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Hollywood Closet Cases

Do you understand why they're not coming out? Or do you think it's pathetic of them to hide? In 2018? Personally I'm torn. On the one hand I wanna scream PATHETIC - especially when it comes to those old queens who already had a career, who are still bearding at 45+. On the other.. it may still be career-ending (?) so maybe I should be more understanding?

by George C.reply 17721 hours ago

They’re assholes. Gay people will never change. They will always support the closet. A tiny minority are against it. I’m against it completely. But, I’ve resigned to the fact that I will always be on the minority side. The closet is a victimized place. People like to be victims. Coming out and living honestly is a sign of maturity, responsibility and being an adult. Gay people who come from the same harsh environment as the closeted live openly gay, but the closet is easy.

Hate away. This site always does when you’re anti-liar.

by George C.reply 101/19/2018

The corporate structure in Hollywood encourages and supports "bearding" not only for gays but for some hets, too.

If this doesn't change, I don't see an increase in people coming out. Same with the sports world. The corporate world rewards bearding and often demands it before opportunities are given.

by George C.reply 201/19/2018

R1 I'm also absolutely against the closet (with maybe the one exception: you live in a country where being gay is illegal and you'll be prisoned or death-sentenced). I've also noticed that a lot of people seem to glorify the closet - especially when it comes to celebrities. The guessing-game is what excites them, the "mystery" - once someone comes out they lose interest. The likes of Clooney & Co - they disgust me. They're huge enough not to have a coming out threaten what they have in any way, they could actually encourage others to come out too but instead they decide to hide all their damn life, and with a smug smile on their faces no less.

by George C.reply 301/19/2018

R2 If some huge names - those who are already too big to have Hollywood ditch them without a second thought - refused to play this game things would change tho. The industry won't change what works well for them if there is no pressure to do so, it's the HW big names that could make a change.

by George C.reply 401/19/2018

okay, you're a gay guy 24 to 34 or around there and you land a nighttime series as the hot guy who's paired with the hot girl.

And you're gay.

Do you come out? and then your character is written out and you never work again b/c casting people don't think you're convincing as a hetero?

or you stay in, run out the five years on the show, invest wisely and never have to worry about money again.

by George C.reply 501/19/2018

R4, but from what I see, that Hollywood actor would never have been given the opportunity to become "big" if they didn't first agree to beard.

Someone who already agreed to sign up for marriage and kids as part of the deal to be given an opportunity to become a huge star isn't then going to turn around and drop the charade. The deal has already been made and there are other people involved.

by George C.reply 601/19/2018

and then what's next; so you're out; are you involved? are you a top or bottom?

Your fans need to know!

by George C.reply 701/19/2018

OP, it depends on whether the actor has made "the final deal". Those who do are unlikely to come out.

by George C.reply 801/19/2018

R8 What do you mean with that? Marrying the beard and getting kids?

by George C.reply 901/19/2018

This thread is filled with self-hating gays who seem to think being gay is a disease and you should therefore never mention having it to anyone.

by George C.reply 1001/19/2018

Yes, R9.

by George C.reply 1101/19/2018

I wonder what the reaction would be if someone like Clooney came out. After bearding for decades, publicly getting married and parading kids around. Would people call him brave or pathetic for lying for so long?

by George C.reply 1201/19/2018

R12 I don't think people would react positively because the act was taken too far.

by George C.reply 1301/19/2018

R12 The SJW (straight teenagers) would surely celebrate him, but their standards are non-existent.

by George C.reply 1401/19/2018

I remember some German late night dude outing Clooney live on TV once and everyone around him got super quiet and flustered, you could tell that no one was surprised but everybody was shocked he said it out loud and would try to brush it over by talking about all kind of random shit afterwards so people would 'forget' the comment. The Clooney play is by far the most embarrassing of them all since absolutely everybody knows he's gay and still happily plays along, congratulating him on the marriage and kids and his lovely straight life.

by George C.reply 1501/19/2018

R12, he'd be called pathetic, proving gays who come out can never win.

They do it too early and nobody cares or the response is 'gurrlll, we could see your gayness from space!"

Or they do it too late and are chastised for it.

People come out when they're ready.

by George C.reply 1601/20/2018

They should come out. Especially if they're young. Who needs a career?

by George C.reply 1701/20/2018

It's acting youre fucking pretending to be someone else being gay should not matter!!

by George C.reply 1801/20/2018

The most pathetic closet cases are the ones who are washed up. Guys like Hayden Christensen who refuse to come out in case their career might take off again are the worst IMO.

by George C.reply 1901/20/2018

R19, yes, but if he came out now he'd be criticized for coming out when nobody cares. It's a lose/lose situation

by George C.reply 2001/20/2018

Where is Matt Damon when you need him?

by George C.reply 2101/20/2018

A lot of these guys would get excoriated by fans as liars and frauds. Even though we all know they would have lost their careers if they hadn’t obeyed the Hollywood system. People are mostly too dense to understand the way Hollywood actually works. Maybe the timesup movement and revealing the town as it really is can help the gays eventually.

by George C.reply 2201/20/2018

I disagree. I think actors like Christensen would be supported if they finally came out. They're all hoping for a career revival at some point, and don't want to come out as gay in case it might jeopardise that.

by George C.reply 2301/20/2018

Every closeted gay man in Hollywood needs to come out

Offsite Link
by George C.reply 2401/20/2018

Well maybe some of the current closet cases will do it Joel Grey style and come out at age 80 when nobody really cares about it anymore.

by George C.reply 2501/21/2018

Why is there this baseless insistence on Clooney being gay? I don't like him and don't care. I have a friend in NY who said one of her voice students, female, had a fling with him.

by George C.reply 2601/21/2018

If you want a major career as an actor in Hollywood or TV coming out from the get go is completely idiotic.

Life is not fair and as an actor and in creating an image sacrifices have to be made. If you're not going to want to limit yourself to the stage then you've got to fill the fantasies of the majority of the audience you're working for.

For those outraged by this try spreading your ideals on a cracker.

by George C.reply 2701/21/2018

Like it or not we still live in a world of make believe and fantasy.

We talk about actors coming out. But let’s be honest here. Most out people who are known to Datalounge are continuously put down, mocked and ridiculed.

Before even a Diver like Tom Daley came out , there were threads about hot he was and if he was or wasn’t Gay. Most seemed to think he was BI. Then he came out and so did the daggers. We ripped him down faster than we could write threads about him.

He went out with the wrong person. He should have gone out with someone more age appropriate. He was a famewhore etc. But his supposedly straight team mate Chris Mears? Well he is a hunk etc , until he comes out.

I am sorry but a star , as opposed to a stage actor is not going to survive in many cases. Things will change, but my mother, who adored Rock Hudson , cannot watch a movie of his without laughing.

Until this changes you have the Closet

Movie Stars also are a business with many people buying into their stock , so to speak. Agents would be very invested in keeping a major actor in the closet.

I am just stating my opinion here.

by George C.reply 2801/21/2018

I think it will never change as long as romcoms are produced for straight women and marvel movies are still popular among straight men, the closet will remain. This is why the tabloid business is a multi billion dollar empire because fantasy about celebs are been sold to millions of gullible fraus. Also visit any click bait frau central gossip sites, it is mostly about so and so "straight entertainer" dating or engaged to a famous female celeb and straight women fans go crazy arguing among themselves about if they are right for each other or they are soulmates. It is not just movies but in music and showbusiness in general.

by George C.reply 2901/21/2018

I think R28 pretty much covered it.

by George C.reply 3001/21/2018

R16, maybe; but I have no lover to hold me at night.

one guy I was with called it a Billy Club; he was trying to help my self-esteem.

I'm just trying to meet someone taller with a big chest and arms; someone who is kind to small children, animals and waitresses; has a sense of humor and 'gets' me

by George C.reply 3101/21/2018


R31 post was meant for the too small gay dating pool

by George C.reply 3201/21/2018

OP, contrary to most gay men's belief EVERYBODY hates the gays. Including most gays. These guys need an income. Case closed.

by George C.reply 3301/21/2018

OP, Some who beard even if they follow through with "marriage" and kids via surrogate are so obvious in their fakery that they couldn't scream any louder that they're not straight and not totally het. I've said on DL before that managers need to start a "Bearding School" to teach actors and their arranged partners how to not look totally foolish when they're supposed to be posing together as a couple. I mean how many clearly made up tales does one need to leak to the paps of how Mr. Movie Star and his contract met and magically experienced instant, lifelong bliss? If that doesn't scream LIAR I don't know what would do so.

by George C.reply 3401/21/2018

Hollywood is built on lies and fake images. And you are only allowed to join their game when you lie and take on a fake image in order to sell stuff.

Sure, you can be openly gay in Hollywood, but you will not come close to get as rich and famous as the straight guys or the closet cases willing to play by the rules.

[quote]Do you understand why they're not coming out?

I most certainly can when I read all the "Who? He's a nobody!", "Why couldn't it be ...?", "Fuck him!", "What a loser! Obviously his career is in the toilet so he has nothing to lose by coming out!" comments when a celeb comes out.

by George C.reply 3501/21/2018

R26, DL doesn't officially recognize male bisexuals nor those who are gay today but at one time in their past were gay.

I could also reveal similar stories to yours with a lot more intimate details but DL always shoots it down as unproveable gossip.

by George C.reply 3601/21/2018

"DL" blow me off, or doesn't answer, when I've asked in the threads (CRUISING) how they knew that Richard Cox (actor who played the Columbia student in Cruising) was gay.....and by the way, you have tons of threads about KEVIN SPACEY, is he a "scapegoat" ?.......I don't understand that big "silence".

by George C.reply 3701/21/2018

Maybe because he is one of the most underrated actor in the USA....And who cares about him!!!??????

by George C.reply 3801/28/2018

How's Chastain's "marriage" going? They always look so happy...apart.

by George C.reply 3901/28/2018

In the 80's and 90's I thought they should come out but now I am old and I really don't think actors trying to make a living owe gay rights or anybody, anything as for declaring their sexual prefences. Not my profession, I don't know the stakes and rules. They can do whatever works for them.

If they come and never make it big, thats sort of sad for me because there won't be any gay actors in big productions and big productions are what I consume. Now the gay ones get to work and I get to enjoy them. Maybe Brad Pitt is bi - at this point I am glad I got to watch him in movies that maybe he would never have made if he had sabotaged his career.

by George C.reply 4001/28/2018

R5 "or you stay in, run out the five years on the show, invest wisely and never have to worry about money again."

Good point for financially savvy people in the real world, but no actor is smart enough to save and invest. They could be pulling in a few hundred thou for each year on a successful show, but they always spend it all. Maybe the high-flying lifestyle of celeb is too tasty to return to a normal life where you actually pay attention to $$ spent.

Never heard of a has-been actor doing a normal job like accountant either. Except the child actor Charlie from Charlie and the chocolate factory (1960s) became a farm vet. But that's for a different thread.

by George C.reply 4101/28/2018

Even nowadays, Gay actors don't come out because they know that they can disappoint their "fans". That's why they "play" the straight man : they married women, they adopt children or they look

for surrogate mothers, women beard for them etc etc........And when there are many "gossips about their gay relationships" they come out as "Bisexuals"...which is pathetic!!!!!

by George C.reply 4202/03/2018

keanu is a closet case and since he usually stays out of the public eye, most people have no interest and no clue. Tomorrow he has a commercial running on the Super Bowl.

by George C.reply 4302/03/2018

Sometimes, people is not interested anymore not because the artist is in the "closet", but because the talent is not very "present"...KEVIN SPACEY was in the closet for many years and the public was very found of him and not only in the USA but around the world (SPACEY is very "loved and admired" in Europe).

by George C.reply 4402/03/2018

I love Spacey and I don't see a problem with him, unless he actually raped some young guy.

by George C.reply 4502/03/2018

You shouldn't use words like "rape" because justice didn't judge him yet and if you think about A.RAPP when you say that, it's easier to accuse someone 30 years later!!!!! Rapp is a "drama queen".

by George C.reply 4602/03/2018


by George C.reply 4702/03/2018

Some people like to seduce celebrities and when they don't get what they want ( a job in the entertainment, for instance ) you have a torrent of sexual accusations. That's why we should be careful.

by George C.reply 4802/03/2018

Women 'beard' for straight men all the time and have been doing it from time in memoriam.

In other words marrying men who don't love them and they don't love them in return. But there are often social and professional pressures which society places on people so that things are smoother for both parties who marry navigating financial and cultural expectations.

Don't just dump this on ambitious queers and the women they marry.

by George C.reply 4902/03/2018

On the one hand marrying simply for the money seems fine but they often bring children into the mix.

I never thought Clooney was gay, even though I knew he contracted his models...why did he marry this particular woman...what is his plan? Are those really his test tube babies? He is kind of old.

by George C.reply 5002/03/2018

Straight women who marry men only for money is very ordinary and since ever.....(R49) but everybody knows "bearding" is the favorite gay sport : Rock Hudson married a woman, Elton John married a woman etc..... Women beard most of the time for gay men, it has always been like that.

by George C.reply 5102/03/2018

"Before even a Diver like Tom Daley came out , there were threads about hot he was and if he was or wasn’t Gay. Most seemed to think he was BI."

No one thought he was "bi" except maybe fangurls. Gay men knew he was gay.

"I love Spacey and I don't see a problem with him, unless he actually raped some young guy."

Have you been in a coma since October? He's a predator and a child molester.

by George C.reply 5202/04/2018

A "child" ?????? how old is a "child" for you ? because when you are a teenager you are not a child anymore and by the way, in FRANCE when you are 15 years old, you can live your sexuality as you like and which who you want..... "All is relative".

by George C.reply 5302/04/2018

R53 that may be but guys' brains don't fully mature until they're mid 20s.

Some people are ready for sex at earlier ages than others are.

Guys who are looking for just sex, if they're attractive enough, can find it at most ages.

But some guys are looking for love, they're looking for someone who isn't going to fuck them and never call again; some guys aren't emotionally mature enough t handle sex.

And predators look for those guys because they're easier to get into bed.

It's pretty fucked up to take advantage of someone you know isn't ready for sex.

by George C.reply 5402/04/2018

I'm choked by the word "rap" because if some people, here, would know (unfortunately) what is a rap they wouldn't call KEVIN SPECEY a "rapist".... He can be a "molester", whatever, but not a rapist. He doesn't need it...

by George C.reply 5502/04/2018

Don't look at me R8

Offsite Link
by George C.reply 5603/10/2018

Nor me either R8

Offsite Link
by George C.reply 5703/10/2018

And me too R8

Offsite Link
by George C.reply 5803/10/2018

I hate the closet, and I hate that some people feel the have to stay there. But of the Hollywood cases, some of them might be staying closeted for personal rather than finance or career reasons. Family or whatever. Closets who go out of their way to pretend being straight, or who attack us can go get fucked though.

by George C.reply 5903/10/2018

Keanu isn't gay and has never bearded as far as I know. He doesn't care what people think.

by George C.reply 6003/10/2018

When you see where the "closet" led Kevin SPACEY....

by George C.reply 6101/20/2019

R57 Billy's wife is not bearding. She is hot and loves him. Billy on the other hand......

by George C.reply 6201/20/2019

Tom Cruise Val Kilmer Jake Gyllenhal

Tom Hanks Ryan Reynolds Kirstey Alley

Tom Selleck Matt Damon

Ben Affleck John Travolta

by George C.reply 6301/20/2019

Kirstey loves The BBC honey. Tammy is not gay either. Tom and Rita are for real.

by George C.reply 6401/20/2019

How sad for gay actors, unable to live their true lives because of the stigma of being homosexual! I'm hear gays and I support and love u always!

by George C.reply 6501/20/2019

Hollywood as an entity doesn’t give a shit whether an actor is gay or not, but Hollywood films are increasingly being financed by Asian companies — and Asian countries will NOT tolerate out gay actors. If they’re known to be gay, either the financing gets pulled, countries can ban the showing of films, or audiences stay away. Asia is so lucrative that no Hollywood production company is going to risk losing that source of income. Tom Cruise is still the top-grossing movie star in Asia, which says something.

Being out is removing oneself from the A list, or the possibility thereof, so it’s not surprising that many gay actors would rather be gay socially and not professionally. It’s a business choice, not a political one.

Speaking as a gay man, I personally don’t care if a gay actor is out or not. It’s no longer necessary or relevant.

by George C.reply 6601/20/2019

O.K but how do you (DL) manage to know who is a "closet case" and of course, who is gay (although when the man is married with a woman) ?

by George C.reply 6701/26/2019

Hugh and Debbie Jackman have been ripped on DL for ages. They have a loving long lasting marriage. How dare you all lambast them for having a supposed lavender marriage.

by George C.reply 6801/26/2019

Donovan Scott - the bear who played cadet Barbara in the original Police Academy - among other things. More like glass closet, I guess,

by George C.reply 6904/14/2020

I respect anyone who comes out of the closet or chooses to stay in it. As an actor, it is is no ones business regarding their sexuality. Since when does sexuality define someone?

by George C.reply 7004/14/2020

Poor Asians. They get blamed for everything.

White people, am I right?

by George C.reply 7104/14/2020

[Quote] Since when does sexuality define someone?


by George C.reply 7204/15/2020

There aren't that many closet cases to begin with. Homosexuality isn't as common as DL fantasises. Those who stay in the closet don't want being gay to alienate potential audiences or be locked out of certain roles. As long as they aren't knocking cocks out of your mouths, why do you care?

by George C.reply 7304/15/2020

Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, Tom Selleck..all closet cases.

by George C.reply 7404/15/2020

DL takes comfort in believing that certain people are gay who are not. But it doesn't matter because it doesn't affect their lives in any real way.

by George C.reply 7504/15/2020

It's always the guys they're desperate to fuck too. Tom Cruise is a cult head so he probably is just gulping cum all day for Xenu. Meanwhile rightwing gun nut Tom Selleck is a has been. Nobody needs him on the team.

But Keanu is a schizoid aka the hermit disorder. Doubtful that at his age after not giving a shit his whole career he's decided to take up bearding with that white haired woman. More likely that like most schizoids he has little to no sex drive and no desire to be around people for extended periods. She probably gets that and that's why she's the chosen one.

by George C.reply 7604/15/2020

[quote]Personally I'm torn.

Pics please.

by George C.reply 7704/15/2020

Closeting will not end anytime soon. Everything is shut down for another month, then projects are being cancelled or postponed, movie theaters are going to close, the whole entertainment industry will have to change to fit the pandemicing world.

So work for actors is going to be harder to find than ever, and no actor is going to do anything that might prove to be a disadvantage. The closet doors will stay shut.

by George C.reply 7804/15/2020

Actors pretend to be who they are not; or neglect to mention who they actually are, in order to be “accepted” by the perceived prevailing norms. To get jobs.

It’s not just gay actors that “closet” the fact they aren’t straight.

There are actors who’ve closeted the fact they are Jews.

Hell, in his Tony acceptance speech, Tony Shalhoub bemoaned actors having to closet the fact that they are Arab.

by George C.reply 7904/15/2020

People closet their plastic surgery and lipo and mental illnesses and stripper pasts (hi Amber Heard) and sex work and former relationships and ethnicities and race etc etc. It's your life, you don't have to share anything with anyone.

by George C.reply 8004/15/2020

If someone like Travolta had followed your advise, he would have ended up an air steward and then as he aged out, endes up a struggling masseur. Move strategically kids. There's no medals for coming out. Be smart about when where and how..

by George C.reply 8104/15/2020

amber heard is such a sociopath.

by George C.reply 8204/15/2020

Were it not for DL, I would never have known about Thom Selleck.

by George C.reply 8309/04/2020

If they are trying to be romantic leading men, they can't come out and continue being romantic leading men.

As sad a commentary on Hollywood and the film-going public as that is, it's the truth. I won't ask someone to sacrifice his career for who he is and who he loves.

by George C.reply 8409/04/2020

I just read a headline that Zac Efron has a new girlfriend...

by George C.reply 8509/06/2020

r3, Isn't George Clooney married to a woman. I'm not being green here, but what guys has he been linked to. Is it because he's hot and didn't get married until in his 50s. He seems to be very self righteous and a die hard progressive. I doubt he'd live a lie.

by George C.reply 8609/06/2020

99 percent of actors are gay so,no, they should not come out of closet because it would devastate industry and humiliate America. Stop being entitled. It's a privilege for a minority to be allowed to exist. Not to mention it would humiliate their families. Go see a therapist . Mathew Broderick was at the beach with Sarah this weekend. Convincing couple. Not sure why that hag wants more sun damage though.

by George C.reply 8709/06/2020

Think of the level of contempt there is for Travolta. People want to believe the stars have very romantic lives. People care more about off screen life of actors than that on screen. Tons of people followed the Selena Gomez Justin Bieber romance. People would be disgusted if they knew the truth.

by George C.reply 8809/06/2020

PR Rep @ r86 trying to engage a poster from 2018 and working on a holiday weekend.

by George C.reply 8909/06/2020

Anything you want in your fantasy world, R12.

Matt Bomer seems to be a very good example of how this can work. Wasn't he closeted publicly but known to be gay in the industry when he was cast in White Collar? And then he gradually became more open about it.

by George C.reply 9009/06/2020

Here's a revelation: I have no opinion about how other people choose to live their lives.

by George C.reply 9109/06/2020

[Quote] Tons of people followed the Selena Gomez Justin Bieber romance. People would be disgusted if they knew the truth.

Two drug addicts who were taken advantage of in their pre-teen years.

by George C.reply 9209/07/2020

What's the deal with James Corden?

by George C.reply 9309/08/2020

R93 he’s gross, fug, unpleasant, and exceedingly poor at his job?

by George C.reply 9409/08/2020

[quote] If they are trying to be romantic leading men, they can't come out and continue being romantic leading men.

See, this logic doesn’t hold.

Look at, say, George Michael. He still had hordes of female fans after he came out. GM concerts in the 00s were replete with females in the crowd cheering and crying.

These people are knowingly held up as fantasy figures. It’s a kind of wilful self-aware cognitive dissonance to watch a performer act or sing or dance heterosexually, and still acknowledge they are unattainable whether because of their orientation or some other reason.

by George C.reply 9509/08/2020

Was C0rden out at some point? Thought I read that on a thread awhile back.

by George C.reply 9609/11/2020

that cooper man from str is born of course

by George C.reply 9709/11/2020

Kenneth Branagh the actor/director so rumor has it

by George C.reply 9809/11/2020

R95. Just like Asia likes its leading men to be on the whiter end of the spectrum they also like their leading men to be straight. It is one of the biggest foreign markets for movies. The actors are told to be in the closet. Every time an actor has been ' caught' with an escort or porn star it is 9 times out of ten a cover for gay rumours. The Asian market can handle pornstars and escorts it is actually seen as a masculine thing to be admired. Being gay no.

by George C.reply 9909/11/2020

"Humiliate America" and "their families"? Stfu R87, you homophobic POS.

by George C.reply 10009/11/2020

"The SJW (straight teenagers) would surely celebrate him, but their standards are non-existent."

Whining about SJWs makes you look like a deplorable. Conservatives like you are to blame for homophobia, not "SJWs"

by George C.reply 10109/11/2020

Marishka and her husband.

by George C.reply 10209/17/2020

Um, hello, George is straight. Get over it, bitches, and move on.

by George C.reply 10309/17/2020

"Look at, say, George Michael. He still had hordes of female fans after he came out. GM concerts in the 00s were replete with females in the crowd cheering and crying."

He wasn't a movie star, though. It's completely different for a pop star. You can be a gay or bi pop star and still have a successful career.

by George C.reply 10409/17/2020

Yes, George is the straightest straight whoever straighted.

Offsite Link
by George C.reply 10509/17/2020

What about O and Gail?

by George C.reply 10609/21/2020

Lucy L iu?

Sandy O h?

by George C.reply 10709/23/2020

Richard Madden

by George C.reply 10809/23/2020

[quote] Every time an actor has been ' caught' with an escort or porn star it is 9 times out of ten a cover for gay rumours. The Asian market can handle pornstars and escorts it is actually seen as a masculine thing to be admired. Being gay no.

Indeed. I still remember my poor dear drinking partner Matsujun becoming embroiled in such a scandal. He came out looking rather grubby and shamefaced. Pity, he was talented sometimes.

Offsite Link
by George C.reply 10909/23/2020

Hugh Grant

by George C.reply 11009/23/2020

Patrick Duffy

by George C.reply 11109/23/2020

R107 Lucy has rumours. Never heard anything about Sandra.

by George C.reply 11209/23/2020

Amber Heard very well may be a sociopath, but she also encouraged the many gay men in Hollywood she knows "personally" to come out so audiences would realize how many of their fave leading men were cock gobblers. From her 2017 interview with E!:

"I stand here now amongst many of my romantic leading lady peers who are out and fluid... I'm one of many now, and I'm working... If every gay man that I know personally in Hollywood came out tomorrow, then this would be a non-issue in a month."

Offsite Link
by George C.reply 11309/23/2020

R110 first I’ve heard of it.

by George C.reply 11409/24/2020

randy fuks george up the ass hole?

by George C.reply 11509/24/2020

Emma Stone

by George C.reply 11609/24/2020

Depp is clearly gay. Amber tried to blackmail him but he called her bluff and no one believes her and nobody will Hire her. Maybe she didn't understand that every leading man is bearding.

by George C.reply 11709/24/2020

Actors,by definition, are gay. They don't need to come out.

by George C.reply 11809/24/2020

This thread clearly exemplifies why some gays choose to stay in the closet.

Why do gays so viciously choose to hate other gays? How others live their lives really isn't your concern.

by George C.reply 11909/24/2020

I only comment on those who are garish in their bearding like chicken hawk George.

by George C.reply 12009/24/2020

Clooney is gross for endorsing and promoting disgusting corporations who use child labour, pushing twinks off cliffs, and ruining beautiful films with awful bit parts.

Gay or straight, he deserves what he gets.

by George C.reply 12109/24/2020

Clooney, not gay. Get over it, bitches.

by George C.reply 12209/24/2020

Can someone link to one of the alleged reports of these twinks "falling off" cliffs near Clooney's home?

by George C.reply 12309/24/2020

Has George's PR arrived? They like to ask for "links".

by George C.reply 12409/24/2020

R25 I can’t believe Joel Grey didn’t think people knew he was gay. JG=nice jewish boy from Cleveland, ME=nice Jewish boy from Cleveland, though of a much younger generation. It’s a very insular community and there are no secrets. I’ve known since high school in the 70s. Big deal.

by George C.reply 12509/24/2020

[quote]ME=nice Jewish boy from Cleveland,

Who is 'ME'?

by George C.reply 12609/24/2020

R124_ Its a legitamate question. Because you lonely old pervets have deluded yourself into "knowing" this man is gay. He may very well be gay. But how do you know. What makes your truth more real than are very own eyes or logic. What gives? Are you living through Hollywood actors. This isn't some soap opera.

by George C.reply 12709/26/2020

^^^Perhaps your time would be better spent learning how to spell and proper English. You don't even know how to reference a previous post correctly.

by George C.reply 12809/26/2020

Here is the thing: Why do people NEED celebs to come out in the first place? Why do people need that validation that now, because a certain celebrity has come out, it's cool (or "ok") to be gay and not before the celebrity came out?

Here's what I believe: Nobody (celebrity or private person) should come out for someone else. Only when the secrecy is crushing your soul and you consider suicide as valid option it's better to come out, because no matter what happens after you come out it will not be worse than considering killing yourself. That way the coming out process will be a positive experience that will lead to a happier life. If you come out for someone else (or the Gay Community, for example) all you will see is the sacrifices you made and how little reward you receive for your brave act from those you came out for.

by George C.reply 12909/26/2020

But, my careeeeer...

by George C.reply 13009/26/2020

nobody who has any experience in Hollywood or around celebrity actors would claim 99% are gay. Anyone who tries to share information here based on personal experience with a straight actor will be mocked as a PR shill. 20-30% of all the actors you read on here who are definitely gay are actually straight.

by George C.reply 13109/26/2020

R131 it's very easy to tell if a celebrity is gay by scrutinizing their dating history. I know of no straight actors.

by George C.reply 13209/26/2020

r132 Your concept of dating history is flawed because what you really mean is "public dating history". Who people dated and did public appearances with or did interviews about. Most of the actual dating that goes on is below the radar and a lot of what you see is meant to be seen.

by George C.reply 13309/27/2020

R6 But they will regret it later in life because there is nothing more unattractive than paying child support because men are judged by how much they earn and having some beard that popped out your brats which now demands several thousand in child support can turn your life upside down.

It is also not necessary anymore because there are plenty of gay guys in hollywood who are in the closet and they either simply stay single or have some random model beard for the paparazzi.

We should also ackowledge that many came out recently anyway by saying they are pansexual because they are afraid to use the word bisexual because bisexual men are seen as gay... ok so they didn't really come out but it's a start and we schould commend them for that.

by George C.reply 13409/28/2020

R133 when they have kids together and raise them together, it's more than a publicity stunt.

by George C.reply 13509/28/2020

I just don't get DL's obsession with making George Clooney gay. He's always been an ally. I'm guessing its the older crowd. What gives?

by George C.reply 13609/28/2020

Does anyone believe that Clooney is attracted to Matt Damon's bulbous female ass?

Asking for a friend.

by George C.reply 13709/28/2020

Where's Waldo?

by George C.reply 13809/29/2020

R136 Clooney is too transparently gay. He is almost like Travolta. Gays hate gays.

by George C.reply 13909/29/2020

I thought he and Noah were adorable. It's a shame his pr stepped in and hired the french girl to deflect when they weren't being discreet. They could have been groundbreaking.

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by George C.reply 14009/29/2020

Jon voight is likely gay.

by George C.reply 14109/30/2020

What about Jamey Fox?

by George C.reply 14210/01/2020

r15's late night story is funny.

by George C.reply 14310/09/2020

Jimmy Kimmel. I always imagine him enjoy sex with young guy. And I know I am damn right.

by George C.reply 14410/09/2020

R143 but which late night dude was it?

by George C.reply 14510/09/2020

M@tt LeBl@nc

by George C.reply 14610/13/2020

The tea is Riz Ahmed is bi, yet others claim he's gay. If that's the case, I cannot comprehend why this idiot hides his GFs. He brings these women to show business events, then demands they stand in the wings with his publicist.

by George C.reply 14710/13/2020

Because of the Asian market, no actor has financial interest in coming out.

by George C.reply 14810/15/2020

Excuse Me?

Offsite Link
by George C.reply 14910/15/2020

[quote]Clooney is gross for endorsing and promoting disgusting corporations who use child labour, pushing twinks off cliffs, and ruining beautiful films with awful bit parts. Gay or straight, he deserves what he gets.

He ruined [italic]Tomorrowland[/italic]. I couldn't get past the first hour of that mess. Someone remake it without him and with a screenwriter who doesn't waste the whole first act on overwritten backstories.

by George C.reply 15010/15/2020

R150 I completely forgot about that movie. Sounds like i didn't miss much.

by George C.reply 15110/16/2020

Julia Roberts - she is married to a man but technically she is gay. She is, in fact, Steven Tyler in disguise.

by George C.reply 15210/16/2020

[quote][R150] I completely forgot about that movie. Sounds like i didn't miss much.

On what planet is riding the most annoying Walt-era Disneyland ride with the most annoying former [italic]Facts of Life[/italic] cast member (yes, I include Pippa in that statement) a selling point?

by George C.reply 15310/16/2020

R153 beats me 🤷🏽‍♂️

by George C.reply 15410/16/2020


You’re the biggest douchebag.

by George C.reply 15510/16/2020

R152 it's amazing how many Hollywood family members are gay. It's like gay is 100 percent genetic. Lesbians are so perky. The level of dishonesty.

by George C.reply 15610/16/2020

Klaus Kinski

by George C.reply 15710/17/2020

Riz Ahmed is involved with the male British VOGUE editor.

by George C.reply 158Last Friday at 1:49 PM

R28 I'm like your mother. I can't take Rock Hudson seriously.

A stupid name. And thankfully he stuck to comedies rather than dramas.

by George C.reply 159Last Friday at 2:11 PM

Dack Rambo

by George C.reply 160Last Friday at 5:31 PM

r160 God he was dreamy!!! But I thought he was openly bisexual? No?

by George C.reply 161Last Sunday at 8:45 PM

Towards the end of his life he was openly gay. Saw him on Donahue or something like that talking about AIDS. Scared me silly as a teen.

by George C.reply 162Last Sunday at 10:07 PM

Thank you r162

by George C.reply 163Last Sunday at 10:49 PM

Oh, Dack! I hardly knew you.

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by George C.reply 164Last Sunday at 10:53 PM

[quote][R131] it's very easy to tell if a celebrity is gay by scrutinizing their dating history. I know of no straight actors.

What about Paul Rudd and Zach Galifianakis?

by George C.reply 165Last Sunday at 11:00 PM

david muir!

by George C.reply 166Last Sunday at 11:02 PM

Here is a list of famous closet cases based on my highly accurate gaydar: Tom Holland - gay boy with daddy issue, take one to know on, bitch Robert Downey Jr - Bisexual Jimmy Kimmel - bisexual and love young boy and girl, over 20 of course Stephen Colbert - straight but experience gay sex in college John Mayer - Bisexual and love twink Lindsey Graham - gay and a twink at heart Paul Ryan - gay and love people his age - he is those who use body pic as profile pic on Grindr Christina Aguilera - bisexual Alicia Keys - straight but look like a lesbian in 2002-2003 Mike Pence - gay and love a young men called him daddy in bed Juliet Roberts - gay. Yes, she is married to a man, but she is, in fact, Steven Tyler in disguise Matt Bomer - gay but turning straight, he straightness has been growing Henry Cavill - gay fabulous queen who LOVE straight dick Ben Shapiro - desperately using Jewish religion and conservatism to fight his gayness, he is a gay boy at heart Justin Bieber - straight but once have a very confusing time Matthew Mcconaughey - straight but had sex with men Caitlyn Jenner - straight? lesbian? a man? a woman? she is EVERYTHING

by George C.reply 167Last Monday at 1:49 AM

Yes, acting is by definition......acting. But the willing suspension of disbelief by the audience can yet be intruded upon by TMI about the actors.

by George C.reply 168Last Monday at 2:14 AM

R165 both comedians but pretty obvious gays

by George C.reply 169Last Monday at 3:54 AM

I admire those who know Justin is gay. He fooled me completely with all his kissing of selena Gomez. Once I knew Gomez was hardcore lesbian I suspected Justin and then he moved onto another lesbian. He's very unhappy and candidate for suicide.

by George C.reply 170Last Monday at 3:58 AM

[Quote] Once I knew Gomez was hardcore lesbian I suspected Justin and then he moved onto another lesbian.

Except she's not and neither is Hailey.

by George C.reply 171Last Monday at 4:24 AM

R171 All of selenas friends are lesbians including swift. Hailey is gay and mist if the Baldwin family is gay.

by George C.reply 172Last Monday at 7:01 AM

R172 keep digging that hole.

by George C.reply 173Last Monday at 3:26 PM

R173 lots of people think Justin is gay. Research girl Has documented the lesbian lives of all the girls in Selena's life. I had no clue that Selena was a lesbian until research girl spelled it out. Selena dates gay men just like Taylor. Every major female singer is a lesbian.

by George C.reply 174Last Monday at 6:02 PM

R174 Stop reaching.

You can suspect Justin is gay, but don't go so far as claiming all the major female singers are lesbians.

by George C.reply 175Last Monday at 11:11 PM

R174 Stop reaching.

You can suspect Justin is gay, but don't go so far as claiming all the major female singers are lesbians.

by George C.reply 176Last Monday at 11:11 PM

R144 Jimmy Kimmel is so sexy. I would love to suck and milk his cock dry. Such a hot daddy.

by George C.reply 17721 hours ago
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