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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 8 - Thread 1

It's almost that time!: the premiere of the Beverly Hills Housewhores--excuse me--Wives! It's their 8th season, but never fear, they've received enough Botox, placental stem cells, penicillin, and injectable plastic molding over the last few months to hide any cracks that may have occurred since their last major lifts.

Your favorite "classy" crunts are back: Elaine Davidson, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Erika Jayne, and Dorit Kemsley, as well as newbie Teddi Jo Mellencamp.

Rumors are swirling that we may see the return of (newly-engaged) Camiller Grammer, Adrienne Maloof, and...tun tun tun...Brandi "does this dress make my tampon string look big?" Glanville! But no mention of Kim Richards so far (is she still sober?).

With a major trip planned to Berlin, Kyle moving to the San Fernando Valley (is this her last season?), and shocking alliance shifts, Season 8 promises to be a juicy one!

by Candy Ohenreply 4612/06/2017

Premiere Date Announced: [bold]TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2017[/bold]

by Candy Ohenreply 111/13/2017

I see Granny V is still in the mix. Like a bad penny. Just can’t seem to get rid of her. Happy to see Camille and Adrienne Maloof is back. I didn’t think Eileen would be back. All we are missing is fan favs Cedric, Brandi and Alison the psychic. Would really add the drama.

by Candy Ohenreply 211/13/2017

They should add Kris Jenner and Kathy Hilton to the show. They have it all. The wealth, the home's, cars, the jet set lifestyle, they travel in elite social circles, and they have both known each other since the early 1980's. Why not? They should make both women offers they can't refuse. And perks.

by Candy Ohenreply 311/13/2017

Kris Jenner might be too intimidatingly rich for the other ladies (especially LV); HOWEVER, Caitlyn Jenner might finally find her niche, especially if Brandi would be given the opportunity to take her down. Both of them drunkenly fighting over some hot Latino stud would be a hoot! Elsewise, Caitlyn could show Brandi how to tuck (strings) properly.

by Candy Ohenreply 411/13/2017

Sorry, but Eileen Davidson is OUT. Booooo!

(So is Eden Sassoon).

by Candy Ohenreply 511/14/2017

Eden's last minute psychotic breakdown in the season finale last year couldn't save her spot. Pity.

by Candy Ohenreply 611/14/2017

Let's face it -this franchise has not been entertaining since Brandi left. They all take themselves WAY too seriously.

by Candy Ohenreply 711/14/2017

I never found Brandi entertaining. I actually just found her sad.

I do wonder how Erika would handle Brandi though. It's obvious that Brandi would go in after Erika.

by Candy Ohenreply 811/14/2017

I agree with R3. Kathy Hilton would be a hoot. A true Beverly Hills cunt. She could out cunt all of them combined. And she has serious money unlike Brandi or Eden or the witch. Erika is a fish out of water in this shit show.

by Candy Ohenreply 911/14/2017

y dont u all have a piece of bread and maybe youll calm a little?

by Candy Ohenreply 1011/14/2017

R9 but it would have to be Kris Jenner too. Kathy and Kris are friends in real life. Paris and Kim grew up together. Lisa Vanderpump wouldn't be able to keep up with those two. Wealth wise. She would be completely dethroned in every way possible. Vanderpump is rich. But not Kardashian/Hilton RICH!!! How much does her restaurants and bars generate anyways? Also Brandi never needs to return to RHOBH. She's the reason the show turned into trash. She's not even rich. Why was she ever on in the first place? No to Brandi. She needs to be in rehab.

by Candy Ohenreply 1111/14/2017

Kris and Kathy is a great idea.

by Candy Ohenreply 1211/15/2017

According to BE Kathy won't do the show because she feels she deserves an entire show about her.

by Candy Ohenreply 1311/15/2017

Kathy dosent have to do reality TV. She has a wealthy husband who takes really good care of her. And Kris wouldn't do it anyway. She has KUWTK'S. And plenty of money.

by Candy Ohenreply 1411/15/2017

^You're joking, right? Kathy and Rick are not as wealthy as you think they are. You must also have no history on Kathy and how many times she's tried to make a Reality show for herself happen .

by Candy Ohenreply 1611/15/2017

Net worth comparison:

Kathy Hilton: $300M

Caitlyn Jenner: $100M

LVP: $75M

Kris Jenner: $60M

Kyle Richards: $50M

by Candy Ohenreply 1711/15/2017

I know Rick and Kathy aren't as rich as people believe them to be. For year's they said Rick had a net worth of $300 million dollars. But I knew that wasn't true. Because where would that money come from? Definitely not his real estate business. But I will say this. They have a beautiful home/estate in bel air. It's pretty big. I don't know how they afford it but it's really comfortable. I wouldn't be surprised if there daughter Paris was richer than them. She has her businesses and she gets paid top dollar to DJ around the world. But Rick and Kathy have four homes. Two in bel air. An apartment in NYC and a house in the hamptons. So where dose the money come from for all of that. Unless he's getting help from his billionaire father. Or even Paris. Other than that. I don't see how real estate keeps them in that Hilton lifestyle they have.

by Candy Ohenreply 1811/15/2017

R17 those figures are not accurate. The people who create those celebrity net worth figures. Have no way of knowing what these people's personal finances are. It's just pulling numbers out of the sky. And I definitely don't believe Lisa Vanderpump is richer than Kris Jenner. Kris is making real money hand over fist managing her family. She's collecting huge mega checks. Lisa dose well too with her bars and restaurants and lounges. But she's not bringing in Kardashian money.

by Candy Ohenreply 1911/15/2017

It's laughable that those numbers have Kris Jenner only worth $50 M.

by Candy Ohenreply 2011/15/2017

R20 I said the same thing. Kris never stops making money. Her personal finances are constantly growing. Just like anyone else in her position. I personally believe she's even richer than Rick and Kathy. Kris is a mover and shaker in Hollywood. They may have that Hilton last name. But there not bringing in that Kardashian money through real estate. Especially when Kris just closed a $150 million dollar deal for her family. Plus all of the other business ventures the K family has generating big bucks for them. Kris definitely wins.

by Candy Ohenreply 2111/15/2017

Trailer out. wow it looks boring as fuck. Where's the real drama? If these "fights" are the highlights of the season, the ladies better be ready for low ratings.

by Candy Ohenreply 2211/16/2017

Yup boring AF.

by Candy Ohenreply 2311/16/2017

Whoa. NYC, Japan, Berlin. Bravo has raised the travel budget significantly this season. I hope it doesn't suck. The new girl seems as uninteresting as Kathyrn Edwards.

by Candy Ohenreply 2411/16/2017

The better housewives franchises have a mix of reactive “hot” types and more calculating “cool” types - New York and Atlanta have achieved the perfect balance of those types over the last couple of seasons. BH’s cast is basically uniformly ice cold, and the show suffers because of it. The fact that Rinna, who on any other franchise would be a loopy second banana shit stirrer (like Sheree or Sonja), is the main villainess of BH speaks to how stiff and guarded the cast is.

by Candy Ohenreply 2511/16/2017

it looks like we're just gonna get more passive aggressive spats between Kyle and LVP ...yawn....

by Candy Ohenreply 2611/16/2017

That's why they need to add Kris Jenner and Kathy Hilton to the show. At least as friends of the cast. Beverly hills really is kinda boring. They have the money and the lifestyle. But as people they are very boring. Atlanta and NYC really are the best franchise's.

by Candy Ohenreply 2711/16/2017

Whoa! Kyle lost her center spot! Not only did she lose the center she got shoved to the end!

by Candy Ohenreply 2811/17/2017

As we know they edited the shit out of that trailer and none of them were probably speaking to who they were showed speaking to...

It's going to be a lame, boring ass, season.

by Candy Ohenreply 2911/17/2017

Kyle is a producer, so she can sit wherever she wants.

by Candy Ohenreply 3011/17/2017

No wonder the premiere was pushed back.

More LVP whining about her "friendships"? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

by Candy Ohenreply 3111/17/2017

Y'all bitches say this now, but you know you'll be watching the whole damn season. Ain't no way you can look away from this train crash.

by Candy Ohenreply 3211/17/2017

Except there's no way in hell Kyle would voluntarily want that spot way in the back. But nice try, Farrah at R30. Kissing your mother's ass, Producer or not, isn't going to help edit out your longing glances towards Mauricio's cock!

by Candy Ohenreply 3311/17/2017

Is Kyle really a producer on the show? Because I keep hearing that. Also why dose Lisa Vanderpump keep coming back to the show? That Vanderfabuous novelty has warn off for me. She's just boring now. Just like the rest of them.

by Candy Ohenreply 3411/17/2017

Kyle has a small... very, very, very, small stake in the show.

by Candy Ohenreply 3511/17/2017

Oh no, gurl. Just no. It looks like your ass crack moved up under your neck because of the Alien creature that's about to pop out of your belly anus.

by Candy Ohenreply 3611/17/2017

So Kyle really is a producer/stake holder on the show? I have some googling to do.

by Candy Ohenreply 3711/17/2017

According to Kyle she has a very, very, very, very small stake in the show which she negotiated by casting the entire first season.

by Candy Ohenreply 3811/17/2017

I say bring back Brandi she can begin on an apology tour and then get right back in the muck.

by Candy Ohenreply 3911/17/2017


by Candy Ohenreply 4011/18/2017

Brandi seemed to be well behaved on CBB. Maybe she could make peace with Vander and Ken.

by Candy Ohenreply 4111/20/2017

Brandi is broke! She dosent belong on RHOBH. No to Brandi.

by Candy Ohenreply 4211/20/2017

Uh oh! Kyle's house is about to burn down (the one she didn't steal from me). Sad!

by Candy Ohenreply 4312/06/2017

I've never watched these "housewives" shows. What goes on? Do they gang-up and say catty things to each other?

by Candy Ohenreply 4412/06/2017

No, they exchange hot dish recipes Rose

by Candy Ohenreply 4512/06/2017

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at Lisa Vanderpump getting herself ready for the new season.

by Candy Ohenreply 4612/06/2017
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