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Can Johnny Depp Be Saved?!

May be Tom Cruise can give him a call

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 35811/20/2018

Probably not. He seems to like being a drunken, unprofessional, haggard mess.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 105/05/2018

Probably Tom can enroll Depp in Scientology drug rehab center

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 205/05/2018

Did he had another nose job? his nose looks different in op's pic

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 305/05/2018

at 'Murder on the Orient Express' World Premiere - November 2, 2017

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 405/05/2018

closet kills

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 505/05/2018
by Tom Cruise Trollreply 605/05/2018

Isn't he nearly broke?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 705/05/2018

Elon Musk is gay so are Amber and Depp

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 805/05/2018

and Winona and Kate Moss

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 905/05/2018

Wow, he's short.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 1005/05/2018

Depp is just broke.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 1105/05/2018

Pitty is short too but at least Depp and Cruise don't lie about their height as Mrs Pitt they are honest

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 1205/05/2018

Pitt is 172 cm at max but claimed to be 183 - 185 cm

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 1305/05/2018

Johnny doing his best Lana Turner

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 1405/05/2018

I give him 5 years tops. I’m being optimistic.

I’d really like to see this guy make it. I don’t think he wants to make it, however, and there’s the rub.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 1505/05/2018

Tom and Johnny are nearly the same height

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 1605/05/2018

Can you restate that coherently, r12?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 1705/05/2018

Dead by Christmas. Count on it.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 1805/05/2018

Johnny always stated that having children saved him and he seemed to be happy for a while, but then he went downhill so fast since he had broken up with Vanessa, He still has his kids to give him hope, what happened to make him self destruct again?!

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 1905/05/2018

R18, why Christmas? The holiday gloom and doom theory?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 2005/05/2018

He's a Modern Day Pirate !

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 2105/05/2018

He's showing his age.

And his crack habit.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 2205/05/2018

R17 Depp and Cruise are short and they are honest about it they don't lie about their height as someone like Pitt is doing.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 2305/05/2018

Is he on meth?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 2405/05/2018

OP's pic is from 2016

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 2505/05/2018

I once took an Ambien, and texted out a group text to all of my contacts in my smartphone,, telling them that I was Johnny Depp’s parrot, from Pirates of The Caribbean. My contact list was/is extensive, with numbers of most of my coworkers at that time, and business contacts/clients.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 2605/05/2018
by Tom Cruise Trollreply 2705/05/2018

In R16's picture, you can see that Tom Cruise is wearing elevator boots that add about four inches to his height. Look at the vamp on his shoes, it's an unnaturally steep angle. Depp may also have some lifts in his shoes, but it's harder to tell at that angle.

You'd think Cruise would learn to wear longer pants or to point his feet towards the camera, the lifts are SO obvious.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 2805/06/2018

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a short man. Get over it.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 2905/06/2018

I don't think Depp wants to sober up and save his career, I think what he wants is to get paid millions and millions of dollars to show up hours late on set and stumble drunkenly around mumbling lines he can't remember.

We can't always get what we want in life.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 3005/06/2018

Depp is the guy who doesn't like bathing, right?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 3105/06/2018

[quote] In [R16]'s picture, you can see that Tom Cruise is wearing elevator boots that add about four inches to his height.

No. You can't.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 3205/06/2018

Facial wasting.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 3305/06/2018

FF R18 for posting that picture. You motherfucker.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 3405/06/2018

Yes R30. And I'm not sure being a dad will save him. From the way his kids turned out - (strong possibilitu of being users themselves), it doesn't look like he vested much effort in the parenthood gig, at least in the last several years. Sad, considering the amount of talent there.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 3505/06/2018

Who is this poster going on about Pitt? Obsessive much? Pitt is between 5'11" and 6'. I don't think he actually "claims" to be anything.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 3605/06/2018

Why, R34? You can’t see his face or body. As a matter of fact, we can not be certain it’s actually him. I’m assuming it is, but the pic was already in cyberspace, no? I didn’t post it, btw. However, though highly distasteful, it’s not the end of the world.

Johnny is having a midlife crisis, on steroids.

Losing one’s youth and beauty can be devastating for some. I imagine it’s just as tough on some men, as it is on beautiful women.

I don’t think that this guy is genuinely an asshole, or an evil person. I do, however, believe that he’s been swept away with a bunch of bullshit, that while it may be interesting to wax poetic over, doesn’t necessarily suscribe to real life situations, like aging, losing a parent, divorce, health issues, addiction, mental health, etc.

Getting a decent perspective on these things can be difficult enough for civilians. I imagine it could be even more difficult for a person who makes enormous amounts of money, and who started losing touch with the way others live, and struggle.

Surely, he’s not stupid. He knows he’s just a commodity in Hollywood, and that realization sometimes sucks. He needed to expand his interests, like Brad Pitt or Drew Barrymore. Getting on the production side of things would have been a good move.

But he’s too inebriated for any of that. Too far gone to even make a good film.

The unfortunate reality is that most people who suffer from addiction and/or alcoholism, never overcome it. And I’m not going to judge him for that, because I have struggled with addiction issues all of my life, and have seen others do the same. He has every right to drink himself to an early grave, if he wants to.

He also has the right to get sober and turn it around. Right now, he’s probably severely depressed, and cannot see things clearly. All I can say is that no matter how shitty it all looks right now, it will look completely different within 2 years, if he can clean himself up. He won’t and cannot see that right now. If he wants to make it, he’s going to have to take my word, or anyone’s word for it, who have gone through the same thing.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 3705/06/2018

Wonder how the kids are dealing with being suddenly broke.

Here's Jack...and a 'friend'.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 3805/06/2018

R38 Is Jack gay?!!

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 3905/06/2018

r39, dunno, but I've never seen two straight, teenage buddies hold each other like that.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 4005/06/2018

R40 Yeah, I think he is

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 4105/06/2018

Depp’s children are beautiful. The girl is legit modeling material, unlike Kendall Jenner or the Hadid girls.

Both parents have exquisite bone structure, so no surprise here.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 4205/06/2018

I don't think that's Willaims's body in the pic posted. He died at his mansion in Tiburon, that doesn't look like a property in that kind of neighborhood. There'd be a gate and private drive I'd think, LE wouldn't be wheeling out his covered body on the public front sidewalk.

Agree with r37 re Depp. He's so deep into his own misery and up his own ass. Hollywood fame, age, addiction and depression are a very bad mix. And he doesn't seem to have anyone around him at the moment to steer him on course: mom now dead, wife/s are gone, kids grown or nearly grown and involved with themselves, long time agent fired and management replaced. His siblings were signing off huge loans to themselves in his name so they apparently can't be trusted to do what's right. Sad.

Contrast that with his peer Colin Farrell, who has a close-knit no nonsense family around him all the time who helped pushed him back into rehab recently before he started sliding backwards. Brad Pitt also has a tough close base family unit who doesn't kiss his ass. Those are the ones that stand a much better chance of surviving the turmoil.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 4305/06/2018

[quote]Depp’s children are beautiful. The girl is legit modeling material, unlike Kendall Jenner or the Hadid girls. Both parents have exquisite bone structure, so no surprise here.

I see no beauty in Jack's face. While not ugly, he is simply and decidedly average.

As for Lily-Rose: While she has a model's face, she is short (too short for traditional editorial and runway work if not for her parents) and painfully thin.

Depp was always much prettier than Vanessa - the latter of whom hit the wall rather early. Now, Depp is right behind her.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 4405/06/2018

I knew Pitt back in the day. No way would he ever have been considered short. Thin, yes, maybe even slight. But not remotely short.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 4505/06/2018

(Jason Priestley, yes, short. Brad Pitt, no.)

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 4605/06/2018

That pic with Cruise is the last time Depp looked attractive. He was an alcoholic but after Amber got through with him, he was and is an emotional wreck and has been going downhill ever since.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 4705/06/2018

Fucking Amber... told y'all she was a cunt.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 4805/06/2018

Sure because Amber is the reason for all his problems. His drugs and boozing all started with her. She made him spend like a drunken sailor, buying up multiple homes and islands. Oh wait that was all before he met her right.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 4905/06/2018

Depp was a backet case when he was trashing hotel rooms while dating Kate Moss in 1994.

"Johnny Depp reportedly got into a fight with then-girlfriend Kate Moss and caused $10,000 in room damages at The Mark hotel in New York. Depp attributed the wreckage to an armadillo that popped out of the closet. Said armadillo was never found. Depp was arrested on felony criminal-mischief charges, and billed $9,767 for the damages."

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 5005/06/2018

basket case...

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 5105/06/2018

Yes, after Amber made speeches at GLAAD events about how great it was to be gay. What a nutjob.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 5205/06/2018

I know very little about Amber, and don’t really care. But this has nothing to do with her.

Johnny is trapped in a time capsule that will not let him age emotionally, so that he catches up to his chronological age. He has surrounded himself with a bunch of people who I am sure love and care for him, but are as bad off, or worse off than he is.

Doug Stanhope and his nutty wife aren’t going to encourage JD to get sober. Unfortunately for Johnny, some of his closest friends need and want for him to continue getting fucked up, because he subsidizes their current lifestyle in a way others cannot. If Johnny gets sober, they lose their meal ticket. I’m not saying that these people don’t live Johnny. I have no doubt that they do, but under these current circumstances, Johnny is everyone’s golden goose.

Johnny Depp will be broke and/or dead, soon. At this point, he has absolutely nothing to lose by making a clean break from these people, and finally learning to really care for himself.

He will do no one any good, dead, so he might as well give it a shot.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 5305/06/2018

He's an old man acting like a young man. This should stop.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 5405/06/2018


"Johnny Depp Asks Glastonbury: ‘When Was the Last Time an Actor Assassinated a President?’

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 5505/06/2018

Why doesn't he fix his teeth?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 5605/06/2018

Fix them in what way? He decorated them with multicolored caps. Honestly, at this point, they're probably all implants.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 5705/06/2018

how did this one life fall so far and fast?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 5805/06/2018

He never should have left Vanessa.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 5905/06/2018

His teeth look like a Meth addict's teeth.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 6005/06/2018

He looks like he reeks. Gross.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 6105/06/2018

r61 = John Mellencamp

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 6205/07/2018

No, I'd put him at the top of the death watch list.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 6305/07/2018

It all started with that stupid "Lone Ranger" movie....straight to the toilet.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 6405/07/2018

[quote]As for Lily-Rose: While she has a model's face, she is [...] painfully thin.

She chunked up. Her legs and butt and face are getting chubby.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 6505/07/2018

People look too hard for 'reasons' why Depp behaves as he does. The reasons are as follows: a) He's an alcoholic. b) He doesn't want to stop drinking.

That's it.

His alcoholism has led to poor memory, the collapse of his first marriage, a rash second marriage, out of control spending binges, physical altercations, legal battles, disorientation, anxiety, depression, weight gain, loss of his looks, and overall rapid decline in physical health.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 6605/07/2018

Depp look like he's still in his Pirates of The Caribbean role. Fantasy has become his reality.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 6705/07/2018

r66, his first wife was some New Age singer who was much older than him and he married her when he was like 20 years old. They ran away from Florida together and it seems like he left her as soon as he realized what a hot piece of ass he was in LA. And, anyway, he and Vanessa never married. She must have realized how awful he was with money and wanted no part of his debts or tax evasions.

I'm glad Lily has put on a little weight but someone needs to start lacing her cigarettes with Abilify. She, somehow, manages to scowl even when she's smiling.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 6805/07/2018

He got Angelina Jolie'd. I would sometimes hang out at the "FemaleFirst" Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt forum, whose raison d'etre was hating on Jolie/Pitt. The people in the forum are batshit crazy although often funny while being amusingly vicious, and I shared in their opinion of the "couple" so it could be fun to read what they said, despite chemtrails, illuminati and a lot of other lingo I'm vague about. Anyway, when she was making The Tourist with Johnny Depp the forum swore it was the end of him. That once The Tourist was finished, Depp would immediately cross over from authentically cool to self-parody. Now, granted, and in hindsight, I guess he was moving in that direction already, but it was only after the tourist that he completely lost it.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 6905/07/2018

God, he was so beloved and not that long ago. We are in a weird time where people love seeing folks fall more than ever.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 7005/07/2018

No Jolie didn't do it to him either.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 7105/07/2018

He's probably got hamster meat.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 7205/07/2018

In the picture at r2 it looks like he had filler injections in his face - his cheeks are quite plump. He must have given that up because now his whole face looks hollow. Too bad; he used to be handsome.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 7305/07/2018

r73, no that was before he started doing stupid shit to his face.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 7405/07/2018

He has always seemed to me like someone acting a he is trying sooo hard to seem artistic, edgy and cool but ends up looking ridiculous. Especially at his age. He is too old to be carrying on like an angst-ridden teenager.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 7505/07/2018

Here's another photo of his son. He's starting to look just like Depp.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 7605/07/2018

He was pretty once. That's my opinion of him.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 7705/07/2018

PS Why bother saving him? He's succeeded far beyond his original beauty and talent.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 7805/07/2018

Yes, you can.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 7905/07/2018

The only person responsible for Johnny Depp’s fall from grace is Johnny Depp. He’s had a good run but the financial troubles are all his and he’s been churning out flops for years. The knowledge that he needs money and isn’t quite bankable affects his fees and choices he can make going forward. He must be a terribly spoiled man, spending $2M a month on lifestyle expenses including $30k a month on wine. Hope he enjoyed it because those days are over. Johnny Depp having to work hard kind of spoils the brand.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 8005/07/2018

Why bother?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 8105/07/2018

[quote] Can Johnny Depp Be Saved?

Yes, but it's gonna take money, a whole lot of spending money, it's gonna take plenty of money.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 8205/08/2018

Vanessa got scads of money from Depp and her own money too. The kids are far from BROKE.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 8305/08/2018

Saw that tacky Ghost Adventures story about The Viper Room and had no idea Depp was implicated in his partner's disappearance.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 8405/08/2018

R69, his appearance in “The Tourist” was baffling. He was on some bad shit. No doubt Angie Jo got him into some.

And yes, Tom Cruise’s lifts are laughably obvious.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 8505/08/2018

He lost the PR battle with Amber and is losing the one with is ex business managers. He’s already been dumped by two law firms and the suit by the former bodyguards exposes him as beyond pitiful. I think the lawsuit is a Hail Mary to hold off creditors and bankruptcy.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 8605/08/2018

So glad we’re still finding ways to blame a woman for a man’s actions.

I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for Depp. If he doesn’t care that he’s throwing his life away why the hell should anyone else?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 8705/08/2018

Exactly, R87. Can he be saved? From what? From whom? Himself? Who cares.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 8805/08/2018

He ruined Dark Shadows. Fuck him.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 8905/08/2018

He'll always get work, as long as Tim Burton can get financing!

Which is strange, they both bring out the self-indulgent worst in each other. Burton would be well-advised to cut him loose.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 9005/08/2018

I have met Johhny a few times over the years through work. He can be a very charming man. Generous to the extreme- like picking up tabs for an entire bar. But he definitely needs to cut back on the drinking and quit all drugs. He's salvageable.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 9105/08/2018

Regarding Amber: I absolutely believe he was an abusive shit to her. However, I also think she pushed his buttons. Not that anyone deserves to be physically assaulted. But if someone’s an alcoholic mess, it’s easy to provoke a response.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 9205/08/2018

She's a professional bimbo that has been playing men since since she was a teen. Which is fine but add in the faux lesbian stuff and she gets offensive. I despise her myself and all she stands for.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 9305/08/2018

He was such a cute little baby.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 9405/08/2018

I've seen this issue with money in the lives of friends who grew up very poor and then struck it financially lucky. They feel guilty and uncomfortable about having money and so blow it until their pockets are empty. And the spending on other people is from insecurity, 'See, I'm still a real guy! Really! I'm not one of *them*!'

I've seen the stunted adolescence in those same people, but have no insight into that and find it completely pathetic. It's like the guy who graduated high school ten years ago & is still hanging out in the senior parking lot. But these are 40+ year old guys whose 'friends' (drug buddies) are all in their 20s. & their slathering their faces with anti-aging serums and discreetly, they think, dying their hair, and trying to keep up YouTube stars when the first album their ever bought was on a cassette. It's just gross.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 9505/08/2018

His biggest mistake was marrying a lesbian half his age.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 9605/08/2018

He needs to move to shores of Lakes Geneva or Zurich, detox, and chill.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 9705/08/2018

Johnny Depp is not in a good place. Law firms keep dropping him as a client. He keeps getting sued, and the latest lawsuit is a doozy. He spends millions of dollars a month on dumb sh-t, like wine and the maintenance of a fleet of cars that he rarely uses. He’s basically Nicholas Cage, only worse. Meaner. Drunker. Scarfier. And I’m actually sort of shocked that we don’t hear more stories about his behavior on various sets – we know he was a complete catastrophe on the last Pirates of the Caribbean movies. We know that few people wanted him around for the Fantastic Beasts movie. And now this: apparently, Depp physically assaulted a location manager on the set of his latest film:

“LAbyrinth” stars Johnny Depp as the real LAPD detective Russell Poole, who investigated the murder of Biggie Smalls. An insider said trouble on the “toxic” set began when Depp took over directing a scene in which he cast two of his pals as a cop and a homeless man. “Johnny’s friends were in the scene, and it just turned into way more than it should have been,” said a source. A downtown LA street was closed off, but when the permit ran out, Depp wanted to keep the cameras rolling.

“The producers kept asking for the time to be extended,” explained a source familiar with the production. Finally, a location manager informed the film’s director, Brad Furman, that the scene had to wrap, but, “Brad interjected, ‘Tell that to Johnny Depp!’ ” The location manager told Depp, “This is the last shot,” a source said, when an irate Depp — who’d been “smoking and drinking all day on set” — got in the staffer’s face. “He was 6 inches away, yelling, ‘Who are you? You have no right!’ ” sources said.

When the well-liked worker told Depp, “I’m just doing my job,” a source said Depp tried to punch him in the ribs. But the weak blow didn’t make an impact, and Depp yelled, “I’ll give you $100,000 to punch me right now!” The stunned staffer stood still, and Depp was finally pulled away. A rep for Depp had no comment. Furman insisted the alleged incident was overblown. “Johnny Depp is a consummate professional, great collaborator and a supporter of other artists,” he said in a statement. “He always treats the crew and people around him with the utmost respect. Movies can be stressful, and nonevents often become exaggerated. We all love stories — there isn’t one here.”

[From Page Six]

“But the weak blow didn’t make an impact…” What does that mean? That means Depp weakly and drunkenly punched this poor man in the ribs and it didn’t hurt the guy? It doesn’t matter if the guy was actually hurt – it’s still assault. And I’d be willing to bet that Depp “smoking and drinking all day on set” is quite a normal thing at this point. He’s an alcoholic and he’s not functioning. What he needs is to NOT work. He needs to go away and get clean and sober. He needs to stop being enabled by studios, directors, producers and his coterie of handlers. Why in the world would you even employ him at this point? I’m really asking.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 9805/09/2018

Why are his bodyguards suing him? TIA

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 9905/10/2018

Drnking and druging and chain smoking. Something's gotta give. He'll be lucky to make it to 60.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 10005/10/2018

No one can save someone who doesn't want to be saved.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 10105/10/2018

"He's probably got hamster meat. "

I thought he was vegan.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 10205/10/2018

Well he gave Amber his great taste in wines- a friend of mine knows her and was impressed by the wines that she had.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 10305/10/2018

at this point

its in gods hands

only Christ can save his sorry drunk oxy ass.

huge mess, they give him a year....

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 10405/10/2018

He's just lucky that he still has millions coming in from past and current projects. Johnny needs a good business manager to talk sense into him- if he'll ever listen.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 10505/10/2018

is he still among the living?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 10605/10/2018

He doesn't want anyone to whip him into shape, R105, he wants enablers to make his fall more comfortable!

He seems determined to throw his life and money away, like a damn fool drama queen.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 10705/10/2018

The thing is, he would hardly notice a little belt-tightning. How many times a year can he possibly visit all those homes? Once, tops.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 10805/10/2018

He never kicked his heroin habit. EVER. So of course he and Angie got on great. But he’s a huge addict. Add alcohol to the mix and it’s going to kill him.

He and Kate used to come to a hotel I frequently stayed in and would be holed up for days snorting , shooting, drinking. Even witnessed them both nodding off while sitting in the cafe. Such an utter mess. A good friend does work selling interests in film to get financing, said Johnny is still usuing heroin. He will be uninsurable soon, which is what will kill his career, if he doesn’t die first.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 10905/10/2018

Johnny emulates Keith Richards but Johnny won't live to be as old as Keith.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 11005/10/2018

I've never watched his films. But I did see some old spooky movie he did and was really impressed with his acting. He is talented but - he's doing a great Nicholas Cage-like flameout from a financial standpoint.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 11105/10/2018

Right, I forgot the No Accountability rule for women in 2018. Amber was a totally innocent by-stander in all of this NO DOUBT.

Dry those tears, Amber.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 11205/10/2018

Their messy break up assured all of us of what was really going on. Amber is toxic and Depp is poison. BTW, she's not a lesbian if she married a man. She's bisexual.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 11305/10/2018

Pretty sure a lesbian can and will marry anyone they want. (Especially for furthering careers and gold-digging!)

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 11405/10/2018

Ah, yes, R114, thank you for reminding me to be specific. A woman who sleeps with a man, fucks him silly, cannot be called a lesbian.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 11505/10/2018

So, what's Johnny's damage? He looked like a miserable little kid.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 11605/10/2018

If Depp feels guilty about lucking into all that "Pirates" money, he should have done some good with it, like funding scholarships or refugee acclimation or nursing care for broke old actors. Instead, he spent it all on drugs and fripperies, or threw it to the starfuckers who follow him around like hungry leeches. Screw him, he's a worthless excuse for a human being and I'm over him!

And he was a worthless mess before Amber Heard and is still a worthless mess after he's gone, so she may be a bitch and a whore but she's not to blame for what he's become.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 11705/10/2018

[quote] Pretty sure a lesbian can and will marry anyone they want. (Especially for furthering careers and gold-digging!)

well, she could have married Elon Musk, you know the guy who makes billions of dollars a year. She must have ruined him too because now he's gone crazy and found love with a very ugly punk-rocker girl.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 11805/11/2018

R118 Very ugly punk rocker. YOU AIN'T KIDDING! Ugly and very scary. Those lips! Shudder.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 11905/11/2018

r118 Pin those ears back honey!

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 12005/11/2018

Elon's girlfriend looks like Angelina Jolie put through the rinse cycle one too many times.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 12105/11/2018

Is Musk having a nervous breakdown?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 12205/11/2018

ew, he's always been gross but this new "hair cut" is ridick

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 12305/11/2018

Depp made a big mistake when he started playing one cartoon character after another. He should have stopped after one Pirate movie but all of those Tim Burton movies ruined his career as a serious actor

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 12405/11/2018

R 66 said it all. There is no hope for any alcoholic who goes untreated. Money can't buy an alcoholic willingness. So he dies.

No sympathy for him. I sympathize with the numerous alcoholics and addicts who WANT treatment, but can't afford it.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 12505/11/2018

You stupid shithead, Pitt is 6 feet tall. You can tell how tall everyone is when the stand next to talk shows. I used to look at them next to Jay Leno and Dave Letterman. Tom always eats lifts and Johnny never claimed to be 6 feet tall.

Some of you just lie for past time.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 12605/11/2018

The key for Depp was having kids. Even before Vanessa came along, he talked about that as being the most important thing for him. I think Vanessa ended up pregnant 3 months after they first met. That was also the reason for the first Pirate film - he wanted to do a movie for his kids. As long as the kids were young, he seemed to be okay. He looked good up until Public Enemies. There weren't any stories of his falling down drunk anywhere or getting into fights.

But it seemed like once the kids became older and less dependent on dad, his whole life fell apart.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 12705/11/2018

Maybe he should quit being an actor and become a baby sitter, if the only time he's happy sober is around little kids.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 12805/11/2018

Well, Keith Richards is his idol....

I thought it was strange that it looked like he was CGIed in Dark Shadows to look younger...

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 12905/11/2018

News flash, he wasn't sober for the kids, he was on France and he hadn't lost his looks so terribly.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 13005/12/2018

He wasn't sober when he was with Vanessa and the kids, but he was more functional than he was before or after.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 13105/12/2018

His liver is probably shot that's why he looks more terrible now than he did 6 years ago.

I predict he will get a liver transplant soon.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 13205/12/2018

whata ass

went thru millions in no time on shitty stuff

is all tore up from excessive use of booze n coke

his time is up. needs to......GO

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 13305/12/2018

He starts the day with tumblers of red wine, smokes and beef jerky, then it’s more wine and coke, goes until he passes out, then more and more and more.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 13405/12/2018

R32 is a clam.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 13505/12/2018

If Johnny's not long for this world I just hope there's someone out there who'll blast his ashes out of a cannon because that's what friends (losers) are for.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 13605/14/2018

Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow. He lives the pirate's life. The Medieval thug life. The life for me. He's a great dad. His ex-women are all evil gold digging whores who should've stood by him. His business managers don't understand the large life he needs to live. His Hollywood employers don't appreciate his greatness. They're all ungrateful. I know how he feels.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 13705/15/2018

I read some article archived from back in the 1990s in which he admitted that he used to cut himself when he was a teenager/early 20s. That strongly implies the possibility of a personality disorder, likely borderline (rare in men but not impossible). This plus the decades of heavy drinking and drugs suggests he is pretty much a lost cause. I'm actually surprised he hasn't accidentally (or even intentionally) killed himself at this point, but he is only in his 50s so there is plenty of time.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 13805/15/2018

R121, in what universe does Elon Musk’s new girlfriend look like Angelina Jolie??? Look at that girl’s face and ears. Those chapped, chewed up lips. That’s a typical, meth addicted, trans hooker, who hangs out in the plaza area of Target and Starbucks, on Santa Monica and La Brea.

I’m sure she has her wares, but in no way does that poor soul look anything like Angelina Jolie.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 13905/15/2018

What a total mess.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 14005/16/2018

[quote] Pitt is 172 cm at max but claimed to be 183 - 185 cm

Seeing as this is an American-owned, -managed, and most frequented forum, and Pitt is an American star, maybe you can skip the European measurements, please. How many microfurlongs or millirods is he?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 14105/16/2018

Why can't he go to rehab?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 14205/20/2018

Recent pic

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 14305/22/2018

Johnny Depp covers mohawk with FUGLY hat after departing a private jet while on tour with his band

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 14405/22/2018

I can help you Johnny, I will enroll you in Narconon center.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 14505/22/2018

R144 I’m glad he’s finally embracing what he has become. Way to live your fugly truth Johnny!

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 14605/22/2018

He's still in closet

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 14705/22/2018

Amber Heard is a professional beard she bearded for Depp and Elon Musk

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 14805/22/2018

Read up on his fucked up "friendship" with Hunter S. Thompson. He's a sick fucker who deserves whatever misery is coming to him. I hope Thompson is rotting in hell.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 14905/22/2018

I think he's actually dead and they implanted someone else's brain inside him and just replace body parts as needed. He looks like he's rotting.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 15005/22/2018

He looks like he's lost all his molars.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 15105/22/2018

This was him only 5 years ago in 2013. He was still attractive.

How in the hell did he age so badly and so fast? It's either hard drugs like Meth or his liver is gone.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 15205/22/2018

Johnny, angry Johnny, this is Jezebel in hell.

I wanna kill you. I wanna blow you away.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 15305/23/2018

He's not really worth it. He seems like a douche.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 15405/23/2018

I don't think he is(or ever was) willing to save himself. Johnny always struck me as rather self-destructive person with some mental issues (depression ,social anxiety,BPD). I mean, he's been a chain smoker sinds he's teens , a wino sinds , I guess, his twenties and an addict (maybe an on and off addict) sinds at least late 80's. IMO, he's always been tortured . Even during the time he was with Vanessa Paradis (who was rumoured to be a druggie herself) ,I don't believe he completely stoped using drugs and boozing ...just laid off ,reduced it . His biggest mistake was that instead of facing and fighting his demons he chose to embrace it as something cool and started idolising people like Hunter S Thompson, Marlon Brando who themselfs were quite screwed-up individuals . And off course as he ages, it's only going to get harder to pull out of.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 15505/24/2018

she has anal warts


by Tom Cruise Trollreply 15605/24/2018

R156, those gotta hurt, no?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 15705/24/2018

Did you see Amber's fucking face???

Did you read the text exchange with she and Depp's assistant where brutal physical behavior was CONFIRMED by the assistant???

Did you see the video of him stomping and smashing and shouting and intimidating her in the video she took? Do you think he cuddled her after the recording went off or give her a slap?

Save Depp???

Johnny Depp should be thrown in prison or killed. That's how I feel.

Fuck that fraud.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 15805/24/2018

Thank you for your valuable input, Amber, r158.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 15905/24/2018

More like "Fuck that broad." How can you folks be so cavalier about her selling herself as a "gay woman" and a big advocate -- and then dropping all that the second Depp and his paycheck came along? She is beyond gross and I am not even going all the way back to the Austin, TX days. Nightmare woman. Nightmare "lesbian" too.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 16005/24/2018

Amber should have stuck with Musk. At least he has billions and a visionary like Steve Jobs. She's have fame and wealth at her disposal. Now she's with Heidi Klum's sloppy seconds who might end up in jail.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 16105/24/2018

He's gross and has always been gross. Now his face matches the personality.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 16205/24/2018

AMBER MAY Be a whore but it’s not her fault Johnny Depp is a self distructive loser. If it wasn’t her he would have met some other gold digger. He’s disgusting and stupid if he honestly believed this woman wanted him.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 16305/24/2018

I have no idea if Amber married him for $, perks to her career, love or a mixture of those but none of those reasons are deserving of verbal and physical abuse from an angry drunk.

Going out in public with him with the way he dresses himself was punishment enough for any ulterior motives she might have had.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 16405/24/2018

Amber is a self proclaimed bisexual but she's a lesbian and she only dates gay guys she's a professional beard

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 16505/25/2018

I don’t understand why she copped flack for being a gold digger.

I mean, Johnny only persued her because she’s young and hot.

Neither of them were there for each other’s intellect and kind hearts. Fair is fair.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 16605/25/2018

Did Johnny have a nice big cock? He must have had a pretty hole for awhile.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 16705/25/2018
by Tom Cruise Trollreply 16805/25/2018

Johnny Depp strips naked for a threesome with two women in Marilyn Manson's very controversial new music video

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 16905/25/2018

Eww r169 nobody needed to see that! Johnny depp and Marilyn Manson are slowly morphing into one person.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 17005/25/2018

Johnny started out in 21 Jump Street and became so popular. Seems like a long time ago now......

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 17105/25/2018

R171 Not yet 25, looks very good here.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 17205/25/2018

Young and hot.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 17305/25/2018

In "Cry Baby", the John Waters movie.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 17405/25/2018

Cutting is common in childhood sexual abuse victims.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 17505/25/2018

I think he was at his hottest in crybaby. It’s been downhill since then.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 17605/25/2018

He IS The Picture of Dorian Gray.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 17705/25/2018

Looks like he's trying for the Keith Richards lifetime achievement zombie award.

I'm sad - his dick just melted away in my mind. Like he never had one at all...

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 17805/25/2018

He looks like an old stewbum. Something is wrong with him. Is he smoking crack or shooting dope?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 17905/25/2018

He truly does look Homeless. Will his next film feature spermy sucking his dick in a train yard?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 18005/26/2018

He looks a bit Native American.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 18105/26/2018

He looks like Zombies in Plants vs. Zombies

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 18205/26/2018
by Tom Cruise Trollreply 18305/26/2018

R179 made me LOL with “stewbum”. Never heard that term before, but I’ll be damned. It’s accurate.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 18405/26/2018

R181 He is and has acknowledged it.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 18505/26/2018

R185 Native American Indian.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 18605/26/2018

I highly doubt Johnny’s penis works any longer. Men over 40, who party hard , cannot get, and/or maintain erections without Viagra. Even with Viagra, some of them can’t get hard.

I dated a former heroin addict, and he could not stay hard. It was the ruin of our relationship, because he was so self conscious about it, that even as a sober man, it weighed on him like a ton of bricks.

We went to a urologist, who told him that he needed to quit smoking. He wouldn’t, and as a result, sometimes the Viagra worked, sometimes it didn’t. This is a good reason to not date smokers, among many other, obvious reasons.

I don’t think Amber ever loved this guy. I think she did use him, and I also think he used her. Either way, domestic violence is NEVER justified.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 18705/26/2018

I wonder what triggered him into a downward spiral again, since he seemed to have had his act together throughout the 2000's . Can't be just midlife crisis.

Anyhow ,his body is no longer tolerate excessive substance abuse , he's not in his 20's ,30's anymore. But sadly it's his choice . In retrospect, altering tattoo to wino forever was right on the money.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 18805/26/2018

It's addiction. That's what triggered the downward spiral. At a certain point the addiction takes over. Nobody using drugs is on an upward spiral.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 18905/26/2018

So fucking beautiful once upon a time. Father Time is one cruel motherfucker. (And, no, Amber didn't help).

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 19005/26/2018

Christ. Johnny is to blame for Johnny. I dislike Amber and think she's talentless and average looking, but he brought all this shit on himself. Remember him trashing hotel rooms? He was raging at women then too. He sucks.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 19105/26/2018

'He looks ill': Fan fears for Johnny Depp after he appears pale and gaunt during European tour with his band

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 19206/02/2018

He appears to be dying of alcoholism

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 19306/02/2018

Jeez, R192, he's been so bloated lately, I would not have thought that losing weight would make him look worse!

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 19406/02/2018

wow, he lost so much weight! Last time I saw him on a talk show, he was fat!

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 19506/02/2018

Christ, he's looking like Ron Wood when he was in his 60s and weighing a meaty 98 pounds.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 19606/02/2018

Seriously? wearing a hat that says" fugly" LOL. yeah...that's him now!

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 19706/02/2018

He will be dead soon - maybe it will be a fall, maybe his liver will fail completely. Being a Satanist does not seem to have done much for his life - he has lost most of his money, his teeth and his hair. He was thought to be cool once upon a ti

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 19806/02/2018

once upon a time but now he is gross and likely smells quite bad. More like a pathetic cautionary tale of some sort, but fancies himself a hipster.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 19906/02/2018

Sadly, he does look as though he could have liver disease. Somebody I knew died from alcoholism in his 40s and he had the same look: gaunt but with a distended belly, shaved head (to hide the thinning hair), dead eyes. This is really awful. He did have talent once upon a time, but I guess he never was able to face his demons.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 20006/02/2018

He courted demons, R200, he is a satanist, like his pal, MM. Dying, broke, at a young age, not much of a payoff.

Alcoholism is an ugly way to die, at a point, the damage to the heart, brain, liver and pancreas cannot be reversed.

Avicci must have been a BEAST because Depp has been hardcore and got to more than twice his age.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 20106/02/2018

No one can deny he once was beautiful.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 20206/02/2018

I am still absolutely gobsmacked by those photos. That is a DRAMATIC change for the worse.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 20306/02/2018

[quote] As for Lily-Rose: While she has a model's face, she is short (too short for traditional editorial and runway work i

Omg, you just made me remember how my sister wanted to be a model back in the day. She was the most popular girl in her class with blonde hair and blue eyes. She wanted to be Pattie Boyd. She sent her picture to the Barbizon school of modeling and asked how could she get into the school. They wrote back and gave their requirements. 5,4" was the minimum height and she was 5'2". She was so disappointed she cried for days . There was nothing to be done. She was a cute girl who had short parents and poor nutrition due to lack of money (my mother was the type who would see us go hungry rather than fall in arrears with any monthly bills and her Sunday nvelooes to the church).

Anyway, my sister grew up to be a crazy, drunken, drug taking gambler, so I guess she partially lived a models life. She never grew another inch despite all of her stretching exercises.


by Tom Cruise Trollreply 20406/02/2018

He looks like pre death Corey Haim

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 20506/02/2018

R204, I know we’re getting off topic here, but I know many former models and it’s a shitty life. Not very glamorous, not very lucrative, unless you’re the very tippy top.

What do you get? Some perks. If they’re smart, they save and invest wisely. And marry well. The ones I know had the opportunity to meet wealthy men. That’s it. That’s what you get. And maybe an edge when looking for the second husband when they’re too old and get dumped for a newer model.

There’s also the validation of “being a model”, which means that you are considered, by consensus, to be most beautiful. That’s why some men will pass up a gorgeous science major to date someone just as beautiful who’s been paid to be photographed. They need the validation.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 20606/02/2018

R201, what does being a fucking satanist have to do with any of this??? Do you really think that two drunk guys who are nodding off, are conjuring Satan and his minions, into their living room?

Do yourself a favor. Draw a huge pentagram in the middle of your living room. Light some candles around it, turn off all of the lights, and shut the curtains. Make up some ridiculous chant, in which you ask Satan to show himself, and come back here and tell us what happened.


by Tom Cruise Trollreply 20706/02/2018

R207, before you dismiss this outright, you might want to do a bit of research on Depp and Hunter S. Thompson's "friendship" and shared interests. Two sick motherfuckers right there, and I'm sure MM isn't far behind.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 20806/02/2018

How #MeToo saved Johnny Depp

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 20906/02/2018

Gigolo Gig: Johnny Depp Reportedly Meets Russian Women for Money While on Tour

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 21006/02/2018

What about it, R208 ? I can’t find anything but the story with the ashes, tell us more!

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 21106/02/2018

R208, Satan is non existent.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 21206/02/2018

I had an acquaintance who died from alcoholism in his mid 30's.. Literally drank himself to death. I believe he was a closet case, but it's irrelevant now and would do no good to the family who were kinda super religious. Near the end he got real pale(he was white) and gaunt. Then he bloated up really huge like he was on prednisone or something. Find out he was drinking one of those huge bottles of vodka everyday... Everyday for about two years.. JFC, how does someone do that?!?! When drinking he always seemed in control. We had fun together and got into many a punk rock shenanigans... He knew I was gay and didn't care. He seemed to always light up around me and seemed more relaxed. Then we'd both get into somewhat illegal stuff and laugh like maniacs...

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 21306/02/2018

Link to an old thread about Depp and Thompson. Satan isn't real but Satan worshippers are...

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 21406/02/2018

r118 She looks like Miley Cyrus playing a vampire.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 21506/02/2018

I can't get over that stupid fuckin' hat he's wearing in the first photo. Who does he think he is, Spanky McFarland?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 21606/02/2018

Can he be saved? No.

Next question.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 21706/02/2018

God, those fan pics are sad. He looks skeletal. Nobody can step in? Tim Burton?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 21806/02/2018

He is a dead ringer for Richard Ramirez/The Nightstalker in (r143)

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 21906/02/2018

So he is a paid whore for Russian ladies? He has fallen.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 22006/02/2018

When he was cast as Grindlewald in the "Fantastic Beasts" movies I was horrified, and so were all the other Harry Potter fans. Grindlewald should be someone who is naturally fair, good-looking and charismatic, maybe someone like Alexander Skarskard.

Well, I'm even more horrified now! Not only is he all wrong for the role, it doesn't seem likely that he'll be able to finish, what, three more movies?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 22106/02/2018

I find it hard to believe anyone would be paying him for sex.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 22206/02/2018

They were meet and greets, it is common to hold and be paid for them before shows.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 22306/02/2018

He took some photo with fans and he looked terrible. Didn't even look like him. Gaunt. Pale. baseball cap on. I think it's a lot more than alcohol. He's been on and off drugs for years. If he is on crack cocaine or free-basing or using meth I'd believe it, he looks real bad. I agree. I will not be surprised if we discover him dead within the next year.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 22406/02/2018

Musk is a closet case

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 22506/02/2018

He looks like a cancer patient - doesn't look like he will make it through to 2019.

Addiction is a terrible thing.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 22606/02/2018

Depp has the big u know what.....very ill....partying till the end

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 22706/03/2018

I can remember a time when Johnny Depp and Val Kilmer were my crushes. This makes me feel old and sad.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 22806/03/2018

R227 are you suggesting he has AIDS or cancer? IMO he looks wasted from too much partying and too many drugs.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 22906/03/2018

He looks terrible, he looks like he is at his death's door. Why nobody put him into rehab?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 23006/03/2018

You can't force a person to go to rehab or sober up if they don't want to, R230, and it doesn't seem like there's anyone in his life who could talk him into it. Who is he close to, besides his hangers-on who are probably there for the free drugs? Obviously he doesn't take advice from his managers when making personal decisions, and that leaves his teenaged children.

Who are too young to deal with matters of life and death like this, or too young to deal with them effectively. The likeliest scenario is that he's going to die while his kids are still in their teens, leaving them with a lifetime of undeserved guilt feelings.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 23106/03/2018

Where is Tim Burton in all this? Those two used to be like Hope and Crosby and now you never see Tim within 3 feet of Depp.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 23206/03/2018

DM Headline: What’s eating Johnny Depp: Could it be the angle of the picture or his alleged cocaine habit and the £22,000 a month he blew on fine wine?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 23306/03/2018

[quote]are you suggesting he has AIDS or cancer?

Neither - just that he looks as terrible as a cancer patient. In my opinion it's drugs and alcohol (which is why I mentioned addiction)

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 23406/03/2018

she will die with a needle in her arm.

she gone

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 23506/03/2018

since when is musk a closet case? before amber heard, he was wed and divorced and wed and divorced to the same woman. sounds like a fool for love to me.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 23606/03/2018

i don't think he's lost that much weight. he's just wearing baggy clothing which can make it worse than it is. But I agree it's drugs and booze. You get bloated from booze it's gotta be you think he's taking pills too? man, yeah...he's knocking on "heaven's" door!

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 23706/03/2018

i bet the people around him are sick of his drama and can't wait for him to die so they can get their hands on his money.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 23806/03/2018

I wonder where his "great friends" Keith Richards and Paul Bettany are?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 23906/08/2018

The problem with Johnny is that he doesn’t have sober people in his close circle. He did at one time, but he has alienated everyone, other than Alice Cooper. Isn’t Cooper a sober, born again Christian? No way will Depp ever follow Cooper’s lead, if it means getting involved with any religion at all. Depp hates that stuff in practice. It’s fine for others, even interesting, but no way will he ever get into Christianity, or any religion, including satanism, as someone upthread suggested.

I’m not sure that he is drinking anymore. He’s too thin. That’s not the look of a person who drinks heavily. He is either completely sober, stopped wearing makeup, and looks like shit, or he’s just doing drugs and looks like shit. Remember, we haven’t seen Depp completely sober, ever, so this may be what he looks like if sober. Johnny gets very thin when he does blow, and smack, so this might be what’s happening now.

Either way, he’s a grown man. His choices, his life.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 24006/08/2018

I wouldn't be surprised, R238. He creates it all (the drama) and people like that are unpleasant and exhausting to be around. No one wants to be around them, unless they're getting paid.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 24106/08/2018



by Tom Cruise Trollreply 24206/08/2018

Did Vanessa ever cheat on him? Or Moss? Or Ryder? Amber tots cheated on him.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 24306/08/2018

I need a follow up to R26

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 24406/08/2018

Me, too, R244....

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 24506/08/2018

His 55th birthday is tomorrow.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 24606/08/2018

Alice Cooper and Joe Perry are republican trash gun nuts. I'd kill myself if that was my band!

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 24706/10/2018

Don't give Johnny any ideas. Enough suicides for the time being.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 24806/10/2018

Whatever happens, I hope he doesn't take the coward's way out like Robin Williams did.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 24906/10/2018

Heavy drinkers absolutely get deathly skinny. Usually once they hit that phase it's too late and they have under 3 years to live. Someone should tell him about The Sinclair Method

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 25006/10/2018

He's one of many baby boomers who've struggled with drugs. It's part of their makeup.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 25106/10/2018

Saved? At this point, we might want to settle for Depp brushing his teeth and showering regularly.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 25206/10/2018

Johnny Depp will never stop defending himself when it comes to Amber Heard's abuse allegations.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 25310/03/2018

He's such a whiny little creep.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 25410/03/2018

In some ways he's a modern day Norma alone most of the time in his home with no one to check his peculiarities. Pathos.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 25510/03/2018

Oh lord i just read that long interview. This guy is so uninteresting and a fucking bore. And a fraud. He needs 18 handlers to set up an interview with Rolling Stone, which was a terrible article and made him look like the burned out loser he is, and then he gets that whole team to contact GQ to invite them to another location to have him talk shite again in an attempt to "tell the real story."

What story the question? More crap about money and him quoting ten authors and jerking off about Hunter Thompson, who was another drugged out weirdo with no talent, and denying Amber Heard's allegations. Is this really necessary to give this shmuck another COVER of a prestigious magazine to talk about nothing of any importance? His financial woes? His searching "for the truth in the world"?

What a fucking putz of a human. That GQ article was idiotic at best. And meaningless. And useless. Like Depp's existence on earth at this point.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 25610/03/2018

Celebrity seems to be genuinely soul-destroying, especially if experienced long-term.

Long-term celebrities seem to have two common types of mental deterioration - there's the Norma Desmonds who retreat up their own asses and don't care about anyone else, but they're easier to forgive than the Dusty Rhodes types who think they're geniuses. It's the latter Schwarzenegger types who tend to go into politics and fuck up masses of other people, while the Depp types only harm their own spouses and children, and themselves.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 25710/03/2018

So, other than these interviews, has anyone seen Johnny or heard from him lately? Has he laid off the booze, the smack, and the blow?

Johnny: we’re wishing you well. Hope you’re OK. Fuck these haters. You deserve to get better, and the last decades of your life don’t have to be absolute shit.

Pulling for you.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 25810/03/2018

If Johnny would shut up about Amber, most people would have forgotten about it already.

Because white men get seventeen chances in Hollywood, even when past their prime, he could still have a career. Clean himself up and take good supporting roles in smaller movies, or maybe do a Netflix or Amazon limited series. But that would require patience, work ethic, and a certain humility. He'll never do it.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 25910/03/2018

yeah sure, he's not violent, just like he is sober. total BS.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 26010/03/2018

"Can Johnny Depp Be Saved?!"

Why bother? Let him off himself. No loss.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 26110/03/2018

I just read the GQ interview....he's completely out to lunch. Which grown man thinks this is a cool opener to a journey? ‘Shall we go and sit in the sun, talk, get heatstroke, vomit and die? Maybe later’

He's like a non pedophile MJ

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 26210/03/2018

Wow, he got fat.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 26310/03/2018

lol. r258 think Johnny Depp can use a web browser and that, if he could, he'd come here.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 26410/03/2018

Well his intro to the Rolling Stone interview was telling the interviewer he was wearing six condoms and that he could get a dental dam if it was needed.

He's a loser.

Depp should be erased and quick.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 26510/03/2018

He'll do himself in sooner rather than later, that seems to be his wish.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 26610/03/2018

Actually,he sounds pretty solid -- and I love that he's hitting back on that cunt, Amber. I have despised her for years now, all the way back to days in Austin TX, and anyone who thinks she is some innocent in all this is insane. She's a nightmare woman.

Hoping Johnny gets the last laugh after all this shit.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 26710/03/2018

What;s the word on her Austin days? Was she a witch or something? Everyone says "Amber's Austin days" as if she was Lisa Bonet in Angel Heart and drinking chicken blood.

What was so sordid about her past in Texas? So she's a bitch and a climber and vain and evil. That's called FUN lol.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 26810/03/2018

Hardly. Look at Johnny.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 26910/03/2018

Can Johnny Depp be saved? This is about the only thing that he hasn't done.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 27010/03/2018

Save him for what? He doesn't want to be saved and will never be.

He loves being a fuck up. Because being normal is boring. I know so many people just like him.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 27110/03/2018

You don't know anyone who got front loaded $35 million for Pirates 5, as he claims he did in the GQ article!

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 27210/03/2018

I know plenty of rich guys like him...all over 50 but still acting like they are 25.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 27310/03/2018

I kind of like being better looking than him now.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 27410/03/2018

ITS LIke his face is melting

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 27510/04/2018

It's possible, even easy, to dislike both Depp and Heard. They're both scumbags.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 27610/04/2018

Johnny Depp Says It Hurt to Be Considered a Violent Man

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 27710/04/2018

Amber Heard Fires Back at Johnny Depp's 'Entirely Untrue' Statements

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 27810/04/2018

Put him in a suit and he's still HAF.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 27910/04/2018

No, r279.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 28010/04/2018

[quote]Actually,he sounds pretty solid -- and I love that he's hitting back on that cunt, Amber. I have despised her for years now, all the way back to days in Austin TX, and anyone who thinks she is some innocent in all this is insane. She's a nightmare woman.

She's not an angel, and she can be a cunt and nightmare all she wants. Doesn't change the fact she's still a VICTIM of his physical assaults.

She can be a jerk AND an assault victim at the same time, it's not mutually exclusive. Get a grip.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 28110/04/2018

He looks like a complete lunatic.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 28210/04/2018

Norma Depp

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 28310/04/2018

After 45 years of pondering my own wounds and those of my fellow humans, I have noticed, that the most sensitive loving people, when born into the wrong family, can become the most damaged, lost, depraved, wounded souls, due to lack of a caring environment. It's just a bad mix. The really sensitive kids who get deprived of love and attunement, who get the wrong messages, who get hit, etc etc. just get destroyed.

This is what I feel happened with Johnny Depp. Here's a deep-thinking, deep-feeling, sensitive, artsy guy born in bumfuck Kentucky to poor, trashy violent rednecks. He was blessed with the looks, and in spite of his shitty childhood, they weren't able to squash his youthful drive to "be somebody." But the seed was planted in his soul, that he is an unlovable worthless piece of shit. And that seed has come full bloom into what we see today.

This corruption of a child's harddrive, where we store all the messages from our parents (which are supposed to be loving and caring and supportive), is what makes a person like Depp squander away all the blessings and achievements. HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, gone. Love relationships with stabilizing women - destroyed. A secure place in the Hollywood A-list pantheon -- tainted. Because he feels worthless. It's a soul sickness.

And yes, if he had at some point moved toward the light -- toward therapy, some yoga, abstinence, meditation --instead of drugs and boozing...etc etc... But how many tough, thoroughly abused, rocker guys from rural Kentucky who never had any of that modeled to them, are gonna reach for the therapy path over sex, drugs and rock n roll?

That's why, as gross and shocking as his self-destructiveness is, I feel pretty bad for him. We can open our hearts to abused children, and even teens, and say "well, poor little guy, he is abused, he needs love and guidance." But a 50 year old grown man gets no such compassion.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 28410/04/2018

When I was am extremely troubled young person, R284, an older mentor once commiserated with me for a while, and then said:

"You know, once you pass forty, what you are is no longer your parents' fault. By then, you've become your own person, one way or another."

He was right.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 28510/04/2018

Yeah, Johnny can wipe away his tears with those stacks of hundred dollars bills he's gotten for all the shitty acting he's done in the last 15 years. If he hasn't blown it all on wine and corpse-cannons at this point.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 28610/04/2018

She can also be a total liar, R281, and a major manipulator especially of men. She took full advantage of this messy situation from the start and made sure it played out just the way she wanted -- ka ching and press. She's also so completely full of shit that she can stand in front of a roomful of gays and announce how proud she is to be part of the community -- and then go marry a man the minute it benefits her.

I won't shed a tear when she's gone. Hideous woman.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 28710/04/2018

Someone else commenting on that article put it well:

"Amber had been telling anyone and everyone who would listen that she was "abused". She has also used it to advance herself into political circles. And now she's mad because Johnny's defending himself? Too bad Amber--guess now you'll have to find another victim narrative in order to get sympathy and publicity."

I love the "psychological abuse" line myself. Love those Victims When Convenient.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 28810/04/2018

That's fair and fine r287, about disliking her and finding her hideous. I've never cared for her much personally myself, wouldn't be pals with her. But she's still the victim of Depp's assaults.

No one 'manipulates' a person into beating them. The beater is a beater, period. I don't care if Heard stood there screaming "hit me!".

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 28910/04/2018

r287 is an LSA loon. Ask her about biblical numerology!

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 29010/04/2018

Looks like not even a medicinal coma and a full set of dentures could start to 'save' Depp at this point.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 29110/04/2018

What the fuck is LSA? I'm just a guy in the business who knows a lot about what Amber has been doing since her "Friday Night Lights"/Peter Berg days and beyond. At the very least, she's annoying as hell. At most, she is a big time liar. Folks on DL know I've been hating on her bullshit long before Depp and the wedding bells came along.

And, no, I still don't believe the abuse claims as presented, even that tape wasn't very interesting. In 2018, I believe NOTHING blindly.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 29210/04/2018

"No one 'manipulates' a person into beating them"

No but I'd say setting up a video camera in hopes of capturing something and then baiting the guy to get him riled up (the desired effect) counts as Manipulation. Ditto, the made up eye. None of this is hard to believe if you know Amber.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 29310/04/2018

R264, you’d be surprised who comes here and participate regularly in these threads.

A Listers. They’re here, whether you wanna believe it, or not.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 29410/04/2018

r294, we'd love to know who you consider 'A List'. And how you think you know, from your Kansas doublewide, who the fuck is or isn't posting here.

My experience working in the industry in NYC & LA over the last 30 years and being on DL for 15 years is that nope, no one who is discussed here is a DL regular. A few people may pop by if the site comes up on a Google alert or when it gets mentioned in articles on other sites, but they quickly run off after seeing the torrent of venom that flows here. Rosie O is one of few exceptions. And she would not classify herself as being A List unless it were a list of Power Lesbians.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 29510/04/2018

Oh please, Depp is a fool and he's the LIAR to be honest.

"In the GQ interview, Depp denied any physical abuse as he has done from the outset. “To harm someone you love? As a kind of bully? No, it didn’t, it couldn’t even sound like me … How could someone, anyone, come out with something like that against someone, when there’s no truth to it whatsoever? I’m sure it wasn’t easy for my 14-year-old boy to go to school, you know what I mean?”

Really? It didn't SOUND like you, Johnny? How about the TEXTS between your assistant and Amber where he told her you were crying and sad about the fact that you had been hitting and KICKING HER and even he was saying you were a lost little boy??????

That incident ring a bell, Johnny????

And who gives a shit about your son going to school and being heckled. If you didn't hit the girl, he would have never been given a rough time by his school mates.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 29610/04/2018

[quote]Can Johnny Depp Be Saved?!

Wrong question.

Should Johnny Depp be saved?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 29710/04/2018

LOL, if Depp was truly concerned about what his son was going through, at school and in life in general, he'd dry out and brush the few teeth he has left in his greasy face. Maybe wear deodorant and age appropriate clothing. Stop partying with Manson.

But, he isn't going to do any of those things, so....

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 29810/04/2018

Oddly enough, Johnny has no memory of this ... !!!

Much like his allergy to good acting, he's also allergic to the truth.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 29910/04/2018

Please. He's a three time Oscar nominated actor and one of the best of his generation. Some of you are on Jupiter.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 30010/04/2018

R300, yes, he's won all kinds of awards, he should be able to do whatever the fuck he wants! Give him a break!

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 30110/04/2018

I will always have a soft spot for Johnny.

He reminds me a lot of myself. Awkward, misunderstood, always trying to help, people seeing your kindness for weakness and trying to use you.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 30210/04/2018

I hope you st least shower r302

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 30310/04/2018

R295, I’ve never set foot in a double wide, or any other type of trailer, nor do I live in Kansas.

I’m sticking to my statement, and you, dear Sir, or Madam, can fuck off.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 30410/04/2018

R302, I have a soft spot for him as well. And I do believe Amber Heard. Johnny is a mean, capricious drunk.

However, he’s actually not a horrible person. He needs to get his shit together, because quite frankly, he needs to work. His financial situation is dire. It’s a good thing for him to get his shit together, and do what he’s good at. He’s an above average actor, and it would be a complete shame for him to end on a note of being a dead drunk/addict, who couldn’t pull it together in time.

People are rooting for him. So am I.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 30510/04/2018

R296 like John, you sound like you could use 28 days drying out.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 30610/04/2018

I love him still.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 30710/04/2018

Well, he may be a sweet and nice guy when sober but turns into a nasty, violent asshole when drunk. So what does that tell you? Is he nice or is he an asshole? Which is the real him?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 30810/04/2018

Did anyone read the Rolling Stone interview? It was a shocking insight on a man who doesn't live in reality or the real world.

Depp's is a world of obscene wealth, handlers, chefs, assistants, leeches, ass-suckers, people are all around him opening his wine, handing him rolling tobacco, making his tuna fish and corn sandwiches in the kitchen or his duck flambe -- real meals from the article I'm not making that up. Getting his clothes ready. Waking him up and handing him his drugs and dope for the day, which he takes in copious quantities. I suggest people read the Rolling Stone piece despite it's length.

He doesn't have any real role in his own life. Staggering ignorance. Sublimely clueless. His sense of humor was sad -- he thinks he's intelligence and witty. He doesn't know his own phone number.

The reporter said he took 20 MINUTES to tune his guitar to play three notes from Wonderwall when someone said Oasis sucked as a band. That says it all.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 30910/04/2018

I still have a small soft spot for him because he have some great performances back in the day and seems to be nice enough when sober, but damn, he's become an embarrassing, spoiled, drunken, hopeless mess in his old... middle age! I don't know why he lacks the capacity to get a grip and do something to save himself, but yeah, he seems to lack the capacity to realize that he's a pathetic mess and get a fucking grip.

The financial problems are the most embarrassing. Nobody really understands why addiction kills some people and doesn't touch others, but pissing away a fortune on fripperies is just being a goddamn dumbass.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 31010/04/2018

It surprises you an addict has financial problems?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 31110/04/2018

Oh Heard is a whore, and I mean that as a professional description rather than as an insult. But as with Woody and Mia, pointing out that one of the pair is bad doesn't mean that the other is good.

Woody is a pedo, and Mia is batshit crazy, they're BOTH awful. And Heard is a grasping whore, and Depp is a drug-addled mess who undoubtedly does bad things when he's hammered, they're BOTH awful.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 31210/04/2018

r309 So...where in his schedule does the parenting of his children happen? I mean, my God.

I'm actually more infuriated by his lack of accountability to his own kids, one of whom is still a young teen, than anything else. The boy, Jack, in particular, has it rough. His role model is a drug and booze-addled mess. He's complaining that the kids at school are giving Jack a hard time because of the Amber stuff, but let's get real. The dad is all over Youtube acting like a messy drunken loser, on the red carpet no less.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 31310/04/2018

His daughter is dating some hottie new star and his son seems fine too. He may not be the disaster he is being portrayed as. (But he does look very sick, alas).

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 31410/04/2018

Just remembered Depp's daughter is dating Chalamet so sounds like she has good taste. And since he seems to have his act together, maybe no Daddy issues either. So dry those tears, folks, he's fine. Good rep for being kind to fans too.

And, God, was he fucking beautiful in his prime.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 31510/04/2018

No, Depp can't be saved cause he is too stoned all the time to grasp the reality. He thinks he is some victim when in reality his problems are his own doing.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 31610/04/2018

Naw he’ll be dead by 2020

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 31710/04/2018

Johnny decided to marry a lesbian half his age so of course Jack is going to suffer some embarrassment at school.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 31810/04/2018

How did his face do that in a year? Drug binge?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 31910/05/2018

have u seen him up close?

like death warmed over, to be charitable. if ever there were a poster boy for death from cigs booze and drugs:::::HE WOULD BE IT

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 32010/05/2018

His looks have been sliding for a while. I remember seeing his Dillinger film in the theater, and I was shocked by how rough his skin looked in close-ups. That was almost 10 years ago.

I don't like Depp or his acting as a rule, though I do think he did a credible job in the Whitey Bulger flick, even under all that ridiculous make-up. Though why they didn't just cast Ed Harris to begin with is beyond me.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 32110/05/2018

Love Ed Harris, R321.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 32210/05/2018

"More like Ed No Hairris!"

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 32310/05/2018

Ed Harris was still HAF at Depp's current age.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 32410/05/2018

Ed Harris is still hotter than Johnny Depp.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 32510/05/2018

True, R325

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 32610/05/2018

and prettier than Julia Horseface Roberts

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 32710/05/2018

self hating closet case

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 32810/05/2018

There have been rumors about Depp being bi for many years now, and I honestly wonder how much of his self-imposed decline is due to life in a closet.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 32910/05/2018

R329 his exes are all gay Kate Moss, Winona Ryder, Vanessa Paradis I believe he's gay too

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 33010/05/2018

I have a soft spot for him too. He was beautiful in Jump Street and well into the early 2000’s. Is it true that Heard shit in their bed after a fight? Actors really are feral. I think he will go out on his on terms like his friend HST. He won’t be able to handle all the health issues he is living with and hates the idea of growing old.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 33110/05/2018

R331, if anyone was shitting in the Depp's marital bed, it was the embarrassing old alcoholic.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 33210/06/2018

Yeah, he's such a douche. He seems like such a pretentious, try hard name dropper. Like he absorbed the worst traits of his pals Marilyn Manson, Keith Richards and Hunter S Thompson. but he lacks their wit.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 33310/06/2018

And I'll always love his Mad Hatter too. Come back to the 5 & Dime, Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 33410/06/2018

Reports allege Amber Heard may have left poop on their bed after a heated argument.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 33510/06/2018

He lost his cool image. He is pathetic these days. He can't be saved.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 33610/08/2018

Johnny did not have any work done, you goddamn halfwits. Just because you are plastic surgery freaks does not mean he is. He doesn't have to be.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 33710/08/2018

Cruise is about 5'6", Depp is about. 5'8" and Pitt is about 6 foot. You liars really get on my nerves.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 33810/08/2018

Johnny is a great actor and he comes by it naturally. Keanu Reeves is better looking than any of them all 6 feet of him but he can't seem to act.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 33910/08/2018

Depp is a decent actor in the right role. Most of his best performances were when the director didn't let him hide inside of a ridiculous costume and make-up. Ed Wood was his best performance for Tim Burton, and aside from the pomade and eyebrow pencil it's basically just Johnny.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 34010/08/2018

Why would anybody want this? Like jackp he’s probably worth more dead than alive.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 34110/08/2018

R338 Pitt is about 6 foot

Pitt is not 6 foot

Here's Pitt with Aniston who is 164 cm, he's 172 at max

6' = 1.83 m

5'7.75 = 172 cm

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 34210/08/2018

R340, he was a good actor back in the 90s, but I suspect he's wasted his talent as well as his fortune.

Tim Burton and other directors have been letting him get away with lazy, makeup-based hackwork for too long, plus he can't be arsed to memorized his lines or show up sober and on time, according to recent rumors. I don't think he's going to do anything as good as "Ed Wood" again, not unless he takes a few years off to get sober and rethink absolutely everything.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 34310/08/2018

I did hate his work in the Pirates movies though I only saw the first piece of shit. "Hair acting" where he'd toss it around in every frame.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 34410/08/2018

Saved? He is decomposing right before our eyes.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 34510/10/2018

Yeah, R345, to the point where they ought to start the embalming process earlier than unusual.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 34610/10/2018

Can Johnny Depp bathe on a regular basis is a more important question.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 34710/10/2018

I don't remember where I read it, but there was a photo of Johnny Depp standing with Alice Coopers and others from that Hollywood Vampires group, and someone wrote: You know you're in trouble when you're standing next to Alice Cooper and you're the one looking haggard.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 34810/10/2018

That shitting in the bed thing as retaliation is ridiculous. lol. I knew a couple, musicians, who got into an argument about something that resulted in a bathing stand-off between both of them. Neither showered for over a year. They had a dwarf son.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 34910/10/2018

R349 so I'm assuming they were still screwing during the standoff (otherwise, why would it matter)?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 35010/11/2018

Maybe the bed shitter was one of their fugly little dogs, upset over all the drunken screaming from mommy and daddy?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 35110/11/2018

Kelly Brook said Brad Pitt is a shortie

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 35210/11/2018

Knew him back in the day. Pitt was never short, not in adulthood anyway. Slight build but not short.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 35310/12/2018

I saw Pitt last year at Sean Penn's Haiti gig at Milk Studios he's 6'1 - 6'2" easily .... and he towered over Penn, who's barely 5'7."

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 35410/12/2018

R354 with his heels maybe lol

but the pictures tell the truth that his fans just can't admit

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 35511/14/2018

He looks frail.

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 35611/14/2018


by Tom Cruise Trollreply 35711/19/2018

Can Johnny Depp be washed?

by Tom Cruise Trollreply 35811/20/2018
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