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Paris Shoes


by Lereply 2905/25/2018

I love shoes, and I love a lot of the shoes in that video, but all I could see is blisters and stink. For the love of God, why were NONE of those people wearing socks? Barefoot in wingtips? Ouch, and no.

by Lereply 111/29/2017

Oh my God, shoes.

by Lereply 211/29/2017

Shoe bump

by Lereply 311/30/2017

Shoes without socks is an old standard that’s been around forever in certain circles - primarily old money East Coast men. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it. Your criticism of it speaks of your rank.

by Lereply 411/30/2017


by Lereply 511/30/2017

R4, you sound ignorant. Foot odor doesn’t care about “rank”. And anyone who throws that word around as casually as you do, lived in a dresser drawer for the first year of their lives.

Anyway, back to shoes. Lovely!

by Lereply 611/30/2017

Some of the shoes are incredible. I'm more alarmed by the flood pants trend - images of Jack Soo in Thoroughly Modern Milly go through my mind.

As far as going sockless, my feet have their own temperature zone unrelated to the rest of my body. Going without socks is my idea of casual attire. Stinkfoot can happen to people who do not maintain their feet hygiene or shoe insoles. The rest of us do NOT have feet that stink.

by Lereply 711/30/2017

"My feet don't stinque!"

by Lereply 811/30/2017


by Lereply 912/02/2017

My husband comes from European nobility. His Grandmother would have viewed a man wearing shoes without socks as the epitome of vulgarity. I have no issues with it, just saying. . .

by Lereply 1012/02/2017

Your husband probably has a stank sleeve, r10.

by Lereply 1112/02/2017

Nope. He knows of the existence of soap and water, and uses both liberally.

BTW, a lot of hipsters wear no show socks.

by Lereply 1212/02/2017

So a mix of classics and funky trendy.... no surprise there

Fewer socks at a time when corporate America (and Justin Trudeau) are picking up on the "fun sock" trend that swept Silicon Valley a few years back.

Since most guys can't wear highwaters or go sockless at work, I'm thinking Happy Socks is in no danger of going out of business.

by Lereply 1312/02/2017

Yes R13

by Lereply 1412/07/2017

No socks doesn't make much sense in winter.

by Lereply 1512/07/2017


by Lereply 1602/11/2018

Get over yourself you sockless queens who thing you are the height of fashion. It's been done many times since you were born. And trust me, one day you will look back at pick of your ridiculous self and realize it was just as stupid as bell bottom jeans were in the 70's. The young gays will be laughing at you.

As far as stink goes, no amount of washing is going to keep that shoe from going bad faster than wearing socks. That's because sock provide a WASHABLE barrier between the thousands of sweat glands on the bottom of your foot and the leather insole of the shoe. Bacteria is bacteria whether its on the bottom of your foot or the rim of a public toilet seat.

by Lereply 1702/11/2018
by Lereply 1803/17/2018

Are those tasseled moccasins? Tasseled loafers are bad enough. What's with the spikes, or bumps, on the other shoes?

by Lereply 1903/17/2018

R13 - Silicon Valley is part of corporate America.

how do you these men aren't wearing socks? You do realize no all men's socks can be seen above the top of the shoes?

What surprised me is posters who seem to know so much about what is acceptable and not acceptable have never heard of talcum powder. Or soap and water for that matter.

by Lereply 2003/17/2018

Men should wear socks and women should wear panty hose.

by Lereply 2103/17/2018
by Lereply 2204/04/2018

[quote] queens who thing

by Lereply 2304/04/2018

We have the same freak outs here over and over about the no-socks issue...N0 SHOW socks are the answer. I never give any thought to no sock issue, I'm guessing many people are wearing no show socks.

by Lereply 2404/04/2018

[quote]Foot odor doesn’t care about “rank”.

So, r6, you're saying they're rank regardless of rank?

by Lereply 2504/04/2018

Want the sneaker blue/black wingtips at 57 seconds

by Lereply 2604/04/2018

no show socks are so much better design-wise now. The better quality models even come with small gaps on the soles

by Lereply 2704/04/2018

Lifelong no socks guy here. The only time I wear socks is with a suit. My everyday shoes are Tod’s driving mocs. Wearing socks with them would be completely ridiculous.

by Lereply 2804/05/2018


by Lereply 2905/25/2018
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