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Smoking Hot Pastor Davey Blackburn new thread

I will start these as they get deleted. I was literally reading one as it disappeared.

by Guilty. reply 27211/02/2018

Just call the thread "smoking hot pastor" and don't mention his name so he can google it. Or post like "D*vey Bl*ckburn"

by Guilty. reply 111/17/2017

So if the thread keeps getting deleted, why do you continue posting it?

by Guilty. reply 211/17/2017

Because censorship blows R2

by Guilty. reply 311/17/2017

Does a bot actively delete a thread after x number of F&Fs, or does a lawyer threaten the DL webmistress, and the webmistress complies. How does it work.

by Guilty. reply 411/17/2017

i doubt lawyers are actually involved. It can be worse on reddit and i don't see threads deleted there. Specifically with sharing addresses and stuff. People have been falsely identified as terrorists on it. I think the powers that be at DL just doesn't want to draw that kind of attention to the site

by Guilty. reply 511/17/2017

Yes, r4. The moderator has been on vacation so I think Davey has found a hole In the system to manipulate this site. Davey brags about getting around the porn block, so he is familiar with fake IPs, etc. Unfortunately for him, he is not able to do that with the Statement Analysis blog. All he can do there is whine like a little bitch. It's the same post every time for him - "Davey is a narcissist and a creep but that's all. LE has given up so why don't y'all? Don't you think LE knows everything y'all do and still thinks Davey had nothing to do with this?" He literally posts that same shit daoly. At least we aren't letting him sleep in and enjoy the day. He's constantly looking over his shoulder.

by Guilty. reply 611/17/2017

R3, deleting threads on a privately-owned website isn't censorship. There is no right of free speech on a message board, and any website owner has every right to delete content he deems inappropriate or unacceptable without explanation.

by Guilty. reply 711/17/2017

R7 I know a private entity controlling content on its site is not the literal, legal definition of censorship. I was using the term colloquially to connote what I think is far too tight control over our posts by DL. DL is well within it its right's to do this, but I still think this is the wrong approach to take

by Guilty. reply 811/17/2017

r2, what's the definition of a contract hit again?

by Guilty. reply 911/17/2017

r2 = desperate, guilty man

by Guilty. reply 1011/17/2017

R2 needs to go back to reading her bible and praising jesus

by Guilty. reply 1111/17/2017

The new thread title can be GIL T. PASTOR. We can just refer to him with anything but his name. And I am making the dossier this weekend. I can't stand that this asshole has decided to work 24/7 with shutting down these thread.

by Guilty. reply 1211/17/2017

And I will include in the dossier Gil T's massive attempts to stonewall our investigation.

by Guilty. reply 1311/17/2017

From one of the other boards:

Psychic's friend here. I like this nickname...GIL T. It's a hit!

Things are moving in a direction that will make a lot of people on this board happy. More to come very soon.

by Guilty. reply 1411/17/2017

Emphasis on "It's a hit!"

by Guilty. reply 1511/17/2017

Davey's probably been responsible for all of the viruses this site has had the last few days.

by Guilty. reply 1611/17/2017

Does Indiana allow conjugal visits?

by Guilty. reply 1711/17/2017

Is there any way to get a summary of what's been going on with this story?

by Guilty. reply 1811/17/2017

r12, do you mean from the beginning? Or just the last few months?

by Guilty. reply 1911/17/2017

What other boards r14?

by Guilty. reply 2011/17/2017

Why do people think he called the hit. I know almost nothing. He is sexy though. Id like to be able to thirst guilt free lol

by Guilty. reply 2111/17/2017

Tossing around murder allegations and then wondering why threads get deleted...the mind boggles.

by Guilty. reply 2211/17/2017

r20, the link is a good site for up to date info on the case. There is another thread that you can firnd by looking at the response at November 17, 2017 at 12:22 AM

by Guilty. reply 2311/17/2017

r22, are you Gil T?

by Guilty. reply 2411/17/2017

A Duh Zen Moh Tiv$

by Guilty. reply 2511/17/2017

Correction, r25. To Mil Yun Moh Tiv$

by Guilty. reply 2611/17/2017

They’re probably getting deleted because somebody posted an address and phone number, thereby indicating that they can’t be trusted to post on any further threads on the topic.

by Guilty. reply 2711/17/2017

Huh, r27" That was days ago and most think it was Davey that posted the info Since then, nobody has posted any addresses or phone numbers yet threads on the topic keep getting deleted. It's apparent what's going on. I've sent the mod the info. Hopefully she is keeping all of the F& F that have flooded these threads.

by Guilty. reply 2811/17/2017

He's engaged!

Run Gurl, Run

by Guilty. reply 2911/17/2017

What an advertisement...I mean, slick production.

by Guilty. reply 3011/18/2017

From Davey's blog:

Also after seeking much counsel we decided there is no reason for us to postpone a wedding. So we're going to sprint to get married. I'll never forget Amanda's dad's advice to me about Kristi,

"Davey, take it slow until you know she is the one. Once you know, go fast, and we'll be right there with you."

So in December of this year Kristi will be my wife! And we will be a family! We can't wait to celebrate God's redemption in our story!

by Guilty. reply 3111/18/2017

This will end in tears.

by Guilty. reply 3211/18/2017

R18 Middle class white married pregnant woman murdered = frau porn. There you're caught up.

by Guilty. reply 3311/18/2017

At least the killers are locked away.

by Guilty. reply 3411/18/2017

r34, don't forget Mr. Nasty, who drove the getaway car and is also the brother to one of the Kilt Gang leaders (and best friend of Kilt Gang OG, who worked out / trained every day at LA Fitness).

by Guilty. reply 3511/18/2017

I'd never heard of this guy until yesterday and posted on that thread. I can't imagine he's getting rid of threads this fast, it must be something else.

Agree with the posters above that more "stealth" threads are going to be necessary.

by Guilty. reply 3611/18/2017

r36, he was able to do the same thing on another site that is similar to this site. I think Muriel came back from vacation and stopped it on this thread. He's pretty savvy at using fake IPs to get around blocks and also delude sites with complaints.

by Guilty. reply 3711/18/2017

R32 You mean ends in bloodshed . Seriously , does this new fiancee have a death wish ?

by Guilty. reply 3811/18/2017

Davey’s fiancé you in danger , girl. Look on the bright side if he tried to kill her or does actually kill maybe the cops will listen to us.

by Guilty. reply 3911/18/2017

I am a regular, R6, who had commented similarly in previous threads that yes, this is a very strange coincidence, but Davey is not culpable in the murder. (I am a regular...i.e., I recall the glorious Soft Butch Sous Chef case)

Those hapless kids who committed this would have squealed long ago, if Davey had put them up to this. Come on--you know this is true.

You can't get over your sense of injustice that whom you perceive as this narcissistic, arrogant guy should be so let off the hook by fate that his wife--with whom his huge ego was constantly disappointed--should so conveniently die and allow him to continue seamlessly with his over-the-top righteous Christian image.

by Guilty. reply 4011/18/2017

[quote]Davey brags about getting around the porn block


I'm new to this "pastor." Was surprised to read how freely and inappropriately he discusses his sex drive, demanding sex before dinner so he could concentrate!

by Guilty. reply 4111/18/2017

In the past, I've always bypassed these stupid threads because I was sure it chock full of paranoid nut cases.

Now, I'm convinced it's just a bunch of crazies on a months long meth and/or crack bender.

by Guilty. reply 4211/18/2017

Yes, r41. His murdered wife had to put up porn blocks on his computer that she and another pastor monitored. He was able to bypass those, as he bragged about in a sermon. His not well-read or well-traveled former wife (his words, not mine) just wasn't smart enough, apparently.

by Guilty. reply 4311/18/2017

r40 [quote]"Hapless kids".

ROFL. These are gang members for whom the fear of violent retribution(100% chance of death) in prison is a very real thing. If they rat out who sent them to do the murder, they die. It's very simple. Either you're extremely naive or ....something else.

by Guilty. reply 4411/18/2017

I saw a pic of fiancé's stepfather, the one who has regularly communicated to the jailed thugs, and was surprised to see that he was an older white guy. I just can't picture three gangbanger, inner-city thugs jailed for first degree murder opening up to a white, old pastor that they've never met. The gangmember thugs that are not in jail post things like "I’m taking a bullet before i let any nigga take sumn from me.. on Allah himself".

by Guilty. reply 4511/18/2017

r44, I thought r40 was being sarcastic. r40 obviously doesn't understand gang hierarchy.

by Guilty. reply 4611/18/2017

Ugh. R46... Yeah, and you are so hip to thug life. Please.

by Guilty. reply 4711/18/2017

^, as in the gangbanger that posted a pic of Jalen Watson and his plea deal and wrote "these niggas get told what to do on the streets...get locked up and it's the same of a peon"

by Guilty. reply 4811/18/2017

No, r40/r47, you are just naïve as fuck and/or dumb as dirt. But I did spend 4 years working with gangs so I do know a little about the subject.

by Guilty. reply 4911/18/2017

R46, R49. Please explain the other crimes these idiots committed at the same time as the Blackburn murder. ....Did someone also secretly pay them to commit them and has also gotten away with it?

by Guilty. reply 5011/18/2017, r50. They "stole" a car from the apartment complex that they were hanging out at with the other gang members, notably Alonzo Bull. They drove 20 minutes across town to a specific cul-de-sac that is hard to access from main roads. They "burglarized" a house next to the preacher's that was owned by a lady who the neighbors knew worked nights. They took a few things and lingered about 45 minutes, drinking wine and beer and eating oranges (VERY typical behavior of burglars!). The took a computer and a bank card and executed Amanda. They dropped one of the gang guys off, ditched the car, were picked up by somebody, and then met back at Alonzo's apartment. If this seems random to you, then stay on the short bus.

by Guilty. reply 5111/18/2017

A stolen sweater, ATM receipt, and cell phone records were key clues in tracking down the men suspected of killing Amanda Blackburn. The two men facing murder charges are 21-year-old Jalen Watson and 18-year-old Larry Taylor Jr. According to the probable cause affidavit, the sweater and receipt for were found in the stolen Chrysler Sebring police believe was used in the crime. Police found the car in the 3800 block of Rockwood Avenue. Court documents state the receipt came from an ATM located at a Chase Bank off Michigan Road. Investigators said the debit card used on the receipt matched Blackburn’s.

Investigators got a warrant to search a camera on the machine. Video during the time the card was used showed the stolen car and the driver. Court documents state the video showed the driver wearing a hoodie while also covering his face with a pink sweater. Investigators ran a DNA test on the sweater and got a hit on Jalen Watson. Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said that was the first major break in the case. According to the documents, Watson was on parole for burglary.

Cell towers determined the third suspect’s phone was also used near that location. The documents state the phone later moved to a tower on Sunnyfield Court around 6:25 a.m., about the time of the shooting. About a half an hour later, the phone moved to a tower near the Chase Bank off Michigan Road. It then moved to another Chase Bank off 86th Street where investigators determined the debit card was used again. During this time, phone records show the third suspect’s phone made several calls to a cell phone located on Sunnyfield Court. The third suspect’s phone was then tracked back to Sunnyfield Court to pick up the person walking along the street around 7:10 a.m.

Around that time, surveillance cameras from a neighboring home caught an image of a man walking on the sidewalk. In the court documents, witnesses told police they saw the man talking on the phone before getting picked up in a car. Investigators researched phone numbers associated with the person walking on Sunnyfield Court. It was found in “Backpage” ads online. Court documents state the phone number was associated with Larry Taylor Jr. through previous police reports. The phone number was tracked to an address on South Meridian Street where police found Taylor. He admitted to police that the phone belonged to him.

Later in the documents, a “cooperating individual” told police that Taylor admitted to killing Blackburn after she charged at him. The individual told police Taylor admitted to shooting Blackburn in the upper body, then in her head as she was laying on the ground.

=== The plea agreement for Watson also involved a Nov. 3, 2015, rape and burglary at Westlake Apartments, near Interstate 465 and Rockville Road. In that case, Watson agreed to plead guilty to burglary with a deadly weapon. Charges of theft, robbery, criminal confinement and auto theft were dismissed as part of the plea deal.

Watson and Larry Jo Taylor Jr., 20, were each charged with murder and additional felonies related to Nov. 10, 2015, burglaries at three homes, including the Blackburn home. Court documents describing the investigation said Taylor “caused termination of a human pregnancy” when police say he shot and killed Blackburn. Taylor is scheduled for a five-day jury trial April 2 in the Blackburn case. He is scheduled for a three-day June 11 trial on charges in the Westlake Apartment rape and burglary and in the robbery and killing of Rolando Gonzalez-Hernandez on Nov. 4, 2015 in the 4500 block of Candletree Circle. Another person, Diano Gordon, 26, faces two counts of murder and additional criminal charges in relation to the Blackburn case, the three home burglaries and the Westlake Apartments rape and burglary. Gordon is scheduled for pretrial conferences Nov. 17 in two of the three court filings, according to online records.

by Guilty. reply 5211/18/2017

What's your point, r52? The thugs were following orders to go to Amanda's and execute her. Mission accomplished, God is watching your every move. Repent, now, murderer.

by Guilty. reply 5311/18/2017

It's not the who or how, r52 (Gil T,), it's the why.

by Guilty. reply 5411/19/2017


by Guilty. reply 5511/19/2017

"Later in the documents, a “cooperating individual” told police that Taylor admitted to killing Blackburn after she charged at him. "

This is the most inaccurate statement given, according to evidence. Amanda was shot in the back of the head, so she obviously wasn't charging anyone. Also, what was Amanda doing when she was alone for about 5 minutes during the time Watson and Taylor left Davey's to go talk to Gordon, who was parked 2 houses away. If she was physically able to charge someone later, she would have done something in those 5 minutes - lock a door, call 99, get a gun, go up to Weston's room, let Mel out of the garage....something.

by Guilty. reply 5611/19/2017

Ca1, not 99

by Guilty. reply 5711/19/2017

Call 911, not 99. Cell phone doing autocorrect for no apparent reason.

by Guilty. reply 5811/19/2017

Why hasn't the black SUV that was seen casing the neighborhood the morning before Amanda was murdered and was seen hauling ass away from Davey's the morning of the murder been more scrutinized? It's pretty apparent that the murder didn't happen the way the CI claims it did.

by Guilty. reply 5911/19/2017

I went back over the affidavit. I think Donae Mitchell could potentially know the real story. Could she be the link to Davey? It seems like she was in the wrong place at the wrong time during the murder. Does she know too much?

by Guilty. reply 6011/19/2017


by Guilty. reply 6111/20/2017

[quote]I JUST POPPED THE QUESTION . . . & SHE SAID YES! November 14, 2017 by Davey Blackburn

by Guilty. reply 6211/20/2017

Sorry I didn’t see r29’s post before posting.

by Guilty. reply 6311/20/2017

r60, Alonzo Bull is the father of Donae's children. They are on-again, off-again. She seems hopelessly in love with him, but he doesn't seem to feel the same. She has posted on FB how she would never snitch and that she is loyal, so don't think she's going to talk. Unless she gets really pissed at Alonzo and finally decides to come clean.

by Guilty. reply 6411/20/2017

daveyblackburn I took this babe to the Bama/LSU game a few weeks ago and showed her around my hometowns of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. Joining two pasts can be complicated but if you approach it correctly it can also be full of adventure! Thank you, @jarrettshep for getting us the ticket hookup!

kristi.monroy Love you babe!

by Guilty. reply 6511/20/2017

He's just totally off... idk if he had anything to do with her murder, but he sure has enjoyed the hell out of it and never shown the slightest bit of sadness.

by Guilty. reply 6611/20/2017

Something I have learned watching Dateline and Forsenic Files whenever there is a murder 1) Follow the money and 2) The spouse did it.

by Guilty. reply 6711/20/2017

Does anyone know who Larry Taylor's public defender is? The dossier is complete.

by Guilty. reply 6811/21/2017

Taylor's public defenders are Jeffrey Scott Neel and Dominic D. Martin

by Guilty. reply 6911/21/2017

Donae posted this after Jalen started talking:

Donae Mitchell September 3 ·

If you ask me have I seen shit I won't tell nobody. And I got a couple secrets that I won't tell nobody. Thou shall fear no evil and never trust nobody, but always ride for yo people 🤙🏽 And never trust nobody 😈

That little horned emoji is the one all of the Kilt gang members use

by Guilty. reply 7011/21/2017

Don't think was already posted. It's one of the Kilt gang leaders leaving LA Fitness and counting his cash

by Guilty. reply 7111/21/2017

He must be high on his duping delight.

by Guilty. reply 7211/21/2017

Weird that they call it Davey's "story of redemption." That usually implies that the evil is in the person being redeemed.

by Guilty. reply 7311/21/2017

Jay Broski on his fb page says his hometown is Benton Harbor MI. These guys below are from Benton Harbor too. Coincidence?

I used to live about halfway between Benton Harbor MI and Amanda's family in Elkhart, IN. It's not a long drive. I guess I just find it weird that the "gym connection" is from there too. Maybe it's nothing.

by Guilty. reply 7411/21/2017

I looked at the Affidavit of Probable Cause. It says Larry Taylor's phone did not get to Amanda's until 6:38am and left the area at 7:10am. It doesn't appear Larry was even in the area for the first burglary.

Diano's phone got to Amanda's at 6:25am and left at 6:39am, so according to the affidavit, he wasn't at the first burglary either. There obviously were other gang members at the first burglary on Davey's street. T affidavit doesn't say where the other phones that were communicating with Diano were pinging at.

by Guilty. reply 7511/21/2017

Diano was actual first ATM at 6:39am so he left Amanda's earlier The first atm was 5 mil away or 10 minutes so he left Amanda's at about 6:30am

by Guilty. reply 7611/21/2017

What? Now the comments are deleted??

by Guilty. reply 7711/21/2017

I don't understand the fiancées outfit (in engagement photos.)

by Guilty. reply 7811/25/2017

Am I the only one surprised that Amanda's uber christian family seems cool with Crazy D marrying a divorced woman that already has a child?

by Guilty. reply 7911/25/2017

No, those bible beater half wits cant survive on their own. The men always quickly remarry.

by Guilty. reply 8011/25/2017

Anyone who uses the word "literally" deserves to waste her time on deleted threads.

by Guilty. reply 8111/25/2017

What R81 said.

by Guilty. reply 8211/26/2017

Literally has both proper and improper uses R81.

by Guilty. reply 8311/26/2017

Dossier writer and retired judge are you still here? Any news or updates on this case?

by Guilty. reply 8411/27/2017

I am so glad that I found this site. It should be noted that everyone at Resonate Church thought that DB was dating Samantha Smith, the widow of Butler player Andrew Smith. Samantha also works out at Crossfit. DB featured her in a blog and went to see her give a TED talk, which he posted on Instagram.

People at Resonate did not see Kristi coming. She didn't interact with people at church. People feel like the announcement and now sudden wedding are "in their faces." When you go from knowing Amanda, to not knowing DB was even dating anyone, to this, you feel like it's a slap in the face. DB picks and chooses who he wants to share his personal life with. He doesn't give a rip about anyone at Resonate except his few guppy-style friends who dream of the life of the "Rich and Famous," which DB seems to offer them.

by Guilty. reply 8511/28/2017

Are you an insider r85? Thanks for sharing this.

by Guilty. reply 8611/28/2017

Yes, I am an insider to some extent.

by Guilty. reply 8711/28/2017

Any other gossip? Do people really think that Davey is innocent? Did you know Amanda?

by Guilty. reply 8811/28/2017

R88, as does everyone on here, I believe that everything that DB does is calculated. Why did he pick KM over Samantha Smith? Samantha Smith has a story too. No connection to the prison ministry and the thugs. Samantha Smith was a distraction to the public while he dated Kristi.

DB pokes fun at his worship pastor. His youth pastor tries to preach to DB in his sermons, but DB is too dumb to pick up on it. I believe that the youth pastor sees thru him.

DB had a couple from the church living with him to help him cook, care for Weston, and babysit. Over the summer, he had an intern from the church babysit Weston on the weekends so he could "prepare for his sermon." Now that KM will be moving in, DB is having his former housemates take over KM's apartment lease.

by Guilty. reply 8911/28/2017

Do you know the former nanny too? Do you think she was involved? R89

by Guilty. reply 9011/28/2017

I know the former nanny as well. She has no reason to be involved that I can think of. She's just someone who worships DB and does whatever he wants. Someone he can control. He's a control freak, so I doubt no one knows the details except DB himself.

by Guilty. reply 9111/28/2017

I know the former nanny as well. She has no reason to be involved from what I can see. She's just will do whatever DB wants.

by Guilty. reply 9211/28/2017

Can I ask you why you decided to join us here and tell us about crazy D, knowing that he reads here too? Do people at Resonate know that he lurks around a gay gossip board?

by Guilty. reply 9311/28/2017

R91, why did the nanny move out a week before Amanda's murder?

by Guilty. reply 9411/28/2017

Because I don't care for DB and I think he could have had a hand in the murder.

by Guilty. reply 9511/28/2017

Where is the money coming from to keep the church going?

by Guilty. reply 9611/28/2017

I'm having trouble posting.

by Guilty. reply 9711/28/2017

You need to refresh the page to post again.

by Guilty. reply 9811/28/2017

The money for the church comes from donations from people that go there. The church doesn't have a building. The many expenses are salaries. Honestly, I'm not sure how it stays afloat. Not many people attend.

by Guilty. reply 9911/28/2017

I had trouble posting too on the last thread before it got deleted. I think it was because I've mentioned that DB was involved in the death of another human before Amanda.

by Guilty. reply 10011/28/2017

As far as the nanny moving out, I don't know that far back. I think she lived with DB when she first moved here because he couldn't pay her enough to get her own place here.

by Guilty. reply 10111/28/2017

I remember reading that the expenses of Resonate Sc̶a̶m̶ Church and its g̶r̶i̶f̶t̶e̶r̶'s pastor's salary was to be bankrolled by Ms. Perry for the first three years. After that, the financial teat would dry up.

Yet another "coincidence" when you consider the timing of Amanda's h̶i̶t̶ random murder and her husband's subsequent j̶a̶c̶k̶p̶o̶t̶ insurance payout.

by Guilty. reply 10211/28/2017

Does DB come off as someone with anger issues? He seems like an adult child, like throw a fit if things don't go the way he wants.

by Guilty. reply 10311/28/2017

DB doesn't interact much with people. He has his favorites and the rest of people he just says "hi" to at the most, so it's hard to tell if he does or not. The way he preaches leads me to believe that he does though, his responses to his haters are strange. He is a pastor though, so he knows how to put on a show of seemingly nice behavior.

by Guilty. reply 10411/28/2017

Btw, Amanda's family does not come to visit the church. I've seen her sister at the church one time. I know that her father is a pastor, so they are busy on Sundays. You would think that DB would invite him to preach, or that they would have more of a presence at the church.

by Guilty. reply 10511/28/2017

I’ve made a poem :

Davey B- you nasty B. Ain’t no one like your D. You pay folks off Make me wanna cough I don’t like no davey b.

by Guilty. reply 10611/28/2017

A big thank you to our new posters! Loving the new information.

by Guilty. reply 10711/28/2017

Yes, thank you, newcomer(s), and thanks for sharing. :)

R100, can you elaborate on that? Wow!

by Guilty. reply 10811/28/2017

R100, maybe tell us euphemistically / vaguely so the thread won't get pulled. I'm going to periodically save this thread as a PDF file in the event it should be deleted at DB's insistence.

by Guilty. reply 10911/28/2017

(New) Dossier Writer here. I had stepped away from this thread because it kept getting deleted. I don't like censorship. I had posted on another thread something rather innocuous, just basically asking a poster not to post the same redundant crap every day. This poster then got me temporarily banned and came back to gloat about it 5 minutes later, asking how I liked my "timeout". So I stopped going to DL for awhile. I'm almost finished with the dossier but there have been many new issues that have come up on the Statement Analysis blog, namely that the cell phone pings don't match the way LE has said the murder went down (none of the three suspects were on Amanda's street when Alison Becker's house was burglarized) and Gordon and Watson had left before Taylor even showed up on the street (according to cell tower pings) so no way Watson "witnessed" Taylor hitting Amanda in the face. The Cooperating Individual was Diano Gordon, who obviously had the motivation to pin everything solely on Taylor, keep himself away from the murder and ATM use and protect his family (Treley) and gang higher-ups.

by Guilty. reply 11011/29/2017

I do want to say that the "newcomer" is the same poster that first told us about Kristi and seeing Davey and KM at the fair in August. New poster also said she didn't think Kristi dressed appropriately. Not sure why "newcomer" said they "found" this site yesterday. We old school DLs have a way to know which posters are the same and "newcomer" is definitely the same. "Newcomer" came on strong last week when this site found out about the gym connection. Just sayin'

by Guilty. reply 11111/29/2017

r109, it had to do with someone tipping over a farmer's cows. The farmer died from anxiety over this. It was said a certain local soon-to-be pastor was the culprit but that soon-to-be pastor blamed another kid, who was then ostracized.

by Guilty. reply 11211/29/2017

And that incident caused the entire town to hate you know who and he and his family were forced to move to another state. He himself has mentioned that incident as "a horrible lie that nearly destroyed his life and caused everyone to hate him" in various sermons and his blog.

by Guilty. reply 11311/29/2017

I like this poem theme!

Davey B, it ain't no coincidence that yo name is Black burn,

The truth is 'yo ass may be poppin', but it's still gonna burn boy, burn......

Your lesson ain't B learned The tide is bout 2b turnt

Yo money, you ain't earnin' So please be careful to who you be referrin' My Jesus ain't like you foo......West Side!

by Guilty. reply 11411/29/2017

How did you all get involved in this? Did you all just hear about it on the news or are you insiders?

by Guilty. reply 11511/29/2017

I am the one who posted about KM. I thought this thread was gone, so I said, "I'm so glad I found this page," or something similar because it was deleted. I am an insider and don't appreciate the negativity from old timer DLers. I can post to another site if I want. I used to prefer this one.

by Guilty. reply 11611/29/2017

I am happy that you are here r116 Question, does DB get involved with any of the group activities during the week? I can't imagine that the church requires so much time that he needs so much personal assistance..

by Guilty. reply 11711/29/2017

I'm not aware of any church activities during the week that he gets involved in, no. He travels to speaking engagements and leadership conferences quite frequently.

by Guilty. reply 11811/29/2017

Thanks, R112! Please stay and keep sharing. There are a few cranks among us, so take what you read here with that in mind. Most of us, I'm sure, appreciate your presence and info.

Keep postin'! :)

by Guilty. reply 11911/29/2017

Diano Gordon has a new attorney, or perhaps an additional one. His last name is Williams. I got the info from my

by Guilty. reply 12011/29/2017

As an insider, not just a poet, I can tell you guys there is a group amongst his congregation that thinks he’s guilty too. There have been discussions among “his people,” because even if he didn’t do it, he’s a very rare breed of “grieving husband.” He’s very very very self obsessed. He’s bad.

by Guilty. reply 12111/29/2017

So why do they continue to attend his self-serving services and throw their money away financing his grifty pseudo-church, R121?

by Guilty. reply 12211/29/2017

What questions do you guys have for insiders? It's difficult for me to know where to begin since I know him.

by Guilty. reply 12311/29/2017

Why is he in such a rush to marry this new woman?

by Guilty. reply 12411/29/2017

Mostly intrigue. One spouse is super involved and doesn’t want to leave, for one couple. I’m not sure about the others. People are weird af. I had to get out, man

by Guilty. reply 12511/29/2017

We have a theory she knows shit and to get out of testifying, theyll get married

by Guilty. reply 12611/29/2017

Hmmmmm Interesting. I would be surprised a mother would marry a man that may be evil. I do think that he may be looking at her income as a PA (pretty good for that area, I imagine} and a way to keep her from running away too fast.if she figures it out.

by Guilty. reply 12711/29/2017

The church is like a country club. The target people. They find you friends. They put you on a volunteer team. Then you don't want to let the people down who you have become friends with. So, you keep going. But, initially you just went because you were intrigued by the story and wanted to find out more.

by Guilty. reply 12811/29/2017

Why is he in a rush to marry? He has a couple from the church who live at his house. He wants to move KM in the house so they can be intimate. He says he can't want any more to be intimate. He isn't fooling anyone to believe that he is "pure." He has to at least look like he cares about purity to his church.

Why would a young mother marry him?

Money (he has a huge house) and he pimps himself out to look hot. She's in it for vanity.

He's so creepy guys. I could post more, put it would show my identity to good 'ole DB.

by Guilty. reply 12911/29/2017

If law enforcement is going to ignore the trail that connects him to the suspects maybe the IRS could take a long, hard look at the books of his fake church and put him in jail for fraud, tax evasion, etc.

by Guilty. reply 13011/29/2017

I think he's marrying her because he thinks having a wife and daughter will make outsiders more sympathetic and perhaps shield him from scrutiny. He thinks they'll think: a pretty mom with a pretty daughter wouldn't marry a total psychopath/murderer because moms have "intuition" about such people.

by Guilty. reply 13111/29/2017

Interesting stuff from insider. Thank you. Do you think he's into dudes as well as chicks? Do you think he would do anybody as long as it got him favors, finances and ego trips? Do you know anything about Pastor Perry and his downfall? Perry financed D's start-up scam.. er.. church.

by Guilty. reply 13211/29/2017

Do you know anything about DB's "past struggles" with homosexuality that were rumoured to be the reason he had to move to Indiana?

by Guilty. reply 13311/30/2017

I don't know DB from when he live in another state. As far as being homosexual, I don't know about that either.

by Guilty. reply 13411/30/2017

Or, maybe he's sad about his wife and found love with a new woman. Just a thought. Duh.

by Guilty. reply 13511/30/2017



by Guilty. reply 13611/30/2017

Davey alert at 136

by Guilty. reply 13711/30/2017

I went away to take one good shit and I returned and there are 14 additional posts!

by Guilty. reply 13811/30/2017

So what do you know about Davey R134?

by Guilty. reply 13912/01/2017


by Guilty. reply 14012/01/2017

I've been thinking about DB's behavior and how he loves to shock people, wants to have the first and last word, wants to be noticed, and loves entertaining. His gun sermon then follows with his sociopathic ways of wanting attention. And it lines up with his foreknowledge and involvement in the events that occurred just days after the gun sermon.

by Guilty. reply 14112/01/2017

[quote]Do you know anything about DB's "past struggles" with homosexuality that were rumoured to be the reason he had to move to Indiana?

Given his self-described insatiable libido, would anyone be surprised to learn he gets off any way he can?

by Guilty. reply 14212/01/2017

Lol what makes you think DB is the all caps guy? So interesting

by Guilty. reply 14312/02/2017

What does "the all caps guy" mean? Someone please explain.

by Guilty. reply 14412/02/2017

Who wants to bet DB has Amanda's dad officiate his wedding ?

by Guilty. reply 14512/02/2017

r144, poster is referring to r136/r143. Davey or one of the grifters on his payroll come here to post pro-Davey propaganda. It's always followed by a snarky comment, ie "So interesting".

by Guilty. reply 14612/03/2017

Have you guys noticied that since KM has been more in the picture, the talk of Amanda has died down? I wonder if she has a role to play in that. I wonder if she'll let DB hang up Amanda's beloved Christmas tree? I doubt the tree Amanda bought will be sufficient for the new mansion from her blood money. Maybe it could fit in a basement window or perhaps DB can send it away with his church friends when they leave his least someone can remember AB.....

by Guilty. reply 14712/03/2017

Holy fuck! I think someone on that Statement Analysis blog solved the murder. The gang member that went to Davey's gym (and was a student at the high school Davey taught at) lived where Taylor was dropped off after the murder (his mom has a house there and he has lived there). This is also the location where the stolen goods from the earlier rape case were dropped off. This same gym gang guy was arrested in October 2015 and gave his address as the same apartment complex that the rape victim's stolen car was dropped off at. he was directing taylor and Watson to not only Amanda's murder but the earlier rape as well. And he is connected to Crazy Davey.

by Guilty. reply 14812/03/2017

R148, is this from a new Statement Analysis post? I didn't think that site was still posting about DB. Can you post a link?

by Guilty. reply 14912/03/2017

r148, the murder was solved soon after the murder. Try to keep up, dear.

by Guilty. reply 15012/03/2017

I'd never seen that on SA.

by Guilty. reply 15112/03/2017

I copied it from SA. I think the link is at r23. And enjoy your honeymoon, dear @ r150.

May have put some of the pieces together here??? I've kept the full names out of this post, except for those that were mentioned in the affidavits. I was researching the Kilt gang member, "Jay Broski", that went to the same LA Fitness gym that Davey did (and also attended North Central High School when Davey was a substitute teacher). Jay lists his mom as a family member on his FB page. I found her in Indianapolis. She lives in a house that is 0.2 miles from Georgetown and 56th St, the meeting place where the first stolen goods were dropped off (rape case) and 0.3 miles from 56th & Guion, where Taylor said he was dropped off the morning of Amanda's murder. There is also a younger man with the last name of McGee who is listed as having lived there (McGee's sounds like "Cheese"). The mom's last name is not McGee and I can't seem to confirm what "Jay Broski's" real name is. I know he has an aunt and cousin with the last name McGee so maybe that is his last name as well?

In November 2015, this J. McGee was arrested and he gave his address as living at the Cross Creek Apartments. These are the same apartments that the car of the woman who was raped by Taylor was found at.

The following research is just possible connections, not as specific as the info above: In 2015, Jay Broski sometimes worked out at Anytime Fitness, which is south of Amanda's (the Georgetown & 56th location is north of Amanda's). A few miles from Anytime Fitness is the West Lake Apartment complex, the same complex where the woman was raped by Taylor. The woman that shared the phone with Taylor, according to the APC, was Hayley Andreasen. Hayley was arrested for prostitution in October 2015 and part of the sentence was a stay away order from a hotel a few miles from the West lake Apartment complex ("Stay Away Order, Value Place Hotel @ 8045 Rockville Road, 10/06/2015, Active 10/06/2015"). Hayley's address, according to her arrest record, is very close to 56th & Guion and J McGee's house. The area they lived in was 15 miles away from the hotel she was arrested at, which was near the airport.

This Jay broski was always advertising for "models' on his FB page so maybe he was Hayley's pimp. The APC said that LE got Larry's phone number (which he somehow shared with Hayley) from Backpages ads, which are prostitution ads. Larry seems too young and too dumb to be able to put together a prostitution ring. The day before the rape, Jay Broski posted this:

Jay Broski November 5, 2015 ·

Niggas got jays👟 &👖 trues‼️ But no house 🏠or 🚗💨car‼️ 😩😩😩😩😭😭😭😭‼️ Exactly why I hang with only my people 😈👹👺👽and my people only‼️ #YallinTheWay #MoveAround #GrowUpKids

(the emojis in the post are shoes and jeans, so he was saying someone had his stuff but that this person had "no car", which the rape victim's boyfriend apparently did not, as she was picking him up) The APC for the rape seems like the woman was targeted. She said one of the thugs (Jalen) asked where her boyfriend was and knew that she was going to get her boyfriend at 10pm. This robbery and rape obviously wasn't random because how would Jalen and Larry know she had a boyfriend let alone that she was going to pick him up at 10pm? Maybe Jay Broski set this rape up to get back at the boyfriend for taking his things? December 3, 2017 at 4:16 PM

by Guilty. reply 15212/04/2017

I guess I'm still having trouble connecting the dots. So someone DB knows , he met at the gym, and this person is friends with Taylor? So who do we think the potential "hit" came from? Is there a chance those involved will be caught in other crimes before "Amanda's trial," that this info could come out? I'm not good at connecting the dots here, my apologies.

by Guilty. reply 15312/04/2017

This is one of the insiders. I've been thinking how people on this site have asked if knowing DB, if I think he is gay. While I do not know him well enough to say one way or the other. I know gay men who are very kind, very easy to talk to, and have great personalities. DB is the exact opposite. He is not easy to talk to, he is not kind, and he does not have a great personality.

by Guilty. reply 15412/04/2017

I'd stopped reading these threads because it seemed information had dwindled and they became repetitive. Took a peek out of curiosity. Wow. The insider info certainly coincides with all of the stuff that had been said here about DB. If some congregants believe he is guilty, then surely the police still eye him as suspect. I hope to see a Dateline or 20/20 some time in the future with clips of Davey's greatest self-serving press appearances following the murder. They were truly revolting.

I've only had time to skim the thread. It sounds like people suspect DB reads here. What lead you to think so?

by Guilty. reply 15512/04/2017

R155, we think that DB reads here because he addresses topics brought up on here in his blog and in his sermons. He tries to explain away areas of suspicion that we post about on here. The site has been shut down at times, due to too personal of information being shared. Sometimes people on this post will post in defense of DB, which makes us believe that either DB or some of his close friends or staff are posting. Thank you for being here R155, I hope you stay around.

by Guilty. reply 15612/04/2017

So, I have been thinking about where did DB get the money for the potential hit? Well If you read his blog "The Last Book Amanda Read," he talks about having to empty out his and Amanda's retirement accounts to give to the church so that it could afford to move to a new building (which they still have yet to secure an actual building of their own, so why so much money needed)? He references needing a total of $150,000 to keep the church afloat. After donating the money that they were saving for a new vehicle, he said that he then had to empty out his retirement accounts. He has this to say, "It was Christmas of 2014, our church was looking into re-launching to a larger auditorium in February and I challenged everyone to give above and beyond their normal giving as a Christmas offering. We needed to raise nearly $150,000 to make the big move."

Could the "Retirement money" donated to the church, have been used to some extent to pay off the gang member/s?

by Guilty. reply 15712/04/2017

R155, my suspicions about Ms. Davey reading here were confirmed when I saw her Instagram posts about visiting Amanda's grave, and I made a comment about her not spending any of her w̶i̶n̶d̶f̶a̶l̶l̶, j̶a̶c̶k̶p̶o̶t̶ ̶ ̶b̶l̶o̶o̶d̶ ̶m̶o̶n̶e̶y̶ insurance payout on a proper headstone for her murdered wife. I made a joke about Ms. Davey preferring the cheap, flat one because it was easier to dance on. Fast forward three days, and what is prominently featured on Ms. B's Instagram is a new headstone that was most impossible to dance on.

The impending nuptials of the c̶o̶-̶c̶o̶n̶s̶p̶i̶r̶a̶t̶o̶r̶s̶ happy couple have me wondering about a few things: 1) How much life insurance is Ms. Davey taking out on his next v̶i̶c̶t̶i̶m̶ wife? 2)Will Amanda's parents FINALLY wake up when Ms. B's next s̶a̶c̶r̶i̶f̶i̶c̶e̶ ̶ wife cuts them out of Weston's life? Will Mrs. B̶e̶a̶r̶d̶ ̶ Blackburn adopt Weston f̶o̶r̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶s̶h̶o̶r̶t̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ ̶s̶h̶e̶ ̶h̶a̶s̶ ̶l̶e̶f̶t̶ as her own after the marriage? 3)Will Ms. Davey be insuring his new stepdaughter to the hilt because, you know, t̶w̶o̶ ̶b̶i̶r̶d̶s̶,̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶s̶t̶o̶n̶e̶ tragedies do happen?

by Guilty. reply 15812/04/2017

"hey, man, sorry to interrupt your bicep curls. I got a proposition for you, my brother. You know, I'm a devout Christian, but I was just wondering if you would be interested in orchestrating the killing of my wife and unborn child so I could get some more money from her insurance policy and she won't nag me about porn. You should have them commit a few other rapes and a murder to throw off the scent, and then make sure they don't tell anyone I was involved."


And, no, I'm not davey, the nanny, or the fiancee. I don't even know these people. I only know you are all cray cray and think you're fukin angela jb flectcher lansbury solving a murder based on random facts you assume make sense when the suspects have already been caught. you aren't using common sense, you are honed in on solving a case with alternate facts just so you can tell people you solved a case. it ain't gonna happen

by Guilty. reply 15912/04/2017

What’s Kristi’s ethnicity? Asian? Hispanic? Eurasian?

by Guilty. reply 16012/04/2017

R160 I think she's partially Asian. In one of Davey's Instagram stories about riding ATVs, she made a weird joke about her not being a good driver based on the stereotype that Asians drive poorly. She and Davey laughed and laughed at her dumb joke.

by Guilty. reply 16112/04/2017

Does Davey going to be married to a part asian woman mean that he is also part gay?

by Guilty. reply 16212/05/2017

Her previous husband must have been drab, dull and broke for her to think that DB is an upgrade.

by Guilty. reply 16312/05/2017

r153, the guy from the gym is one of the older leaders of the gang that Gordon and Watson were in (Kilt gang). Gordon, Watson and Taylor were merely following orders. Taylor never acted alone, except for the murder of the Hispanic guy that he is accused of, which nobody witnessed but the Cooperating Individuals (Kilt gang members) immediately ratted out Taylor to LE. The contract for the hit would have been made with the gang leaders, of which gym guy was one. One of the other OG gang leaders is Gordon's brother. Taylor is a pawn. He wasn't in the gang and he is young (18) and impulsive. The gang leaders are upset that Gordon is going up for murder and someone has hired him two private attorneys for him. The gang leaders are also upset that Watson cooperated with LE (we knew he was cooperating in August, as per FB postings on this site of Gordon's brother). Nobody knows if Watson is keeping to a script presented by LE or is actually being truthful in his confession. The cell tower pings don't match up with LE's version of events. And there are still some cell phones that information hasn't been made public about that were calling Gordon the morning of the murder, from the first burglary until after the successful ATM transaction.

The burglary that happened prior was obviously orchestrated by the gym guy, as he posted things to FB immediately after which refer to a payback for someone taking his stuff. Gym guy spent time in that area of Indy, which was very far away from where Watson, Gordon and Taylor lived and roamed. Watson, during the burglary, tells Taylor to quit sexually assaulting the victim, and says "that's not what we're here for." Again, these gang kids aren't going to randomly drive 30 minutes away to some particular apartment in a huge complex and know that the victim has a boyfriend that she needs to pick up from work at 10pm, just like the three gang kids didn't randomly drive to a cul-de-sac twenty minutes away that is hard to get to from main streets and happen to discover an unlocked front door.

by Guilty. reply 16412/05/2017

Davey asked his cousin to make T-shirts to sell at Amanda’s funeral. The proceeds went to Davey.

by Guilty. reply 16512/05/2017

r159, you must not hang out in gyms very often. You get to know the other people in the gym very well. And most body builders get their steroids from gym connections. Once you've built trust by buying illegal steroids, then it makes the contract hit conversation that much easier. Everyone knows that gang members kill people. It's part of their culture. To actually get a wad of cash for doing it is a no-brainer.

by Guilty. reply 16612/05/2017

Anyone else notice Jay hasn't posted on Facebook since November 19th? He used to post daily.

by Guilty. reply 16712/05/2017

R164, thank you! That makes sense to me now.

by Guilty. reply 16812/05/2017

Thanks r161.

by Guilty. reply 16912/05/2017

You know, it's not rocket science how DB is getting wind of all these threads about him. Every time you post a hot link to his blog he can read the traffic and see where the referrals are coming from. The way to avoid this is to always post a caveat saying "copy and paste link in separate tab or browser window, do not link directly." I understand that it may give some of you a great sense of glee to call him out and make him sweat, but the flip side of it is that he now has a valuable resource for getting ideas about how to better cover his tracks and retrofit more reasonable explanations for his questionable actions and behaviors based on how people in the real world (as opposed to his brainwashed sycophants) are reacting to them.

by Guilty. reply 17012/05/2017

It's been 2 years since Amanda's murder and the killers still haven't been put on trial. Likely won't start soon with Christmas coming up.

by Guilty. reply 17112/05/2017

Guys, maybe we can all pool together some resources and send DB a Christmas present. Poor DB, the money has to be running out for him. The book release is pushed off for so long, and he now has two more mouths to feed. Poor guy. He's made it clear he LOVES gift cards. Where do we think he may like to shop at? I'm feeling very jolly. He's SUCH a great guy!

by Guilty. reply 17212/05/2017

he obviously has google alerts on his name and gets an email every day/week with links. duh.

by Guilty. reply 17312/05/2017

Nasty Pig, of course!

by Guilty. reply 17412/05/2017

4) How long into the marriage will Ms. Davey start p̶u̶r̶p̶o̶s̶e̶l̶y̶ accidentally leaving the front door unlocked? 5) What is the over/under on Mrs. B̶e̶a̶r̶d̶ Blackburn's life expectancy after she announces that she's pregnant?

by Guilty. reply 17512/06/2017

Davey’s church Resonate Indy Facebook post the morning of Amanda’s murder “Head and Heart”

by Guilty. reply 17612/06/2017

Could DB's post AB style of dress be geared toward making himself more likable to the thugs? I came across a picture of one of the thugs on Facebook and his outfit reminded me of DB's style of dress in some ways.

by Guilty. reply 17712/06/2017

I give this marriage a year. 2 years max. They both have been married before, so they know that divorce IS do-able. At least she does.

by Guilty. reply 17812/08/2017

r167, Alonzo Bull also quit posting awhile back, after someone posted a link to these threads on one of Treley Kidd's FB post.

by Guilty. reply 17912/08/2017

How do we get Dateline involved in this case?

by Guilty. reply 18012/09/2017

Good question r189.

by Guilty. reply 18112/09/2017

Hey guys, google DB Goodreads and click on "More" of DB's faves, sort by date.

by Guilty. reply 18212/12/2017

R182 What are we looking for?

by Guilty. reply 18312/12/2017

Yeah, I read through those titles too, and other than DB wants to be a wealthy real estate mogul, I didn't notice any smoking guns.

by Guilty. reply 18412/12/2017

In September 2015, he added "Killing JFK," and "Killing Lincoln." In October of 2015 he added, read, and ranked "Killing Reagan." All three are presidents who were assassinated. Yes, he also has posted money books, more so, and in a new light, since the murder. He now reads books about "rich" men. I'm not sure what you're not seeing here. This is his personal reading list Change the search criteria by date to oldest to newest and make sure you aren't on the picture view, but the grid view which shows dates.

by Guilty. reply 18512/12/2017

Also on 10/25 he added "The Great Divorce." KM's divorce was final late October 2015. The book is about heaven and hell.

by Guilty. reply 18612/12/2017

Reading books about assassanations and how to get rich the same year something happens to your wife? Things that make ya go hmmm! If you don’t find that odd, that’s odd!

by Guilty. reply 18712/12/2017


I believe he bought those books with gift cards from his congregation but I doubt if he actually read them due to ADD.

by Guilty. reply 18812/13/2017

The Dossier Writer, who I don't think posts here anymore, has said on the Statement Analysis board that the dossier is complete and being distributed and that a reporter is interested in the information and investigating.

by Guilty. reply 18912/14/2017

I wonder if the David Camm fiasco is causing the Indiana authorities to move slowly.

by Guilty. reply 19012/16/2017

[quote]What’s Kristi’s ethnicity? Asian? Hispanic? Eurasian?

She’s half Asian - her mom is Asian.

by Guilty. reply 19112/16/2017

He’s remarried. I’m sure Amanda is rejoicing in heaven. Two whole years.

by Guilty. reply 19212/18/2017

“Resonate Church meets at Northview Middle School, 8401 Westfield Road. Blackburn lives a public life with a substantial online presence.”

by Guilty. reply 19312/18/2017

R192, unbelievable. All of the comments on the post seem so positive, he had to have deleted the negative ones, right? Is that Amanda's sister in the long burgundy dress?

by Guilty. reply 19412/18/2017

R194,the comments on the FB post for Rtv6 are much less positive. Very skeptical of him.

by Guilty. reply 19512/18/2017

Thank you r191.

by Guilty. reply 19612/19/2017


by Guilty. reply 19712/19/2017

"Behold, I am doing a new thing.." ?????? That's the quote he chooses?


by Guilty. reply 19812/19/2017

He's the lead story on the Daily Mail site.

by Guilty. reply 19912/19/2017
by Guilty. reply 20012/19/2017

According to the daily mail he is getting married . To a woman

by Guilty. reply 20112/19/2017

[quote]He’s remarried. I’m sure Amanda is rejoicing in heaven. Two whole years.


So, will he refrain from posting a "Honeymoon II" video on YouTube? Or will his ego demand it? And, will he be less dismissive of this wife and her thoughts?

by Guilty. reply 20212/19/2017

I’ll do more than boil a rabbit.

by Guilty. reply 20312/19/2017

Wonder if he and Amanda are still “doing long distance.”

by Guilty. reply 20412/19/2017

I think he's an asshole for proposing almost to the day of Amanda's murder.

by Guilty. reply 20512/19/2017

I agree, R205

by Guilty. reply 20612/19/2017

Uh, oh, link to this thread in Daily Mail comments.

by Guilty. reply 20712/19/2017

R207, came here to post the same thing. From the comments , looks like a lot of people are suspicious of him as well.

by Guilty. reply 20812/19/2017

Isn’t porn a sin? I feel like I’m going to hell for enjoying breederfuckers and fraternityx.

by Guilty. reply 20912/19/2017

Amanda’s dad walked Kristi down the aisle.

by Guilty. reply 21012/20/2017

Sad how Amanda's family didn't seem to love her. Or maybe they are trying to keep access to W?

by Guilty. reply 21112/20/2017

Maybe but walking the new bride seems extreme. Doesn’t she have someone from her family?

by Guilty. reply 21212/20/2017

Yeah that’s weird R210.

by Guilty. reply 21312/20/2017

”Tina, not just Phil. What you don’t see in this picture is her starting down the isle with her step dad, then Phil then Davey’s dad finishing the walk. Davey didn’t tell her this was going to happen. It was very emotional. 3 spiritual fathers giving her to be married. AMAZING!!”

by Guilty. reply 21412/20/2017


by Guilty. reply 21512/20/2017

the fact DB didn't tell her about the addition of Amanda's dad and his own dad walking her down the aisle with her step dad is VERY strange.

by Guilty. reply 21612/20/2017


by Guilty. reply 21712/20/2017

Less than a month after Amanda's death, Blackburn told the congregation at First Baptist Church of Elkhart in Indiana that God told him while he was showering that He allowed his first wife to die so the church could live.

"I had a thought this morning in the shower. And felt like the Lord spoke to my heart and said: 'Davey, I want my church, I want my bride to come alive. And if I had asked you, Davey, before this if you were willing to give up your bride so that my bride can come alive, what would you have said?'" Blackburn said with an uneasy chuckle at the church led by his then father-in-law, Phil Byars.

by Guilty. reply 21812/20/2017

Still guilty.

by Guilty. reply 21912/20/2017

Davey's mentor Perry Noble, having been shamed over his alcoholism and divorced by his wife, is now pushing a weight-loss plan:

by Guilty. reply 22012/30/2017

More proof that these guys r220 are con-artists and grifters. Just like Jim Baker selling end of times buckets of food these guys wouldn't know an honest day of work if it bit them in the ass. I hate "born agains" with a passion.

by Guilty. reply 22112/30/2017

Weight isn't Perry's only problem.....

by Guilty. reply 22212/31/2017

Sweat tea?

by Guilty. reply 22312/31/2017

Beginning at about the 6:30 minute mark Davey starts talking about the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary and says God told him, “It’s only by my grace you weren’t the killer.”

by Guilty. reply 22401/02/2018

New thread at SA

by Guilty. reply 22501/03/2018

R225, Thank you! I was looking for that.

by Guilty. reply 22601/03/2018

R224 the video is gone!!

by Guilty. reply 22701/03/2018

I found the video — it’s at the very beginning of this one.

by Guilty. reply 22801/03/2018

When will the trials be?

by Guilty. reply 22901/08/2018

From CDAN 1/17/18 In this worldwide headline making murder case there is some new evidence that has been found which looks very damning for the thirsty celebrity husband of the wife who was killed. His story and actions have never really jibed and investigators kept digging. Apparently it was a tip though that led to a revisit of timelines and and something that happened when the huge life insurance policy was originally bought. I'm also told he went through the insurance money quickly with his new extravagant lifestyle. There are only so many books and seminars he can sell but he won't cut back on his spending.

by Guilty. reply 23001/17/2018

Oh, please let it happen, please, please, please....

by Guilty. reply 23101/17/2018

Hey Davey seems like justice is finally coming for you...Enjoy the time you have left.

by Guilty. reply 23201/17/2018

R230, is this just your speculation?

by Guilty. reply 23301/17/2018 he really a "celebrity" though?

If only...

by Guilty. reply 23401/17/2018

The clue fits but for that r434, but did it make worldwide headlines? But who else could it be?

I'm skeptical that life insurance purchases would make a difference to an investigator. The entire ball game is tying Davey to the killers. If you can't do that, all the suspicious actions in the world amount to naught.

The focus should be getting some leverage on Lonzo.

by Guilty. reply 23501/17/2018

The NEW loving couple:

by Guilty. reply 23601/17/2018

R233, not my speculation but a copy & paste from CDAN. Sounded like our Davey to me.

by Guilty. reply 23701/17/2018

Well, perhaps new wife will help him with that insatiable sex drive he complained about ...

Of course, I don't know how he has sex, with his narcissistic need to be admiring himself all the time.

Needs to be looking in a mirror... Oh my -- just had a thought of a scene from American Psycho, with Christian Bale character watching himself in the mirror as he as sex with some poor victim.

by Guilty. reply 23801/17/2018

From Israel with love bitches!

by Guilty. reply 23902/04/2018

What the hell is Defendant, Larry Taylor, thinking? He asked the court for permission to proceed pro se and the court granted his request. Also interesting, his public defender is to read the book written by the "husband" and to discuss it with Taylor.

by Guilty. reply 24002/08/2018

The book

by Guilty. reply 24102/20/2018

Marion County Judge Grant Hawkins granted a request by Larry Jo Taylor’s defense counsel to review Blackburn’s manuscript for his unpublished book “Nothing is Wasted.”

Blackburn wrote on his personal blog that he had decided to delay publication of the book until after the trials of Taylor and Gordon had concluded.

by Guilty. reply 24202/20/2018

;m l,m

by Guilty. reply 24304/02/2018

? R243

by Guilty. reply 24404/02/2018

Retired judge, can you please give your much appreciated insight on this site?

by Guilty. reply 24504/02/2018

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A second suspect has agreed to plead guilty in the Amanda Blackburn case, in exchange for not having to face a murder charge.

In a plea agreement submitted to the court Tuesday, Diano Gordon pleaded guilty to robbery resulting in serious injury and two felony burglary charges. In exchange, the murder charge, an additional burglary charge and a theft charge were all dropped. Prosecutors also agreed not to charge him as an habitual offender.

COMPLETE COVERAGE: Amanda Blackburn murder His sentence was not included in writing as part of the deal, just a line saying "the parties are free to argue an appropriate sentence." Regardless of their length, all of his sentences will run concurrently.

Gordon agreed to testify against the other suspect in the case, Larry Taylor, Jr. Watson already pleaded guilty but has not yet been sentenced, so Gordon may be called on to testify at Watson's sentencing.

Amanda Blackburn was murdered in her northwest-side home in November 2015. She was married to local pastor Davey Blackburn and was pregnant at the time.

Davey Blackburn issued the following statement through his church Wednesday evening:

"On behalf of the Blackburn and Byars families we are encouraged to see the plea agreement between the state of Indiana and Diano Gordon officially tendered today. Although we will never be able to fully move on from losing Amanda, we are ready to move forward with what God has for each of our lives. Today marks another huge step in that process of closure. Thank you to everyone who continues to pray for and support our family as we walk this difficult road."

by Guilty. reply 24605/29/2018

Any updates from the dossier writers?

by Guilty. reply 24705/31/2018

He is complete slime.

by Guilty. reply 24806/02/2018

He's a murderer

by Guilty. reply 24908/08/2018

Anything new? Anyone have any insider info? It makes me sick that this guy is walking around free, but I still come back to: Why aren't these guys who are in jail singing about him? Is there some third party, and they don't even know that Davey is behind it? I just don't get what would be their motivation for staying quiet.

by Guilty. reply 25008/09/2018

R250, Sadly, this case has become one of those Datelines where the first wife's homicide isn't fully investigated until the second wife dies under suspicious circumstances.

by Guilty. reply 25108/09/2018

The guy whose wife was murdered. He remarried.

by Guilty. reply 25208/09/2018

Three idiot black guys killed her

by Guilty. reply 25308/09/2018

R252 so how long until the new wife dies under suspicious circumstances ?

by Guilty. reply 25408/10/2018

R254, a few months into her pregnancy

by Guilty. reply 25508/11/2018

R254 pregnant and catches him [fill in deal breaker activities].

by Guilty. reply 25608/12/2018

Yes there is a "third" party, likely one of the early witnesses(Alonzo Bull) or someone connected to the killers, who were entry-level gang members. There's speculation about a guy who went to the same gym as Davey, who's connected to them too.

This is the problem though, they will not snitch, except perhaps on each other in inconsequential ways. Snitching is a death sentence. Jail time is a right of passage for certain underclasses in America, but you want to survive it.

by Guilty. reply 25708/12/2018

Sorry, "rite" of passage.

by Guilty. reply 25808/12/2018

There actually is another guy, Darnell Q. Gilbert, that was initially arrested or at least detained. He seems to be one of the snitches but has remained free (along with Bull) to this point. Jalen was a low-level member of the gang who probably didn't know much. Larry Taylor was not even in the gang and probably knew nothing at all. Diano has been given a sweet plea deal so he will stfu about his gang buddies. Larry Taylor is fighting this and there will be a trial in November, so Davey and the thugs will have to take the stand and explain all of the inconsistencies.

by Guilty. reply 25908/20/2018

Check out Davey's IG. He and Kristi dressed as robbers for a Halloween party that he threw on the same day that Jalen was supposed to be sentenced for robbing/murdering Amanda (continued). Also, notice that he posed in front of the ladder that was lying next to Amanda as she was bleeding out (trophy?)

by Guilty. reply 26010/29/2018

R260, I just saw that! Astonishing, and super sick, even for him.

by Guilty. reply 26110/29/2018


by Guilty. reply 26210/29/2018

Someone needs to send that to the defense team.

by Guilty. reply 26310/30/2018

He's a complete and total sociopath.

by Guilty. reply 26410/30/2018

OCT 28TH, 2018 INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Sentencing day has been delayed for one of the alleged suspects in the Amanda Blackburn murder case.

Jalen Watson agreed a deal to avoid harsher punishment. He had hoped to finalize his agreement with prosecutor in court Friday afternoon during a sentencing hearing.

The 24-year-old suspect now has a new sentencing date that won’t happen until next year.

Jalen Watson's family left the courtroom upset that his sentencing didn’t happened as planned earlier this year. They're not the only ones who showed up for sentencing.

Amanda's widow, Davey Blackburn, also attended the hearing.

“I have no comments today," Davey Blackburn said.

Jalen Watson agreed to plead guilty to robbery and burglary in the Blackburn case.

He will give prosecutors details about who did what in the murder of Amanda Blackburn.

“Part of his plea agreement requires him to testify in subsequent and future procedures and we are not to that point yet,” Deputy Prosecutor Ryan Mears said.

In 2015, Watson admits to being one of three men who entered the Blackburns’ home just after 6 a.m.

Husband Davey had already left for the gym.

Investigators learned that Davey left the door unlocked which was reportedly not unusual.

During the alleged attack, Amanda, pregnant at the time, struggled with her attacker and did not survive getting shot during.

Watson agreed to testify against the actual alleged shooter to avoid being charged with murder.

But in court Friday afternoon, prosecutors wanted to better secure Watson's testimony before signing off on the lesser charges.

“The judge was kind enough to push his sentencing hearing out so we would have the opportunity to take his statement in a more formal setting and that would allow us to move forward with all of the cases, " Mears said.

According to prosecutors, Watson names Larry Taylor, Jr. as the actual triggerman.

by Guilty. reply 26510/31/2018

I hope the delay means they have evidence tying Davey to the murder.

by Guilty. reply 26611/01/2018

Interesting r265, the fact that he showed up makes me think he may not be in on it. I guess I feel like one of the killers would blurt out how Davey is the one who hired him. Also, the fact he always left the door unlocked makes him look less guilty. I guess he really is just the luckiest little cult leader alive!

by Guilty. reply 26711/01/2018

Who said DB always leaves his door unlocked? Doesn't make sense that he would consistently do so.

DB showing up at the trial wouldn't change the scenario. Likely lower level gang members wouldn't know of his connections. They were given orders, and told not to ask any questions.

by Guilty. reply 26811/01/2018

In that snippet at r265, r268: In 2015, Watson admits to being one of three men who entered the Blackburns’ home just after 6 a.m.

Husband Davey had already left for the gym.

Investigators learned that Davey left the door unlocked which was reportedly not unusual.

Though I suppose it could be Davey who reported that it was not unusual. I don't know why this makes me feel differently, I guess cause he was so, "I forgive them" #forIndy bullshit that I didn't think he gave a shit what happened and was totally moved on. I wonder what Amanda's family really thinks of him.

by Guilty. reply 26911/01/2018

R269, Speaking of DB leaving the door unlocked, please read the last post on this link.

by Guilty. reply 27011/01/2018

OH wow r270, seems they have his number too!

by Guilty. reply 27111/01/2018

His IG is on private now. Wasn’t yesterday.

by Guilty. reply 27211/02/2018
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