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I'm Buying New Dishes!

And, they're on sale! Wish me luck! That is all!

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by Dish Davyreply 9705/10/2020

When you've finished with them, the local funeral home will welcome the donation. What's the pattern called? "Casket Handle?"

by Dish Davyreply 102/10/2017

Very stylish! I'm on the hunt for some new dishes myself.

by Dish Davyreply 202/10/2017

If by "stylish," r2 means "dreary," then, yes, they're very stylish.

by Dish Davyreply 302/10/2017

The pattern around the edges looks like mold.

If I were your guest, I'd lose my appetite.

by Dish Davyreply 402/10/2017

I can still return them, but I think I'm going to just jump in and buy.

by Dish Davyreply 502/10/2017

White dishes are the best to show off the color of your food.

by Dish Davyreply 602/10/2017

They match my tablecloth, which matches the valence and carpet.

R6, I've had white dishes since at least 2005. That's what, 12 years? I thought I should break out of that.

by Dish Davyreply 702/10/2017

So, gray, r7? They match gray.

by Dish Davyreply 802/10/2017

Perhaps something other than gray might be a welcome sight.

by Dish Davyreply 902/10/2017

OP, I love the fact that you just used the word 'valance'. Kiss on the cheek for you.

by Dish Davyreply 1002/10/2017

Back at you, R10.

by Dish Davyreply 1102/10/2017

I was being polite R7. I find them hideous and obviously the rest of your decor is too.

by Dish Davyreply 1202/10/2017

OP, I purchased this fun country Wedgewood pattern. Isn't it gorgeous?

I'd go with something "less dark" than what you are considering. Plus, the edges of your design look rough, not smooth.

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by Dish Davyreply 1302/10/2017

OP, do yourself a favor and bring them back. They are far too plain looking and look like something you'd buy at the Dollar Store for $1/plate.

by Dish Davyreply 1402/10/2017

R10, what other word than valance would he have used? There is no other word for it except maybe pelmet. Plus, he spelled it wrong. Perhaps all that gray has damaged his eyesight, so it was a typo.

by Dish Davyreply 1502/10/2017

The edges are blue and black, not gray. The plate is off-white.

For you nay sayers, would you mind posting your plates, so I know what we're dealing with?

by Dish Davyreply 1602/10/2017

There is a middle ground between the pretty traditional pattern at r13 and the drab, moldy sadness of OP's choice. I'm not going to decorate for you, OP, but maybe introduce some color that would go with your gray (or dark blue, as you insist) valance, carpet, tablecloth, life. Something cheerful. You seem to like modern

Also, OP at r16... they're gray.

Something like this might be cheerier.

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 1702/10/2017

R15, I think it's presumptuous to correct another person's spelling errors. I'm using a keyboard, and I still make mistakes, and don't enjoyed being corrected, and I know plenty of people are using their phones or other devices, which add their own difficulties. I think OP is cute.

by Dish Davyreply 1802/10/2017

Lol, r18! Presumptuous! Ha. Meanwhile scolding strangers on behavior that ruffles your dainty feathers is not at all presumptuous.

Thanks for the laugh.

Also...welcome to datalounge. That's how this works.

by Dish Davyreply 1902/10/2017

R19, I've never scolded anyone on this site. I know plenty of you are proud of being miserable cunts.......something to be proud of, I guess. You don't need to assume I'm ignorant of that fact.

by Dish Davyreply 2002/10/2017

I don't like the colors as they appear in your photo, OP. But are they the set at the Denby website called "Halo"?

If that's the case, then I like how they look there. (Although, I'm still not a fan of the mug.)

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 2102/10/2017

Middle class rubbish. They are nowhere near the quality of my Royal Doulton with the hand-painted periwinkles.

by Dish Davyreply 2202/10/2017

R20, girl, if you can't see the irony of what you just wrote, there's no help for you. You never scolded anyone except that one time just now when you did. Fun logic, I'm guessing you're in your 20s.

Good luck, little one. At least when you and "cute" OP, hookup, you won't have to put dishes on the wedding registry.

"Our colors are gray and dark blue! Like the Civil War, Mama. It's totes adorbs!"

by Dish Davyreply 2302/10/2017

R22, you beat me to it.

by Dish Davyreply 2402/10/2017

R13, no one wants to eat from plates with all an Amish Hex sign.

by Dish Davyreply 2502/10/2017

I have Fiestaware. Jealous , bitches?

by Dish Davyreply 2602/10/2017

I have Franciscan Starburst .... way too much of it.

by Dish Davyreply 2702/10/2017

OP. you bought dishes that match the WHAT?

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 2802/10/2017

OP I love them - because I have them! It's my everyday set, Denby are fantastic for holding up to the daily rigors of dishwasher, cutlery etc. The color is a beautiful subdued grey and off-white. It looks great with my decor although I like the Azure Coast range too so I may get that.

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 2902/10/2017

I have plain white Corelle and I love it. Always available. Makes me happy. If I chipped an expensive plate I'd be sad.

And tons of Le Creuset dishes in bright colours. It's served from at the table to add a little visual merriment because even I realize that plain white isn't the most interesting thing in the world..

by Dish Davyreply 3002/10/2017

r29, yours is a nicer pattern than OP's, which reminds me of the 70s. My parents own some wooden goblets that would complete OP's set perfectly!

by Dish Davyreply 3102/10/2017

R16-slash-OP, the pic makes the dishes look charcoal gray around the edges and beige in the center, not blue and off-white. And while they're not what I'd pick, if you like them, buy them.

I got rid of two sets of dinnerware, as I have downsized over the past few years. One was plain white and very modern. Another, also modern, was navy with thin platinum striping around the edges. I would have kept the navy ones, but knives always fell off the edge of the dinner plates, so they were the first ones I gave away. A friend of a friend's son or daughter got married and needed everything, so they were thrilled to get them.

I kept my Fiestaware, in varied shades of blue and green, mainly turquoise, which is as good a color for showing off food as white. Everything red and everything green look terrific on turquoise.

by Dish Davyreply 3202/10/2017

OP, what is the name of your new pattern? I'm looking on Demby's website, and there are so many patterns, I'm unable to recognize yours.

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 3302/10/2017

r27 I love Franciscan Starburst. I had to resist starting to collect it when a friend gave me the pitcher.

by Dish Davyreply 3402/10/2017

Theme song for r18:

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 3502/10/2017

R34 I was obsessed with it and collected it from eBay for several years, r34. I love it too but just display it - I don't dare use it!

by Dish Davyreply 3602/10/2017

Oh, you should use it, R36. How much do you have?

by Dish Davyreply 3702/10/2017

I just recently purchased a set of the "Carolyn" pattern from the Homer Laughlin Co. It has a substantial,weighty feel and nice thick glaze. It reminds me of something one would have seen in a 1930s-40s diner.

Give me vintage looks any day...I hate the look of trendy,sterile,modern looking dishes.

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 3802/10/2017

A question for fans of Franciscan Starburst here : it reminds me of Midwinter pottery from the 50s, anybody here collectors? There's one pattern I'm thinking of, very 'starburst' with stylized atom-type flowers but I can't remember the name and I'd like to find some.

I had an aunt who loved Midwinter and Poole pottery and when she died her numbskull son just packed up boxes upon boxes of very cool china and sold it at a dollar a box. He knew lots of my cousins loved her collection, myself included, and would have paid full market value but he chose to just clear out her home like it was rubbish and dumped the lot. Cunt.

by Dish Davyreply 3902/10/2017

R39 looks like its Midwinter "Quite contrary" pattern ... cute, but nowhere near as nice as Franciscan Starburst in my opinion. I really like their shapes!

by Dish Davyreply 4002/10/2017

If you like them, OP; that's all that really matters.

by Dish Davyreply 4102/10/2017

I like the Midwinter "Quite Contrary."

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 4202/10/2017


Are you perhaps thinking of the "Stardust" pattern (wonder where they got THAT one)?

There's another called "FlowermIst" that is also reminiscent of Franciscan Starburst.

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 4302/10/2017

Or maybe you were talking about the midwinter flower mist pattern? That does look more like Starburst.

by Dish Davyreply 4402/10/2017

A whole lot of Midwinter, designed by Jessie Tait.

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 4502/10/2017


Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 4602/10/2017

Good catch, R43.

by Dish Davyreply 4702/10/2017

A convergence of dish queens. How nice.

by Dish Davyreply 4802/10/2017

Thanks r40, r42. It's similar to that but more atom-y than floral. I think I found theDL official dinnerware pattern though, "Gay Gobbler" by Jessie Tait for Midwinter.

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 4902/10/2017

Cue the inevitible bitchy:

"you tacky queens all have granny taste" comment in 5...4...3...2...

by Dish Davyreply 5002/10/2017

That's it r43. You're quite the sleuth! Thanks, now I know what to look for. I also liked Flower Mist at r46. I love these old Jetsons-styled pieces, very '50s idea of the space age'.

by Dish Davyreply 5102/10/2017

I don't have any "Atom-y" Midwinter dishes in stock R49 but I do have some lovely "Ovum-y" ones by Midwinter if that's more to your taste.

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 5202/10/2017

My pleasure, R51.

by Dish Davyreply 5302/10/2017

[quote]A convergence of dish queens. How nice.

I bet you only set a table for one with that bitchy attitude.

by Dish Davyreply 5402/10/2017

Here are my old dishes. It is white, though it appears cream here.

2005 - 2017

RIP Dishes

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 5502/10/2017

OP there are better brown dishes out there. Look for Scandinavian or Italian. Those english ones are AWFUL.

by Dish Davyreply 5602/10/2017

[quote]I bet you only set a table for one with that bitchy attitude.

Poor r54. Utterly incapable of recognizing sincerity.

by Dish Davyreply 5702/10/2017

Yes, R21, that's them, thank you! Lucky me, I'm not buying the mug.

I got my mugs from Vistaprint. Their mugs are a little bigger than most, just barely, buy they work good with my Keurig coffee maker. I put photos of my late parents on them and gave them out at Xmas to the family, then kept a few for myself.

by Dish Davyreply 5802/10/2017

Those are pretty, R29.

by Dish Davyreply 5902/10/2017

They are named "Halo", R33.

by Dish Davyreply 6002/10/2017

This thread is gayer than the Duvets For Christmas thread!

by Dish Davyreply 6102/10/2017

R38 I adore your dinnerware. Is it bone china?

The Jetsons-y patterns are great! They would suit my mid century "rumpus room" which is a tribute to my late parents(and filled with their first haul of furniture from 1955.

OP, you seem so earnest and sweet, and if you truly love the plate in your OP photo, then of course you should have it/them. But might I suggest that you shop around a bit first? DLers have fabulous taste, and there have been many threads on the subject of China patterns. There was a particularly fascinating thread posted when the Obamas selected new White House china. Perhaps you might gaze through the suggestions?

by Dish Davyreply 6202/10/2017

I appreciate the suggestions. This pattern is on sale for another few days and I just got the first three dishes in the mail today, as a sample. I'll have to view them in the daylight tomorrow. I got sucked into the "on sale now, ending soon" trick.

I think I have good taste, but have terrible judgement for making immediate decisions, I usually need some time to decide. That's why I hate my couch fabric. I couldn't tell from the swatches what a huge couch in that fabric would look like. So, after a short while, then I know if something is nice or not. When I bought my last couch, I bought the floor model because I could visualize it, and loved it until it died.

What I want in general for the plates, is something mostly white, I think.

by Dish Davyreply 6302/10/2017

My dishes have 350 views on Imgur. Until recently, my pics there were not public, though you all could see them. I'd get 40 views, if I was lucky. Now, I must have changed a setting, because I'm getting comments and views and a negative 2 rating. Who views and especially rates dishes, really! Ha!

by Dish Davyreply 6402/10/2017

YOu can get better looking plates out of box of Duz detergent.

by Dish Davyreply 6502/10/2017

[quote]Poor [R54].Utterly incapable of recognizing sincerity.

My apologies for misreading you R57 but expecting people to recognize sincerity? On DATALOUNGE?

by Dish Davyreply 6602/10/2017

The plate looks like an octopus' ass hole.

by Dish Davyreply 6702/10/2017

R66 = a cunt's cunt.

by Dish Davyreply 6802/10/2017

Thank you're cordially invited to my next dinner party and no, they're not bone china.

by Dish Davyreply 6902/10/2017

Did you just toss them R55? Or did you lose them to wear and breakage? I don't think I've ever gotten rid of any of my dishes if they're still in good shape and I always buy many extras of a style I like in case of inevitable breakage.

You see, I'm a bit obsessive about dinnerware, serving pieces and artware and when I was having my house built I had a 12x11, auxiliary dish pantry incorporated into the kitchen design. It houses all my sets of vintage embossed Franciscanware as well as other vintage and new patterns. I also had a special closet built to house all my vases, flower bowls, floor urns and jardenieres. The picture isn't mine but it's very similar.

I told you I was obsessive.

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 7002/10/2017

That's a lot of dishware, R70.

by Dish Davyreply 7102/10/2017

R70, where do you go to find all of that?

by Dish Davyreply 7202/10/2017

R70, My plates have discolored, probably due to the microwave over many years. I seem to have broken enough salad plates that I run out of clean ones between times when I run the dish washer. So, I have a lot of plates remaining, but I thought that "change is good".

by Dish Davyreply 7302/10/2017

If Fiesta was good enough for generations of gay men, who are you to buck tradition. What's a little lead if its vintage!

by Dish Davyreply 7402/10/2017

Fiesta has lead in it? For real?

by Dish Davyreply 7502/10/2017

R70, I think it looks PURTY and I'd like to know a guy like you.

by Dish Davyreply 7602/10/2017

I love the way he has so much stuff---yet it all looks tidy and organized.

by Dish Davyreply 7702/10/2017

R70 do you have the "small fruit" pattern of Franciscanware?? I think I have 1 salad plate of it .... I believe it's one of the most rare of their patterns. I am the Starburst collector, but I didn't mention I also have other patterns like Oasis, Duet, and Cypress, plus a few pieces of gladding Mcbean Golden Glow...

by Dish Davyreply 7802/10/2017

For our Dish Queens on a budget might I suggest this Fiestaware simulant.

It's called Santa Fe Stoneware from Royal has a solid,weighty clay body, a thick glaze and comes in 4 festive,quasi-vintage hues:

Vibrant,citrusy orange.

Sunny yellow.

Lime green.

Peacock blue.

And the best part is it's also an incredible value for the quality at only a DOLLAR a plate at the Dollar Tree.

And YES, I am TOTALLY serious.

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 7902/10/2017

R75, Fiestaware is guaranteed not to have lead in it since it was reintroduced in 1986. Here's an article on the subject in The Smithsonian. And those are my dishes (post-86 Turquoise).

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 8002/10/2017

Hi R78.

No, the "small fruit" pattern is not one I collect. I prefer the larger scale embossed designs like Apple, Ivy, Desert Rose, Poppy, Meadow Rose,October and Wildflower.

I do like the "Forget-Me-Not" which does have a smaller design but I don't have a complete set of it.

The rarest and most expensive Franciscan pattern,I believe, is "Wildflower"... it was only produced for 3 years and can get pretty pricey.

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 8102/10/2017

Oh,and another thing about those Dollar Tree dishes is that although made in China, I tested them for lead and they came up negative.

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 8202/10/2017

So what did you do, OP?

by Dish Davyreply 8302/11/2017

I think I will buy the dishes as the Macy's sale ends Monday. I just need dinner plates, salad plates, bowls (which I don't need, but thought I'd get the matching set). Then in a few weeks I will regret the purchase, and buy another all white set. That is how I roll. *sigh*

I have a different set of bowls now. I like the design, even though they are plain and all white, and they are good for everything. They don't match my old dishes but I never use them together anyway. I'd replace them just to get a set that matches my new dishes.

All this is by internet so there is a time delay between decision and possession.

by Dish Davyreply 8402/11/2017

The dishes do look brighter in daylight.

It's funny that the white part of the dishes is actually brighter white than my old set, but because of the blue-black rim, appear to be cream colored.

by Dish Davyreply 8502/11/2017

So, I eventually found my new dishes unacceptable. The deal breaker was the weight. They are microwave safe, and I am guessing that is why they are so heavy.

I put a request in at the company called “Replacements”. It’s run by a couple of Gay guys from North Carolina. In a few weeks, they found my old pattern, I’m so happy! And the new dishes look great! I got 7 dinner plates.

What do you think, DataLounge?

Oh, the white (original) dishes are 1 lb 5 Oz. The new dishes are 1 lb. 16 Oz. Feels lie a lot. I think I discolored the white dishes by putting them in the microwave, I guess.

Thanks for all your advice and cuntery, if applicable.

Not a paid Replacements shill

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 8605/13/2018

I don't remember if I commented when you first posted this thread, but the first thing that occurs to me today, OP, is how heavy the Denby dishes look. However, I can't tell if the white dishes are stoneware, pottery, or bone china. If I go white, I like the dishes to be as thin as possible. But no big deal. We may simply have different taste in dinnerware.

by Dish Davyreply 8705/14/2018

What is your old pattern called, R86?

by Dish Davyreply 8805/14/2018

R88, Country Chateau by CHARTER CLUB made for Federated Dept. Stores. They say 1996-1999, so maybe I’ve owned them longer than I realized. It says China, but I don’t know the difference between that and the others, R87.

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 8905/14/2018

Oh my. Denby is for poors.

by Dish Davyreply 9005/14/2018

R90, Villeroy and Boch's Amapola is the only floral pattern I ever liked. I first noticed them at La Plaza in Adams-Morgan (DC) before it merged with Lauriol to become Lauriol Plaza. I didn't buy them, but I thought they were especially nice for a Mexican restaurant.

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 9105/14/2018

R89, it's nice you were able to get those dinner plates. It's hard to find stuff, even on, sometimes.

by Dish Davyreply 9205/14/2018

Villeroy & Boch? I guess if you like pastels.

by Dish Davyreply 9305/14/2018

Our V&B plates are not pastel.

by Dish Davyreply 9405/14/2018

Hmm, thread no longer Closed. That’s a mystery.

by Dish Davyreply 9505/10/2020

It's the dish thread that rose from the dead.

by Dish Davyreply 9605/10/2020

Stop being so frau OP

Just do what regular guys do when they need new plates.

Offsite Link
by Dish Davyreply 9705/10/2020
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