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Barbra Streisand NEW SINGLE OUT NOW

Don't Lie to Me

by Queen Beereply 51510/19/2018
by Queen Beereply 109/27/2018

Her heart is in the right place.

But the only music I want to hear referencing him is the whoosh and chop of a guillotine blade.

by Queen Beereply 209/27/2018

old cow go home!

count ur chochkas and feel blessed for thou are decrepid, and need to sit home in ur hot bath or bidet.

by Queen Beereply 309/27/2018

Beyonce is sweating bullets over Babs return to the charts.

by Queen Beereply 409/27/2018

Interesting interview. I don't know where she gets her drive- still there at 76. Clearly one of the great sources of her long career.

by Queen Beereply 509/27/2018

I find her thoughts and observations more compelling than "Don't Lie To Me", which though she sounds great, is simplistic and bombastic.

by Queen Beereply 609/27/2018

Oh God, those photos....they didn't even bother with Photoshop, they used a gum eraser.

by Queen Beereply 709/27/2018

Dear God. I couldn't get through half of this insipidly miserable tune. This air brushed, Vaselined fossil still believes she is relevant to a generation nearly 60 years younger than she, when they can't even appreciate her classic, legendary work. If she's going to get out of the sweet shop in her mall and start recording again in granny's house, at least take on the Cole Porter or Rodgers and Hart songbook, something worthy of what remains of her talent, legacy, and voice. What the fuck we do need? Another rendition of "Imagine" and "What a Wonderful World?" You're 76, Barbra. You're getting too old too imagine, and the world isn't wonderful. It sucks. Next thing, we'll hear is for your 80th birthday, Gypsy will be going before the cameras. With a 55 year old Tulsa. Harpy days are here again!

by Queen Beereply 809/27/2018

I'm still hip! The kids will all be blasting this from their iPods!

by Queen Beereply 909/27/2018

R9 - Be careful not to break that hip!

by Queen Beereply 1009/27/2018

[quote]If she's going to get out of the sweet shop in her mall and start recording again in granny's house, at least take on the Cole Porter or Rodgers and Hart songbook, something worthy of what remains of her talent, legacy, and voice.

I was ready to post the exact same comment.

Instead of this schlock, go back to the Sandards. Songs with great lyrics and melodies.

It would be much more interesting to hear them done in her older voice ....and with the wisdom of her age... than this junk.

by Queen Beereply 1109/27/2018

She's a piece of shit, a forgotten piece of shit. Irrelevant talent, even her "legendary" work.

by Queen Beereply 1209/27/2018

Oh, honey. Stay in your basement.

by Queen Beereply 1309/27/2018

R12 = a bitter Janet Jackson

by Queen Beereply 1409/27/2018

And yet she gets a thread on datalounge before we even mention the Wicked Halloween concert with the OC witches reuniting.

by Queen Beereply 1509/27/2018

Some of you really need to get a life.

by Queen Beereply 1609/27/2018

Babs inspiration for her new look.

by Queen Beereply 1709/27/2018

[quote] Instead of this schlock, go back to the Sandards. Songs with great lyrics and melodies.

But I'm still a happening singing star, hep to today's always-evolving music scene! Besides, people just love to hear the new songs I discover because I am FAMOUS for my exquisite taste!

by Queen Beereply 1809/27/2018

She looks so young and beautiful on that album cover.

by Queen Beereply 1909/27/2018

The funny thing is, she could probably get 2 or 3 albums out by doing the standards.

And her old fans...the ones who actually buy music would want them.

There's a lot of classic stuff that she's never recorded.

Her voice is worn, but those songs are unbreakable. She could bring something new to them.

by Queen Beereply 2009/27/2018

Not subtle and her voice is gone.

by Queen Beereply 2109/27/2018

If she only had a chest voice/belt, her previous 4 octaves, and Peter Matz alive and arranging. The selections for "Under My Skin: Barbra Sings Cole" (1). Stereophonic Sound/Another Openin' Another Show (2). You'd Be So Easy to Love/You Do Something to Me (in cut time, shrill like "Gee gee gee gee gee Jingle Bells) (3). Medley: Let's Do It/Let's Misbehave/Blow Gabriel Blow (a downbeat version accompanied by a lilting double bass and tenor sax). (4). So In Love (as one of those sensual sambas to accompany her romantic nights with Jim) (5). I Loved Him (though no one will ever top the Judy version) (6). Were Thine That Special Face (now she can finish the tune she started in "Color Me Barbra." (7). I Hate Men/From This Moment On (Barbra loves resilience and positive transformations) (8). I Concentrate on You/All of You/I Get a Kick Out of You (ironic laughter in between phrases) (9). I've Got You Under My Skin (duet with Diana Krall) (10). Friendship (duet with Liza Minnelli) (11). Be a Clown/Brush Up Your Shakespeare (she always wanted to do the classics) (12). Every Time We Say Goodbye (posthumous duet with Betty Carter)

by Queen Beereply 2209/27/2018

IS she trying to compete with the new A Star is Born?

by Queen Beereply 2309/27/2018

She sounds and looks like Norma Desmond...

by Queen Beereply 2409/27/2018

Streisand never had 4 octaves. Not quite 3. Aguilera, (young) Whitney, Celine and (young) Mariah are the pop singers who can claim 4 octaves.

Streisand's unique and beautiful vibrato did make her high notes soar off into the stratosphere and her ability to blend her chest belts with head voice made for a lot of thrilling high notes. That's why so many thought (mistakenly) that she had a huge vocal range. Her voice was not nearly as powerful as many other singers but she had great technique, beautiful legato and a lovely warm tone with exceptional resonance.

She still fucked up most of the standards that she chose to sing by overindulging her modulations, holding notes past the point of lyrical sense and other vain histrionics. A Streisand vocal is always predictable.

Now she's all rasp and compressed vocals, doubled and double tracked again and again. There's figuratively no sound to her voice, just familiar orchestration.

by Queen Beereply 2509/27/2018

is that...stealthy autotune I hear?

by Queen Beereply 2609/27/2018

Mainly I'm glad the Walls she's referencing in the title of the album seem to be the ones pictured on the cover.

by Queen Beereply 2709/27/2018

Who's she?

by Queen Beereply 2809/27/2018

Wow. She sounds really old and I kinda like it.

It is Babs and she is old and we get a new song.

I wish she was trending -- rather than this shit about a rapist who the GOP is going to beatify before affirming as supreme court justice.

by Queen Beereply 2909/27/2018

I like it! She’s done enough old standards.

by Queen Beereply 3009/27/2018

Enough with the standards and she doesn't have the voice to pull them off now anyway. The last Broadway album was terrible.

This feels current, and it's about time she got back to doing something fresh. That picture doesn't look half bad, but she should stop with the Greek tragedy poses and the sofa length shawls. Rock a full length bodysuit with a nice shot of cleavage. It's about time we got pop Streisand again.

by Queen Beereply 3109/27/2018

Can’t say I’m a big fan, but this song/performance is fine.

by Queen Beereply 3209/27/2018

Songs about politics age badly. Very uninteresting.

by Queen Beereply 3309/27/2018

Will the Muzak version be playing in her personal mall? Maybe whilst eyeing the daily Cinnabon special on the way to her notions ‘n lotion shop she’ll hum along...

by Queen Beereply 3409/27/2018

It's all muzak. She's terrible. Irrelevant and embarrassing. Delusional.

by Queen Beereply 3509/27/2018

Horrid abortion of a song. Retire old lady.

by Queen Beereply 3609/27/2018

Couldn't disagree more. It's got a very Adele/ Amy Winehouse vibe to it. If the industry wasn't so ageist, this could be a no brainer top forty at least.

Babs is back.

by Queen Beereply 3709/27/2018

Very funny R37. Streisand doesn't have a rhythmic or soulful bone in her vagina or vocal chords. EVER.

by Queen Beereply 3809/27/2018

You want to understand judge K. read post R38. Aside from the obvious R38 is dumb as a rock (and doesn’t know it).

by Queen Beereply 3909/27/2018

That photo looks like she's in the basement pit waiting for Buffalo Bill to lower the basket. Although very dolled up for such a situation.

by Queen Beereply 4009/27/2018

The photo was taken in the Grotto section of the food court in her mall

by Queen Beereply 4109/27/2018

You're nuts R39. And Streisand is a friend to no liberal cause but her own jew centric idea of philanthropy. She is completely unprepared to speak of the real problems that people face NOW. She's always jerked around nuclear winters and other fake liberal causes. She doesn't even know how to approach the loss of civil rights and the rise of racism or the stripping away of women's freedoms to govern their own body and destiny. She can only reference her lame "feminism" like because she didn't win an Oscar for being a mediocre director while being a bitch. She is detested.

You have no idea who you are addressing R39. I know more about music and vocal production than you OR Barbra Streisand. She is not and never has been a soulful singer. Her attempts at ad libs, runs or downtown sounds have been ludicrous. To suggest that she sounds like Adele or Amy Winehouse in tone, style or timbre is an insult to all three of them. You're an old white fag Barbara fan. Don't get carried away trying to discredit my expertise by comparing it to a Kavanaugh hearing or appointment? What the fuck gramps. You sound a fool and very very old.

Barbara Streusel is not some great liberal or even much of a feminist. She's a privileged white Hollywood star and democrat. She dabbled in politics but it's all over her head now. She's not unlike Cher, but at least Cher can still sing a bit. They are vain old women trying desperately to remain relevant. They can use some of their fortunes to do good and stay out of our way. Thanks R39 for helping my argument. Babs can't sing anymore and she sure as fuck aint' soulful. Her sound is canned ham. Kiked up goy dreck.

by Queen Beereply 4209/27/2018

I stopped at 1:59. Dreck.

She is best with songs from the Great American Songbook. You can't go wrong with those. Lyrics. Melody. It's all there. There has to be a tune of them that are seldom recorded.

Or she dig into the catalog of her friends Alan and Marilyn Bergman.

I am sick and tired of all the bad music nowadays. Add this one to the list. Sadly.

by Queen Beereply 4309/27/2018

smoking killed her beautiful instrument.

by Queen Beereply 4409/27/2018

R42, well smell you. I don't even like Barbra any more, but you are an annoying cunt.

by Queen Beereply 4509/27/2018

It’s Trumps new theme song

by Queen Beereply 4609/27/2018

349 Shazaams.

by Queen Beereply 4709/27/2018

R26 I heard some subtle auto tune as well. Though they can claim that it is a sound effect acceptable in pop.

by Queen Beereply 4809/27/2018

Gaga is currently #1 on iTunes

That’s gotta drive Barbra insane

by Queen Beereply 4909/27/2018

R42, I'm not R39, but what an asinine comment. Of course Barbra had talent. She's not your cup of drank, apparently. But to say she "can't sing anymore" is silly. She's 76 and sings better than most female singers half her age or more. Still, at 76.. And she did have an extraordinary voice when she was younger. You didn't like it. Fine. Oh and you have made it abundantly apparent that you are young and have "expertise." Expertise at what I can't imagine. But if it's judging who is a good singer or singer in general... WTF? Everyone thinks they're an expert at that. People like what they like. Even if you were able to receive some degree or certificate of soulful female singers appreciation, it doesn't make you an expert on what the general public should like.

by Queen Beereply 5009/27/2018

"Or she dig into the catalog of her friends Alan and Marilyn Bergman."

She's done enough of the fucking Bergmans. Some gems but much dreck. Enough of them.

by Queen Beereply 5109/27/2018

Man that is a bad song sung averagely. I assume Barbra wrote it?

by Queen Beereply 5209/27/2018

And by the way, I don't even like the song. I just objected to how she was dismissed by you as a singer. Maybe the other poster shouldn't have said "soul singer," which she is not. But that's really just semantics. Her singing does have soul. Maybe not Aretha soul. But she puts her heart and, yes, soul into what she sings.

by Queen Beereply 5309/27/2018

God, that photo in the video looks like something out of "The Silence Of The Lambs". Jame Gumb is going to be furious when he sees who's in the great, big, fat person well.

by Queen Beereply 5409/27/2018

The botox paralyzed her vocal chords

by Queen Beereply 5509/27/2018

R54, that was already mentioned.

by Queen Beereply 5609/27/2018

I'm excited she's doing new material. I like the looks of the playlist and I like this song. Go, Barbra. You sound better than you have in years. Your voice is in great shape and this song is a forceful statement.

by Queen Beereply 5709/27/2018

[quote] (4). So In Love (as one of those sensual sambas to accompany her romantic nights with Jim)


by Queen Beereply 5809/27/2018

R50. I'm a musician, a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music in performance and composition, a sometime singer and composer. I don't have a degree in female appreciation, but I am a vocal coach and accompanist to some of the best singers on two continents. I didn't say that Streisand had no talent. I said she can't sing anymore. See my post @ r25. She is definitely not my cup of dreck (drank?) but I recognize her innate vocal talent and the beauty of her instrument. Past tense. I am under 50 but not a kid. No one under 50 knows who she is! Her music is too corny and better vocalists passed her by a long time ago. She won't be remembered as one of the greats because she doesn't really perform for people. She SINGS AT US. And ruined more songs than she serves.

Streisand has been using auto tune correction in LIVE performance and recordings since that terrible duets album with Blake Shelton and Ricky Gervais. Or whoever it was. Her taste was always bad and self congratulatory and her voice been long gone. This is from 6 years ago. This is what the arrogant witch sounds like. Raspy, shouty and off key. Streisand sings flat and lazy. Who knew? A lot of us. She is not soulful, sorry. Putting your GIGANTIC ego into your work is not analogous to soul. Streisand would never take the stage with Donna, Whitney, Celine or anyone who sang better than her, never mind the great Aretha. She sang with some style and abandon in those old TV specials, long before I was born. I guess that's what old white gays remember as soul. Enough is enough. She's an embarrassment and so fucking insincere. If you're going to sing when you're old you better come correct.

by Queen Beereply 5909/27/2018

God, that raspy voice at r59 is just cringeworthy.

by Queen Beereply 6009/27/2018

It's r59 who is cringeworthy. Fuck off, creep.

by Queen Beereply 6109/27/2018

I'm not going to talk about her voice or her musicality. Only that I admire her for using her voice to speak up during these dark times. I doubt it's going to have any effect, but she's as least making her voice heard (and when this nightmare is over, if it ever is, people will remember that).

by Queen Beereply 6209/27/2018

Another great Streisand vocal delivered with so much soul and passion she practically tells you where your car is parked. Did I sing that you deserve a full octave?

by Queen Beereply 6309/27/2018

It’s incredible that the Whitneys, the Celine’s and the Donnas all honored and admired the genius and talent of Barbra Streisand. Even Aretha had RESPECT and it was mutual admiration society for Barbra certainly admired Aretha’s art. Very tellingly Barbra is the only female singer from her era that still has a recording contract. Even the great Aretha didn’t have that. The new song has a Phil Spector Sound to me. I look forward to the new album. Barbra’s talent like Aretha is once in a lifetime. I think her mature voice is more suited to contemporary music. When she was younger and tried singing rock music one critic said that her voice was too smooth, too clear to sing rock. Now she has the voice to sing those kinds of songs if she chooses.

by Queen Beereply 6409/27/2018

Why. Won't. She. Use. Any. Color. On. Her. Lips!!!

by Queen Beereply 6509/27/2018

did she try to be hip with this song? Been a fan for almost 40 years and I couldn’t finish half way thru it

by Queen Beereply 6609/27/2018

She tries but the voice is low and mostly gone.

by Queen Beereply 6709/27/2018

I’m glad she’s not locked in the past and she’s moving on.

by Queen Beereply 6809/27/2018

I like the song. It's a song about Trump who she and just about everyone doesn't like. Great words and good effort on her part. I'd like to buy it.

by Queen Beereply 6909/27/2018

[quote]Streisand never had 4 octaves. Not quite 3. Aguilera, (young) Whitney, Celine and (young) Mariah are the pop singers who can claim 4 octaves.

Ariana Grande has a bigger vocal range than all of these women. Whitney and Celine never had 4 octaves. They both had the same vocal range as Barbra.

Barbra is currently where Rosemary Clooney was towards the end of her career. The voice is greatly diminished, but the interpretive ability is still there.

by Queen Beereply 7009/27/2018

R69 I’ll buy the song if it’s about trumpocrazy

by Queen Beereply 7109/27/2018

Whitney did say famously: "there'll never be another Aretha, there will never be another Barbra....and there won't be another me."

Houston had soul, her heart was there for all to see every time she sang. And that voice. The best. RIP.

by Queen Beereply 7209/27/2018

R72 Tiresome Troll: this is about Streisand, not Whitney Houston. Go to bed now and take a couple of valium.

by Queen Beereply 7309/27/2018

God bless the child who's got soul. Funny that a white man would accuse "constant racism" of someone because he doesn't like his favorite ancient singer? Where did that come from R73?

I'm not going to another website. Your breed is dying off and losing ground here. The ancient white men of DL who hate women and barely tolerate POC are outnumbered and overthrown. Trust. Constant racism must be a projection from some old timer. Things are very different here and will change further. We make sure each day.

by Queen Beereply 7409/27/2018

From the horse’s mouth. NEVER BE ANOTHER....

by Queen Beereply 7509/27/2018

r70. Ariana Grande? She’ll be forgotten in her own lunchtime.

by Queen Beereply 7609/28/2018

From the horse’s mouth there will NEVER BE ANOTHER!

by Queen Beereply 7709/28/2018

[quote]She won't be remembered as one of the greats because she doesn't really perform for people.

R59 You know nothing about music.

Her place among the all-time greats was established decades ago.

Has she stayed to long at the fair? Perhaps. But no one who goes to a Streisand concert today expects to hear the Barbra of 1965.

by Queen Beereply 7809/28/2018

[quote]She won't be remembered as one of the greats because she doesn't really perform for people.

by Queen Beereply 7909/28/2018

She's covering the Prince-penned, Sheena Easton, song "Sugar Walls" on her new album too. Can't wait for it.

by Queen Beereply 8009/28/2018

^ LOL!

by Queen Beereply 8109/28/2018

R63 What are you trying to prove? What's your point?

How did Frank Sinatra sound toward the end of his career? Peggy Lee? Judy Garland? Tony Bennett?

by Queen Beereply 8209/28/2018

Tony Bennett was smart enough not to forge new frontiers into rock, techno, and disco, but honed his expertise in standards, jazz, and swing, and doesn't try to look 40 when he's 92. He aged gracefully, appropriately, avoided Botox, and would never think of paying $35,000 for a Francesco Scavullo session back in the fucking 70s. And yes, he at 92, still has a recording contract.

by Queen Beereply 8309/28/2018

R83 Like Streisand, Bennett is in the upper echelon of the all-time greats. And also like Streisand his voice is nearly gone, it's nothing like the Tony Bennett of 40 years ago. No one is expecting it to be.

by Queen Beereply 8409/28/2018

[quote]Tony Bennett was smart enough not to forge new frontiers into rock, techno, and disco, but honed his expertise in standards, jazz, and swing, and doesn't try to look 40 when he's 92.


Oh please, I adore Tony Bennett but he's been wearing that fucking wig for decades now. And on album covers he's as Photoshopped as anyone.

Yes, Streisand did try things like disco... but instead of being an embarrassment ... she paired with Donna Summer, recorded "Enough is Enough, and sold over two million copies in the US alone.

by Queen Beereply 8509/28/2018

A coloratura soprano has maybe 3 octaves. Some pop singers claim to have more than 3, but they're really using an extension of their voice that more often than not sounds disjointed from the rest of their vocal range. (I won't call it falsetto because there used to be, and maybe there still is, some controversy about whether or not female singers can even sing falsetto.) Some (I'm thinking Mariah Carey) can extend even further into the so-called whistle register.

Streisand never had 4.

by Queen Beereply 8609/28/2018

Her voice never did anything for me, even in her prime. It lacks any warmth and she her records always sounded too "calculative" to me. Definitely one of the most overrated legends of our time.

by Queen Beereply 8709/28/2018

Actually R59, my brother has worked for her. He's a musician- does sound production for tours- and knows many of those who have worked for her for years including her recent tours. She does not use any technology to alter her voice. You have exposed yourself.

by Queen Beereply 8809/28/2018

Her first maybe 7 albums (from The Barbra Streisand Album to Color Me Barbra) were all great. I don't think she ever released any albums that equalled these, subsequent hit singles notwithstanding. And I do believe The Barbra Streisand Album remains one of the greatest debut albums of any pop singer.

It's odd that she didn't perform live very much during her very best years, and then seemed to get really comfortable at it in the last maybe 10 years or so when her voice had started to wane. I respect her recorded legacy, but I hope she packs it in soon.

by Queen Beereply 8909/28/2018

Her voice was very much in its prime in on the1994 and 2000 tours- very polished, powerful. The Garden in summer 1994 was pandemonium. A couple years ago, live at a political event she was amazing. No technology, a piano and small band, and back up singers on two numbers (Carol King songs). The audience went wild- sure she was a bit diminished- but for those present that night- she blew the lid off on the big numbers and enchanted on the Sondheim ballads. My guess is R59 has never seen her live- "doesn't sing to people" silly. To each his/her own, but R59 sounds silly.

by Queen Beereply 9009/28/2018

Which Sondheim songs did she sing, r90?

by Queen Beereply 9109/28/2018

Is she directing the new Batman movie, or is this just the theme song?

by Queen Beereply 9209/28/2018

Barbra Streisand is one of the greatest singers and interpreters of song, at least for the 20th century. Her only equals are Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra in terms of depth, texturing, emotional divergence, and natural vocal tone and beauty. Each are equally compelling in their quietest, softest moments than in their belting or full-throated singing. None of the other singers mentioned can touch these 3 in any way shape or form, not even Bennett. But Streisand's obsession is the manic need to be perceived as "relevant" and "hip" to the times, and this has been evident since the early 1970s. She may have stretched her interpretations to do so much justice to Laura Nyro and Carole King, but her forays into disco would have been as successful as Karen Carpenter's without the presence of Donna Summer and Barry Gibb. Her attempts at rock in the Emotion album are even more misplaced. This need to be relevant (but fortunately for her, commercially successful) has removed her from many other musical and even cinematic possibilities that could have really shaped the artistic integrity she says she craves. Instead of a mall, she could have financed The Normal Heart herself, as Larry Kramer, has suggested she do, and created a truly relevant film back in a time when it was very much needed for the LGBTQ community. Barbra's greatest work was, as someone mentioned, her first 7 albums with Peter Matz, and her first two television specials, which were unprecedented and unequalled. It was there that she was truly an artist. Even Sinatra's A Man and His Music couldn't touch them. At this point in her life with limited vocals, she should truly return to her roots and take her own advice. Simplify her life and tastes and revisit the wealth of musical standards that she hasn't even touched. Has Babs performed yet at Radio City or Carnegie Hall? The big arenas are getting kind of echoey for her. There is much left to do. But girl, you've made your scheckles. You've got your mall. It should be about the cash anymore. Do the right thing, and remind this artistically anorexic Instagram generation of what great really is. It is you. And don't lie to me.

by Queen Beereply 9309/28/2018

Barbra Streisand has given away 10 of millions- built a cardiology wing on Cedar Sinai in LA and a hospital in Israel after the '67 war. She has funded a Chair at Columbia University. I know of at least one additional major gift she made anonymously to a famous women's college because my mother was a trustee at the time. Her income from the single of Somewhere went to AmFar. Her Foundation funds all manner of charity on a yearly basis- public record. She has given millions to the Clinton Foundation. She has been performing free of charge since she first toured the South with MLK in the early 60s (she became a great friend of the late Coretta Scott King)- for all manner of charities and political events. She never really stopped singing or performing live- she just did it between 1971 and 1993 for charity only. I thinks she done her bit.

by Queen Beereply 9409/28/2018

This was about her musical sensibilities. Not her tax writeoffs. Get a life.

by Queen Beereply 9509/28/2018

I wrote that in response to she should have financed Normal Heart. She spent tons of her own $ trying to get that made- I'll spare you the story. Larry Kramer was impossible- (and he really is.)

by Queen Beereply 9609/28/2018

The last time Streisand spent a dime of her own money it was some hideous Americana furniture for her more hideous house or horrors. She jewed everyone down who ever worked for her in any capacity. Including talents much greater than she. She's famously cheap and sings only to buy 6 million dollar paintings. Old deaf white fag fans buy these things for her. She is renowned for her terrible taste in everything. DRECK. She is grateful to no one. She is a cochon.

by Queen Beereply 9709/28/2018

Yeah, no. Sounds like she smokes and plays on a Casio keyboard, performing for her cats. Those poor cats.

“...Don’t sing to me, don’t sing to me, don’t sing to me...”

by Queen Beereply 9809/28/2018

I like contemporary Barbra!

by Queen Beereply 9909/28/2018

Someone in their seventies is about to have a smash hit record and it's not shitty barbara.

by Queen Beereply 10009/28/2018

[quote] Her only equals are Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra...

Aren't you forgetting someone?

by Queen Beereply 10109/28/2018

As far as singing talent Cher isn’t even on the same planet as the Divine Barbra. Barbra is nowhere near as limited as Rosemary Clooney was in her later years though the both became even better interpreters of songs. Barbra still has many colors in her voice. IMO.

by Queen Beereply 10209/28/2018

[quote] Barbra still has many colors in her voice. IMO.









by Queen Beereply 10309/28/2018

Look, Barbra queens--face the facts: we have ears.

You can make whatever arguments you like about what she once was like, but we can HEAR for ourselves exactly what her voice is like now.

It's gone. She sounds awful. Saying otherwise will just not distract us from that inescapable fact.

The end.

by Queen Beereply 10409/28/2018

Well, once again I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the foaming-at-the-mouth Babs haters go into a fit of apoplexy. You all love to hate her but none of you can touch her success, her riches, her legacy. Oh, my sides! Where to begin...first there's the mindless-with-rage ravings of r38/r42/r59/r97--talk about a gash fest!

"No one under 50 knows who she is!" seethes cunt r59. First, I happen to know quite a few people under 50 who know who she is because they're not stupid and they get out. And even if that were true (and as I said I know it isn't), the idiocy of others not knowing who a certified legend really isn't the fault of the legend.

All she has to do is come with a single and the Datalounge Streisand haters react like a mad cat at the vet's!


by Queen Beereply 10509/28/2018

I’m not a fan of both Cher and Barbra but PLEASE, don’t ever put Cher on the same level with Barbra when it comes to singing and class. Now fuck you

by Queen Beereply 10609/28/2018

Streisand is largely forgotten so I'm not sure she is a legend. She has less followers than Nancy Sinatra.

by Queen Beereply 10709/28/2018

Sure, Jan at r107. That's why her concerts make hundreds of millions even now. Really, cunty, take a pill and go to bed. And trust me: no one has less followers than you.

by Queen Beereply 10809/28/2018

She was already a legend in 1970!

by Queen Beereply 10909/28/2018

A few thousand ancient white fags and rich Jews support Barbara's delusions of stardom. No one else knows who she is. Her style of singing is antiquated and her films are forgotten. Forgotten people are not legends.

Like R108, they are delusional. Goodnite Matt.

by Queen Beereply 11009/28/2018

Aw, poor r110. Facts--like the facts of Billboard, Variety, the Oscars, palatial properties on the ocean, and hundreds of millions prove you wrong. You sad little loser. You sound like a 4chan Trump fan, gash.

by Queen Beereply 11109/28/2018

Barbra, class? You must be joking. Talent yes- class none.

by Queen Beereply 11209/28/2018

[quote]No one under 50 knows who she is!

Do they know who Dinah Washington is...or Peggy Lee or Rosemary Clooney or Nat King Cole or Jack Jones or Nancy Wilson or Ella Fitzgerald or Sarah Vaughn or Carmen McRea... are they any less great because "no one under 50 knows who they are"?

[quote]Streisand is largely forgotten so I'm not sure she is a legend.

Forgotten by whom?

Oscar winners, performers with their names above the title of major Hollywood productions, performers with their names above the title of major B'Way musicals, singers with recordings that have gone platinum and have filled concert halls and stadiums and Central Park, stars with their own Emmy winning TV specials, performers with their Star on the Walk of Fame, performers who have won multiple People's Choice Awards, Directors Guild of America winners, American Film Institute lifetime winners, Multiple Golden Globe winners...etc and etc and etc.... are rarely forgotten.

Barbra has done ALL of these things. Her place at the very top of the history Pop culture is as secure as Sinatra's.

by Queen Beereply 11309/29/2018

Nancy Sinatra IS more popular than Barbra, that's true Charlie. Didn't you sell Barbara a hankie once from your cart in Grand Central? Charlie sold hankies to a lot of famous people back in the day. Memories live again.

Streisand is not in the company of Ella or Sarah or Whitney or Billie or Rosemary Clooney or Frank or Aretha or Nancy Wilson or Nat King Cole. She's not as great or good as any of them. She's not as great a singer as Natalie Cole.

Bab's belongs more with Linda Eder and Eydie Gorme. Bombastic singers with questionable taste and very predictable vocals. Unlikable and self congratulatory.

Streisand's movies are completely forgotten because no one can sit through any of them other than one shot at Funny Girl. Barbara Streusel has no where near the followers of Celine, Cher, Bette Midler or even Kristin Chenoweth. People just don't like her. Even most 75 year olds don't want to listen to that.

by Queen Beereply 11409/29/2018

R104 True. I used to buy her albums when they were released but stopped 15 years ago when her voice began to decline. Now she has few good low notes left which she tries to use as much as possible.

by Queen Beereply 11509/29/2018

she still sounds relevant on her new single.

by Queen Beereply 11609/29/2018

Poor delusional r114, a member of the Flat Earth Society.

by Queen Beereply 11709/29/2018

"People just don't like her. Even most 75 year olds don't want to listen to that."--r114

by Queen Beereply 11809/29/2018

^Not bad for someone who can't sing anymore, and who "nobody likes." r114 should be so disliked. Though he probably is.

by Queen Beereply 11909/29/2018

But of course nobody knows who she is anymore, according to r114. Must be all those phantoms spending $50 million to see her.

by Queen Beereply 12009/29/2018

Bravo Barbra!

by Queen Beereply 12109/29/2018

Hurry, everyone! Get your Nancy Sinatra concert tickets! What? She doesn't have any concert tours? But why not? According to r114, she's more popular than Streisand.

by Queen Beereply 12209/29/2018

In the sixties there were The Beatles, Motown (The Supremes) and Barbra. Aretha didind really emerge till the late sixties as a force. The Beatles and The Supremes broke up as did Motown but Barbra gloriously remains.

There is simply no other that has had the kind of success she has had in all formats (recordings, legit theatre, concert stage, tv and films. She wasn’t just successful. She was triumphant. Did she have help? Yes, a brilliant manager which is something that the others didn’t have. She also had once in a lifetime talent and drive. I sometime wonder what would have happened with Aretha if she had a Marty Erlichman?

by Queen Beereply 12309/29/2018

r123, you're right when you say (apart from the obvious, one-in-a-million talent) that Streisand had drive, and I think she had and has more drive than any of the other great artists you mention, including Aretha. Barbra and Erlichman had mutual drive, he was devoted to her, he was smart, and she was in turn loyal to him and listened to him. You could say with that kind of talent and ambition, Streisand didn't need a manager, but she absolutely has benefited from this wunderkind manager for over 50 years and counting.

by Queen Beereply 12409/29/2018

Every artist need a manager (or support team) and Barbra’s no exception. It was just a partnership made in heaven. Over 50 years and never a signed contract between the two.

by Queen Beereply 12509/29/2018

Barbra is one of the only artists I can see doing it alone, if anyone could. But you're right, r125. Erlichman was a godsend for her. And she him.

by Queen Beereply 12609/29/2018

I can understand not liking Barbra Streisand... we all have our own personal tastes. And personally, I don't care for much that she's done for the past 30 years or so.

But when she was in her prime in the first decade or so of her career, she was brilliant and the shitty song posted above can't change that.

by Queen Beereply 12709/29/2018

r127 is of course speaking the obvious truth. I don't hate the song and she's done worse, and apparently there are people here who don't care enough about what Trump is and is doing that they actually trash HER for using her considerable influence to speak against him. How fucked up is that?

Fucking losers.

I will get the song for that reason alone--to support the fight against HIM.

by Queen Beereply 12809/29/2018

She's always been broadly on the right side of history, politically speaking. Always. She has done innumerable benefit concerts over the decades, has put her name out there, was on Nixon's enemies list. And she did it gladly. She has never backed down out of concern for her career. For that alone she deserves respect. Since performing for Kennedy in 1963, she has been unmovable in her beliefs and hasn't been an idiot like Jon Voight, who went from being a liberal to this mutant Trump lover and Vietnam apologist.

by Queen Beereply 12909/29/2018

[quote] she has been unmovable in her beliefs

by Queen Beereply 13009/29/2018

^Yes, it's called decorum. She was being honored by the country, not him personally. And she was plenty vocal about her disdain for him.

by Queen Beereply 13109/29/2018

^She wouldn't go near Trump. But no self-respecting person would.

by Queen Beereply 13209/29/2018

To the person going on about all of Barbra's charitable contributions, she can be sly. My dad paid $5000 to see her with his girlfriend and Barbra donated the proceeds to charity. She got the write-off, not my dad.

by Queen Beereply 13309/29/2018

I like both of her notes, but don't like her material or now she over-enunciates so many words.

by Queen Beereply 13409/29/2018

[quote]To the person going on about all of Barbra's charitable contributions, she can be sly. My dad paid $5000 to see her with his girlfriend and Barbra donated the proceeds to charity. She got the write-off, not my dad.

That's because she gave away money to charity; you dad paid to go to a concert.

by Queen Beereply 13509/29/2018

Exactly, r135--why should your dad be able to write that off, r133?

by Queen Beereply 13609/29/2018

More importantly why pay $5,000 to hear that old bitch praise herself for 100 minutes and croak out a few bars? Remember when she charged people "by the note" to come and hear her sing. Those are her words, tacky bitch.

Streisand is a grotesque. Go see someone who sings better. Katy Perry maybe.

by Queen Beereply 13709/29/2018

Katy Perry? Well, if that's your speed, r137, you're welcome to it, hunty.

by Queen Beereply 13809/29/2018

[quote]Remember when she charged people "by the note" to come and hear her sing. Those are her words, tacky bitch.

It was a joke; one that went right over your dizzy, little head.

by Queen Beereply 13909/29/2018

I know this is a Barbra Don't Lie To Me thread. But I'm going to tell you the truth. All these other singers from Whitney to Mariah are mentioned as being superior to her, but the gays in their maniacal worship of the cunts, always seem to forget their very own. And one of the finest singers for over 60 years who rose to stardom before Barbra and who at age 82 still sounds better than she or any of the others is Johnny Mathis. Streisand even cited him as her favorite singer growing up. He is the forgotten gem of the gay experience, gave the world some of the most beautiful and enduring standards of all time, and came out of the closet with death threats to his life long before it was the chic thing to do. A great star who is equally humble and low key; who never had to flaunt, preen, try to be beautiful, hot, sexy, or anything other than what he was. He is the epitome of musical royalty and never lets you forget he's still a real person. He is an icon that the gay people should be celebrating and aspiring to, because he took care of himself and treasured his great talent without scandal and without tragedy. Yet he has never received the Kennedy Center Honors or the level of respect from the gay community, even of the elder crop, that he has so richly deserved. Johnny. opposed to Barbra, never needed to prove that he's relevant. He is relevant when he gets up on stage and does what he's always done and enthralls audiences the world over. And he doesn't need the money. He does it because he loves it. Unlike some.

by Queen Beereply 14009/29/2018

You're right, r140. Now start your own thread.

I obviously haven't heard the whole album, but I doubt that this will turn out to be her all-time worst. I mean, she did record Classical Barbra. If you can't stand how her voice has gotten raspy and her range more limited, remind yourself how at the very peak of her vocal powers she decided to overreach into the classical repertoire.

by Queen Beereply 14109/29/2018

[quote]but I doubt that this will turn out to be her all-time worst. I mean, she did record Classical Barbra.

I like that album. But I did read that it was pieced together in post note-by-note.

by Queen Beereply 14209/29/2018

r142 I didn't know that. I guess I was right to say she overreached.

It's as if she didn't understand what she was singing, taking breaths in all the wrong places and making some really odd choices in phrasing. She also sang a lot of the numbers in this weird pared down head voice that I guess she thought was what classical singing should sound like. She should have just brought down all the keys and belted the whole fucking thing. And a more modest program would have helped. She'd never recorded classical before and she decided she'd do Handel and Schubert and Wolf?

by Queen Beereply 14309/29/2018

It's a shame you weren't there, r143, to provide your expertise.

by Queen Beereply 14409/29/2018

Cher's album is related to a movie and therefore has studio support for marketing purposes if not pushed airplay. And good for her. She did also play the role in the movie and that is worth plenty.

But to think any success Cher might have - and hopefully will have - comes at the expense of Barbra is ridiculous.

I like Barbra's song. She sounds old and cranky. She is still expressing herself and to me anyway it works. She IS OLD and cranky.

by Queen Beereply 14509/29/2018

Is Barbra's song aimed at Trump?

by Queen Beereply 14609/29/2018

[quote] There is simply no other that has had the kind of success she has had in all formats (recordings, legit theatre, concert stage, tv and films. She wasn’t just successful. She was triumphant.


by Queen Beereply 14709/29/2018

R135, thanks for the clarification. LOL.

by Queen Beereply 14809/29/2018

r148, you do understand how tax write-offs work, presumably?

by Queen Beereply 14909/29/2018

People should be paid to hear that narcissistic raspy self important old bitch "sing."


by Queen Beereply 15009/29/2018

Regarding Barbra and Marty: didn't they have time apart in her Jon Peters era? Then I think he came back for The Broadway Album once Jon had been given the gate.

by Queen Beereply 15109/29/2018

Old lady voice. What is the point of this? Yikes!

by Queen Beereply 15209/29/2018

^Oh, brother. Sorry you're so triggered, r152. You're a very delicate girl.

by Queen Beereply 15309/29/2018

That photo looks like she fell down a well and wants to climb out but doesn't want to fuck up her nails.

by Queen Beereply 15409/29/2018

Nah, men don't like Streisand. And most women don't either. Children are frightened by her.

by Queen Beereply 15509/29/2018

R137 is full of shit. Misogyny, antisenitism ageism, and bots (she is actively targets by GOP PACs) on this thread as always with Streisand. Her legacy is secure. Her philanthropy for the gay and lesbian community ongoing.

by Queen Beereply 15609/29/2018

[quote]It's as if she didn't understand what she was singing, taking breaths in all the wrong places and making some really odd choices in phrasing.

That's because Barbra didn't understand the foreign lyrics. She was just singing them phonetically.

While I did enjoy the album, I thought it was very telling that all the songs sounded muffled --- until you got to the song sung in English. That one was crystal clean. Someone was covering for her in the studio during post-production.

by Queen Beereply 15709/29/2018

Classical Barbra was universally panned by everyone except Glenn Gould who had an autistic attraction to her harmonic sound in general and a stalker like hard on for Streisand. She never uses her head voice on it's own, though she had a nice timid one. She had to use it for many of the strange songs she chose for CB - she couldn't do a mixed belt on them.

Nothing compares to Whitney's operatic head voice. She's practically Leontyne Price up there. Celine could sing in the coloratura too. Classical music selections require a smaller range than the power songs of pop divas. But it's a very different use of the voice and not really possible without intense classical vocal training. Barbra just wanted to have the crimped hair album cover. Je M'Appelle fake.

by Queen Beereply 15809/29/2018

Doesn’t understand foreign lyrics, lol, she jnows every detail including the life histories of the composers- that’s how she is.

Only uses her head voice in Classical Barbra- you’re deaf- or just can’t tell when she supports her voice differently.

Universally panned- sorry- no- I’m old enough to have read the reviews.

Some real boners on this thread.

For Christ’s sake no one is making people listen- why the concocted vitriol? Very strange. Don’t listen you idiot. I know Sinatra was a good singer- can’t stand him so I don’t listen- simple.

by Queen Beereply 15909/29/2018

Whitney Houston had not only the most flawless and powerful voice in the world - she had resonance like trumpets and church bells, a chest belt that could cover most any whole song and the soulful heart and confidence to sing it different every time. Her chest belts are insane, if you heard her live to hear such rich pure sound with almost conversational power was a mind blown and shivers everywhere. She is the greatest popular voice on record and she sang even better in person. Whitney also had luscious velvet low tones and her singular head voice was thick and colorful enough to make many opera singers weep. Just a gorgeous instrument. Unmatched.

Streisand was good at mixed belts and spinning her vibrato high notes to outer space. She seldom used pure head voice for good reason. Not everyone can be as grand and gorgeous in their sound as Whitney Houston and most pop singers avoid using their head voice because it is too disconnected from their signature sound. Gaga has a nice one and Kelly Clarkson is not afraid to use hers, beautifully. Clarkson's voice is much better trained than Streisands. She just isn't obsessed with perfection. Plus she sings for a living and loves it. Barbra was a studio singer and can't even succeed there anymore.

Barbra had a different deal when she started. She traversed her registers beautifully, with consistent power and intonation - creating a long legato line of vocal ease. She could basically go wherever she wanted with a melody. But she never knew how to interpret a song and she delivered no emotion beyond her own self indulgence. Her voice is not the best of any generation. But it was very pretty back in the day.

by Queen Beereply 16009/29/2018

r158 I'll be honest, I wasn't into classical music at the time and I bought Classical Barbra based largely on the fabulousness of the cover.

by Queen Beereply 16109/29/2018

R 161 - Did you buy Butterfly, too?

by Queen Beereply 16209/29/2018

Ha ha, for the back cover, yes. Boy, she spent a lot of that album singing black people songs.

by Queen Beereply 16309/29/2018

"Black people songs?" You must be a Juilliard graduate.

by Queen Beereply 16409/29/2018

Uh oh, the Whitney troll is back...

by Queen Beereply 16509/29/2018

Whitney was great but she still wasn’t as great as Barbra or Aretha. They were game changers in their prime and their longevity is unmatched.

by Queen Beereply 16609/29/2018

No one will ever discount Aretha. Barbara doesn't belong in the same sentence or stratosphere as Aretha and Whitney.

by Queen Beereply 16709/29/2018

Cher has the #1 album on itunes and Gaga has the #1 single. Right this minute in 2018. Nobody knows or cares about Streisand. Her music and singing sucks.

by Queen Beereply 16809/29/2018

Love Classical Barbra. One of her best.

by Queen Beereply 16909/29/2018

Nippybot is at it again. Whenever there's a Streisand thread, he forever wrecks the mood by harping on-and-on about Houston's greatness.

Take your ass back to Saskatchewan and leave icons like Streisand alone!

by Queen Beereply 17009/29/2018

HUH? Everyone knows that Whitney is the greater singer, performer, legend and voice than Streisand. Barbara didn't ever give nothing to no one. Some us weren't even born when B.S. made Yentl soup. I saw that dreck on Netflix and required a lot of dope to finish it. She's on a boat with a scarf. Or is that all her other bad movies? What's a nippybot and where is Saskatewan? Whitney, Aretha, Gladys and many others are better singers with more resonance and beauty than Barbara. No one remembers Streisand. The sound of her voice evokes no memory.

by Queen Beereply 17109/29/2018

You sure remember a lot.

by Queen Beereply 17209/29/2018

[quote] Nothing compares to Whitney's operatic head voice. She's practically Leontyne Price up there.

You mean she WAS practically like Leontyne Price up there.

She's DEAD!

by Queen Beereply 17309/29/2018

R167 Whitney and Aretha are both dead - and so is your brain. Get a new hobby instead of your one dimensional ramblings.

by Queen Beereply 17409/29/2018

Barbara should have sung a Disney theme. Beneath her highness dreck filled ass. She couldn't do it as well as Celine anyway. Streisand was afraid to sing live with Celine, so Barbara got the 60 minute to showtime flu. That's when I first remember her grossness. Celine has outsung and outsold Barbara for three decades. It's not all about Whitney. So many are better than Barbara. Any singer is more natural and spontaneous.

by Queen Beereply 17509/29/2018

Some sad loser seems to think writing "Barbara" is scoring some kind of points against her.

How pathetic.

by Queen Beereply 17609/29/2018

r171 is so unfucked. Pity it.

by Queen Beereply 17709/29/2018

r171, are you a Trump supporter? Are you against Streisand so much that you have nothing to say about her fighting Trump?What do you think Whitney's reaction would be about Trump, if she were still alive? And what do you think would be her reaction to Streisand's anger against Trump?

by Queen Beereply 17809/29/2018

I'm against fascists. So I hate Trump and Streisand.

by Queen Beereply 17909/29/2018

I always found Whitney's voice incredible but 'chilly'. Celine Dion had awesome pipes but she started singing in an affected way (love = lurve) and her song choices got worse. Barbra is great on classic songs like standards and Broadway (marvelous upper register) but she has no soul; she's white, white, white mama! Mariah could have been great if she had stayed with Tommy Mottola.

by Queen Beereply 18009/29/2018

My fave poster in this thread is the dickwad who uses DRECK in 6 or 7 posts. His intense ANGER at everything Barbra is worthy of a Brett Kavanaugh performance.

I also have to laugh at those who run thru Streisand’s entire career, mentioning EVERY mistake she made along the way, whether it was a song, an album, or a flub in French phrasing.

Meanwhile, Cher is exalted for hitting the charts with ABBA. Hey, I love Cher, but....uh.....I think she had a few years where she disappeared and a few others where tv infomercials reigned. Aretha? Just tremendous. But somehow I think she recorded PLENTY of clunkers. Barbra gets attacked for her personality but Aretha was a sweetheart???

Truthfully, it’s the same few posters who rag on Streisand over and over ad nauseum. Some pretend they’re music experts and some are DL trash addicts.

Yeah, I’m a Streisand fan. I admit it. So sue me. Call me a fag. This fag LIKES the new song and thinks she sounds great. At this stage, Barbra can record whatever the hell she wants. She doesn’t owe the world standards or anything else. She’s always done it her way, and that’s another reason I love her.

Streisand is a star, a legend, and an icon. As far as I’m concerned, GOAT.

by Queen Beereply 18109/29/2018

I like the song. Just playing it for the third time now.

by Queen Beereply 18209/29/2018

No, Barbara never could. Not like this.

by Queen Beereply 18309/30/2018

Impossibly beautiful and gifted. Not Barbara.

by Queen Beereply 18409/30/2018

[quote]She (Whitney) is the greatest popular voice on record and she sang even better in person.

She had a great voice but she was a lousy singer. One of the worst.

She knew nothing about phrasing.

Sliding up and down the scales on every syllable is impressive to her particularly dumb fans... we know that....but please, it's not good singing.

by Queen Beereply 18509/30/2018

Celine Dion? Tacky.

Despite Barbra's ugly fashion sense and hideous taste in decorating... she sure knows what she's doing when she has a set of lyrics in front of her.

Celine Dion has nothing among her recordings that can compare to Barbra's best.

by Queen Beereply 18609/30/2018

Sorry to upset you gramps. Get some rest R186. There are quite a few better voices in the world than Streisand's and many, many better singers. Barbra doesn't interpret lyrics well!! She e l o n g a t e s every note, spits phrases, dismantles lyrical meaning and over enunciates - she doesn't believe in subtlety and never met a modulation she didn't like. Bitch sacrifices any feeling a song might have at the altar of showing off her voice. She's was a wonder of breath control but never a good singer. There's a reason Sinatra and Bennett don't like her. She ruins classic songs and her original material is cloying dreck. She's even worse than Ronstadt. Old fags have terrible taste. I hope your memories make up for it. Get some rest gramps. Tomorrow I'll give you another lesson.

by Queen Beereply 18709/30/2018

no walls

by Queen Beereply 18809/30/2018

The song's not half bad. I'm guessing it's a subtle slam of the orange asshole in Washington DC.

by Queen Beereply 18909/30/2018

Those that criticize Streisand’s singing have probably never experienced her live. I know that her voice isn’t as flexible as it was in 2006 which to me was her last great tour where her voice was consistently wonderous. Now it’s hit or miss some time but if she could only whisper she would still be great. People talk about how great Patti Lupone or Christine Ebersole are and there are but the still aren’t on the same level as Streisand. She is such a genius on stage in the moment.

by Queen Beereply 19009/30/2018

Tacky, smarmy Celine Dion and ghetto-blaster Whitney Houston could never in a million years do justice this.

by Queen Beereply 19109/30/2018

And R160, are you able to understand that a great voice does not necessarily make a great singer?

Watch Billy Holliday's version of "My Man". She makes EVERY word ring true... and it is heartbreaking.. These songs are soliloquies. Above all, they require an actress capable of getting the lyric across. What a shame Whiney Houston couldn't learn something from masters like Holliday, Sinatra, Garland... and yes, Streisand.

by Queen Beereply 19209/30/2018

*Watch Billie Holiday's version of "My Man".

by Queen Beereply 19309/30/2018

Now listen to Whitney Houston's clueless Amateur Hour version of "My Man".

by Queen Beereply 19409/30/2018

^first 45 seconds of the video.

by Queen Beereply 19509/30/2018


"There's a reason Sinatra and Bennett don't like her."

Wrong, fag--they sure did "like" her. Sorry you have to make up shit.

by Queen Beereply 19609/30/2018

LOVE how triggered the anti-Streisand queens are they have t take up shit and call her "Barbara."

by Queen Beereply 19709/30/2018

Barbra's no Connie, that's for sure.

by Queen Beereply 19809/30/2018


by Queen Beereply 19909/30/2018

Barbra and Connie. Now there's a duet waiting to happen. Suggestions: "We're Still Here," "Bosom Buddies," "Mutual Admiration Society." Or a crazy medley: "Crazy/Crazy He Calls Me/Crazy for You/I go Crazy/I had the Craziest Dream/Goin Out of My Head/Losing My Mind/Who's Sorry Now/People."

by Queen Beereply 20009/30/2018

I doubt Barbra has time for the d-list.

She's probably even pick Teresa Brewer over Connie Francis.

by Queen Beereply 20109/30/2018

God is a woman y'all. And Streisand didn't make the cut.

by Queen Beereply 20209/30/2018

R201 - D-List????!!!!!! You ignorant slut, how dare you insult the legendary Connie Francis!!! She is as much a gay icon and vocal talent as Barbra, and topped the charts in the late 50s to mid 60s. She has overcome adversity that would have finished most of the A-list performers, and your pompous ass would never have made it out of Howard Johnson's! And Connie adores her gay fans and is always accessible and generous. if you asked Cher or Streisand for an autograph, they'd stab you with the pen and make you buy them a new one! Connie rules!

by Queen Beereply 20309/30/2018

I could only listen to it half way through. It's really bad.

by Queen Beereply 20409/30/2018

It's fine.

by Queen Beereply 20509/30/2018

[quote] know more about music and vocal production than you OR Barbra Streisand.

But your perception is altered because you can't hear what everyone else does with your head shoved up your ass.

by Queen Beereply 20609/30/2018

[quote]Connie Francis!!! She is as much a gay icon and vocal talent as Barbra

Sure, Jan.

by Queen Beereply 20709/30/2018

R207 - "Sure, Jan." That's the most literate and dignified response you can offer, you lint-headed, moronic IQ of 50. Barbra is about success. Connie is about survival. Now kiss my ass, Marcia!

by Queen Beereply 20809/30/2018

Her pussy stinks.

by Queen Beereply 20909/30/2018

R91 that clip is impressive.

by Queen Beereply 21009/30/2018

r209's pussy stinks. Fixed that.

As for r208, if you think Connie Francis is the gold standard, I'd say you're the moron.

by Queen Beereply 21109/30/2018

CHER is #1 on itunes and Billboard album charts. The highest position of her long and illustrious career. Barbra and her terrible song are forgotten. Three contestants didn't even know who Streisand was on Jeopardy.

by Queen Beereply 21209/30/2018

Don't you love farce?

by Queen Beereply 21309/30/2018

^^^ I don't have a problem with Cher at all, but Streisand and Collins' versions are far better.

by Queen Beereply 21409/30/2018

Streizand has no soul. Or reflection. A grotesque performer in every way.

by Queen Beereply 21509/30/2018

Who needs soul or reflection when you've got a mall in your basement?

by Queen Beereply 21609/30/2018

Lisa Minneli was like a prettier Barbara Striezand with talent.

by Queen Beereply 21709/30/2018

Barbra says her song Don't Lie To Me is about Trump:

by Queen Beereply 21809/30/2018

Barbra now looks like one of our Founding Fathers.

by Queen Beereply 21909/30/2018

Babs looks good here. I like the darker hair.

by Queen Beereply 22009/30/2018


by Queen Beereply 22110/01/2018

Stop belittling, condemning, and harassing Connie!!!!!! After Streizand looks at this week's Billboard, you'll see who's sorry now!!!

by Queen Beereply 22210/01/2018

Gracious, generous, brave and stable- interview above at R218.

by Queen Beereply 22310/01/2018

We shall get some youth-creating fillers under the eyes like Babs, Melania, and homosexual tinymeat Brad Pitt have!

by Queen Beereply 22410/01/2018

Who's her stylist- Petland?

by Queen Beereply 22510/01/2018

LOL. Looks just like her.

by Queen Beereply 22610/01/2018

I'm still trying to figure out how she was ever supposed to pull of the vocals for Gypsy. I guess she'd be using the Imelda Staunton or Tovah Feldshuh keys? There was a rumor that she had recorded the entire score in the 80s. That might have worked.

by Queen Beereply 22710/01/2018

[quote]CHER is #1 on itunes and Billboard album charts.

No she's not. Her album won't debut on Billboard until next week's chart, and she has no shot at #1. She's not #1 on iTunes, either. Barbra is the only aged female singer who can get a #1 on the Billboard album chart.

by Queen Beereply 22810/01/2018

No one knows who Streizand is. Time moves fast. Her time is over. She's a hideous singer and despised human being. Her album will only chart if she buys all the copies herself, again.

by Queen Beereply 22910/01/2018

Lainie's been drinking again.

by Queen Beereply 23010/01/2018

[quote] She's probably even pick Teresa Brewer over Connie Francis.

Teresa Brewer is dead.

by Queen Beereply 23110/01/2018

Looks like someone threw her down Stevie Nicks’s well. Maybe Stevie did. It puts the lotion on its skin.

by Queen Beereply 23210/01/2018

Barba could even be recording the Burt Bacharach/Hal David songbook, which might be even more suitable for her one octave. "The Guy's In Love With You," (singing to Jim) "Here I am," (as she emerges from the fog machine) "I Say a Little Prayer" (because prayers get answered) "Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Head" (a la Gene Kelly), "Do you Know The Way to San Jose?" (because she has no sense of direction), "The Look of Love" another samba, and "Walk on By," which is what most buyers would probably do once they heard this. She could even add a separate CD of the previous tracks she had recorded of Burt's, of which there are many. As she did with the Bergman's dreck and charge an "affordable" price.

by Queen Beereply 23310/01/2018

"Her album will only chart if she buys all the copies herself, again."


by Queen Beereply 23410/01/2018

Actually, Cher was #1 on iTunes. As for Barbra, I heard there is a CD giveway at her mall.

by Queen Beereply 23510/01/2018

r229=drunk troll, who hasn't been fucked in many, many years.

by Queen Beereply 23610/01/2018


by Queen Beereply 23710/01/2018

Now the “Barbara” troll is calling her “Streizand” over and over. LOL Troll, you need to do better — you’ve become a bore.

by Queen Beereply 23810/01/2018

That's what happens, r238, when they have no material.

Btw, r229, see r118, and how Babs had $50 million in sales in her last concert, you drunk old queen.

by Queen Beereply 23910/01/2018

Yeah, the "Streizand" thing is just stupid.

by Queen Beereply 24010/01/2018
by Queen Beereply 24110/01/2018

At least I'm pretty.

by Queen Beereply 24210/01/2018

Men are intimidated by B.S. Her father famously ran away from home soon after she was born.

by Queen Beereply 24310/01/2018

It's unfortunate Barbra was too lazy and arrogant to take vocal training. She could have been a much more meaningful singer and capitalized on her voice's considerable strong points. She chose to hide behind studio gimmickry. That can't disguise the wreckage of her voice now of course.

by Queen Beereply 24410/01/2018

Barbra’s recording of “Memory” is stupendous. It was produced by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber himself who insisted that she sing it live in one take.

by Queen Beereply 24510/01/2018

Barbra Streisand can't even fart in one take. There's a reason she NEVER sang Memory live. She can't.

by Queen Beereply 24610/02/2018

If you don’t believe me ask Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. Stereo Review cited it as it’s recording of special merit. I agree it would be difficult for her to sing it today but it might be even better with the voice she has today. Actually it would be brilliant.

by Queen Beereply 24710/02/2018

r243, r244, 246=boring trolls. Get a life, you dull fags.

by Queen Beereply 24810/02/2018

^Included r246

by Queen Beereply 24910/02/2018

Bitch can sing anything.

by Queen Beereply 25010/02/2018

Gurls, these aren't your garden-variety Babs haters here--these are Trump trolls going after her because she's coming out with a song about their Dear Leader. Know your real enemy. FF, block and report.

by Queen Beereply 25110/02/2018

No doubt these are Trump trolls. Go after them.

by Queen Beereply 25210/02/2018

r38, r42, r59, r97, r100, r107, r110, r114, r137, r155, r158, r168, r171, r187, r215, r217, r229, r244...

The same troll. I made a note of the posts, blocked, et voila--gone. He's the one who claimed to have gone to the Royal Conservatory in one thread then uses the word "fags" and and talks about how Streisand is "largely forgotten."

BLOCK and you'll see it's one Trump loon.

by Queen Beereply 25310/02/2018

You can also add to those disappeared threads r160 and r169...same troll.

by Queen Beereply 25410/02/2018

No, not r169. Apologies to r169.

by Queen Beereply 25510/02/2018

Babs has been so boring for the last 30 years

by Queen Beereply 25610/02/2018

Disliking the grotesque personality and questionable talents of Barbara Streizand has nothing to do with Trump. That's the kind of accusation some insecure stan makes when his idol is being legitimately critiqued and criticized. R253 has posted over 40 times on this thread! He's the ancient white fag who uses CAPS to vanquish his imaginary enemies. The same dude who harbors a sick love 4 Jessica LANGE and SUPERMODELS! I ain't afraid to disagree or flex my expertise you fool. Barbra is not a talent the world will remember. Most people can't stand her or her singing style. Her voice was once sonically pretty, but she never learned how to sing. She did it her own egomaniacal way. Her self importance is a joke and her stardom is unfathomable to anyone under 70. Enjoy yourself, no walls.

by Queen Beereply 25710/02/2018

As what you might call an ancient black fag I pity anyone that can’t appreciate still amazing talents of Miss Barbra Streisand. There will be another like her in my lifetime. Now that Aretha is gone she stands alone.

by Queen Beereply 25810/02/2018

[quote]It's unfortunate Barbra was too lazy and arrogant to take vocal training. She could have been a much more meaningful singer and capitalized on her voice's considerable strong points. She chose to hide behind studio gimmickry. That can't disguise the wreckage of her voice now of course.

Christ, what a lost opportunity. Can you imagine how great her career could have been with your guidance? What a shame.

by Queen Beereply 25910/02/2018

[quote]Barbra Streisand can't even fart in one take. There's a reason she NEVER sang Memory live. She can't.

You do realize that almost all of her albums were sung live with a full orchestra right there in the studio, don't you?

by Queen Beereply 26010/02/2018

Enjoy her old dude. She didn't fake her tone, that was the golden part of her voice. But she didn't record any of those songs in one or two takes. Streisand made videos that implied she was singing live in one take with an orchestra. She still does that fake shit. She's grotesque. She and Celine never met in a recording studio and never sang together once in their life. But Streisand insisted on the video that makes it appear that they recorded the song together and nuzzled each other in sickening fashion. No one falls for that. Barbra got the reality flu when she and Celine were slated to sing the song together LIVE on the Grammys. Barbra cancelled the day of, because Celine's voice was more beautiful and flexible and gorgeous and powerful. Don't anyone mention Aretha in the same breath as Babar Streusel. Aretha could turn shit into gold and Streisand does the opposite.

ALW's Memory was not recorded in one take. How preposterous. Streisand wouldn't sound so uneven, unsupported, lacking in power and flat when she sings live if she was such a pristine vocalist in the studio. The video was filmed to make it appear that she recorded a live vocal. That's it. Streisand was always polishing the knob of her legend. Then the film roles dried UP and she decided she was a concert performer? She did not bad at all in those 1994 concerts. Nicely produced and her warm, buzzy tone was still there with some well placed high notes - creating some pretty moments. But the bitch couldn't sing like she sounded on record. No thrill. Don't be crazy. She failed on the big songs like My Man and Somewhere, Don't Rain on my Parade. She didn't have the breath support or the vocal power. She has to take a run or scoop to her high notes when she did sing "live." Very pretty on some less difficult songs. Still nothing like her studio recordings. She's gotten progressively worse with each new "tour." Her voice had considerably degraded by the mid eighties, but she had a lot to work with. Not in this millenium though.

Whitney recorded I Will Always Love You in ONE take with another for insurance. There are many witnesses to that miracle vocal moment. Whitney was a singer who sang for people and for the joy of singing. She had confidence in her great gift and she shared it with an open heart. Streisand sang for recognition and cash. She said for decades that the didn't even like to sing. She viewed herself as a movie star. This didn't stop her from shitting out one dribbling album after another. She spent more time on the cover photographs than she did in finding good material. She has terrible taste in both regardless. No Walls.

by Queen Beereply 26110/02/2018

EVERYBODY still knows who Barbra Streisand is. She is deeply ingrained in society's consciousness. And 100 years from now she will still be considered one of the greatest singers of all times.

by Queen Beereply 26210/02/2018

R261 Whitney's version of I Will Always Love You is an extremely schmaltzy song with generic musical instruments in the background - it sounds like elevator music. I have the single and like it but it really doesn't hold up with time. Haven't heard it in ages.

by Queen Beereply 26310/02/2018

You have obviously never seen Barbra live. Probably too cheap.

by Queen Beereply 26410/02/2018

Barbra's brilliant singing live.

by Queen Beereply 26510/02/2018

R261 is triggered beyond belief.

Now he posts “No Walls” in an effort to seem creative and witty. Just another long rant that’s filled with angry insults and lies along with an attempt to show “I know music.”

How many times have you called Streisand grotesque? How many times will you tell us that she was afraid to sing live with Celine?

You’re really pathetic.

by Queen Beereply 26610/02/2018

R266 It's not a he - it's the angry, black female troll. She drips venom on this website on a consistent basis.

by Queen Beereply 26710/02/2018

I'm not a black female. I'm no more a troll than you. You are getting close to 70 hysterical posts now! I use my knowledge, training and expertise to expose Streisand's vocal mystique and the faults in her star. This drives all three of her fans insane. Lots of people sing better than Babar, everyday.

by Queen Beereply 26810/02/2018

Whitney Houston's favorite actress was Jessica Lange.

You can all carry on now.

by Queen Beereply 26910/02/2018

Didn't the hag do a duet or album with Don Johnson? Sorry I missed that one, lol!

by Queen Beereply 27010/02/2018

Barbra Streisand's favorite actress is.....Barbra Streisand. Who's her favorite singer?

by Queen Beereply 27110/02/2018

R268 Tired Gospel caterwauling. No art there. Zero sophistication. No understanding of the melody or lyrics.

by Queen Beereply 27210/03/2018

r268 For this approach to SOTR, you're better off with the sweet potato pie lady.

by Queen Beereply 27310/03/2018

r261 is yet another of blocked threads from the same troll I pointed out at r253. You can add that one to my list.

r270 is just a cunt.

by Queen Beereply 27410/03/2018

r268 and r271 both blocked as well. Same freak troll over and over.

by Queen Beereply 27510/03/2018

R268 Yes, you're the troll. Get rid of all that racism and negativity. And take a rest.

by Queen Beereply 27610/03/2018

Time to clamp down on this racist, homophobic troll. Where are the Datalounge powers that be?

by Queen Beereply 27710/03/2018

Streisand live- is much better than recorded- which is the case for all great singers by the way.

by Queen Beereply 27810/03/2018

Heather Headley is one of the greatest singers in the world. She's a classically trained vocal beast. Streisand can't begin to compare with the beauty and power of her voice, nor her immeasurable technical skills. If you call it "caterwauling" then yes, you're the racist.

by Queen Beereply 27910/03/2018

Knocking Down Walls.

by Queen Beereply 28010/03/2018

R279 R280 - Really? She has solid vocal technique, but doesn't move me at all in the same way as Streisand, or even Shirley Bassey. Heather Headley seems like a lovely person, but she is not the voice of her era.

by Queen Beereply 28110/03/2018

That was good by Heather but here is a portion of what Stereo Review said of Barbra’s recording of “Memory” in 1982. “What happens when larger-than-life Streisand sails into this ecstatic, heart pounding material is probably why record vinyl was invented in the first place. Allied st last with a composing, arranging, and producing talent that matches her own, she comes through like a thoroughbred. For the first time in years SHE TAKES THE KIND OF EMOTIONAL RISK THAT SHATTERS THE HIGH-GLOSS LACQUER LAID DOWN OVER HER PERFORMANCES FOR SO LONG ( I hope she’s listening to this). Instance: parts of the song lie uncomfortably low for her voice, but instead of changing anything she acts her way over the vocal hurdles, Using them to add to the meaning. Instance: there are several showy ( and most effective) crescendos cunningly stitched into the song, and she holds back on them each time until the tension is almost unbearable - and, of course, the release all the more effective. Instance: the Eliot-inspired language offers the temptation to “poeticize” or emote portentously, but she holds to a straight- ahead, no-nonsense diction thatrings with sincerity. Proof of her musical taste, dramatic judgement, and galvanic acting ability runs through the whole like a gold thread through russet velvet. Memory, in short, is one of those achievements that have the unmistakable stamp of the classic on them.” From the April 1982 issue of Stereo Review. What a wonderful birthday gift to Barbra.

by Queen Beereply 28210/03/2018

R279 I've never even heard of this woman/singer.

by Queen Beereply 28310/03/2018

I have the single Memory by Streisand and it's extremely moving and beautiful.

Barry Manilow had the bigger hit with it but his version sounds plodding and manufactured.

by Queen Beereply 28410/03/2018

R280 Her voice sounds a tad too deep and the faces she makes are unintentionally humorous. Couldn't make it through the whole clip.

by Queen Beereply 28510/03/2018

The point is there are MANY singers with superior instruments, better voices, greater range, more vocal color, greater power and far better technique than babs streisand. As I said upthread Barbra has never sung Memory live - she could barely manage the song with a lot of studio help. She could have benefitted from some voice lessons and by actually singing for a living. She was a studio singer, back when she could still sing.

Displaying your advanced age and ignorance proves nothing R285.

by Queen Beereply 28610/03/2018

R286 - Sorry, but Heather Headley ain't gonna happen.

by Queen Beereply 28710/03/2018

And Memory is a t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e song....

by Queen Beereply 28810/03/2018

Steve Sondheim? Christ. That Jew's written a career's worth of shit.

by Queen Beereply 28910/03/2018

Remember, Barbra Streisand is now only ONE year younger than Lucille Ball was when Lucy kicked the bucket!

So I think we should be thrilled she can croak out a note or two at that advanced age.

by Queen Beereply 29010/03/2018

"Barbra Streisand NEW SINGLE OUT NOW"

Of course, it is -

by Queen Beereply 29110/03/2018

"Streisand" and "new" in the same sentence.

by Queen Beereply 29210/03/2018

R286 If you aren't completely insane by now, you soon will be. Give it Up!

by Queen Beereply 29310/03/2018

R290 Lucy singing and trying to get into Ricky's nightclub act as usual.

by Queen Beereply 29410/03/2018

R293 Yes, you're the troll. Get rid of all that racism and negativity. And take a rest.

by Queen Beereply 29510/03/2018

Heather Headley...ain't gonna happen.

by Queen Beereply 29610/03/2018

Lying bitch hasn't hit an Eb in almost 40 years.

by Queen Beereply 29710/03/2018
by Queen Beereply 29810/03/2018

R297 - Stop using fancy musical terms.

by Queen Beereply 29910/03/2018

On Heather Headley: Please. Regardless of her race, caterwauling is a perfectly fair description of her voice. That bleat it takes on when she goes for sustained high belt: that is caterwauling.

On Stereo Review: Especially if one considers that it primarily covered audio equipment reviews, Stereo Review published some intelligent record reviews as well. I don’t remember the review of Barbra’s Memory quoted above. It’s probably more gushing than one might find in a Stereo Review rave, but something about it is typical of their reviews: even if it doesn’t convince you to buy the record, it will convince you of why it’s a good record.

by Queen Beereply 30010/03/2018

Ironic that she wails "don't lie to me" when she's made tens of millions in an industry built on lies.

by Queen Beereply 30110/03/2018

All Stereo Review said was that Barbra's voice was imperfect, that her low notes were shaky and that for once she sang a song with some restraint. They approved that she didn't destroy the performance with her huge ego, the way she did most of the other Broadway and American Songbook classics she recorded.

by Queen Beereply 30210/03/2018

Caterwauling. "Yes, I knew you were married when I met you" starts at 1:52.

by Queen Beereply 30310/03/2018

^Ancient White Racist FAG^

by Queen Beereply 30410/03/2018

Too weak, raspy and flat to caterwaul, B.S. Pitiful.

by Queen Beereply 30510/03/2018

I’m glad you showed the video from the Oscars. At the time watching it live I was so disappointed especially after the magical performance of “Goldfingrr” by Dame Shirley Bassey. Seeing this now I have a new appreciation for this performance and it seems totally appropriate for that moment. I guess at that point her voice isn’t as reliable as It was in the past but her showmanship and genius like Aretha is always present. The Stereo Review is on line in their archives for the month of April 1982. It was the regular monthly edition which luckily is available. I think near the end of the year it was given the distinction as a recording of special merit. The later issues for 1982 aren’t available. Luckily that April edition was. I only took maybe a fourth from the review so it might be good to read the whole thing. Stereo Review didn’t normally gush over a Streisand record so I was amazed what it said. And to me it was fair and balanced.

by Queen Beereply 30610/03/2018

"Didn't the hag do a duet or album with Don Johnson?"

Yes, in 1987.

The song is called "'Til I Loved You" and even though it is derided, I like it.

by Queen Beereply 30710/04/2018

the new song is pure shit.

by Queen Beereply 30810/04/2018

It's not bad.

by Queen Beereply 30910/04/2018

Wow, that's deep, r301.


by Queen Beereply 31010/04/2018

It's not bad, but it's no Beds Are Burning.

by Queen Beereply 31110/04/2018

R280 God that's awful. No...she ain't gonna happen.

by Queen Beereply 31210/04/2018

Hideous Heather Headley.

by Queen Beereply 31310/04/2018

I smell moldy hankies. Hello Charlie.

by Queen Beereply 31410/04/2018


by Queen Beereply 31510/04/2018

I guess my excerpt from Stereo Review made the poster who tried to denigrate the talent of Barbra take a pause.

by Queen Beereply 31610/04/2018

The Stereo Review article is neither here nor there. We all know that Barbra once had sonic beauty to her voice. She's just a uniquely bad interpreter of music who was vocally gifted enough to indulge all her bad taste in singing. Her asshole ego destroyed a lot of classic material. There is not one American Songbook or Broadway classic recorded by Barbara that is not done better by others. Her take on "Memory" was your idea of greatness R316. Why you're so invested in that song I don't know. It was just beyond her vocal ability at the time but she gave it an honest try and made a decent pop song of it. Streisand humped every major Broadway hit by women of the last 80 years until the public begged her to stop. Some are better than others, but most were BAD due to her grandiose and grotesque dismantling of lyrical meaning AND meddling with the melody of the songs. She did sing If I Loved You quite nicely. Her recording of I'll Be Home by Randy Newman is also fine. The only thing more misguided than her Broadway covers is the majority of her original material. People say she's a perfectionist. No, she's an egotist and a control freak with bad taste and little personal insight.

No Walls ain't about to change her reputation for presenting dreck as diamonds.

by Queen Beereply 31710/04/2018

It did serve to move you to the point of acknowledging the beauty of her voice but not appreciating how she used it.

by Queen Beereply 31810/04/2018

She needs hearts not diamonds.

by Queen Beereply 31910/04/2018

I see from only from blocking that the same homophobic troll at r314 and r317 is at it again. It's shame there's no therapy for it.

by Queen Beereply 32010/04/2018

R320, it was clear that the troll was back at R317 — the word “dreck” gave it away.

The only thing worse than a troll is a repetitive, unoriginal troll.

by Queen Beereply 32110/04/2018

Many more unique qualities hallmark my posts before the word DRECK. You're quite stupid.

by Queen Beereply 32210/04/2018


by Queen Beereply 32310/05/2018

We can't.

She died in a bathtub in February of 2012 right before the Grammys party.

Good thing she took a bath and not a shower that night.

by Queen Beereply 32410/05/2018

R322 God that's great.

by Queen Beereply 32510/05/2018

That's wonderful, r322. So clearly shows Streisand's greatness.

by Queen Beereply 32610/05/2018

R322 was removed as well as the troll. Or are they one in the same? (I blocked the troll.)

by Queen Beereply 32710/05/2018

Yeah, odd. Perhaps the troll we blocked is schitzo.

by Queen Beereply 32810/05/2018

I look at that video at R322 and am so saddened for all we've lost.

Imagine: there was a time when prime time televisione could feature a singer just standing there. With the camera just calmly focusing on the singer rather than jumping and cutting.

A beautiful gown, a simple set. A pretty melody and orchestration... no "urban" influenced crap.

A beautiful voice intent on the meaning of the lyrics. No caterwauling or sliding up and down the notes to show off.

by Queen Beereply 32910/05/2018

Agreed. Just a beautiful voice singing beautifully with no caterwauling and making weird faces--the unbeatable Barbra Streisand.

by Queen Beereply 33010/05/2018

That is perfection.

by Queen Beereply 33110/05/2018

He does have a point about that video. It seems so calculating. I actually prefer her later versions of “Starting Here, Srarting Now”. Particularly from “Live At The Forum” where you can hear some influence from Aretha and her masterful version from “Live 2006” where with her mature voice she blows the roof of the place.

by Queen Beereply 33210/06/2018

Influence from Aretha?

Fortunately, Aretha is on one the last people Streisand would chose to be influenced by.

by Queen Beereply 33310/06/2018

r332 I think you mean calculated, and I see what you mean. Maybe they had to get it “just so” for the TV special. It could even be an issue of making sure the lip synch looked right.

Besides, Forum had Barbra in a very relaxed disposition. It also had great versions of Where You Lead, My Man, and Stoney End. Wonderful riffing on the latter.

by Queen Beereply 33410/06/2018

Thanks for the correction R334. I thought it was sung live but i remember Lena Horne saying that for the camera you had to sing with a pretty mouth. Aretha influenced almost everyone including Barbra. Barbra has always spoken highly of Aretha publicly. She complemented Aretha's high notes and the flexibility of her voice. She couldn't understand how Aretha could get so high so quickly with her voice. I thinks it's in the Playboy interview. Barbra did ask Aretha to sing at the Memorial Tribute for Marvin Hamlisch. I always thought that Barbra was a little intimidated to sing with Aretha. That was a perfect time to take the stage together. We all know that Aretha would sing with anyone no matter how great. I personally think that Barbra would have held her own and they would have been inspired by each other.

by Queen Beereply 33510/06/2018

[quote]Aretha influenced almost everyone including Barbra.

You're making that up.

The only female singer that Streisand has ever acknowledged as influencing her was Joni James and the only singer that she ever mentioned as her favorite is Johnny Mathis.

by Queen Beereply 33610/06/2018

She has also mentioned Connie Francis as a big influence.

by Queen Beereply 33710/06/2018

R337 Link please.

by Queen Beereply 33810/06/2018

Barbra was HEAVILY influenced by Lena Horne. They both sang for themselves, rather than for the audience.

by Queen Beereply 33910/06/2018

So just to clarify with "Starting Here, Starting Now" on "Color Me Barbra," was that the only song in Act 3 that was lip synched. I was always under the impression that she sang those songs live before a fan club audience of like 15 people,

by Queen Beereply 34010/06/2018

[quote]Barbra was HEAVILY influenced by Lena Horne.

Barbra has never said anything of the kind.

by Queen Beereply 34110/06/2018

I have never heard Streisand mention she was influenced by anyone. Singers she's liked, sure. But influenced by? I don't know her every utterance, but I would need to see links to believe any of these claims.

Though Joni James was at her AFI tribute as a guest of honor, so there's that.

by Queen Beereply 34210/06/2018

[quote]I have never heard Streisand mention she was influenced by anyone.

I think it would be a hard thing for Streisand to ever admit to. In fact she says that she never had any musical idols.

The only female singer that gets close is Joni James. And the fact that she was guest of honor at her AFI tribute kind of says it all.

" I never had any musical idols,' she said. 'My favorite singer while I was growing up was Johnny Mathis. I also listened a lot to Joni James records and sang her hit, 'Have You Heard,' at club auditions, but I didn't really want to sound like her."

(I really had to laugh at R337 although I imagine he's joking.)

by Queen Beereply 34310/06/2018

In fact if you listen to Joni James... you can understand the connection.

by Queen Beereply 34410/06/2018

Now listen to a young Barbra singing "You'll Never Know"

by Queen Beereply 34510/06/2018

[quote] I really had to laugh at [R337] although I imagine he's joking

by Queen Beereply 34610/06/2018

Streisand was influenced by Eydie Gorme, she just won't admit it.

by Queen Beereply 34710/06/2018

That doesn't prove any influence. They all sang the same songs. Streisand is the best.

by Queen Beereply 34810/06/2018

R346 She even makes even "My Man" sound like an Italian Favorite.

Barbra was NOT influenced by that.

by Queen Beereply 34910/06/2018

This proves the influence. Everyone knows that Streisand copied many of Gorme's vocal inflections and the big belting modulations. Streisand is a PIG. Her whole career she can't think of anyone that she admired as a singer? She also claimed to never listen to music. Her ears are too sensitive to listen to other voices. She's so full of shit aka herself.

One small mention of Aretha and that tweet for Whitney. That's the most Babs could cough up in recognition of others and it hurt her acid reflux to do so. The whole world heralded Whitney as the greatest voice in pop music history long before she passed. Around the same time that Streisand was forgotten.

by Queen Beereply 35010/06/2018

Did Barbra always cut the "I don't know why I should" section of My Man? Is it because of "he beats me too"?

r340 I'm sorry, I was unclear. What I meant to say was that if the number had been lip synched, that would be a reason for it looking/sounding calculated. I don't know that it was, though if you follow her mouth movements with when she slides over into the second vowel of a diphthong, video and audio are sometimes off. It could be a very good, but not perfect, lip synch or the clip itself may just be ever so slightly out of sync. My apologies, I wasn't trying to rewrite history.

Did Barbra never acknowledge Judy as an influence? They don't sound alike but, I mean, the belting thing, you know?

by Queen Beereply 35110/06/2018

Apart from her mentioning Joni James...I can imagine her being influenced by Gormè and Garland...just conjecture of course... but I see Betty Hutton in her comedy numbers.

by Queen Beereply 35210/06/2018

She also said that she admired Lee Wiley as a singer and they sound nothing alike. You need to read the playboy article. I’m sure it’s on line. If you listen to Live At The Forum you can hear a lot of Aretha’s influence on her singing especially when she gets all gospel on “Sweet Inspiration/ Where You Lead”. Even Lena Horne was influenced by Aretha. Listen to her 2 versions of “Stormy Weather” on “The Lady And The Music”. The first version is how she sang it at MGM and the second is how she sang it with all the life experiences she had. She sang like Aretha from her heart and soul.

by Queen Beereply 35310/06/2018

Lena Horne sounded ridiculous when she affected that style of singing late in life. Barbra is also terrible when she attempts to sing runs and riffs or when she tried the gospel style. She sounds like Ana Gasteyer and Will Ferrell on SNL. Streisand attempting to sing with Ray Charles was embarrassing. She couldn't even harmonize or riff off his style. She can (occasionally) sing soulfully and has some pretty inflections but leave the runs and riffs and gospel exclamations to Aretha and Whitney.

Streisand makes fun of Stoney End even though the song was one of the best recordings she ever made.

by Queen Beereply 35410/06/2018

[quote]If you listen to Live At The Forum you can hear a lot of Aretha’s influence on her singing ...

It's something that you ...and you alone ...hear.

If there is anyone she consciously let influence her in her later career, it would be Donna Summer whom she collaborated with.

by Queen Beereply 35510/06/2018

[quote]Streisand makes fun of Stoney End even though the song was one of the best recordings she ever made.

I love the whole album. Her first great pop album, I guess. Recording standards had run its course by the time of Simply Streisand. Stout-Hearted Men, what the fuck was that? And then What About Today was just a mess because it only had one foot in the door. Punky's Dilemma, oy vey. But Stoney End was fun. Maybe a bit too much Nyro, my only quibble.

by Queen Beereply 35610/06/2018

Lena Horne was in her own way channeling Aretha in the movie “The Wiz” when she sang “If You Believe”. She was the highlight of the movie.

You may not have appreciated Barbra duet with Ray Charles but she was brilliant with Louis Armstrong in “Hello Dolly”.

by Queen Beereply 35710/06/2018

Could you please sight an instance Donna influenced Barbra. They collaborated and Donna was very impressed with Barbra’s ability to hold that long note.

If you are influenced by anyone I would rather it be Aretha who was a true singing musical genius. Donna as great as she was as Rex Reed said about Bette Midler singing the Rosemary Clooney Songbook as “not even on the same planet” when it came to singing.

by Queen Beereply 35810/06/2018

Please. Streisand has been influenced by no one--not Aretha, not Donna, not Joni J, nor any of the rest. She was far too interested in cultivating her own legacy, her own sound, her own interpretations. I'm not saying she didn't appreciate many other singers, but she thought far too much of her own abilities to ever allow herself to be influenced. And she was right to be.

When she was appearing in "I Can Get It For Yu Wholesale," the star was Lillian Roth. People remarked to her that she could learn a lot from her and she should sit at her feet and soak in the presence of a real veteran show biz performer. Streisand thought such adoration was ridiculous. If she felt that way as newbie actress, she certainly didn't feel influenced by anyone as a singer.

by Queen Beereply 35910/06/2018


by Queen Beereply 36010/06/2018

Oh lordy. Streisand could stand to learn from a lot of people. Too late now.

by Queen Beereply 36110/06/2018

She was influenced by her mother Diana

by Queen Beereply 36210/06/2018

R359 I agree with you...but I'm only going by her words: Joni and Mathis. At least those are ones she admires enough to mention.

And you have to admit, the young Streisand recording of "You'll Never Know" is identical to James'. And listen to the James recording of "Have You Heard"....which Streisand also mentions.

But Aretha of all people? Steely cold and affected Lena Horne? Connie Francis (LOL)... some here have quite an imagination.

by Queen Beereply 36310/06/2018

She has a very similar career path as Connie Francis, starting out as a young singer, appealing to both young and old audiences, then going into movies. So it's not unlikely she was influenced by Miss Francis.

by Queen Beereply 36410/07/2018

[quote]She has a very similar career path as Connie Francis

Their career paths were completely different.

Next we're going to hear that Barbra Streisand was influenced by Annette Funicello.

by Queen Beereply 36510/07/2018

Connie Francis, Eydie Gorme, Joanie Sommers, Annamaria Alberghetti, and many talented up and coming singers of the 1960s were pushed to the background so Streisand could advance. She was the chosen one and the bitch always knew it.

by Queen Beereply 36610/07/2018

[quote]Connie Francis, Eydie Gorme, Joanie Sommers, Annamaria Alberghetti, and many talented up and coming singers of the 1960s were pushed to the background so Streisand could advance.

Between TV and Las Vegas, Eydie Gormè and Steve Lawrence remained one of the biggest acts in show biz.

by Queen Beereply 36710/07/2018

R367 But not the recording artists and megalomaniacal movie star that Streisand became for 4 decades.

by Queen Beereply 36810/07/2018

[quote]many talented up and coming singers of the 1960s were pushed to the background...

...because of the British invasion.

Tastes changed. There were singers who were able to remain contemporary despite it all, and there were those who could not.

by Queen Beereply 36910/07/2018

R369 And Streisand was one who did. Unfortunately.

by Queen Beereply 37010/07/2018

I can hear the elevator doors opening and closing as this gets played on heavy rotation on Muzak

by Queen Beereply 37110/07/2018

I love Barbra's soulful take on Since I Fell For You.

by Queen Beereply 37210/07/2018

Babs is undeniably better... but here's Eydie's version.

It's Eydie, so of course it's good, but there's that brashness to her voice. Barbra by contrast is just so smooth.

by Queen Beereply 37310/07/2018

And then along comes Dusty...and blows them both out of the water.

by Queen Beereply 37410/07/2018

Who wears the pants....Dusty or Lana?

by Queen Beereply 37510/07/2018

Wow! That was an amazing video of Barbra that I have never seen. The instrument she was given was amazing. Dusty was a great singer but she just didn’t have voice that seemed limitless like Barbra or Aretha. Dusty was an interpretative genius though.

by Queen Beereply 37610/07/2018

Official video

by Queen Beereply 37710/09/2018

The visuals are more powerful than the song.

Musically, I prefer this.

by Queen Beereply 37810/09/2018

The song was better when it was subtle. That video makes it just another campaign ad.

by Queen Beereply 37910/09/2018

Why would I want to listen to more than 30 seconds of shit like that?! I wouldn’t.

by Queen Beereply 38010/09/2018

Video is powerful. Good for her.

by Queen Beereply 38110/09/2018

No other woman has had as glorious a singing career as Barbra.

by Queen Beereply 38210/09/2018

Um Sheena Easton.

by Queen Beereply 38310/09/2018

Any links to the rest of the album ?

by Queen Beereply 38410/09/2018

That's it! Eydie always did have that loud, brash belt that Barbra never really had. Yes, she had a belt, but it always seemed like it was more of a mix of chest and head voice. Eydie really belted. They have very different styles.

by Queen Beereply 38510/09/2018

I like the video and the song.

by Queen Beereply 38610/09/2018

Cher is worldwide, Barbra is local and even that is being kind.

by Queen Beereply 38710/09/2018

Barbra has a niche market at best.

by Queen Beereply 38810/09/2018

I like some of what she's done and appreciate her voice but the new song sucks.

by Queen Beereply 38910/10/2018

[quote] In fact she says that she never had any musical idols.

Maybe she didn't. She never wanted to be a singer, she wanted to an actress. She told the story on Rosie that she went to see "The Diary Of Anne Frank" as a kid, up in the cheap seats. She was the same age as the girl playing Anne and she thought, she could do that. She discovered she had this amazing talent and took full advantage of it but music wasn't her first choice.

by Queen Beereply 39010/10/2018

she should have gone into seclusion because of her looks. recorded voice overs instead.

by Queen Beereply 39110/10/2018

[quote]She told the story on Rosie that she went to see "The Diary Of Anne Frank" as a kid, up in the cheap seats. She was the same age as the girl playing Anne and she thought, she could do that.

The girl was Susan Strasberg. I hope Barbra at least mentioned her name...

by Queen Beereply 39210/10/2018

Is she the oldest recording artiste ?

by Queen Beereply 39310/10/2018


Does Marilyn Maye still record?

by Queen Beereply 39410/10/2018

R394 Oldest mainstream recording singer perhaps ?

by Queen Beereply 39510/10/2018

Oh, my sides, r387 and r388! Thanks for the laughs!!!

r391, you're mistaking her for yourself--you're the one in the basement.

by Queen Beereply 39610/11/2018

R396 You have to admit her fans would be mostly around her age.

by Queen Beereply 39710/11/2018

No, that's not true, r397. I'm half her age and I'm certainly not the only one my age who's a fan. And she has millions upon millions of fans. This desperate need to diminish Streisand says a lot more about the sad cases whose desire it is to do so than she. She's doing just fine.

by Queen Beereply 39810/11/2018

R398 Not everyone likes to listen to their grandma sing.

by Queen Beereply 39910/11/2018

Not everyone's grandma can sing, hunty r399. And if you equate talent with youth you're even dumber than your age suggests.

by Queen Beereply 40010/11/2018

Has anyone actually bought this?

by Queen Beereply 40110/11/2018

^D. Trump

by Queen Beereply 40210/11/2018

I’m 29 and one of her biggest fans.

by Queen Beereply 40310/11/2018

R387, you do know she has sold more albums/CDs than any other female recording artist in the world- not that sales means greatness- Although in her case she is one of the greatest singers anong perhaps a handful- I love that she is 76 and still creating and putting herself out there for what she believes. I know she will vote- I wonder if you will R387?

by Queen Beereply 40410/11/2018

Cher has a wider and younger appeal.

by Queen Beereply 40510/11/2018

I've been a fan of her all my life, but I will not spend another dime on her music. This is another forgettable piece of tripe that panders to the times. She's done it in every decade. Remember "Prisoner?" "Left in the Dark," "Till I Loved You" with Don Johnson, "We're not Making Love Anymore," "One Day," "Superman," "I Finally Found Someone," the list is endless. This is just another turd for the can. Next it'll be a rap duet with Kanye. Or Barbra and Bieber.

by Queen Beereply 40610/11/2018

Barbra needs to team up with someone like Gaga to keep her music current and up to date.

by Queen Beereply 40710/11/2018

So did Irene Ryan, but it didn't happen that way.

by Queen Beereply 40810/11/2018

How do you sleep, Barbra, when you are peddling this crap? Husky voice, stupid lyrics, 1970s echo chamber.

Don't lie to me, don't lie to me, Barbra, how do you accept a paycheck for this crap?

by Queen Beereply 40910/11/2018

A remarkable voice in some great recordings (and a lot of dreck)....a flair for comedy that she pretty much chose to bury in a bunch of shitty long do we have to keep flogging this bag of bones?????

by Queen Beereply 41010/11/2018

R409 She can't accept anything if people don't buy it.

by Queen Beereply 41110/11/2018

r406 and r409 are Trump girls.

by Queen Beereply 41210/11/2018

[quote] Could you please sight an instance Donna influenced Barbra.

Oh, [italic]dear.[/italic]

by Queen Beereply 41310/11/2018

Awful. Just awful.

by Queen Beereply 41410/11/2018

I think it's fucking hilarious some of you actually believe she had absolutely NO influences, as if she had never heard ANYONE sing before she started and was never influenced by ANYONE ever!

Of course she had influences! Edith Piaf, Billie Holiday, Mabel Mercer, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland! her originality was she came up with a sound that seemed all her own... but it would be impossible for her NOT to have had influences, if you think about it for even two seconds.

Do you think she was mysteriously raised in a secret garden with no music to listen to ever, and she just discovered the notes all on her own?

LMFAO. That's what [italic]she'd[/italic] like you to believe, of course.

by Queen Beereply 41510/11/2018

I've been a fan of her for 45 years, but I'm not feeling this. Horrific, especially overblown arrangement.

by Queen Beereply 41610/11/2018

Ugh she didn’t do the two songs justice

by Queen Beereply 41710/11/2018

R415 You couldn't have said it better. The title of this song is very ironic in that Streisand has lied quite a bit in her time to suit her legend. Any professional singer knows the years of training required to achieve the sound that she magically seemed to have at age 17, and the giveaway is when her mother Diana Kind took her for an MGM audition when she was 11 years old. I've always wondered if Diana was actually a ruthless stage mother who pushed her daughter into singing, because she recognized the potential early on and figured if people were listening they would be doing a little less "looking." She might well have gotten her the training and mentoring she needed, and opposed to discouraging her, she displaced her broken ambitions onto her daughter and thoroughly endorsed her leaving home at 16 If you ever watch interviews with Diana, notice how at ease she is in front of the camera. Performing is not something foreign to this woman. That would explain Barbra's fascination with Mama Rose and "Gypsy." Diana might have discouraged the acting, figuring she was unattractive, but a face for records at the time had a much better shot at making the cash register jingle. And as we know, it did. And if so, Diana was right. And that's why Barbra hated her.

by Queen Beereply 41810/12/2018

R416 Her voice is surely autotuned and augmented there.

The techno intervention kills any interest I'd have in listening to her.

I wish she'd just sing... warts and all.

Even with creaky strained raspy top-notes I'd still listen to her... but not this fakery.

I really don't mind the autotuning so much with Cher. She's in on the joke. But we're supposed to take Streisand's voice seriously and I can't on these recordings.

by Queen Beereply 41910/12/2018

[quote] The girl was Susan Strasberg. I hope Barbra at least mentioned her name...

Maybe she saw an understudy or replacement.

by Queen Beereply 42010/12/2018

R420 That would have been Millie Perkins. Also deserving of a mention.

by Queen Beereply 42110/12/2018

Barbra can do no wrong.

by Queen Beereply 42210/12/2018

Is the troll back? What a bore.

And clearly this thread has been infected by alt-right trolls burned by the fact that Streisand has leveled her ire at their Dear Leader.

Streisand has had more success in her life--and still does--than any of you pathetic losers. You can disparage her all you like but she's the one in the end with the millions of dollars, the millions of fans, and nothing you say changes any of that.


by Queen Beereply 42310/12/2018

R416 bad, poorly made medley, terrible arrangement, Barbra seems to have lost her ability to sing.

by Queen Beereply 42410/12/2018

^Alt-right troll.

by Queen Beereply 42510/12/2018

Barbra has lied quite a bit to suit her legend? Really- elaborate! If you want a first hand account of her early singing read the short book her first boyfriend (Barre Denen) wrote about their salad days in NYC. She knew she could sing, yes- her friends did not until one day... and Barre did play a lot of music for her (he was a collector) when he discovered her voice. There is no evidence that she had a favorite or idol or model. But she certainly learned from him and expressed her gratitude until her hurt her- it's a very normal story of romance/man coming out. Later they got in a very legitimate argument about who owned some tapes, and who remembered some issues correctly.

Yeah I think that there are trolls on this thread who really are acolytes of that wreck of human being who is our President. He was a lying idiotic blowhard 35 years ago being bailed out by his father and he is the same now- without the benefit of the father bailing him out. Now it is the idiots who my guess are glued to FOX News who think he's great. He will go down in history as the worst thing that ever happened to the American Presidency. Mark my words- deplorables.

by Queen Beereply 42610/12/2018

Agree, r426.

What could be more hilarious than Streisand accused of lying when the Dear Leader Trump has done NOTHING but lie all his life.

Loser deplorables are all over this thread. It won't work, trolls.

by Queen Beereply 42710/12/2018

I agree, R419. Ironic how a song called Don't Lie to Me is one big pathetic lie.

by Queen Beereply 42810/12/2018

What's the lie, r428? Tell us now.

by Queen Beereply 42910/12/2018

Come on, r428. What did she lie about? We're waiting, troll.

by Queen Beereply 43010/12/2018


by Queen Beereply 43110/12/2018

No one says you need to bow before her but Christ, she's on our side.

by Queen Beereply 43210/12/2018

Yes, r432, she's on the side of anti-Trump people like us. She's against the Trump trolls like r428.

by Queen Beereply 43310/12/2018

Who else but Trump trolls would do anything but carp about a song that's against Trump? Streisand is a target here. Period.

by Queen Beereply 43410/12/2018

Notice how fast r428 went away. Pathetic Trump troll.

by Queen Beereply 43510/12/2018

My father always said that Barbra was most influenced by Lena Horne.

by Queen Beereply 43610/12/2018

Your father knew nothing.

by Queen Beereply 43710/12/2018

Lena Horne was one of the creepiest most affected performers. A lot of her stuff is unlistenable today.

by Queen Beereply 43810/12/2018

The trolls on here are the idiots that condemn those that are posting quite accurate evaluations of Streisand's latest recording effort. I am in no way a Trump supporter, and I've been a Democrat my entire life. I've also been a follower of supporter of Barbra Streisand's work for decades. I have been the first to say that her debut album was unparalleled in its artistry for someone so young and remains the quintessential achievement in recording annals. This is also true of her first 7 albums arranged by Peter Matz who understood her musicianship and crafted sounds most complementary and unique. Her first 2 TV specials have been unequalled in their innovation and daring, and are two of the best hours ever afforded to the medium. Her Broadway and film debut was just as iconic; however, as musical tastes and sensibilities began their descent to the toilet in the late 1960s, Streisand felt compelled to keep up with this sludge. As a result, she made some commercial successful but artistically inane choices in recording and became more obsessed with remaining hip to the trends than artistically true and sincere. This obsession has continued to the present day, and hence, we are brought to her current offering: "Don't Lie To Me." It's musically sterile and ill-fitting to someone of Streisand's talent and legend. I'm not even going to comment on the aged vocals, because for someone of 76, she sounds more capable than many of her singing peers do, have, or did at that age. It's her need to pander to the current market that has destroyed her spontaneity, her fearlessness, and the artistry that made her a star in the first place. I don't give a fuck who she's singing about, whether it's Trump, Jim Brolin, or RIchard Baskin. The song sucks. Her singing should continue, however, but with more age appropriate concept albums and composer songbooks. I'd love to see her version of something like Frank Sinatra's trilogy, where she could offer a musical retrospective of her vast career using a symphony orchestra and what's left of the fine arrangers and composers. There aren't many still with us. So in the final analysis, don't refer to those of us who aren't lying to Barbra as trolls or Trump supporters. Look at us as those who are following the creed of the song. Thank you very much.

by Queen Beereply 43910/12/2018

Lena was channeling her favorite singer Aretha Franklin in this performance. Talk about a powerhouse performance!

Lena was far from affected, and I certainly hear Lena in Streisand's singing.

by Queen Beereply 44010/12/2018

"I'd love to see her version of something like Frank Sinatra's trilogy, where she could offer a musical retrospective of her vast career using a symphony orchestra and what's left of the fine arrangers and composers."

r439, she's done that. She's given us "For The Record," she's given us Broadway albums and movie albums, for Christ's sake.

The Trump trolls are the ones who says she "lies," when ignoring their Dear Leader's every lying utterance; they're the ones who say she's an ugly Jew, she can't sing, she has no audience, etc.

by Queen Beereply 44110/12/2018

Yeah...affected and creepy.

And there's not an ounce of Streisand there.

by Queen Beereply 44210/12/2018

I am with r439 100% (Were you the poster who made the brilliant suggestion of Barbra singing the Cole Porter songbook? I love you madly)

by Queen Beereply 44310/12/2018

Post R442 in response to R440

by Queen Beereply 44410/12/2018

If she had any influences (which she didn't), she certainly surpassed all of them immediately.

by Queen Beereply 44510/12/2018

^To the point where they're not even recognizable as influences (which they weren't).

by Queen Beereply 44610/12/2018

R439- you're entitled to your opinion of what she should record and your preference for her very early recordings particularly with Matz. But record the music that Sinatra sang? Sing songbooks (like Ella?) Fact is she has sung music that that both recorded, and much much more than either put together. You just don't like it when she strays from what you like. Others think her Bee Gees collaboration was her best. (Her take on "You're the Top" is smashing.) Let it go. A lot of people love this new recording and clearly she does what inspires her.

My take is that on almost any album she has released there are at least one or two sublime cuts. Sometimes many good cuts. I like some of the classic standards, and some not so much. Ditto the pop. One of my favorites is her live performance of Auld Ang Syne. Who would have thought I prefer to let a vocalist of her stature and achievement chose their own material. They are after all the artist, not me.

Suggest you relax. There ARE poster on this thread who are deplorables (as is anyone who supports Donald Trump.)

by Queen Beereply 44710/12/2018

Hear hear, r447. Exactly everything you said.

by Queen Beereply 44810/12/2018

Her version of "You're The Top" is magnificent and better than any other.

by Queen Beereply 44910/12/2018

R 441 - No, she has not. "Just For The Record" was a compilation of pre-recorded and never released material. What I'm referring to is something entirely new and novel. She could explore the Great American Songbook and standards that she hasn't even touched, she could have original pieces crafted more suited to her own complexities and yearnings. She has reiterated that she is a singing actress. This is what brings to mind Frank Sinatra's Trilogy "The Future" which talks about world peace, space travel, and the apprehensive face of growing older, looking back, and coming to terms with one's mortality. Sinatra was only 63 when he did this, and it was far ahead of its time and truly his swan song. Something similar could be right up Barbra's alley which could accommodate the vocal limitations and bring that experimental sense of daring back to what remains of her performing years. Like it or not, she is in the November of her years, and she's done enough crap. Make the final scenes of Act III worth listening to and walk away unbowed.

by Queen Beereply 45010/12/2018

r450, see r447, who's addressed all your issues.

"For The Record" was a compilation of her career, which you wanted; the Broadway and movie albums were done with live orchestras. You're a hard person to please. Maybe take it up with her. I'd love to hear her response to your suggestion on how she could improve her legacy.

by Queen Beereply 45110/12/2018

I agree with R450: There are so many wonderful songs from the Songbook that she hasn't touched, as well pop songs in that tradition that she's never covered.

Her talent deserves not just great melodies but great lyrics too.

by Queen Beereply 45210/12/2018

Whine whine whine, why hasn't she recorded THIS, I don't like that she recorded THAT...whine whine whine...bitch bitch bitch...

by Queen Beereply 45310/12/2018

R451 Please read R439. Her legacy is $300,000,000 and a mall. Her musical contributions have been prolific but erratic in quality and over the last several decades, often poorly chosen. Just take a look at the films she rejected. They're more stellar than any she made. If I'm hard to please, it's because of Streisand's enormous talent. and she should be held to a higher standard and not sell herself short or the people who have supported her for so many years. But I'm sure she knows that people are stupid and they'll fall all over any kibbles and bits she throws their way. So she probably figures, why work as hard? They'll buy it anyway. And R453 you must be a Mensa scholar.

by Queen Beereply 45410/12/2018

"Her legacy is $300,000,000 and a mall."

r454, I guess that's why she got the Kennedy Center honor, the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award, two Oscars, countless Grammys and Emmys--because of her mall.

Who, exactly, is the Mensa scholar here?

by Queen Beereply 45510/12/2018

^Oh, and the Presidential Medal.

by Queen Beereply 45610/12/2018

R455 you are completely missing R455's point.

by Queen Beereply 45710/12/2018

Sorry should read: R455 you are completely missing R454's point.

by Queen Beereply 45810/12/2018

I think it was more accurate the first time, r458.

by Queen Beereply 45910/12/2018

R455 What selective fucking attention you have. I suggest you reread the post and hone in on the critique. I have discussed Streisand's talent, musical genius, and her extraordinary voice. I am also honest enough to include the misfirings and the extraordinarily bad taste and poor choices she has demonstrated throughout her career, some of which were the means by which she amassed her great wealth . Money isn't always generated by being the best at what you do, duckie. It's a lot of maneuvering, pandering, and compromising of integrity, and this is something at which Streisand is equally adept. To me, it's unfortunate to see a woman who is the standard by which all singers are judged and who is now in the best position of anybody to exercise her artistic endeavors to be foisting commercially produced drivel upon the public that has helped to give her the lifestyle and the mall that she now enjoys. Open your eyes, idiot, before you start making illiterate and infantile comments.

by Queen Beereply 46010/12/2018

That's your opinion R460. If you ever attended a concert of hers you would know that the material comprises a walk through the the greatest composers of the last 100 years, Berlin, Porter, Gershwin, Sondheim, Rodgers, Styne, Legrand, Bachrach, Weill, and on and on- many of which are standards she has more or less owned for decades. And there are many many more. She is literally the most prolific popular singer of the last 50 years. And no one has dented to breadth. But then, she needs to do a songbook- doesn't she? I'm grateful she has had such a prolific recorded career because it is a gold mine of music in total.

By the way, the '91 box set (career complilation) included mostly recorded and released material and a few unreleased- most notably a recording of a night in NYC club (Bon Soir) in the early 60's. These were the tapes she wanted to be returned to her by Barre Denen I spoke of above.

by Queen Beereply 46110/12/2018

Sinatra's Trilogy would be a poor model for a Streisand career retrospective. Disc 1 is right up his alley, I'll give him that. Disc 2 has the theme from New York, New York and little else. To say this part of the trilogy contains music of "the present" is not even accurate. What it contains is music written after the golden age of the standards. When the set was released, many of the songs in Disc 2 were already at least ten years old. Love Me Tender was more than 20. Disc 3 was an absolute mess. The music was banal, the lyrics were cliché, the arrangements horrifyingly cheesy. If you want a Disc 3 for a Sinatra career retrospective, just substitute the September of My Years album. It doesn't look ahead, it looks back.

Just for the Record is not a career retrospective in the same mould as the Sinatra Trilogy. It is a far better one in all its painstaking, self-aggrandizing, comprehensive, fabulous glory. Some of the material, like the above-mentioned Bon Soir set, are easily the best recordings ever made of Streisand. Many of songs from the Bon Soir set found their way into her debut album but in spite of the now-classic status of The Barbra Streisand Album, the studio versions pale in comparison to their live counterparts.

by Queen Beereply 46210/12/2018

R462 - I respect your opinion on Sinatra's Trilogy, but I differ in terms of Disc 3, The Future. I happen to think it was brilliant, experimental, and prescient. It was way ahead of its time, arranged and composed by the brilliant Gordon Jenkins, who was as musically vital to Sinatra as Nelson Riddle had been. It is a very misunderstood opus, often cited as an exercise in overproduction and bombast. What many don't know about Sinatra was his passion for the opera. It was the genre of music he loved the most and listened to it regularly, often asking his great arrangers to incorporate those musical elements into his recordings. throughout the years, and they are very much present. The idea of the Trilogy album was to adopt an operatic theme in 3 acts with a symphony orchestra, and that is best typified in Disc 3. It is an operatic telling of Sinatra's affront with aging and resignation to his own mortality. It was a very different move for him and clearly went out of his safe zone. I can see why many might interpret it as convoluted or as one critic wrote, "wacky." I still feel it is a landmark of his latter day recordings and, in essence, his swan song. You , on the other hand, R461, are an ignorant pain in the ass queen. First off, I have seen Streisand live 5 times in my lifetime, and I know damn well the composers she has recorded through the decades. What I must say to your attention-deficit brain is that is the company she should currently be keeping musically. You're also in great error about the Bon Soir recordings on "Just For The Record." They were NOT Barre Dennen's recordings of her. They were the recordings made by Columbia Records in November 1962 for the release of what was to be her first album, which was planned as a live recording. Barre Dennen's recordings from her original Bon Soir engagement have not been formally released to the public, although some years, he played them for an invited audience at an LGBT event. And let me ask you, smartass, how many Kurt Weill and Cole Porter tunes has she recorded? One: Speak Low. Cole Porter: 3, "Come to the Supermarket in Old Peking," "You're The Top," and 8 bars of "Were Thine That Special Face in "Color Me Barbra," which proves my fucking point! Learn how to spell Bacharach, shithead!!!!

by Queen Beereply 46310/12/2018

Thanks for the info, r463. It's good to know that sometimes one can differ with other DL'ers and not end up in a fight.

by Queen Beereply 46410/12/2018

Can you say a has been ?

by Queen Beereply 46510/12/2018

My grandma used to like her.

by Queen Beereply 46610/12/2018

R466 Oh are her fans dying out ?

by Queen Beereply 46710/12/2018

[quote]The song sucks.

TO YOU! But if you think your OPINION is definitive, than you really are a Republican.

by Queen Beereply 46810/12/2018

I'm just trying to imagine it's a wonderful world. But it isn't.

by Queen Beereply 46910/12/2018

r469: Amen. Not even Barbra can relieve the horror we and so much of the world are living through.

I don't know how she is going to pull off her "new" version of "Happy Days Are There Again". (Yeah if you are a Republican or Russiam troll)

by Queen Beereply 47010/12/2018

Her best days are over.

by Queen Beereply 47110/12/2018

One day so will yours be, r471, if they aren't already.

r460--oh, dear! So triggered! "Duckie"? I hope you've calmed down and taken your meds after that rant.

by Queen Beereply 47210/12/2018

And wow, r463 should be in a straightjacket.

by Queen Beereply 47310/12/2018

R439 (along with his follow up posts) is just pathetic.

Barbra records ONE SONG he doesn’t like and he goes apoplectic, offering this absurd career retrospective that he thinks entitles him to tell her what she can and can’t sing.

Instead of enjoying the voice and all she’s given her fans during so many decades, we have to hear what she DIDN’T do, and what she SHOULD HAVE done.

Mr. Pseudo Expert, just STFU. You are beyond ridiculous, and more egotistical than Streisand EVER was.

by Queen Beereply 47410/12/2018

older than god

who buys her tacky ass shit music???

biggest grouch on the planet.

by Queen Beereply 47510/13/2018

^D. Trump again

by Queen Beereply 47610/13/2018

R473 R474 Jesus Christ, all one has to do is argue a point and state facts and they're assigned to a straitjacket. That is talent, that is education, and that is democracy. I'd hate to see either of you in a relationship. Or maybe you're both the same bitch. My opinion of her song choice doesn't change. However, as Streisand supports a democratic nation, as do I, and that entitles me the right to state an opinion. Too bad that you don't like it.

by Queen Beereply 47710/13/2018

It's not your opinions, r477, it's your name calling of others, your increasing hostility, your tirades that suggest you need therapy.

by Queen Beereply 47810/13/2018

R478 And your initial hostile responses to mine suggest you need Midol. End of conversation.

by Queen Beereply 47910/13/2018

Is it the end of the conversation because you say it is? I didn't call you names. I felt your idiocy spoke for itself without stating the obvious. You sound a little more calm, so I assume you've taken something.

by Queen Beereply 48010/13/2018

R463, that approach doesn’t work (name calling). That said- yes I think the Bob Soir tapes on the box set were meant for an album. And Denen tapes remained in his hands. Maybe he gave them to her in his will? I know a lot about Streisand but I sometimes get it a little wrong- forget etc. Suggest you calm down for your own good.

by Queen Beereply 48110/13/2018

PS,she doesn’t use auto tune. Ever.

by Queen Beereply 48210/13/2018

[quote]PS,she doesn’t use auto tune. Ever.

Hi Jason!

by Queen Beereply 48310/13/2018

^Hi, Donald!

by Queen Beereply 48410/13/2018

R480 My post was far from idiotic, as you well know. Everything I indicated is part of Streisand's history and you're welcome to research it yourself. I've also been a huge supporter of Barbra for years and have spent hundreds if not thousands on her products, be if music, films, books, concerts, etc. What she did wonderfully is unmatched by any modern singer. However, there were also errant choices and offerings. For example, look at the reaction to the current remake of "A Star is Born," and how critics are comparing it so favorably to Streisand's version, which made a fortune, but ranks as one of her weakest films. I would be a disingenuous fan if I would lie to her. just as her song suggests we not do. And as you have a right to your opinion, I have a right to mine. It is not my intention to malign Barbra. She has been a tremendous musical influence on all our lives, and I admire her age generativity and drive to remain productive. But for the last time, there is a wealth of music out there much better suited to her talents and commercial success.

by Queen Beereply 48510/13/2018

r485, I can assure you I know as much about her as you do. This is an argument based on not fact, but opinion--your opinion of what she did/didn't, should/should not do. As for her "errant choices," apart from your sounding like a tight, disapproving spinster, you're merely only scolding her for using her talents and her time her way, not your way. It's like the tired argument about Brando--why did he waste so much of his incredible talent on doing movies beneath him, while failing to acknowledge he made On The Waterfront, Streetcar, The Godfather, Last Tango--to name just four performances you won't get from another actor in 400 films.

by Queen Beereply 48610/13/2018

And now, for a little musical diversion: A Sleepin' Bee, with the rarely heard verse.

by Queen Beereply 48710/13/2018

R485 Your points are well taken, and I agree with everything you've said. Don't argue and don't apologize. These people don't get it.

by Queen Beereply 48810/13/2018

487, lol. Key to understanding Streisand is her enormous drive to create and do every and anything. Sing, compose, act, direct, produce, write, design, advocate, build, paint... you’d expect that the application of her greatest talent (her voice) would include these efforts and also cover as broad a musical breadth as possible- which is exactly what she has done- good and not good. That she is reimagining her standards and still writing music at this stage of her life is pretty amazing. Maybe she’s got a great film effort (probably as director) left in her. And her philanthropy continues unabated. Her foundation is very real, not a fraud and front like our Presidents shut down foundation. I admire her tremendously- obviously.

by Queen Beereply 48910/13/2018

Thank you , R489, R488, R486, and R481.

by Queen Beereply 49010/13/2018

PLEASE tell me this ridiculous purse fighting is over...

by Queen Beereply 49110/14/2018

Autotuned dreck. There's no defending her terrible singing or taste. One weirdo has over 80 insane posts on this thread, salivating over Barbra's incomparable career. He claims to be under 40 while discussing Lena Horne, Eydie Gorme and Billie Holiday? Barbra was influenced by NO ONE, ha. Add in his additional posts from another IP - agreeing with himself. Plus charlie. All three of Streisand's fans are accounted for.

by Queen Beereply 49210/14/2018

^HUGE fat troll.

by Queen Beereply 49310/14/2018

The dreck troll is here again at R492. LOL

by Queen Beereply 49410/14/2018

Not the dreck troll again!

by Queen Beereply 49510/14/2018

Everyone under 60 calls Streisand's music dreck. The only troll here is the one who posted hundreds of times on this thread. ^^^

by Queen Beereply 49610/14/2018

^^^Dreck troll! Dreck troll!^^^

by Queen Beereply 49710/14/2018

Haha, and then it quickly agrees with itself. See R494 & R495. Dat same poster does the same things on the Lange threads and lately on all those demented supermodels of the past threads. Old man has got to be 75 years old and loony as fuck. It's sad when ancient gays can only shout others down on an anonymous board. Streisand is not known, celebrated or popular. Brent Corrigan has more followers. Their money holes are in similar shape.

by Queen Beereply 49810/14/2018

Flat raspy ancient bitch couldn't sing a simple song live 7 years ago! She's no longer musical, can't locate a simple beat. She's always been tasteless, but her desperate hubris shows in her strange and lifeless mashup of Imagine and What a Wonderful World. Everyone is spinning in their multiple graves. There have been no worse versions of those two songs. Ever. And some demented soul here doesn't know that Babs is very auto tuned now? Do you know what compressed vocals sound like? She first used them extensively on her prestigious duets album with Jimmy Fallon and Weird Al. Her vocal superiors at this point.

by Queen Beereply 49910/14/2018

r498, I'm not 495, not r494. What's more, I've never posted on a Lange thread in my life.

r499 seems to think this thread is some kind of popularity contest between the two versions of this silly movie, and requests: "VOTE for Gaga." r499, this isn't in fact an A STAR IS BORN thread, you sad dummy.

by Queen Beereply 50010/14/2018

^Correction: That should read: I'm r495, not R494.

Nevertheless, the dreck troll will always be the dreck troll.

by Queen Beereply 50110/14/2018

How drunk is R500?

by Queen Beereply 50210/14/2018

R498 / R499, you are so fucking sad.


by Queen Beereply 50310/14/2018

if a turd was set to music this is what it would sound like.

by Queen Beereply 50410/15/2018

Donna got top billing

by Queen Beereply 50510/15/2018

^Summer gave herself top billing on her album, and Streisand gave herself top billing on hers.

by Queen Beereply 50610/15/2018

^Oh I thought it was because Donna got the disco creds.

by Queen Beereply 50710/15/2018

R506 And I thought it was a single

by Queen Beereply 50810/15/2018

Each of them packaged their own single of it.

by Queen Beereply 50910/15/2018

Louie Armstrong will always own What a Wonderful World. There has never been a better rendition anywhere. Ever. And certainly not this.

by Queen Beereply 51010/16/2018

[quote]Louie Armstrong will always own What a Wonderful World. There has never been a better rendition anywhere. Ever. And certainly not this.

When Armstrong sings it, he makes you forget that it has the fucking most cloying lyrics ever written.

by Queen Beereply 51110/16/2018

“For those who are encouraged and inspired by my art, you make what I do worthwhile - - thank you, dearly. For those who tell me to ‘keep my mouth shut,’ here is my response…artists, especially those who have had success, and have won popularity in their work, not only have the right, but the responsibility, to risk the unpopularity of being committed and active. So, until women are treated equally with men, until gays and minorities are not discriminated against and until children have their full rights, artists must continue to speak out. I will be one of them.”

Barbra's words. I think she is a a great woman. Great singer and multi media entertainer, great humanitarian and philanthropist, and brave activist. No one is perfect, including Barbra, but she is a national treasure nevertheless- using her great success and fame to fight the good fight.

by Queen Beereply 51210/16/2018

David Archuleta's version of Imagine is more inspiring.

by Queen Beereply 51310/16/2018

Barbra can do wrong. Didn't you know that? She could belch and fart on records, and her minions will call it innovation. And it'll debut at number one on Billboard.

by Queen Beereply 51410/19/2018

[quote]For those who tell me to ‘keep my mouth shut,’ here is my response…artists, especially those who have had success, and have won popularity in their work, not only have the right, but the responsibility, to risk the unpopularity of being committed and active.

Well, let's see:

You have Rosie O'Donnell saying that martial law should be imposed on the US. You have Roseanne Barr saying that a black woman looks like a character from Planet of the Apes. You have Jane Fonda sitting on enemy tanks. You have Ashley Judd screaming that she is a nasty woman.

I'm sorry, Babs, what were you saying?

by Queen Beereply 51510/19/2018
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