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Hottest Writers Ever!

1. Jack Kerouac.

Your faves?

by More Northganreply 16412/09/2018

I suspect the hottest will be the least talented and vice versa.

Prove me wrong!

by More Northganreply 111/28/2017

Sebastian Junger

by More Northganreply 211/28/2017

Gardner McKay

by More Northganreply 311/28/2017

Malcom X.

by More Northganreply 411/28/2017

Oliver Sacks

by More Northganreply 511/28/2017

Young Ethan Canin.

by More Northganreply 611/28/2017

The younger Mark Twain looks a bit like a cute millennial.

by More Northganreply 711/28/2017

The Bolivian marching powder guy was hot in his day.

by More Northganreply 811/28/2017

Ernest Hemingway

by More Northganreply 911/28/2017

John Steinbeck was a fox.

by More Northganreply 1011/28/2017

Wow, Oliver Sacks was a pretty sexy guy when he got a little older too.

by More Northganreply 1111/28/2017

Dunno about hottest writers ever, but I can contribute faves, as in head shots with smouldering or come-hither eyes

Philip Roth pre-1975

Robert Service

Wilfrid Owen

Siegfried Sassoon

by More Northganreply 1211/28/2017

Not that he's all that bad now, but the younger Michael Chabon was a stunning man.

And I saw him in person several times. None of his photos do him even the slightest justice. He was sex on two legs.

by More Northganreply 1311/28/2017

Anne Sexton

by More Northganreply 1411/28/2017

Ted Hughes had a lot of sex appeal. Plath told a friend, "You know, in bed, he smells like a butcher."

by More Northganreply 1511/28/2017

Brad Gooch.

by More Northganreply 1611/28/2017

Tom Tryon

by More Northganreply 1711/28/2017

Clive Barker.

by More Northganreply 1811/28/2017

Im sure there are some good looking black writers,but Malcom isnt one of them.

by More Northganreply 1911/28/2017

Jasper Fforde

by More Northganreply 2011/28/2017

Mario Vargas Llosa.

by More Northganreply 2111/28/2017

r19 isn't racist, just jealous of the jawline.

by More Northganreply 2211/28/2017

Harper Lee

by More Northganreply 2311/28/2017

The young Sam Shepard looks like the young Joe Dallesandro.

by More Northganreply 2411/28/2017

Andrew Sean Greer; ginger studly yet sensitive.

by More Northganreply 2511/28/2017

Lord Byron

by More Northganreply 2611/28/2017

^ He is gorgeous.

by More Northganreply 2711/28/2017

I meant Andrew Sean Greer.

No offense to Lord Byron.

by More Northganreply 2811/28/2017


by More Northganreply 2911/28/2017

Tolstoy was fug really, big nose.

by More Northganreply 3011/28/2017

Richard Wright

by More Northganreply 3111/28/2017

Hot zaddy John Irving and one of his hot sons!

by More Northganreply 3211/28/2017


by More Northganreply 3311/28/2017

I would go with Malcom except that he was such a nation of islam racist

by More Northganreply 3411/28/2017

Malcolm X had a nose that looks like someone flattened for him but was otherwise good looking. He had a strong jawline and chin and a generous full mouth. The glasses didn't take away from his looks IMO.

by More Northganreply 3511/28/2017

Stephen King

by More Northganreply 3611/28/2017

r36, you need to explain yourself.

by More Northganreply 3711/28/2017

Lawrence Durrell

by More Northganreply 3811/28/2017


by More Northganreply 3911/28/2017


by More Northganreply 4011/28/2017

Rupert Brooke

by More Northganreply 4111/28/2017

Anton Chekhov

by More Northganreply 4711/28/2017

Washington Irving was handsome in his youth. But he matured into a pumpkin.

by More Northganreply 4811/28/2017

I knew about pretty much all of them. But Lawrence Durrell is a nice surprise. Love his looks.

by More Northganreply 5011/28/2017

Guy de Maupassant

by More Northganreply 5111/28/2017

Here's another photo of Jack Kerouac. He was photogenic. But his appearance deteriorated due to heavy drinking.

Some biographies state that he was bisexual.

Incidentally, he lived the same years as Judy Garland, from 1922 to 1969.

by More Northganreply 5211/28/2017

Eshkol Nevo

by More Northganreply 5311/28/2017


by More Northganreply 5411/28/2017

Chuck Palahniuk; perhaps more fuckable in his youth, but still a hot nerd-daddy today.

And fuckable simply because of who he is.

by More Northganreply 5511/28/2017

Nathaniel Hawthorne

by More Northganreply 5611/29/2017

Jack Kerouac looks like a hunkier Colton Haynes in the OP photo.

by More Northganreply 5711/29/2017

Colton Haynes looks like a prissier Jack Kerouac in the OP photo.

by More Northganreply 5811/29/2017

I don't know if this Peter Orlovsky actually wrote anything I want to pick up, but still...

by More Northganreply 5911/30/2017

paul theroux

by More Northganreply 6011/30/2017

Oliver Sachs

by More Northganreply 6111/30/2017

Haruki Murakami .... i love his writing. i thought that was the topic. let's see what he looks like....

well, check it out for your self......... he's no jack Kerouac but this man can write.

by More Northganreply 6211/30/2017

Rupert Brooke

by More Northganreply 6311/30/2017

Robert Frost

by More Northganreply 6411/30/2017

Robert Frost could take my road less traveled any day.

by More Northganreply 6511/30/2017

Scruffy and sexy James Agee.

by More Northganreply 6611/30/2017

I posted the frost pic. He's not hot, but he's a very pretty Ivy League Twink with blow job lips a century before they became common.

by More Northganreply 6711/30/2017

Jack London

by More Northganreply 6811/30/2017

Where is 'North Morgan'— or whatever he calls himself?

by More Northganreply 6911/30/2017

Albert Camus

by More Northganreply 7011/30/2017

Thanks for turning me on to Kerouac, op.

I had no idea what he looked like, but he was certainly hot!

by More Northganreply 7111/30/2017

Was Jack Kerouak gay? Tons of photos that pinged for me.

by More Northganreply 7211/30/2017

Lots of male/male bonding ...

by More Northganreply 7311/30/2017

And more...

by More Northganreply 7411/30/2017

And more...

by More Northganreply 7511/30/2017

Kerouac was a closeted bi. Had sex with Gore Vidal, Allan Ginsberg, and probably a few guys when we was a merchant marine.

Sadly, not Neal Cassidy, who had a legendary cock (which Ginsberg sucked).

by More Northganreply 7611/30/2017

Kerouak wasn't gay but he was one of those guy guys. Love his friends, bonded with men.

by More Northganreply 7711/30/2017

R77, you can't even spell his name. STFU and go back to your Real Housewives threads.

by More Northganreply 7811/30/2017

Someone up-thread posted a young Mark Twain. Here is an older Twain.

by More Northganreply 7911/30/2017

I think Kerouac was bi but deeply troubled by his gay side, probably due to his traditional Catholic upbringing. He probably never really accepted that part of himself, though he accepted it in his close friends, i.e., Allen Ginsberg and others. In his writing in "Visions of Cody" and "On the Road" I kind of get the feeling Kerouac had a bit of a crush on Neal Cassidy, though it was never consumated. (Although apparently Allen got a taste of Neal.) Kerouac became an alcoholic and the photo in R74 shows him in his decline. He only lived to be 47.

Someone posted a photo of Peter Orlovsky above. He was part of the circle of "Beat Poets" in the San Francisco poetry "renaissance" of th mid 1950s. I'm pretty sure Peter Orlovsky and Allen Ginsberg were boyfriends, possibly for a long time. These guys were pioneers in the conformist 1950s, not only with their new writing styles but also in their openness about their gay sides, during a homophobic period in America.

by More Northganreply 8011/30/2017

I can totally see Cassidy and Kerouac hooking up, R80.

They're a very handsome couple.

by More Northganreply 8111/30/2017

Both Lawrence Durrell and his brother Gerald were very handsome men - till the drink took over. Lawrence retained his looks, but Gerald was a bloated mess.

by More Northganreply 8211/30/2017

Another vote for the beautiful Rupert Brooke.

by More Northganreply 8311/30/2017

Rupert Brooke.

by More Northganreply 8411/30/2017

Siegfried Sassoon was a hot piece of rough.

by More Northganreply 8511/30/2017

Langston Hughes

by More Northganreply 8611/30/2017

Hughes was beautiful

by More Northganreply 8711/30/2017

After Kerouac sold The Subterraneans to the movies he moved in next door to us on a dead end street in Northport, NY the town where Peter Orlovsky was from. The photos of him above looking older and drunk are from that house, I think. He looked like what he was, a rapidly-aging drunk. All the housewives loved him but he wouldn't give them the time of day. He didn't hang out with any of the neighbors except for my dad who had him over for a drink one Christmas (Dad was kind of hunky back then). Kerouac had that kind of glazed bennies and booze look that freaked out my mom. She told my father never to invite him over again.

by More Northganreply 8812/01/2017

Why do so many writers drink?

by More Northganreply 8912/01/2017

To slow down the imagery so they can jot it down?

by More Northganreply 9012/01/2017

Gore Vidal was never hot.

by More Northganreply 9112/01/2017

I would agree with Chuck P and Oliver S, and some of the other pics surprised me. Cool thread

by More Northganreply 9212/01/2017

langston hughes all the way.....great writer, gay and yes beautiful....

let us not forget the genius walt whitman

by More Northganreply 9312/01/2017

Young Kerouac was definitely hot. Middle-aged Kerouac was not.

by More Northganreply 9412/01/2017

Young Gore was quite OK looking - not really hot, but patrician and glamorous.

by More Northganreply 9512/01/2017

Rupert Brooke once bathed naked with Virginia Woolf.

This photo makes him look rather like Milo Yianoppolis.

by More Northganreply 9612/01/2017

Jens Lapidus

by More Northganreply 9712/01/2017


by More Northganreply 9812/01/2017

[quote] Why do so many writers drink?

Thought flow a bit easier when you drink.

Alcohol definitely makes a person more uninhibited, and thus the mind flows more freely. At least for me, it does.

It really does tend to open your mind, which is good for writing.

by More Northganreply 9912/01/2017

D.H. Lawrence looked like he'd be good in bed.

by More Northganreply 10012/01/2017

R94 Thanks for posting that video. It was odd watching Kerouac speak such fluent French. Forgot he was from Montreal. He isn't bad there, as bad as he got, booze-wise. I've seen him worse on another show, maybe Steve Allen. In this video, you could see his sensitivity. He was shy. There's a bar down on Main Street called Gunther's where Kerouac used to drink which burned down recently and everyone has been writing graffiti about Kerouac, telling them to rebuild, which I'm sure they will. They make too much money from it. Kerouac had groupies back in the 60s. They'd come down the street and throw pebbles at his windows. His mother was a big woman. She'd get rid of them.

by More Northganreply 10112/01/2017

He isn't from Montreal.

Jack Kerouac was born on March 12, 1922 in Lowell, Massachusetts, to French Canadian parents.

by More Northganreply 10212/01/2017

You're right R102. My mistake. Didn't realize there was such a large French-Canadian population in Lowell. I read this: “I am French Canadian, brought to the world in New England. When I am angry I often swear in French. When I dream I often dream in French. When I cry I always cry in French.”

by More Northganreply 10312/01/2017

Well, his parents were. It doesn't vanish right away.

by More Northganreply 10412/01/2017

T.E. Lawrence liked to be rudely sodomized by Moors!

by More Northganreply 10512/01/2017

Herman Melville-Moby DIck

by More Northganreply 10612/01/2017

Jens lapidus (suspected bi man) writes a very sweet/sad gay love story in the conclusion of his trilogy "Life Deluxe" which was made into a swedish movie staring DL fav Martin Wallstrom.

by More Northganreply 10712/01/2017

Zadie Smith is beautiful

by More Northganreply 10812/01/2017

Richard Mason

by More Northganreply 10912/01/2017

I agree with R56 about Hawthorne. Jack London was really attractive.

by More Northganreply 11012/01/2017

[quote] Jack London was really attractive

No so much.

by More Northganreply 11112/01/2017

John Grisham

by More Northganreply 11212/01/2017

I guess the HItler photos are a lame joke (not only was he not a writer, he was plug ugly) but why is Kennedy in this thread? He wasn't a writer either (he didn't write "Profiles In Courage (that book was written by Ted Sorensen) and he wasn't hot.

by More Northganreply 11312/01/2017

I think Ken Kesey and his balding head are pretty sexy.

by More Northganreply 11412/01/2017

Alan Seeger (Pete's uncle), killed in WWI.

by More Northganreply 11512/01/2017

Kerouac in living color.

by More Northganreply 11612/01/2017

R111, google "pics of Jack London." You will see the pic you have, but a lot of others when he was younger and in much better health. I should have qualified that he was very good looking when young but looked very rough in the years shortly before his death at 40. By that time, he was a serious alcoholic and user of morphine (near his death and for pain) and he also suffered from various diseases, including the disfiguring tropical disease yaws that he had contracted in his travels, and the uremia, which is what killed him along with a purported accidental (older accounts said intentional) overdose of morphine.

by More Northganreply 11712/01/2017

That interview with Kerouac is ...surreal.

by More Northganreply 11812/01/2017

I think Kerouac was slightly drunk during that Steve Allen show and somewhat nervous at the same time. He didn't like fame or being in the spotlight. I think the fame and attention contributed to his alcoholism. He grew up in Lowell, MA and spoke only French until he learned English at the age of 6. His given name was Jean-Louis Kérouac, though he called himself Jean-Louis Lebris de Kérouac.

Someone mentioned Ken Kesey, and he was very muscular and in his youth very hot. I saw him in person at a lecture/poetry reading he hosted at Reed College in Portland, OR in 1982, and he was still hot then. I am a fan of his work. I did have an opportunity to talk with him at one point that evening but I checkened out and did not approach him. Years later I wrote a fan letter to him and sent it to him via his neighbor who owns the ranch next to Kesey's, who I do know, and he gave it to Ken. Kesey passed away unexpectedly in 2001 at the age of 66.

by More Northganreply 11912/01/2017

hot author of Norway....Jo Nesbo

by More Northganreply 12012/02/2017

Yukio Mishima owns this thread.

by More Northganreply 12112/02/2017


by More Northganreply 12212/02/2017

^ ^

by More Northganreply 12312/02/2017

Thanks for the fun clip, R116. What a beautiful, colorful set, too. Too bad there is nothing like that on TV now.

by More Northganreply 12412/02/2017

Miloš Crnjanski

by More Northganreply 12512/02/2017

Spike Jonze.

by More Northganreply 12612/02/2017

Hunter S. Thompson. I don't give a fig what anyone thinks of him personally, I find his life fascinating.

by More Northganreply 12712/02/2017

Surprised he was so nerd-cute in his youth.

Too bad he went bald, got old and went insane.

by More Northganreply 12812/05/2017

I think we're getting close to the end of these portraits.

These portraits were taken long before the author matured into writing anything any way readable.

by More Northganreply 12912/05/2017

I'm surprised at not only the number of replies (I was expecting this thread to be super short), but some of the authors in this thread really are super hot.

My contribution: Despite the evidence that he was a (celibate) pedophile, Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) was appealing in a brooding, Victorian, prissy way. He looked like a more attractive Tom Hiddleston.

by More Northganreply 13012/05/2017

More LC

by More Northganreply 13112/05/2017

Gomorrah's Roberto Saviano is not bad looking at all

by More Northganreply 13212/05/2017

James Purdy

by More Northganreply 13312/05/2017

Emile Nelligan

by More Northganreply 13412/05/2017

Robert W. Service

by More Northganreply 13512/05/2017

A young Charles Dickens

by More Northganreply 13612/05/2017

Young John Rechy.

by More Northganreply 13712/05/2017

So far Oliver Sachs and Jack Kerouac are winning this race.

by More Northganreply 13812/05/2017


by More Northganreply 13912/05/2017

Richard Farina, folksinger & cult author (namely the novel ‘Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me). He was a college friend to Pynchon and Bob Dylan, and a total Latin fox. Legend tells that ladies loved and gentlemen alike adored him on campus.

He died very young, before his genius was recognised by mainstream America.

by More Northganreply 14012/06/2017

Jack Kerouac was handsome, masculine, athletic, yet also cultured and intellectual; a published author and poet, gay-friendly, though his own orientation is unclear, he had close gay friends during a homophobic time in America, unfortunately an alcoholic later... in other words, all the makings of a DL icon, yet he's not.

by More Northganreply 14112/06/2017

Gore Vidal only when he was young and a twink

by More Northganreply 14212/06/2018

Young James Joyce

by More Northganreply 14312/06/2018

The beautiful Sergei Yesenin (1895-1925) was a Russian poet that was married to Isadora Duncan, a older and famous dancer. He was a known bisexual. Sadly he was an alcoholic and suffered from depression and committed suicide at age 30.

by More Northganreply 14412/06/2018

slava mogutin

by More Northganreply 14512/06/2018

Zadie Smith

by More Northganreply 14612/06/2018

Love this thread. Kudos, OP.

by More Northganreply 14712/06/2018

Jean- Marie GUSTAVE (JMG) Le Clézio, Nobel Prize of litterature 2008. A life of writing, travelling and clamming up. Un faux air de Robert Redford

by More Northganreply 14812/08/2018

Sorry wrong link

by More Northganreply 14912/08/2018

Edward Albee. Thread closed.

by More Northganreply 15012/08/2018

I would have given five years of my life to have gotten a go at this man.

by More Northganreply 15112/08/2018

4 chub chasers

by More Northganreply 15212/08/2018

Federico García Lorca

by More Northganreply 15312/08/2018

I'm from Mass. and have often gone to the annual Lowell Folk Festival and heard about Jack Kerouac but didn't realize he was so hot! Thanks to the people who posted pix.

by More Northganreply 15412/08/2018

Gardner McKay (Toyer, The Kinsman, Trompe L'Oeil)

by More Northganreply 15512/08/2018

Two couplings if not couples.

R141 and R142

Vidal said he slept with Kerouac. Kerouac was the bottom.


Dominick Dunne on Gardner McKay: "In 1959, I was the co-executive producer of a television series called Adventures in Paradise, created by the late James Michener and starring the then unknown Gardner McKay as the captain-for-hire of a schooner called the Tiki, which sailed the islands of the South Pacific. There are several versions of how Gardner got the part, but I was there and this is the correct one. We were screen-testing all the best-looking young actors in Hollywood for the coveted part of Captain Adam Troy. Ron Ely, who later played Tarzan on TV, had the inside track on the part, but we were still testing. One day in a coffee shop, I saw, sitting at a nearby table in a languid pose, reading a book of poetry, a startlingly handsome young man with attitude, whom I later described to Martin Manulis, the head of television at Fox, as “a little Gary Cooper, a little Cary Grant, a little Ty Power and a lot of Errol Flynn.” He was at the time, in the parlance of the town, nobody, absolutely nobody, but his attitude declared that he was somebody. I dropped my Fox business card on his table and said, “If you’re interested in discussing a television series, call me.” He did, and we tested him. Gardner’s test was certainly not among the top three or four in the acting department, but as the production staff sat in the projection room, we’d keep going back to it, and one of us would say, “This guy’s got something.” Finally, we gave him the part."

One wonders if Dunne found out how much "something" he had.

by More Northganreply 15612/08/2018

R156, Dominick Dunne must've orgasmed on the spot. Not only was Gardner McKay tall, dark, and handsome, but he came from high society. His great grandfather was shipbuilder Donald McKay, his dad was a NY ad exec assigned in Paris, and his mother was socialite Kitty McKay-Parsons. Had there been a scandal or murder, Dunne would've written about it for Vanity Fair.

by More Northganreply 15712/08/2018

R69: here it is -

by More Northganreply 15812/09/2018

R39, Faulkner as a young man with a beard was rafishly goodlooking. That picture, if I remember correctly, was taken when he was in Paris in the 1920s. He seldom wore a beard, but often did have a moustache. without the beard, however, his weak chin and his thin, pointed nose gave his face a birdlike quality. In later years, his white hair gave him a distinguished look, but I don't think he was ever hot.

by More Northganreply 15912/09/2018

Allen Ginsberg

He's ugly but all those cock and balls poems were pretty hot!

by More Northganreply 16012/09/2018

Aw OP, we all had a crush on Jack once.

by More Northganreply 16112/09/2018
by More Northganreply 16212/09/2018

More Gardner McKay

by More Northganreply 16312/09/2018

More Gardner McKay in a 1958 Impala convertible for those of you who can't get enough GM, although he'd likely be busted for animal abuse nowadays...

by More Northganreply 16412/09/2018
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