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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 8 - Thread 1

It's almost that time!: the premiere of the Beverly Hills Housewhores--excuse me--Wives! It's their 8th season, but never fear, they've received enough Botox, placental stem cells, penicillin, and injectable plastic molding over the last few months to hide any cracks that may have occurred since their last major lifts.

Your favorite "classy" crunts are back: Elaine Davidson, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Erika Jayne, and Dorit Kemsley, as well as newbie Teddi Jo Mellencamp.

Rumors are swirling that we may see the return of (newly-engaged) Camiller Grammer, Adrienne Maloof, and...tun tun tun...Brandi "does this dress make my tampon string look big?" Glanville! But no mention of Kim Richards so far (is she still sober?).

With a major trip planned to Berlin, Kyle moving to the San Fernando Valley (is this her last season?), and shocking alliance shifts, Season 8 promises to be a juicy one!

by Candy Ohenreply 60001/18/2018

Premiere Date Announced: [bold]TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2017[/bold]

by Candy Ohenreply 111/13/2017

I see Granny V is still in the mix. Like a bad penny. Just can’t seem to get rid of her. Happy to see Camille and Adrienne Maloof is back. I didn’t think Eileen would be back. All we are missing is fan favs Cedric, Brandi and Alison the psychic. Would really add the drama.

by Candy Ohenreply 211/13/2017

They should add Kris Jenner and Kathy Hilton to the show. They have it all. The wealth, the home's, cars, the jet set lifestyle, they travel in elite social circles, and they have both known each other since the early 1980's. Why not? They should make both women offers they can't refuse. And perks.

by Candy Ohenreply 311/13/2017

Kris Jenner might be too intimidatingly rich for the other ladies (especially LV); HOWEVER, Caitlyn Jenner might finally find her niche, especially if Brandi would be given the opportunity to take her down. Both of them drunkenly fighting over some hot Latino stud would be a hoot! Elsewise, Caitlyn could show Brandi how to tuck (strings) properly.

by Candy Ohenreply 411/13/2017

Sorry, but Eileen Davidson is OUT. Booooo!

(So is Eden Sassoon).

by Candy Ohenreply 511/14/2017

Eden's last minute psychotic breakdown in the season finale last year couldn't save her spot. Pity.

by Candy Ohenreply 611/14/2017

Let's face it -this franchise has not been entertaining since Brandi left. They all take themselves WAY too seriously.

by Candy Ohenreply 711/14/2017

I never found Brandi entertaining. I actually just found her sad.

I do wonder how Erika would handle Brandi though. It's obvious that Brandi would go in after Erika.

by Candy Ohenreply 811/14/2017

I agree with R3. Kathy Hilton would be a hoot. A true Beverly Hills cunt. She could out cunt all of them combined. And she has serious money unlike Brandi or Eden or the witch. Erika is a fish out of water in this shit show.

by Candy Ohenreply 911/14/2017

y dont u all have a piece of bread and maybe youll calm a little?

by Candy Ohenreply 1011/14/2017

R9 but it would have to be Kris Jenner too. Kathy and Kris are friends in real life. Paris and Kim grew up together. Lisa Vanderpump wouldn't be able to keep up with those two. Wealth wise. She would be completely dethroned in every way possible. Vanderpump is rich. But not Kardashian/Hilton RICH!!! How much does her restaurants and bars generate anyways? Also Brandi never needs to return to RHOBH. She's the reason the show turned into trash. She's not even rich. Why was she ever on in the first place? No to Brandi. She needs to be in rehab.

by Candy Ohenreply 1111/14/2017

Kris and Kathy is a great idea.

by Candy Ohenreply 1211/15/2017

According to BE Kathy won't do the show because she feels she deserves an entire show about her.

by Candy Ohenreply 1311/15/2017

Kathy dosent have to do reality TV. She has a wealthy husband who takes really good care of her. And Kris wouldn't do it anyway. She has KUWTK'S. And plenty of money.

by Candy Ohenreply 1411/15/2017

^You're joking, right? Kathy and Rick are not as wealthy as you think they are. You must also have no history on Kathy and how many times she's tried to make a Reality show for herself happen .

by Candy Ohenreply 1611/15/2017

Net worth comparison:

Kathy Hilton: $300M

Caitlyn Jenner: $100M

LVP: $75M

Kris Jenner: $60M

Kyle Richards: $50M

by Candy Ohenreply 1711/15/2017

I know Rick and Kathy aren't as rich as people believe them to be. For year's they said Rick had a net worth of $300 million dollars. But I knew that wasn't true. Because where would that money come from? Definitely not his real estate business. But I will say this. They have a beautiful home/estate in bel air. It's pretty big. I don't know how they afford it but it's really comfortable. I wouldn't be surprised if there daughter Paris was richer than them. She has her businesses and she gets paid top dollar to DJ around the world. But Rick and Kathy have four homes. Two in bel air. An apartment in NYC and a house in the hamptons. So where dose the money come from for all of that. Unless he's getting help from his billionaire father. Or even Paris. Other than that. I don't see how real estate keeps them in that Hilton lifestyle they have.

by Candy Ohenreply 1811/15/2017

R17 those figures are not accurate. The people who create those celebrity net worth figures. Have no way of knowing what these people's personal finances are. It's just pulling numbers out of the sky. And I definitely don't believe Lisa Vanderpump is richer than Kris Jenner. Kris is making real money hand over fist managing her family. She's collecting huge mega checks. Lisa dose well too with her bars and restaurants and lounges. But she's not bringing in Kardashian money.

by Candy Ohenreply 1911/15/2017

It's laughable that those numbers have Kris Jenner only worth $50 M.

by Candy Ohenreply 2011/15/2017

R20 I said the same thing. Kris never stops making money. Her personal finances are constantly growing. Just like anyone else in her position. I personally believe she's even richer than Rick and Kathy. Kris is a mover and shaker in Hollywood. They may have that Hilton last name. But there not bringing in that Kardashian money through real estate. Especially when Kris just closed a $150 million dollar deal for her family. Plus all of the other business ventures the K family has generating big bucks for them. Kris definitely wins.

by Candy Ohenreply 2111/15/2017

Trailer out. wow it looks boring as fuck. Where's the real drama? If these "fights" are the highlights of the season, the ladies better be ready for low ratings.

by Candy Ohenreply 2211/16/2017

Yup boring AF.

by Candy Ohenreply 2311/16/2017

Whoa. NYC, Japan, Berlin. Bravo has raised the travel budget significantly this season. I hope it doesn't suck. The new girl seems as uninteresting as Kathyrn Edwards.

by Candy Ohenreply 2411/16/2017

The better housewives franchises have a mix of reactive “hot” types and more calculating “cool” types - New York and Atlanta have achieved the perfect balance of those types over the last couple of seasons. BH’s cast is basically uniformly ice cold, and the show suffers because of it. The fact that Rinna, who on any other franchise would be a loopy second banana shit stirrer (like Sheree or Sonja), is the main villainess of BH speaks to how stiff and guarded the cast is.

by Candy Ohenreply 2511/16/2017

it looks like we're just gonna get more passive aggressive spats between Kyle and LVP ...yawn....

by Candy Ohenreply 2611/16/2017

That's why they need to add Kris Jenner and Kathy Hilton to the show. At least as friends of the cast. Beverly hills really is kinda boring. They have the money and the lifestyle. But as people they are very boring. Atlanta and NYC really are the best franchise's.

by Candy Ohenreply 2711/16/2017

Whoa! Kyle lost her center spot! Not only did she lose the center she got shoved to the end!

by Candy Ohenreply 2811/17/2017

As we know they edited the shit out of that trailer and none of them were probably speaking to who they were showed speaking to...

It's going to be a lame, boring ass, season.

by Candy Ohenreply 2911/17/2017

Kyle is a producer, so she can sit wherever she wants.

by Candy Ohenreply 3011/17/2017

No wonder the premiere was pushed back.

More LVP whining about her "friendships"? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

by Candy Ohenreply 3111/17/2017

Y'all bitches say this now, but you know you'll be watching the whole damn season. Ain't no way you can look away from this train crash.

by Candy Ohenreply 3211/17/2017

Except there's no way in hell Kyle would voluntarily want that spot way in the back. But nice try, Farrah at R30. Kissing your mother's ass, Producer or not, isn't going to help edit out your longing glances towards Mauricio's cock!

by Candy Ohenreply 3311/17/2017

Is Kyle really a producer on the show? Because I keep hearing that. Also why dose Lisa Vanderpump keep coming back to the show? That Vanderfabuous novelty has warn off for me. She's just boring now. Just like the rest of them.

by Candy Ohenreply 3411/17/2017

Kyle has a small... very, very, very, small stake in the show.

by Candy Ohenreply 3511/17/2017

Oh no, gurl. Just no. It looks like your ass crack moved up under your neck because of the Alien creature that's about to pop out of your belly anus.

by Candy Ohenreply 3611/17/2017

So Kyle really is a producer/stake holder on the show? I have some googling to do.

by Candy Ohenreply 3711/17/2017

According to Kyle she has a very, very, very, very small stake in the show which she negotiated by casting the entire first season.

by Candy Ohenreply 3811/17/2017

I say bring back Brandi she can begin on an apology tour and then get right back in the muck.

by Candy Ohenreply 3911/17/2017


by Candy Ohenreply 4011/18/2017

Brandi seemed to be well behaved on CBB. Maybe she could make peace with Vander and Ken.

by Candy Ohenreply 4111/20/2017

Brandi is broke! She dosent belong on RHOBH. No to Brandi.

by Candy Ohenreply 4211/20/2017

Uh oh! Kyle's house is about to burn down (the one she didn't steal from me). Sad!

by Candy Ohenreply 4312/06/2017

I've never watched these "housewives" shows. What goes on? Do they gang-up and say catty things to each other?

by Candy Ohenreply 4412/06/2017

No, they exchange hot dish recipes Rose

by Candy Ohenreply 4512/06/2017

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at Lisa Vanderpump getting herself ready for the new season.

by Candy Ohenreply 4612/06/2017

Fifty posts attacking the season...before it even began.

Surely to God you have better things to do than watch and/or post about a show you hate. I don't even have time to watch all the shows I like, much less ones I don't.

by Candy Ohenreply 4712/19/2017

The awful Kim Richards was sentenced to 450 hours of community service for kicking a cop.

That’s a lot of hours. How will she get out of this? Tears? Threats? Bribes? Because you know that Her Royal Highness Miss Richards isn’t going to do all that work.

by Candy Ohenreply 4812/19/2017

I have only read about this pile of dreck, but I'll vote for Brandi, as I believe she was once the recipient of Cibrian pinga.

by Candy Ohenreply 4912/19/2017

Kim reacted as well as could be expected when she learned about her punishment.

by Candy Ohenreply 5012/19/2017

Yes, R47. It's like listening to a bunch of old drag queens whining into their daiquiris for the millionth time how unfair life has been.

Why did OP include Eileen and Brandi? Both were fired.

by Candy Ohenreply 5112/19/2017

This show is DOA.

They should have kept Eileen. At least she had heart.

RHOBH needs to be re-cast. Badly. It's old and tired. Just like the current cast.

by Candy Ohenreply 5212/19/2017

People still LOVE Eileen and Brandi.

by Candy Ohenreply 5312/19/2017

Way too much Doritos

by Candy Ohenreply 5412/19/2017

Granny screeches HAPPY PRIDE from a float, Dorito shows us her baby doing a first poop, Kyle worries about Kim, Kim gets high, Rinna changes her Depends and talks dirty. Rinse And Repeat.

by Candy Ohenreply 5512/19/2017

[quote]People still LOVE Eileen and Brandi.

Only people like the crazed Granny/Miss Ken troll. Eileen brought nothing to the show. So monotonous, always demanding apologies then rejecting them as not sincere enough.

Brandi brought drama to be sure but got to be such a nasty drunk no one but Yolanda would film with her. Yolanda got fired, too, so no way to bring Brandi back.

by Candy Ohenreply 5612/19/2017

Kyle moved to the Valley after getting the OK from Faye.

[quote]Once they knew they were interested in the home, [Kyle and Mauricio] gave a call to their BFF and interior designer, Faye Resnick, to get her opinion on the nearly 11,000-square-foot mansion once owned by legendary singer Smokey Robinson. Kyle recalled, “I said, ‘You have to come and help us make this decision.’ And she walked in, and she said, 'I have goosebumps everywhere; we need this home.' Guess we're moving!”

by Candy Ohenreply 5712/19/2017

ok pretty dull first episode.

Teddy seems like a lot of the other blondes they've had on in earlier seasons.

by Candy Ohenreply 5812/20/2017

All these Bitches are ageing like sour milk. And these hoes are over privileged and entitled. More white privilege on my TV.

by Candy Ohenreply 5912/20/2017

In light of the disgustingly wealthy-friendly Trump tax bill that just passed, I'm not responding well to these self-involved bitches and their inane excesses. Kyle's hideous gold Prada sneakers and non-matching Smurf-blue Berkin duffel bag, Dorit's gaudy McMansion, Erika's army of gay guys employed to help assuage the ravages of time, LVP's endless pink sausage casings, Rinna's vitamin injections and personal pimple poppers, and the new girl's soccer mom sing-a-long. Just too fucking much in this political atmosphere. I might check out this season. Bravo is out of touch and these Housewives shows are well past their expiration dates.

Note to Erika: You're too old (by at least 20 years) to ever be a pop star, bitch! Put some clothes on and act your age, for crying out loud. Not a good look. At all.

by Candy Ohenreply 6012/20/2017

I love that Erika is pissing off a certain group that is jealous she's the new queen.

by Candy Ohenreply 6112/20/2017

say what you like, but THIS is a wonderful thing.

& Lisa really puts her money where her mouth is when it comes to dogs.

by Candy Ohenreply 6212/20/2017

Erika still looks good for her age. More power to her.

by Candy Ohenreply 6312/20/2017

This premiere was useless without a glimpse of PeeKay's tits.

by Candy Ohenreply 6412/20/2017

Some of them are starting to look alike - this is when I get confused.

by Candy Ohenreply 6512/20/2017


by Candy Ohenreply 6612/20/2017

The one on the far left with the belly bulge looks like a drag queen.

by Candy Ohenreply 6712/20/2017

LVP was surprisingly tolerable. The combo of Dorit/Erika is a bit much. I noticed they were heavily pushing these two.

Kyle still remains the biggest phony. "I don't want to get involved." "I'm good with everyone." "I don't want to have any issues." As she then proceeds to gossip about Harry Hamlin and then debate whether to confront Rinna. GMAFB. I also love that Harry essentially said exactly what the audience has been saying for years - GET RID OF KIM RICHARDS.

by Candy Ohenreply 6812/20/2017

It's weird that LVP and Kyle seem to think the only way to remain popular and stay on the show is to come off as perfect and above it all. If you look at any of the other cities the ones who've stuck around the longest and have remained the most popular are the ones who've not been afraid to show how flawed they are.

by Candy Ohenreply 6912/20/2017

I bet LVP and Kyle are seething that Erika is becoming the new queen of BH.

I really hate the trend of eye shadow being put all around the eye (including under it). The pink that Erika had on in 1 of her confessional looks is too much and makes her look sickly.

Camille really has gone from being the most bitchy and fun to the most useless "friend" on the show. It's pointless to have her around now.

Don't they have bag coverings? Kyle should get one if she's going to go out in public with her expensive bags.

Dorit is as pretentious as ever

those vitamin drips are so stupid. If you're healthy you don't need them. It's practically a scam with a placebo effect.

by Candy Ohenreply 7012/20/2017

What R60 said. There should probably be a hash tag started calling bragging snobs out on their wealth. Given trumps tax bill passing.

by Candy Ohenreply 7112/20/2017

r69, both Kyle and LVP are always scared shitless of the audience "turning" on them.

by Candy Ohenreply 7212/20/2017

Best part was editing/production fucking with Rinna by showing her talking about her 'grounded' kids then cutting to the brats getting god-damned vitamin IV drips!

by Candy Ohenreply 7312/20/2017

I can't believe Erika paid for a recreation of hollywood lighting in her makeup area at her "work studio" to ensure she doesn't look old before going out to film. Yes it's smart but also really vain. I'd love to see how she looks with no makeup on.

by Candy Ohenreply 7412/20/2017

All Erika has is her looks. She’s smart to invest in making sure she looks good 24/7 since her appearance is her moneymaker.

I like Erika, by the way.

by Candy Ohenreply 7512/20/2017

[quote]Camille really has gone from being the most bitchy and fun to the most useless "friend" on the show. It's pointless to have her around now.

Yes, she was great when she was being herself - but she showed what a mean bitch she really was and got burned for it. But RHOBH was magic then. It really was. I think it's been running off the power of those times ever since.

by Candy Ohenreply 7612/20/2017

How can we ever repay Andy Cohen?

by Candy Ohenreply 7712/20/2017

& lest we forget - the real-life suicide

by Candy Ohenreply 7812/20/2017
by Candy Ohenreply 7912/20/2017

[quote]I can't believe Erika paid for a recreation of hollywood lighting in her makeup area at her "work studio" to ensure she doesn't look old before going out to film. Yes it's smart but also really vain. I'd love to see how she looks with no makeup on.

She's appeared without make-up. She looks quite good.

by Candy Ohenreply 8012/20/2017

Team Kyle here.

by Candy Ohenreply 8112/20/2017

Good premiere. I like Teddi, the new chick.

R73 I thought the same thing. Rinna is getting as crazy and delusional as Yolanda. My girls are so "grounded"--as they get intravenous vitamin drips and cortisone injected into their zits.

by Candy Ohenreply 8212/20/2017

R80 she's definitely wearing some makeup there though a lot less than usual. I like Erika more than most of the cast but the amount of money spent on her upkeep and vanity is a turnoff. She's also had work done to her face beyond just her nose. She looks younger now than several years ago

by Candy Ohenreply 8312/20/2017

I like Erika but the gobs of $$ she spends are really vulgar. She must be a huge write off. There is no way she is raking in enough for her or her husband to subsidize that life. Still, the only reason to tune into BH is to see them spend the dough.

by Candy Ohenreply 8412/20/2017

I don't understand how Erika and Dorit both travel with personal style teams. Neither of them seems like they're wealthy enough to be able to afford that, frankly.

by Candy Ohenreply 8512/20/2017

Does Dorit wear a wig/weave? She does change her hair a lot, but it never occurred to me until Kyle's comment that it could be fake.

by Candy Ohenreply 8612/20/2017

Erika's music career is a huge flop. Her husband is paying for everything just so she'll have something to do. I laughed when her gay manager suggested that she could start playing small theaters now. I guess that's a step up from Oklahoma City gay pride.

Kyle is my favorite housewife now. She really has redeemed herself since season one. However, she and Mauricio were more interesting when they were the "poor" couple on the show. Since his company took off and they became super-rich, they're not as fun to root for anymore.

I already miss Pitiful Pearl, aka Kim. She's the only one worth rooting for anymore. The other women are so filthy rich, that it's hard to identify with them. Kim is one of us. She needs to be back on the show.

by Candy Ohenreply 8712/20/2017

You identify with Kim Richards? The egotistical alcoholic who prays to garbage cans? The childish drug addict who assaults cops? The delusional witch who shoplifts from Target?

Good luck to you.

by Candy Ohenreply 8812/20/2017

^ Don't forget about me!

by Candy Ohenreply 8912/20/2017

Really really don't get people who watch this crap. Ugly people inside and out...

by Candy Ohenreply 9012/20/2017

The Housewives I mean...

by Candy Ohenreply 9112/20/2017

Can someone please tell Erica her stylists are horrible and should be fired pronto. I've never seen someone waste that much money on looking like Walmart trash. And note to her stylists, NO ONE wears Moschino anymore. It went out of style in the 90's. It couldn't be tackier.

by Candy Ohenreply 9212/20/2017

Erica should be reality television gold, yet, somehow, she's not. Erica's personality is like an old bottle of ginger-ale that's been left in the fridge too long, cold & flat. I despise how gay men are portrayed on this show , they're always servants or trinkets for the rich.

by Candy Ohenreply 9312/20/2017

I loathe Erika's gay "glam squad".

by Candy Ohenreply 9412/20/2017

I don't get the strange obsession of Erica by some of these gays. there's nothing likable about her. I'm the "I don't give a fuck" attitude is wearing thin and clearly a ruse bc she DID give a fuck about panty gate. If she was so bad ass she would have said, "hope you enjoyed the view." I would've had more respect for her. And all this nonsense about how that would affect her husband business? Bitch please! You parade around like whore and are a reality tv person. He's well aware of the type of person he married. Now this Teddy Jo person seems like someone who really doesn't give a fuck. Time will tell.

by Candy Ohenreply 9512/20/2017

Erika and her husband are huge deplorable republican doners just so you know. Or at least her husband is. She reveled that on watch what happens live, last year.

by Candy Ohenreply 9612/20/2017

Mr Girardi would certainly be a Trump fan. I have no idea about Erika's political beliefs, and she plays gay clubs, but does she openly appear [bold]in public[/bold] at Gay Pride parades like Lisa Vanderpump does? Not that I'm aware of.

by Candy Ohenreply 9712/20/2017

I really like Vanderpump. She seems the most mature and least damaged.

I can not stand Lisa Rinna or Elaine Davidson, I wish they were gone.

by Candy Ohenreply 9812/20/2017

Deplorable train wreck. The pic at R65 is scary. Adrienne looks like Joan Rivers post-autopsy. Hope their next group limo trip ends with a fiery plummet off a steep rocky cliff.

by Candy Ohenreply 9912/21/2017

Eileen is gone. Lisa Rinna is the only one who actually does anything on this show. Well maybe her and Dorit.

by Candy Ohenreply 10012/21/2017

I forgot Dorito's husband's name and then she said PEE-kay and I threw up.

by Candy Ohenreply 10112/21/2017

Why in the everloving fuck does Rinna always call her husband by his full name?? One minute after the credits she does it and I click off. Nope, can't do this season.

by Candy Ohenreply 10212/21/2017

[quote] Don't forget about me!—Kim's shit pillow

Ah, yes...the good old days!

(This show's been running for so long - we now, understandably, have many nostalgia posts).

by Candy Ohenreply 10312/21/2017

[quote] I despise how gay men are portrayed on this show , they're always servants or trinkets for the rich.

For a long time, they didn't appear at all. They were like shadows. In real life, all these women are surrounded by gays. But Erica's life was so gayfull, they had to have them appear.

Even when Kyle had her gay singles party, they were just shadows in the distance, while she and Brandi had a little row at one of the tables.

by Candy Ohenreply 10412/21/2017

[quote]Lisa Rinna is the only one who actually does anything on this show.

Yes. She's a real PRO. She'll be in this gravy train until the end. She'll make sure of it.

by Candy Ohenreply 10512/21/2017

Of course you do, r98.

by Candy Ohenreply 10612/21/2017

Rinna will take the money but I really wonder how much longer she'll be on the show now that her daughters have carved out some level of of success in modeling. I'm sure Yolanda's daughters are happy she's no longer on the show after they used her fame to get modeling careers.

by Candy Ohenreply 10712/21/2017

Rinna is an attention whore. I'm sure she will do this show as long as she craves the spotlight. Her acting career is pretty much over. Plus in case you didn't know she is a hustler!

by Candy Ohenreply 10812/21/2017

These women are over privileged and entitled. Bunch of hags.

by Candy Ohenreply 10912/21/2017

[quote]For a long time, they didn't appear at all.

Lord, illegal immigrant Cedric was on from the beginning until he tried to extort money, on camera, Max Todd.

I'm surprised the Cedric troll isn't on here any more but maybe he is and I've got him blocked.

by Candy Ohenreply 11012/21/2017

Dose Erika's husband have any children of his own? Because if not. When he finally kicks the bucket. She looks to have quite the estate to inherit from him.

by Candy Ohenreply 11112/21/2017

^^...extort money, on camera, FROM Max Todd

by Candy Ohenreply 11212/21/2017

Erika's husband is gay. She's a trophy wife/beard.

by Candy Ohenreply 11312/21/2017

Teddy's husband is kinda attractive

by Candy Ohenreply 11412/21/2017

Not a fan of Erika—at all. Kyle and LVP are kind of boring. I have to admit, some impulse control Brandi would definitely make things more interesting.

by Candy Ohenreply 11512/21/2017

well we saw in the trailer there's not going to be much drama this season. There seems to only be spurts of cattiness here and there but nothing substantial.

by Candy Ohenreply 11612/21/2017

Tom Girardi is a major democratic donor who served on the host committee of some Hillary events. Not a deplorable

by Candy Ohenreply 11712/21/2017

the premiere ratings were solid even though not much happened.

by Candy Ohenreply 11812/21/2017

You know I'm sort of getting a gay vibe from from Eric's husband too.

by Candy Ohenreply 11912/21/2017

R117 Erika said out of her own mouth last year on WWHL. That her husband was a republican! And Andy pointed to the fact that he was a big time donor of there's.

by Candy Ohenreply 12012/21/2017

Teddi's husband is welcome to be inside me quite deeply

by Candy Ohenreply 12112/21/2017

Teddis house isn't fabulous. Where's the real money?

by Candy Ohenreply 12212/21/2017

I thought Teddi is quite attractive and natural looking, very nice body, a tad leathery but most horsey women are.. Her husband is fucking creepy as hell.

by Candy Ohenreply 12312/22/2017

I was shocked to find out Teddi is only 36. I would have pegged her for being at least early 40s. I'm guessing she's one of those girls who matured at a young age and will probably look like shit by the time she hits her late 40s/early 50s.

by Candy Ohenreply 12412/22/2017

Kyle would have that ugly Goyard luggage.

by Candy Ohenreply 12512/22/2017

R120 maybe he's a never-Trumper repub?

by Candy Ohenreply 12612/22/2017

Maloof Hoof

by Candy Ohenreply 12712/22/2017

R126 maybe he is.

by Candy Ohenreply 12812/22/2017

The trailer is only for the first half of the season, R116. There'll be another one mid-way through.

by Candy Ohenreply 12912/22/2017

I've completed my community service and I'm ready to start filming, bitches!

by Candy Ohenreply 13012/22/2017

Could someone explain the Kim Shit Pillow thing? Tnx.

by Candy Ohenreply 13112/23/2017

Teddi kinda looks like Kate Gosselin. Am I the only who thinks that?

by Candy Ohenreply 13212/23/2017

Teddy has great legs. Zero cellulite.

by Candy Ohenreply 13312/23/2017

Also Dorit looks like a cross between Ashlee Simpson and Morgan Stewart from rich kids of Beverly hills.

by Candy Ohenreply 13412/23/2017

I want to see Boy George get into a slap fight with LVP’s husband.

by Candy Ohenreply 13512/23/2017

Why are there so many effeminate straight British men? Sometimes it's hard to tell who's straight and gay. PK and Ken could easily pass as gay if we didn't know they had wives.

by Candy Ohenreply 13612/23/2017

Pee K and Ken both have that dreaded Brit affliction: potato face

by Candy Ohenreply 13712/23/2017

Agreed, R133. Teddi has a great body.

by Candy Ohenreply 13812/23/2017

Dorit is beautiful. Every time I see her for some reason I want cake and ice cream. Don't ask me why I just do.

by Candy Ohenreply 13912/23/2017

Dorit needs to lose the fake Brit/Madonna accent. I feel it makes her appear old.

by Candy Ohenreply 14012/23/2017

What r102 says!

by Candy Ohenreply 14112/23/2017

WHET everyone's best friend Dana - she of the $50 K sunglasses? What she been upto?

by Candy Ohenreply 14212/23/2017

Does PeeKay and Doreet has a good marriage?

by Candy Ohenreply 14312/23/2017

R142 Trying to avoid jail time.

by Candy Ohenreply 14412/23/2017

did y'all hear that Carlton and her husband are getting divorced?

by Candy Ohenreply 14512/23/2017

How does someone get casted on this show? An ex-lover of a friend I know has a cousin who would be perfect. Please and thanks!

by Candy Ohenreply 14612/24/2017

R146 you have to be fabulous. Or close to it at least.

by Candy Ohenreply 14712/24/2017

Erica Jayne looks great with her big hair and big boobs but it’s true that she really doesn’t have much of a personality. She’s nice and sweet but has no edge or anything memorable to do or say.

I’m terms of entertainment value, she’s pretty low on the list of RHs. Even boring old Kandi and Cynthia in ATL are more entertaining than EJ.

by Candy Ohenreply 14812/24/2017

Erika doesn't want to do or say anything that would totally embarrass or piss off her husband and son. I'm sure her son especially gets shit from other cops that his mother is a "real housewife" who parades around in drag queenish clothing and makeup

by Candy Ohenreply 14912/24/2017


by Candy Ohenreply 15012/24/2017

[quote]Erika doesn't want to do or say anything that would totally embarrass or piss off her husband and son.

So dick sucking lips don't count, I assume.

by Candy Ohenreply 15112/24/2017

Wot R140 sez!

by Candy Ohenreply 15212/25/2017

Exactly R151. LOL.

by Candy Ohenreply 15312/25/2017

Now that Kyle's daughter Farrah works for Mauricio at The Agency, I can wait to watch even more eye sex between the two when clueless Kyle visits them there.

by Candy Ohenreply 15412/25/2017

R151 lol OK beyond that

by Candy Ohenreply 15512/25/2017

Guess who's back with a new reality show?

Yolanda will be training pairs of aspiring models and their momagers. 1 pair will win a contract with her and have the opportunity (aka not guaranteed) to be signed to IMG.

It will premiere Jan 11th on Lifetime

by Candy Ohenreply 15612/25/2017

Elaine Davidson?

by Candy Ohenreply 15712/25/2017

Although I enjoy BH very much as is, they could use with one truly crazy bitch. The Countess was just arrested for slugging a Palm Beach cop, among other things.

by Candy Ohenreply 15812/25/2017

“One Truly Crazy Bitch” will be the engraving on Kim Richards’ tombstone

by Candy Ohenreply 15912/25/2017

Mauricio gives Erika's dick sucking lips a run for their money.

by Candy Ohenreply 16012/25/2017

R159 Kim Richards is not that crazy. You also have to take into account that she was a child star and she and her sisters had an aggressive stage mother who was obsessed with money and living in luxury. I'm sure all of that put a lot of pressure on Kim given the fact that she was the bread winner in that family at such a young age. Not only that but if the book house of Hilton is to be believed. Their mother also pressured all three daughters to marry well by marrying the wealthy. Growing up that way will definitely fuck up you're mental health. Kim gets a bit of a Break from me because of her childhood. Hollywood isn't for everyone.

by Candy Ohenreply 16112/25/2017

I had the same experience as Kim R. Pushy stage mum; competitive sisters; the pressure of carrying the financial weight of the family on my shoulders. But thankfully I turned out just fine.

by Candy Ohenreply 16212/26/2017

So what brand was the moisturizing balm Erika bought LVP? I couldn't tell. It was only $200, cheap for these ladies.

by Candy Ohenreply 16312/26/2017

Some of them looked like they were put in standard rooms at the Palazzo. Dorit's room in particular looked pretty dumpy. They must have felt like they were slumming it.

by Candy Ohenreply 16412/26/2017

Just because you feel sorry for the crazy bitch doesn’t mean she isn’t a crazy bitch

by Candy Ohenreply 16512/26/2017

what a boring episode.

and yes Erika, most people do connect your marriage to an older man with the lack of a father growing up.

LVP we see you! Trying to push Teddy into the Rinna/Dorit conversation to spark drama.

So Adrienne wasn't invited for the High Roller lol just the night before.

by Candy Ohenreply 16612/26/2017

Adrienne's new face couldn't take the altitude.

by Candy Ohenreply 16712/27/2017

Since Kyle is the producer on this show, can't she recasted her sister Kim? I think she should and don't see any reason not too. Especially now that Kim is clean and sober.

by Candy Ohenreply 16812/27/2017

I find Erika's whole "pop star" delusion very sad. I can't believe she allowed herself to be filmed bringing her whole entourage and "glam squad" along for one night trip, and a personal trip to boot. How desperately sad that she needs hours of professional hair and make-up, and "styling", just to attend a personal dinner with friends. Perhaps there are some very very high maintenance A-listers who require the same level of service (Gwen Stefani??) but at least they try to hide it, to appear normal and less vain. Erika is a nobody and the hair and make-up styles her 'team' provides are ugly and out of style. They make her look old and desperate, soon she will be nearing Charo territory.

The look now is more simple. Under-done. Natural. Erika should look at Teddy --- that woman is TRULY sexy.

Straight men aren't attracted to layers of caked make-up applied with a spatula, glittery flashy expensive-looking designer clothes, bleached out excessively long hair extensions and elaborate hair styles.

I think Erika would look 1,000% sexier if she dropped her whole pop star ugly style and adopted the natural/outdoorsy/healthy/clean-cut look that Teddy is selling

by Candy Ohenreply 16912/27/2017

“Straight men aren't attracted to layers of caked make-up applied with a spatula, glittery flashy expensive-looking designer clothes, bleached out excessively long hair extensions and elaborate hair styles.“

I don’t know about that. Have you ever been to a strip club? Straight men love their whores looking like Kabuki dancers. And she certainly is one.

by Candy Ohenreply 17012/27/2017

I find it interesting that Tom just doesn't mind wasting millions of dollars every year on her upkeep. I wonder how long it took Erika to start blowing through his money. Yes she gets paid a 6 figure salary from RHOBH but that's nothing compared to her maintenance costs. Her music doesn't make much money either especially in contrast to how much it costs to make the music-record and then the videos. Her songs only get club play too so royalties are less frequent than radio play.

by Candy Ohenreply 17112/27/2017

Shut the fuck up, all of you. That Erika is one classy broad.

by Candy Ohenreply 17212/27/2017

What's that thing on Erika's head? It's like she's going for some medieval queen look.

by Candy Ohenreply 17312/27/2017

R169 But it wasn’t a dinner with personal friends. It was a shoot for a tv show.

by Candy Ohenreply 17412/27/2017

the rest of them managed to get dressed and get to dinner looking presentable without a team of 3-5 people

by Candy Ohenreply 17512/27/2017

You know what's hysterical?

Erika is being bashed left and right, yet no one is in here labeling these posters "anti" trolls or threatening to block them. Of course the same loons who do that are probably behind the Erika-hate posts.

by Candy Ohenreply 17612/27/2017

Lol, so we hear from the anti-LVP troll, incensed that his irrational hatred never caught on.

by Candy Ohenreply 17712/27/2017

If you’re expecting Erika Jayne to look and behave like a normal human being on this show, you don’t “get” EJ and you don’t “get” RHOBH.

by Candy Ohenreply 17812/27/2017

R169 I get what you're saying about Erika. The whole pop star look dose need to go. I think she'll look better with a more wealthy socialite look. But I also get R178 too. I completely understand the show. And RHOBH. It's really about a bunch of mediocre delusional women with way to much money living in their own delusional world's living out their dreams/fantasies. And that perfectly describes Erika Jayne.

by Candy Ohenreply 17912/27/2017

r177 = right on time

by Candy Ohenreply 18012/27/2017

If Dorit would lose the faux "Madonna-faux-Brit" accent, she would be taken more seriously. But until she does so, she needs to keep her mouth shut and just look pretty. Though Dorit may have been the most attractive of the lot last season, with her delicate prettiness, this season's real-girl Teddi is Damn Hawt.

by Candy Ohenreply 18112/27/2017

Dorit's son seems delayed for a 3 year old. Also odd that she is talking about finding "playdates" for him -- at three, he should be in pre-school.

Especially if he is having trouble learning

by Candy Ohenreply 18212/27/2017

Dose dorit and pk own that house? Or are they renting it? Because I read a while back that her husband had to file bankruptcy. And had a lot of debt.

by Candy Ohenreply 18312/27/2017

Dorit's breast implants are BIG! !

by Candy Ohenreply 18412/27/2017

R184 - Yes, for now. However, six years from now they'll look like two lone grapefruits swimming around in a cheap grocery-store plastic shopping bag, with their 'walleyes' looking east and west on their own.

by Candy Ohenreply 18512/27/2017

I'm watching the first season again on Hulu. Mainly wanted to watch the "dinner party from hell" at Camille's with the cunty psychic, but continued to watch.

Interestingly, Kim and Adrianne look so much better then--cute even. Kim is just haggard now and Adrianne has had way too much plastic surgery. Kyle and Camille look pretty much the same now..LVP--I can't put my finger on it, but she looks different--it's not so much injections or face lifts or Botox, I don't think. It's more like the whole shape of her face/head has changed since season 1.

by Candy Ohenreply 18612/27/2017

R183 in the first episode she said they redid some parts of the house and spent a few months in Miami. I would think they own it. PK seems like the type to be wealthy, broke then wealthy again.. In a few years it wouldn't shock me if he went back to broke. They're going to have a hard time keeping up with the RHOBH image.

by Candy Ohenreply 18712/27/2017

This show is awful. Even Atlanta is better. Bring back Dallas or Potomic.

by Candy Ohenreply 18812/27/2017

R186 got free Hulu recently with Sprint. I've never seen the first two seasons, just clips, so I'm dying to see them, especially the dinner party ep.

I tried watching the first episode but even on my big phone, the Note 8, it was annoying. So I'm polling friends about the best way to cast/ mirror/ whatever the phone to the TV.

It was so odd to see Kelsey Grammer in the first episode.

by Candy Ohenreply 18912/28/2017

The scene in back of the limo with Kim and Kyle on season one is reality gold.

by Candy Ohenreply 19012/28/2017

If Adrienne had not been there, I think Kyle and Kim would have had a physical fight. Adrienne was in the middle and Kyle calmed down because of her

by Candy Ohenreply 19112/28/2017

[quote]So what brand was the moisturizing balm Erika bought LVP?

It was Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm. I haven't tried it but it's for very dry skin. You have to melt it between your fingers before applying it. It won't spread otherwise.

by Candy Ohenreply 19212/28/2017

What a boring preview, are these people ever going to fight?

by Candy Ohenreply 19312/28/2017

They need to cast someone scrappy and with nothing to lose. As awful as this sounds, the show needs a Brandi Granville to keep it interesting.

Just not the actual Brandi! Someone like her. But not her. Ugh.

by Candy Ohenreply 19412/28/2017

It seems like Rinna has decided to take a backseat this season. I bet her daughters said "OK mommy you got us into modeling now calm it down, k thx" so yeah we're in need of a new shit stirrer

by Candy Ohenreply 19512/28/2017

Wow I am surprised you could figure out what moisturizer that was. It seemed like that scene was edited into Swiss Cheese to prevent them from revealing any non-sponsored brands. The shots kept skipping and jumping from one to another.

by Candy Ohenreply 19612/28/2017

R196 it was the black lid and the term "moisturizing balm." I've seen it in department stores. Bobbi Brown is mostly known for makeup but has some excellent skin care products.

I asked a clerk about that cream due to the odd name but she didn't try to push it. She (honestly) admitted it would "eat your skin up, at your age [late 20s]. It would break you out, it's so heavy."

by Candy Ohenreply 19712/28/2017

It was Kim who broke into Kyle's house, no?

by Candy Ohenreply 19812/30/2017

Mutton dressed as lamb.

And if you have to melt it between your fingers, it’s probably a higher concentration of lanolin and/or beeswax. Lanolin is heavy duty stuff; sticky but very effective. It’s in Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream.

by Candy Ohenreply 19912/30/2017

The BH women are too obsessed with money and fame and the show feels soulless. The first few seasons had a charm to them, mainly due to some of the women not being super rich, but that's gone now. Kyle and Mauricio are as rich as LVP these days, and the "poor" housewives, like Kim, Brandi, Taylor and Eileen, have all been replaced. There's no one to root for or identify with anymore.

Why do they keep inviting Camille to be on the show? She's been a regular guest for 3 years now, and I think she's said a total of 10 words. Same with Adrienne. Nobody cares about either one of these boring women. Adrienne didn't even do any magic for the girls.

by Candy Ohenreply 20012/30/2017

Adrienne was always boring and unappealing but the Season 1 version of Camille (ie, the real Camille before she saw herself on TV) was a blast. I guess producers are hoping that she’ll bring the fun back at some point.

Kyle is so desperate to be liked so it’s fun when someone on the cast hates her. They need to cast a woman who will not stop until she makes Kyle cry.

by Candy Ohenreply 20112/30/2017

Even though nothing happened in the first 2 episodes, the ratings have been steady, much higher than than NJ though obviously far below ATL.

by Candy Ohenreply 20212/30/2017

When is Brandy be coming back?

by Candy Ohenreply 20312/31/2017

If I wanted to by something for a woman friend from Kyle by Arelene 2 how would I do that? I'm not finding anything online or through eBay.

by Candy Ohenreply 20412/31/2017

Camille bought herself a permanent pass by getting Taylor's abuse allegations onto film.

by Candy Ohenreply 20512/31/2017

Still watching old episodes on Hulu...I'd forgotten about them trying to make that Marisa Zanuck a Housewife, but she was too boring and too cheesy. She wound up divorcing her cute husband who she clearly hated during her season.

Dana was the worst though--fake, fat, desperate.

And then there is the MORALLY CORRUPT Faye Resnick--why didn't she ever become an official HW? Too many skeletons in her closets?

by Candy Ohenreply 20612/31/2017

On the boat in Amsterdam, Brandi playfully slaps LVP in the face who then makes a deal of it and says it was shocking because she's never been hit in her life.

But at the reunion for the next season where everyone is ganging up on her, LVP says she was in a physically abusive relationship pre-Ken.

Make of that what you will.

by Candy Ohenreply 20712/31/2017

R207 What I make of it was that Brandi was an out of control drunk/drug addict who is responsible for her own firing.

by Candy Ohenreply 20812/31/2017

[quote]Kim, Brandi, Taylor and Eileen, have all been replaced. There's no one to root for or identify with anymore.

Wow, The first two are alcoholics. The last two are boring non-entities. These are people you identify with?

by Candy Ohenreply 20912/31/2017

R209 Taylor was alot of things (desperate, needy, a con artist) but boring wasn't one of them. She was a trainwreck (a gold mine in the early seasons of this show). Eileen was normal (for a show like this), which is mistaken for "boring" on show like this.

There really is nothing you can do casting wise really, the audience for these show vacillates between shitting on the troublemakers/pot-stirrers and dismissing the down to earth/relatively normal women that come and go. A show like this, and most reality shows, can only keep things fresh for only so long. They will never be what they once were when no one knew what they were getting into.

by Candy Ohenreply 21012/31/2017

R210 OK, Taylor wasn't exactly boring but no one to root for or identify with, either.

by Candy Ohenreply 21112/31/2017

[quote]On the boat in Amsterdam, Brandi playfully slaps LVP in the face who then makes a deal of it

Actually, what happened was that repressed lesbian Brandi tried to kiss LVP, as she always did when she was drunk. When Lisa declined, Brandi slapped her.

And, yes, most people "make a deal of it" when slapped.

by Candy Ohenreply 21212/31/2017

I cannot get over how much effort the women of RHOBH expend on their apperarances. Every outing is an attempt at a "fashion moment," each one of them throws on the most expensive, flashy, over the top and indulgent clothing and accessories they can find. There's no semblance of order, with LVP dressed in dowdy pink sequins and a matching pink cocktail ring, and Erika mistakenly believing she is channeling a Peter Lindbergh 90's supermodel photo with her leather cap and dress. In another scene, two women are wearing head to toe Gucci, thousands and thousands

Yet none of these women get zero recognition in the press for being fashion idols. For some reason, they completely flop and there is no one who cares what they wear?? No SATC moments, no one wanting to emulate Erika or pile on gold horn necklaces like Kyle.

WHY I ask ? WHY

by Candy Ohenreply 21312/31/2017

there are plenty of troublemakers in the BH area they could cast. I think next season they might have to do that. By the end of the fourth episode, if nothing has happened yet, fans will start complaining. Rinna doesn't seem like she's going to be involved in much of the drama this year (from the trailer and her diffusive first 2 episodes behavior so far)

by Candy Ohenreply 21412/31/2017

Mr. Harry Hamlin was most likely mortified when he saw his wife accuse a coworker of being a cokehead.

by Candy Ohenreply 21512/31/2017

It just dawned on me that the Sassoon woman was replaced. I didn't even remember her. She was even worse than Dana or that witch lady.

by Candy Ohenreply 21612/31/2017

Carlton the witch lady is getting divorced. And it's getting nasty too. Her season was my least favorite. She was just strange. That season completely missed the mark with her.

by Candy Ohenreply 21712/31/2017

Yeah Carlton and Joyce were the worst.

The first season versions of many housewives were the best. Even Nene was a better version of herself in Season 1 before she started playing up the aspects of herself that she noticed would get attention (and she'd copy lines from Funky Dineva - one of the few truly funny youtube people who did Housewives reviews). Danielle Season 1 was pretty epic. This season, she seemed heavily sedated. Camille G. of Season 1 was a gold mine, especially with friends like Allison "your husband will never satisfy you" DuBois. I haven't watched the OC or NYC but wouldn't be surprised if similar things happened.

by Candy Ohenreply 21812/31/2017

Carlton will always be a favorite only because she hated Kyle and rebuffed every effort that Kyle made to patch up the relationship. Seeing Kyle squirm and sputter is fun.

by Candy Ohenreply 21912/31/2017

I agree Carlton was fun because she made Kyle break her neutral stance and they were feuding. I couldn't take her calling Kyle a bigot though because Kyle made fun of her witchcraft. That was stupid. Then when Kyle and Joyce were afraid Carlton put a hex on them...I was done. Those were some low points

by Candy Ohenreply 22012/31/2017

Kyle and Mauricio were robbed, as in CLEANED OUT of their jewelry while away on vacation and their dogs weren't home either apparently. Wow. I'm shocked they didn't have some kind of security system, even if it was an inside job

by Candy Ohenreply 22112/31/2017

Does Kim Richards have an air-tight alibi? One that is corroborated by at least three sober people?

by Candy Ohenreply 22212/31/2017

Last week's episode with Rinna in her 'talking head' confessional, sans her Chipmunk wig, with her real hair slicked back: for a moment I thought I was watching Harry Hamlin with black eyeliner and red lipstick adorning his massive blockhead in her place!

by Candy Ohenreply 22312/31/2017

Why do all of these wealthy celebrities keep getting robbed in these ritzy area's of los Angeles and no one is being held accountable for the break ins? I don't get it. You'd think they would have the best security in the Bel air, Beverly hills, Brentwood, Calabasas, Hollywood hills area's of tinsel town. What the he'll is going on? why so many break ins. I'd be intimidated to try and Rob rich people. For fear I'll caught and do time. People are really stupid.

by Candy Ohenreply 22412/31/2017

On a house alarm, you have a few minutes to grab and dash before it calls security. 2 minutes in a big home isn't enough time, but in a smaller home like Kyles', it can happen, especially if the thieves target a specific area.

by Candy Ohenreply 22512/31/2017

[quote]Kyle and Mauricio were robbed, as in CLEANED OUT of their jewelry while away on vacation and their dogs weren't home either apparently.

It wasn't me, I swear.

by Candy Ohenreply 22601/01/2018

Yes, I agree Joyce and Carlton definitely win for the worst!

by Candy Ohenreply 22701/01/2018

R227 in fairness that bitch, whose name I've already forgotten, came prepared to make drama. Problem for her, Faye was having none of it and shut her right down.

Since Marcus Allen was her only plotline, she had nothing else to do.

by Candy Ohenreply 22801/01/2018

lol I forgot her name and even her face! It wasn't until i was scrolling through some RHOBH stuff that I saw her and was like - oh THAT was the worst! I had to google Marcus Allen just now too - wow that season was a blur.

I just remember Jenny McCarthy on WWHL saying "her face looks like a vagina" and squishing her face together.

by Candy Ohenreply 22901/01/2018

Quiet as it's kept R218, I'd rather watch old Funky Dineva clips than the RHBH. He's very funny and far from dumb.

by Candy Ohenreply 23001/01/2018

Found this online for those who wish to relive that season:

[quote][bold]Deep Dive into the Kathryn vs. Faye Feud[/bold]

[quote]See exactly what was said about Kathryn in Faye's 1994 book.

by Candy Ohenreply 23101/01/2018

R230 funky dineva is well educated. I forgot what university he went to. I know it's somewhere in florida. But he's a highly intelligent individual. Don't let the crazy ghetto videos he make fool you. It's all an act. He's just playing a character. He's actually made videos in the past as himself and serious in them. But yeah in his videos he's definitely a hot mess.

by Candy Ohenreply 23201/01/2018

My favorite is when he was "reporting" from "Chateau she-don't-pay" with one of Kandi's toys as a microphone... the "clit stick" . Sheree got some kind of retraining order I think.

For a while, and I am totally serious, when you googled the word "hunty" - funky dineva came up. I swear he brought that word out / back / whatever. I had heard it occasionally on Rupaul's drag race but never from Nene's mouth until all the "my hair is laid hunty" videos. There are a few other lines that came out of Nene's mouth after he said them in his videos too but I can't remember the specifics well. I was just like bitch - no you didn't steal from Dineva.

I just watched the video at r231 and Erika pretty much summarizes everything "if someone wrote about me in a book and I was going to confront them 21 years later... I would have probably read what they wrote in the book" - LMAO...

by Candy Ohenreply 23301/01/2018

A bunch of entitled and privileged women who never had to work or worry about anything in life.

by Candy Ohenreply 23401/01/2018

Erika is in drag. It's all a defense mechanism because she probably has no idea who she really is. She is a very damaged person. I do like her because she isn't a complete idiot but I agree it is getting a tad old. I hope the Rinna/Dorit feud isn't over. Who the hell watches to see everyone get along. Agree about Teddi, she is really hot and pretty natural looking. I'm sure Erika has her back up. LVP looks like these gals Momma.

by Candy Ohenreply 23501/02/2018

i also like teddi, she is real.

sick of LVP, fake as a pancake fritter, just boring.

erika is sad, woman of her age and intelligence clinging to that sexpot image.

well, it gets her attention i suppose.

i ignore rinna, nuthin there.

by Candy Ohenreply 23601/02/2018

Does Lens Dunham make an appearance this season in Kyle's Kyle By Allenne 2 fashion show?

by Candy Ohenreply 23701/02/2018

no but lanie kazan does.....

by Candy Ohenreply 23801/02/2018

How come Pandy has not been impregnated by her virile stud husband yet?

by Candy Ohenreply 23901/02/2018

Dorit looks like the older sister of the Olsen twins

by Candy Ohenreply 24001/02/2018

So much for Queen PeeKay not getting in the muck this year.

by Candy Ohenreply 24101/02/2018

I can't believe how decent and normal Teddi seems.

by Candy Ohenreply 24201/02/2018

LMAO @ Rinna saying everyone thinks VP is 70! So true.

by Candy Ohenreply 24301/02/2018

Two observations. (Currently watching a rerun of the "Diva Las Vegas" episode.)

1. Behind all the sequins, feathers, make up, gay entourage, bejeweled thongs, elderly benefactor, and naughty alter ego, she is actually an "Asexual." She costumes herself in the most provocative outfits for "public engagements" (which includes meeting for drinks and trips with the other RHOBH women). She's hiding something. "A Marriage of Convenience."; and 2. It is unbelievable not one of the RHOBH have given Dorit sh*t about her unbelievably, newly enlarged "girlfriends."

by Candy Ohenreply 24401/02/2018

One doesn’t comment on the appearance of another if one doesn’t want their own appearance commented on.

by Candy Ohenreply 24501/02/2018

No one misses you, Kyle!

by Candy Ohenreply 24601/02/2018

Kyle was by far the most beautiful of the housewives, back in the limousine days.

by Candy Ohenreply 24701/02/2018

so nothing happened. AGAIN

I mean finding out about Erika's childhood and pre-RHOBH life is interesting but I'd never want to buy her book. It's almost as bad as when she gave Andy on WWHL a coffee table photo book of herself.

I guess Dorit gets drunk next episode and calls Camille a stupid cunt? lol

by Candy Ohenreply 24801/02/2018

Nice that LVP and Rinna are back to giving each other shit. That's the way they get along best. LVP used to have that with Kyle but now Kyle seems above the banter.

I'm glad we're seeing more of Erika's interior but she does seem like a pretty damaged person.

I love Teddi but I fear she's going to be another 1-season HW. It's pretty clear she was tempted by the money but doesn't quite know what to make of the twattiness.

Can't wait to see if the real Camille comes out when she gets called a stupid cunt by the fabulous Dorit.

by Candy Ohenreply 24901/02/2018

[quote]R60 Note to Erika: You're too old (by at least 20 years) to ever be a pop star, bitch! Put some clothes on and act your age, for crying out loud. Not a good look. At all.

There's something about Erika I find so annoying. It's like she pretends to be above all the petty squabling and emotional manipulation...yet she's on a reality TV show that's all about petty squabling and emotional manipulation.

Basically, anyone who does a show like this just to have a camera pointed at them depresses's sad.

by Candy Ohenreply 25001/02/2018

[quote]R247 Kyle was by far the most beautiful of the housewives, back in the limousine days.

She always struck me as the most stable person on the show (provided you don't nod off whenever Eileen's there)

by Candy Ohenreply 25101/02/2018

R250 well LVP and Kyle do the same thing. They secretly do like be petty and catty but they don't their image to be portrayed as such

by Candy Ohenreply 25201/02/2018

[quote]R252 well LVP and Kyle do the same thing.

LVP is an affected monster. She reminds me of someone who should play Joan Collins' mother.

by Candy Ohenreply 25301/02/2018

This episode was boring. With all the stupid apologies in every RH franchise, I can't even remember what Lisa had to apologize to Dorit for.

That was funny when they did the flashback to Rinna lying about having said something back to back with her actually saying it. It had shades of "I never had sex with that woman." I still wonder what is wrong w/ Rinna that she completely forgot that she called another cast member / sister to cast "close to death". It's not like forgetting what you had for dinner 2 days ago (which in her case is just water anyway, but you know what I mean)

by Candy Ohenreply 25401/02/2018

[quote]LVP is an affected monster. She reminds me of someone who should play Joan Collins' mother.

LOL this comment is so DL.

by Candy Ohenreply 25501/02/2018

I cannot believe LVP is only 3 years older than Rinna. They look 10 years apart. Rinna looks good for her age

by Candy Ohenreply 25601/02/2018

[quote]R267 I cannot believe LVP is only 3 years older than Rinna. They look 10 years apart. Rinna looks good for her age

She's actually the only one on the show I'd actually be drawn to be friends with at all. She's funny...seems kind underneath it all.

by Candy Ohenreply 25701/02/2018

There's something about LVP devoting herself to improving dogs' lives that sickens me.

It's like, "LADY, there's plentyn of PEOPLE in your COUNTY who need help. Why don't you put down the pets and help THEM??"

by Candy Ohenreply 25801/02/2018

R258 you're really stretching now. I hope that's intended as a joke. You're sickened by someone opening an animal shelter? Maybe it's just your own reflection that's making you ill.

As far as helping people, she does a lot FOR GAY PEOPLE.

by Candy Ohenreply 25901/02/2018

People have a lot more resources than animals, so why you hating on a dog getting a handout, R258 ?

by Candy Ohenreply 26001/02/2018

People have a lot more resources than animals, so why you hating on a dog getting a handout,

I love pets. I'm not an ogre : ) In her particular case, it just seems like another example of this elitist, above-it-all mentality of dividing people into social classes and degrees of value (which the show promotes).

I'd admire her more if her stance was "People are people, regardless of income. Let's all chip in and help our fellow human beings who don't have our advantages."

Instead, it's "Awwww, let's concentrate on helping these ANIMALS. Because dogs are CUTE!"

It just seems like another example of her cultural/emotional isolation.

by Candy Ohenreply 26101/02/2018

R111 I went to private school in Pasadena with Tom Girardi's children - a daughter and a son. I last saw Tom's daughter about 12 years ago, and she made a joke about not knowing who her current stepmom is because her father had gotten remarried a few times.

Tom's first wife was a beautiful woman and a Cordon Bleu-trained chef. I went to a birthday party at their house as a child and ate so much (my own mother didn't like to cook and couldn't anyway) that I threw up when I got home.

I have a conflicted relationship with my stepmother but was joking with my Dad recently and said, it could be worse, you could have married a woman like Tom Girardi's wife.

by Candy Ohenreply 26201/03/2018

If Lisa does so much for gay people, how come she never casts them for her other show? We're supposed to believe that her bars and restaurants in West Hollywood are all staffed by straight people?

by Candy Ohenreply 26301/03/2018

[quote]R259 As far as helping people, she does a lot FOR GAY PEOPLE.

Oh? What?

by Candy Ohenreply 26401/03/2018

LVP is pro gay and says she does a lot of the LGBT cause. However, I'm not sure what that is? At least Erika employs a few. As for Rinna, she better stir it up and be a little smarter about it. Her problem is she is not that calculating. Kyle is all about her image and indulging in a new found love for the Med. Teddi seems to be like, "what exactly am I doing with these crazy hags?" Dorit is still annoying as hell and extremely fake.

by Candy Ohenreply 26501/03/2018

So is Camille really featured this year?

by Candy Ohenreply 26601/03/2018

Kyle looked exactly like Kim before her plastic surgery. And her daughter clearly got the works too.

by Candy Ohenreply 26701/03/2018

I so wish Taylor and Russell would come back to add some "spice" to this show!

by Candy Ohenreply 26801/03/2018

Russell is dead to me

by Candy Ohenreply 26901/03/2018

Doritos and her bitch husband are already coming off ridiculous this season, even more than last.

Queen PK is officially the new Miss Ken.

by Candy Ohenreply 27001/03/2018

Don't bother with R258/R261. It's just a sock puppet of the Dump troll desperate for some new thing to attack Lisa about.

She loves animals, that bitch!!!

[quote]We're supposed to believe that her bars and restaurants in West Hollywood are all staffed by straight people?

They aren't. In fact, Pump is a (primarily) gay bar. You'll have to ask Bravo why they choose to highlight the closet cases.

by Candy Ohenreply 27101/03/2018

Yes. Anyone with any mild negative comment about LVP must be a troll.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

by Candy Ohenreply 27201/03/2018

That is one hard looking group of white women !

by Candy Ohenreply 27301/03/2018

r263 nailed it. Thread closed.

by Candy Ohenreply 27401/03/2018

Who is the weird person who keeps posting spelling "does" incorrectly? It is highly irritating. It is spelled DOES not DOSE. My god.

by Candy Ohenreply 27501/03/2018

Yes, I agree. Granny Pump does soooo much for gays. So much. How did we ever survive before Granny got up on a float screeching HAPPY PRIDE. HAPPY PRIDE while promoting her hash house restaurants.

by Candy Ohenreply 27601/03/2018

That's hilarious, R262! What do Tom's kids look like? And are Tom's kids both older than Erika?

I wonder if Tom ever pops open a bottle of Ensure and watch the shady things his wife says about him on TV. I can imagine that Erika saying Tom is "much older" than her estranged father is doing much for the enervation of Tom's money maker. But then again, I'm sure we don't know what she goes through at night.

by Candy Ohenreply 27701/03/2018

LVP. Wants to fuck Teddi

by Candy Ohenreply 27801/03/2018

OMG, they are sooooooooo hard looking ! !

by Candy Ohenreply 27901/03/2018

The Miss Ken/Granny troll is having a meltdown this season. Everyone, including Rinna, is getting along with LVP so he doesn't have anyone to root for.

by Candy Ohenreply 28001/03/2018

Right on time Miss Ken. You’re nothing if not punctual.

by Candy Ohenreply 28101/03/2018

Speaking of, where's Slandercunt's hubby this season? Was it his turn for some pussy rejuvenation?

by Candy Ohenreply 28201/03/2018

Erika meeting Teddi’s attractive, charming, young husband that Teddy clearly married for love = priceless

Meanwhile Erika is in an empty, soulless marriage of convenience to a doddering cranky rich old man who is probably a massive narcissist and Trump-style ego maniac

She compensates with her overly sexualized “performer” antics and surrounding herself with eunochs (gay men) and reams of ugly desperate clothing

If she had a day in Teddi’s life......

by Candy Ohenreply 28301/03/2018

It’s easy to marry for love when your daddy is John Fuckng Mellencamp and you’re bored by all the years of money and access. It’s a little tougher to marry for love when you’re a broke single mother who knows no one of influence or wealth.

How can you not realize the difference between the situations of the two women??

by Candy Ohenreply 28401/03/2018

That day care music camp, those brat names, Slate, Cruz, Jaegger, Barf.

by Candy Ohenreply 28501/03/2018

Erika can deny all she wants to, as she did in last episode, but her lack of relationship with her own father definitely contributed to her marrying a much older man. Sure, she never would have married Girardi if he weren't rich but there are younger wealthy men who wouldn't have minded a woman who already had a child. She definitely has daddy issues. In her first season we saw Girardi speak very condescendingly to her ON CAMERA. Imagine what it's like off camera. Erika also admires him for his intelligence which in her mind is probably a form of fatherly wisdom.

Do we know what LVP's relationship with her parents was like? especially her father? We know Ken is significantly older than her too, though the difference is less severe than between Erika and Tom.

by Candy Ohenreply 28601/03/2018

[quote]R275 Who is the weird person who keeps posting spelling "does" incorrectly? It is highly irritating. It is spelled DOES not DOSE. My god.

Doze it bother you?

by Candy Ohenreply 28701/03/2018

I’m not an Erika stan but:

Tom isn’t just rich, he’s filthy rich. The kind of money that makes all of your dreams come true. ALL of your dreams, for the rest of your life. And your kid’s life. And maybe his kid’s life, too.

Before you criticize someone for turning down access to that kind of cash, remember just how much cash is at stake.

by Candy Ohenreply 28801/03/2018

[quote]R288 Before you criticize someone for turning down access to that kind of cash, remember just how much cash is at stake.

I don't blame anyone for marrying for money, as long as their kind. When right wingers talk about "traditional marriage," that's what the whole concept used to be. Women didn't work - the man provided the home and the food, and the wife cleaned and cooked them.

Everyone was so derissive about Anna Nicole Smith not deserving any of her husband's estate, and it's like, "SHE EARNED EVERY PENNY!!" Besides which, her husband wouldn't have married her if she didn't look like a Barbie doll, with boobs the size of football fields. So what's the difference? They were both happy with the arrangement.

by Candy Ohenreply 28901/03/2018

I do not fault anyone marrying for money and stability. Why the fuck not?? Sure, don't marry for money if the sugar daddy/mama is going to treat you like shit, but I can see most single parents going for that.

I think LVP once referenced, briefly, that she was estranged from her family or didn't have a good relationship with her parents. Sound familiar? Could be one of the reasons she married an older man when she was 21..

I don't hate or love LVP. I do think she's a little fake, but aren't they all? (I actually think Kyle is the MOST fake of all BH women) I do think LVP is funny..but I've also wondered why she doesn't have any gay employees on her other show. I've never watched it, but I think I would have heard if there were any gays...especially if they were ever on the Andi Cohen Programme.

Funny, I loathed Lisa Rinna before she was a Housewife. Mainly from the days when she hosted Soap Talk--she was so annoying! She's a hot mess, sure, and her daughters are nightmares, but I think she's funny. Two unrelated friends of mine from LA have met her, outside of the "biz", and they each said she was a sweetheart.

by Candy Ohenreply 29001/03/2018

Teddi's first husband was...something.

by Candy Ohenreply 29101/03/2018

I'd like to see Teddy naked. Said not her first husband.

by Candy Ohenreply 29201/03/2018

I heard through word of mouth that Erika gets a $100k a month allowance to do whatever she wants with. If that's true I hope she's banking that money. Because that's LA and one of these days her daddy husband might decide to trade her in for a newer younger woman. Like a 19 year old. Women like Erika are a dime a dozen in Hollywood.

by Candy Ohenreply 29301/03/2018

Erika was brought onto the show by Yolanda because the two are "friends." What on earth could they possibly have in common?

by Candy Ohenreply 29401/03/2018

R294 they both married for money and security.

by Candy Ohenreply 29501/03/2018

Jesus, Teddi must have been fat when she met her first "man".

by Candy Ohenreply 29601/03/2018

I am FLOORED by those pre surgery pics of Kyle and her fucking daughter


by Candy Ohenreply 29701/03/2018

[quote]It’s easy to marry for love when your daddy is John Fuckng Mellencamp and you’re bored by all the years of money and access.

Except she has made clear that her mother, who was divorced from him, wasn't rich, and neither is Teddi.

by Candy Ohenreply 29801/03/2018

This season isn't doing it for me.

In December, Bravo ran seasons one and two in their entirety, and those seasons were GOOD.

You had legitimately rich ladies, with amazing BH homes, and lots of drama.

The fights between Camille and Kyle, Kyle and Kim, and Taylor and Camille were very compelling. Kim's storyline was probably the most real that this show has ever been. And then the introduction of Brandi Glanville? Forget about it.

And watching the limousine fight between Kim and Kyle was epic. Actually, so was seeing Kim and her druggie boyfriend show up days late on the Hawaii trip, and then acting totally drugged out during the trip. That was good tv!

Probably the MOST compelling thing was the Taylor and Russell domestic abuse storyline, followed by the suicide. Now that was some crazy reality shit.

Now it's just boring as fuck. Kyle and LVP are just phoning it in. Lisa Rinna is still the only one doing any of the heavy lifting on this show.

And if I have to watch Dorit and her thirsty husband in one more scene, I'm going to lose it. There is NOTHING interesting about Dorit and PK. Nothing.

by Candy Ohenreply 29901/03/2018

The name "PK" is really funny. I laugh every time Dorit says it. LOL!!! I like Dorit. There's something very creamy about her.

by Candy Ohenreply 30001/03/2018

Not to go on about this endlessly but:

“Except she has made clear that her mother, who was divorced from him, wasn't rich, and neither is Teddi.”

Did you expect her to say “I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth and Mom struck it rich in the divorce.”

Because she’s not going to say that, ever, to anyone.

by Candy Ohenreply 30101/03/2018

Teddi was not raised without luxury though. She just told us all about how she was a competitive horse rider since childhood. That requires money.

by Candy Ohenreply 30201/03/2018

She grew up very privileged. She from the same neck of the woods as shep and landon from southern charm. Hilton head island. I know because I'm from Savannah and Hilton head island is a hangout area for people from the coastal empire which includes savannah and Charleston south Carolina. Hilton head island is a very beautiful and very upscale beach community. With plenty to do. Especially for people who have money. Trust me she grew up very privileged. Not a worry in the world. Google Hilton head island and see for yourself.

by Candy Ohenreply 30301/03/2018

I've been to Hilton Head. It's not Palm Beach.

I know Teddi grew up with more $ than the average chick, but she wasn't overly spoiled as far as I can tell.

John Mellencamp is very rich and still lives relatively modestly, by all accounts. If he kept her well funded, her husband wouldn't be selling home security systems.

But who knows? Teddi seems grounded to me...and this is from someone who loves Lisa Vanderpump, a person who carries around little dogs, a trait I have never understood.

by Candy Ohenreply 30401/03/2018

[quote]Tom isn’t just rich, he’s filthy rich. The kind of money that makes all of your dreams come true. ALL of your dreams, for the rest of your life. And your kid’s life. And maybe his kid’s life, too.

If he was so rich, why didn't he pay his taxes on time?

by Candy Ohenreply 30501/03/2018

You think Erika really fucks that?

by Candy Ohenreply 30601/04/2018

r288 , well I AM an Erika stan and I revert that comment.

by Candy Ohenreply 30701/04/2018

Erika is a Melania Trump type -- poor, undereducated waitress/model/gold digger coming out of no where, becomes third or fourth trophy wife of VERY wealthy old white male cheating narcissist. A classic exchange of a desperate woman shrewdly exchanging her looks, youth & sex for financial security and power.

She has to find a way to establish her identity in the marriage yet at the same time she cannot shed the sexual image that attracted her husband in the first place.

So, she develops a bizarre "alter ego" of a "performer" and singer, who conveniently resembles a porn star, and then buries all her emotions and resentments by staying in the character 24/7. She disassociates from her emotions in this character. "Erika Jayne" the "performer" is fabulous, special, beautiful, tough, strong -- she doesn't feel loneliness, pain, rejection or self-doubt.

by Candy Ohenreply 30801/04/2018

Oh goodie. Glad to see Teddi is cool and can tell Dorit and PK are worthless cunts.

by Candy Ohenreply 30901/04/2018

Other than being friends with a has been pop star and fighting with Erika and Lisa R, what has Dorit done to merit more than one season? I don't think she added anything more than Joyce, Carlton or Kathryn did on their one seasons.

by Candy Ohenreply 31001/04/2018

R308, are you familiar with Beyoncé? Lady Gaga? Madonna?

All of them, and plenty other entertainers, maintain “bizarre” alter egos that emphasize sex appeal.

It’s bizarre that you put “performer” in quotation marks even though EJ is an actual performer. You can find plenty of her performances on YouTube.

And how do you know what she does 24/7? Do you know her? Or are you diagnosing her state of mind based on a few minutes of screen time per week?

You obviously hate her but there is nothing extraordinary or unique about her sexy pop music persona or fake about her performances.

by Candy Ohenreply 31101/04/2018

Dorit is a horrid person but got right into it, so for that she is worth keeping around. Her downfall will be delicious.

by Candy Ohenreply 31201/04/2018

"Bad Guy!"

Oh, dear. Jagger appears to speak PeeKaynese.

by Candy Ohenreply 31301/04/2018

Apparently PK does not own the house they're in and a friend of his owns it.

by Candy Ohenreply 31401/04/2018

Jagger boy eez tard, no?

by Candy Ohenreply 31501/04/2018

^ Yes. Poor little coke baby.

by Candy Ohenreply 31601/04/2018

Dorit's reactions to her children are nauseating. They're so over the top it. And the names! Don't even get me started on the dumb names.

by Candy Ohenreply 31701/04/2018

Haha Lisa Rinna nailed it at R315.

This whole season is about Dorito and P.u.K.e. doing damage control.

Fucking coke whores.

The cameras don't lie. Lisa Rinna was sitting all alone at that dinner table last season with the old man, while the entire dinner party disappeared. What the fuck was up with that?? Where did they go??


by Candy Ohenreply 31801/04/2018

And why wasn't Lisa R invited to the coke party?

by Candy Ohenreply 31901/04/2018

They had just met her, R319.

It was her first invitation to the COKE den, aka Dorit's house.

They left the old man with Lisa at the table, to keep her occupied.

by Candy Ohenreply 32001/04/2018

Don't ever compare Beyonce and Erika Jayne to each other again. Beyonce worked her way to success. Erika fucked and sucked her way to where she is.

by Candy Ohenreply 32101/04/2018

And oh yeah, Beyonce is a legitimate star/entertainer. The other one is a reality TV train wreck.

by Candy Ohenreply 32201/04/2018

It is so strange - I went to private school with Tom Girardi's children and his first wife was very old money, patrician, beautiful. I idolized her,. My mother was more of the "country set" - like Tracey Ullman's Camilla - and she would stomp around in her jodhpurs and boots, fresh from riding her horses. The first Mrs. Girardi would wear a beautiful St. John's suit or Chanel suit, and she had trained at the Cordon Bleu, spoke French.

From Mrs. Girardi #1 to Erika

Tom has taken good care of his kids by the way- he set up his son-in-law at his firm.

by Candy Ohenreply 32301/04/2018

Sorry but Rinna is the dope fiend who carries around a gallon freezer bag of pills. Of course just watching her, you can tell she's on drugs or in a hypomanic phase (or both).

The coke comment about Dorit was just Rinna cunting it up and trying to deflect from her own drug use. No one believed it, not even Rinna herself.

by Candy Ohenreply 32401/04/2018

Rinnas fake reunion tears! Was that real or was that really her crying? That was so bizarre to see.

by Candy Ohenreply 32501/04/2018

Nah that is nonsense R324. Rinna is just a spaz

by Candy Ohenreply 32601/04/2018

Lisa was most definitely invited. That's why she brought it up.

by Candy Ohenreply 32701/04/2018

Wonderful, the spaz troll has joined us. Don't you have some One Direction boys to stalk?

by Candy Ohenreply 32801/04/2018

I'm pretty sure that Teddi's husband appeared in Playgirl. I knew I remembered him from somewhere.

Y'all will deny it, but this show has been unwatchable without Kim as a regular housewife. She's a complete loon, but the dynamic between her and Kyle made the show. Everything revolved around Kim and her problems in one way or another.

by Candy Ohenreply 32901/04/2018

I wouldn't be adverse to seeing more of Kim. I want to see Harry Hamlin's head explode.

by Candy Ohenreply 33001/04/2018

If Kim was on this season, it would be all about Bunny-gate, R330.

That would be enough for me to watch!

by Candy Ohenreply 33101/04/2018

Net worth comparison: Kathy Hilton: $300M Caitlyn Jenner: $100M LVP: $75M Kris Jenner: $60M Kyle Richards: $50M Lisa Rinna: $18 (Which explains why she's always wearing the same four outfits and a twenty-year old hairstyle)

by Candy Ohenreply 33201/04/2018

Anyone else triggered by Erikas purple lipstick being outside her left side lip?

Someone told me Tom drinks a lot.

by Candy Ohenreply 33301/04/2018

R323 Thank you. Sounds like a glamorous childhood!

by Candy Ohenreply 33401/04/2018

R315, I see you're an expert at identifying Hooker Baby Syndrome.

by Candy Ohenreply 33501/04/2018

How the hell did LR get $15 million . I don't believe that. Depends adverts, even in syndication, won't bring in that kind of money.

by Candy Ohenreply 33601/04/2018

Doesn’t Rinna do Home Shopping Network? Could be from there and could include Harry’s $$$$$.

by Candy Ohenreply 33701/04/2018

R332 that is so inaccurate. But people will believe anything they see on the internet.

by Candy Ohenreply 33801/04/2018

R336 I just checked on Harry's background - his mother's family was Pasadena "old money", so that explains some of their wealth. He probably invested his movie/TV money well.

by Candy Ohenreply 33901/04/2018

No to Kim Richards coming back on the show! No more broke housewives. There's enough of them now.

by Candy Ohenreply 34001/04/2018

Dorit spent over $18K on Hermes dishes to entertain one couple at dinner.

I have to say, the dinner looks delicious and I am impressed she can cook.

by Candy Ohenreply 34101/04/2018

Slop on rice. Pass.

by Candy Ohenreply 34201/04/2018

Cumin is a seasoning, not a condiment.

by Candy Ohenreply 34301/04/2018

These bravo housewives shows are like welfare for some of these women. They all get on the show and seem to heavily depend on those salaries they get for filming. There supposed to already be rich. But it seems like a lot of them don't really start living good until they become a TV housewife. That's strange. There's literally only a handful of genuinely wealthy women between all of the franchise's. Bravo needs to do a better job casting the women for these shows. Because most of them are broke. Or close to it.

by Candy Ohenreply 34401/04/2018

Did anyone write down Dorit's list of ingredientces? Someone might the recipe for a cokebook.

by Candy Ohenreply 34501/04/2018

Exactly, R344.

In season one, Camille, LVP, and Adrienne all had access to REAL money. Their homes were spectacular.

At this point, I'd say that LVP and Erika are the only really wealthy ones. The rest are upper middle class, although Kyle is working her way up there, thanks to Mauricio's real estate business that he stole from the Hiltons.

So NOT fabulous.

by Candy Ohenreply 34601/04/2018

Dorit and PK are nouveau riche. She cannot stop boasting about getting Hermes Birkin bags.

Those bags are not tasteful -- too flashy, carried by the wrong types. I.e., Real Housewives

Side note. Does anyone think that Dorit has a kind of trashy Daisy Buchanan affect ? The breathy little-girl voice, the wide eyes, the innocent act, the ditziness, bobble-head type behavior. She tries to behave like a spoiled little doll living in lux-u-ry with PeeKay with her stilted awkward way of taw-king

by Candy Ohenreply 34701/04/2018

Unfortunately, Kim isn’t available to film with the girls in BH as she is otherwise indisposed....

by Candy Ohenreply 34801/04/2018

Erika IS NOT wealthy - her husband is wealthy. As long as Tom favors her, she will lead a life of wealth. If Tom grows tired of her, she will no longer lead a wealthy lifestyle, as Tom is a cunning and a very sharp fellow, and there is an ironclad prenup and no minor children involved (she can't get child support, which is often how ex-wives of wealthy men stay rich.)

by Candy Ohenreply 34901/04/2018

R349 well in that case. She better bank every major check she gets and stash as much as possible. I know I would from day one of that marriage. Even Jackie Kennedy knew to do that when she was married to Onasiss.

by Candy Ohenreply 35001/04/2018

Best not to compare Jackie Bouvier Kennedy to Erika Chahoy, daughter of a poor teen mother.

by Candy Ohenreply 35101/04/2018

I believe Rinna about the coke dinner. She was the only one to call out Yolanda and Kim on their shit. At one point Kim WAS close to death. She speaks the truth.

by Candy Ohenreply 35201/04/2018

Wow, what a nasty elitist you are.

Only dark, sad people like you look down on the offspring of poor teenage mothers.

You are an awful person.

by Candy Ohenreply 35301/04/2018

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 r353.

by Candy Ohenreply 35401/04/2018

[quote] She was the only one to call out Yolanda and Kim on their shit

What are you talking about, my love?

She was lying about me having the munchy haus moochy munch, but thankfully I'm better now and able to be a guest judge on Project Runway.

Kisses to all of you out there, especially my favorite child Gigi, my love!

by Candy Ohenreply 35501/04/2018

R353 You are ridiculous. I was commenting on how women's worth is perceived in the world of the uber-wealthy. Onassis would not have married the daughter of an unwed teenage mother, and neither would have John Kennedy.

I did not imply that the daughters of teen mothers are not deserving of anything - and good for Erika Chahoy for clawing her way out of poverty.

by Candy Ohenreply 35601/04/2018

next thursday marks the return of Yolanda to tv! See R156

by Candy Ohenreply 35701/04/2018

Some people want to fuck old men (I'm one) and if he's rich even better!

by Candy Ohenreply 35801/04/2018

Kyle almost went that route for husband #2 but then came along the young, strapping Mauricio and that was that. I guess she realized after her first marriage that getting involved with someone you're not attracted to isn't always the way to go.

by Candy Ohenreply 35901/04/2018

When people shit talk gold diggers I always think of Lorelei Lee's speech to her soon to be father in law.

by Candy Ohenreply 36001/04/2018

Erika is the new Anna Nicole Smith.

by Candy Ohenreply 36101/04/2018

“Erika is the new Anna Nicole Smith.“

If only.......

by Candy Ohenreply 36201/04/2018

Can we talk about Dorito's utterly ridiculous hairdos she trots out for every episode? First she's trying to look Beyoncé "street" with her corn rows, then she shows up for her birthday dinner with hair that looks like it was slathered in candle wax. This was almost as bad as last season's gold leafing of her locks. Does she actually think she's some kind of fashion trendsetter?

by Candy Ohenreply 36301/04/2018

If I was a rich bitch on a silly reality show, I’d wear outrageous frocks and crazy wigs, too. Why the hell not? Have some fun and give them something to talk about.

Why expect them to behave like normal (boring) humans? It’s TV! Not cancer treatment.

by Candy Ohenreply 36401/04/2018

R363 I like all of dorits different looks. She likes to experiment with herself. She's a woman after all. And that's what they do.

by Candy Ohenreply 36501/04/2018

I can't believe that Kim is living in that tacky shithole condo, while Kyle and Mauricio are vacationing in the Mediterranean on a fucking yacht while their multi-million dollar house is being renovated! Kim could never do anything like that, yet Kyle rubs it in her face. It's awful how they treat her. And let's not forget that they stole her fucking house right from underneath her when she was at her most vulnerable. That house was all she had, and those two thieving gypsies stole it!

by Candy Ohenreply 36601/04/2018

There you go R364. What's the point of being a rich and on reality tv if you're not going to have some fun. I know I would.

by Candy Ohenreply 36701/04/2018

R311 It’s bizarre that you put “performer” in quotation marks even though EJ is an actual performer. You can find plenty of her performances on YouTube.

Not being snarky: But has she ever had a record deal or anything, or does she just produce her own videos.

I'm a bit confused as to her status as a far as I can see from the show, it's more like it's her own, self-funded hobby. It's like she [italic] employs herself [/italic] as a showgirl.

by Candy Ohenreply 36801/04/2018

Kim once had so much what happened. She had a career where she made a lot of money and had a nice home and a wealthy husband. So what happened and how did kyle and her husband steal Kim's house? Because if that's true that's fucked up and sad.

by Candy Ohenreply 36901/04/2018

Poor, poor Kim Richards. If only her sister didn’t shove those pills down her throat! If only her sister didn’t pour that booze down her throat! If only her sister didn’t frame her for assaulting a cop! If only her sister didn’t frame her for ripping off Target. If only.....

by Candy Ohenreply 37001/04/2018

I'm sure if Kim had kept the house she would have sold it for drugs.

by Candy Ohenreply 37101/04/2018

Kyle didn’t “steal Kim’s house.” Big Kathy had a home in Palm Springs-we saw it in season 1. Kyle bought out Kim and Kathy. Kim came back later and said she wanted it and Kyle said no.

The sibling rivalry between those three sisters is intense. Notice how Kathy and Kim both gave Kyle the cold shoulder once Mauricio really started raking in the money, when he left Rick Hilton’s Office and started his own firm.

by Candy Ohenreply 37201/04/2018

R372, That's not how it happened at all. Kyle and Mauricio tricked a financially and emotionally fragile Kim into signing over her part of the house. Kim had no idea that she was giving up her house to that sleazy gardener. Why do you think Kathy and her family supportsKim over Kyle? They know that Kyle and Mauricio are shady.

Kim wouldn't have had an acting career if it weren't for Kim. Kim was a huge child star. Kim made that family famous and that's how they got cast on RHOBH. Kyle owes EVERYTHING to Miss Kim. It's like a real-life Whatever Happened to Baby Jane and Kyle is Baby Jane.

by Candy Ohenreply 37301/04/2018

Lisa Vanderpump's BIG acting role in Baywatch Nights! 1995!

Her face looked thinner here, voice is quite similar.

by Candy Ohenreply 37401/04/2018

Good for Kyle and “Maurice” for getting one over on nasty, petty, and snobby Kim.

Why not steal her house? Krazy Kim should be glad that they didn’t steal her fancy clothes and jewels and little dog, too.

After all, it’s just a matter of time until Kim drinks it all away like she drank her career away.

by Candy Ohenreply 37501/04/2018

“Emotionally fragile Kim” = Intoxicated Kim

Q: How can you tell when an addict is lying?

A: Her lips are moving.

by Candy Ohenreply 37601/04/2018

Is the person who disapproves of Mauricio for working as a “sleazy gardener” the same person who disapproves of Erika Jayne for being born to a poor, single mother?

Kim?!? Is that you, boo? Pour yourself another and chat with us! We have so many questions for you!

by Candy Ohenreply 37701/04/2018

People really love going after Kim. The woman is clearly sick.

by Candy Ohenreply 37801/04/2018

Kim also use to be TRUMPS girlfriend back in the 90s. Wonder what that was like for her.

by Candy Ohenreply 37901/04/2018

[quote]Anyone else triggered by Erikas purple lipstick being outside her left side lip?

I know most of you guys don't watch straight porn but Erika got that look from decades-old straight porn women. It used to be a big thing to use a much darker, exaggerated lipliner to make those big DSL.

by Candy Ohenreply 38001/04/2018

It was in the corner of her mouth - on the skin - in one of the confessionals. It just looked sloppy - not remotely attractive. But she's on a show with Lisa Rinna, so anything Erika does to her lips are still better than that sausage lip situation Rinna has going on. She actually had it all taken out when she was on Celebrity apprentice (remember the old days?) and she looked much better.

by Candy Ohenreply 38101/04/2018

R344 you need to be more direct. I don't watch any other BH franchises except BH and, in the past few years, NY.

As for NY, Dorinda and Bethenny are rich. Sonja probably doesn't have a Morgan antique pot to piss in. Carole only has her husband's inheritance because her career in journalism wasn't much and her MIL is notoriously cheap: Lee is a high-flying cunt who considers it a pleasure to service her.

As for BH, Kyle (really Mauricio) is extremely wealthy but not nearly as rich as Lisa Vanderpump. LVP has money invested everywhere, not just in three LA restaurants. Camille is wildly rich but cash poor. Erika has her husband. Rinna exaggerated what she made from QVC but she's fine.

P.K. arranged for his client, Boy George, to have a $30+ million residency in Las Vegas. He's OK.

Nasty gossip, if you want such: When you check the dates, Jagger was conceived long before P.K.'s divorce.

by Candy Ohenreply 38201/04/2018

^ ancient queen thinking this is important information^

by Candy Ohenreply 38301/04/2018

^^^worst of all is the psycho anti-LVP troll who got fired as an inept waiter from Villa Blanca 10 years ago and still blames Lisa and Ken

by Candy Ohenreply 38401/04/2018

r383 what the fuck was wrong with r382's post?? That probably had more gossip than any post in this whole thread. Will you stop driving away posters who actually contribute interesting information? This happens in so many fucking threads on this board, it's pathetic.

by Candy Ohenreply 38501/05/2018

I noticed in the last episode that Dorito changed her pronunciation of "miss-AISLE" to plain old "missile" this season. It must be difficult for her keep track of what accent she wants to have day by day.

by Candy Ohenreply 38601/05/2018

Dorito needs to come clean or go to an accent coach and pretend to work on gaining an American accent. She'll appear younger and hipper if she does. This grand dame faux Madge/Brit sound doesn't do anything for her.

by Candy Ohenreply 38701/05/2018

[quote] Camille is wildly rich but cash poor.

Well, she's got 1/2 of Kelsey's retirement, $30 million in cash, and $30 million in property. What happened?

by Candy Ohenreply 38801/05/2018

Erika's lips are really distracting. She has lipstick in the creases of her mouth and then drawn out. Very distracting. Rinna should have left her lips circa Celebrity Apprentice. I do like her slicked back hair in the confessionals.

by Candy Ohenreply 38901/05/2018

Dorito is so over the top affectionate with her kids when she's on camera with them. You just know that when the cameras turn off, she tosses the little turds to her nanny and tells her not to bring them near her again until the klieg lights come on.

by Candy Ohenreply 39001/05/2018

Teddi's husband has a hot body, but his face is kind of weirdly shapen. Still, he's a lot easier on the eyes than Pee Kay or Miss Ken. Even Mauricio is getting Jabba-the-Hutt-ish these days.

by Candy Ohenreply 39101/05/2018

Erika's "music career" is non-existent. Her music videos barely have any views. I could put up a video of my dog farting and get more views on YouTube. She ain't making a penny once you subtract her exorbitant expenses. That nasty queen assistant/manager of hers, along with her glam squad, is laughing all the way to the bank.

by Candy Ohenreply 39201/05/2018

LVP and Erika have a lot in common. Erika doesn't have businesses but both failed at trying to make it in the entertainment business before marrying an older, wealthy and unattractive man for security. Once married, both made sure to keep trying in entertainment. Erika is lucky reality tv is a thing these days. LVP didn't have that luxury back in the 90s though she has taken full advantage of it these days.

by Candy Ohenreply 39301/05/2018

As much as I poke fun at and ridicule Granny V, I am impressed and respect her energy and business sense to develop three restaurants, manage them, star in two very popular reality based TV shows, run her household and lend her power and expertise to many charities. I wish I had her energy and talent.

Gotta give the old broad props to that. And I’ve made fun of Miss Ken. But they do have a deeply loving and successful partnership, love their kids and crank out a fabulous crispy chicken, all the while holding one of those damn dogs.

by Candy Ohenreply 39401/05/2018

Even LVP acknowledged during the last episode that she looks older than her age by encouraging Rinna to look at LVP's driver's license. What an odd scene.

by Candy Ohenreply 39501/05/2018

You mean Lisa Vanderpump is not 80 years old?

by Candy Ohenreply 39601/05/2018

LVP concedes to being 3 years older than Rinna, but you know the birthdate on her license is incorrect. LVP is close to 60.

by Candy Ohenreply 39701/05/2018

R382 everything I said was spot on. I do agree with what you said about Bethanny, dorinda, LVP, and camille along with erika. But everyone else needs these shows financially speaking. With the exception of kandi. She's financially set without the franchise. I just hope the rest of these women are making smart money moves while they can. Because when all of these shows end. It's not going to be pretty for a lot of these ladies.

by Candy Ohenreply 39801/05/2018

R394 LVP has a lot of help in all areas of her life. She doesn't do any of it by herself. That makes things a lot easier

by Candy Ohenreply 39901/05/2018

I honestly think Kyle and Mauricio are now worth more than LVP.

by Candy Ohenreply 40001/05/2018

[quote]Erika's lips are really distracting. She has lipstick in the creases of her mouth and then drawn out. Very distracting. Rinna should have left her lips circa Celebrity Apprentice.

I still want to know if she has an actual music career outside her own bankroll.

Her wikipedia page (which she probably created) goes on and on about how many "dance hits" she's had...but her CD for sale at amazon only has 5 customer reviews...which makes me think the real world hasn't really heard of her.

What gives?

by Candy Ohenreply 40101/05/2018

Upload a video of your dog farting and post the YouTube link here. That way we can all see the views surpass those for Erika Jayne’s “Expensive” Video.

Erika is at 3 million views which will be easy for Sparky to beat. I’m sure that it’ll only require a day or two.

by Candy Ohenreply 40201/05/2018

Whatever the state of Erika's music career , does it really matter? She is a star in her own right now. I know she is D List but's something.

by Candy Ohenreply 40301/05/2018

Like most dance music artists, Erika Jayne’s audience isn’t mainstream Top 40. Plenty of artists, including RuPaul, have a similar career and audience. Check them out on the iTunes Dance Music chart.

Erika was recently parodied on SNL - twice - so lots of people know who she is and what she does.

by Candy Ohenreply 40401/05/2018

[quote]Whatever the state of Erika's music career , does it really matter? She is a star in her own right now. I know she is D List but's something.

Well, it matters to me, because I'd like to understand the actual truth, not some PR angle.

I mean, it's basically falsifying one's resume...or at least misrepresenting achievements.

by Candy Ohenreply 40501/05/2018

R397 She said she was born in 1960 so, yes, she's close to 60. I don't think she looks bad at all for that age. Her skin and hair are dry and that doesn't help.

R388 The retirement business was only settled in November 2017. If Camille has gotten the check then she's no longer cash poor.

by Candy Ohenreply 40601/05/2018

Erika has had a bunch of #1 dance club play songs. These songs are primarily requested and played in clubs. Only when a club song is hugely popular does it cross over into the mainstream pop stations and charts. She hasn't experienced that.

by Candy Ohenreply 40701/05/2018

"Kim also use to be TRUMPS girlfriend back in the 90s. Wonder what that was like for her?"

As though having a drunk for a mother who pimped me out to every pedophile producer at DIsney so she could keep herself in mink and caviar, and pay for my chubby younger sister's braces and dermatologist treatments was not enough to make me need to drink myself blotto nightly, memories of that big geek fumbling around and then asking me if it was the best sex I ever had was just awful enough to require the addition of a nightly handfull of pills to the mix.

by Candy Ohenreply 40801/05/2018

Teddi and Edwin bought a new house.

by Candy Ohenreply 40901/05/2018

Little pink houses for you and me?

by Candy Ohenreply 41001/05/2018

Where Teddis getting the money to buy a $4 million dollar house? Is her fitness career and her husband's security home system business enough to fund a hollywood hills lifestyle? Or do we know if her wealthy father is funding some of this?

by Candy Ohenreply 41101/05/2018

I have no idea where Teddi gets her money.

by Candy Ohenreply 41201/05/2018

Is Teddi's husband Hispanic?

by Candy Ohenreply 41301/05/2018

Erica was on Dancing with the Stars. That means she's a star.

by Candy Ohenreply 41401/06/2018

Wasn't John Mellencamp with Elaine Irwin for a while? She was a big model in the 80's. She can't be Teddi's mother. Who is?

by Candy Ohenreply 41501/06/2018

R414 Being on Dancing with the Stars means you're a D-list wanna be whoring yourself out for cash and fame or a once A-list star who's fallen out of the galaxy and is attempting one last gasp at re-entering the atmosphere. I wonder which category Erika falls into.

She didn't even make it to the halfway point in the competition, so in addition to being a lousy dancer, she also lacked the fan base to keep her going on the show.

by Candy Ohenreply 41601/06/2018

Have you noticed most of Erika's scenes are filmed at her "office" this season instead of her house? Her husband probably rented the space for her because he got tired of all the cameras and her "glam squad" invading his space. Plus, when she's filming at her office, he can bring in his younger mistresses.

by Candy Ohenreply 41701/06/2018

R412 Looking at that picture of a young John Mellencamp, I can really see the resemblance between Teddi and her dad. I didn't see it before.

by Candy Ohenreply 41801/06/2018

Teddis is just another princess that daddy takes care of. No different than the young socialites in Manhattan. Daddy just gives them whatever they want.

by Candy Ohenreply 41901/06/2018

Erika and Daddy Warbucks will be getting a divorce soon. You can tell that they can't stand each other anymore. Now that she has her own income from the show, he'll dump her for another woman. It's the same situation that Yolanda and Camille found themselves in. I think they're husbands encourage them to be on the show so they can get rid of them.

by Candy Ohenreply 42001/06/2018

R411 I can picture John Mellencamp saying, "I'll be more generous if you'll quit doing reality TV."

by Candy Ohenreply 42101/06/2018

I can picture John Mellencamp saying, “I’m sick of paying your bills. Use my name to make yourself famous on reality TV. That way, you can start earning some paychecks.”

by Candy Ohenreply 42201/06/2018

R420 exactly. The whole point of Yolanda doing Beverly hills housewives was for her to be able to make a name for herself and become a celebrity to make her own way. It worked out pretty well for her. Now she has her own show coming out on lifetime. That's income for her right there. So in a sense reality TV is good in that way because it helps these women who may be in bad relationships free themselves financially. The same could be said about Kris Jenner.

by Candy Ohenreply 42301/06/2018

Yo-yo brought the comedy.

“Cunny? What eez dis? Dis cunny? Cunny lean? Cunny lean gus? Vas ist dis cunny-lean-dis? Zum zort of deesh? To eat?”


by Candy Ohenreply 42401/06/2018

You can bet Erica's husband had an iron-clad prenup. I wonder how much of her music career and glam squad she'll keep without his money?

by Candy Ohenreply 42501/06/2018

Last episode was pathetic. Awful. Can't wait for the New York bitches.

by Candy Ohenreply 42601/06/2018

But you'll still come back here week after week to tell us how "awful" it is, never having missed one second of one episode.

by Candy Ohenreply 42701/06/2018

Let's talk some Extra shit. It's why we're here.

Even though they work together, there will be no episodes this season where Farrah and Mauricio are filmed together. Period.

DL's reach is far and wide.

by Candy Ohenreply 42801/06/2018

Exactly R428. The posters over on reality tea, say the same shit season after season, year after year, and week after week. It gets on my fucking nerves. If you don't like something than just stop watching it and paying attention to it. But they won't. They make sure they catch every second of every episode. Time and time again. Those people have no lives whatsoever.

by Candy Ohenreply 42901/06/2018

My husband would have been horrified if I had served our dinner guess that shit on a shingle that Dorit pooped out.

by Candy Ohenreply 43001/06/2018

I meant R427.

by Candy Ohenreply 43101/06/2018


by Candy Ohenreply 43201/06/2018

They skould allow housewives from different cities to do guest spots here and there with different franchises. Just like they do on little women whatever the city. I'd love to see Nene, Romona , Dorinda, and Kenya go on a cast trip with the beverly hills ladies. That would be epic. And throw Bethanny in the mix too. They all know each other from the various franchises anyways! So why not? And vise versa for other franchises cast trips that would be fun to see. And it would breathe new life into these shows. Lets hope someone from bravo is paying attention.

by Candy Ohenreply 43301/06/2018

The Beverly Hills gals should be filmed doing some charity work for the drunks and drug addicts living on Skid Row. It’ll be nice to see them bring some new cardboard and maybe even a new shit pillow to Kim and her friends.

by Candy Ohenreply 43401/06/2018

[quote]My husband would have been horrified if I had served our dinner guess that shit on a shingle that Dorit pooped out.

You're a RACIST, YOU PIECE OF SHIT !!! That was an Afghan dish with spices much beloved by people who remove gay men's heads and/or and throw them off roofs. You're a DEPLORABLE if you don't respect our peaceful friends' rights to behead and defenestrate us!!!

by Candy Ohenreply 43501/06/2018

Thank God. Some throat-clutching histrionics in a RHOBH thread!

by Candy Ohenreply 43601/06/2018

Once Erika is divorced, will she no longer feel the need to act out against her stifling, sex-less marriage with her Erika Jayne alter-ego?

Was it all an act....or will she go FULL Erika Jayne and start living as a promiscuous, drug-using bottle rat in Vegas hanging out with DJs, drifters and prostitutes?

by Candy Ohenreply 43701/07/2018

I'm only done watching the 2nd episode (Vegas) but I found it HILARIOUS LVP asking Erika to text her more and get to know her! LVP is NO fool. LVP knows that Erika is popular with the gays and LVP is all about the gays. Not to mention of course that Erika is the break out start of RHOBH. I am surprised that LVP did not do this behind the scenes. I will say that it was nice to see her vulnerable ,but for her, it reeked of desperation.

I totally like Teddi and I totally like Doritdonna!

I even enjoyed Doritdonna last season! That's my name for her because of the faux Madonna accent.

She doesn't seem as desperate to me as she does to you all. She loves her children so much and I find it really genuine. And don't both of her kids have special needs? She seems genuinely kind without a bit of cuntiness that most of the ladies have. I don't even mind P.K.. I find Ken much more intolerable. And Mauricio seems like a dumb lug who just got lucky. Amazing! Amy-zeeng! Everything is AMAZING.

Teddi- or however the fuck you spell it- Pretty damn honest, pretty genuine. Could verge on boring for these shows, but I really like her!

Lisa Rinna's desperation is wearing thin this year already. She is just too MUCH. And there isn't really much depth to her. And those daughters. What fuckheads.

Kyle is by far the most boring wife on this show. Still likable, but she plays everything so safe to keep furthering her brand(s). Without Kim, I would be fine to see Kyle leave. She is more calculated than Lisa at this point.

My vibe is that we are in for one snooze of a season dram wise. But at least I don't feel the need to take a Silkwood shower like I do after watching RHONJ.

Best of these shows are Dallas, Melbourne, and the horrifically toxic Sydney. Watched the DVD of Sydney and these bitches are EVIL, but fuck it is good.

by Candy Ohenreply 43801/07/2018

Dorit's dinner party dish started out promising, but then she covered up all the rice with the curry. It was a big, soupy mess. That's not how you should serve it. You should put a smaller amount of curry in the middle of the rice, or serve them separately.

Ironically, she served that sloppy mess on $12k Hermes china.

by Candy Ohenreply 43901/07/2018

Thoughts on Teddi's husband? The body is amazing but the face....he reminds me of an older, less moisturized Tom Sandoval.

by Candy Ohenreply 44001/07/2018

[quote]Ironically, she served that sloppy mess on $12k Hermes china.

I beg your pardon. That was $18,000 Hermès china.

by Candy Ohenreply 44101/07/2018

The words "brand" and "empire" are so fucking over used these days. People who don't even have a b"brand" but just a successful business are using those words. If you're not Beyonce, Kylie, Kim, Diddy, or Tommy Hilfiger etc etc etc! Then please stop saying the words "brand" and "empire" because Kyle dosent have a "brand" she has a successful boutique in beverly hills. Which she's a third party owner of.

by Candy Ohenreply 44201/07/2018

R442 oh yeah, you can add Bethanny to that list too. She definitely has a successful "brand" and "empire" don't know how I forgot about her.

by Candy Ohenreply 44301/07/2018

Kyle's chub party planner, Glenn, is a DLer, isn't he?

[html removed] No, we don't have to tell everybody not to come!

I died.

by Candy Ohenreply 44401/09/2018

Dorit is a disgusting cunt. Her behavior at the photo shoot--being a totally dismissive BITCH to the makeup guy and throwing a tantrum about not being able to have her own hair and makeup people there--put her phoniness on full display. And then her whackjob behavior at Kyle's party...oy! She was so fucking high on blow and booze that she was completely sloppy and stupid. Her "cunt" comment to Camille in front of all the guests was completely uncalled for. Then she topped it off with her "Andale Andale" shit aimed at Mauricio, who wasn't having it. Even PK was embarrassed. What a total slimy twat.

by Candy Ohenreply 44501/09/2018

The Fabulous Dorit had a wee bit too much to drink. Fun stuff.

The negative nellies here have complained it's not enough like NY. Well, now you have it.

by Candy Ohenreply 44601/09/2018

On the recent Bitch Sesh podcast they revealed that Erika has an apartment in Hollywood (or somewhere around there). She seems to love there alone...they said maybe it was because its closer to the "action" than her Pasadena mansion, BUT...very curious.

by Candy Ohenreply 44701/09/2018

I don’t hate her, but LVP’s little jokes and one-liners on Andy’s show are dreadful. She’s not funny at all.

by Candy Ohenreply 44801/09/2018

I think Erika Jane is charming and funny. Her husband probably can't get it up and is near death and he just wants someone around who looks good and isn't dreadful to be around.

by Candy Ohenreply 44901/09/2018

Dorit needs to get the fuck off this show. Same with Kyle.

They bring NOTHING to the table, whatsoever.

by Candy Ohenreply 45001/09/2018

Doritos is getting the bitch edit this season.

I like Rinna and Erika together.

LVP and her zoo? YAWN.

Kyle and her non story? YAWN.

I like Teddi.

by Candy Ohenreply 45101/09/2018

These bitches are insane!!

by Candy Ohenreply 45201/09/2018

Erika days with her sugar daddy are numbered: her soon to be ex has moved her 'care' facility to an off-site location ala YoYo's unfortunate plight.

by Candy Ohenreply 45301/09/2018

Is PeeKay trying to butter up John Cougar Mellencamp's daughter for potential take over (representation) and/or for more industry contacts?

by Candy Ohenreply 45401/09/2018

[quote]R438 Not to mention of course that Erika is the break out start of RHOBH.

Is she? How do you measure that?

Ugh. She's faux educated, faux tough, faux career-ed. I just can't stand her, for some reason.

by Candy Ohenreply 45501/09/2018

[quote]Lisa Rinna is still the only one doing any of the heavy lifting on this show.

What show are you watching? Rinna's playing it nice now that she wants to be a bargain basement Yolanda or PMK.

[quote]Dorit needs to get the fuck off this show. Same with Kyle. They bring NOTHING to the table, whatsoever.

Watch the show being broadcast, not the one playing in your head. Dorit is the only one this season willing to look bad for the sake of creating some drama.

Yes, I suspect it's all instigated by producers--there was no reason for her to call Camille, who she barely knows, a cunt--but all reality shows have manufactured drama.

by Candy Ohenreply 45601/09/2018

I hate LVP. She’s a miserable, manipulative old cunt. Rinna and Erika are the only things that keep this show breathing.

by Candy Ohenreply 45701/10/2018

R456 Don't try to reason with the crazed anti-LVP troll. His preferences are based entirely upon who he imagines is a friend of Lisa V. and who is her enemy.

He loves Rinna and Erika because he perceives them as being antagonistic to LVP. This despite that they're all three getting along thus far this season.

Conversely, he hates Kyle, Dorit, and P.K. because he views them as aligned with Lisa V.

He'll soon hate Teddi, for the same reason. Just wait.

by Candy Ohenreply 45801/10/2018

I’m a different person to the person above me, r458. Do you happen be a dog in China?

by Candy Ohenreply 45901/10/2018

It's the same every year, R458. The anti-LVP loon(s) champion anyone they see as an enemy of Vanderpump, no matter how loathsome the person: Brandi, Eileen, Rinna, whomever.

And you're right about Teddi. She and LVP are friends this season so she'll be next on the list.

by Candy Ohenreply 46001/10/2018

r458/460 - isn't it always funny how unhinged the LVP loons sound when they are calling others unhinged?

And by the way, your granny is already pulling the manipulative shit with her bff Doritos as evident last night.

by Candy Ohenreply 46101/10/2018

[quote]Best of these shows are Dallas, Melbourne, and the horrifically toxic Sydney. Watched the DVD of Sydney and these bitches are EVIL, but fuck it is good.

Sydney is the first Housewives series so far not to be picked up by an overseas network. When you're too cunty even for Bravo, that's saying something.

by Candy Ohenreply 46201/10/2018

The anti-Anti-LVP troll is cray cray.

by Candy Ohenreply 46301/10/2018

Dorito is getting the total jap edit and she deserves it. It'll probably take Camille to take her down bu it'll be worth it.

by Candy Ohenreply 46401/10/2018

I like that everybody who dislikes Vandercunt is a troll, and she’s not just an awful manipulative old hag.

by Candy Ohenreply 46501/10/2018

Granny is OK. She’s nice to animals, unless they aren’t picture perfect. Like the gimpy goat she rejected that time. That was disgusting. Showed her true nature.

by Candy Ohenreply 46601/10/2018

They like to claim that the "trolls" defend anyone anti-LVP, yet they fail to mention that these are all her former friends who she screwed over.

by Candy Ohenreply 46701/10/2018

I want more Glenn on the show! Who's taste is the best!

From Kyle's blog in 2011:

"Back home, Faye and I went shopping with Glenn Schneider, my party planner. I could not throw a party without the two of them. Every year, we go through the same thing. . .arguing back and forth about what looks best, who's taste is best, and where everything should be placed for the best party possible."

by Candy Ohenreply 46801/10/2018

Did the reunion backlash cause them not to let Kimmy film? Because you know she would always be at these gatherings at Kyle's house.

by Candy Ohenreply 46901/10/2018

I'm pretty sure Glenn is taste the best!

by Candy Ohenreply 47001/10/2018

Kim is persona non grata this year. She hasn’t filmed at all. R469

by Candy Ohenreply 47101/10/2018

Do we know why Dorit called Camille a cunt? I could not keep track of that conversation. Either way it was funny.

by Candy Ohenreply 47201/10/2018

R471 But....Kim is the court jester!! Did Kyle just tell her it was all getting too embarrassing...and to stay away or her allowance was cut off??

by Candy Ohenreply 47301/10/2018

[quote]your granny is already pulling the manipulative shit with her bff Doritos as evident last night

Again, watch the show being broadcast, not the one playing in your head. Lisa asked Dorit to think before speaking to Camille. When Dorit continued her rant, Lisa tried to gag her with a napkin.

How did Lisa manipulate her? Did she bribe Kyle's bartender to make Dorit's drinks stronger?

Take your meds before watching the show. It'll be more enjoyable, I promise.

by Candy Ohenreply 47401/10/2018

Vander-dump is always up to something. Damn DEVIL!!

by Candy Ohenreply 47501/10/2018

I rather enjoyed messy Dorit even though she is a horror show. LVP projected some fissures between Teddi and Dorit on WWHL. Same with Erika and Dorit. Rinna stirs shit up next week too. Love it! This season might not be so bad after all.

by Candy Ohenreply 47601/10/2018

I'm sure GrannyPump supplied the coke Dorito was on, last night.

by Candy Ohenreply 47701/10/2018

The only reason I want Kyle to stay on the show is for her cute doggies.

First there was River, then Bambi, and now Storm.

They're all so cute!

by Candy Ohenreply 47801/10/2018

Kyle's christmas party with Kardashians, David Foster, and Nicholas cage?

Weird mix of people.

by Candy Ohenreply 47901/10/2018


by Candy Ohenreply 48001/10/2018


by Candy Ohenreply 48101/10/2018
by Candy Ohenreply 48201/10/2018

r474, I was speaking about the photo shoot. If you gave yourself a minute before you started your rant, you would have understood that.

by Candy Ohenreply 48301/10/2018


I just read the recent posts and I pray you're joking. You imagine Dorit was manipulated into a photo shoot for [italic]Beverly Hills Lifestyle[/italic] magazine, shot at Villa Rosa, and Dorit believed they only wanted to photograph her HAND? They could have photographed Dorit's hand alone anywhere.

You are simple.

by Candy Ohenreply 48401/10/2018

Kyle's family says hi!

by Candy Ohenreply 48501/10/2018

The pro LVP people here are psychotic. They’re unable to handle the fact more than one person dislikes Slandercunt so they label “troll”.

by Candy Ohenreply 48601/10/2018

this season is BORING as fuck. Camille has tamed herself so much. Imagine how season 1 Camille would have reacted to someone calling her a cunt? I hate the new boring Camille. She should be banned from filming for being boring.

Dorit at least gave us a horrific drunken dinner display which was amusing.

LVP laughed the same sheepish way she used to when Brandi would yell out inappropriate things before their falling out. LVP secretly loved Dorit calling Camille a cunt but tried pretending she wanted her to stop.

by Candy Ohenreply 48701/10/2018

Glenn pulled the plug on Kyle's party just to fuck with her, didn't he?

by Candy Ohenreply 48801/10/2018

[quote]Then she topped it off with her "Andale Andale" shit aimed at Mauricio, who wasn't having it. Even PK was embarrassed. What a total slimy twat.

What does Andale mean?

by Candy Ohenreply 48901/10/2018

R489 It means to hurry up or go faster in Spanish.

by Candy Ohenreply 49001/11/2018

You can tell a lot about a person's true character by the way they treat the "help," and from the way Dorito treated the people at the photo shoot, it's clear that she's an entitled cunt.

by Candy Ohenreply 49101/11/2018

Lisa Rinna's really trying to make her daughters happen, isn't she? I laughed out loud at that staged "mob" at the Tokyo airport. I'm guessing the producers rounded up a few people and told them to hang out and pretend they knew who these two tween nobodies were.

by Candy Ohenreply 49201/11/2018

Why is no one talking about the Beverly Leslie queen who came to Vanderpump's house to talk about the tacky jewelry? She was a trip in her floor length plaid coat.

by Candy Ohenreply 49301/11/2018

This show & ATL are desperate for a revamp. Getting rid of Slandercunt & her minions Teddi and Dorito would be a start. Rebuild the show around Kyle (a sane middle man), Rinna (troublemaker) & Erika (lifestyle porn).

by Candy Ohenreply 49401/11/2018

Who here seen Lisa RInda do Chicago the play on broadway? I remember that she was in it as Roxy I think a long time ago. Like may be in the 2000's? Can anyone verify?

by Candy Ohenreply 49501/11/2018

Thank you R493. DL is truly failing with no mention of that little queen. He was something else.

by Candy Ohenreply 49601/11/2018

r484, you are simple if you don't see what LVP does. It's only happened to about 6 women. LMAO!

by Candy Ohenreply 49701/11/2018

The ability of some people to make Slandercunt the victim when she's had fallings out with almost the entire cast of RHOBH... Kyle, Kim, Taylor, Adrienne, Brandi, Yolanda, Rinna, Eileen...

by Candy Ohenreply 49801/11/2018

Doritos real voice?

by Candy Ohenreply 49901/11/2018

Does Dorit make good money off of her swimsuits? Or nah?

by Candy Ohenreply 50001/11/2018

Rinna's daughters are not model material. I wouldn't even call them pretty. They only have a modeling career because of their connection to the RHOBH and the Hadid sisters, but they're nowhere near that level.

by Candy Ohenreply 50101/11/2018

R501 neither are the hadids.

by Candy Ohenreply 50201/11/2018

Rinna's own 19 year old test shot didn't look model material either. She's proof that if you keep trying enough, you can eventually make it in hollyweird

by Candy Ohenreply 50301/11/2018

What is model material? Maybe I am crazy, but I find Rinna's daughters prettier than the Hadids but probably less striking.

by Candy Ohenreply 50401/11/2018

R501, haven't the ticks finished eating you and goat-spawn yet?

by Candy Ohenreply 50501/11/2018

Yolanda promoting her new show on Wendy...she's now living on a farm in Pennsylvania, Rinna wrote her an apology letter, she refers to Bella as "exotic" and Gigi as "all-American". She's dating someone now who's not famous

by Candy Ohenreply 50601/11/2018

It was nice to hear Yolanda & Rinna made up. Rinna is genuinely a good person, she just's a shameless reality TV hustler.

by Candy Ohenreply 50701/11/2018

No mention of Rinna's slicked back hair-do?

I think she looks fantastic. Very chic.

by Candy Ohenreply 50801/11/2018

I like it too R508, very chic

by Candy Ohenreply 50901/11/2018

[quote]The pro LVP people here are psychotic.

This is hilarious coming from someone who invents their own storylines and has developed a pathological hatred of a character on a "reality" TV show.

Project much?

[quote]Getting rid of Slandercunt & her minions Teddi and Dorito would be a start.

It was posted [italic]just yesterday[/italic] by two people (R458 and R460) that the anti-LVP loon would turn on Teddi soon. Thanks for being so predictable!

by Candy Ohenreply 51001/11/2018

[quote]It was posted [quote]just yesterday[quote] by two people (R458 and R460) that the anti-LVP loon would turn on Teddi soon. Thanks for being so predictable!

None of us could have predicted it would be so soon, though!

by Candy Ohenreply 51101/11/2018

Oops! Should be:

[quote]It was posted [italic]just yesterday[/italic] by two people (R458 and R460) that the anti-LVP loon would turn on Teddi soon. Thanks for being so predictable!

None of us could have predicted it would be so soon, though!

by Candy Ohenreply 51201/11/2018

im still pissed at that cunt vanderpump for being such a big dog savior but wearing real fur.


by Candy Ohenreply 51301/11/2018

She's not wearing dog fur, cretin. Nor has she ever presented herself as a vegan or PETA member.

Your insane hatred is causing you to post nonsense.

by Candy Ohenreply 51401/11/2018

At one point, models became celebrities. But the days of Kate Moss are long gone. If all you needed to succeed as an A-List model was a face and body, all of the Next Top Models would be famous.

Nope. Today, celebrities are models. You have to have a showbiz background to get on the runway and into Vogue.

by Candy Ohenreply 51501/11/2018

This episode almost had it all! The pocket queen from the shitty local Saturday paper insert! The paid "mob" at Narita airport to greet Rinna's daughters, gone seconds later as they walk unmolested through baggage claim! Dorito's cocaine meltdown and Brandyesque potty mouth! Erika's "Auntie Bruce" assistant choosing that so five minutes ago Kenzo sweatshirt for Tokyo!

by Candy Ohenreply 51601/11/2018

R516 Yes, how about that airport "mob?" I was dying. Then I love how Lisa Rinna tells Erika that the girls have a VOGUE photoshoot. Then much more quietly she says, "Vogue Asia." That's kind of like saying you got signed to play for the HOUSTON ASTROS (farm team).

by Candy Ohenreply 51701/11/2018

Rinnas daughter's come off as extremely entitled. It's really disgusting to see. Those girls will definitely be on the LA TRASH scene. Just like Paris and Nicky were.

by Candy Ohenreply 51801/11/2018

I tried to watch a bit of Yolanda's model show but could only take a few minutes. She's too full of herself. Even worse now, actually.

by Candy Ohenreply 51901/11/2018

I like that anybody who dislikes Slandercunt is “insane”, a “cretin” & a “troll”. And we’re all the same person! Baffling!

by Candy Ohenreply 52001/12/2018

I can't believe Yolanda moved to a farm in Pennsylvania. Does she want to get Lyme Disease again? They have ticks there.

by Candy Ohenreply 52101/12/2018

Maybe YoYo has joined the Amish community to further explore her love of the color black and her fascination of horses.

by Candy Ohenreply 52201/12/2018

It was Vogue Taiwan I think! Even better!!

by Candy Ohenreply 52301/12/2018

Why is the title thread greyed out??

by Candy Ohenreply 52401/12/2018

So was Camille filming as a regular and then didn't make the cut?

by Candy Ohenreply 52501/12/2018

R508 I think Rinna's slicked back hair in her on-camera interviews is atrocious! It makes her face look chubby and accentuates her abnormally large lips and plastic surgery-ized skin. And that stupid sash covering her neck doesn't do her any favors, either.

by Candy Ohenreply 52601/12/2018

r525. Camille was supposed to be full time, I guess during editing they cut her part down. Idk why, this season is trash.

by Candy Ohenreply 52701/12/2018

Well yeah R536 Rinna's face and lips are ridiculous but I still think that's a flattering hair style for her.

by Candy Ohenreply 52801/12/2018

R523 Yes, Vogue Taiwan. That's a step up from Popular Mechanics.

by Candy Ohenreply 52901/12/2018

Lisa Rinna really wants to be Kris Jenner really badly this season. It'll be interesting to see what comes of her daughter's modeling careers. Who's going to be Kendall and who's going to be Kylie. Should be interesting.

by Candy Ohenreply 53001/12/2018

Rinna’s homely daughters are models on the rise.

Meanwhile, Kim’s daughters are telling people they’re orphans.

by Candy Ohenreply 53101/12/2018

I have a new cow, a moo cow, a jew cow, named Caroline!

by Candy Ohenreply 53201/13/2018

Go back to Jersey, Danielle! r532

by Candy Ohenreply 53301/13/2018

I love drunken bitch Dorit.

by Candy Ohenreply 53401/16/2018

Dorit has definitely signed on for the bitch edit this season. She just stood up Teddi for drinks.

Telltale sign Teddi is the poor HW: She's the only one with a protective (as opposed to simply decorative) phone cover. The rest don't care if they drop their phones.

by Candy Ohenreply 53501/16/2018

Bitch Camille ia back. Yay!

by Candy Ohenreply 53601/16/2018

Kyle: "Accusing someone of drinking too something you don't do."

WTF? Hypocrite much?

by Candy Ohenreply 53701/16/2018

How many episodes are they going to argue and talk shit about Dorit standing up Teddi?

by Candy Ohenreply 53801/16/2018

I waited for ONE HOUR!

by Candy Ohenreply 53901/16/2018

Now the fights are about who shows up on time? They've got nothing.


by Candy Ohenreply 54001/16/2018

I don't think Dorit and PK are as rich as they want people to believe they are. PK asking about the Hermes China cost. And they also just dropped the price on there huge Beverly hills mansion by $1.8 million dollars. When it was listed at $12.75 million dollars. Wasn't PK in financial trouble not to Long ago? I really feel like the two of them from really hard about what they have. At least Dorit does. I think PK is some what honest and realistic about there finances. He said dorits eyes are bigger than there bank account. I'm always fascinated by these housewives finances. Because it's usually a big mess.

by Candy Ohenreply 54101/16/2018

But PeeKay gets a cut of Boy George’s appearance fees! That’s got to be hundreds of dollars every few years at least.

by Candy Ohenreply 54201/16/2018

Boy George just signed a $30 million residency in Las Vegas so I suspect he gets more than a few hundred dollars.

LVP, Kyle, Camille, and Erika are very rich.

Rinna and Teddi, not so much.

How many times do we have to go through this?

by Candy Ohenreply 54301/16/2018

Not richer than Kris Jenner and Kathy Hilton. Those two ladies if yt? hey we're on the show. Would put all of those ladies to shame.

by Candy Ohenreply 54401/16/2018

And if the Queen of England were on the show, she'd be richer than them all!

by Candy Ohenreply 54501/16/2018

I can't get over how boring this season has been so far. Something big needs to happen and fast. Can't they bring Kim's shit pillow out of storage and make Teddi carry it around or something? I thought that was part of every new housewife's initiation.

Where is our precious and pitiful Kim? Kyle needs to invite her to the White Party so she can get drunk and accuse her and Mauricio of stealing her house again.

by Candy Ohenreply 54601/16/2018

R545 pointless bitchery!

by Candy Ohenreply 54701/16/2018

According to R332, Kris Jenner may not be as rich as you think:

[quote]Net worth comparison: Kathy Hilton: $300M Caitlyn Jenner: $100M LVP: $75M Kris Jenner: $60M Kyle Richards: $50M Lisa Rinna: $18 (Which explains why she's always wearing the same four outfits and a twenty-year old hairstyle)

Sounds about right. Those Kuntrashian $$$ are spread pretty thin with so many whores on the payroll, not to mention Rob, Scott Disick, and other hush money to the various exes.

by Candy Ohenreply 54801/16/2018

R548 you're dumb if you actually believe those celebrity net worth figures. They just pull those numbers out of the sky and list them under the photos of celebrities. They wouldn't have access to what these people are really worth. It's all made up.

by Candy Ohenreply 54901/16/2018

Lisa Vanderpump just LOVES all the dogs and MUST save them. But I've never heard her say nary an encouraging word to a kitty cat.


by Candy Ohenreply 55001/16/2018

This season is TERRIBLE. Thank god for Dorit, she’s the only one keeping the show above water.

If Slandercunt’s friends did half the things she does to then, she would never talk to them again.

by Candy Ohenreply 55101/16/2018

R549 It was a quote from a previous poster.

However, if you believe celebrities' net worths are unattainable, please contact Forbes immediately so they can stop embarassing themselves by publishing all those lists.

Oh, and be sure to use the word "dumb" when you point out their mistakes.

by Candy Ohenreply 55201/16/2018

wow so the producers realized how boring the season was early on and resorted to the tired but tried and true trick of manipulating drama by giving cast members different call times. It's obvious they told Teddi to be there at 4:00 and Dorit at 4:30. The 2 ladies didn't check with each other so they're both right and this leads to a stupid argument. Newbie mistake by both to not check the call times with each other beforehand.

I want to see Camille and Dorit talk about the "stupid cunt" and strap-on quotes.

by Candy Ohenreply 55301/17/2018

The producers also obviously told Rinna about Ken's lawsuit and for her to bring it up since Kyle won't.

by Candy Ohenreply 55401/17/2018

Is "I've been in showbiz all my life Kyle" really that dumb to not realize that Dorit sometimes wears wigs? Duh. That's why her hair always looks different. It was obvious she was wearing one when she went out to eat with LVP

by Candy Ohenreply 55501/17/2018

Rinna was stupid to bring it up in one sense. Teddi has been defending Rinna in her interviews; now Teddi will see she is the shit-stirring twat everyone has said she is.

R555 that looked like a wig, too. Which is fine but it's odd for Kyle to seem puzzled her hair keeps changing.

by Candy Ohenreply 55601/17/2018

R556 Kyle is a real white woman. Which means that she is somewhat slow about wigs and weaves. Even though she herself also where's them too. Erika and Dorit are very aware of the whole hair game. Erika comes from Atlanta so you know she knows how to play the hair game. And Dorit seems to be pretty hip too. They must have some black friends or some really good hair people around putting them up on game.

by Candy Ohenreply 55701/17/2018

“Kyle is a real white woman. And by that I mean she’s really fucking dumb!”

Only on Datalounge!

by Candy Ohenreply 55801/17/2018

A lot of producer-driven stuff in this episode and it's blatantly obvious.

by Candy Ohenreply 55901/17/2018

Any truth to the rumor that LVP will be going into Dolly on Broadway once Bernadette Peterson leaves? I would love to see that for one.

by Candy Ohenreply 56001/17/2018

It’s actually PeeKay who will be playing Dolly. She’ll finally get that spotlight that she deserves.

by Candy Ohenreply 56101/17/2018

R560 That's utter bullshit. Probably started by LVP herself.

by Candy Ohenreply 56201/17/2018

LVP and Kyle are so irrelevant to this show at this point. Kyle cries every year about her sisters and LVP is a manipulative, evil, mean old lady whose only friends are people who are frightened of her, like Kyle & Dorit.

by Candy Ohenreply 56301/17/2018

To be fair, PeeKay was pretty great as Magda.

by Candy Ohenreply 56401/17/2018

It really is the SSDD with Lisa and Kyle...never wanting to say a "bad" thing, hyperaware of not offending anyone or anything.

by Candy Ohenreply 56501/17/2018

LVP's gay biz partner is not bad-looking.

by Candy Ohenreply 56601/17/2018

He's hung like a horse too.

by Candy Ohenreply 56701/17/2018

Not as hung as me.

by Candy Ohenreply 56801/17/2018

I just watched it..... I cannot believe they are wasting 1/2 the episode on the fucking lunch time issue. And now it's going to drag out all season - worse than Erika's stupid panties. My god this is bad.

by Candy Ohenreply 56901/17/2018

I almost miss Brandi at this point. At least she would stir things up.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Kim's crazy relationship with Kyle was the backbone of the show. If you go back and watch the first few seasons, almost everything revolved around that in some way. Without that relationship, there's no tension or drama. I like Kyle now, but she's boring and her life is a little too perfect.

by Candy Ohenreply 57001/17/2018

I agree 570. That was compelling storyline. Back of the limo. TV gold.

by Candy Ohenreply 57101/17/2018

Now if only they could convince Kathy Hilton to join the show. That would be one explosive story line for Beverly hills. Especially the stuff about there mother and there childhood growing up in that crazy family and everything going on in their household. Lisa Rinna would definitely stir the pot. Rick and Kathy getting pissed off on this show would be reality tv gold. And then add Brandi back in to the mix. And Kim too. Oh boy! Reality tv train wreck gold. But Kathy of course would never do it because her and Rick are apart of society. And wouldn't want to destroy their reputations. So that's never going to happen. But it would be exciting to see.

by Candy Ohenreply 57201/17/2018

I would like to see Brandi interact with Dorit. I think Dorit would stupidly think she could tussle with Brandi and remain unscathed. Brandi would bring PK's financial issues up on the show and make it a storyline which would push Dorit over the edge.

by Candy Ohenreply 57301/17/2018

Yeah, Brandi would cut through Dorit's bullshit. I think the other women have refused to work with Brandi though?

by Candy Ohenreply 57401/17/2018

Lisa, Kyle, Eileen & Rinna basically refused to shoot with her. Kim was already leaving and Yolanda was a non entity at that point, so the only reasonable choice was to cut Brandi loose. Still think it’s a huge mistake.

by Candy Ohenreply 57501/17/2018

This season is really going nowhere fast. Teddi seems like a nice, normal young woman who might fit in better on the OC. She doesn't belong on BH. She also makes the others seem old too. Kyle supposedly asked Kim to film a few times this season, but she refused. Sad to see this show dying, it was once my second favorite after NY.

by Candy Ohenreply 57601/17/2018

For all the control Bravo has, why do they allow them to pick and choose with whom they film?

by Candy Ohenreply 57701/18/2018

The scene where Rinna spills the tea about Ken happened too fast. She was basically just sitting down and boom! Do you think it was poorly edited or does Rinna not know how ease into something?

by Candy Ohenreply 57801/18/2018

Are the loons attacking Rinna yet for daring to talk about the truth in regard to Ken?

by Candy Ohenreply 57901/18/2018

Did we see Camille's bf has a shady past?

And possible man-up-in-the-man insinuations?

by Candy Ohenreply 58001/18/2018

What was said about the lovely Miss Ken? That she smokes? Enjoys a dubonnet after supper? Gets frisky with Cedric?

by Candy Ohenreply 58101/18/2018

Those lawsuits made them both look like trash.

by Candy Ohenreply 58201/18/2018

Remember when Ken grabbed Yolanda?? Hmm..

Kyle is basically useless except for her cute dogs. She refuses to engage. Get rid of her. That said, she looks great.

by Candy Ohenreply 58301/18/2018

Pepaw Ken can barely walk let alone accost anyone.

by Candy Ohenreply 58401/18/2018

they should transfer that hore lydia in from orange county so that

the bev hills bitches can wipe the floor with her and her mousey religionosity...

by Candy Ohenreply 58501/18/2018

R580 The dude does have gay face.

by Candy Ohenreply 58601/18/2018

I hope producers at least make Dorit and Camille film a scene together to discuss #StupidCuntGate and #StrapOnGate. If the extent of that conflict is just Camille complaining to Kyle and Teddi, that's just awful

by Candy Ohenreply 58701/18/2018

I agree R587. Camille needs to bring her season 1 self back.

by Candy Ohenreply 58801/18/2018

lmfao! Vanderpump got into a screaming match with her brother at a NYC restaurant and caused such a scene that other patrons requested to move to other tables


by Candy Ohenreply 58901/18/2018

The article made me feel rather sorry for LVP. The brother's an idiot, as if she were disgracing the family by appearing on TV. I mean, Prince Harry is about to marry a C-list TV actress, it's a different world.

by Candy Ohenreply 59001/18/2018

It's actually good business, to be on TV. RHOBH and especially VP Rules drive a certain amount of traffic to her restaurants.

by Candy Ohenreply 59101/18/2018

[quote]Remember when Ken grabbed Yolanda??

No I remember when he touched her arm and she acted like she'd been punched in her ugly face. Ticks is a drama queen.

by Candy Ohenreply 59201/18/2018

The other women shouldn't get to decide who they film with. If they don't like it, then bye bye. Call their bluff. Not a one of these thirsty women would quit because they need the money and fame too much.

Brandi and Kim were the only ones who brought the real drama. Not the manufactured "You made me wait 30 minutes in a restaurant" bullshit that nobody cares about.

by Candy Ohenreply 59301/18/2018

"Should we talk about your husband?"

by Candy Ohenreply 59401/18/2018

I guess they could force them to film with people they don't like but why piss off the majority of the cast for one person? They'd already decided to fire Munchausen Mary and Kim was in bad shape back then. No one else liked Brandi, including most of the fans.

by Candy Ohenreply 59501/18/2018

[quote]Are the loons attacking Rinna yet for daring to talk about the truth in regard to Ken?

No, the only crazies we've heard from are the Miss Ken troll and her backup singers, the Brandiloonies.

by Candy Ohenreply 59601/18/2018

Camille needs to have another dinner party--and invite Medium Alison. "PeeKay will never fulfill you. And you will die in a hair styling accident."

by Candy Ohenreply 59701/18/2018

Since there is no script, the producers rely on the women to bring energy and bitchy or funny lines when they interact. They rely on the women to make the interactions worth watching.

Now imagine if producers forced LVP to film with Brandi. Lisa would sit stone-faced and grunt Yes and No responses at the most. She’d look bored and annoyed. Etc. The LAST thing she would do if forced to film with Brandi is reward producers by giving them good TV.

by Candy Ohenreply 59801/18/2018

That would be delicious. Another Camille dinner party with Granny, Cedric, Brandi, PK, Kim, Dorito, Rinna, Kyle, and Adrienne. Special guests, Allison the drunken medium and Camille’s needy best friend. Forgot her name.

Total Housewife gold.

by Candy Ohenreply 59901/18/2018
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