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Coronation Street on ITV Part Deux

Liz finds out soon that her stillborn daughter is actually alive and Australian-oops!

by Ena Sharplesreply 60003/26/2019

Jude is a psychopath.

by Ena Sharplesreply 109/04/2018

He’s going to beat up his mother Mary? MARY!

by Ena Sharplesreply 209/04/2018

Tyrone's "dad" looks about the same age as Tyrone.

by Ena Sharplesreply 309/06/2018

Tyrone’s got some new hair plugs, bless him.

by Ena Sharplesreply 409/06/2018

Alan (Tyrone) got the hairplugs in 2016. He's like a lot of us hairy guys -- lots of body hair, but tend to balding. He's a cute-ish bear, but he now shaves his body. Shame!

by Ena Sharplesreply 509/08/2018

So Tyrone's dead mum wasn't really his mum, and Liz's dead daughter wasn't really her daughter? And they both discover this within the same week? It's almost as though the writers have run out of ideas...

I'm not keen on the direction the new producer's taking the show in. The Kate Oates storylines were dark, but some of them were very well-written.

by Ena Sharplesreply 609/10/2018

The Imran/Leanne/Toyah potential love triangle seems very predictable and kind of lazy storytelling.

by Ena Sharplesreply 709/10/2018

If only Liz's daughter were old enough to end up being Tyrone's bio mum. What a twist that would be! (rolling eyes)

by Ena Sharplesreply 809/10/2018

I want to be inside Josh quite deeply-with his consent, of course.

by Ena Sharplesreply 909/11/2018

Get in line, R9 .

by Ena Sharplesreply 1009/12/2018

YAY! I finally created a thread that got a part 2.

by Ena Sharplesreply 1109/12/2018

Congratulations, cock/R11!

by Ena Sharplesreply 1209/12/2018

WTF? I only started watching in the 2000s, but I don't remember Jim ever being pure evil. Why would he do that to Liz?

by Ena Sharplesreply 1309/12/2018

He wants to 'get back' at Liz and Steve for not visiting him in prison or supporting him at all. He thought that Steve and Liz still owned the Rovers and he and Hannah-Katie were planning to have Steve and Liz sell and then Jim and Hannah-Katie would somehow steal the money and go off to America. I think it'll be our Tracy who digs and digs and finds out about the plan.

Not linking many of the storylines. The Tyrone and bitch nana, Jim and Hannah-Katie, Slut sisters (Toyah and Leanne) and Dudebros (Imran and Adam), are all frustrating and boring.

by Ena Sharplesreply 1409/15/2018

The Tyrone nan thing is odd. Obviously she's supposed to be a funny character like the late, great Blanche but...she's just not funny. Ty looks great these days, so glamorous!

by Ena Sharplesreply 1509/15/2018

Hannah-Kate's rather plain, but it's pretty far-fetched that this young woman is hot for an old, fat, and sick ex-con.

by Ena Sharplesreply 1609/15/2018

Hannah-Kate looks like a psycho. Are we looking at a Who Killed Jim McDonald storyline?

by Ena Sharplesreply 1709/15/2018

Can they get rid of Greasy Dev? Look up asshole in the dictionary and there's his picture.

by Ena Sharplesreply 1809/16/2018

God I hate this Hannah/Jim/Liz storyline. I like Maureen Lipman as Tyrone’s nan. She’s a good actress.

by Ena Sharplesreply 1909/16/2018

Don't laugh.........

How do I get ITV and how much does it cost? Will it also give me Hollyoaks & Emmerdale?

by Ena Sharplesreply 2009/16/2018

You’re in the US, R20? Try streaming services Britbox (same day episodes of Coronation Street) and Hulu (Hollyoaks on a two week delay). Both are well worth the subscription.

by Ena Sharplesreply 2109/16/2018

Britbox also has same day episodes of Emmerdale and EastEnders.

by Ena Sharplesreply 2209/16/2018

We used to watch Corrie on CBC, but switched to Britbox. We nose see it same day, and in HD. Well worth the cost.

by Ena Sharplesreply 2309/16/2018

now, not nose. I hate Autocarrot.

by Ena Sharplesreply 2409/16/2018

How much is BritBoc per month?

by Ena Sharplesreply 2509/16/2018

BritBox is $6.99/mo. .. I'd go that (legal) route, but the service doesn't carry any of the shows I watch from Channel 4. .. Gotta have my Hollyoaks, Ackley Bridge, and Formula 1 race coverage. .. Plus, there's my two Welsh soaps and other BBC specials that don't make it to BritBox. (Things like 'A Very English Murder,' 'Man in An Orange Shirt,' McMafia, 'London Spy'.) .. (And my dedicated UK VPN is $3/mo cheaper.

by Ena Sharplesreply 2609/16/2018

Everyone in Coronation Street is going into business or are professionals. It really has moved away from its working class roots.

by Ena Sharplesreply 2709/17/2018

At least the factory is still there.

by Ena Sharplesreply 2809/17/2018

The fatty who works in the flower shop as the assistant and talks in the pretentious manner makes my skin crawl.

by Ena Sharplesreply 2909/17/2018


by Ena Sharplesreply 3009/17/2018

The Imran/Leanne/Toyah stuff was like something from a dying sitcom.

by Ena Sharplesreply 3109/17/2018

Sophie's gonna get some of that middle aged minge. Will Sally be pissed or proud? She is after all dating a posh successful lady.

by Ena Sharplesreply 3209/17/2018

And her high school nemesis!

by Ena Sharplesreply 3309/17/2018

I hate the new storylines. Rubbish

by Ena Sharplesreply 3409/18/2018

Loved our Tracy's threat to murder Hannah-Katie.

by Ena Sharplesreply 3509/18/2018

That was the only funny moment of the episode, R35!

Hannah: How did you cut ties with your abusive ex?

Tracy: I killed him.

by Ena Sharplesreply 3609/18/2018

Is the Ali/Ryan romance still going to happen? Their mom will loose her shit! My sons are fucking!

by Ena Sharplesreply 3709/18/2018

I want to see Ali present his hole.

by Ena Sharplesreply 3809/18/2018

Mmmmm me too...But Ryan probably has a nice hole too. Maybe Todd can come back and pound them both

by Ena Sharplesreply 3909/18/2018

I see them both being vers, so yes to the idea of a dual presentation.

by Ena Sharplesreply 4009/18/2018

Oh God, this Leanne/Imran/Toyah story was unbearable.

by Ena Sharplesreply 4109/18/2018

How fucking stupid is Sally Metcafe? What a dumb cunt. Enjoy the nick, Sally!

by Ena Sharplesreply 4209/19/2018

I love Sally...poor Sally, but she doesn't end up in prison here in Canada for at least another week or so

by Ena Sharplesreply 4309/19/2018

Damn, Sally was stupid.

by Ena Sharplesreply 4409/20/2018

You know what they say, Sally - anyone who acts as their own lawyer has a fool for a client.

by Ena Sharplesreply 4509/20/2018

Poor Sally's been beaten up by an awful, uncouth jailbird in the slink. For her phone credit.

by Ena Sharplesreply 4609/21/2018

I hate Claudia’s three tone hair.

by Ena Sharplesreply 4709/21/2018

Did anyone notice the back room in the Rover's has been redone? Our Jenny has made it less downmarket, I'm sure Annie Walker is looking down with approval.

by Ena Sharplesreply 4809/21/2018

That Australian girl has GOT TO GO. Preferably the same way Ken’s first wife Valerie did. Death by hairdryer.

by Ena Sharplesreply 4909/22/2018

I have a hard time believing a 20-something girl (even if she is unattractive) would be crazy for Big Jim's cock enough to do this.

by Ena Sharplesreply 5009/23/2018

Some people will do anything--or anyone--to get out of Australia R50.

by Ena Sharplesreply 5109/23/2018

R50 What is bad is that she is so UNATTRACTIVE that she makes 61 year old Liz, who has smoked like a chimney for years, look young and attractive.

by Ena Sharplesreply 5209/23/2018

R52, it’s been made clear, though, that she’s one of those crazies who correspond with convicts and so probably can’t get much action because she isn’t attractive. Mary certainly falls into that category.

by Ena Sharplesreply 5309/23/2018

R53 Mary is much better looking than that Kangaroo's backside.

by Ena Sharplesreply 5409/23/2018

What will be the sleeping arrangements when Josh moves in with Billy?

by Ena Sharplesreply 5509/23/2018

R55 I hate Josh, I see no reason to keep a rapist around, going blind was not enough to redeem that piece of shit.

by Ena Sharplesreply 5609/23/2018

I like Ryan and Ali's friendship - quite looking forward to their new storyline (I won't post spoilers).

by Ena Sharplesreply 5709/26/2018

Ryan will be the top. And Ali will be the bossy bottom.

by Ena Sharplesreply 5809/26/2018

Ryan & Ali's Bareback Flip-Flop.

by Ena Sharplesreply 5909/26/2018

Uh oh. Someone died tonight.

by Ena Sharplesreply 6009/28/2018

I was just thinking that Ali looks quite a bit older than Ryan, even though they're supposed to be the same age, but when I Googled them it turns out Ryan is actually two years older than Ali in real life!

They need to axe Steve. Why the hell would he go through with his wedding to Tracy? He's already been divorced six times - he's approaching Elizabeth Taylor territory. The writers have just run out of things to do with him and turned him into a buffoon.

by Ena Sharplesreply 6109/29/2018

I don't see the problem with multiple marriages.

by Ena Sharplesreply 6209/29/2018

Oh dear! My finger slipped! That's DEXTER. I do hope my dead Dex Dex Dex forgives me.

by Ena Sharplesreply 6309/29/2018

Marriages are for love. That's why I've had so many.

Erica Kane Martin Brent Cudahy Chandler Roy Roy Montgomery Montgomery Chandler Marick Marick Montgomery

by Ena Sharplesreply 6409/29/2018

Tyrone's looking good these days

by Ena Sharplesreply 6509/29/2018

He's looking like shit. The hairy legs and hairless chest and shoulders. What a tragedy!

by Ena Sharplesreply 6609/29/2018

I have watched Corrie from episode 1 (Dec9th 1960). Have been to the set, LOVED the show and most characters. Now, I don’tmind If I miss the occasional episode. In fact, I often miss a few. Apart from me being 65, something else has seriously changed. The world? Corries writers?

by Ena Sharplesreply 6709/29/2018

Too many characters, too many stories r67

by Ena Sharplesreply 6809/29/2018

Very true R67 it becomes unbelievable and the story lines have times are dull. Plus too many characters I don't like

by Ena Sharplesreply 6909/29/2018

Who died? I’m behind by a week.

I don’t think that old bat is really Tyrone’s nan. I think she’s a lonely woman pretending to be.

by Ena Sharplesreply 7010/01/2018

Very bad way to end Josh’s story. But maybe he’ll be back at the end of the year.

by Ena Sharplesreply 7110/03/2018

R71 As an ending, it came off feeling more like a whimper than a bang.

I guess my main issue with being too critical about it, is that I don't really have an idea of how it should have ended (if indeed it is over for good). .. Haven't given it much thought. .. Do we think the new EP (MacLeod) is going to extend it at some point? .. Perhaps Billy could encounter Josh at the homeless camp in three or four months???

by Ena Sharplesreply 7210/03/2018

I think that’s what will happen, R72. It will be just before Christmas.

by Ena Sharplesreply 7310/03/2018

Josh! Come live in America!

by Ena Sharplesreply 7410/04/2018

At least we were spared Josh pretending he was blind when he no longer was.

All this “big cat” crap is actually building to something, right?

Damn, Ryan’s arms are hot.

by Ena Sharplesreply 7510/04/2018

The Hannah storyline is probably the worst I've ever seen on Corrie. You get the impression that even the actors who play Liz and Jim are embarrassed by it.

Daniel doesn't seem like the type of bloke who'd want to be tied down with a wife and kid at such a young age. He and Sinead haven't even been together for that long. It's a shame, because he has the potential to be such an interesting character.

by Ena Sharplesreply 7610/05/2018

R76 I doubt they will remain married for long, this time. To me they seem to be setting them up as the new Ken and Deidre. If so, they will get together and break up numerous times.

by Ena Sharplesreply 7710/05/2018

I hope Beverly Callard makes the most of her chances next week. She has been given the meatiest storyline that, shamefully, she has been given in years. She's very talented. So is the actor playing Jim. Both old-school professionals.

by Ena Sharplesreply 7810/05/2018

I hate the girl who plays Hannah with a passion. I know she’s a newbie but every facial expression she makes is terrible. I can’t stand the way she does simple things like drinking tea.

by Ena Sharplesreply 7910/05/2018

R79 Me as well, I don't think I have ever hated a character/or an actress on a soap more than her. I disliked Phelan but I wish he was still around to take care of her.

by Ena Sharplesreply 8010/06/2018

R75 Since they invited Jack to go cat hunting with them, I was thinking that maybe they'll actually capture this mythic feline, with him getting the credit. .. And with that bit of fame, the other kids at school could begin seeing Jack in a different light. .. Something like that???

by Ena Sharplesreply 8110/06/2018

Awww, R81, that would be great. Jack is such a sweet kid.

by Ena Sharplesreply 8210/06/2018

Catching up on Monday's episodes. Why did Daniel decide to hold his wedding on the same day as his stepsister Tracy's? It's just weird.

by Ena Sharplesreply 8310/09/2018

Well, he’s weird. But oddly lovable.

by Ena Sharplesreply 8410/09/2018

It was stupid to ask Jim to give Tracy away, when Adam was actually the only Barlow that bothered to show up.

by Ena Sharplesreply 8510/09/2018

Sinead's wedding dress looked a bit like Jackie Onassis's:

by Ena Sharplesreply 8610/11/2018

This was the BEST Corrie wedding. In't that right Drearie?

by Ena Sharplesreply 8710/11/2018

The actor who plays Daniel really needs to do something about those nose hairs. During the wedding ceremony it was really distracting.

by Ena Sharplesreply 8810/11/2018

Charlie Stemp is no Gareth Gates!

by Ena Sharplesreply 8910/11/2018

Oops, wrong thread, sorry.

by Ena Sharplesreply 9010/11/2018

Ali's cute but his tattoos are not.

by Ena Sharplesreply 9110/12/2018

He looks like chav shit there.

by Ena Sharplesreply 9210/12/2018

Ali does look good these days on the show. The actor who played Ryan last time was gorgeous though (pic below)

I thought Beverly Callard did really well with what she was given but let down by her conversation with Eileen (whom I wish would fall under a tram). Mooning over Johnny when she'd just "lost her daughter all over again". Come on!

Kym Marsh overacting again. The Robert character is beyond dull. As is Nick, why bring him back? Yawn.

Loved Kate Ford, she's very good at drama but deadly funny as well. That crack about her kidney being homesick for Morocco was delivered beautifully! Her friendship with Mary makes both characters more likable.

Agreed it was dumb to have your impromptu wedding in the same day as your sister. Some bad writing stopped this being a classic week but all in all it was pretty good.

Oh and speaking of dull, why couldn't it have been Toyah who got ran over? She adds nothing to any of her scenes and is as interesting as Ken Barlow's twitter feed.

Finally, so glad Hannah is gone, wish we'd got to see Liz slap her down though. Horrid person and actress. Bye!

by Ena Sharplesreply 9310/12/2018

OH MY GOD! Who survived tonight?!?

by Ena Sharplesreply 9410/12/2018

Oh Lord R91, you've ruined my fantasies.

by Ena Sharplesreply 9510/12/2018

Jesus, his tats are the WORST. Cute face, though.

by Ena Sharplesreply 9610/12/2018

[quote] Kym Marsh overacting again.

I was hoping she'd be the one run over.

by Ena Sharplesreply 9710/12/2018

R96 And that's only the half of it. They go around his torso and the backs of both legs.

Nice round butt, though.

by Ena Sharplesreply 9810/12/2018

Trailer trash.

by Ena Sharplesreply 9910/12/2018

***Spoiler for anyone who wants to know! ***


The gangster knocks down and badly injures Ryan then Leanne when she stops to help. Both survive.

The gangster crashes and is impaled on a fence. Alive. Dr Ali tries to help. Stupid gangster continues to say he won't stop seeking revenge. Ali tricks him into pulling the spike out, thus killing evil gangster.

Tracy goes on honeymoon as she feels she deserves a holiday and always wanted to visit Morocco. This sets up the funniest line of the week "it must be the kidney getting homesick!" lol. (Ask if you don't get it).

Adam is caught naked, passed out in the office by Imran (NSFW) and Imran, to salve Adam's embarrassment, strips nude too. Lovely assets. Imran is cut and girthy.

SPOILER!! Last bit didn't happen :(((********

by Ena Sharplesreply 10010/12/2018

R100 -- LOL. I wish they'd do that last bit! And then Ali walks in on them. Then there's a knock on the door. It's Josh...

by Ena Sharplesreply 10110/13/2018

There's a second knock on the door and Roy walks in wearing full leathers and carrying his satchel.

by Ena Sharplesreply 10210/13/2018

Oh, R102, talk about a pecker downer!

by Ena Sharplesreply 10310/13/2018

Tracy's impression of Sinead was the highlight of the episodes. Also loved the Morocco line. Who would have thought Tracy would turn into such an entertaining character? She used to be a panto villain. Now she's still essentially a sociopath but strangely watchable.

by Ena Sharplesreply 10410/13/2018

Here's the clip, r104

by Ena Sharplesreply 10510/14/2018

Michelle's having a right pig of a year - how many times has she been shot and/or mown down so far? Even worse than the year Hear'Say released their second album I should imagine.

by Ena Sharplesreply 10610/14/2018

I want Ciaran back.

by Ena Sharplesreply 10710/14/2018

The writers are frigging obsessed with Michelle, R106. They seem to consider her the show's current tragic heroine.

by Ena Sharplesreply 10810/14/2018

And if they new how much viewers hated her would they care?

by Ena Sharplesreply 10910/14/2018

I like the actress who plays Michelle-she reminds me of Mariska Hargitay-but I hate it when Michelle is hysterical (like on Friday’s episodes) or bullying/belligerent (like she was with Jenny earlier in the year).

by Ena Sharplesreply 11010/14/2018

R109 exactly. People loved Carla as the tragic heroine because she's much more compelling and a better actress plays her. Michelle is tolerable in her place but not as the centre of big storylines. The one exception to that was her baby dying in which Kym Marsh was superb.

Couldn't agree more about how entertaining Tracy has become, she's very watchable.

Who's on our current kill list?

by Ena Sharplesreply 11110/16/2018

I'd like to see Mary kill someone. She looks the type who would murder to protect a loved one.

by Ena Sharplesreply 11210/16/2018

Mary should kill Jude for all the lies and getting getting fat.

by Ena Sharplesreply 11310/16/2018

I think Mary killed Norris and buried him in the Red Rec.

by Ena Sharplesreply 11410/17/2018

Does this show even have a gay storyline anymore?

by Ena Sharplesreply 11510/17/2018

R115 No, and the gay men might as well be celibate nuns.

by Ena Sharplesreply 11610/17/2018

This show desperately needs Todd back. I think a year away has been enough for the actor who plays him.

by Ena Sharplesreply 11710/17/2018

If Todd comes back I reckon it will be a recast.

by Ena Sharplesreply 11810/17/2018

Nooooooo, R118!

by Ena Sharplesreply 11910/17/2018

God why does Jack talk like a robot?

I loved that Ken and Sinead are growing closer

by Ena Sharplesreply 12010/19/2018

It will be all the more moving when Sinead dies in childbirth. Better Ken having a Sally Field moment at the burial than Beth.

by Ena Sharplesreply 12110/19/2018

Mary to Lyin' Jude: "Running around in a Paramedic's onesie with a blue light on your head!" She's a legend.

by Ena Sharplesreply 12210/22/2018

Mmm I'd love go suck Jude's big hairy cock.

by Ena Sharplesreply 12310/22/2018

Sticking through his Paramedic onesie?

by Ena Sharplesreply 12410/22/2018

If he wanted it, then yes! I bet he has a big round bum too!

by Ena Sharplesreply 12510/22/2018

Too bad Jude's such a pathetic character. And the story is repetitious.

If he can't have an honest career as a "marine biologist" or "paramedic," perhaps he should join RentMen and try escorting.

by Ena Sharplesreply 12610/22/2018

I'll let him practice on me!

by Ena Sharplesreply 12710/22/2018

God I love Tracy!

by Ena Sharplesreply 12810/24/2018

Looks like there was some real-life drama involving Jack P Shepherd (David) & Julia Goulding (Shona) at the Inside Soap Awards.

by Ena Sharplesreply 12910/25/2018

^^^More drama than a week of Corries!

by Ena Sharplesreply 13010/25/2018

For real, R130. This week has been awfully slow.

by Ena Sharplesreply 13110/25/2018

I feel like I've missed something. Why do Nick and Shona hate each other so much?

by Ena Sharplesreply 13210/26/2018

R132 David contacted Nick after the rape and Nick never responded. David told Shona nd now she's pissed at Nick. Beautiful, beautiful Nick.

by Ena Sharplesreply 13310/27/2018

Oh okay, thank you, R133.

by Ena Sharplesreply 13410/27/2018

This storyline with Jack/Brian at the Community Center is really tedious.

I like Claudia with Ken. Rula Lenka is very good.

by Ena Sharplesreply 13510/27/2018

This is cute

by Ena Sharplesreply 13611/03/2018

I love me some Tracy Barlow.

by Ena Sharplesreply 13711/04/2018

I'm finding the scenes with "prison mayor" Sally entertaining.

by Ena Sharplesreply 13811/07/2018

Sally is better away from the awful family of hers

by Ena Sharplesreply 13911/07/2018

Why are we meant to root for Kate and Rana? Rana could do much better. Kate basically mapped out their future without any input from her in last night's episode.

by Ena Sharplesreply 14011/08/2018

Rana is gorgeous.

by Ena Sharplesreply 14111/08/2018

Shouldn't Rana be thinking about divorcing Zeedan first? I don't remember any action on that front before he took off. Do they even know where he is?

by Ena Sharplesreply 14211/08/2018

[quote]Do they even know where he is?

In my dreams!

by Ena Sharplesreply 14311/08/2018

When is poor Emma going to find a guy who isn't an shithead?

by Ena Sharplesreply 14411/08/2018

R142, yeah, they know where he is. Rana mentioned having to get divorced from Zeedan first in one of last night’s episodes.

by Ena Sharplesreply 14511/08/2018

I hate watching Michelle cry. It's all moaning and gasping but no real tears. Watching her with Ali, his emotion looked real and genuine. She looked like she was waiting for a bus. The actress must be a sociopath.

by Ena Sharplesreply 14611/09/2018

Nick is such a slimy, manipulative shit. I hope they kill him off in an industrial accident at Underworld.

by Ena Sharplesreply 14711/09/2018

R146, she’s not even an “actress.” She’s a former pop group member.

by Ena Sharplesreply 14811/09/2018

R146 Michelle is decent if she gets a brilliant storyline (losing her baby) or if she doesn't have to do more than be a support to Carla or in the background. She is used far too much. Dull character.

R147 I completely agree, awful character. The actor looks so haggard and has such a whiny face. Sarah is the only decent kid Gail had.

by Ena Sharplesreply 14911/10/2018

r149 -- David has gotten better. Remember when he threw Gail down the stairs and blackmailed Tracy for sex? But yeah -- Gail's brood is pretty much trash. And don't get me started on the Barlows, that numpty family.

by Ena Sharplesreply 15011/10/2018

R148 I didn't know that. Mark me down as another who hates Michelle.

by Ena Sharplesreply 15111/10/2018

R151, that bitch was going out with an actor named Jack Ryder and convinced him to leave EastEnders because it was bad for his “actor profile.” He left the soap and couldnn’t get arrested-pissing on the show in a national newspaper didn’t help. Anyway, the bitch ended up going on Coronation Street a few years later. Talk about hypocritical.

by Ena Sharplesreply 15211/10/2018

So R152 much like her character ruing men's lives on the show, she ruins men's lives in real life too. God I hate her.

by Ena Sharplesreply 15311/10/2018

R153 plus her trashy boob job.

The Barlows are awful but fantastic to watch. Blanche, Deirdre and now Tracy can be hilarious. And I could eat Adam's ass all day long.

by Ena Sharplesreply 15411/10/2018

We need Eileen's Hot Sons back, and her feuding with Gail! Happy Days...

by Ena Sharplesreply 15511/10/2018

Eileen is awful. Fat, rude, snark and sarcastic. I wish she'd fall under a bus.

Her 2 sons were hot but also very dull characters. I wish they'd give Gail more to do than just a supporting role in her family's drama.

by Ena Sharplesreply 15611/10/2018

I love Eileen. She's Comedy Gold. Eileen vs Steve and Eileen vs Gail are some of Corrie's greatest moments in the '00s

by Ena Sharplesreply 15711/10/2018

Ryan Thomas a/k/a Jason Grimshaw nude. Yum!

by Ena Sharplesreply 15811/10/2018

R156, Todd was “a very dull character”? Did we watch the same show? He was a GREAT character. I hope he’s back next year.

by Ena Sharplesreply 15911/10/2018

Viewers apparently went nuts tonight when a tinkly piano version of the theme aired tonight on this and Emmerdale. I gather it has something to do with some department store commercial.

by Ena Sharplesreply 16011/14/2018

I actually quite liked the piano theme. The 60s theme tune sounds so dated, but they're stuck with it now. There'd be an outcry if they tried to change it permanently.

I like Abi, she's one of those characters who seemed deeply unpleasant when she joined but has grown on me now.

by Ena Sharplesreply 16111/14/2018

I haven't heard that new theme, but I'm watching on Britbox in Vermont.

by Ena Sharplesreply 16211/14/2018

Aud and Claud are very funny at the moment

by Ena Sharplesreply 16311/14/2018

They're a great team! I think the piano theme was just for tonight.

by Ena Sharplesreply 16411/14/2018

I hope "E" murders Nick.

by Ena Sharplesreply 16511/17/2018

R162, for some reason Britbox didn’t include the piano versions on both Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

by Ena Sharplesreply 16611/17/2018

R166 It was only changed for one night here in the UK to mark the new John Lewis Christmas ad (they seek to outdo themselves for creativity each year). This year it features Elton John and the gift of music (him playing the piano).

by Ena Sharplesreply 16711/17/2018

R167, I know that. Britbox didn’t include that like they don’t include bits thrown in EE for topical reasons.

by Ena Sharplesreply 16811/17/2018

Chesney and Emma? I don’t think so.

by Ena Sharplesreply 16911/19/2018

I like Emma, she's funny. She's too good for boring Chesney.

by Ena Sharplesreply 17011/19/2018

She’s also way too pretty for Chesney. Chesney can only be with a fuggo.

by Ena Sharplesreply 17111/19/2018

Agreed about Emma. She's cute and funny and deserves a guy who won't jerk her around.

by Ena Sharplesreply 17211/19/2018

I've come to the realization there there are no good families on Coronation Street.

by Ena Sharplesreply 17311/19/2018

R173, most families around the world are much the same, the only thing that differs is the lengths they will (or won't) go to to hide behind a veneer of propriety.

by Ena Sharplesreply 17411/19/2018

I wish Ali had had sex with those burly bikers.

by Ena Sharplesreply 17511/20/2018

What do we think Ryan is going to do with the info that Ali killed Ronan?

by Ena Sharplesreply 17611/20/2018

It was pretty funny when Ryan came out of Ali's bedroom ready to put on one of his brother's shirts. I wonder if he stole a pair of Ali' tighty whities to wear as well. These two just need to fuck and get it over with.

by Ena Sharplesreply 17711/20/2018

Michele's head would explode, r177. GO FOR IT BOYS!

by Ena Sharplesreply 17811/20/2018

When Ryan brought the battered Ali home, I was hoping he'd help his brother undress and get him into the bathtub to clean his wounds.

One thing would lead to another ....

by Ena Sharplesreply 17911/20/2018


by Ena Sharplesreply 18011/21/2018

The guy who plays Ali is a terrible actor.

by Ena Sharplesreply 18111/21/2018

Tonight’s episodes were deadly. I like Sally a lot but her storyline is a total snooze. And why should we give a fuck about Brian?

by Ena Sharplesreply 18211/21/2018

Once again, Sally fucks up. Do you suppose Sophie's phone call to Sally was monitored?

by Ena Sharplesreply 18311/21/2018

How's Kate going to get preggers bumping pussies with Rana?

by Ena Sharplesreply 18411/22/2018

A turkey baster, Imran, and some porn, r184

by Ena Sharplesreply 18511/22/2018

[R26], what UK VPN do you use? Does it work for BBC IPlayer?

by Ena Sharplesreply 18611/22/2018

I'd ride Imran's big cock.

by Ena Sharplesreply 18711/23/2018

I doubt Imran is endowed.

by Ena Sharplesreply 18811/23/2018

ImRAN (Charlie De Melo) is hairy. Look at that armpit, just waiting for a tongue. I'm sure he has as least an average endowment.

by Ena Sharplesreply 18911/23/2018

^^^Hairy beast!

by Ena Sharplesreply 19011/23/2018

De Melo ... of Portuguese ancestry, then?

He appears to hang right ... lol!

by Ena Sharplesreply 19111/23/2018

Uh-oh Sally.....Sorry, Sophie. Mom's gonna be sent down.

by Ena Sharplesreply 19211/23/2018

R191, de Melo’s family background is probably from Goa in India, which was a Portuguese state.

by Ena Sharplesreply 19311/23/2018

So....Sally is leaving the street?

by Ena Sharplesreply 19411/26/2018

^ Nah. I wish she'd been found not guilty, though, so the storyline could end. The writers have basically ruined Sally and Tim's marriage - he's been completely disloyal. They used to be one of the more entertaining couples on the show.

by Ena Sharplesreply 19511/26/2018

Could someone please tell Seb to shave his "beard"?

by Ena Sharplesreply 19611/27/2018

Just wait til Russia finds Sally's emails! #lockherup

by Ena Sharplesreply 19711/27/2018

Free The Weatherfield One!

by Ena Sharplesreply 19811/27/2018

Sally's no Deirdre Rachid!!!!

by Ena Sharplesreply 19911/27/2018

I think Sally will be released just before Christmas when new evidence wmerges or Duncan comes clean. By then Tim and Gina will already have fucked. Oops.

by Ena Sharplesreply 20011/27/2018

I'm just glad the Daily Star isn't afraid to focus on the real issues

by Ena Sharplesreply 20111/28/2018

I say leave the stuck-up cow in the slammer. She can decorate her cell with Italian Fresco wallpaper.

by Ena Sharplesreply 20211/28/2018

I loved Sal when she went all Mama Rose on Rosie’s ass.

by Ena Sharplesreply 20311/28/2018

Does Ryan realize all the trouble he caused because of his actions? He's ready to call the cops on Ali and yet ignores the fact that Ronan came after the family because of him. What an asshole.

by Ena Sharplesreply 20412/01/2018

Kate continually bursting into Rana's workplace was apparently meant to be funny, but it actually just made her look unhinged.

by Ena Sharplesreply 20512/01/2018

And Kirk had that stupid line about taking off his top.

I want Tyrone’s nan to murder Hope. Does that make me an awful person?

by Ena Sharplesreply 20612/01/2018

Where has Faye been? Doesn't she live with Tim, Sally, and Sophie? The producers are getting sloppier.

by Ena Sharplesreply 20712/02/2018

R206 Kate generally acts like she's hyped up on speed and a triple dose of caffeine. I find this "actress" and her delivery and mannerisms quite irritating.

by Ena Sharplesreply 20812/02/2018

^^^ Reply typo. Was supposed to be R205.

by Ena Sharplesreply 20912/02/2018

Faye’s been on twice in the past three weeks, living with Tim and Gina.

by Ena Sharplesreply 21012/02/2018

Can't stand Corrie atm. So many uninteresting storylines and too much screen time to horrible characters. Now Amy will be pregnant at 14. Why rehash so many old storyline?

by Ena Sharplesreply 21112/03/2018

So, is Robert going to father Kate's baby and just keep it a secret from Michelle? That's where I see things going.

by Ena Sharplesreply 21212/03/2018

You may be right, R212. It makes no sense that he would keep it a secret from her - but then, it makes no sense that Sinead would keep her cancer a secret from Daniel.

by Ena Sharplesreply 21312/03/2018

Maybe Steve should be the father, he gets every woman on that street up the duff.

by Ena Sharplesreply 21412/03/2018

Or maybe Jack the Sperminator could do a cross over from EastEnders!

by Ena Sharplesreply 21512/03/2018

So Evelyn's staying, but on the upside, no more Fiz for months!

As an aside, why does she still go by "Fiz"? Wouldn't a thirty-something woman rather be known as Fiona?

by Ena Sharplesreply 21612/05/2018

I hate Nick with a white-hot passion. I wish the tram would fall on him.

by Ena Sharplesreply 21712/05/2018

The gal who plays Fizz was jaw-droppingly bad in tomight’s episodes. Thank God she’s off on maternity leave for at least a few months.

by Ena Sharplesreply 21812/05/2018

She's always in and out like Bianca on Eastenders, must be a nightmare for the writers to keep coming up with ways to get them out. They should be booted off for bad acting.

by Ena Sharplesreply 21912/06/2018

Two Fizz-less Christmases in a row is a very good thing after that “Make the Street a Christmas Fairlyand for Poorly Hope” catastrophe in 2016.

They’ve GOT to replace the kid who plays Amy if they really are going to make Amy preggers. The kid can’t act.

by Ena Sharplesreply 22012/06/2018

Are Ken and Sinead really going to have an affair?!

by Ena Sharplesreply 22112/06/2018

I hope not, R221. That would make the HannahKatie storyline look plausible.

I think the girl who plays Amy was decent enough when playing a precocious kid, but I agree that I can't see her handling a serious storyline.

by Ena Sharplesreply 22212/06/2018

Oh God...the Hannah/Katie storyline. What the FUCK were they thinking?

by Ena Sharplesreply 22312/06/2018

They weren't thinking R223.

by Ena Sharplesreply 22412/07/2018

They were thinking, "It's five to five on Friday afternoon, let's pull a storyline out of thin air so we can all go home"

by Ena Sharplesreply 22512/07/2018

If the writing had been better and they hadn't cast a horrid actress as "Katie" it could have been much stronger. Also, another issue is these baby swap stories have been done to death and you seldom hear of them in real life.

by Ena Sharplesreply 22612/07/2018

I think that addled storyline is partly due to wanting to bring Jim MacDonald back, but the actor couldn't commit to more than a few weeks.

by Ena Sharplesreply 22712/07/2018

Thank God the actor had to leave at a certain time or we would have had to suffer through the storyline until Christmas at the earliest. I suspect Hannah would have been found murdered and we were to suspect Johnny, Jim, Jenny or Liz of it.

by Ena Sharplesreply 22812/07/2018

Or Tracy. Or Steve. Or Big Eileen who'd rumbled her. Or the Vicar who staged an intervention.

by Ena Sharplesreply 22912/07/2018

Yes, R229. I think she would have been found stabbed on the Red Rec. Or in that new courtyard set.

by Ena Sharplesreply 23012/07/2018

If anyone killed her, it would have been David.

by Ena Sharplesreply 23112/07/2018

Thank God Craig has been firmly placed on the backburner.

by Ena Sharplesreply 23212/07/2018

Here, I was thinking they were building up to having the BIG CAT of Weatherfield eat Hannah, so that we'd have something of an umbrella story.

That one just disappeared too.

by Ena Sharplesreply 23312/07/2018

I've thought Craig was overrated for a while, R232. During the storyline where Kayla was messing with him regarding his OCD, people were tweeting about how great the actor was, but I just didn't see it. He's not awful, but he's not brilliant either. Sometimes, during dramatic scenes, he just widens his eyes and reads his lines like he's in a school play.

by Ena Sharplesreply 23412/07/2018

Oh God, I thought he was genuinely awful. He did go to the Lee Strasberg Institute in NY for some acting lessons in the spring of 2017, though, bless him.

by Ena Sharplesreply 23512/07/2018

Lol why did he bother? He already had a job. He's hardly going to become a star. Should just do his best to keep his job.

by Ena Sharplesreply 23612/08/2018

At least the lad knew he needed to improve his acting. That OCD storyline was unplayable, though. I felt sorry for him.

Why the fuck isn’t Eileen using the 5k to spend Christmas with Jason over the holidays? Or give some to Todd, who might still be struggling?

by Ena Sharplesreply 23712/08/2018

The actor playing Daniel has GOT to invest in a nose hair trimmer in 2019.

by Ena Sharplesreply 23812/12/2018

Poor Sally. Gina stitched her up but good.

by Ena Sharplesreply 23912/12/2018

God, this mugging storyline was bad.

by Ena Sharplesreply 24012/12/2018

Who was mugged?

by Ena Sharplesreply 24112/12/2018

Kirk “mugged” Chesney to get Dev’s takings of the shop and chippy. It was a scheme to get money for :Sinead’s treatment. So stupid.

by Ena Sharplesreply 24212/12/2018

Erm England has the NHS. Why would she pay?

by Ena Sharplesreply 24312/12/2018

^ Beth wants her to go abroad to have experimental treatment that apparently won't harm the baby.

by Ena Sharplesreply 24412/12/2018

Yeah, the treatment would be in Germany.

by Ena Sharplesreply 24512/12/2018

[quote] God, this mugging storyline was bad.

And the equally bad Brian and Phil "story" just keeps on going.

by Ena Sharplesreply 24612/13/2018

That one’s awful. And so was the Homeless Sean storyline. Worst year for this show EVAH.

by Ena Sharplesreply 24712/13/2018

[quote] And so was the Homeless Sean storyline.

Which didn't even lead to or open up any other story. I thought for sure they'd use it as an opportunity to introduce someone new. Totally pointless.

by Ena Sharplesreply 24812/14/2018

David's rape and Aidan's suicide were both very strong storylines, but the rest of this year has been dreck.

by Ena Sharplesreply 24912/14/2018

It was all about Sean and Ms. Cotton won't share the spotlight with anyone!

by Ena Sharplesreply 25012/14/2018

R249, but don’t you agree that the David’s Rape storyline ended unsatisfactorily? It did for me. Josh just stsggered off screen! I don’t think being blinded was much of a comeuppance.

by Ena Sharplesreply 25112/14/2018

[quote] I don’t think being blinded was much of a comeuppance.

Now he won't know if the guy he's raping is cute or fug.

by Ena Sharplesreply 25212/14/2018

Yeah, the ending was a damp squib, R251. But for the most part the storyline was well done. It felt different from anything Corrie has done before. I liked the fact that they didn't shy away from showing David's discomfort around gay men after the rape - cringing when listening to Sean talking about a one-night stand, making homophobic comments to Billy during his community service. They also showed him telling Max off for wearing make-up because it made him look girly. It was uncomfortable to watch but felt realistic as well. I also liked the way David and Billy's friendship developed after he talked to him about what had happened.

by Ena Sharplesreply 25312/14/2018

I liked that, too, R249, but Josh was written off so badly. I don’t think he was totally blind. He probably will regain his eyesight and rape again. He never came close to admitting what he’d done. It really should have ended with him being tossed into jail at the mercy of thug cons and guards.

by Ena Sharplesreply 25412/14/2018

Why did Archie Shuttlecock leave Audrey 80k when he hadn't seen her in years and never got the joy of fucking her?

by Ena Sharplesreply 25512/15/2018

Sometimes people do stuff like that, r255. I delivered papers for a few years while I was in grammar school (1969-1970). One of my customers -- who I'd never spoken to -- left me $500 in her will.

by Ena Sharplesreply 25612/15/2018

R254, I agree that Josh got off lightly, but maybe the writers felt it would be unrealistic. to have Josh go to prison. They already showed Nathan and his friends go down for abusing Bethany just last year. I don't think David would have much chance of a conviction, because by the time he told anyone there would be no trace of the drug left in his veins. Josh admitted they had sex but claimed it was consensual, and it would be his word against David's.

by Ena Sharplesreply 25712/15/2018

I really hate Evelyn. When Dev told her off in the pub, I loved that. Old bitch needs a clip 'round the ear 'ole.

by Ena Sharplesreply 25812/15/2018

Maureen Lipman (Evelyn) is a really good actress, though. I remember when she played Rita’s suicidal flatmate in the film of Educating Rira.

by Ena Sharplesreply 25912/15/2018

Rev Billy is getting a new love interest. Apparently it's going to be Gemma's brother. Who she's never mentioned before.

Sean/Antony Cotton is just pointless at this stage. The homeless story was idiotic. Cotton just smirks and gurns his way through his scenes. I guess it's supposed to be lovable or charming. Cotton is such a limited actor.

by Ena Sharplesreply 26012/15/2018

Gemma’s brother was seen in prison earlier in the year.

I do think Todd is coming back next year.

by Ena Sharplesreply 26112/15/2018

Agreed R259. I think that's why I hate Evelyn so much because Lipton plays her so damn well. Plus, Educating Rita is my favorite movie so I was very happy to see her on TV.

by Ena Sharplesreply 26212/16/2018

^^^Lipman I mean.

by Ena Sharplesreply 26312/16/2018

I think Evelyn is hilarious. And most of her 'mean' observations are true.

by Ena Sharplesreply 26412/16/2018

I recognize Peter Ash, the actor coming in to play Gemma's brother, from a slightly longer story arc he was part of on "Hollyoaks" earlier this year. .. He played this despicable, predatory older guy who was trying to lure the under-aged runaway, Harley, to return to his home (and the drugs and the sex) rather than live on the streets. .. It was part of that soap's far better story on homelessness.

by Ena Sharplesreply 26512/16/2018

So when should we expect to see the new producer's/showrunner's effect on the street?

by Ena Sharplesreply 26612/16/2018

R266 I think it's already started. MacLeod's name was on the 12th December episode. .. This thing where Kate is obsessed with having a baby smells like him. .. And the Brian/Phil material might be another one. .. That was one of my big issues with his work on Emmerdale: far too much unfunny material for the 'comic relief' type characters that didn't really have any point except to fill up time.

by Ena Sharplesreply 26712/16/2018

God, tonight's episodes were awful. The only good moment was when Cathy said, "Good luck suing an eight-year-old lad with one foot!"

by Ena Sharplesreply 26812/19/2018

These comments from Iain MacLeod about Amy's underage pregnancy explains a lot about why the show has gone so far downhill in the last few months:

[quote] "It’s really good – it gives a leading role to Elle Mulvaney, who deserves the chance to step up and do something a bit more grown up. I’m very much looking forward to that.

[quote] "It’s also really funny. Steve and Tracy dealing with a teenage pregnancy is not like a normal couple dealing with a teen pregnancy! There are scenes reminiscent of Peter Griffin in Family Guy – Steve goes fully postal at certain times.

[quote] "It's very funny, classic Steve with that Corrie heart. It's heartbreaking but ridiculous at the same time."

MacLeod seems to think he's good at "heartbreaking but ridiculous" storylines, but from what I've seen so far he's only good at the "ridiculous" part. I'm guessing he thought Kate's baby-mania would be both funny and touching at the same time, but it just made her look insane and made me wonder why Rana was letting her walk all over her. And Brian's storyline was more panto than the school panto itself. Turning the characters into caricatures (Peter Griffin? FFS) isn't funny, it just makes it hard to take the show seriously.

by Ena Sharplesreply 26912/20/2018

[quote] I'm guessing he thought Kate's baby-mania would be both funny and touching at the same time, but it just made her look insane

Especially when the actress utters every line like she's hyperventilating and is in the throes of a full-on panic attack.

by Ena Sharplesreply 27012/20/2018

Well, that's her, r270. She's not a very good actress.

by Ena Sharplesreply 27112/20/2018

Spoilers for 2019, sounds like some good ideas, especially Carla's breakdown. She's far and away the best actress the show has.

by Ena Sharplesreply 27212/20/2018

Thanks, R272. You're right, about a lot of it sounding good. Gives me hope to hang on.

Are they taking bets on who dies in the factory roof cave in?

by Ena Sharplesreply 27312/21/2018

There's lots of good ideas in there. I guess it's too early to bet on who it might be. I'd really like to see Izzy or Fiz go as I find them both dull and annoying.

I have no interest in either David or Nick but I do really like Gail so I'm glad she's getting more to do.

I didn't know the actor had a heart attack but it will be good to see Norris again. I could just see him on datalounge commenting on the "My neighbour in a gargoyle" thread..!

No idea who the new villan will be, maybe Gemma's brother?

by Ena Sharplesreply 27412/21/2018

They could have the roof cave-in kill Sean as well.

by Ena Sharplesreply 27512/21/2018

Gemma's brother looks hot.

by Ena Sharplesreply 27612/21/2018

Maybe Amy will die in childbirth.

by Ena Sharplesreply 27712/21/2018

R275 I forgot about him! Yes please, I detest him more than the others.

by Ena Sharplesreply 27812/21/2018

R271/R272, it’s the actress who plays Kate’s facial expressions which drive me nuts. I can’t believe one of the directors hasn’t told her that “less is more, especially on camera.”

by Ena Sharplesreply 27912/23/2018

So I imagine Liz survives but doesn't remember who ran her over. Does Jenny get stopped for drink driving? Is Sinead going to survive? Will someone shut Mary up?

by Ena Sharplesreply 28012/25/2018

The spoilers for tonight are Jenny arriving home hungover so I guess the police don't catch her. I doubt Liz saw anything as she was in the eye line of the car's headlights.

Looking forward to the death soon, Lewis?

The new producer said they haven't decided I'd Sinead will survive. Look at my like at R272 for the 2019 official spoilers..

by Ena Sharplesreply 28112/26/2018

r281, let's get Gail a chin first.

by Ena Sharplesreply 28212/26/2018

I think the producer is bluffing and Sinead will survive.

by Ena Sharplesreply 28312/26/2018

Coronation Street is a tad boring. I watch both it and EE but skip Corrie episodes. The insane dysfunctions of the EE families probably reminds me of my own working class background ( writ large.) I love Mo Slater and the general skirting of the law by others on the show. I had relatives like that. Corrie doesn't feel so working class. I've watch the old black and white ones on Youtube, from the 60s, and that's a world I vaguely remember having been born in the 50s.

by Ena Sharplesreply 28412/26/2018

Corrie is plenty working class.

I thought the officer quizzing The Conors tonight was very accusatory and rude.

by Ena Sharplesreply 28512/26/2018

The filth are always like, ain't they.

by Ena Sharplesreply 28612/26/2018

Dang that ending scene on Christmas Day of Liz sprawled out on the floor really made her look like an old slapper.

by Ena Sharplesreply 28712/27/2018

She IS an old slapper.

by Ena Sharplesreply 28812/27/2018


by Ena Sharplesreply 28912/27/2018

Damn, the guy who plays Tim is good. Never makes a false move and almost made the stuff where Tim didn’t believe Sally believable.

by Ena Sharplesreply 29012/28/2018

R287 I thought so too. It was the fishnets and animal print coat, add stilettos. Love her though.

by Ena Sharplesreply 29112/28/2018

Am I the only one who cannot stand that sour old bat Eileen?

by Ena Sharplesreply 29212/28/2018

R292 I can't, but I don't know if it is the character I dislike or the fact that she looks and acts just like my uncle's second wife, that no one in my family likes. Sadly, my uncle's wife didn't also have a Jason or Todd, which would have made me like her at least a bit.

by Ena Sharplesreply 29312/28/2018

Eileen looks better nowadays. It must be the hair. For most of the year her hairstyle made her look like a two bit Dutch hooker.

by Ena Sharplesreply 29412/28/2018

I think it's those facial expressions she always uses, makes her look like a halfwit. Plus the fact she's usually sarcastic or disparaging doesn't help.

She's got one of the ugliest houses and she looks like an inelegant brute.

by Ena Sharplesreply 29512/29/2018

I think Amy gets knocked up in Tenerife by a local and Kate will end up with her baby.

by Ena Sharplesreply 29612/29/2018

Amy gets impregnated by that tearaway who was bullying Simon. Can't remember his name.

by Ena Sharplesreply 29712/29/2018

Went to Maureen Lipman (Evelyn)’s one woman show in London yesterday. She was really great. David Nielson (Roy) was there seeing it with his wife. He actually looks sort of attractive in person!

by Ena Sharplesreply 29812/30/2018

Do you think Roy spies on Carla hen she's in the bath?

by Ena Sharplesreply 29912/31/2018

Roy ain’t no perv, R299! Behave.

by Ena Sharplesreply 30012/31/2018

Of course not R299, Roy only goes for trannies.

by Ena Sharplesreply 30101/01/2019

Who will be this villain who sabotages the factory roof then?

by Ena Sharplesreply 30201/01/2019

Poor Lewis!

by Ena Sharplesreply 30301/01/2019

I don't understand why they brought Lewis back just to kill him off.

by Ena Sharplesreply 30401/01/2019

He only ever did guest stints and its better than writing him out in another scam. Audrey's first husband died on NYE 20 years ago too.

by Ena Sharplesreply 30501/01/2019

I bet Lewis was great in the sack and also enjoyed the homosex.

by Ena Sharplesreply 30601/02/2019

When David said to Shona, "I was inside with him when we were on remand," I did a double take. I honestly thought for a second that he'd said, "I was inside OF him when we were on remand."

by Ena Sharplesreply 30701/02/2019

The actor who plays David has always had a heavy regional accent which is quite jarring when compared with the relatively clear speaking voices of his "family". A bit like when they cast 2 totally different looking people as siblings.

Last night's episode was poorly written, really dumbing down Maria "I don't know what an extradition treaty is" and Emma "What's a play on words?".

Too many annoying characters I couldn't care less about. Tonight Audrey finds out her money has been stolen...

by Ena Sharplesreply 30801/02/2019

Does anyone remember the time Rita talked in almost received pronunciation for a few months? It was hilarious as it happened randomly for no plot purpose. It was even mocked by the UK press.

by Ena Sharplesreply 30901/02/2019

How long ago did that happen, R309?

by Ena Sharplesreply 31001/02/2019

It was around 2000 I believe. The actress have up putting on Rita's accent for some reason.

by Ena Sharplesreply 31101/02/2019

And the clunky writing where the vicar causes a scene because some lad lifts a dropped £5 off a busy café floor. So contrived and lacklustre. Maybe he was trying to do fat Eileen a favour by not allowing her to buy all those cakes?

by Ena Sharplesreply 31201/02/2019

Nice to see Claudia with one tone hair color now. HATED her hair before, she looked like a Grizabella reject in Cats.

by Ena Sharplesreply 31301/02/2019

R313 That voice though, damn next to her Dierdre, RIP, sounded girlish. Most of the time it feels like Ken's dating a drag queen.

by Ena Sharplesreply 31401/02/2019

I think Claudia’s the one who stole all of Audrey’s moolah.

by Ena Sharplesreply 31501/02/2019

I think it was Nick and his hairy dick

by Ena Sharplesreply 31601/03/2019


by Ena Sharplesreply 31701/03/2019

I think the engagement ring was actually for Claudia. Lewis and Claudia were going to run off together with Audrey’s money.

by Ena Sharplesreply 31801/03/2019

Claudia is already rich, owns a franchise and would have no need to steal 80k?

by Ena Sharplesreply 31901/03/2019

R319 maybe she isn't doing as well as she claims, she came across as kind of desperate for Maria to come up with the money for a franchise.

by Ena Sharplesreply 32001/03/2019

Exactly, R320. I think it will be revealed that Claudia and Lewis were in on it together. A Ken/Audrey pairing might actually become a reality. They might turn to each other when they find out they were both had.

by Ena Sharplesreply 32101/04/2019

R321 I loved when they almost got together. Imagine a wedding and then family get-togethers between the Barlows and Platts.

by Ena Sharplesreply 32201/04/2019

Have they mentioned what Paul was in prison for? If they have, I must've missed it. One would think Carla would have asked Billy that question when he presented the employment scheme to her.

by Ena Sharplesreply 32301/04/2019

[quote]Have they mentioned what Paul was in prison for?


by Ena Sharplesreply 32401/04/2019

Poor Mary murdering Fernando brought a tear to my eye..

by Ena Sharplesreply 32501/05/2019

How did Mary get £800 so quickly? Did she turn a few tricks on Blackpool pier?!

by Ena Sharplesreply 32601/05/2019

R326 I'd imagine she has a pretty nice nest egg stashed away, she was a single woman living in a caravan for years, so I doubt she spent a lot.

by Ena Sharplesreply 32701/05/2019

Mary's been pimping out Norris.

by Ena Sharplesreply 32801/05/2019

Mary can be so fucking annoying, but she is such a sweetheart that I was happy when she was discovered to have had a son. But, why did they have to give a son who is a pathological lying loser. I can't remember, did she have a DNA test done? Because, I wouldn't trust that he isn't lying about being her son.

by Ena Sharplesreply 32901/05/2019

Mary could take Norris to the cleaners if they divorce

by Ena Sharplesreply 33001/05/2019

sorry meant "give her a son" not "give a son"

by Ena Sharplesreply 33101/05/2019

Where can I watch Billy's new gay storyline with Paul?

by Ena Sharplesreply 33201/05/2019

Billy is an annoying, boring prick. Who would want that as a vicar?

by Ena Sharplesreply 33301/05/2019

R333 knows nothing about C of E vicars.

by Ena Sharplesreply 33401/05/2019

R332 It looks like Langford is going to clip it. Here's Scene 1.

There are currently three others in the side column.

The only positive thing I can say about Billy is he's not Sean.

by Ena Sharplesreply 33501/05/2019

R329, the actress who plays Mary said recently that Jude is definitely Mary's son. She said the heart of the storyline is Mary coming to terms with the fact that the son she longed to be reunited with is actually a deeply flawed man.

by Ena Sharplesreply 33601/05/2019

Yes she said they aren't going that route with Jude not being her son.

Yea, Sean is worse than Billy. I just find Billy to be one of those people more in love with the idea of being a Vicar than actually doing any work. Hate when he talks about "my flock". You're one of the worst Vicars in the country!

I found it inconceivable that Audrey has no savings, she's owned her own business for 20 years, had Alf's life insurance and inheritance, Alma left her money too. Sloppy writing again just to make the situation more precarious. A 78 yo who needs to keep working?

by Ena Sharplesreply 33701/05/2019

R337 With Billy around it just highlights the absence of Emily Bishop, since she was the only one who actually went to church. I have a feeling if she was around, she'd be saying when do you actually do any of the things Vicars actually are supposed to do.

by Ena Sharplesreply 33801/05/2019

Is Sophie still a church goer?

by Ena Sharplesreply 33901/06/2019

That's a good point about Audrey, R337. How did she burn through all that money?

by Ena Sharplesreply 34001/06/2019

Lewis' cock ain't free, ya know.

by Ena Sharplesreply 34101/06/2019

R339 She says she's a Christian, but I don't think she ever mentions going to church.

by Ena Sharplesreply 34201/06/2019

That guy who plays Gemma’s twin has a really ugly nose.

by Ena Sharplesreply 34301/07/2019

The Billy/Paul pairing is feeling a bit forced to me so far.

The Corrie Twitter account posted a montage of 2018's storylines ahead of the National Television Awards. I didn't realise there were so many rabid Kate/Rana fans until I read the replies.

by Ena Sharplesreply 34401/08/2019

Damn, the actress who plays Rana is the best soap crier EVER. She still looks beautiful when she cries.

by Ena Sharplesreply 34501/09/2019

It’s Lewis’ funeral tonight. I hope his former “clients” show up to reveal what a big dick he had.

by Ena Sharplesreply 34601/09/2019

R345 I was saying that last week. She's the only one who actually cries when she's crying.

by Ena Sharplesreply 34701/09/2019

Didn't see anything in that montage showcasing Sean's "homelessness" storyline .. lol!

by Ena Sharplesreply 34801/09/2019

Dirty Dick Nick! How could he?!

by Ena Sharplesreply 34901/09/2019


by Ena Sharplesreply 35001/11/2019

Duncan being hit reminded me of Regina George.

by Ena Sharplesreply 35101/12/2019

Kate should be grateful he got a hot chick like Rana.

by Ena Sharplesreply 35201/12/2019

What is Sean still doing on the show? He's insufferable and universally hated by most Corrie fans.

by Ena Sharplesreply 35301/12/2019

Because he licks production’s ass on a regular basis, R353. It’s a joke that, he, the one who plays Izzy and the one who plays Fizz are still on the show. All three are unrelentingly awful every second they’re on screen.

by Ena Sharplesreply 35401/12/2019

I hope Sean is the one killed when the factory roof caves in.

by Ena Sharplesreply 35501/12/2019

I completely agree R354 and R355

I'd also say the actors who plays Chesney and Dev are both woeful and haven't improved.

Surely the producer must see this? I think it might be Izzy that dies, her wheels gets jammed as she's zipping towards the emergency exit, then splat!

by Ena Sharplesreply 35601/12/2019

Hahaha, R356, I like the way you think. But of course first we’ll have to endure her having a death scene where she moans to anyone within earshot “Take curr of mah Jake!”

by Ena Sharplesreply 35701/12/2019

Nah, just have her wiped out in one fell sweep. Will add to the dramatic value of the scene!

If Liz dressed like that in real life I think she'd get abuse in the streets, especially from teenagers in Manchester city centre.

by Ena Sharplesreply 35801/13/2019

I actually liked Izzy when she first joined the show, and was glad that they had introduced a character who uses a wheelchair (soaps don't have a great history of showing long-term disability). But over the years, she's become so annoying.

by Ena Sharplesreply 35901/13/2019

R359 she's now just a whining bore. The actress has no charisma which doesn't help.

by Ena Sharplesreply 36001/13/2019

I will never get over the scene where she got high from bad pills. Oh my God, that was embarrassing.

by Ena Sharplesreply 36101/14/2019

Got a link R361?

by Ena Sharplesreply 36201/14/2019

Here ya go, R361.

I love the title of the clip-Izzy Loves Her Cannabis.

by Ena Sharplesreply 36301/14/2019

Oops, it’s Izzy Really Loves Her Cannabis.

by Ena Sharplesreply 36401/14/2019

R363 thank you! That really was atrocious and tedious at the same time. Corrie can be unwatchable when it focuses on the worst characters.

by Ena Sharplesreply 36501/14/2019

So who stole Audrey's money?

by Ena Sharplesreply 36601/17/2019

Nick, R366. And David found out and is holding it over him. And for some reason they’ll be opening up a barber shop together.

by Ena Sharplesreply 36701/17/2019

Goddamn R367! Nick the prick, indeed.

by Ena Sharplesreply 36801/17/2019

I think Nick the prick was only brought back to be a villain for a good portion of this year. I think there will be a “Who Killed Nick?” storyline by the fall.

by Ena Sharplesreply 36901/17/2019

Now that Sally has been freed on appeal, do you think a prolonged PTSD storyline is in place? How will Gina redeem herself, if at all?

by Ena Sharplesreply 37001/17/2019

I like Gina. I hope she does redeem herself.

by Ena Sharplesreply 37101/17/2019

Sally has let Tim off very lightly so far. He showed no loyalty to her when she needed him most.

by Ena Sharplesreply 37201/17/2019

WHY are they giving a pregnancy story to Amy? The young actress just won’t be able to carry it off.

by Ena Sharplesreply 37301/19/2019

Maybe she's up the duff up in real life R373.

by Ena Sharplesreply 37401/19/2019

She’s 13, R374! So...uhhh....I seriously doubt that.

by Ena Sharplesreply 37501/19/2019


by Ena Sharplesreply 37601/19/2019

Corrie is beyond tedious atm, I'm re-watching Midsomer Murders from the beginning instead.

by Ena Sharplesreply 37701/20/2019

Paul looks like a mean rough fuck. Hope Billy's hole can handle that chav cock.

by Ena Sharplesreply 37801/22/2019

The actress who plays Sarah Lou is in her mid-thirties and looks twenty-one. How?

by Ena Sharplesreply 37901/22/2019

R379 Gail's good genes? She's always been girlish. Conversely, the actor who plays David just had a hair transplant in his 20s

by Ena Sharplesreply 38001/22/2019

The actress who plays Amy is way out of her depth in the pregnancy storyline.

The scene where Craig and Faye came over to talk to Amy was weird. I know that Craig was there when Faye went into labour, but he's what - twenty? It's a bit inappropriate for him to be talking to a fourteen-year-old about her pregnancy. It would have worked better if Faye had talked to her alone.

by Ena Sharplesreply 38101/23/2019

I agree, R381. Huge mistake of them not to recast her when she was in Tenerife with her parents. Sarah Lou’s pregnancy storyline commenced just weeks after Tina O’Brien replaced whoever had been in the role before.

by Ena Sharplesreply 38201/23/2019

I gather that Simon isn't The Impregnator, but since they made a point of reminding everyone that there's no actual bio-connection between "step-cousins" Amy and Simon, why have Steve make asinine comments about incest (two-headed babies, etc.)?

by Ena Sharplesreply 38301/24/2019

Steve is an ass.

I think it should be someone in Tenerife who knocked her up. Some lovely Spanish kid who can grow into a hunk. And his father is the US equivalent of Jordi Villasuso with a massive pinga destined to pound Carla’s vajayjay senseless.

by Ena Sharplesreply 38401/24/2019

The actress who plays Duncan's daughter, Olivia; wasn't she on the episode with the Rosie drug mule story line?

by Ena Sharplesreply 38501/25/2019

I think so, R385, so I was confused that Sophie approached her as if she’d never seen her before. I thought Sophie got dragged into the drug mule thing with her sister.

by Ena Sharplesreply 38601/25/2019

[quote]I thought Sophie got dragged into the drug mule thing with her sister.

I believe she did R386, so Olivia not recognizing her was odd.

by Ena Sharplesreply 38701/25/2019

I have to correct myself, it was Rosie and Gemma, Sophie wasn't there.

by Ena Sharplesreply 38801/25/2019

Yeah, but didn’t Rosie, Gemma and Olivia do that morning chat show together? Wouldn’t Sophie have recognized her from that?

by Ena Sharplesreply 38901/25/2019

^^^Good point.

by Ena Sharplesreply 39001/25/2019

Gary is so bland. If I were Sarah, I would definitely go for Adam.

by Ena Sharplesreply 39101/25/2019

And she will, R391.

by Ena Sharplesreply 39201/25/2019

There's no comparison between the 2! If I were her I'd have both Adam and Imran at once!

by Ena Sharplesreply 39301/25/2019

Adam was so fucking adorable at the Rovers last night.

Of course Sean and Izzy were both wince-inducing in their awfulness.

I think Seb should have been the baby daddy. Of course his HIV status would present complications but he would have been better for the storyline than that disgusting piece iof shit Tyler.

by Ena Sharplesreply 39401/26/2019

Great work by Maureen Lipman in last night’s episodes.

“I have NEVER run away from ANYTHING in my LIFE!”

Great twist that she’s Ty’s mum and not his nan. Didn’t see that coming.

by Ena Sharplesreply 39501/26/2019

Oops, I sure got it wrong about Evelyn, huh? I do think it would have been a good twist if she was his mother, perhaps from a rape.

by Ena Sharplesreply 39602/01/2019

Gemma’s going to give birth to quadruplets? Oh, the hilarity which will ensue!

by Ena Sharplesreply 39702/01/2019

Carla's new storyline sounds grim. More misery.

by Ena Sharplesreply 39802/02/2019

But she’ll have Roy so she’ll be fine.

by Ena Sharplesreply 39902/02/2019

I love their friendship

by Ena Sharplesreply 40002/02/2019

Am I the only one who thought Roy and Evelyn had some good chemistry last week?

by Ena Sharplesreply 40102/04/2019

They did. And it seems obvious now they’ll be paired together in some way after she returns from her European jaunt.

by Ena Sharplesreply 40202/04/2019

The chemistry was there way back in October when Roy and Evelyn were in the car looking for her dog, and the cop thought she was giving him a blow job. .. lol!

by Ena Sharplesreply 40302/04/2019

I've re-watched some clips from Sarah Lou's first pregnancy on YouTube and it's reminded me how much better Corrie was back then. I suspect it's partly because there were only four episodes a week back then, so the writers weren't so rushed. Tina O'Brien did a great job, especially considering how young she was. You could really feel the impact on the Platt family as a whole, and there were no stupid "comedy" scenes (like Steve marching round to Dev's with a shovel, or saying shit like "You can't have your cousin's baby, it'll have two heads!). It makes me feel really fucking old to think that Bethany is now an adult, though!

by Ena Sharplesreply 40402/05/2019

I really think they’ve botched the reactions to Amy’s pregnancy. With Sarah-Lou’s pregnancy everyone was deep shocked about it. Amy is a CHILD. At least Rita should be shocked and instead they just have her go “tsk tsk.”

by Ena Sharplesreply 40502/05/2019

You're both absolutely right. The writing back then could be brilliant. Now we only get great writing if it's one of their special episodes of the week they do each year that has heightened action.

And I remember myself when she got pregnant. I was on 14 and didn't think someone so young would have sex or get pregnant, so it was shocking. I remember Gail was going to pass the baby off as her own to spare Sarah the shame and ruined life. I guess in part we've moved on (become desensitised?) to these things, but it really is lacklustre writing as well.

by Ena Sharplesreply 40602/05/2019

I feel so sad, for our Jenny! I wanted to reach through the tv and hug her.

by Ena Sharplesreply 40702/05/2019

Amy looks like a young 14. It just makes no sense why nobody seems particularly shocked about her having had sex and been impregnated.

by Ena Sharplesreply 40802/06/2019

What do people think of Carla's upcoming mental health story?

by Ena Sharplesreply 40902/06/2019

It sounds good to me. The actress is wonderful.

by Ena Sharplesreply 41002/06/2019

R410 I agree, she's had some of the best drama over the years and one of the few who consistently deliver, even when her storylines take away from the character. She always makes it believable. The storyline is being written by the same person who did the episode in Emmerdale where we saw life through a person with dementia's eyes. This time it's through anxiety and paranoia. Alison King will knock it out of the park.

The clip here is from "Siege week" 2010 where Carla is held prisoner by her evil ex-husband. Some of her best work..

by Ena Sharplesreply 41102/06/2019

After she was raped

by Ena Sharplesreply 41202/06/2019

Do you think that Andrea the potential stylist at David's new barber shop is gay? I'm looking forward to seeing the opening on the new barber shop. Hopefully Corrie will deliver some good man candy.

by Ena Sharplesreply 41302/06/2019

I doubt they will, they envision it as a meeting place of young and old. What's happened about Audrey's missing money?

by Ena Sharplesreply 41402/06/2019

I'm looking forward to Carla's storyline.

They should have killed off Clayton instead of his dad. It seems disrespectful to Kylie that David's standing by Shona while she's trying to help Clayton. And aren't Max and Lily going to be traumatised when they eventually find out that Shona, whom they've live with for years, is Clayton's mother?

by Ena Sharplesreply 41502/08/2019

The kid who plays Clayton is butt ugly and can’t act for shit.

by Ena Sharplesreply 41602/08/2019

[quote] What's happened about Audrey's missing money?

It was revealed that Nick is the one who stole Audrey's money, and that's the cash that is bankrolling the barber shop that he and David are opening.

This article explains why David coerced Nick into this business venture rather than exposing his brother's theft of Audrey's money

by Ena Sharplesreply 41702/08/2019

R416 He is truly ugly and untalented, who is he fucking to have a career?

by Ena Sharplesreply 41802/08/2019

What's going on with Paul and Billy? Have they had any more scenes together?

by Ena Sharplesreply 41902/09/2019

A few, R419. I think they’re moving slow with them, which is a smart move.

by Ena Sharplesreply 42002/09/2019

Last week's horrible Gemma Comedy Hour was a great way to make Paul just as unlikable. While I'm keeping an open mind, so far I have to say, I'm not finding the Billy-Paul pairing all that appealing.

by Ena Sharplesreply 42102/09/2019

R419 Thanks. Was this their last scene together?

by Ena Sharplesreply 42202/09/2019

I think there’s been one or two since then, R422.

by Ena Sharplesreply 42302/10/2019

Who gives one shit about Billy, the worst Vicar on tv? He ain't even cute, he's a hypocrite and he still looks like he smells.

by Ena Sharplesreply 42402/10/2019

His face is like that of a ventriloquist’s dummy. Sort of scary. He’s a decent actor, though.

by Ena Sharplesreply 42502/10/2019

R424 Maybe because he's Corrie's only gay character? I don't count the minor characters Paul or Sean (ugh).

by Ena Sharplesreply 42602/10/2019

R422 The duo had scenes together this past week that go beyond that. Paul is seen helping Billy sort through a bunch of jumble for the vicar's "community market" project. Of course, Paul has an ulterior motive for doing this charity work - with the set-up very quickly descending into garbage material with Gemma, which doesn't involve Billy.

by Ena Sharplesreply 42702/10/2019

Wasn’t that the week before, R427? Anyway Gemma and Paul ARE twins.

by Ena Sharplesreply 42802/10/2019

R428 The scene where Paul showed up at Billy's market, bringing him the stolen flowers and proceeding to steal the ring that belonged to Roy's mother, occurred during this last week (Monday February 4th).

And I'd prefer to not be reminded that Gemma and Paul are twins .. lol!

by Ena Sharplesreply 42902/10/2019

Why do Gemma and Paul have different last names if they are twins? Was Gemma married at some point?

by Ena Sharplesreply 43002/12/2019

That hasn’t been explained, R430. Gemma hasn’t been married as far as we know.

by Ena Sharplesreply 43102/12/2019

The actor who plays Chesney isn't even TRYING to act like he's attracted to Gemma! It's painful to watch. We're meant to believe that he's been after her for months when he doesn't even seem to particularly like her.

by Ena Sharplesreply 43202/12/2019

Amy McDonald: Story Of A Teenage Slapper

by Ena Sharplesreply 43302/12/2019

Emma dodged a bullet getting stuck with Chesney

by Ena Sharplesreply 43402/12/2019

Sorry, I meant “Emma dodged a bullet by breaking up with Chesney.”

by Ena Sharplesreply 43502/12/2019

Is it just me or does Nick act completely different than his last time on the cobbles?

by Ena Sharplesreply 43602/12/2019

Chesney and Gemma will have tragically ugly kids. At least with Emma they'd have half a chance of being cute.

by Ena Sharplesreply 43702/13/2019

Nick does seem more arrogant this time around, R436.

I don't know why Shona doesn't point out to Clayton that he didn't end up in prison by accident. He wouldn't be in this mess if he hadn't murdered Kylie.

by Ena Sharplesreply 43802/14/2019

And it wasn’t an accident, either.

by Ena Sharplesreply 43902/14/2019

I don't understand why Carla won't admit that Roy accidentally started the fire. As a sleepwalker, Roy would not be convicted of arson. Besides, he didn't bring the lantern to the boat. It was just sitting there.

by Ena Sharplesreply 44002/16/2019

R440 Because it is a soap. Soap characters cannot act rationally.

by Ena Sharplesreply 44102/16/2019

It is dumb, R440, it’s only being written this way so that when the deadly factory accident happens this week that Carla is blamed for it.

by Ena Sharplesreply 44202/16/2019

Oops, I meant next month.

by Ena Sharplesreply 44302/16/2019

Do we know who dies in the factory accident? I know Rana's being written out but I don't think it's her.

by Ena Sharplesreply 44402/16/2019

I think it’s Abi.

by Ena Sharplesreply 44502/16/2019

Did they ever explain why Lewis was acting so shifty just before his death? There was a scene where he heard a conversation that Lily had recorded on her talking teddy bear, and he got hold of it and deleted it.

by Ena Sharplesreply 44602/17/2019

R446 I think Lewis' "shifty behavior" was later explained to be about him buying an engagement ring and planning to surprise Audrey with it and/or his going to his GP and getting news of the heart condition that killed him.

by Ena Sharplesreply 44702/17/2019

R446 When was Lewis not shifty acting?

by Ena Sharplesreply 44802/17/2019

I love Jenny back to smirking behind the bar.

by Ena Sharplesreply 44902/18/2019

The girl playing Amy is wrecking this show. Her flat line delivery alone is killing every scene she’s in.

by Ena Sharplesreply 45002/18/2019

I much prefer Amy's line-readings to the histrionics of the teenage actress who plays Amelia on Emmerdale. Amelia would not even be able to read the directions on a satnav without breaking into tears.

by Ena Sharplesreply 45102/18/2019

Ah, you may be right, R447.

I wasn't expecting Amy to have an abortion. I hope she went through with it and it's not another fake-out. I always think it's a bit strange that so many soap characters decide to continue with a pregnancy in disastrous circumstances, even when they've never been shown to be religious.

by Ena Sharplesreply 45202/21/2019

R452 I feel like you do, but based on snippets written in upcoming TV guide listings, I'm pretty sure it's a fake-out.

by Ena Sharplesreply 45302/21/2019

R452 Scratch what I just wrote in R453. .. I think I misinterpreted what's written in the TV Guide blurb, and it could actually mean Amy went through with it.

by Ena Sharplesreply 45402/21/2019

It seems Amy had the abortion.

by Ena Sharplesreply 45502/23/2019

Yes, more detailed previews, seem to indicate Amy went through with it.

by Ena Sharplesreply 45602/23/2019

While I'm generally pro-life, I can understand Amy not wanting to provide another child to be raised by Steve and Tracy.

by Ena Sharplesreply 45702/23/2019

The young actress playing Amy would be hideously bad in the episode of Amy giving birth. I guess the baby daddy’s Northern Irish mama will be on the warpath when she finds out.

by Ena Sharplesreply 45802/23/2019

At least the Amy actress is a teenager, the actresses playing Izzy and Fiz are adults but they are no better.

by Ena Sharplesreply 45902/23/2019

[quote] I guess the baby daddy’s Northern Irish mama will be on the warpath when she finds out.

I imagine. .. But wouldn't that be re-write? .. A couple of weeks ago, when Tracy lied and told old Vicky that Amy had already had an abortion, Vicky seemed relieved, later telling her son he was "one lucky boy." .. Then, when she met Amy on the street she told Amy that it took guts to do what she did, because she knew, as she'd had an abortion herself.

by Ena Sharplesreply 46002/23/2019

Oh, right, R460. But then she was all gung ho about having input when it came to the kid. I think she’ll be pissee that her kid gets in trouble with the cops with no welfare baby to show for it.

by Ena Sharplesreply 46102/24/2019

Does anyone else think gingernuts Gary will be the villain who sabotages the factory roof?

He seems to be getting shadier. And wouldn't it be lovely to get rid of that talent-free lump of wood who "plays" Izzy? She's awful.

by Ena Sharplesreply 46202/24/2019

R462 I hope not, because then they will have to get rid of Gary, and he is one of the few pieces of male eye candy on the show. To me the only hot guys on the show are him, Adam, and Daniel.

by Ena Sharplesreply 46302/24/2019

I think Seb is cute too and Imran is hot as hell. Gary has zero sex appeal, he's a perennial loser.

by Ena Sharplesreply 46402/24/2019

I just don’t think they’ll kill off Izzy that way. She has a disability. I think the only way they’d do that is if it sonehow highlighted the problem people with disabilities face when having to evacuate a disaster area.

I’m pretty sure Gina will end up being the victim.

by Ena Sharplesreply 46502/24/2019

They did say it was a beloved character, so that rules out many of those who work there. My top 5 ideal victims:

1. Sean 2. Fiz 3. Chesney 4. Izzy 5. Gemma.

by Ena Sharplesreply 46602/24/2019

R464 Yes, sorry I forgot about Imran. But I don't find Seb hot at all, yes his body has gotten nice, but his face isn't and he always looks like he needs to take a shower.

by Ena Sharplesreply 46702/24/2019

Has it been confirmed that another character dies in addition to Rana biting the dust? So that would be two separate deaths?

(I was thinking maybe Rana goes to the factory to get the dress that they keep talking about that Beth is making and the roof caves in.)

Really dreading Kate "crying" scenes.

by Ena Sharplesreply 46802/24/2019

Perhaps it is Rana who dies as Carla's mental health story means he is isolated from everyone including her own family.

by Ena Sharplesreply 46902/24/2019

Please let it be Sean, pleeese....

by Ena Sharplesreply 47002/24/2019

The main issue with it being "Sean" is that reports indicate it's a "beloved character."

by Ena Sharplesreply 47102/24/2019

You think Clayton's getting bummed in the bin?

by Ena Sharplesreply 47202/24/2019

I think it is Izzy. Not much of a storyline for her lately.

by Ena Sharplesreply 47302/24/2019

The show seems to think he's beloved by the public, that's why such a lame character and awful actor has stuck around so long. That homeless story last year was meant to be a big dramatic storyline for him and no one gave a shit apart from laughing at the crap, unbelievable delivery.

by Ena Sharplesreply 47402/24/2019

Sean's homeless story had a lot of interesting possibilities. None of which were explored. Why did a middle aged man like Sean become homeless, because he lost his job, he has no savings? Why not? He depended on a part time job in the pub for survival (the kind of job a student does for pocket money) How come he never bought his own place, or never went to college or trained to improve his employment opportunities? Was Sean just too interested in partying in Manchesters gay village to think beyond the moment? Fair enough but the story just didn't go there. Lots of ideas coud have been looked at. Not that I think that Antony Cotton's acting could have rose to the challenge.

by Ena Sharplesreply 47502/24/2019

No character growth came out of it as well, he went back to his normal, bitchy self. Just like Sally has gone back to being a gossipy cunt right after the trauma of prison. The writers miss so many good opportunities nowadays.

And on the topic of finance, it hasn't even shown him try to be more careful or even attempt to buy his own place, he's just dossing around again. And Sally's legal fees were meant to be o high they might have had to sell their house and last week she was offering Kevin money.

by Ena Sharplesreply 47602/24/2019

O, Hosanna, how long I have waited for this day!

by Ena Sharplesreply 47702/25/2019

^^^ It sounds like she's just taking a break, though.

[quote] “But this isn’t the last you’ve heard of Michelle Connor, she’ll be back! I can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for the future.”

(Or is the implication that they're recasting?)

by Ena Sharplesreply 47802/25/2019

Good riddance! Her character is a huge bore. The only time I felt for her was during the stillbirth storyline. So bland.

by Ena Sharplesreply 47902/25/2019

R477 just made my day. I've hated Corrie characters, but never hated an actor like I hated her.

by Ena Sharplesreply 48002/26/2019

Poor Carla. Roy is way out of line throwing her out.

by Ena Sharplesreply 48102/26/2019

Speaking of Michelle, where the hell are her two sons? I don't think we've seen Ali or Ryan for well over two months.

Did they give into their hungry lust and run off together? .. lol!

by Ena Sharplesreply 48202/26/2019

R482 Damn, I had forgotten all about them until you mentioned them.

by Ena Sharplesreply 48302/26/2019

Ali is back soon.

by Ena Sharplesreply 48402/26/2019

The writers don’t seem too invested in a Bethany/Ryan pairing. And neither am I.

by Ena Sharplesreply 48502/27/2019

It's disgraceful how both Roy and Peter have turned against Carla when her motives were so genuine.

by Ena Sharplesreply 48602/27/2019

Like in most soap situations, Carla should have just come forward immediately. Roy would not have been charged. Abi wouldn't have been falsely accused. But, Carla had to try and cover it up, which rarely works in real life and NEVER works on a soap.

by Ena Sharplesreply 48702/27/2019

It did make her look like a cunt.

by Ena Sharplesreply 48802/27/2019

I don't see how that Clayton actor, can have much of a career, he isn't that great and he is very ugly.

by Ena Sharplesreply 48903/04/2019

And he looks about the same age as Shona, R489, even though he's her son.

Plus, it turns out his dad died by shoving a bunch of class-A drugs up his bum in order to smuggle them into prison for his murderer son to deal. If he were a real person, I would definitely nominate him on that "sleaziest way to die" thread.

by Ena Sharplesreply 49003/04/2019

R490 I know, Sarah had Bethany young, but they don't look the same age.

by Ena Sharplesreply 49103/04/2019

The kid who plays Clayton is truly fugly.

by Ena Sharplesreply 49203/04/2019

Hopefully Tyler goes to jail for fucking Amy and he and Clayton can fuck.

by Ena Sharplesreply 49303/05/2019

Ewwww. I like Tyler now.

After last night’s episodes I think Shona will die in the factory collapse. They have to make David evil again.

by Ena Sharplesreply 49403/05/2019

Shhhhh! We are all hoping it's either Sean or Izzy who get squished. Or Fiz for an extra sweet twist.

by Ena Sharplesreply 49503/05/2019

LOL, R495. In your dreams!

by Ena Sharplesreply 49603/05/2019

The girl who plays Faye has grown to be very pretty.

by Ena Sharplesreply 49703/06/2019

She really has, R497. Lovely profile when she was holding the baby on Monday’s episodes.

by Ena Sharplesreply 49803/06/2019

Gary is a thug.

by Ena Sharplesreply 49903/06/2019

Very bad acting by the guys who play Seb and Gary on tonight’s episodes. And I have to fast-forward through the awful Chesney-Gemma scenes.

Shona is SO going to be the fatal victim later this month.

by Ena Sharplesreply 50003/06/2019

It would be a mistake to get rid of Shona when they've spent a lot of time building her character, she's likable and the actress can actually act! Corrie has so many third rate actors at the moment, they have plenty of dead wood to fell with that factory roof!

by Ena Sharplesreply 50103/08/2019

Yes, Shona is one of the better characters. Still hoping it'll be Sean.

by Ena Sharplesreply 50203/08/2019

Which of these actresses over 50 are wearing wigs? There sure is a lot of BIG HAIR on this show.

by Ena Sharplesreply 50303/08/2019

R503 Sue Nicholls/Audrey's looks real, because I know an older woman with hair just like hers whose is real. Barbara Knox/Rita's has to be a wig.

by Ena Sharplesreply 50403/08/2019

What does Nick [italic]DO[/italic] at the barber shop?

by Ena Sharplesreply 50503/09/2019

Nick's a not so silent partner.

by Ena Sharplesreply 50603/09/2019

I hope Beth gets killed. She’s vile.

by Ena Sharplesreply 50703/09/2019

I wonder if it is Seb, they often kill someone off when it seems like everyone is turning against them or they are alienating their loved ones.

by Ena Sharplesreply 50803/09/2019

It could be Seb.

by Ena Sharplesreply 50903/09/2019

Has it ever been confirmed that the factory death is a different one from Rana's death? .. So two deaths?

by Ena Sharplesreply 51003/09/2019

I was wondering that too, R510.

by Ena Sharplesreply 51103/09/2019

Seb won’t be the victim. He’s going to be involved in an upcoming storyline about human trafficking.

by Ena Sharplesreply 51203/09/2019

Oh no! Disaster!

by Ena Sharplesreply 51303/11/2019

[quote]Seb won’t be the victim. He’s going to be involved in an upcoming storyline about human trafficking.

Where can I buy him?

by Ena Sharplesreply 51403/11/2019

R514 If he is going to be the one trafficked, I hope it is for forced labour. Has everyone forgotten that he is HIV+? I'm sure traffickers aren't very big on maintaining a person's drug regimen to keep the HIV undetectable and non-transmittable.

by Ena Sharplesreply 51503/11/2019

Nah, it will be some Eastern European girl sold into sex slavery. Yawn.

by Ena Sharplesreply 51603/11/2019

Why not an Eastern European boy?

by Ena Sharplesreply 51703/12/2019

How long before Stinky Vicky gets pregnant with Robert's baby?

by Ena Sharplesreply 51803/12/2019

Robert is such a bore. It has been confirmed that both Sally and Gina are trapped after the roof collapse. I think it is Seb who sabotages the roof.

by Ena Sharplesreply 51903/12/2019

No, R519, he’s going to rescue an Eastern European girl from a sex traffic ring. It will be Gary, who stands to benefit from the ceiling collapse.

by Ena Sharplesreply 52003/12/2019

Why didn't Carla get another quote from a reputable builder? Not that ginger tosser who never trained.

by Ena Sharplesreply 52103/13/2019

Are Sally and Tim still together? I like him.

by Ena Sharplesreply 52203/13/2019

Yes, they are but look for Tim to get a cancer scare. Uggh.

by Ena Sharplesreply 52303/13/2019

Who will die? Who will the villain be? Will Ryan and Ali flip-fuck?

by Ena Sharplesreply 52403/14/2019

I wonder if the character death will turn out to be a fake-out. When the factory burned down a few years ago (that place is a death trap), the producer teased that a "beloved character" would die. It turned out to be... the factory itself. Presumably, the producer thought this was a hilarious and clever twist.

by Ena Sharplesreply 52503/15/2019

Really, R525? What a shitty thing to do.

by Ena Sharplesreply 52603/15/2019

Since Carla's supposed to have some kind of mental break down, I would imagine that someone actually dying due to the roof caving in plays into her state of mind (i.e. major guilt with her blaming herself).

by Ena Sharplesreply 52703/15/2019

Well going by tonight’s episode it certainly seems like either Rana or Kate will die. It’ll almost certainly be Rana.

by Ena Sharplesreply 52803/15/2019

Why the hot one?

by Ena Sharplesreply 52903/16/2019

Because she’s quit to try to get “other work.”

by Ena Sharplesreply 53003/16/2019

R525 I don't remember rumors a beloved character would die during the last factory fire - which was 2010 during the siege? Tony Gordon and his henchman did die then but I'd hardly think he was beloved after he killed cute Liam Connor! Are you sure you aren't confusing it with the fire at the pub, where Sunita died? You're right though, that place is a death-trap!

I liked Friday's episode - I think the writing has worked, building up to so many people having a grudge against Carla. That woman has been through so much (Husbands dying, love of her life murdered, held prisoner in the factory siege, raped, alcoholism, Peter's affair, accused of Tina's murder, losing her baby daughter, gambling addiction, kidney failure, brother's suicide, the list goes on...) It's a wonder she isn't either in intensive therapy or a psychiatric hospital!

That being said, I'm glad Alison King is getting such a strong mental health storyline, she really is the best actor on the show and will deliver.

Did anyone else catch Izzy's awful acting last night, especially when she's zooming into the Rovers with that shocked look on her face? I was so hoping she get flattened next week along with Sean but that's looking increasing unlikely 🙁

by Ena Sharplesreply 53103/16/2019

I cannot wait for Nick to get his comeuppance. I hate that fucker.

by Ena Sharplesreply 53203/16/2019

[quote] Because she’s quit to try to get “other work.”

Can't say that I blame her. .. I'd hate thinking of a future having to play opposite the habitually overwrought "actress" who plays Kate.

by Ena Sharplesreply 53303/16/2019

R529 Out of the two, she is the only one who can probably get other work. The Kate actress isn't pretty and acts worse than anyone on the show. Hell, Izzy and Sean are slightly better than her.

by Ena Sharplesreply 53403/16/2019

[quote]Because she’s quit to try to get “other work.”

Or to spend more time fucking her hot husband.

by Ena Sharplesreply 53503/16/2019

Is Alya still banging on about Luke?

by Ena Sharplesreply 53603/16/2019

No, r536. She's kind of at loose ends.

by Ena Sharplesreply 53703/17/2019

I'm so bored by Corrie. I can make it thru every 4th episode.

by Ena Sharplesreply 53803/17/2019

Daniel Brocklebank (the vicar) apparently just did a great job tonight performing a number from “The Greatest Showman) on an ITV thing called All Star Musicals.

by Ena Sharplesreply 53903/17/2019

Who died?

by Ena Sharplesreply 54003/18/2019

We don't know yet, R540. I have a feeling it'll be Gina.

by Ena Sharplesreply 54103/18/2019

I know we're behind in the eps here in Canada, but poor Seb thinking he's going to get some off Sara for his 18th.

What a scally!

by Ena Sharplesreply 54203/18/2019

Yeah, I think Gina will die a heroine after “saving” Sally, sorr of like Val did with Diane in Emmerdale.

by Ena Sharplesreply 54303/18/2019

Who sabotaged that roof?

by Ena Sharplesreply 54403/18/2019

I think it was Nick.

by Ena Sharplesreply 54503/18/2019

Has Craig recently walked on the roof?

by Ena Sharplesreply 54603/18/2019

Lol poor old Craig! I think it was Seb

by Ena Sharplesreply 54703/19/2019

I do think it’s possible Craig could die. It would have been too much of a cliche for him to die while on duty.

by Ena Sharplesreply 54803/19/2019

Carla goes missing and ends up in a squat!

by Ena Sharplesreply 54903/19/2019

I suppose the culprit could also be one of those two, new foreign workers that Gary hired, who is looking to extend employment. Their scenes have come off like some kind of instant insertion.

by Ena Sharplesreply 55003/19/2019

Oh, right, one of them could be Jan, the Polish worker who’s flirting with Eileen.

by Ena Sharplesreply 55103/19/2019

They also had that line about Eileen's "bad luck" getting involved with a builder.

by Ena Sharplesreply 55203/19/2019

I think it was Nick who sabotaged the roof. I think Izzy dies.

by Ena Sharplesreply 55303/19/2019

Nick has motive, but he seems almost tooooooo obvious (imho) -- especially with them mentioning more than once how something like arson at the factory could solve his problems, or how he just happened to go running at 6AM, wearing trainers that left muddy footprints in the flat. .. I'm surprised Leanne didn't tell us his trainers are black. .. lol!

by Ena Sharplesreply 55403/19/2019

Izzy won’t die, it would be very tasteless for them to kill off someone handicapped that way.

by Ena Sharplesreply 55503/19/2019

Why R555? That factory is a health and safety nightmare! How does Izzy get up those front steps by the way?

by Ena Sharplesreply 55603/19/2019

That’s not my point, R556, although I get what you’re saying. They won’t kill her. I can’t stand her, either, but nope, they won’t do that.

by Ena Sharplesreply 55703/19/2019

Gary told Carla that Pat Phelan did a sub-par job fixing the roof. The roof cave-in was not sabotage by any of the current characters, as far as I can see. Ultimately, the fault lies with Carla for not heeding Gary’s warning that the roof needed to be replaced.

by Ena Sharplesreply 55803/19/2019

R558 get with the game. We learned in December that the roof would collapse due to deliberate sabotage by an unidentified NEW villain. Its part of a bigger storyline.

I was annoyed that a smart businesswoman like Carla wouldn't have got a second opinion on the roof instead of taking the opinion of ginger Gary as gospel. He has no formal training!

by Ena Sharplesreply 55903/19/2019

Well, R558, we saw the saboteur go up on the roof and to do something to it, thereby further compromising it and actually forcing it to fail.

by Ena Sharplesreply 56003/19/2019

I do think this storyline is also Pat wreaking havoc from beyond the grave. Maybe the Polish worker knew Pat and is actually teying to worm his way into Eileen’s life for some reason because of Pat? And he sabotaged the roof on behalf of Pat?

by Ena Sharplesreply 56103/19/2019

Sally and Gina survive. Hopefully it's Sean who dies.

by Ena Sharplesreply 56203/19/2019

Would've great for the show if they got rid of Sean. Horrid character very poorly acted.

I doubt it's anything to do with the Polish builder. Last December when the 2019 spoilers were released we were told we had already met the new villain, before this character was introduced..

by Ena Sharplesreply 56303/19/2019

R563 I was thinking maybe Gary is the villain, and he conspired with one of the foreign workers to do the actual dirty work, which of course, would lead to continued employment.

by Ena Sharplesreply 56403/19/2019

Was ginger paid by someone to do the deed? He was waving all that money around last week.

by Ena Sharplesreply 56503/19/2019

Remember Gary was a thug when he first appeared on the show. His parents Eddie and Anna were well know grifters and thugs who refused to pay Joe and David for the work done on their kitchen. David went back to remove the cabinets and later Graham warned him that Gary was dangerous. I guess he's gong back to his old ways.

by Ena Sharplesreply 56603/20/2019

Gary and his dad stole Gail's ugly white kitchen and Joe gave her the much nicer one she has today!

They must have recast the guy who plays Wayne, Roy's former foster son. I remember that kid was as ugly as sin..

by Ena Sharplesreply 56703/20/2019

As ugly as Shona’s kid?

by Ena Sharplesreply 56803/20/2019

Yes. I am glad they brought him back though to help Roy.

Incidentally, who else thinks Roy has been a real shit to Carla? Cutting her cold and asking her to move out for something she did to protect him and has apologised for.

by Ena Sharplesreply 56903/20/2019

Bye bye Rana. You were a pretty crier.

by Ena Sharplesreply 57003/20/2019

Poor Rana. I still can't understand why she didn't call 999 after her connection to Kate cut off. Prayer ain't gonna help you, love!

by Ena Sharplesreply 57103/20/2019

How's Carla? Is there any hope of another collapse on top on Sean?

by Ena Sharplesreply 57203/20/2019

R572 Carla's breakdown appears to have started. Peter found her sitting on the floor, alone, and crying - blaming herself for the roof collapse. Then he got the call that Rana had died, so that made it even worse.

As for Sean, can we hope that some of these other characters inhaled some asbestos or something?

by Ena Sharplesreply 57303/20/2019

Nope, R573, nobody else will die. Sorry to gloat but no way was Izzy ever in danger of being killed. They would never have risked the brickbats among the public and in the press if they’d killed off a wheelchair-bound person that way.

by Ena Sharplesreply 57403/20/2019

No same-sex couple has ever married on Corrie. Sian jilted Sophie at the altar and now Rana has died on her wedding day. The first gay couple, Todd & Karl, got together in 2004. According to the Corrie Wiki, 31(!) straight couples have married on the show since then. You'd think they'd give the gays a break once in a while!

by Ena Sharplesreply 57503/20/2019

R574 Yeah, this isn't the 1950's , when on American tv the writer and creator of The Guiding Light killed off one of the show's most popular characters by having some kids accidentally push the woman's wheelchair into oncoming traffic.

by Ena Sharplesreply 57603/20/2019

Poor Carla, I'm guessing her family turn against her and blame her for Rana's death. Kate may even make Johnny chose between her and Carla.

by Ena Sharplesreply 57703/21/2019

Norris will be sore he's missing all this fodder for gossip!

by Ena Sharplesreply 57803/22/2019

No Corrie tonight. Footie.

by Ena Sharplesreply 57903/22/2019

Typical that when I was actually looking forward to Corrie for once, it's not on until Sunday.

by Ena Sharplesreply 58003/23/2019

[quote] Poor Carla, I'm guessing her family turn against her and blame her for Rana's death.

Yeah, that probably causes the most dramatic conflict, but honestly, if the family blames anyone, it should be our proletariat gang - especially stupid Sean and Gina, who were the main instigators to take Rana's wedding dress and make it a bargaining chip. .. "Scab" Beth was on her way out of the factory with the completed dress to deliver it to Rana when they grabbed it and took the frock "hostage." .. If Beth had been able to deliver the dress to Rana as promised, then Rana wouldn't have had to go there. .. Sean even squawked, "If she wants her dress she'll have to come and get it."

by Ena Sharplesreply 58103/23/2019

R581 absolutely. That was the height of stupidity

by Ena Sharplesreply 58203/23/2019

I hope Sean gets a brain tumor and dies during surgery.

by Ena Sharplesreply 58303/23/2019

Sean couldn't act his way through that one. The homeless story proved what a limited talent that actor is.

by Ena Sharplesreply 58403/23/2019

I just want Sean dead and OFF THE SHOW.

by Ena Sharplesreply 58503/24/2019

No Corrie tonite. Football again.

by Ena Sharplesreply 58603/25/2019

No Emmerdale, either? Damn.

by Ena Sharplesreply 58703/25/2019

Another replacement hour next Sunday evening.

by Ena Sharplesreply 58803/25/2019

R587 Schedule shows Emmerdale gets an hour tomorrow night (Tuesday).

by Ena Sharplesreply 58903/25/2019

There better be scenes of Maya and Jacob enjoying some time alone. I think Jacob will next bang Kim.

by Ena Sharplesreply 59003/25/2019

R587 R590 If you, or anyone else, is interested there is an Emmerdale thread.

by Ena Sharplesreply 59103/25/2019

Fuck off Sally

by Ena Sharplesreply 59203/25/2019

Wayne has BDF.

by Ena Sharplesreply 59303/25/2019

Ali has big dick face

by Ena Sharplesreply 59403/26/2019

Bringing back Wayne is such a random decision

by Ena Sharplesreply 59503/26/2019

Well, he is Health & Safety and investigating the factory incident. He’s in Carla’s orbit via Roy.

by Ena Sharplesreply 59603/26/2019

Funny that the actor who's playing "Wayne" is named Adam Barlow, IRL.

by Ena Sharplesreply 59703/26/2019

Is Michele ever going to shut up about her dead baby? Let it go lady.

by Ena Sharplesreply 59803/26/2019

And he's a ginger!

by Ena Sharplesreply 59903/26/2019

He could be a gay hipster.

by Ena Sharplesreply 60003/26/2019
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