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I love Kylie Minogue

I have loved her since the first time I heard "I Should Be So Lucky" on the radio in the summer of 1988 on a radio station in Columbus, Ohio. Love you, Kylie!

by BBreply 8605/17/2018

Same here, even down to hearing her in a small city in the Midwest. I'm thrilled she's had such an interesting career.

by BBreply 112/02/2017

[quote] Love you, Kylie!

Why are there so many straight guys on DL these days?

by BBreply 212/02/2017

Straight guys don't even know who Kylie Minogue is. At least in the U.S., R2.

by BBreply 312/02/2017

she's as authentic as styrofoam!

by BBreply 412/02/2017

Don't forget how it all started. Her sister was the big well-known name down under and got her her first singing gig. She was the tiny, shy one. This video (despite the horrendous vocalizations and hair) show she was the one who possessed effortless star quality.

by BBreply 512/02/2017

Ick! so does my spouse.

by BBreply 612/02/2017

[R5] Surely Kylie was the better known of the two for her role on Neighbours?

by BBreply 712/02/2017

R5, I think it was that understated quality that always drew me to Kyllie. Yeah, she wanted to be a star, but she wasn't obnoxious about it, like Madonna.

by BBreply 812/02/2017

R7 Not really. Dannii was a popular child singer and actor from about 8 or 9 years old, and was groomed to be a teen star. Kylie was an adjunct who did some occasional acting, mostly because her parents thought it would be too damaging to her self esteem if she didn't keep up a little.

by BBreply 912/02/2017

R9, you obviously know much more about this than I do. I have heard and liked some of Dannii's recordings, bur being from the U.S., I didn't know the backstory. I'm sorry she was the one who passed over. In any event, I'm still Kylie's biggest fan. But not in the Kathy Bates /Misery way.

by BBreply 1012/02/2017

Kylie assaulted me in 1991.


by BBreply 1112/02/2017

Not really a diehard Kylie fan though I do really like her work in the 90s. Confide in me is great and her duet with Nick Cave is fantastic.

Coincidentally I'm watching 1986 episodes of Neighbours and I'm still surprised she managed to get so big from the role. The Jason Donovan version of Scott is crap compared to the brooding Darius Perkins version and Charlene whilst a fun character doesn't have the it factor. God I love watching that old cunt Nell Mangle. Nell would have been home on DL.

by BBreply 1212/02/2017

Vous êtes jamais seuls

Vous savez ce qu'il faut faire

Ne laissez pas tomber votre nation

La disco a besoin de vous!

by BBreply 1312/02/2017


by BBreply 1412/02/2017

I think I like this era of Kylie best. She was around 35, and most of her big successes were behind her already. She sort of found a balance between the edgy sound she wanted and the fluffy Stock Aitken Waterman sound. This track won her only Grammy trophy; for Best Dance.

by BBreply 1512/02/2017

Is Kylie a lesbian? I always wondered about that. Oddly, as a gay man, all of my female heroes have been lesbians : Joan Jett , Olivia Newton John, Helen Reddy, Debbie Harry (bi, I believe, Anne Murray, Suzi Quatro, Stevie Nicks (always thought she was bi), the wonderful Dusty Springfiield, Whitney Fucking Houston,, et al.

by BBreply 1612/02/2017

And if Chrissie Hynde isn't a lesbian, she sure fooled me. And God bless her. She got me through being a sad, bullied, gay boy from 1980-1982.

by BBreply 1712/02/2017

They're have ALWAYS been rumors. I don't think she is, she has a "type" of male she prefers. Brooding, butch, good looking... And a little rugged around the edges. She likes quiet and masculine guys.

by BBreply 1812/02/2017

*There have

by BBreply 1912/02/2017

OP here: I dont' know her at all, but Chrissie Hynde and the first three Pretenders albums gave me so much hope. Maybe even prevented something drastic. Love you, Chrissie. Remember seeing you in 1986 when you gave the crowd hell for not getting into Iggy Pop, the opening act.

by BBreply 2012/02/2017

r16 I always thought Kylie was suspect, though there isn't any real basis for it....

by BBreply 2112/02/2017

Dannii was successful in her own right, just less so than Kylie.

It was always amusing to see Kylie's peak success occurred in her 30s - she was 31 when Light Years came out and she managed to sustain it until 2005. Arguably, she could have extended her peak if she hadn't got cancer, which is pretty much where it ended.

With that said, All The Lovers could have been a bigger hit if it hadn't been screwed up by Polygram.

by BBreply 2212/02/2017

Why do gays have such horrible music taste?

by BBreply 2312/02/2017

I could listen to this playlist for eternity

Your Disco Needs You

Confide In Me

What Do I Have To Do

Better The Devil You Know

The One

Get Outta My Way

Can't Get You Out Of My Head

Kiss Me Once

Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi

Step Back In Time

Put Yourself In My Place

Disco Down

Never Too Late

Love At First Sight

Put Your Hands Up


It's No Secret

Hand On Your Heart

All The Lovers

I Believe In You



I Should Be So Lucky

by BBreply 2412/02/2017

[quote] Put Yourself In My Place

That's a great forgotten number from her!

by BBreply 2512/02/2017

R23,"Why do gays have such horrible music taste?": What do you listen to? Taylor Swift? Selena Gomez? Some dumb-ass country bumpkin? Iif you do, that's fine. What's your problem?

by BBreply 2612/02/2017

I loved TImebomb too, which wasn't a hit. To be honest, I think she's a little too long in the tooth to be getting big pop hits nowadays, like Madonna. Which is shame, but it's what it is.

by BBreply 2712/02/2017

That full version of PYIMP is the best one where she does the full Barbarella strip. It's her most gorgeous video. Jane Fonda and Ann-Margret were her role models at the time.

by BBreply 2812/02/2017

As a teen gayling, this was the moment when I really came around to liking her. When she transformed herself from the "girl next door Kylie" to the "sexy vixen Kylie."

by BBreply 2912/02/2017

[quote]Why do gays have such horrible music taste?

I don't know. I've been gay a long time and am now used to it.

they LOVE screechy gurls.

by BBreply 3012/02/2017

Honey, THIS is NOT a screechy gurl. And the gays adore her. And for good reason.

by BBreply 3112/02/2017

George Michael said Kylie only became a babe when she dated INXS' lead singer

by BBreply 3212/02/2017

This came out FOURTEEN years ago. There was NOTHING else like this then. Woman was ahead of her time. The vid was choreographed by Mickey Rooney's gay son.

by BBreply 3312/02/2017

Going all the way back to Jan' 1990 was the first unveiling of sexier Kylie in the video 'Tears on My Pillow', from The Delinquents soundtrack. It's a bog standard SAW sound. She looks a little different, like she did something to her face.

The bland guys the media set her up with then, like Jason Donovan and Charlie Schlatter were the opposite of the ones she was attracted to.

by BBreply 3412/02/2017

Love this little disco ditty she did with Giorgio Moroder a couple of years back...

by BBreply 3512/02/2017

Other than Can't Get You Out of My Head . . . it's all pretty "meh." I look at her sorta like Gaga: Just another bargain basement Madonna.

by BBreply 3612/02/2017

Kylie Minogue's acting debut in soap opera 'The Sullivans'.

by BBreply 3712/02/2017

Dannii was incredibly unattractive before she had all her facial features reshaped- eyes, cheekbones, nose, jaw and lips plus pretty big chest implants. She's barely transcended being the overly confident wannabe with a line at Kmart ....except now she has a range with Target Australia. Without starving herself, extensive plastic surgery, famewhoring and bearding for Simon Cowell she really would be nothing. Even when she married Julian Mcmahon, the trashy tabloid she did a deal with for the photos only put her on the cover if Kylie was in the shot. Then she and julian did interviews for the same trash mag when on their honeymoon!!

by BBreply 3812/02/2017

I think this sums it up.

by BBreply 3912/03/2017

my favorite 'old school' Kylie song is Turn it into Love, which was only released as a single in Japan

by BBreply 4012/03/2017

"All The Lovers" (2010)

by BBreply 4112/03/2017

She never got over michael hutchence and even when he was still alive (and seriously involved with helena then paula) would often talk about their rship in interviews- how he transformed her life and allowed her to blossom etc. Fuck knows how jason donovan would have felt hearing that as she never says anything nice about him. At least he managed to stay alive and if he did cheat on her (which is highly unlikely), he didn't do it publicly as hutchence was involved with SO MANY women during and at the end of his time with kylie before he took up with helena officially.

She was rumoured to be seriously involved with a woman in sydney for years quite a while ago but her first love will always be herself.

by BBreply 4212/04/2017

I love "Dangerous Game"

by BBreply 4312/04/2017

Kylie's career would have lasted longer if her music had aged along with her. You can't keep putting on gold hotpants and shaking your ass to teeny bopper music when you're in your 50s. It's very Baby Jane Hudson.

by BBreply 4412/04/2017

Dannii looks really good lately.

by BBreply 4512/04/2017

LOVE this one of hers

by BBreply 4612/04/2017

I've loved her since 2001 when I first saw Can't Get You Out of My Head on MTV. All of her SAW/PWL albums were re-issued a couple of years ago by Cherry Red/Cherry Pop in remastered 3 disc (2CD+DVD) deluxe editions.

by BBreply 4712/04/2017

Here's a tracklisting I made ages ago for a custom 4 disc Greatest Hits featuring all of her singles in chronological order:

Kylie Minogue The Complete Singles Collection (1987-2016)

CD 1:

1. Locomotion 2. I Should Be So Lucky 3. Got To Be Certain 4. The Loco-Motion (7" Version) 5. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourqoui 6. It's No Secret 7. Turn It Into Love 8. Made In Heaven 9. Especially For You 10. Hand On Your Heart 11. Wouldn't Change A Thing 12. Never Too Late 13. Tears On My Pillow 14. Better The Devil You Know 15. Step Back In Time 16. What Do I Have To Do? (7" Mix) 17. Shocked (DNA 7" Mix)

CD 2:

1. Word Is Out 2. If You Were With Me Now 3. Keep On Pumpin' It (Angelic Remix Edit) 4. Give Me Just A Little More Time 5. Finer Feelings (Brothers In Rhythm 7" Mix) 6. What Kind of Fool (Heard All That Before) 7. Celebration 8. Confide In Me 9. Put Yourself In My Place (Radio Mix) 10. Where Is The Feeling (BIR Dolphin Mix) 11. Where The Wild Roses Grow 12. German Bold Italic (Video Version) 13. Some Kind of Bliss (Radio Edit) 14. Did It Again (Radio Edit) 15. Breathe (Radio Edit) 16. Cowboy Style (Radio Edit)

CD 3:

1. Spinning Around 2. On A Night Like This 3. Kids (Radio Edit) 4. Please Stay 5. Your Disco Needs You (Casino Radio Mix) 6. Butterfly 7. Can't Get You Out of My Head 8. In Your Eyes 9. Love At First Sight 10. Come Into My World (Single Version) 11. Slow 12. Red Blooded Woman 13. Chocolate (Radio Edit) 14. Secret (Take You Home) 15. I Believe In You 16. Giving You Up

CD 4:

1. 2 Hearts 2. Wow 3. In My Arms 4. All I See 5. The One (Freemasons Edit) 6. All The Lovers 7. Get Outta My Way 8. Better Than Today 9. Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) 10. Timebomb 11. Flower 12. Skirt 13. Into The Blue 14. I Was Gonna Cancel 15. Only You 16. 100 Degrees 17. Every Day's Like Christmas 18. At Christmas 19. Wonderful Christmastime

by BBreply 4812/04/2017

R44, Kylie's fine, she sends her love.

I love her Night Fever cover.

by BBreply 4912/04/2017

Still fresh in the UK, Kylie is interviewed about her new single, Hand on Your Heart and TV show Neighbours.

by BBreply 5012/04/2017

I remember voraciously hating Motormouth, as it replaced the superlative No.73 (or 7t3 as it became).

by BBreply 5112/05/2017

Kylie’s pop always seemed fresh & inventive, but with a cheeky blush of familiar camp.

There was one summer in the UK when radio played ‘Wow’ every other song. And it was lit every time.

by BBreply 5212/05/2017

I saw Kylie's Christmas show at the Royal Albert Hall last year and it is one of the best shows I've ever seen. She really is a terrific performer. She is pure pop with a touch of camp. And she's made some excellent albums. I love Impossible Princess which is considered her Indie album but it is still classic Kylie. Light Years is a pop treasure and still sounds great today. Body Language has a great '80s R&B vibe to it, very underrated. And I love Aphrodite. Strong production by Stuart Price.

by BBreply 5312/05/2017

Those Christmas shows looked like such a fun experience, R53.

I think R52 nails it. In concert she manages to be part of sometimes ridiculous, over-the-top camp-fests, while somehow simultaneously remaining genuinely warm and grounded. She straddles that fine line of giving into the excess while slyly winking to us.

by BBreply 5412/05/2017

Kylie's original, non PWL version of The Locomotion, titled just "Locomotion" was her first Aussie hit. To me this version is better. Her voice is richer. Actually it's far better than any other vocal of hers. And I think under the mix I hear Wendy Matthews voice, especially on the "Yeeeeeaaah -YEAAAHHHH!!...." parts. Wendy was a much in demand Aussie-Canadian session singer who "ghost-tracked" for many popular artists. If a singer had not found "their own voice" Wendy would lay down vocal tracks and the star would sing over them karaoke style. That is how Cher did many of her albums with the original vocal guides were supplied by Wendy.

by BBreply 5512/05/2017

Holy fuck R55. Never thought I'd hear Wendy Matthews being mentioned on DL. I agree especially when it gets to the 'lot of soul' part. If you listen to Osamu Kitajima 'Willow Pattern' Wendy does sound eerily similar to Kylie on Locomotion in parts.

by BBreply 5612/06/2017

Wendy let the Cher thing out of the bag many years ago (she probably felt it was safe to let it slip it on Aussie tv ). When you listen to "If I Could Turn Back Time" it's Cher's voice impersonating Wendy. She mentioned supplying voice guides to many other well-known divas of the day and making a fortune out of it. I never really saw anything wrong with it, just comes down how you want to manage your studio time I suppose. But the difference between Kylie's first album (where SAW/PWL kind of left her voice raw and unprocessed to make her sound baby-like) and her demo voice is huge.

by BBreply 5712/06/2017

I never knew that. Thanks R57. I just listened to If I Could Turn Back Time and now I can't hear anything but Wendy Matthews voice. It's actually quite dominant. Sure Cher has her vocal quirks in there but the majority really sounds like Matthews. She has such a unique and powerful voice. It would also explain why Cher always sounds so different and uses a lot of help like autotune. Not saying she's a bad singer just uses the help that's provided.

Much preferred Locomotion to The Locomotion too. Locomotion was much more mature sounding compared to the really 80s pop 2nd version. Not surprised why the 2nd version took off. It fits the bubbly cutesy girl next door image she was marketed as since Charlene and Neighbours were so popular.

by BBreply 5812/06/2017

How Kylie got to be so lucky: the sometimes uphill battle of making her a star.

by BBreply 5912/06/2017

Not a big fan, but enjoyed Can't Get You Out of My Head and a few other tracks.

Can't Get You, in fact, really still sounds fresh and contemporary even today. Hard to believe that song is 15 years old.

Early stuff was not my cup of tea at all, though, and that's as polite as I can be.

by BBreply 6012/06/2017

We all do.

by BBreply 6112/06/2017

I also loved when Coldplay did this. So sweet.

by BBreply 6212/06/2017

This Kylie track is 20 years old now! (And is still great).

by BBreply 6312/06/2017

I remember seeing queens freaking out over this song as if they'd just done the biggest tina bump ever.

by BBreply 6412/06/2017

Loved this one too.

by BBreply 6512/06/2017

Her version of "The Locomotion" ain't shit!

by BBreply 6612/06/2017

Rupaul and Michelle were discussing madonna (Michelle's idol) on their podcast and Ru said he liked her look but is turned off by her snobby mean girl ness - he compared her attitude to Kylie's which is much more inclusive and friendly in a "let's have fun!" sort of way. After this thread and watching the posted videos (I'm American and only really know Can't Get You Outta My Head and Slow) I have to agree and kinda feel I missed out but I'm enjoying them now. Kylie is adorable

by BBreply 6712/06/2017

Dannie had a couple of great songs through the 90s, then a couple of really good dance hits in the early 2000s, then seemed to just ive it up. This was one of her better songs.

by BBreply 6812/06/2017

Dannii's greatest moment:

by BBreply 6912/06/2017

Speaking of Dannii, this is my absolute favorite Christmas disco sister duet...

by BBreply 7012/06/2017

Aw. How could you not like her...

by BBreply 7112/07/2017

Anyone know how Dannii (is that...really the spelling?) & Kylie get along nowadays?

by BBreply 7212/08/2017

R72, see R70.

by BBreply 7312/08/2017

R72, such a...1985 way of spelling a name. Very popular way of spelling with an Australian subculture known as bogans

by BBreply 7412/09/2017

Dannii's second finest moment, after You Won't Forget About Me

by BBreply 7512/09/2017

A friend of mine used to work at the BBC mostly on entertainment shows for kids. He worked with Kylie several times and described her as a total pro with no attitude. She’d hang out on set between takes and chat with the crew. She’d remember names after one meeting and greet those people with hugs. I’m not really a fan of her music outside of a few songs, but those stories have me a very positive view of her.

by BBreply 7612/09/2017

Kylie (along with Julian McMahon and Guy Pierce too) has a movie coming out about 70s suburbia. No wonder our parents were buying houses with rumpus rooms back then. They needed us out of their hair so they could bang each other. Awww the good old days.

by BBreply 7712/09/2017

R77 - ha! That looks hilarious. Kylie's usually so diplomatic, so this was a kinda fun moment...

by BBreply 7812/09/2017

R74 actually it’s the metal spelling.

by BBreply 7912/10/2017

Who else could get away with something this delightfully campy?

by BBreply 8012/13/2017

The Kylie Love Boys. Mmmmm

by BBreply 8102/22/2018

R78 what did she do?

by BBreply 8202/22/2018

childhood photo

by BBreply 8305/17/2018
by BBreply 8405/17/2018
by BBreply 8505/17/2018

Kylie Minogue - On A Night Like This - The Abbey Road Sessions

by BBreply 8605/17/2018
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