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Star Trek: Discovery (Part 2)

I have a stepsister?

by Spockreply 251Last Tuesday at 5:28 PM

Discovery has exceeded my expectations. They've achieved a perfect balance between the tone of the series and the new films.

It's dark but still hopeful and an overall blast.

CBS needs to cut the shit and just start airing this on primetime. It would be a massive hit, which it deserves to be.

by Spockreply 110/23/2017


Shill! Shill!! Shill!!!

by Spockreply 210/23/2017

Nimoy got hit on by a ton of women, and received the most fan mail.

Shatter was furious about the fan mail.

by Spockreply 310/23/2017


by Spockreply 410/23/2017

R2 ...

We have Klingons on board...

by Spockreply 510/23/2017

How can you not be into Discovery...

You'd have so be a repugnant.

by Spockreply 610/23/2017

Serious question: Were Rapp and Cruz ever on the same run of Rent? I wonder if they ever hooked up ("longtime friends", my ass).

by Spockreply 710/23/2017

R7 lol.

by Spockreply 810/23/2017

You have a stepsister?

by Spockreply 910/23/2017

R9 hahaha! How fucking cute!

by Spockreply 1010/23/2017

I wanna bum Shazad Latif in the annnnusss

by Spockreply 1110/23/2017

R11 You better get in line then because I had those fantasies since the first time I saw him on Penny Dreadful. Too bad his character was introduced only in the last season. Though I can see now that emo style was holding back his full hotness potential.

by Spockreply 1210/24/2017

[quote] take your bloody finger out of your mom's shit encrusted buthole and then eat it you down and out louse

The sexless basement dwelling nerd was TRIGGERED

Don't set phaser to stun fucker

by Spockreply 1310/24/2017

R11 Latif is the hottest guy in the cast, too bad he won't be in season two .......

by Spockreply 1410/24/2017

R14 You shut your speculative mouth; he [italic]has[/italic] to be in season two!

Now Jason Isaacs is the one who probably will end up bowing out.

by Spockreply 1510/24/2017

R15 Ash Tyler is not what he appears to be, his story line will come to end at the end of the season. Google Ash Tyler theory if you want to be spoiled. And yes Isaacs will not be in season two for sure.

by Spockreply 1610/24/2017

R16 Yeah, I got spoiled about that on Reddit immediately but I still hope they could give him a redemption arc strong enough that they'll keep him on the ship going forward.

I do wonder who'll end up captaining the ship after Lorca's inevitable exit. A total outsider or someone we know already?

by Spockreply 1710/24/2017

R17 How 20th exx he'll do they know what's going to happen?

by Spockreply 1810/24/2017

^*in the hell

by Spockreply 1910/24/2017

R18 I mean, it's not really a spoiler, just a pretty solid theory. And the CBS publicist recently shut down an interview with Shazad when this question came up so it's kinda accepted as fact now.

On the other hand, no one has any theory about Lorca's character, yet we all assume he won't be around for the second season. I hope I'm wrong, though; I'm liking him more and more.

by Spockreply 2010/24/2017

R20 CBS screwed it up when they first announced that Shazad has been cast as another character before issuing a retraction sometime later saying he was going to be Ash instead. Also the actor who is now playing the character Shazad was originally cast as, doesn't actually appear to exist, infact his first name is Shazad's middle name ... hmmmmm!

Theory for Lorca is that he is actually Captain Garth from the original series episode Whom Gods Destroy.

by Spockreply 2110/24/2017

R21 Fascinating.

I'm liking Captain Lorca a lot, too, R20. Of course, it helps that he's hot asf.

by Spockreply 2210/24/2017

In my eyes, Lorca is made even hotter by the fact that Jason Issacs is a chill person who appears not to give a fuck how anything he says is received.

[quote]"You know, even he would be scared of Trump and think he has taken it too far," the actor suggested. "It's one thing being a Death Eater and wanting to kill Muggles, but it's another spraying yourself orange and wearing a Brillo Pad!

[quote]"I don't know how you keep quiet. I don't mind if it's a Republican or Democrat in the White House. But I mind when there is a monstrously childish liar, when someone on their very first day in office lies about how many people were in the crowd at his inauguration.

[quote]"You think, 'F**k, this is the most powerful man in the world and he can't tell the truth'. He's got skin as thick as a Rizla!"

Where the hell [italic]was[/italic] he between Harry Potter and Discovery, anyway? Indie projects, smaller stuff, semi-retired?

by Spockreply 2310/24/2017

in the mirror universe lorca should have tyler, stamets and the doctor as his sex slaves in a sex dungeon!

by Spockreply 2410/24/2017

R24 Oh god, I need a shoddy Tumblr slashfic drawing of that scenario right now! Even a short Nifty story would do the trick.

by Spockreply 2510/24/2017

R23 Those eyes!

by Spockreply 2610/24/2017

This sums it up nicely.

by Spockreply 2710/24/2017


by Spockreply 2810/24/2017

I would have loved to have Taylor pound on that Twinky Ensign from Michael's other ship

by Spockreply 2910/24/2017

Every time I read the regurgitations of a Klingon, my katra says -

by Spockreply 3010/24/2017

about the the Lorca and Tyler theories. Bryan Fuller hinted that one of the characters would be closely related to an episode of TOS after the news about Michael's background came out, I think many thought she was the one connected to TOS but I think it's Lorca aka Captain Garth. Also Fuller also said that the major overall of the Klingon's look wasn't just about modernizing them, he said it served a practical purpose aka the same actor playing two parts.

by Spockreply 3110/24/2017

Fuller also stated that the episode was Balance of Terror, or at least he tweeted a still from it when he made that comment.

I'm hoping Ash gets a Smurfette treatment, where the overwhelming power of the love of the Federation makes him reform.

by Spockreply 3210/24/2017

Does Jason Isaacs really have that much on his plate that he wouldn't continue with the series? You'd think it would be something not worth passing up.

by Spockreply 3310/24/2017

R33 I've seen some rumors that he's leaving but has it been confirmed? You'd think he wouldn't be allowed to reveal such an important detail which'd mean his character either dies or gets overthrown and is no longer a captain.

by Spockreply 3410/25/2017

R33 I don't think it's the full plate, he just doesn't strike me as a multi-season-TV kind of guy. He's just a step below Michelle Yeoh in that regard and we all knew she sure as hell wouldn't be in it for long.

by Spockreply 3510/26/2017

Has anyone watched After Trek. It’s hosted by one of the queeniest queens who ever kaweened. Regularly mentions his wife which is hilarious. She must get an undisturbed night’s sleep!

by Spockreply 3610/26/2017

I saw quite a few people mention on Reddit that it was unwatchable for the first couple of episodes as it was so cringy but that it got better later.

They were too polite to mention a flaming queen though I can see now why that could make it unwatchable.

by Spockreply 3710/26/2017

So, in the preview for next episode it looks like everyone on board goes a bit nuts. I'm not a die hard Trekkie, but isn't that what happens in the Mirror, Mirror episodes.

Cannot wait for Sunday.

by Spockreply 3810/26/2017

R38 I don't think it'll be the mirror episode just yet; Harry Mudd at the very end of the preview seems to be the cause of all that mayhem on the ship. But perhaps they'll do both of those things in a single episode, who knows.

And my comment at R37 was obviously addressed to R36; it wasn't about the show in general. Although I'd love it if we had a queeniest queen who ever kaweened on a Star Trek show as well. Campiness is eternal and also universal among all the species in the galaxy, I'm sure of it.

Speaking of universal... has intergalactic travel ever featured in any ST show?

by Spockreply 3910/26/2017

"So, in the preview for next episode it looks like everyone on board goes a bit nuts. I'm not a die hard Trekkie, but isn't that what happens in the Mirror, Mirror episodes."

That's the "Naked" episodes - The Naked Time in the OS, and The Naked Now in TNG - something spacey-wibbly causes the crew to go nuts, and act out of character.

by Spockreply 4010/26/2017

Ah, thanks for clarifying.

So, the Mirror episodes are about a parallel universe(s) and the Naked episodes revolve around spacey-wibblys fucking things up? Got it!

What categorizes as a spacey-wibbly, though?

by Spockreply 4110/26/2017

The naked episode involves anything that lowers the crew's inhibitions [italic]and[/italic] at the same time causes mayhem on the ship. Then you have other episodes where only their inhibitions are lowered sans the mayhem, and vice versa.

Spacey-wibbly things that fuck everything up range from space-dwelling pitcher plants, Bothans, invisible alien scientists performing experiments on the crew... And that's just from ST: Voyager.

by Spockreply 4210/26/2017

R42 Again, thanks for the crash course!

by Spockreply 4310/26/2017

Next episode is a time loop one, not "naked". If anything it's going to be like Cause and Effect (TNG).

by Spockreply 4410/27/2017

Yeah, I mentioned in the previous thread that it will be a groundhog day (i.e. time loop) episode but someone brought up a naked episode so I thought they must be more knowledgeable than me. In any case, the two are not mutually exclusive.

by Spockreply 4510/27/2017

[bold]Wilson Cruz Opens Up About ‘Star Trek’ Finally Going Gay[/bold]

[quote]“I hope that people walk away from the series more willing to see themselves in other people.”

by Spockreply 4610/27/2017

Thanks, R46.

I love that they've boldly gone where they haven't before, lol

by Spockreply 4710/27/2017

Another bit of boldly going, when Tilly and Michael let Ripper go, Tilly said something that sounded like a prayer over him. A lot of people said that it sounded like the Song of Ascent, which makes me wonder if they were attempt to subtly say that Tilly is Jewish.

I've never really liked they always portray the Federation as a atheist utopia. I just don't think the cultural signifiers of religion would ever completely die out, even if the belief in an actual deity did. And I say that as an atheist.

by Spockreply 4810/28/2017

Interesting, R48.

by Spockreply 4910/28/2017

I just assumed it was a standard Starfleet saying that gets used at Federation funerals. If anything, it sounded vaguely Pagan to me.

They're definitely not making Tilly Jewish as the script editor flipped out at Jason Isaacs when he ad-libbed a God line on the set. I would very much like at least an hour of my life every week to remain free of Earth-based religion, thank you. I don't mind them using religions of other species in the galaxy, though.

by Spockreply 5010/28/2017

Also, the actress looks more Irish (Scottish?) to me, rather than Jewish. Like Chief O'Brien. That's why my mind immediately went to something Gaelic as she said those beautiful words.

by Spockreply 5110/28/2017

The actress' name is Mary Wiseman. I mean, I don't want to stereotype...

May the sun and the moon watch your comings and goings in the endless nights and days that are before you...

by Spockreply 5210/28/2017

Wiseman is so great.

by Spockreply 5310/28/2017

I like the show so far. Tyler is great, so is Tilly, Stamets and Saru are pretty cool too. I hated Michael the first couple of episodes but she's growing on me. The only thing I don't like are the Klingons. Their behavior is not very Klingon like and they're boring.

Looking forward to the new episodes.

by Spockreply 5410/28/2017

Just something for our all viewing pleasure.

by Spockreply 5510/28/2017

I cannot wait for tomorrow's episode.

Also, we only have two episodes to go after tomorrow. I think the new batch of episodes will air in early 2018.


by Spockreply 5610/28/2017

Curious why they chose to make the Klingons look so different from the TNG-era Klingons

by Spockreply 5710/29/2017

It's been mentioned before that Fuller himself wanted that so he could hide the transformation of one of the characters. I was also slightly bothered by the redesign, even though I'm not particularly invested in the facial features of any ST species. However, I have to say, these Klingons and the ones in the JJ Abrams movies are the only ones that actually scare me. So good job, I guess?

And lest we forget, they originally looked like white people made up as Mongols.

by Spockreply 5810/29/2017

I actually love the Klingon redesign and how varied and, as mentioned above, scary they look.

Love their armor, too.

by Spockreply 5910/29/2017

I still prefer, in my own sad Gen-X way, the original Klingons, those swarthy Mongol devils

(the linked pic compares the first three iterations of Klingons, not just the TNG version shown here)

by Spockreply 6010/29/2017

Star Trek discovery Sucks. I'm not a traditional "Trekkie", but was a Star Trek fan. I can't enjoy a show with unlikeable characters. And I personally find the writing to be bad.

by Spockreply 6110/29/2017

agree, 61. I expressed this view in the earlier thread. I wish it would have been a non-Trek stand alone series. It would still be bad, which is par for the course when it comes to most (sci-fi channel) TV science fiction, but it wouldn't be incorporated into the Trek universe.

by Spockreply 6210/29/2017

I, on the other hand, enjoy the show a lot. I appreciate the show as a modern take of the Star Trek idea. It's one of very few show I enjoy watching in a way that I don't do other things while watching. Usually my mind wanders off and I start reading or browsing the web. Not with Discovery.

by Spockreply 6310/29/2017

I agree with r61 and r62. I've been a Trekker since I was a kid and I don't give a shit about this series. Saw the first episode and was like 'meh'. Not enough for me to shell out 10 bucks a month for some online streaming shit. Plus setting a show in the pre-ST:Original timeline is so tired. Enterprise anyone?

I would've gave the show more of a chance if they had said this was Abrams continuity pre-Kirk, to explain why the technology looks so far advanced than what we see in ST: Original but noooo. They just have to be extra. Yeah, yeah, we can't have ST: Original technology in this age of TV. Then don't do that timeline. ST: Discovery could've been easily set in the post-TNG/DS9/Voy timeline and it's the decision not to do that which annoys me the most. It was a very narrow-minded decision.

Oh and don't even get me started on the Klingons. WTF!!! Again, the Discovery Klingons look more like the ones in the Abrams ST universe. Why just make the show take place before Chris Pine and company. I don't get it.

by Spockreply 6410/29/2017

I understand you don't intend to pay for another streaming service but judging the entire series based on the first episode alone (not even the first two) is bizarre because those two episodes are a prequel of sorts. A lot of the Trekkies on Reddit have come around on this series precisely because the opening was so different to the rest of it. It's the showrunners fault, of course, for structuring the series that way.

[quote]It was a very narrow-minded decision.

In your opinion. This Trekkie thinks it was a fantastic one.

by Spockreply 6510/29/2017

R56 I also can't wait for the episode and I can't believe there's only two left this year. I hadn't realized just how starved I had been for a Star Trek show before this started airing. I want Trek all the time, year-round!

This is also my first Trek where I'm discussing it with other people online after it airs. I grew up watching Voyager before we got an internet connection in our household and I just conditioned myself that Trek-watching amounts to a solitary experience. It's so much more fun when you get to share the experience with others. That includes being on #TeamTilly and lusting over Ash Tyler.

by Spockreply 6610/29/2017

R63 I agree. I really love Discovery and find it to be refreshing. I don't understand how anyone can trash this show especially considering how bad Star Trek has been at times in the past.

by Spockreply 6710/29/2017

Agreed, R65. The show really doesn't take off, pun intended, until Episode 3.

by Spockreply 6810/29/2017

If the show was on TV rather than CBS Access or whatever the fuck they call it, I would probably be willing to give it a couple more episodes. Well actually, I would've cut if off after killing off Michelle Yeoh in the second episode, a great actress who deserved better.

I just have to wonder if most Trekkers are feeding into the nerd stereotype that they'll like anything Star Trek related even though they know a better show could've been done. I'm not that type of Trekker. I'm not saying I'm better than the Trekkers I just referenced but I just think a personal standard should be set as to what you're willing to accept from the TPTB who are just looking to make a profit.

by Spockreply 6910/29/2017

It's not Traditional Star Trek. They focused too much on trying to be "different" and lost the spirit of the show. I've watched it all so far. So it's not based on only one episode. I felt it was missing something, so I went to Netflix and watched a few classic Next Generation episodes. While somewhat dated ,it has held up well considering it was 30 years ago. And it has a certain feel that this new show doesn't.

by Spockreply 7010/29/2017

Agreed R70. If the Michael character were raised by a generic Vulcan (and not Sarek), and the"Klingons" were new alien with a new name, it would be fitting to be set 15 years after Voyager. The Newer tech would fit and a lot of the fans would be satisfied. It wasn't planned out well, which shows through and explains all the production delays.

by Spockreply 7110/29/2017

Well, I for one am rooting for it to endure. I love and am genuinely interested in all of the characters and I think it has the ingredients to be really, really great.

by Spockreply 7210/29/2017

I had such a crush on Jayne Brook when she was on Chicago Hope, back in my straight phase. I literally only remember a single episode where she accidentally infected herself with HIV from a chimpanzee. What a blast from the past it was, seeing her as an admiral in this show.

Love the obligatory silver streak in her hair that all admirals must have by law.

by Spockreply 7310/29/2017

It's like every single guy on the Discovery was selected for hotness.

Some of them are even in bands!

by Spockreply 7410/29/2017

A perfect Star Trek episode. Flawless from beginning to end.

My darling Saru gets an episode next week and if they end up doing what the promo leads us to believe, I am done with this show. Seriously.

by Spockreply 7510/29/2017


by Spockreply 7610/29/2017

They can and should even at this late date just say that they goofed and that this is a a separate universe / time line. Hell, comics have tons of different versions of the same characters. So what.

by Spockreply 7710/29/2017

Oh man, this show just gets better and better. I agree, R75, this was, to use your words, a perfect and utterly flawless episode in the traditional vein of Star Trek.

Martin-Green continues to impress, giving a fantastic performance as a human conditioned to be a Vulcan. She's cold, at times stilted and awkward, but it serves the character, who was trained to disregard how they feel. When she does crack, she thaws quickly. She was luminous during her two emotional moments tonight.

Her dance with Anthony Rapp, who was spectacular, was EVERYTHING.

An overall amazing episode.

Previews for next week have me dying.

by Spockreply 7810/29/2017

Omg. I can't.

by Spockreply 7910/29/2017

Covered here.

by Spockreply 8010/29/2017

I am enjoying Rapp as the Spore Drive Interface and the guy who takes Mudd out. He is my favorite gay albino as he practically glows on the Discovery set.

by Spockreply 8110/29/2017

R81 They really gave him some great moments to work with and he really shined. He was so cold and off-putting during his first appearance in episode 3. They've allowed his character to do a complete 180, which is great.

Sari is obviously central next episode and I can't wait to see what they explore with him

Such a beautiful show. Tilly at the party was so fucking cute.

by Spockreply 8210/29/2017


by Spockreply 8310/29/2017

r82, agreed.



by Spockreply 8410/29/2017

Loved the episode. Loved Stamets. Loved Michal. Loved Ash! I though all the characters are getting an amazing development. Michael and Stamets' little dance was adorable.

by Spockreply 8510/29/2017

I want to know more about that cyborg/alien looking woman.

by Spockreply 8610/29/2017

[quote] Also the actor who is now playing the character Shazad was originally cast as, doesn't actually appear to exist, infact his first name is Shazad's middle name ... hmmmmm!

The actor listed playing Voq is "Javid Iqbal" - Shazad Latif uses a stage name, i.e., Latif. His real name is Shazad Iqbal. He is half Scottish/English and half Pakistani. He's a North London boy. Javid means Alive or Living and Iqbal means prosperity - so in effect it means Live Long and Prosper. LOL!

If Ash is Voq then there are a number of ways he can still be in Season 2. It could prove very interesting and more opportunities for Burnham's story arc. He could either have the real Ash's body but have Voq's mind in there or Ash could still be alive elsewhere if there was some way they changed Voq physically into Ash.

There is a funny twitter account by someone pretending to be Javid Iqbal. Whoever is doing it is having a good time.

I have never been a Trekkie but I saw the original as a child with my dad who like Gene Roddenberry was a B-17 flyer in WW2 in the Pacific. I wonder if my dad knew that. I have nice memories of a fun and forward thinking show and enjoyed some of the films. I was looking forward to this but despite the effusive praise above from some I find the writing and dialogue to be terrible. With a few exceptions I also find the acting pretty bad. That dancing scene is pretty amateurish both in acting and dialogue. Martin-Green is just not showing any decent acting chops so far.

Tilly is annoying as hell and rather insulting as a female character. Why does she have to be so silly? She's almost graduated from a military academy and is a scientist.

I'm not a huge sci fi fan but after it went off the air I stumbled upon and watched all of BSG. I still think the revived Battle Star Galactica beats all the others hands down - writing, story lines, acting, nice combo of dark and lighter stories. And this was from the very first episode. A great series. This Star Trek is no where near it.

by Spockreply 8710/29/2017

R87 It's above and beyond it.

by Spockreply 8810/29/2017

R88, silly girl. Did your agent tell you that?

by Spockreply 8910/29/2017

R89 No. Spock did.

by Spockreply 9010/29/2017

Best episode of the series, but certainly not perfect. Rapp's character just suddenly decides to give himself up to Mudd (thus potentially killing/capturing his entire crew and give the war to the Klingons)? Outrageous and stupid cowardice.

The time loop idea was stolen from TNG, as well as the space whale (or, could be argued, the movies). And what happened to the whale?

by Spockreply 9110/29/2017

The "Let's teach Michael to dance" scene had Paul talking about how he and Hugh fell for each other made me realize what Hugh sees in him.

by Spockreply 9210/30/2017

Can't believe the Spacey thing dropped on the same night as Rapp gets to shine. As someone upthread said, he was luminous and just a ball of energy this episode.

R89 Nah, this show is perfection. I'm living for both the dialogue and the writing, and that's coming from someone who skips much of the dialogue in much of the shows I'm watching these days because of the sheer number of shows I've seen in my life. Times change; even BSG, which I adore, would be considered too talky in 2017.

by Spockreply 9310/30/2017

R91 The time loop idea is older than Star Trek, so is not "stolen" from TNG. Besides, Voyager did it as well.

by Spockreply 9410/30/2017

They're hitting their groove now.

by Spockreply 9510/30/2017

R93 I don't think it's a coincidence, it was probably timed. He was just on After Trek and then 30 minutes later - boom, the news is out.

by Spockreply 9610/30/2017

The Tardigrade DNA altered his personality to where he FINALLY could tell someone what Kevin did!

by Spockreply 9710/30/2017

So, when Michael told Paul her secret was that she'd never been in love before, she really meant that she was a virgin, right?

by Spockreply 9810/30/2017

At least the Vulcans didn't treat her as badly as the Japanese would have. Still, dick move on Sarek's part to take a damaged little human girl and try to turn her Vulcan.

by Spockreply 9910/30/2017

R98 Maybe.

by Spockreply 10010/30/2017

It was a great episode. Action, sci fi and a clever way to develop a love story. Really loved it. And I realized that this show has what some Star Trek shows lacked sorely: Chemistry among their cast and characters. Especially TNG and VOY, while being very good in their unique ways, had a cast with a lot of poor chemistry. DS9, TOS and this show have a cast with much better chemistry.

Oh, and nice touch to play 'Staying Alive' on the party... over and over again.

by Spockreply 10110/30/2017

Brilliant show!

by Spockreply 10210/31/2017

The most unrealistic thing about this show is not a mushroom drive or Klingons eating humans, but that a hot ass Wilson Cruz looking doctor would go for a whiny piece of white bread who looks like Anthony Rapp.

by Spockreply 10310/31/2017

r103 Behave

by Spockreply 10410/31/2017

The show is not perfect, nor do I expect it to be. I had a long list of reasons why I thought this would suck or fail (the all-access paywall, the choice of timeline, the obvious anachronistic technology, a character who is genetically disposed to detect danger—good luck with that not hamstringing plots, the ship was ugly, etc etc), but it has exceeded my expectations,

As said before, the two-part pilot was horrible, and I still have heartburn about the more developed tech (in ship site-to-site transporters as one example), and I fucking despise the Klingons; however, I am finding it to be an enjoyable hour to spend, so I will stay hopeful that it will improve.

Note to show runners: USE SUBTITLES FOR FUCK’S SAKE. Interminable scenes where actors try to enunciate their staccato Klingon words whike struggling to say them despite the limiting prosthetics (they sound like their mouths are filled with cotton, FFS!) do nothing but slow tempo and lose momentum. You devoted so much pre-airing press about the accuracy and precision and devotion you devoted to getting the Klingon speech articulated. Except for a few fanboys, who gives a fuck? Have one or two lines of Klingon and then transition to English: we all know the trope and will understand. As it is, I groan when the action is interrupted by a cut to a Klingon-only scene. FIX THIS.

by Spockreply 10510/31/2017

R105 There was no Klingons in the last episode, what did you think of it?

by Spockreply 10610/31/2017

Yeah, the Klingon scenes go on forever because of the slow speech. Their scenes remind me of previous, talkier Star Trek series that I used as a nap-inducing mechanism for when I returned tired from school. And the font is tough to read, even though it does succeed in immersing me into the Klingon culture. But then again, why don't the Vulcans speak Vulcan?

I read somewhere that one of the main reasons the first season of any show is always the hardest is because the writers don't yet see how their material plays on screen. And yes, I know that's what table-reading is for, but still; it's different when you get to write scenes after having seen the final product. So I'm sure many of these kinks will get sorted out for the second season. I cringe at first seasons of previous ST shows and they all managed to find their footing eventually.

by Spockreply 10710/31/2017

This season was in development hell and went through like 20 showrunners, no wonder it's a mess. Ironically, it got better after Episode 3 which was the last Bryan Fuller was involved in. And yet people think his departure is what killed the show.

by Spockreply 10810/31/2017

That episode was a mess. Mary Michael Sue figuring out time manipulation technology working backwards from a single technobabble phrase. Time Crystals! Of course! Even Data needed a computer to investigate with. Miss Special only needs five seconds.

by Spockreply 10911/01/2017

Great episode. First proper away mission next week! I bet it was filmed just outside Vancouver so get ready for some proper forests, not that arid Californian bullshit we always tend to see on TV.

by Spockreply 11011/01/2017

Everyone should watch After Trek. Wilson Cruz was hot as hell and he's also a funny dude, Anthony Rapp was on too suspiciously relaxed considering the story that was being dropped at the moment.

by Spockreply 11111/01/2017

Someone asked where Lorca keeps that Tribble of his and what its name is and Isaacs couldn't pass on a naughty reply:

[quote]It’s called Merkin and it’s just below deck.

by Spockreply 11211/01/2017

Shazad bought Oscar a table tennis table for his birthday and proceeded to crush him in front of everyone. So cute.

by Spockreply 11311/01/2017

I believe the table was for Jason Isaacs.

by Spockreply 11411/02/2017

God damn it, I get my Isaac(s) mixed up [italic]all the time![/italic] Well, now I have to come up with one of those extra special brain tricks so I won't ever mix them up again.

Oscar is part Guatemalan, right? So G kinda looks like an O. Yeah, that'll do it.

by Spockreply 11511/03/2017

I know this shit has been renewed for a 2nd season but I really hope that season's its last.

by Spockreply 11611/04/2017

What I really don’t understand is...

An author - and publisher! - knows you have to really suck your reader in writhin the first fifty pages/few chapters. If people get bored and put the book down - you’ve blown it.

Some of the better cable/streaming series really have this down pat - to the point where it became predictable and annoying that the first two or three episodes of each season would be stellar - then the rest of the season would be a whole lot of filler until the final two episodes came along and kicked into high gear again...

Star Trek Discovery completely goes against the grain and had two really meh opening episodes that were almost calculated to piss any fans of the previous shows off. I only kept watching cos my partner didn’t d. He loves just about any sci-fi drek as he loves the effects.

By the fourth episode - I was loving it. Great cast - great characters, pace, design. Plot intrigues. Not without some annoying little contrafictions or illogic - but not enough to really pull me out of the story and switch off.

So I’m boggled that - once again - a production company’s prepared to invest that much money and time and energy - and yet have two mediocre scripts to begin with. I understand that it’s been a ‘difficult’ production for various reasons - but seriously? Anyway - hope it does well and succeeds based on what’s been shown so far - but if it does - it seems like it’s almost in spite of itself!

by Spockreply 11711/04/2017

There's some speculation that the first two episodes weren't originally discrete episodes, they were flashbacks sprinkled throughout the season.

by Spockreply 11811/04/2017

I'm so glad Tom of Tom&Lorenzo mentioned in their latest podcast that he's falling in love with this show and is actively looking forward to it every week. I was worried about my taste levels for a while there.

R117 The only other way to tell the Shenzhou story would be to gradually reveal it in flashbacks throughout the season. And I can just see that pissing off people even more than immediately front-loading two relatively weaker episodes and then get to the good part. In any case, I loved the premiere so it's not like it's a universal consensus that they sucked or enraged fans.

by Spockreply 11911/04/2017

I understand fans having critiques, but screaming "this show is shit" is beyond the pale.

There are so many wonderful aspects to it, you'd have to be hellbent on tearing it down to not take notice.

by Spockreply 12011/04/2017

I did not know Harry Mudd was a character first introduced in the original series.

.y mother,a longtime Trekkie, schooled me, lol.

by Spockreply 12111/04/2017


by Spockreply 12211/04/2017

r116 If you kill yourself now you won't have to watch the 2nd season and also the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th...

by Spockreply 12311/04/2017

Last episode of the year Tonight!

by Spockreply 12411/05/2017

There's one more after tonight.

by Spockreply 12511/05/2017

R125 nope. It's the 9th episode.

by Spockreply 12611/05/2017

Next week is the 9th episode. This is the 8th.

by Spockreply 12711/05/2017

R127 We'll see...

by Spockreply 12811/05/2017

Eighth episode is tonight. One more to go, although not sure when it's scheduled, something I saw said January, other things show next week.

by Spockreply 12911/05/2017

What do you mean, we'll see? There's one more episode, then they break until January and return with another six.

by Spockreply 13011/05/2017

R130 lol. You're adorbz.

by Spockreply 13111/05/2017

Glad there are more episodes still coming in January, hate the season breaks, but I'm really getting into this show.

by Spockreply 13211/05/2017

Tonight's episode looks great. It already started, I think.

by Spockreply 13311/05/2017

CBS has been putting it on their apps around 8 EST for the last few weeks. The time on the label is 8:30, but I check the app on my Apple TV about 8:05, and it's there.

by Spockreply 13411/05/2017

Tonight’s episode was a total waste of an hour! Whoever wrote it should be banned Faron the franchise forever. It was another BOKK! Ta’KLAPF CHOOK! Bla! Klingon time waster with segments from Avatar thrown in between the Klingon time-chewing scenes. God awful.

by Spockreply 13511/05/2017

I actually liked the Klingons this time but the rest of the episode was zzzzzzz... It was really off, like it was cut short and half of the plot was lost in the process. The Saru subplot was useless and wasn't even good character development because we knew about his fear/prey dilemma from the start. The Stamets subplot got intriguing but never came to any resolution, they even cut his second scene shorter - it's obvious that they left it for the next episode, but then why even bring it up in this one? I don't get happened to the Admiral, so is she dead or is she not? If Ash is Voq , they'll have to pull something really far fetched to make the theory work.

Either way, this show is such a hit-or-miss mess. They need to be more consistent, hopefully next season will be better structured.

by Spockreply 13611/05/2017

It was even blue and floaty like Avatar, R135. Blech.

by Spockreply 13711/06/2017

Weird pacing and the Klingon plot was a bit convoluted but still a good episode. I feel like Saru is a stand-in character for those of us with anxiety disorders. His line about not knowing a single moment in his life without fear struck me as I came to realize something similar about myself just last week and it really is a horrible way to live. Too bad his change wasn't permanent because he literally kicks ass when he's courageous. Unfortch, that also means he stops being gentle, which is exactly what draws me to his character.

I feel so bad for those spirits as they do have noble intentions. But - much like the Borg - they go about it the wrong way.

by Spockreply 13811/06/2017

The show was improving every episode from the second one onward...until last night. Who green lighted this hot mess? Boring, meandering, more completely over stressed Klingon soap opera. Abysmal.

by Spockreply 13911/06/2017

The Klingons as portrayed on this show is the worse element. Again, they look like the Klingons in the Abrams ST universe. Why didn't they just set the show in that continuity. Ridiculous!

by Spockreply 14011/06/2017

And, R140, why the hell did they think their slavish attention to these mutant Klingons would pay off with fans? Big fucking deal: they’re Klingons, who gives a shit?

by Spockreply 14111/06/2017

Agree that the centrality of the Klingons was probably a mistake, I just don't care about their internal politics and power struggles. This last episaode was a hot mess, and coming so closely on the heels of the wonderful Harry Mudd episode makes the deficiencies all the more evident. I hope the mid-season finale next week ends things on a better note.

by Spockreply 14211/06/2017

Funnily enough, as much as I thought this was a weak episode, the boring talky parts are exactly what I associate with good ol' Trek.

Is it just me or was that battle at the beginning pretty confusing? And I realize they're a science vessel but why the hell didn't they shoot continuously as soon as they arrived? Such incompetence. I bet AI would fare a hundred times better than human tacticians.

I said earlier we'd be seeing woods around Vancouver but we actually saw the Niagara Escarpment somewhere in Ontario. At least the scenery was nice. And seeing Saru in action was scary. Just imagine the predators that bred Kelpians!

by Spockreply 14311/06/2017

[quote]I said earlier we'd be seeing woods around Vancouver but we actually saw the Niagara Escarpment somewhere in Ontario.

Like Hannibal, this films in Toronto.

And I'm surprised I haven't seen Trekkies bitching that we didn't get any location shooting at Vasquez Rocks.

by Spockreply 14411/06/2017

[quote]... but why the hell didn't they shoot continuously as soon as they arrived? Such incompetence. I bet AI would fare a hundred times better than human tacticians.

Makes it clear the whole idea that Discovery is able to single-handedly turn the tide of the war is preposterous. The effect of mushrooming in on the Klingons is precisely like a cloaked ship appearing next to you, and that doesn't single-handedly win a battle (as this opening battle demontrates). In fact, it's worse, since cloaked ships only have to appear when firing, but 'the shroom ship is stranded until they can recalculate and have a black alert to pop ou again.

Dumb show.

by Spockreply 14511/06/2017

[bold]Isaacs found Trekkies harder to please than Potter fans[/bold]

Yeah, we're definitely the worst. Hands down.

by Spockreply 14611/07/2017

Star Trek is finished...

by Spockreply 14711/08/2017

r147 Only if your deluded

by Spockreply 14811/08/2017

[quote] In fact, it's worse, since cloaked ships only have to appear when firing, but 'the shroom ship is stranded until they can recalculate and have a black alert to pop ou again.

True, but cloaked ships have to physically arrive there and physically leave. They're also physically there while they are cloaked even if you can't see them. It's possible to track a cloaked ship either by guessing where it is or by whatever deus ex machina the writers introduce. Even Deanna Troi, once actually proving herself useful, used her empathic powers to figure out where a cloaked ship was and fire on it when they thought they were hidden.

The Discovery appears and then disappears not just from visual sensors but physically as well. They can't be tracked before they arrive or after they leave. There is no indicator that the ship is moving into the vicinity or leaving. They can't be chased. They do have to recalculate every jump but once they've jumped they're home free.

You're right, that doesn't win battles but the technology is new to them. They've finally got something that is a step up from cloaking.

by Spockreply 14911/08/2017

Had a crazy week. Haven't had a chance to watch Ep. 8 yet, but watching it tonight.

Some of you bitches just like being little Ms. Debbie Downer. It's okay, though...

by Spockreply 15011/09/2017

Last episode before the break tonight.

The had better not go down the "tragic gay death" road!

by Spockreply 15111/12/2017

R151 I still have to watch Ep 8. I'll watch both tonight. I'm so nervous!

by Spockreply 15211/12/2017

Wow, that was great. Best episode by a wide margin.

And they even kissed. Granted, it was a signifier that everything was doomed, but it made me very, very happy.

by Spockreply 15311/12/2017

That was a great episode. And FINALLY we had Klingons speaking English in scenes when the universal translator was running, meaning fewer fucking subtitles.

by Spockreply 15411/12/2017

And they made a date to see La Boheme. Subtle.

by Spockreply 15511/12/2017

Ash Tyler's junk was flopping around in his sweats when he opened the door for Burnham.

by Spockreply 15611/12/2017

R155 I loved the Rent reference, lol. The episode was amazing and I fully believe Lorca manipulated Stamets into jumping into another universe.

by Spockreply 15711/12/2017

Great episode for mid-season finale. I'm really liking this show, despite the issues with fitting it into the trek universe. I'm just looking at it as a stand alone show for now. Shazad Latif is sex on a stick, love watching him. Really looking forward to its return in January.

by Spockreply 15811/12/2017

I'm with Doomcock, R147. RIP Star Trek.

by Spockreply 15911/12/2017

Excellent episode! I was creaming myself watching that space battle. And yes, Lorca overrode jump coordinates from his panel and then said to himself "Let's go home." He's the mirror universe Lorca, y'all! Why else would he be mapping portals to other dimensions in time of war when no one else thought of that possibility? And why the hell is he so protective of Michael, anyway? Although I'm still hoping they jumped to the Gamma Quadrant.

Not so good: Pahvo goes silent without explanation, and repeating exposition. Do we really need Michael saying what the pattern emitters are for when Ash said the exact same thing a minute earlier?

I also noticed Ash Tyler's horsecock as he opened the door to Michael. And his ass looked delicious in those sweatpants when he was visiting L'Rell. Basically, every other show should take tips from the Discovery costume designer on how to cut and fit pants properly as everyone's ass looks amazing on this show.

by Spockreply 16011/13/2017

R260 mirror universe Lorca might need regular universe Burnham if something happened to mirror Burnham but they still need a Burnham for some reason. Not a spoiler, just my 2 cents.

by Spockreply 16111/13/2017

R161 Yes, that might be it. Or maybe he was really attached to her in his own universe. Perhaps they were something more than just coworkers? Wouldn't that be something.

I take back my Gamma Quadrant suggestion because why would Lorca want to go there? Jumping in time is probably out of the question as well. Discovery clearly doubled just before it jumped so the mirror universe would be my final guess.

Please don't kill Stamets, show. Thank you.

by Spockreply 16211/13/2017

First kiss between two men on Star Trek, bitches! It's my favourite franchise and I've never felt more included in my life.

There's no stopping us now!

by Spockreply 16311/13/2017

I had to pause the show to get a look at Ash's big cock, thanks to the poster who noticed it. Someone in the wardrobe department is my new best friend.

by Spockreply 16411/13/2017

R160 I agree that the costume designer did a great job fitting the costumes. Jason Isaacs ass looks amazing in his uniform.

by Spockreply 16511/13/2017

So does Wilson Cruz’s. Actually, they all look good, even Rapp with his slight middle-aged spread.

...I may have gotten something stuck in my throat when the show’s official Twitter sent out that gif of Paul and Hugh kissing.

by Spockreply 16611/13/2017

Isaacs' huge package at the end when he gets up from his chair after they land in the alien universe was so distracting I had to rewind the scene to hear what was said. No more black pants on ST officers, please. We can [italic]never[/italic] go back after this!

by Spockreply 16711/13/2017

Haven't read the last 15 or so posts and I only now just caught up on Ep. 8. I dont get the hate. I LOVED it. It was talky and old school and I thought the bit about Saru never knowing a life without fear was really poignant.

Anyway, going to watch the finale now.

by Spockreply 16811/13/2017

It's been twenty years to the day since one of my favourite Voyager episodes, Year of Hell, first premiered. How time flies. I hope I'm around to make a similar comment about the first gay kiss* here on DL twenty years hence. And to think Datalounge had already been around for two years when that episode premiered!

*Well, that or the Klingon tits. Because Reddit seems to be obsessed with that detail.

by Spockreply 16911/13/2017

I missed the Klingon tits.

by Spockreply 17011/13/2017

Also, it’s the second gay kiss, but since the first one was lez-lez, we don’t have to count it.

by Spockreply 17111/13/2017

I was careful to use the "first kiss between two men" phrasing in all my previous posts and of course someone would immediately jump on my cock for shortening it to "first gay kiss". It is DL, after all.

Of course, we shouldn't minimize the importance of that lesbian kiss but it was obviously done from the male perspective for the male enjoyment. I mean, just look at it! Oh, to be a fly on the wall when these two actors were being given direction.

by Spockreply 17211/13/2017

Great sorta-finale and cliffhanger!

Screencaps of bulges and butts, please.

by Spockreply 17311/13/2017

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but according to Doug Jones, the starfleet uniform pants feature padded asses for the male cast. Jones doesn't wear any padding because they felt his flat ass contributed to the alien look they were going for with Saru.

by Spockreply 17411/13/2017

R174 I knew it was too good to be true. The padding seems like a ridiculous expense but at $8 million per episode, they could do whatever they wanted.

There's an alternate universe where the showrunners opted not to go for the padding and we're all bitching about their non-existing butts. So I kinda appreciate the extra effort made for their female and gay audience.

by Spockreply 17511/13/2017

R175 This is not unique to discovery, costume designers often pad costumes for both men and women for a better looking fit. Marina Sirtis has made numerous jokes over the years about the Starfleet issue bra which adds a cup size for every woman. Certainly Jeri Ryan on Voyager was wearing mountains of padding on her tits and ass.

by Spockreply 17611/13/2017

I'm going to pretend we're still in a universe where all men's asses are that fabulous.

by Spockreply 17711/13/2017

Well, Fuck. I just caught the finale. I have no words. This was excellent and again, far exceeded my expectations. This feels like a fresh yet subtle nostalgic take on the series. I adore every character the overall arc of the show seems to be building towards something great.

Martin-Green has been a revelation. The entire cast is superb, actually.

Waciting until Jan. will be torture.

by Spockreply 17811/13/2017

I'm joining all the praise of how fantastic the mid-season finale was. Everything about it came together: the acting, pacing, cinematography, the music, and most importantly for me, some beautiful character work. What a wonderfully emotional and compelling episode. I'm with you, r178. The two month wait is going to be a tough one.

by Spockreply 17911/13/2017

I deserve the Lieutenant Command MARY! I'm about to get from this, but I honestly teared up a few times.

by Spockreply 18011/13/2017

Me too!

by Spockreply 18111/13/2017

One of the producers said when he read the script that the episode was going to be "Balance of Terror" good.

He was correct.

[quote]The padding seems like a ridiculous expense but at $8 million per episode, they could do whatever they wanted.

Aaron Harbets, the showrunner, is one of us. And we should all thank him.

by Spockreply 18211/13/2017

Every character is so interesting and the stakes are high for all of them. I don't think I've been this quickly enamored with an entire crew since TOS.

And the best part is, the themes are all so topical and relevant to the current state of things, socially and politically.

Just superb!

by Spockreply 18311/13/2017

What time stamp was the cock-flop?

by Spockreply 18411/13/2017

R183 is over-the-top sarcasm. The best kind.

by Spockreply 18511/13/2017

Did that loser who accused us of being shills finally leave? Thank god.

The episode was fantastic. Not only did it feature the first kiss between two men but also had some of the more realistic portrayals of PTSD on Star Trek, delved into the trauma of a man who was sexually abused and had a woman console him instead of the other way round! Brilliant! And I'm not saying it's only good purely from the social issues point of view, all of that actually ties very well into the plot and gives a very fresh feeling to the franchise. The show still uses a lot of cliches of storytelling (like the 1 week from retirement situation with Staments) but they are mostly harmless. I'm very intrigued by Lorca's character, CLEARLY he is not what he seems! And I love Stamets. Anthony Rapp might not be a looker but his character managed to win me over despite starting out as a cranky asshole (quite realistically so) and had some of the best character developments (considering it's only been 9 episodes). And great butt padding work on other male characters!

by Spockreply 18611/13/2017

I caught Lorca's eyes darting to Stamets lips for a second. Maybe dark universe Lorca is a bussyhound.

by Spockreply 18711/14/2017

R171 it's actually the third gay kiss. DS9 had two lesbian kisses: 1 between Jadzia Dax and Lenora Kahn and another between mirror Kira and Mirror Erzi. This is the first male/male kiss in Trek history though.

by Spockreply 18811/14/2017

What did Stametz mean when he said "Captain, I didn't know you cared." to Lorca?

by Spockreply 18911/14/2017

R186 Agreed!

by Spockreply 19011/14/2017

CBS really needs to air this on TV. It would be such a hit.

by Spockreply 19111/14/2017

Anthony Rapp has two expressions, a scowl and a frown.

by Spockreply 19211/14/2017

R192 You haven't watched all of the episodes then, Kevin.

by Spockreply 19311/14/2017

r1993 haha you fooking paedo

by Spockreply 19411/14/2017

Another Klingon, I see, R194.

by Spockreply 19511/14/2017

i read online that Tyler is having flashbacks to the surgeries he had AS A KLINGON to make him look human. That he is KLINGON! Worf's grandad?

by Spockreply 19611/14/2017

R196 gtfo!

by Spockreply 19711/14/2017

The Guardian review is a thumbs up.

by Spockreply 19811/14/2017

Not just any Klingon, but Voq, faithful disciple of T’Kuvma and romantic partner of L’Rell. So, she has Voq genetically and surgically altered to look human, wipes his memories of that fact, and fucks him regularly until the day Lorca arrives.

There are a lot of holes in this theory. One of my main ones is that any ship bio sensor would ID him right away as non-human. However, the writers just presented devices in the mid season finale that will mask one’s true life signs and make humans appear as Klingons to computer systems. Of course, we also know that Tyler was examined by medical officers when he first arrived on the Discovery with Lorca. Surely the difference in layout of internal organs, etc. would be readily apparent to a humanoid doctor and a medical scanning bed?

by Spockreply 19911/15/2017

Tyler is Voq. Accept it.

by Spockreply 20011/15/2017

It's a mistake on the showrunners part if true. The sexual abuse / PTSD storyline was well handled but will lose its potency after the reveal. The character and actor are one of the best things about the show, but if they make the switch he's either off the series or becomes the villain. There's ways around it but they would still lessen the character's appeal.

by Spockreply 20111/15/2017

Tyler is Voq and CBS accidentally gave it away before Discovery even aired. In one of the first press releases for casting Shazad Latif was listed as playing a Klingon (Kol) but a few weeks later CBS stated that Latif has been recast as Tyler.

Now here's where it gets interesting, in the original draft of the pilot script, Kol was Voq and Voq was Kol. When it was announced that Latif had been "recast," the writers changed Kol's name to Voq and Voq's name to Kol and cast Kenneth Marshall as Kol. Also the actor who plays Voq, Javid Iqbal, has never appeared in any publicity related to the show and has no other credits besides Discovery.....oh and did I mention that Javid is Latif's middle name and Iqbal is his mother's maiden name? Added to that, Bryan Fuller once stated that the major redesign of the Klingon's had a practical story purpose to it e.g. the actors had to be unrecognizable in the makeup.

by Spockreply 20211/15/2017

Wow. I believe it, R202. But how are they going to adress the very valid question about how the medical staff couldn't recognize him as a klingon? Hmmm.

by Spockreply 20311/15/2017

R202 You and all of your knowledge are too cute, lol. 😘

by Spockreply 20411/15/2017

Wow, R202, just wow. That info certainly supports the Tyler=Voq theory!

Also, I [italic]think[/italic] I saw a publicity photo somewhere that showed Lorca in his captain's chair with a metal ship placard in the background that said "ISS Discovery" and not "USS Discovery." Can anyone confirm this? This would be definitely support the other theory that Lorca is from the Mirror, Mirror universe. That, and when he said "Let's go home!" promptly followed with him [italic]possibly[/italic] changing the jump destination in the nav panel right before the final jump.

by Spockreply 20511/15/2017

R205, yep this photo but it's not very clear. However, J. Frakes blabbed that there'd be at least one Mirror Universe episode this season so the theory is very very plausible. I think the show might feature a few parallel universes though, not necessarily focusing on the Mirror one. Lorca might be from one of them and the Mirror Universe would be just a passage on the way "home" for him.

BTW Re: Ash=Voq, I don't think writers are as stupid as to write in such a giant plothole with the human life signs el al, considering the last episode they stressed very heavily that he HAS human life signs which he had to mark with that Iron Man chest thing. There's a possibility that Tyler is a sleeping agent who serves as a container for Voq's mind (maybe a mind/brain transpant of some kind?) which was implanted into him during the torture and which needs a trigger word to be activated. OR Voq has been subjected to genetic manipulations. There is a known storyline from Enterprise which featured a Klingon Augment Virus that basically transformed Klingons into (super)Humans. A weak storyline but it's canon regardless. Or who the fuck knows, it might all be just a red herring or he's just a brainwashed human agent (akin to the Winter Soldier). None of this erases his rape and PTSD storyline though, because what we know for sure is that he is NOT pretending. Even if it's modified Voq he clearly has no memory of being Klingon so far and was traumatized by the abuse.

by Spockreply 20611/15/2017

Thanks, R206, I knew I saw that photo before!

by Spockreply 20711/15/2017

And also good for the feets troll.

by Spockreply 20811/15/2017

Yadda yadda yadda. It's a fucking piece of fiction. They can come up with whatever excuse they want as to why Ash has been successful infiltrating his enemy. Are we seriously arguing about "scientific" reasons?

Ash is Voq. They'll explain it however. Actual physical changes or mind switch. The alleged PTSD could just as easily be a Klingon traumatized that he was forcibly turned into a disgusting lower life Human - thus in the process losing one of his extra sex organs. Or whatever.

[quote] ..oh and did I mention that Javid is Latif's middle name and Iqbal is his mother's maiden name?

Latif's middle name is not Javid. His birth name and the name he went by up into theater school was Shazad Khaliq Iqbal. Iqbal is his father's and brother's last name. His mother is Scottish and English. Her maiden name is some typical Anglo-Saxon name. As exotic as they're trying to make him, Latif is a North London boy born and bred who I suspect they asked to stay tanned for this role - cause he is just not this dark in most roles I've seen him in - and I've seen him practically naked.

Javid means Alive or Live or Living - Iqbal means prosperous. So Javid Iqbal can be loosely translated to mean Live Long and Prosper. LOL!

Don't ask how I know all this mundane useless info. I am, however, not some trekkie.

by Spockreply 20911/15/2017

[quote]I am, however, not some trekkie.

We would never have guessed.

by Spockreply 21011/15/2017

as long as tyler gets some daddy dick from llorca..why are you bitches gonna complain?

by Spockreply 21111/15/2017

What was Tyler almost naked in? He was dark skinned in Penny Dreadful too.

by Spockreply 21211/15/2017

I'm already missing it. I want it to go on for like 10 seasons.

I miss my girls!

by Spockreply 21311/15/2017

Plot twist - Tyler figures out he was traumatized by the Klingon chick because he doesn't like the vajeen! Lorca makes Tyler his pup and Tyler's always finding ways to upset Captain Daddy and get a spanking!

by Spockreply 21411/16/2017

[quote] Lorca makes Tyler his pup and Tyler's always finding ways to upset Captain Daddy and get a spanking!

R214, I like it! Sort of a modern day sci-fi Make Room for Daddy.

The Penny Dreadful role was also an exotic character from the Raj. Not sure how I feel about manipulating skin color to fulfill a role - I suppose it's natural if it's your natural tanned skin, especially if you do have that ancestry.

He was in a BBC series called Ordinary Lies where he has an affair with his boss' 15 year old daughter. There are scenes undressing and in bed. Pics on the net. I wish they had left his English accent alone since I think his voice is actually deeper than it seems in an American accent - no idea why that would be.

by Spockreply 21511/16/2017

Datalounge proves that gays don't care about them middle aged queens on TV and all that representation bullshit. Ya'll just want to see straight characters get it on like Fraus on tumblr!

by Spockreply 21611/16/2017

This thread is so embarrassing, five eldergays talking back and forth and creaming their jeans that TWO MEN KISSED ON FAUX TREK. O...M...G. Not even tumblr is this embarrassing and they're twelve year old girls.

If you actually want unbiased reviews and a cross section of people read the IMDB reviews. A 7.4 rating is terrible considering all the fan boys jack up the rating and with the amount of money spent.

R191 CBS did air it on tv, the first two episodes, and it tanked. If CBS did air it on tv it wouldn't last past the first season because it's a pile of shit which 90 per cent of the audience knows. But by all means continue focusing on the important aspects of Trek, like OMG HOT GUYS WITH THEIR JUNK BOUNCING AROUND.

by Spockreply 21711/22/2017


Now THAT'S a review! 10/10

by Spockreply 21811/22/2017

R217 I didn't bother finishing your post. Too long and indicative of sooo much.

You're clearly hanging by a thread. Literally.

by Spockreply 21911/22/2017

R217 is obviously operating under the mistaken assumption that we give a fuck about his observations. Most illogical.

by Spockreply 22011/25/2017

sluts.sluts.. all of em

by Spockreply 22111/25/2017

Hiya Spock R220. Good to see you crawl out of your basement every once in a while.

by Spockreply 22211/30/2017

It looks like the show will be available for purchase on Amazon Video soon-ish.

by Spockreply 22312/02/2017

[quote][R191] CBS did air it on tv, the first two episodes, and it tanked. If CBS did air it on tv it wouldn't last past the first season because it's a pile of shit which 90 per cent of the audience knows. But by all means continue focusing on the important aspects of Trek, like OMG HOT GUYS WITH THEIR JUNK BOUNCING AROUND.

I'm not a Trekkie and I've enjoyed Discovery a lot. The only thing I really haven't liked is Rainn Wilson. His character Harry Mudd just immediately threw me out of the universe. BTW, not sure if it has been mentioned but the show is airing weekly on Netflix in 188 countries, so apparently practically in every country outside North America.

A female friend of mine who's a Trekkie enjoys the show to a point but doesn't like the new Klingons. She was also pissed Michelle Yeoh exited the show so fast.

I'm certainly liking the male candy. I'm totally shipping Captain Lorca and Ash Tyler.

by Spockreply 22412/02/2017

[quote]The only thing I really haven't liked is Rainn Wilson. His character Harry Mudd just immediately threw me out of the universe

The weird thing is that I ordinarily loathe Rainn Wilson, but I adore his Harry Mudd.

by Spockreply 22512/02/2017

R217 You sound unhinged and old, clinging to "muh star trek."

Also, the episodes that aired on CBS didn't tank (10 million viewers is fine). It's hard to tell exactly how well it's doing now, but it does extremely well in the streaming demand charts all over the world. Canada is the only place it airs on tv, and it's the number 1 specialty cable show of all time (and typically in the top 15 shows every week despite the disadvantage of being on a paid specialty network).

by Spockreply 22612/02/2017

Actually only the first part of the premiere episode aired on regular CBS in the US. The second half was on netflix in the US. But they did say the first episode would be free on regular TV - a bit deceptive.

It suffers from poor writing. I'd also say poor acting from enough of the crew to make it painful but it may be unfair to expect any actor to make those lines palatable. Some of the story lines hold enough promise to keep viewers interested despite its many flaws.

by Spockreply 22712/02/2017

Cunts. Ruin. Everything.

And being cunts they can't see it and they don't care.

by Spockreply 22812/02/2017

I love this show.

by Spockreply 22912/03/2017

i want to bum shazad latif

by Spockreply 23012/04/2017

The DC PBS-UK channel is rerunning Ordinary Lies, BBC 6 episode comedy/drama, from a few years ago. Latif is in it as a regular nd one episode focuses on him as he and his boss' 15 year old start a relationship. Skin shown. He and the daughter are very good in it.

by Spockreply 23112/04/2017

Huge news: Tarantino to possibly direct a new Star Trek movie!

R230 Get in line, bitch.

by Spockreply 23212/04/2017


by Spockreply 23312/04/2017

R228 Actually cunt everyone can see it thanks to torrents. Though the pile of shit isn't even worth the 30 seconds it takes to find a torrent of an episode.

by Spockreply 23412/04/2017

R234 But it's worth the 20 seconds it took you to pos, isn't it, cunt?

by Spockreply 23512/04/2017

R226 Another delusional senile Eldergay strikes again.

I'm not clinging into any trek. I hate prequels and I hate Enterprise. I'm not throwing shit on STD because I can't have some Trek be replaced. I'm calling it out for a shit plot, awful writing and even worse acting. I wish they would stop saying it's a prequel but true to form they want to cash in any any marketing gimmick.

Viewers are meaningless in Broadcast tv, it's about demos and they performed poorly given the hype over the project. Hell even that shitty aspie doctor show in a 10pm time slot did better.

Who cares about Canadian cable. It will have no impact if its renewed (beyond season 2) or not.

by Spockreply 23612/04/2017

R235 Five seconds and yes. Seeing fragile buttercups get triggered over Trek is always worth it.

by Spockreply 23712/04/2017

what do the lesbians think about the two women kissing at the party?!

by Spockreply 23812/06/2017

Tarantino Star Trek flick will be rated R! The Revenant screenwriter to pen the script!

R238 It was so quick and in the background, they probably don't think much of it.

by Spockreply 23912/07/2017

Patrick Stewart is game if Tarantino is. Oh, this is all so exciting I just might create a new thread about it!

by Spockreply 240Last Friday at 8:43 AM


by Spockreply 241Last Friday at 8:57 AM

Patrick Stewart is a pit bull nut. He was shocked when he learnd he wasn't going to be allowed to bring his "rescue pit" into the UK when he moved back there.

by Spockreply 242Last Friday at 8:19 PM

I rewatched the midseason finale. I noticed a cute moment that you can see Tilly, in the role of a fangirl, squeeing in the background watching Stamets and Culber kiss.

by Spockreply 243Last Sunday at 3:17 PM

R243 Yeah, some Redditors didn't like that smile [italic]at all.[/italic] "There should be no acknowledgement of the homosexual kiss from the other characters WHATSOEVER, ya hear me?!"

They're the same (straight) people informing us that we shouldn't really celebrate that kiss because it shouldn't be a big deal in 2017 and how they can't wait to live in a society where this finally won't be an issue anymore. How grand of them, right?

Sorry, I'm just bitter.

by Spockreply 244Last Sunday at 3:26 PM

No, you're fine.

The "I love you"'s and the kiss made the nerdy gay 13-year-old in me cry a little, because he doesn't have to write himself into the future any more. He's already there.

I'm just going to get in touch with my inner Tilly and say fuck the haters.

by Spockreply 245Last Sunday at 3:31 PM

R244 It wasn't about what the reaction was of but how it was made. Squeeing little a pre menstrual girl at a Taylor Swift concert is just pathetic.

E245 MARY!!!!

No wonder I hate STD. I'm not a fragile lotus blossom looking for acceptance!

by Spockreply 246Last Sunday at 3:46 PM

R245 You know, I'm a huge Trekkie but it was the strangest feeling, seeing Stamets on this show. I felt like I was [italic]truly[/italic] on board of a starship for the first time ever and I actually said to myself: "Wait, is this what straight people felt all along? Like they're literally a part of the team?! No wonder they love Trek so much!" It takes so little to bring this experience to so many and the best part is, not a single thing gets taken away from anyone else by including a gay character!

I will forever love Janeway but identifying with powerful and fabulous female characters as proxies for actual gay men can only get you so far, immersion-wise. At least in my experience.

by Spockreply 247Last Sunday at 3:49 PM

R246 She merely smiled, not squeed, you enabling dinosaur. Take a cue from Tilly; you need it the most.

by Spockreply 248Last Sunday at 3:52 PM

Tilly is so fucking annoying.

by Spockreply 249Last Tuesday at 5:15 PM

R249 Nah, she's great.

by Spockreply 250Last Tuesday at 5:16 PM

Great? Her behavior is insulting to grown women, to professional women. Cutesy is icky and lame.

by Spockreply 251Last Tuesday at 5:28 PM
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