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Lewis Dean Flanagan - hot or not???

He's a contestant on UK's Big Brother. What do you think???

by Kim Woodburnreply 15604/14/2019

hello there

by Kim Woodburnreply 110/06/2018

and hello again

by Kim Woodburnreply 210/06/2018

Man bun = instant ticket to the gas chamber

by Kim Woodburnreply 310/06/2018


by Kim Woodburnreply 410/06/2018

lost in his thoughts

by Kim Woodburnreply 510/06/2018

Not bad for a straight boy.

by Kim Woodburnreply 610/06/2018

Hot A.F.

by Kim Woodburnreply 710/06/2018

Sizemeat verificatia?

by Kim Woodburnreply 810/06/2018

Bad boy too.

by Kim Woodburnreply 910/06/2018

Taking a very long bath.

by Kim Woodburnreply 1010/07/2018

He's clearly losing his mind on the show.

by Kim Woodburnreply 1110/10/2018

"What do you think??? "

I think all Big Brother shows are stupid inane shitfests, and all of the shows' viewers are shitstain idiots.

Well, you asked.

by Kim Woodburnreply 1210/10/2018

I love watching stupid people argue about stupid things. And they better be pretty.

by Kim Woodburnreply 1310/10/2018

Extremely attractive, but that's not enough to have a career except in soaps.

by Kim Woodburnreply 1410/10/2018


by Kim Woodburnreply 1510/10/2018

His favorite TV show is Fucker Carlson.

by Kim Woodburnreply 1610/10/2018

Love how he's been such a good friend to Cameron and helping him come out. He identifies as straight but said he was open to experiment.

by Kim Woodburnreply 1710/10/2018

Watch this from 8:17. He talks about being open to experiment.

by Kim Woodburnreply 1810/10/2018

Here's him helping Cameron come out to the other housemates.

by Kim Woodburnreply 1910/11/2018

What kind of English accent do you call that in r19? I really need CC.

by Kim Woodburnreply 2010/11/2018

R11 It was hilarious when he thought Hussain had stolen his sausages. No joke, he really thought that.

by Kim Woodburnreply 2110/11/2018

Cute moment between Cameron and Lewis when Cameron finally admitted he way gay.

by Kim Woodburnreply 2210/11/2018


by Kim Woodburnreply 2310/11/2018

I'm destroyed by this picture.

by Kim Woodburnreply 2410/11/2018

In a good way, r24.

by Kim Woodburnreply 2510/11/2018

Sizemeat verificatia?

by Kim Woodburnreply 2610/11/2018


by Kim Woodburnreply 2710/11/2018

Cute, but looks douchey

by Kim Woodburnreply 2810/11/2018

R20 It's North East England.

by Kim Woodburnreply 2910/11/2018

I like the way his Groucho eyebrows make his little weasel eyes look slightly less tiny.

by Kim Woodburnreply 3010/11/2018

Isaac's horse cock.

by Kim Woodburnreply 3110/11/2018

R26 We don't know, I think he's only showed us his ass so far.

by Kim Woodburnreply 3210/11/2018

OMG two hot guys fighting in the hot tub. I bet it was like a dream come true for Cameron. We all know he has a crush on Lewis. Can't wait until tonight's episode.

by Kim Woodburnreply 3310/11/2018

I'm watching this as well [R33].

by Kim Woodburnreply 3410/11/2018

Aww it's cute how he's defending his best friend in the house, Cameron, who is gay. Watch from 39:00. The argument starts at 28:50 btw.

by Kim Woodburnreply 3510/12/2018

Lewis is so fond of Cameron. He's chatting with Zoe about how the other housemates are jealous of their relationship. Watch from 41:17.

by Kim Woodburnreply 3610/13/2018

Lewis is so hot. Is it true he was once in a gay relationship? Someone said that on another thread. I think he'll be evicted on Friday, sadly.

by Kim Woodburnreply 3710/18/2018

Glad he wasn't evicted yesterday and still got another week in the house.

by Kim Woodburnreply 3810/20/2018

Absolutely not

by Kim Woodburnreply 3910/20/2018


by Kim Woodburnreply 4010/20/2018

I wanna suck his cock but it's super small.

by Kim Woodburnreply 4110/20/2018

Gorgeous bod. Needs to cut hair. Mouth/smile has an unpleasant tooth-to-gum ratio (too much gum!).

R41 - How do we know it's small? Just cuz it's not Isaac's?

by Kim Woodburnreply 4210/20/2018

R41 It doesn't look so small here.

by Kim Woodburnreply 4310/20/2018

R41 there is no cock in that shot, in briefs you can't separate the meat from the potatoes.

by Kim Woodburnreply 4410/20/2018

Preview for tonight's episode.

by Kim Woodburnreply 4510/21/2018

He's hot. Could very well be bisexual

by Kim Woodburnreply 4610/21/2018

R46 Yep, he said he would not rule out a relationship with a guy if they had a connection.

by Kim Woodburnreply 4710/21/2018

Here he is hugging Cameron after he evicted Isabella.

by Kim Woodburnreply 4810/21/2018

I want to fuck him really hard.

by Kim Woodburnreply 4910/21/2018

I like Akeem Griffiths, the sexy Welsh bro

by Kim Woodburnreply 5010/21/2018

He walks around shirtless all the time. He knows he's hot.

by Kim Woodburnreply 5110/22/2018

It's cute how he got jealous when Cameron started spending more time with Akeem. I definitely think there's a chance they might fuck on the outside. Lewis strikes me as heteroflexible/bi-curious. He even said he was open to a relationship with a man.

by Kim Woodburnreply 5210/24/2018

Why is this scene with Lewis and Cameron hot? I would not be shocked if they banged as soon as they got out.

by Kim Woodburnreply 5310/25/2018

Lewis: paranoid attention whore. Cameron: alt-right shitstain. Yuck to both.

by Kim Woodburnreply 5410/25/2018

R18 these people are horrifying!

by Kim Woodburnreply 5510/25/2018

No one will ever love him like he does.

by Kim Woodburnreply 5610/25/2018

R55 Most of the people in that clip have already been evicted. The person he is talking too evicted herself 😂

by Kim Woodburnreply 5710/25/2018


by Kim Woodburnreply 5810/25/2018

If anyone watches the Big Brother show it’s obvious he has behavioral/personality issues. No one is perfect but he would me a nightmare to live with if you’re not capable of handling that. He’s slowly deteriorating in the house with his paranoia. I’d be surprised if his “close” friendship with Cameron will last after the show is over.

by Kim Woodburnreply 5910/25/2018

I literally expected them to kiss when Lewis grabbed his tie and pulled him close.

by Kim Woodburnreply 6010/25/2018

R59 He's still the most (if not the only) entertaining person in there. That's why he's the favorite to win.

by Kim Woodburnreply 6110/25/2018

Lewis got removed from the show today for his inappropiate use of language. Who knows what happened???

by Kim Woodburnreply 6210/26/2018

R62 I'm sad. He was my favorite, and basically the only reason I watched. I have no reason to watch anymore.

by Kim Woodburnreply 6310/26/2018

We'll see the incident on Sunday's episode.

by Kim Woodburnreply 6410/26/2018

Oh wow bruv

by Kim Woodburnreply 6510/28/2018

What happened?

by Kim Woodburnreply 6610/28/2018

They didn't show it on the Sunday episode either, just announced his expulsion. Cameron, of course, was crushed (or he was giving the performance of a lifetime to secure his win).

The rumor being reported by the tabloids is that Lewis had an unexplained slip of the tongue and told Cameron, "When we get out of here, we’ll sort you out with some Auschwitz" when he meant to say "outfits."

by Kim Woodburnreply 6710/28/2018

Lewis tells his side (but doesn't get into specifics)

by Kim Woodburnreply 6810/28/2018

If that was really the reason then that screms FIX. BB had hated Lewis all along. I've seen videos on the official BB account of Lewis laughing and having fun. None of that made it to the episodes. They'd rather focus on all his bad sides, like his paranoia and anxiety. None of the remaining HMs deserve to win. Lewis is the real winner. BB is pathetic. There is no way Lewis would have said that on purpose. He is not a racist. It was a slip of the tongue. Glad this is the last season. They fucked Lewis out of 100k.

by Kim Woodburnreply 6910/28/2018

I'm sure he'll make at least some bank from interviews and club appearances. Sucks that he won't be able to attend the wrap party, though.

by Kim Woodburnreply 7010/28/2018

R70 I swear if this had been ANY other housemate that HM would have gotten a warning, asked to apologize and kept in. Because it was Lewis, who has always been controversial, they removed him instead. Fucking bs. I understand that they need to take action, but it's not like he has a long history of racism. If he had then yeah, I would have understood. They removed that 19 year old after one day in the house because she had tweeted a bunch of racist stuff. That is different. Lewis clearly didn't mean to hurt or offend anyone. He didn't say it on purpose. It was a slip of the tongue.

by Kim Woodburnreply 7110/28/2018

It's quasi-real dreck like this show that set,the stage for trump. Normalizing utter vulgarity. Life in camera-ready mode.

by Kim Woodburnreply 7210/28/2018

Yeah, it was unfair, R71, but Channel 5 wasn't taking any chances. It wasn't just Ellis and her racist tweets but the Rodrigo Alves and Roxanne Pallett mess on this past CBB. Plus Christopher Biggins got kicked out of CBB a couple of summers ago for cracking a Nazi joke at Katie Waissel, who's Jewish (although he insisted he meant no harm and seemed genuinely hurt and surprised when he was asked to leave).

by Kim Woodburnreply 7310/28/2018

Aww Cameron cried when Lewis was removed. That boy is so in love. I hope they hook up on the outside. Lewis did say he was open to a relationship with a guy.

by Kim Woodburnreply 7410/29/2018

R73 But the sentence didn't even make any sense! It wasn't even a joke. It was a slip of the tongue. He meant to say outfits. I swear BB has had it in for him since the start. They edited him to look paranoid and anxious. None of his cute and funny scenes were included in the episodes, even though I know they existed since the official BB Twitter account posted them. They clearly wanted Lewis to come across a certain way, which is also why the haters are now ganging up on him and calling him racist.

by Kim Woodburnreply 7510/29/2018

There's a rumor he pissed someone off and they just waited for an opportunity to remove him. Maybe this is why C5/BB still won't say what actually happened. Lets face it... a slip of the tongue is not a good enough reason to remove someone. The right thing to do would have been to give him a warning and to give him an opportunity to explain himself and apologize. FFS even Ellis who was there a day was given an opportunity to explain her old tweets.

by Kim Woodburnreply 7610/29/2018

What's with Brooke's smug fucking face? Would not be surprised if she ratted him out. She has been a two faced backstabber since day one. One minute she's cuddling with him in his bed, the next she's nominating him.

by Kim Woodburnreply 7710/29/2018

This is interesting. If what the OP of the thread is saying is true, then I stand by what I said, he was harshly treated and should not have been removed just for that comment.

by Kim Woodburnreply 7810/29/2018

You know it's bad when even proclaimed Lewis haters (most of them have been anti Lewis since the start) defend him and think his reason for being removed is bs.

by Kim Woodburnreply 7910/29/2018

He did a live Instagram tonight. He said he was thrown out because he said Auschwitz instead of outfits.

by Kim Woodburnreply 8010/31/2018

He did an exclusive interview with The Sun where he finally came clean. The "Auschwitz/outfits" part wasn't the whole story.

by Kim Woodburnreply 8110/31/2018

He impersonated Hitler while saying "kill the jews". Yikes. A very awful joke. He clearly didn't mean it though. Context matters. He impersonated someone else who had those opinions. I know it doesn't excuse what he did. It was wrong, clearly. Much worse things have been said in the house though, and they got to stay. Still don't know if removing him was the right decision. He knows what he did was wrong. Maybe a warning would have been enough and for him to issue an apology. Oh well, too late now. Hopefully he has learned from this.

by Kim Woodburnreply 8210/31/2018

I don't think he meant it either, but jeez, what a stupid, foolish thing to do. He knew he'd fucked up when he was called to the Diary Room.

by Kim Woodburnreply 8310/31/2018

Meanwhile Lewis is still on Cameron's mind a week after being removed. He was talking about loooking at the stars with him. That boy is so in love.

by Kim Woodburnreply 8411/02/2018

I think Lewis is hooking up with Isabella. She was there on his birthday yesterday while Cameron was notibly abscent.

by Kim Woodburnreply 8511/12/2018

Is the show over? Are Lewis and Cameron shacking up?

by Kim Woodburnreply 8611/12/2018

R86 Yes, it finished last Monday. Cameron won. And no, Lewis and Cameron are not shacking up. In fact Isabella was shacking up with Lewis on his birthday yesterday. It was just the two of them. I think Cameron is still home in Norwich.

by Kim Woodburnreply 8711/12/2018

“I am not anti-Semitic, I am agnostic.”

He’s dumb as a box of rocks.

by Kim Woodburnreply 8811/12/2018

Lewis' new YouTube channel.

by Kim Woodburnreply 8911/12/2018

He knows what people want to see with that channel icon R89

by Kim Woodburnreply 9011/12/2018

The other Lewis has been posting newds (as Marcus Bentley would say). Boy has self-confidence.

by Kim Woodburnreply 9111/12/2018

This is interesting.

by Kim Woodburnreply 9211/12/2018

I think I see it R91

by Kim Woodburnreply 9311/12/2018


by Kim Woodburnreply 9411/12/2018


In the full Twitter thread, the verdict seems to be Lewis G and Cian. Lewis G doesn't surprise me as he seems down for anything with anyone.

by Kim Woodburnreply 9511/12/2018

Cameron was on a podcast, in case anyone's interested. He talked about Trump, MAGA, Brexit and coming out.

by Kim Woodburnreply 9611/13/2018

Lewis was live yesterday with Cameron. The live is still available on Lewis' Instagram in case anyone's interested.

by Kim Woodburnreply 9711/14/2018

Wow i’m surprised Lewis and Cameron actually keep in contact. I thought Lewis would drop Cameron as soon as the show was over. I guess now that Cameron won, it’s a different story.

by Kim Woodburnreply 9811/14/2018


by Kim Woodburnreply 9911/14/2018

Cameron is now on Tinder.

by Kim Woodburnreply 10011/14/2018

Lewis and Cameron's Instagram Live

by Kim Woodburnreply 10111/15/2018

Part 2

by Kim Woodburnreply 10211/15/2018

New cute Instagram live today. Lewis is going to Norwich and taking Cam out to gay bars.

by Kim Woodburnreply 10311/15/2018

Lewis is going to get some side dick in those gay bars.

by Kim Woodburnreply 10411/15/2018

He’s not into dick.

by Kim Woodburnreply 10511/15/2018

R105 True, he identifies as straight. However, he also said he was open to be with a guy. If he fell in love with a guy he wouldn't close himself off just because he id's as straight. He sounds heteroflexible/bi-curious.

by Kim Woodburnreply 10611/15/2018

New interview with Lewis.

by Kim Woodburnreply 10711/16/2018

Lewis and Cameron are reunited.

by Kim Woodburnreply 10811/18/2018

Cameron went to his first gay bar with Lewis last night. Well... he was supposed to. Don't know if they acrually made it since Cameron didn't have his id.

by Kim Woodburnreply 10911/19/2018

He looks like a cross between Aiden Turner and Riz Ahmed.

Is he 100% white? He doesn't look it.

by Kim Woodburnreply 11011/19/2018

He sounds dumb as a box of frozen peas.

by Kim Woodburnreply 11111/20/2018

Apparently Lewis is a bad influence.

by Kim Woodburnreply 11211/20/2018

I mean Cameron is a bad influence.

by Kim Woodburnreply 11311/20/2018


by Kim Woodburnreply 11411/20/2018

[quote]He sounds dumb as a box of frozen peas.

Yeah, pretty much.

by Kim Woodburnreply 11511/20/2018

His epic diary room rants.

by Kim Woodburnreply 11611/20/2018


by Kim Woodburnreply 11711/20/2018

He did a live yesterday. He said he's not bi or gay. He said he had a gay experience once, it was a threesome with a woman and her gay friend. He said he's 7 inches big. Then again... he also said he's 5'11" so take it with a grain of salt. There's no way he's 5'11" if Cameron is 6'. He's probably more like 5'8" or 5'9".

by Kim Woodburnreply 11811/21/2018

Lewis and Cameron changed hotels and accidentally got a double bed instead of two twin beds. Cameron probably loved it 😂

by Kim Woodburnreply 11911/21/2018

It happens bro

by Kim Woodburnreply 12011/21/2018

Cameron admitted he's circumcised.

by Kim Woodburnreply 12111/22/2018

R118, I think Cameron is around 6’3 or 4. Lewis was taller than a few of the other guys in the house.

by Kim Woodburnreply 12211/22/2018

Cameron said Lewis hasn't showered in days and that he smells.

by Kim Woodburnreply 12311/22/2018

They all smell, whether or not they shower. Stupid is pungent.

by Kim Woodburnreply 12411/23/2018

Lewis' support of Cameron is sweet though.

by Kim Woodburnreply 12511/23/2018


by Kim Woodburnreply 12611/23/2018

Looks stiinky

by Kim Woodburnreply 12711/24/2018


by Kim Woodburnreply 12812/14/2018

Lewis Flanagan grew up in the Middlesbrough area - which explains everything about him.

by Kim Woodburnreply 12912/14/2018

He's now on Only Fans...

by Kim Woodburnreply 13012/14/2018

Is his dong OnlyFansworthy?

by Kim Woodburnreply 13112/14/2018

Cameron is probably gonna subscribe 😂

by Kim Woodburnreply 13212/14/2018

I hope Cameron will get to co-star.

by Kim Woodburnreply 13312/14/2018

Bro is hot

by Kim Woodburnreply 13412/14/2018


by Kim Woodburnreply 13512/14/2018

r134 is dum.

by Kim Woodburnreply 13612/14/2018

R136 is effete

by Kim Woodburnreply 13712/14/2018

And R136 likes it that way, "bro."

by Kim Woodburnreply 13812/14/2018

real dong?

by Kim Woodburnreply 13912/14/2018

His jerk off vid leaked (he also plays with his hole). He contacted police. LPSG has it.

by Kim Woodburnreply 14001/20/2019

link ?

by Kim Woodburnreply 14101/20/2019


by Kim Woodburnreply 14201/20/2019

Lewis says the leaker is getting arrested.

by Kim Woodburnreply 14301/20/2019

Any other link to his jerk off video?

Would love to see it

by Kim Woodburnreply 14401/20/2019

Thats clearly not him.....that person had no muscle all.

by Kim Woodburnreply 14501/20/2019

r145 is a retard.

by Kim Woodburnreply 14601/20/2019

Right, it's not him when Lewis confirmed it.

by Kim Woodburnreply 14701/20/2019

You really dont understand how the game is played do you ?....Its called free pr.

by Kim Woodburnreply 14801/20/2019

What the hell is r148 yapping about??

by Kim Woodburnreply 14901/20/2019

Ahh any other link to the video? Looks like it was taken down.

by Kim Woodburnreply 15001/23/2019

What a hot bro

by Kim Woodburnreply 15101/24/2019

Posted a frontal video on his Onlyfans. Anyone a subscriber?

by Kim Woodburnreply 15204/13/2019

Ha, I was following the last BBUK over on Reddit as I was taking a sabbatical from DL. It's nice to see this deranged cunt has a following here as well. And of course I'm not surprised he has an OnlyFans now, what with that mental health app kickstarter scam of his not working out. Who'da thunk it?

by Kim Woodburnreply 15304/13/2019

Can't believe this guy is saying he isn't gay.

by Kim Woodburnreply 15404/13/2019

Anyone see the uncensored vid?

by Kim Woodburnreply 15504/14/2019

r154 I really don't think he is, though. He seems crazy for pussy, as he has demonstrated plenty of times in the house and even got exasperated when that lesbian chick wouldn't turn for him.

But he loves adoration even more than sex, which he has also proved in the house during that brief period when the house turned into an actual Lewis cult, with him siccing people on his opponents left and right with a mere glance. Normies do crazy shit for the approval of pretty guys like him.

by Kim Woodburnreply 15604/14/2019
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