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Emmy Rossum announces she's leaving 'Shameless' after Season 9


Aug. 30, 2018

Emmy Rossum says she's leaving "Shameless."

The actress, who plays Fiona Gallagher on the Showtime series, announced the news in a lengthy, emotional Facebook post Thursday.

"It’s a hard thing to put into words, feelings. But I’m going to try," she wrote. "The opportunity to play Fiona has been a gift... I know you will continue on without me, for now. There is much more Gallagher story to be told. I will always be rooting for my family. Try not to think of me as gone, just think of me as moving down the block."

Rossum's statement did not address her reason for leaving the family dramedy, set in Chicago, that stars William H. Macy as the troubled patriarch, but hinted that her TV family has given her the stability and support "to stretch and grow creatively."

"The way ( executive producer) John Wells has shepherded me as an actress, and more recently how he’s encouraged me wholeheartedly as a director and a writer, has been an honor and a privilege," she wrote.

In a statement to USA TODAY Thursday, Wells said Rossum will "forever be part of the 'Shameless' family. We are hard at work now creating a season nine finale for 'Shameless' which we hope will provide a Gallagher-worthy sendoff for Fiona that honors the great work Emmy has done."

A statement from producer Warner Bros. Television also gave Rossum an appreciative farewell and confirmed she would appear in the ninth season.

"We wish her all the best as she explores the next chapter in her career," the statement read. "But before that, we are excited for fans of 'Shameless' to see Emmy and the entire ensemble cast continue the adventures of the Gallagher family in the show’s upcoming ninth season.”

by Cameron Monaghanreply 7204/14/2019

I hate this show. esp when the asshole father kept failing to die.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 108/30/2018

In the original UK series Fiona was only on for two seasons and then showed up for a two part finale IIRC.

I wonder if this is part of a salary negotiation since until very recently, she was being paid less than Macy who doesn't deserve the extra money since Rossum is really the center of the show.

Or she could be getting film roles.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 208/30/2018

The show's been kind of shit for the past 2-3 seasons anyway. Time to wrap things up.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 308/30/2018

Film roles? Um, yeah, let her leave and see how many film roles she's offered.

Bill Macy is a fantastic actor and everyone knows it. He can get film work seven days a week.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 408/30/2018

This show is still on???

by Cameron Monaghanreply 508/30/2018

And yet, he doesn't. Face it, Macy is a character actor who's gotten lucky with this show. His wife has had more commercial and critical success. At least this show has given him a steady paycheck.

Anyway, I said Rossum COULD be getting film offers. Now that she was going to get them or was guaranteed any. She's young and pretty. Even with the shorter career span actresses seem to have, she may have more chance at success and if she's pursuing directing and writing, that will definitely extend her career.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 608/30/2018

They should end the show with her leaving. She better get a happy ending and not one involving a man or woman. She is the show.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 708/30/2018

I watch the show for Cameron Monaghan, but I agree that Emmy Rossum is the heart of the show.

Macy be an Oscar nominee, but it's Rossum that propels it.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 808/30/2018

She's not going to get directing, writing and acting roles in film or anywhere else unless she bankrolls them herself. She is loathed by her castmates, the crew and everyone who has ever had to deal with her. It's been that way since "Phantom".

Yes, dear, Bill Macy is a brilliant character actor who is very well liked. He can get film work seven days a week anytime he wants it.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 908/30/2018


by Cameron Monaghanreply 1008/30/2018

She is good but this show has sucked for at least the last couple of years. They should all leave.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 1108/30/2018

R2 Getting film roles? I doubt it. She's been on the show for 8 years and has only been able to get parts in c-grade movies. She doesn't have a career outside of this show. This will probably be the last we hear of her.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 1208/30/2018

I stopped watching when the tranny showed up.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 1308/30/2018

She's the heart of the show and wonderful in the role. I remember all the hate she got for Phantom of the Opera and this is where she really redeemed herself and showed that she was a very emotionally honest actress. I hope she gets great film and TV roles in the future, because she has "it." Macy is brilliant as well, but his character should have died a few seasons back when it was all set up. Every time he shows up on screen these days, I groan. Kill that character off already.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 1408/30/2018

It's better to jump than sink.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 1508/30/2018

Love Shameless and will miss Emmy, but I could watch a show just about Lip....yum!

by Cameron Monaghanreply 1608/30/2018

[quote]Bill Macy is a fantastic actor and everyone knows it.

Thank you so much!

by Cameron Monaghanreply 1708/30/2018

I never thought much of her until this show but she was fantastic in it. I think she’s made for tv and she can probably do something interesting with her husband. After nine years she’s probably just done.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 1808/30/2018

Earning per episode?

by Cameron Monaghanreply 1908/30/2018

Is this an equal pay protest?

by Cameron Monaghanreply 2008/30/2018

Copied Jim Parsons

by Cameron Monaghanreply 2108/30/2018

The show should have ended about five years ago.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 2208/30/2018

r17 Bill Macy is 96 years old. No one has to refer to the other Bill Macy as William H. Macy unless it's in the credits.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 2308/30/2018

I honestly dont see the show going on much without her.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 2408/30/2018



by Cameron Monaghanreply 2508/30/2018

Isn't Rossum also an Oscar nominee?

by Cameron Monaghanreply 2608/30/2018

I wish her character would have a quick reunion fuck with Jake and his hot ass!

by Cameron Monaghanreply 2708/30/2018

Was it already renewed for season 10?

by Cameron Monaghanreply 2808/30/2018

Not yet

by Cameron Monaghanreply 2908/30/2018

Remember when Rosie O’Donnell was obsessed with this show and regularly tweeted about it? One day, the tweets stopped. Yet the show keeps being made.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 3008/30/2018

What’s your source on this, R9?

by Cameron Monaghanreply 3108/30/2018

[quote] She is loathed by her castmates, the crew and everyone who has ever had to deal with her. It's been that way since "Phantom".

As if you know anything about the actors in these productions

by Cameron Monaghanreply 3208/30/2018

Emmy has a Netflix produced movie coming out soon. She likely wants to do more behind the scenes. She directed quite a few episodes of Shameless. The show has benefitted from being on Netflix. A whole new audience has been introduced to it and many are probably willing to pay for Showtime to see new episodes. It will easily go through season 10. It won't be the same without Fiona anchoring it though.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 3308/30/2018

"What’s your source on this, [R9]?"

R9's ass I think.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 3408/31/2018

👆 Consider that co-opted.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 3508/31/2018

acting is a dead-end street

by Cameron Monaghanreply 3608/31/2018

katy segal's on it.....her face stretched so tight barely recognizable.

still fug

by Cameron Monaghanreply 3710/25/2018

thought it was her, but damn she look weird

by Cameron Monaghanreply 3810/26/2018

Maybe she wants to have a baby and do a Netflix movie a year instead of a long TV season.

Emmy is an Alpha female. She married a lapsed Muslim in Central Synagogue in New that’s pussy control.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 3910/26/2018

she really is starting to resemble a possum

damdest thing.

u go get em Emily, in ur earnest search for a kool career

by Cameron Monaghanreply 4010/26/2018

Shameless: Cameron Monaghan to Exit

by Cameron Monaghanreply 4110/29/2018

Wow he got fugly.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 4210/29/2018

I stopped watching this shit show. Just a waste of time.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 4310/29/2018

The show is still halfway decent but with Emmy leaving and now Cameron, its time to end it.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 4410/29/2018

I agree, R44.

I'm not surprised Cameron is leaving next.

He's been getting work on "Gotham" and other projects.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 4510/29/2018

o no

I watch it for him!!!!


by Cameron Monaghanreply 4610/29/2018

Same here, R46.

I'll be less likely to watch the show when Cameron leaves.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 4710/29/2018


by Cameron Monaghanreply 4810/29/2018

So that was it, Emmy is gone. That's how she was written out?

by Cameron Monaghanreply 4910/30/2018

Is Shameless worth watching?

by Cameron Monaghanreply 5010/30/2018

Cameron's not leaving: he's already left. Episode 6 of this season was his last (which he announced a week before it aired.)

And Emmy will be finishing out the rest of Season 9, which will return in January.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 5110/30/2018

Was this season always intended to have a break? I wonder if they are going to wrap up the whole series.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 5210/30/2018

Oh great, let’s make the show more about Lip and some random storyline about him and a chick he’s fucking.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 5310/30/2018

The finale episode has been released on the Showtime app. I think she has a nice exit.

And R53, you correctly predicted where the new storyline is going. And Tami is the most obnoxious of all the forgettable girlfriend characters. This does not bode well for the future of the show. Hopefully Tami gets randomly whacked like Carl’s wife or Sheila’s daughter.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 5403/09/2019

R53, I've never understood how an ugly-looking guy like Lip seems to be able to get all these women to sleep with him.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 5503/09/2019

yes, I stopped watching about 2 seasons ago. All the shows are shit on Showtime and HBO. I will be canceling soon. After GOT is over, gonna cut it.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 5603/09/2019

I actually find Lip incredibly sexy, but he’s a such a sanctimonious bore ever since he got sober and I’m tired of the neverending parade of annoying girlfriends he gets super serious about.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 5703/09/2019

Lip even managed to get one of his professors to fall for him a few seasons ago.

Why would a sexy, brilliant professor go for a guy like Lip when she could do so much better?

by Cameron Monaghanreply 5803/09/2019

the guys are all too short.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 5903/11/2019

I haven't watched the past 3 seasons or so. It just started to bore me. I've stuck with shows well past their expiration date before (hey, Nip/Tuck), but I always wish I hadn't. Life's too short.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 6003/11/2019

It was good for a while, but like many shows, it has gone on too long.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 6103/11/2019

Without Emmy and Cameron, what's the point? More insane Macy storylines? More shenanigans with the wacky neighbors? Maybe if they'd turn Lip bi I'd be interested...

by Cameron Monaghanreply 6203/11/2019

Yeah, one of the reasons I watched was for Cameron.

It was one of the few shows that was willing to give its gay character an actual sex life & sex scenes right from the beginning.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 6303/11/2019

It was nice that the gay character had a sex life, but of course they had to have him have sex with a woman, then a romance with a non-penised trans woman.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 6403/11/2019

[quote]Without Emmy and Cameron, what's the point?

Cameron is returning next season.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 6503/11/2019

So is Mickey, apparently:

by Cameron Monaghanreply 6604/12/2019

good !!!! for me she was the weak link, hag, boring, harpy, grouchy old presence....yay

by Cameron Monaghanreply 6704/12/2019

im there only for the hot guys....the ginger hag girl is gross.

the guys are fun

writers give the boys good storylines. hurrah

by Cameron Monaghanreply 6804/12/2019

delighted, u can ssmell her tater chip underarm b.o. from here.....

by Cameron Monaghanreply 6904/12/2019

The whole show is gross and contrived. Every guy on it was short and fug. Emmy Rossum was always annoying and trying so hard to happen. I know they probably made a lot of money, but I can’t imagine wanting to be associated with this filthy show. And the kids on it- ugh. Their parents should be ashamed of themselves.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 7004/12/2019

be so fun with her gone, her vibes were weird.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 7104/13/2019

Are the writers from the earlier seasons returning? That what Im waiting to hear.

by Cameron Monaghanreply 7204/14/2019
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