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Bradley Cooper: "Early on in my career I didn't get a role one time because they said I wasn't fuckable"

I mean they weren't lying! My how standards have DROPPED in the industry

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 16810/12/2018

I like Bradley, but he's probably the last person in the world I'd feel sorry for.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 110/02/2018

He went from unfuckable to anal incontinence pretty fast, though.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 210/02/2018

And they were right, Bradley.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 310/02/2018

Sorry Bradley, but they were right.

You're totally NOT fuckable. You look like a rat.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 410/02/2018

He got his look together and all that changed.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 510/02/2018

I would fuck him. He’s not good looking but fuckable. Can’t explain why.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 610/02/2018

[quote]Can’t explain why.


by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 710/02/2018

R7 He’s straight for one thing

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 810/02/2018

R6 is into rodents.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 910/02/2018

[quote] He’s straight for one thing

ROFL! Good one.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 1010/02/2018

His doppelgänger twins

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 1110/02/2018

Well I mean chrissy metz and lena dunham are cover girls, now, so.....

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 1210/02/2018

Cooper does nothing for me and don't understand his appeal. His chin is just weird.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 1310/02/2018

R10 Straight Guys have tighter holes, ADMIT it!

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 1410/02/2018

I hate this douchbag

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 1510/02/2018

Well, wasn’t he a drunk literally living in an alley? I heard that as in “he literally crawled out of the gutter as a drunk hooker dude” and turned it around. Idk very credible source Does zero for me though he’s not fugly.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 1610/02/2018

I have posted this before but he was only fuckable in the first Hangover movie. Now that he fucked with his face he looks too feminine.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 1710/02/2018

I never thought he was. He looks like a bird and he comes off as trying too hard to be likable to like him. Next!

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 1810/02/2018

'Alias' (TV show) Bradley Cooper was not fuckable, but the nice guy/friend. No one paid attention to him until he mentioned he was Victor Garber's date to the Emmys. BC left the show, got big, came back to attention in The Hangover as a dude bros archetype. He was fuckable for a while.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 1910/02/2018

Bradley's a whore, darlins.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 2010/02/2018

Everything makes sense now, R16.

No wonder.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 2110/02/2018

You would all fuck him at the drop of a hat, regardless.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 2210/02/2018

No, YOU would R22.

The rest of us actually have taste.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 2310/02/2018

I think it’s his rascally look that does it for me.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 2410/02/2018

He's not good looking. Though, he does look a little better with a beard. lol

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 2510/02/2018

No thanks He’s nothing special So, Victor Garbor ... guess butch Brad didn’t want to go the Bomer path. Well dead end. He made a few films though.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 2610/02/2018

I recall a scene in a TV show in which he was jumping around in just his briefs. There was nothing remotely sexy about him.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 2710/02/2018

Closeted queen who tried to get "straight credibility" by acting in American Sniper.

Deplorables loved him, but now I absolutely HATE him.

Fucking closet case sellout creep. He makes my skin crawl.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 2810/02/2018

He’s avg at best and he’s best rarely

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 2910/02/2018

He's got good hair. That helped a lot.

Now he looks more and more like Emmanuel Macron, gives us an idea where both self-loathing douches are headed.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 3010/02/2018

He had a chin job and a nose job to give him more leading man type look.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 3110/02/2018

Colby Jansen looks like a chubbier version

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 3210/02/2018

Sure, Bradley. You just want to sound "edgy".

But since all interviews are P.R. fiction.....

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 3310/02/2018

I was at an audition, nude, and the casting director told me I was fat.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 3410/02/2018

Where are those sweaty twink gifs from?

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 3510/02/2018

Wet Hot American Summer. Required watching.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 3610/02/2018

I'd suck him off.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 3710/02/2018

Cooper is very hot. Period.

We all saw him in The Elephant Man and saw his hotness in person.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 3810/02/2018

He's an AWG. Fuckable, but I never got the fuss.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 3910/02/2018

He looked better with his original nose. I have asked girls about him and most agree he is not hot.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 4010/02/2018

I agree, the new nose makes his face look pinches and bird-like

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 4110/02/2018

Agree with R17. His peak was the first Hangover film.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 4210/02/2018

And it was his 1st wife who said it!

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 4310/02/2018

His peak was when he played the bad guy in Wedding Crashers

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 4410/02/2018

I agree with R44. His eyes were so blue in that film.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 4510/02/2018

you're not. Next!

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 4610/02/2018

Fine! You never liked me.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 4710/02/2018

He got a nose job?

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 4810/02/2018

he is very AWG

not every actor has leading man fuck-me looks

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 4910/02/2018

Is his hair fake now? It looks fake. Didn't he repeatedly beat the shit out of his ex-wife, Jennifer Esposito? Why were they married? What was the deal with Amy Pascal calling him an "odd bird"? He makes my skin crawl.

Also, his plastic surgery is turning him into a lesbian:

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 5010/02/2018

That hair dye job at R50 is something.

Cooper looks average for a film star.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 5110/02/2018

This article beyond pissed me off. So in Op's article he bitched that he didn't get a role. In my article the ungrateful ass was on Alias a hit television show and had the nerve to complain that he was only working 3 days a week and asked to be written out of the show!! Even 1 day as a union member principal actor the standard is like $1000. Any starting actor would have been over the moon to get that. I didn't think I could dislike him more.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 5210/02/2018

r52 it's more thank 1k a day...

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 5310/02/2018

That's an animatronic at R50, no?

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 5410/02/2018

r54, carved in wax

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 5510/02/2018

AWG wants us to pity him because Hollywood bigwigs didn't want him for roles and wouldn't fuck him in exchange for them either.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 5610/02/2018

He's bi. Cooper fucked porn star / actor Greg Duke aka David Taylor and gave him a walk on in American Sniper.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 5710/02/2018

r57, they look alike, super narcissistic.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 5810/02/2018

Ask Darren Star if Cooper is considered fuckable.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 5910/02/2018

He's not fuckable.

I've never gotten the attraction to this hairy, rat-looking closet case.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 6010/02/2018

Did he get his part in Guardians of the Galaxy because he already looked so much like his character?

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 6110/02/2018

[quote]I like Bradley


by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 6210/02/2018

Just show that Philly cawk already!

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 6310/02/2018

I allowed Bradley inside my "actors studio".

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 6410/02/2018

And he was a blubbering mess:

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 6510/02/2018

I like his ‘dirty’ look in ASIB

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 6610/02/2018

He didn’t just have a chin implant, it looks like he had the same jaw augmentation that Ivanka did.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 6710/02/2018

How’s his singing like ?

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 6810/02/2018

Didn't Bradley also have an affair with Jake McDorman?

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 6910/02/2018

r68 oh Dmitri lol, "How is his singing like?" You're getting lazy!

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 7010/02/2018

R70 Link me

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 7110/02/2018

Here's how his singing's like:

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 7210/02/2018

R72 Ok so not good enough for a solo then ?

He’s still sexier than Kris Kristofferson there.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 7310/02/2018

He isn’t anywhere near being in Kris Kristoffersons league as far as sexiness goes. I never cared for Kristoffersons voice, but he was a fine songwriter and sexy as hell.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 7410/02/2018

R74 K Kristofferson was never good looking enough to be sexy

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 7510/02/2018

He so needs to play Barry Manilow.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 7610/02/2018

r75 Kristofferson was dead sexy. That's part of the reason it's so embarrassing one of his sons is a semi-pro wrestler on the fake wrestling in barns and garages circuit.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 7710/02/2018

Oh he’s hot and not one person on this thread is probably hotter despite all the nasty posts from a lot of them. Good Lord DL is full of dyspeptic twits.

He’s also very successful in his chosen work- I suspect that is the main source of the bile.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 7810/02/2018

R77 Yeah right. So sexy indeed.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 7910/02/2018

R78 And now Brad’s a talented director as well.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 8010/02/2018

I was told by a Hollywood friend than no big actor today spent more time on his knees before gay producers than Bradley Cooper. He is the queen of the casting couch.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 8110/02/2018

R81 And nobody even wants you on his casting couch.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 8210/02/2018

[quote]He so needs to play Barry Manilow.

Oh Bradley,

You came and you gave without taking

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 8310/02/2018

Kristofferson is as sexy as his co star, Barbra.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 8410/02/2018

What about here?

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 8510/02/2018

He's kind of too wonderful for words. It gets a little grating.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 8610/02/2018

He looks like what happens when a bird fucks a rat.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 8710/02/2018

Black Lassie!!!....

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 8810/02/2018

I always found him easily fuckable.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 8910/02/2018

Now, Butler IS fuckable, even in his old, fat schlubby state.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 9010/02/2018

Bradley Cooper, Timothe Chalamet and his boyfriend Ansel Elgort have the most inbred-retarded face in the whole film industry.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 9110/02/2018

Hey Brad @ R78! Chin up! You paid good money for it.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 9210/02/2018

Aaaaaw ! Don't listen to those meanies, Bradley.

I'll prove them wrong.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 9310/02/2018

Never liked him as an actor, still cannot stand him as an actor and do not get WHY he's so damned popular. There's something distinctly reptilian about this mans face.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 9410/02/2018

I kind of agree with you, R94. He is overrated. He annoyed me to no end (and was unfuckable) in that film with Bale, Lawrence, Adams. American Something something.

But Leo, the so-called Hollywod power player from another thread doesn't agree with you.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 9510/02/2018

This explains why when he was starting to get a lot of tv guest star spots, etc he was plucked, tweezed, shaved and tanned beyond the metro norm. He was trying to become fuckable. I'd fuck him.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 9610/02/2018

I've never found him attractive. To me, he's always been the definition of "ferret-faced." And I think he has such a fake personality that he puts on in public. In private, I wouldn't be surprised if he's a rageaholic and throws shit against the walls, not a nice guy at all. Think Joan Crawford.

Like others, I don't know how he got to be a big A-List star. I don't get the appeal at all.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 9710/02/2018

Loser. We get roles because we are deemed unfuckable!

Then, we are very talented.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 9810/02/2018

He and Gaga are playing this narrative they have been discriminated against because of their looks, it is pathetic

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 9910/02/2018

Leo @ r95 and Butler @ r89 are both looking at him like they think he's sad and gross.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 10010/02/2018

Sometimes he looks like Robin Williams....or Popeye. Really.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 10110/02/2018

Oh, when he speaks French....he SENDS me.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 10210/02/2018

I was *really* into "Alias" when it first aired, and so were a bunch of other young women on the Television Without Pity forums.

B.Coop was not popular: his character Will was referred to as the Willage Idiot, lol. And everyone was swooning over Michael Vartan, cuz his character was the sexy one and he even spoke french.

So one of the forum girls made a fansite just for Bradley, but it really was just because she felt sorry for him!

I wonder if he ever knew that?

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 10310/03/2018

And btw yes, Bradley Cooper is gay, he went to the Emmys as Victor Garber's date!

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 10410/03/2018

R100 Well now he looks better than both Leo and Butler combined.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 10510/03/2018

[quote]He and Gaga are playing this narrative they have been discriminated against because of their looks, it is pathetic

Because of their LACK of good looks, right? Cuz they're both fucking fugly as hell.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 10610/03/2018

Bunch of jealous Bitches.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 10710/03/2018

Wendy Williams just showed this clip of Bradley being interviewed by some British TV personality named Allison Heyman (?), who's known for her bubbly personality and kidding around with the stars (many of whom are A-listers) who come on her show. Anyway, as a joke, she told Bradley that she wants to be in the "Star Is Born" sequel and then sang him a song as her "audition." Well, Bradley sat there totally stone-faced and didn't appear to be the least bit amused by her, which Wendy said she found a big turn-off because it shows that Bradley has no sense of humor. (I must agree that he didn't seem to appreciate the woman's daring to joke around with him, looking at her as if he was a bit pissed off that she was wasting his time. Perhaps he was just tired and not in the mood, but I agreed with Wendy that he could've at least played along a little with her, if only not to come off as such a grinch, but whatever.)

If I can find the clip of the interview, I'll post it.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 10810/03/2018

He had a pretty grouchy profile in the NY Times last week. He's in take me seriously mode I guess.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 10910/03/2018

[quote] If I can find the clip of the interview, I'll post it.

r108, that's okay. I'm sure we all get the point.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 11010/03/2018

Wow, that NYTimes profile is pretty bitchy. I'm sure Bradley was screaming at all of his people when it was published.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 11110/03/2018


by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 11210/06/2018

I don’t get his sudden serious turn. He used to be very down to earth and funny. He was hilarious and pretty open in a Howard Stern interview year ago.

And, as a woman, most of my friends considered him very fuckable (tho prob gay) since the first Hangover so not sure WTF he’s talking about.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 11310/06/2018

Rage issues. He allegedly beat Jennifer Esposito.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 11410/06/2018

Esposito caught him with a guy. We have mutual friends.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 11510/06/2018

That's JUICY, R115!

Was the guy she caught him with, famous?

Now that he's a "director," I totally believe that he runs his own little casting couch. I also believed that guy at R57 (Greg Duke?) slept with him for a role on American Sniper.

Cooper totally looks like he goes for military guys, being the bottom whore that he is.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 11610/06/2018

LOL silly queen is now trying to get sjw cred, sorry fat you're a white man and most clueless people think your straight so white and straight is a no for them.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 11710/06/2018

I don’t know details because my source knows her family members better than Jennifer herself. Was just told it was a guy or BC just being gay that ended it. Was told it was obviously a sore subject.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 11810/06/2018

Darren Star created Kitchen Confidential for Bradley because they were fucking at the time. This led to Star's long time boyfriend Dennis Erdman leaving him.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 11910/06/2018

He definitely had his chin/jaw widened out and maybe some filler to make his rather pointy face rounder and more photogenic. Weird. I thought he was hot in the Wedding Planner.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 12010/07/2018

Esposito wrote about him in her book. She's crazy, too so I'm sure this marriage was a mess and a half.

[quote]Jennifer Esposito is not mincing words in her description of her brief marriage to Bradley Cooper. In her new book, Jennifer’s Way, the former Blue Bloods co-star never mentions Cooper by name as she describes the mystery man as “funny, smart, cocky, arrogant and a master manipulator.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 12110/07/2018

I’d gladly fuck your hot ass now, Bradley. Stop by, after you visit your mom and dad.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 12210/07/2018

Bradley looks so much hotter with the facial hair. He kind of creeps me out without it.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 12310/07/2018

Creepy interview, and false. Cooper is nothing like that interview in his real life it was all an act -- more facade and him redrafting his image.

Some of his quotes about finding the truth in characters and creating content and all that garbage: verbatim quotes from his idol and mentor Sean Penn over the years in Penn interviews about acting etc ... Cooper's a studious guy and has planned this all out, but he can't just become some angsty artist after his personable bro-jock reality of who he really is and what he's been giving the public for a decade.

He's a movie star who used to give every detail about his life in high school and growing up and drinking and all that shit ... now he's not offering his personal life?

He's the guy from the Hangover and Alias who got some critical success thanks to how bad a state movies are in and O Russell's incomprehensible rise to the top a few years ago. He's not John Cassavetes.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 12410/07/2018

Doesn’t he have a kid with a model?

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 12510/07/2018

A KID?????????

He had a kid with Ronaldo the Raper's ex-bear ...... um ..... girlfriend?

I thought that was Irina's kid with a Russian oligarch and Cooper was godparent or the uncle or something and that's why he's always carrying the kid around.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 12610/09/2018

holy moly i sense sarcasm

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 12710/09/2018

When he did The Elephant Man on Broadway he looked so botoxy. It was odd. The Elephant Man is vain?

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 12810/09/2018

I once heard him on a Howard Stern interview and he sounded so gay in his evasivness as to why he didn't have a girlfriend.

and he dated Zellweger.

and he identified with The Elephant man because of how alone he was....frat guys aren't alone. They have Brett K to hang out with.

and his baby mama is a russian model. (they'll marry anyone to not have to go back see FLOTUS)

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 12910/09/2018

He is good looking but he comes off as asexual, even while playing a frat boy. People like cumberbatch and redmayne are pretty ugly, but some people think they are sex symbols.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 13010/09/2018

[quote]frat guys aren't alone

SO true! They don't even know what "alone" means.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 13110/09/2018

I saw a clip of him and Gaga on Graham Norton, and he looked so old and haggard.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 13210/09/2018

I’m sure he’ll skate thru award season to Oscar victory, but that Esposito rumor has also been around forever. Wonder if it’ll get dragged up again.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 13310/09/2018

His humble-bragging masquerading as soul-bearing is pathetic.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 13410/09/2018

[quote]that Esposito rumor has also been around forever. Wonder if it’ll get dragged up again.

If so, perhaps by someone from a competing studio who wants to put the kibosh on ASIB's Oscar chances?

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 13510/09/2018

Can u imagine if they sprung this up in a few months?

Of all the women who have come out and said they were abused, Esposito -- if she really was battered -- BETTER come out and drill Coop and take him down.

I love him but I'm just jealous that he's a huge star and just bought a 15 million dollar townhouse.

Blow his spot, Espo!!!!

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 13610/09/2018

[quote] Some of his quotes about finding the truth in characters and creating content and all that garbage: verbatim quotes from his idol and mentor Sean Penn over the years in Penn interviews about acting etc ... Cooper's a studious guy and has planned this all out

Like Jennifer Esposito said - MASTER MANIPULATOR. Most closet cases usually are.

She should out him, just for kicks. I'd love to see him taken down.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 13710/10/2018

He looked good in American Sniper, but he usually just looks smarmy.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 13810/10/2018

He wasn't fuckable in Alias....barely even star quality, just a cute best friend.....Now, he's the hottest guy in Hollywood....and the talent is incredible!

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 13910/10/2018

He is so sexy in A Star is Born. The way he would look at Ally/Gaga was amazing. Smoldering.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 14010/10/2018

No one cared about the accusations about Casey Affleck. I doubt Brad will be hurting.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 14110/12/2018

[quote] He is so sexy in A Star is Born

Actually, he looked greasy, dirty and smelly.

Even more than usual.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 14210/12/2018

And yet most of you mincing prisspots would shove each other to the ground to get to him if he were within 300 feet of you.

But I do SO love these threads where you all hold your nose and make a big show of rejecting someone. Slow clap, bitches.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 14310/12/2018

Funny how he became a sex symbol with the Hangover films. Im glad he proved them wrong. Phenomenal talent.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 14410/12/2018

He looked better pre plastic surgery, his facial flaws were distinctive now he looks ordinary and forgettable.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 14510/12/2018

He was pretty cute during Alias. He got kind of hot between 2004-2013. Then I'm not sure what happened?

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 14610/12/2018

His American Sniper look is the one that is least like his usual appearance. I like it a lot and indeed found him damn sexy in that film, compared to the aforementioned usual appearance.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 14710/12/2018

Is he still wearing that sniper's boots?

Will he show up to next year's Oscars wearing Gaga's girdle?

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 14810/12/2018

OH man I've been reading a snowstorm of comments about him on another website .... very disappointed to see Coop's a TOTAL dickhead by all reports ....

So he's an asshole, takes himself too seriously, was a miserable, moody guy ... self-engrossed .... the NY Times article is really what he's like .... etc ... man this is not making me happy.

I thought he was a cool bro-type ... loved Italian food, having a good time and loved sports and models. And loved making movies and being an actor. Seemed like such a kind of guy you'd want to hang out with.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 14910/12/2018

That's bullshit. He's totally fuckable.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 15010/12/2018

Totally fuckable!

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 15110/12/2018

Wait I just realized something. Suppose hes talking about being fuckabke to producers and casting talent.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 15210/12/2018

ruh roh, trouble in paradise...

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 15310/12/2018

I'm not surprised that rat face Cooper is a rage-a-holic.

That's what happens when you're in the closet. It drives you insane.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 15410/12/2018

The problem is he doesn't drink anymore by all reports. What the hell is that all about?

Have a few to cool down and unwind.

What a loser.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 15510/12/2018

I think he was an alcoholic and finally quit completely. The first thing I saw him in was Wedding Crashers and he was a perfect douche bag in that. I remember reading that David O Russell said he cast him in SLP because of that performance. He liked his anger and rage in that role. BC is sounding super self-important these days.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 15610/12/2018

He looks more like a ferret than a rat.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 15710/12/2018

R153, no surprises there! I don't care how many kids Bradley and his beard have. He is still gay as anything. And I agree with R154-- his rage stems from being in the closet!! He in Leo are like two peas in a pod. Weren't they sharing a hotel room at one point (as evidenced in that balcony pic above in this thread)?

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 15810/12/2018

His rise has been incredible, flat out.

One day he's asking Deniro questions and then next Deniro becomes his father in a movie and in real life after his own father's passing. One day he's asking Sean Penn questions and the next day he's friends with Sean Penn and getting endorsed by Penn for ASIB.

One day he's holding hands with Victor Garber in NYC and the next day he's on a private vacation, shirtless with Leo on a balcony. Who was also shirtless.

Extraordinary climbing and life-altering in a short time.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 15910/12/2018

[quote] Extraordinary climbing

Perfect word for him. CLIMBER. He's a real-life "Talented Mr. Ripley."

That, and well... he has fucked/sucked his way through Hollywood, to get to where he's at now.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 16010/12/2018

The Page Six article mentioned he's furious at the NY Times piece, LOL. Well Bradley, if you act like an asshole during an interview and get pissy and snippy with the journalist (who was only doing her job) then guess what? The article will be about how you're a pissy, snippy little asshole. No one to blame but yourself.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 16110/12/2018

It's weird that he's coming across as a jerk right when he's directed his first film and getting good reviews for it. I watched an interview around the time that The Hangover came out and he was joking around with the interviewer through the whole thing.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 16210/12/2018

R162- He has definitely misplaced his sense of humor. I guess success can do that to you.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 16310/12/2018

[quote] I guess success can do that to you

More like his big fat EGO.

Instead of taking the criticism to heart and lightening the fuck up, Miss Cooper seems to be throwing even more of a hissy fit.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 16410/12/2018

Jesus Mary Gayyyyyyyyyyyy .... that's what Coop used to act and sound like????

Blazing. Flaming. All of the above.

I'm shocked to see that behavior by him, truly.

This was probably when they told him he had to start acting at least 1% like a straight man if he wanted to be a movie star.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 16510/12/2018

Wow r165, you ain’t kidding.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 16610/12/2018

R163 I thing Cooper comes off good in that clip. Yes, a he pings but he seems real sweet.

I don't get all the hate on DL. He's not the hottest guy around but he's got loads of charisma and is definitely attractive.

Now let's talk about that vile cunt Meryl Streep.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 16710/12/2018

Bradley's cute but he does look a bit like Barry Manilow in some pics.

by Cunty Cunt McCuntreply 16810/12/2018
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