and get them to stop but nothing from her comments suggests that she was homophobic rather than just being stupid. Have you really never known a straight person who used it casually who you didn't think actually disliked gay people?

by Fire this Frau!reply 4110/08/2018

If I had a dollar for every time I heard kids call something 'gay'. Yeah, it's not right and it's hurtful and it should be called out, but it is ignorance and carelessness, not hate, and as in this instance not a death penalty career offence.

by Fire this Frau!reply 4210/08/2018

[quote] Have you really never known a straight person who used it casually who you didn't think actually disliked gay people?

Context is everything.

While I think she's an idiot, I think it's more important for folks to begin to discriminate much more closely as these incidents continue to occur and bring down some careers while having a negligible impact on others.

Everyone needs to stop equating all instances of these and subsequent varieties of apologies. Some apologies are sincere and should be accepted. Some past acts were merely unthinking gaffs. People need to stop lumping them all into a big pile without regard for distinctions.

by Fire this Frau!reply 4310/08/2018

I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, but she did work for The Daily Caller.

by Fire this Frau!reply 4410/08/2018

Could I tweet that "I want to touch her tits", then when confronted just say "I regret it and apologize"?

by Fire this Frau!reply 4510/08/2018

Fraus are the ones defending her because they believe women are incapable of doing anything wrong.

by Fire this Frau!reply 4610/08/2018

R45 If you were 19 when you tweeted it then yes, absolutely

by Fire this Frau!reply 4710/08/2018

This girl fucked so many people in college!

by Fire this Frau!reply 4810/08/2018

Yeah, you niggas be right! Ain't no problem saying fag if she apologizes. She was ONLY 19, probably never knew that word was bad.

by Fire this Frau!reply 4910/08/2018

Is she a Christian? That might explain her choice of words.

by Fire this Frau!reply 5010/08/2018

We are so successfully distracted.

by Fire this Frau!reply 5110/08/2018

Well, on DL we're asked to forgive HAWT straight athletes that posted offensive tweets as teenagers....

by Fire this Frau!reply 5210/08/2018

Depends on the tweet. If she had said " I hate gay people" or "all gay people will rot in hell" Even though she didn't use the slur that would be much worse. But just factually speaking, many people use the word fag that way. If you don't think it's a forgivable sin then you probably have no straight friends. What you can do is help them realize it's wrong to say it, even when you aren't talking to gay people. But saying she must be deeply homophobic and must be hated is just over the top.

by Fire this Frau!reply 5310/08/2018

She’s a homophobic cunt. Fire her.

by Fire this Frau!reply 5410/08/2018

^ You're a misogynist hysteric. You should be fired.


by Fire this Frau!reply 5510/08/2018

R54 Is just a child throwing a tantrum. Not someone I can take seriously

by Fire this Frau!reply 5610/08/2018

I feel like if you pass (or roll your eyes) on the advice that "everything you say on the internet can be used against you later on in life," you should not be able to be a journalist. Especially a journalist. What a twat.

by Fire this Frau!reply 5710/08/2018

Whaaaaaaaaaat? A white cunt who hates gays? How shocking!

by Fire this Frau!reply 5810/08/2018

R57 She didn't pass or "roll her eyes". She apologized. That's all you can ask of any straight person who used it like that. Did some of you never go to grade school?

by Fire this Frau!reply 5910/08/2018

We have some obligation as consumers to decide the extent to which we take seriously everything said on the internet, whenever it was said.

I truly believe that when the academics start examining the net in a hundred or two hundred years (if we're still here) they will find it did far more harm than good.

by Fire this Frau!reply 6010/08/2018

Sorry, but this girl should be fired. I'm tired of us taking the backseat in the victim Olympics everyone enforces nowadays, there is no heirarchy. Gay men have been called "Fag" as they were beat to death. Gay men were mass murdered in the Holocaust. So when this piece of shit drops fag in a tweet, and no matter the spin there is no positive context, in a derogatory way, like hehe "you're so gay, you fag and fags are nasty!" Tehehehe SHE SHOULD BE FIRED.

Is it okay to tweet a white male friend and say "Be there at 10, ya nigger!" Or "Are you getting my dinner, kike?" Or even "See you soon, Cunt!"? NO most would get fired even for the word cunt being used publicly on Twitter.

Quit being a bunch of fucking wimps and letting straight people, especially women, marginalize and accessorize you!

by Fire this Frau!reply 6110/08/2018

R61 Grow up.

Yes I had white friends that used to say "nigga" all the time. I asked them to stop and they apologized and did. That's what being an adult is. Not throwing a tantrum and acting hysterical until you get your way. I seriously doubt you interact with anyone in the real world

by Fire this Frau!reply 6210/08/2018

R62 =Frau pretending to be a black gay male defending her...🙄

by Fire this Frau!reply 6310/08/2018

R59 An apology is not enough if she used the word "fag" less than 10 years ago on twitter. She needs to be fired.

by Fire this Frau!reply 6410/08/2018

R63, making answers up (and relying on emoticons), in the absence of reason. I don't know if we're really infested by Boris but we're obviously infested by paranoids.

by Fire this Frau!reply 6510/08/2018

She should be fired. Actions have consequences.

by Fire this Frau!reply 6610/08/2018

Nope, more important things in the world than satisfying your tantrums.

by Fire this Frau!reply 6710/08/2018

She is an attractive on-air presence.

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by Fire this Frau!reply 6810/08/2018

I don't like anything about her. Straight people only get to use fag as in a cigarette, and faggot as a bundle of twigs, and faggots as in the offal dish of my beloved Britain.

by Fire this Frau!reply 6910/08/2018

Starting to wonder if the people who want her fired here are the straight alt right trolls that wander this site. You can usually tell because they won't even try to explain any logic. Just post the same thing over an over again.

It's not liberals on twitter clamoring for her to be fired. It's deplorable trump filth angry she has gone to work for "the enemy" (CNN)

by Fire this Frau!reply 7010/08/2018

R70 you forgot to sign Concerned Twitter Poll Team Mom

by Fire this Frau!reply 7110/08/2018

She should be fired on the basis that a million other people could replace her. She’s not exactly some hard-hitting journalist breaking major stories. She can be easily replaced and this will serve as a life-lesson for her and others. Social media isn’t the place to share every moronic thought that enters your brain.

by Fire this Frau!reply 7210/08/2018

R70 We are gay and proud progressives who do not need to countenance her slings and arrows. Furthermore, we do not need to settle for mediocrity either: she doesn't annunciate properly, and she has an annoying manner about her, Piss off.

by Fire this Frau!reply 7310/08/2018

Sure, she can stay!

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by Fire this Frau!reply 7410/08/2018

That's my entire point R74 Roseanne was denigrating an actual black person. Not just saying the word nigga offhandedly. Had Kaitlan been tweeting insults at a gay person, I'd also say she should be fired, even if she hadn't used the word f*g

If you can't see the difference between those two things that's on you

by Fire this Frau!reply 7510/08/2018

R75 why in the fuck are you defending this girl? She said "Fag". Fired.

by Fire this Frau!reply 7610/08/2018

If she had used the N-word, would she still have a job right now?

by Fire this Frau!reply 7710/08/2018

R77 No.

by Fire this Frau!reply 7810/08/2018

[quote] she doesn't annunciate properly, and she has an annoying manner about her, Piss off.

It's enunciate. Even spellcheck tried to help you.

by Fire this Frau!reply 7910/08/2018

Depends on how she used it r77. If she said "for sure my nigga" in a college tweet she'd absolutely have a job. No one had been fired for that. Bill Maher used it in a much worse way pretty recently and is still on air.

If she said "I hate niggers" than yes she would have been fired. You can post 200 times that those two things are equal. It doesn't make it true

by Fire this Frau!reply 8010/08/2018

R80 Bill was calling himself one. She was using it towards another person as a put down.

by Fire this Frau!reply 8110/08/2018

K A I T L A N? Is she an island off the coast of Scotland?

Put her on a bus.

by Fire this Frau!reply 8210/08/2018

Beyond the use of the word "fag", which is the most incendiary, but she also said she didn't want to be around a lesbian. She's a homophobic asshole.

by Fire this Frau!reply 8310/08/2018

Let's reimagine this thread. I wonder what the posts would say if...

CNN Reporter Kaitlan Collins Uses Racial Epithets

“Idk if I wanna room with a black,” the reporter said in one post. She used the word “nigger” in another.

by Fire this Frau!reply 8410/08/2018

Despite her apology today, the truth is that people don't really change from their college days. If you were an asshole in college with bigoted views, then you're probably still an asshole with bigoted views. The only difference is that you have learned to hide it better in public.

by Fire this Frau!reply 8510/08/2018

I dk if I want to share a room with you either, you dumb sorority slut from Alabama.

by Fire this Frau!reply 8610/08/2018

R85 exactly, most people are more liberal when they're younger and become more conservative as they age. She probably is more bigoted now.

by Fire this Frau!reply 8710/08/2018

[quote]but she did work for The Daily Caller.

All you need to know.

by Fire this Frau!reply 8810/08/2018

Collins arrived at CNN from the conservative website the Daily Caller. There, according to a short bio, Collins “covered the 2016 presidential campaign for the Tucker Carlson-owned site while also leading the news outlet’s entertainment coverage.” On the latter front, Collins wrote up light content, such as how Jennifer Lopez is showing a lot of skin these days; how there are “nine hotties” named Autumn; and how people should celebrate Oktoberfest with “hot women and beer.”

Also at the Daily Caller, Collins covered the Trump White House.

Offsite Link
by Fire this Frau!reply 8910/08/2018

This is probably all a simple misunderstanding. I think she was discussing the Soviet Air Force.

Offsite Link
by Fire this Frau!reply 9010/08/2018

"Fraus are the ones defending her because they believe women are incapable of doing anything wrong."

As opposed to dataloungers who think goodlooking straight men are incapable of doing anything wrong

by Fire this Frau!reply 9110/08/2018

R91 okay...still doesn't negate what was said.

by Fire this Frau!reply 9210/08/2018

WHY have people not deleted all their old tweets already?

It's clearly a new attack method for right-wingers like Mike Cernovich who are acting in bad faith.

Who needs a permanent record floating around?

by Fire this Frau!reply 9310/08/2018

She said it. She apologized. What more do you want from her? A pound of flesh? Progressives need to stop falling for this nonsense. We lost Senator Franken for a similar stupid reason. It's time to put on your big boy pants and except that the stupid things and deeds that we did before we knew better, need to stay in the past and not inform the present.

by Fire this Frau!reply 9410/08/2018

R94 we will remember that the next time it comes out someone said "nigger" on Twitter in the past.

by Fire this Frau!reply 9510/08/2018

That's a good thing for you to remember, R95. In the meantime, you're way over-invested in this topic, which leads me to wonder just what your real motive is here.

by Fire this Frau!reply 9610/08/2018

R96 =

Offsite Link
by Fire this Frau!reply 9710/08/2018

R96 a lot of these people are trumpers. They don't think for themselves. Trumpers are trying to get her fired all over Twitter over this so their minions are here too trying to pretend the gays of data lounge want her gone.

by Fire this Frau!reply 9810/08/2018

R94. we want her fired. That’s what we want. Anything less is inexcusable hypocrisy and incidentally why we are losing elections sweetie.

by Fire this Frau!reply 9910/08/2018

R99 is 100% a deplorable. The deplorables on here always just say the thing the want is why liberals lose elections. Also it's only right wing trash that decries "liberal hypocrisy". Also, no actual gay man believes for even one second that there's any equivalence between the left and right on gay acceptance. It's a full of shit troll.

by Fire this Frau!reply 10010/08/2018

No, that's what [italic]you[/italic] want, R99; the rest of us are wondering just why you're so obsessed with this?

by Fire this Frau!reply 10110/08/2018

R101 "Call me Fag, please!"

by Fire this Frau!reply 10210/08/2018

And now i'm blocking the troll

by Fire this Frau!reply 10310/08/2018

I'm sorry you were offended...

by Fire this Frau!reply 10410/08/2018

I'm absolutely floored that because some conservatives called for her to be fired the Gay Men are wanting to give her a pass. It's absolutely insane. I have a feeling those defending her here are probably Frau Trolls and not gay men.

by Fire this Frau!reply 10510/08/2018

R101 Troll

by Fire this Frau!reply 10610/08/2018

I thought right-wingers were all for forgiving past indiscretions.

by Fire this Frau!reply 10710/08/2018

Oh Kaitlan, don't think of yourself as potentially attractive to women. You ain't all that, sweetie.

by Fire this Frau!reply 10810/08/2018

I'm R21 and yeah, I know Jane Fonda and Ted Turner are divorced. I'm not stupid.

But I also know that Jane and Ted are still very close to each other. And that she sneaks off a lot to spend time with ted.

That's a fact!!!!!!

And I've never used AOL dial up. And I'm not old I'm 30 years old.

by Fire this Frau!reply 10910/08/2018

[quote]nothing from her comments suggests that she was homophobic rather than just being stupid.

Actually, it looks like she has a history of making nasty, hurtful comments that are meant to be insults.

Not only does she call people "fag", but she does things like wishing someone gets the Ebola virus.

Her whole tone is mean-spirited in nature.

by Fire this Frau!reply 11010/08/2018

DL just gets worse and worse over time.

by Fire this Frau!reply 11110/08/2018

The stupid bitch would have nothing to worry about.

by Fire this Frau!reply 11210/08/2018

The stupid bitch would have nothing to worry about.

by Fire this Frau!reply 11310/08/2018

We wouldn’t want her..

by Fire this Frau!reply 11410/08/2018

[quote]R101 Troll

Uh-huh, right. You still haven't answered the question.

by Fire this Frau!reply 11510/08/2018

Dear lord in heaven!

Offsite Link
by Fire this Frau!reply 11610/08/2018

46 I agree fuck her.No excuses.

by Fire this Frau!reply 11710/08/2018

I love the way she rips the Starbucks employee for not being able to spell “Cecilia” when she can’t even spell her own damn name.

by Fire this Frau!reply 11810/08/2018

R116, she even looks like a deplorable.

by Fire this Frau!reply 11910/08/2018

[quote] I’ll care about Ted Turner divorcing Hanoi Jane when she apologizes for her treasonous acts during the Vietnam War.

You're concerned with "Hanoi Jane" while Putin's Bitch is President of the United States????

by Fire this Frau!reply 12010/08/2018

R61 is right: Hatred of gays is right under the surface of American culture. It never went away, and we're fools if we think it did.

by Fire this Frau!reply 12110/08/2018

*wouldn't want to room with her, either.

by Fire this Frau!reply 12210/08/2018

She is a dispensable cunt, they should get rid of her.

by Fire this Frau!reply 12310/08/2018

If you defended Joy Reid, you can't go after this woman, it's as simple as that. No double standards. That's why people were saying if we don't hold Joy accountable, we'll lose the credibility to go after Repug homophobes.

by Fire this Frau!reply 12410/08/2018

Good point, R124.

by Fire this Frau!reply 12510/08/2018

But, but, but... Joy's not on CNN!

by Fire this Frau!reply 12610/08/2018

Also, Joy was hacked. She said so.

by Fire this Frau!reply 12710/08/2018

[quote]If you defended Joy Reid, you can't go after this woman, it's as simple as that. No double standards

The Right doesn't give a fuck about fighting fair, and it works out like gangbusters for them. Not sure why you think trying to be so principled is a winning strategy.

by Fire this Frau!reply 12810/08/2018

Lol no one takes you deplorables seriously. You tried to get Joy fired and failed. And you'll fail at this too. It's like you enjoy losing lol

by Fire this Frau!reply 12910/08/2018

You may want to acquaint yourself with the Pyrrhic victory, which is what the Republicans are racking up and what you apparently want to rack up as well. So that will solve a lot in the long term...

by Fire this Frau!reply 13010/08/2018

Fuck the pubs

by Fire this Frau!reply 13110/08/2018

Most liberals are phonies when it comes to gays. At least the conservatives are honest.

She should have been fired.

by Fire this Frau!reply 13210/08/2018

Let CNN know how you feel!

Offsite Link
by Fire this Frau!reply 13310/08/2018

I can't believe CNN would hire someone who worked for The Daily Caller. I thought that wasn't even a legitimate news outlet.

by Fire this Frau!reply 13410/08/2018

When you want people who represent the right-wing point of view you don't have great options r134...

by Fire this Frau!reply 13510/08/2018

She writes like a nine-year-old.

[quote]London Mayor Sadiq Khan suggested canceling President Trump’s state visit after he criticized him for the way he responded to the terror attack on the London Bridge.

[quote]James Comey did not write detailed memos after his conversations with Barack Obama like he did with Donald Trump.

[quote]The president announced in the Rose Garden at the White House Thursday that he would withdraw the United States from the accord.

And then there’s this...

Offsite Link
by Fire this Frau!reply 13610/08/2018

"It's time to put on your big boy pants and except that the stupid things and deeds that we did before we knew better, need to stay in the past and not inform the present."

Conservatives need to put on your big boy pants and stop whining about football players who kneel.

"If you defended Joy Reid, you can't go after this woman, it's as simple as that. No double standards. That's why people were saying if we don't hold Joy accountable, we'll lose the credibility to go after Repug homophobes."

Huh? Everyone here was attacking Reid (who didn't use the "f word" by the way)

by Fire this Frau!reply 13710/08/2018

Joy Reid makes it possible for Kaitlan Collins to keep her job.

by Fire this Frau!reply 13810/08/2018

Why wasn't Joy Reid fired?

by Fire this Frau!reply 13910/08/2018

Part she brazened it out, part she's not important enough for anybody to get worked up about her.

by Fire this Frau!reply 14010/08/2018

r48 tell me more about all the people she fucked in college.

by Fire this Frau!reply 14110/08/2018

This thread is not going the way R55 wanted. Stamp those little chacha heels in impotent fury, honey. Stamp away.

by Fire this Frau!reply 14210/08/2018

R79 I turned spellcheck off. Get over yourself cunt.

by Fire this Frau!reply 14310/08/2018

R42 You are a deplorable American cunt too.

by Fire this Frau!reply 14410/08/2018

Why do gay people on this GAY FORUM defend dumb white American trash using the word fag as a colloquial "funny"? Americans ought to be ashamed of themselves. Even when gay men use the term it is dicey, and is used sparingly. (usually following the adjective bitchy) This painfully mainstream twit doesn't get that privilege. Please try harder to uphold standards my American friends. You only cheapen your own gay lives and experiences making excuses for her. This WOULD NOT fly at the BBC.

by Fire this Frau!reply 14510/08/2018

R145 exactly fuck this, Bitch! We are laying down and letting some middle class, privileged, white girl use a derogatory phrase against us! This CUNT needs to be fired! If you don't believe that as a gay man, than you're comfortable with us being marginalized.

by Fire this Frau!reply 14610/08/2018

R137, the disconnect you're noticing is because it's the alt-right who are going after this Daily Caller lady. Not everyone of course, because plenty of people are legitimately angry about her slurs, but on Twitter I'm seeing alt-righties mad that she "turned traitor" by going to CNN.

That's why they're bringing up Joy Reid, because they're trying use the same attacks to get her fired that they used on Reid.

"Come on you stupid liberal gays, we're pretending we care if someone calls you the f word, the least you could do is help us get this cunt fired." Everything is trolling with these guys.

At the same time, what the fuck is CNN doing hiring some homophobic idiot from the Daily Caller?

Exhausting times we live in.

by Fire this Frau!reply 14710/08/2018

I bet she gets a lot of really good "Dick" from hot sexy masculine alpha male jocks with bodies to die for.

I think that's probably what everyone is really mad about. And it's killing them knowing that's probably the truth.

She's 26 a pretty. The men are definitely after her.

by Fire this Frau!reply 14810/08/2018

She's pretty I like her.

by Fire this Frau!reply 14910/08/2018

I think some of the gay boys on here just want to be her.

by Fire this Frau!reply 15010/08/2018

I don't really think you have a handle on it R150 & R148. If we are to make progress, slurs and attitudes like this need to be called out. The other offensive stuff speaks for itself too. When I take a stand on matters such as this, it is to set an example for society and young people. Perhaps someone younger tossing this moniker around shall learn his lesson when they see her lose her position. CNN would be taking a stand and setting the right tone, and sending the right message too. The last thing I'm thinking about is her sex life or her appearance. I don't think she's all that anyway. I have always hated when straight people hurl the word fag around nonchalantly. I think many gays here are tone deaf, and not committed to our not being marginalised, as R146 put it so well.

by Fire this Frau!reply 15110/09/2018

R132 proves it. The people trying to get her fired and just deplorables. And some of the less intelligent ones at that

by Fire this Frau!reply 15210/09/2018

"I bet she gets a lot of really good "Dick" from hot sexy masculine alpha male jocks with bodies to die for."

Huh? She's plain and looks like the Joker.

by Fire this Frau!reply 15310/09/2018

I think she's pretty, but only in a basic sense. Nothing special.

by Fire this Frau!reply 15410/09/2018

This girl is so basic, nothing special about her at all.

by Fire this Frau!reply 15510/09/2018

What's wrong with gay epaulets?

Offsite Link
by Fire this Frau!reply 15610/09/2018

R148, I don't think this is about people being jealous of her.

I think you're way off base on that.

by Fire this Frau!reply 15710/09/2018

If your a republican in the year 2018 go fuck yourself get your head examined and get mental help.Plain and simple

by Fire this Frau!reply 15810/09/2018

I mean we all agree R158 but what the fuck does that have to do with this?

by Fire this Frau!reply 15910/09/2018

For the post a few posts up

by Fire this Frau!reply 16010/09/2018

R11 is mistaken. Joy loves the gays, and we love her.

by Fire this Frau!reply 16110/09/2018


by Fire this Frau!reply 16210/09/2018

I’m gay and would never say “fag”, “faggot”, or “gay” to mean dumb. I call out others who do and don’t have friends who use those words either. To me, it’s a sign of disrespect and low intelligence. I feel the same about people who curse a lot or use racial slurs. People like this should not work in the public spotlight. I would never hire them because they would be a bad representation of my company. The one word I have no problem using on an Internet forum is cunt- and she definitely is one.

by Fire this Frau!reply 16310/10/2018

Right on R163. Standards MUST be upheld.

by Fire this Frau!reply 16410/11/2018

Notice the lack of sustained fauxrage about this among the deplorables. Gee, I wonder why?

by Fire this Frau!reply 16510/11/2018


by Fire this Frau!reply 16610/11/2018

Did she get fired yet?

by Fire this Frau!reply 16710/11/2018


by Fire this Frau!reply 16810/11/2018

She won't be fired because, like always, literally no one cares what deplorables think

by Fire this Frau!reply 16910/11/2018

Maybe her next assignment will be in iraq

by Fire this Frau!reply 17010/11/2018

I spoke to her on the phone. She told me her surname is Collins, so I believe she's being unfairly targeted.

by Fire this Frau!reply 17110/11/2018

Does this nasty Cunt still have a job?

by Fire this Frau!reply 17210/19/2018

Yes, r172, I just saw her on some panel earlier today.

She has the weirdest friggin' smile.

by Fire this Frau!reply 17310/19/2018

R145 because it’s America.Continue

by Fire this Frau!reply 17410/19/2018

R173 looks like the Joker

by Fire this Frau!reply 17510/19/2018

She's fucking two or three Chets or Chads a week, guaranteed.

She'll be a reporter for five more years, tops, before she quits to be a mommy, then do PR for a think tank.

by Fire this Frau!reply 17610/19/2018

Even the skankiest women don't usually fuck three guys a week, some of you need to get out more

by Fire this Frau!reply 17710/20/2018

So this fucking ugly cunt is back.

How is this bitch not fucking fired?

Offsite Link
by Fire this Frau!reply 17804/14/2020

We let basic white women get away with anything!

Offsite Link
by Fire this Frau!reply 17904/14/2020

That spelling of Caitlin should be recorded as a hate crime.

by Fire this Frau!reply 18004/14/2020

I don't care how big a slut Kaitlin Collins may or may not be, she will never, ever begin to approach the skankiness, slutiness and trashiness the current FLOTUS cunt possesses.

Deal with it, trolls.

by Fire this Frau!reply 18104/14/2020

[quote]So this fucking ugly cunt is back.

[quote]How is this bitch not fucking fired?

Meh, I'm more than happy to watch her put the screws to cheeto.

If this is part of a grande mea culpa tour, I'm happy to revisit the idea of forgiveness in her case.

by Fire this Frau!reply 18204/14/2020

R182 fuck off. There are plenty of smarmy whiny cunts who could ask the hard questions.

by Fire this Frau!reply 18304/14/2020

Is Kaitlan trans?

"She" look like a man!

by Fire this Frau!reply 18404/14/2020

She has EPIC resting bitch face!

by Fire this Frau!reply 18504/14/2020

[quote][R182] fuck off. There are plenty of smarmy whiny cunts who could ask the hard questions.

And yet, in a room full of them, no others did.

I'm sure that she more than likely falls into the broken clock category. Yet, we can still applaud at those twice a day moments.

by Fire this Frau!reply 18604/14/2020

Jesus Christ CNN is not the enemy. We need to worry about Fox News and trump! Nice try at distraction, troll

by Fire this Frau!reply 18704/14/2020

R187 go fuck your Dad!

by Fire this Frau!reply 18804/14/2020

Go fuck Melania, R188. She's open for business and waiting just for you. Cash only, tho.

by Fire this Frau!reply 18904/14/2020

R188 is Trump’s scat boy after Trump eats McDonalds

by Fire this Frau!reply 19004/14/2020

"Cash only, tho."

USD only. No rubles. Have to keep away hoi polloi and riffraff.

by Fire this Frau!reply 19104/14/2020

[quote]This girl fucked so many people in college!

At Bama she was an Alpha Phi, renowned for taking the hot but gross girls other sororities cut for grades and reputation. One of her sisters made national news for this racist rant.

Offsite Link
by Fire this Frau!reply 19204/14/2020

She needs to get with Levi.

by Fire this Frau!reply 19304/14/2020

When will homophobia become generally unacceptable like racism among civilized people? To paraphrase the question by Armistead Maupin.

by Fire this Frau!reply 19404/14/2020

Wow! I can't believe the hatred on this thread! (not really). This resuscitated thread, brought back to life for no good reason.

Kaitlan was young and stupid and made some mistakes. I'm sure somewhere there's an interview where she owns up and apologizes. It was many years ago, and today she's a damn good reporter. She's doing a great job and putting her life on the line by going after one of the worst human beings to ever live on this planet! Leave her alone and let her continue to do her job.

I know it's difficult for some of you to believe, but there are some people in this world who change; who evolve; who become better people. Those who don't go to work for Fox News.

by Fire this Frau!reply 19504/14/2020

[quote]This resuscitated thread, brought back to life for no good reason.

We have a Bump Bitch who is bumping threads by the dozen every night.

by Fire this Frau!reply 19604/14/2020

If MSN can have Joy Reid, CNN can have Kaitlan Collins.

by Fire this Frau!reply 19704/15/2020

R196 it was bumped because the cunt is in the Coronavirus White House Press Pool.

by Fire this Frau!reply 19804/15/2020

Why does this fugly cunt still have a job?

by Fire this Frau!reply 19906/25/2020

R 199. Do you raise the same objection to Joy Reid in her new role at MSNBC?

by Fire this Frau!reply 20006/25/2020

Cancel her, tear her down and throw her in the river.

by Fire this Frau!reply 20106/25/2020

She can fuck off.

by Fire this Frau!reply 20206/25/2020

She's fucking the right people at CNN

by Fire this Frau!reply 20306/25/2020

R200 yes, fire that cunt too.

by Fire this Frau!reply 20406/25/2020

I'm actually surprised she hasn't been fired. And, I could easily see her working for FOX.

by Fire this Frau!reply 20506/25/2020

Oh for gods sakes move on people. She has apologized and reflected. This bumped thread is just trolling to stir things up again. America has bigger problems right now.

by Fire this Frau!reply 20606/25/2020

You sound like an old Frau 206. Lets do the same for you to #metoomoveon. Get over it. we have bigger problems right now.

by Fire this Frau!reply 20706/26/2020

Why don't people delete old tweets? Also now I have to Google Don Lemon Republican. Shit.

by Fire this Frau!reply 20806/26/2020

So she's the new Jeff Gannon.

by Fire this Frau!reply 20906/26/2020

Yeah, let’s move on from any racism too... okay?

by Fire this Frau!reply 21006/26/2020

Kaitlan looks and sounds like she has her high school field hockey stick somewhere in her closet. I beg she's a DL labia licker.

by Fire this Frau!reply 21106/26/2020

Cannot stand her. She ruins Anderson’s show for me.

Her mouth irks.

by Fire this Frau!reply 21206/26/2020

R212 Did Anderson ever comment on this bitch?

by Fire this Frau!reply 21306/26/2020

Fuck this birch. If she had talked about skews instead of gays she would have lost her job 2 years ago. Why do gays support these shitty cable news networks that employ known homophobes? Cable news isn’t news, it’s propaganda.

by Fire this Frau!reply 21406/26/2020

[quote]Why do gays support these shitty cable news networks that employ known homophobes?

CNN is the gayest network ever hunty. They have more gays on air than any other network. And they men that aren't gay are eyecandy like Boris Sanchez and Jeremy Diamond

by Fire this Frau!reply 21506/26/2020

oh do the people who care, really care? honestly, do you? if somebody used some gay slur years ago, do you honestly care? or do you fake care? are you pretending to care?

by Fire this Frau!reply 21606/26/2020

[quote] I could easily see her working for FOX.

Me too. She has that look about her.

by Fire this Frau!reply 21706/26/2020

cancel culture is a bore.

by Fire this Frau!reply 21806/26/2020

I do think we were heading somewhere in the 70s, somewhere fun. Now it's all bitter little puritans pretending to give a shit about things nobody actually gives a shit about.

by Fire this Frau!reply 21906/26/2020

R216/R218/R219 Why do you keep talking to yourself? And take a fucking English composition class while you’re at it.

by Fire this Frau!reply 22006/26/2020

talking to you, honey. are you are a puritan? if so, stop.

by Fire this Frau!reply 22106/26/2020

The face is entitled white girl sneer, as exhibited here by alpha EWG, Katie Quackenbush.

Offsite Link
by Fire this Frau!reply 22206/26/2020

Why was this bumped?

by Fire this Frau!reply 22306/26/2020

I love that her questions always piss off Orange turd and caused him to abruptly end his propaganda meetings in the past. I have to give her some credit for that.

by Fire this Frau!reply 22406/26/2020

R212 Not that I know of. I find her hard to look at it. She looks like one of those plain rich girls who grew up being told she was perfect.

by Fire this Frau!reply 22506/27/2020

Mixed feelings. I really appreciate her aggressiveness towards Trump and I'm wary of this "no forgiveness ever" mentality. But I'll admit she does have a distinctly mean face . Ah well, we have bigger problems at the moment.

by Fire this Frau!reply 22606/27/2020

I think she's great!

by Fire this Frau!reply 22706/27/2020

Three things -

Her facial features are masculine, so I bet she looks like her Dad

Her boyfriend of several years is colored AND republican!

Has Fredricka Whitfield commented?

Offsite Link
by Fire this Frau!reply 22806/27/2020

There's always something just kind of Aspie about her energy and delivery in each robotic appearance she makes on that network.

by Fire this Frau!reply 22906/27/2020

Damn r228, her boyfriend is tall dark and handsome. Im really surprised at how dark though, she doesn't seem like the type that would date an adjacent

Offsite Link
by Fire this Frau!reply 23007/11/2020

He's more than adjacent.

by Fire this Frau!reply 23107/11/2020

r194 homophobia is now being promoted as the party line by LGBt organizations and left wing political parties: "your genital preferences are transphobic"

by Fire this Frau!reply 23207/11/2020

Disqualified....I mean Cancelled!

by Fire this Frau!reply 23307/11/2020

Its not enough for her to apologize and be tolerant, people like her need to demonstrate they are actively pro LGBTQ rights! Otherwise she has probably just learned to hide her homophobia.

by Fire this Frau!reply 23407/11/2020

She looks like the homely younger sister if Jennifer Jason Leigh.

by Fire this Frau!reply 23507/12/2020

Here is Jennifer Jason Leigh

Offsite Link
by Fire this Frau!reply 23607/12/2020

Well her boyfriend's colored, either a nigger, a spic, or a towelhead. (Couldn't care to look myself, becuase one of the posters said he's a deplorable.) So she's probably liberal. But liberals, especially the white ones from hillbilly states, are known to be stuck-up, two-faced asses, so who knows? Maybe this frauish cunt was really just joking? Her pussy most likely stinks. Hard pass!

by Fire this Frau!reply 23707/12/2020

She looks like someone who won't be able to take her nigger boyfriend's dick. Black dicks are usually massive, but I have a feeling her pussy's rotten and small.

by Fire this Frau!reply 23807/12/2020

Did she fuck her Dad or rather did her fuck her?

by Fire this Frau!reply 23907/12/2020

Kaitlan says she has "no emotion". Owning her cuntness!

Offsite Link
by Fire this Frau!reply 24008/11/2020

I’m so sick of people getting a homophobia pass. Kuntlin Collins should be fired.

by Fire this Frau!reply 24108/11/2020

I do not understand how people in the public eye don't scrub their accounts. They've repeatedly seen other public people (and average people) get in trouble this way

I go through my social media pages once a year and scrub stuff. It's just boring stuff

by Fire this Frau!reply 24208/11/2020

This hoe has been reporting live for what seems like 48 hours straight. Doesn't CNN have any other White House reporters to do coverage? Not enough Boris Sanchez and Jeremy Diamond!

by Fire this Frau!reply 24310/03/2020

[quote] Damn [R228], her boyfriend is tall dark and handsome. Im really surprised at how dark though, she doesn't seem like the type that would date an adjacent

It's always sad when an opportunity to stereotype is lost

by Fire this Frau!reply 24410/03/2020

Why is this cunt still on the air?!?!

by Fire this Frau!reply 24501/05/2021

R245 - because loads of heterosexuals think like this bitch and marry them. To them she is familiar. The real question is who would want to room with such a bitter-faced bitch?

by Fire this Frau!reply 24601/05/2021

This woman has been on CNN constantly for the last two years. I hope they change the guard of White house reporters so someone else can get a chance. Preferably another hot dude to compliment Jeremy Diamond and Boris Sanchez

by Fire this Frau!reply 24701/05/2021

I know everyone here has a stick up their ass about these things, but "The Gay Epithets" would be a hilarious name for a band, or a dance troupe.

by Fire this Frau!reply 24801/05/2021

Wow. She said she didn't want to room with a lesbian. That's not good but bitch and cunt flying around this thread is ok?

by Fire this Frau!reply 24901/05/2021

R249 we’re not CNN reporters

by Fire this Frau!reply 25001/05/2021

We are not CNN reporters and this is not twitter, you bitch cunt at R249. Garden variety profanity is also not the same as slurs or homophobia.

by Fire this Frau!reply 25101/05/2021

251: your sick. Garden variety profanity or misogyny? Is n*gger ok then? And you can't have a discussion without calling someone names? Sick.....

by Fire this Frau!reply 25201/05/2021

Joy Reid and Ms. Collins should make a lesbian video together to work out their gay hatred on one another. Both are deplorable. Both are disgustingly homophobic. Sad that MSNBC and CNN would hire them. Fox did better with Shep Smith for all the years he was on air.

by Fire this Frau!reply 25301/05/2021

R252, are you lost?

by Fire this Frau!reply 25401/05/2021

She’s an access journalist like Haberman and Swan. Probably has Ivanka on speed dial.

by Fire this Frau!reply 25501/05/2021

This thread is poppin’!🍿

Offsite Link
by Fire this Frau!reply 25601/05/2021

R249 has no problem with homophobia.

by Fire this Frau!reply 25701/05/2021

Why r257 because I pointed out the hypocrisy here?

by Fire this Frau!reply 25801/05/2021

CNN just made this Cunt ‘new chief White House correspondent’. The end of this country will be old straight white men and vocal frying millennial girls.

by Fire this Frau!reply 25901/11/2021

The vast majority of people on DL who freak out at something only lightly homophobic aren't doing it because they're offended, they're trying to stir up shit. In any other thread they would be screaming about "cancel culture" and "snowflakes."

Everyone here ignores the guy who has been trolling for years by calling women "dykes" and "lesbos" as an insult, yet this supposedly upsets you? Get out of here.

by Fire this Frau!reply 26001/11/2021

I remember when this thread first popped up. I wanted to not like her. I hate to admit it but the woman is super talented. She's more articulate than some of those seasoned correspondents and she's not even 30 years old yet. I'm sure Don Lemon and Cooper made her come around some with her homophobia. I admire her for her ambition, skills and perfect hair.

by Fire this Frau!reply 26101/11/2021

R261 likes to be chocked by daddy and called faggot

by Fire this Frau!reply 26201/11/2021

She is very professional, I like her reporting.

by Fire this Frau!reply 26301/11/2021
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