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Is our Santeria poster here? I need help.

I am ready to give up. I cannot keep a job or find a single friend, and it has turned my lifetime of pain and loneliness into anger and bitterness. Former co-workers have bad-mouthed me to their colleagues, and cost me other jobs. This is after they said they would be references for me. This is not speculation; I know for sure, because the potential employers were friends in the same industry as them; and it is not 1 or 2, it is at least 5 (that I know of for sure) from completely different industries. Former friends ignore and avoid me until I give up and move on, and like co-workers, it isn't a few, it is all of them. This pattern of failure and isolation is torturing me, and I feel like I am cursed or hexed to fail repeatedly. My family is of no help whatsoever.

I know DL will question me, so here is my background. I have been to 3 different psychiatrists and psychotherapists (for a total of eight years; the current one, a psychiatrist, weekly for the last 6 years) and cycled through 6 different antidepressants. Each doctor insisted there is no personality disorder with me; that I have social anxiety and intimacy fears, and that I need to focus on the positive, keep trying and not give up.

I can't keep trying. I can't be positive when I have failed over and over again and see no change happening. I have asked for help; the help I need isn't coming from the ones I have asked.

Santeria poster, if you are here, please, I am desperate. I need to stop this pattern that is killing my soul. I am not worried about physically dying; it is my actual soul that is dying and I fear it will be lost forever. I need hope. I can't hope because things never change, and until things change I have no reason to hope, so I am asking for a reason to hope. You have mentioned in your posts how Santeria helped you through a very rough time and connected you with someone wonderful. I just want a good friend. 2 or 3 would be wonderful. I want to find and keep a job where I am not harassed or bullied, or become a magnet for an angry, toxic person. Or at least - I want to know WHAT I DID WRONG! If I could only know that - what I am doing wrong - that, in of itself, would likely turn my life around. I can't change behaviour until I recognize it.

If you could give me any advice - any prayer, ritual, anything to focus or meditate upon - or, if you know someone who could help me, please, it would make a world of difference to me. Please, I have exhausted every resource and don't know where else to turn.

by SKORreply 209Last Saturday at 6:55 PM

This is the heavy thread of the day. God bless you, OP.

by SKORreply 112/30/2016

Start going to church OP. Even if you don't believe use it as a time of contemplation. Light candles and pray. It will help. God bless you.

by SKORreply 212/30/2016

When I was at the bottom I started going to church. It really does help.

by SKORreply 312/30/2016

[italic]Keep away! The sow is mine! Fuck me! [bold]Fuck me! FUCK ME !!! [/bold][/italic]

by SKORreply 412/30/2016

Anyone who has special powers should be using them on someone more important than OPs cube mate

by SKORreply 512/30/2016


by SKORreply 612/31/2016

Become an antinatalist.

by SKORreply 712/31/2016

OP, I'm here ! Glad you came to me for help. My relatives from Puerto Rico on my mother's side have all practiced santeria . Here's some advice :

1. Get a bible , sea salt, white candles , amonia, and Florida water .

2. Run a warm bath and put one tablespoon of amonia and one cup of salt in there while reciting psalm 23. Pour a cup over your head 3 if you can't submerge yourself completely .

3. Light candles and pray . Tell God all your troubles. Then read psalms 35, 37, and 109 while focusing on your enemies . This is the "bad " bath that clears all negative energy .

4. The next day do a "good " bath . Light the white candles and put in 1/2 cup of Florida water into bath (you can get it at a Hispanic grocery store or I think walmart has it) while reciting psalm 23 . After soaking and pouring water over head 3x, talk to God about what you want and need , then read psalms 34, 36, and 150.

5. If you still feel bad energy after that, soak your feet in warm water with salt and rub an egg all over your body , praying that all the negative energy put on you by others is removed . Then break the egg at a crossroad and don't look back .

by SKORreply 812/31/2016

R8 here. Forgot one thing : if you don't have a bathtub then just get in the shower with a large cup or jug and pour the mixture over you.

The psalms 35, 37, and 109 are known as the "cursing " psalms , so if you have a problem with specific people and they're really fucking with you , you get their picture or write their name on a sheet of paper and keep it in your bible and pray those psalms aloud .

by SKORreply 912/31/2016

Here's some more psalms for everything you need .

by SKORreply 1012/31/2016

Santeria poster here: Please give me a spell too prosperity and protection.

by SKORreply 1112/31/2016

R10 here. For protection recite psalm 91. I'll print it out and carry a copy in my purse , car, etc. Also proverb 3:5-6.

For prosperity get white and green candles , carve money symbols into them, and pray while lighting them. Let them burn for at least an hour , do this when the moon is waxing (for increase) which its doing now . When the moon is waning (decreasing ) you can get a white candle and carve "decrease money problems , financial burdens , etc."

For a protection bath use one cup of milk and one tablespoon of rock or sea salt . Recite the above psalms and pray for protection .

by SKORreply 1212/31/2016

Some info on Florida water.

by SKORreply 1312/31/2016

OP, try Feng Shui. Feng Shui For Dummies best book. Go on youtube and search for hypnosis videos. Hit the restart button on your intentions this way.

by SKORreply 1412/31/2016

Santeria Claus, can you please give me a spell to attract hot, healthy Tops all through 2017?

by SKORreply 1512/31/2016

Better luck in 2017, OP, and thank you, SL, for reaching out to this lost soul.

by SKORreply 1612/31/2016

Actually op listen to r1 church is excellent for networking and making friends.

by SKORreply 1712/31/2016

You're not fooling anyone OP, It's pretty obvious that YOU ARE the santeria poster trying to , once again, drum up business.

by SKORreply 1812/31/2016

R15 LOL I could try: During the waxing moon (which is the new moon that started yesterday and goes on till January 11th ) burn a white candle (protection ) with a red candle (love/passion)

Carve into them "hot healthy tops" and see if that works . If it does I'm hanging out a shingle.

by SKORreply 1912/31/2016

R19 thanks Santeria Claus!

by SKORreply 2012/31/2016

Op you are beyond the reach of Santeria! The Orishas can only do so much!

by SKORreply 2112/31/2016

It's the herd mentality. You have to pretend everything is gong great because the herd is attracted to perceived success.

by SKORreply 2212/31/2016

R8 here. One last thing for OP:

For the things you want (2-3 friends and a good job with great coworkers ) all you need is to take a piece of fruit and pray to God for what you want while rubbing the fruit on your body .

Then throw it into a body of water . When my santeria priestess aunt told me to do this I inwardly rolled my eyes , but I was desperate . I was out of work and couldn't find a job , had collectors calling , etc.

So I just grabbed an orange off one of those ornamental trees, drove to a small man-made pond in the neighborhood , rubbed the orange on my arms and legs real fast while praying for a full time job , and then I ran up to the pond, dropped it in , and fled.

I honestly felt stupid and thought it was total bullshit but I'll be damned if I didn't get a good paying job less than 2 months later! I asked my aunt how exactly did that work and she told me the fruit is an offering to God and the water symbolizes the body of Christ.

I'm telling you , it made a believer out of me. To all of you , good luck .

by SKORreply 2312/31/2016

Santeria Lez, the Plaza Latina near me is closed this evening. Will holy water, which I do have, work as well, in a pinch for the bath?

by SKORreply 2412/31/2016

I don't believe in any of this crap, but I love this thread, and I want things to go well for OP, even if I do not believe

The Santeria Liz is a good woman for helping OP out.

OP, please keep us posted through 2017, of your progress.

by SKORreply 2512/31/2016

It's time to end it all. Potassium cyanide is cheap, even for the unemployed.

by SKORreply 2612/31/2016

Suicide by cyanide or rubbing an orange on your body and jumping into a body of water. Who is going to take the former? Where is your sense of adventure?

by SKORreply 2712/31/2016

R26 needs to take his own advice, while taking the bad bath.

by SKORreply 2812/31/2016

What's a good love spell if you have a specific target in mind?

by SKORreply 2912/31/2016

How does Santeria Lez drum up business on this anonymous site R18?

by SKORreply 3001/01/2017

San Lez here.

R24 Holy water works just as good .

R29 You can still use red and white candles and carve the name of the person on it, while visualizing the both of you together . However , you cannot control a person's free will . So I always end the prayer with something along the line of , "Dear God , if this person is not meant for me then please bring someone into my life whom I can love , and return that love , and share my life with . "

It doesn't have to be those exact words , but you get the picture .

by SKORreply 3101/01/2017

I took a variation of the 'bad' bath last night (I put in water brewed with three cinnamon sticks and a few leaves of basil), did everything else as instructed and felt 'purged', mellow and at peace. Even if this is beyond one's belief system the candlelight, salt, warm water combination have a tranquilizing effect and can promote a good sleep. I even wiped the tub immediately afterward to clear away the residue.

Looking forward to today's "good" bath!

by SKORreply 3201/01/2017

any curses that work?

by SKORreply 3301/01/2017

R33 light a white and green candle for protection and use a brown candle for your enemies . If you can't find the colored candles no big deal , just use white .

Get a bible and ask God for protection and everything and everyone that bothers you . Then read psalms 35, 37, 54, 55, 58, 59, 83, 109, 137, 143. These are known to destroy and curse your enemies .

I used these for a friend of mine whose neighbor was harassing her . Guess he hates lesbians, but a couple of weeks after I did this her neighbor lost his job and had to move . I told her to play these psalms on YouTube and write his name on a piece of paper with psalm 143:12 written down .

If your enemies have put their negative crap on you, remove it with the egg spell at r8 #5.

by SKORreply 3401/01/2017

R3 sorry ask God for protection , THEN tell Him about everything and everyone that bothers you . You have to tell Him in detail what they did and how it made you feel .

I always tell people that God is like a loving parent or grandparent that loves you unconditionally , but if you don't pick up the phone and call them and tell them what's troubling you , they won't know and won't be able to help you .

You WILL NOT get help if you don't ask.

by SKORreply 3501/01/2017

OP, don't follow the Santeria advice. It's never good to try to transfer negativity in the hope of feeling better yourself and turning towards The Bible in the hope of hurting other people is a misuse of it.

People at their lowest often focus on this, in fact, it's used often in drug rehabilitation setting because some challenges seem so overwhelming, you just don't know where to begin. This prayer will help you find where to begin by discerning what is in your control and what isn't:

by SKORreply 3601/01/2017

Honestly, op, I think you would appreciate a retreat for reflection at a Monastery (or Abbey). Try listening to compline for a couple of evenings and see if it resets your worried mind and brings some peace. Sometimes just driving up to a monastery to spend some time on their grounds thinking and reflecting, listening in on evening compline can help.

by SKORreply 3701/01/2017

R36 santeria lesbo here . OP doesn't have to listen to me, but he did call out to me and ask for my advice . The baths are to get negativity off of you that people put on you .

The psalms, if you read them, are for God to come to your rescue and to destroy anyone who is trying to destroy you , like OP 's heinous coworkers .

To reiterate , the psalms ARE NOT used just to be an asshole to someone just for kicks, because that WILL backfire on you . But if you are outnumbered and your enemies are too strong for you (meaning 2 or more people saying and thinking hateful thoughts against you ) they can protect you and cause your enemies hatred to come back on their own heads.

That's ALL that they are used for : protecting you with a shield of God's love , and it works like the child's rhyme : I'm rubber , you're glue, whatever you say or think bounces off of me and sticks to you .

You cannot believe the damage that can be done to you if a group of people send negativity your way . I really feel for OP and I hope my advice helps .

by SKORreply 3801/01/2017

I say "hocus Pocus" six times, and wave the wand around three times. I hope that this helps

by SKORreply 3901/01/2017

Is the Southern Folk Magic (aka hoodoo) poster still on DL? I'd like some of his ideas on the topic.

by SKORreply 4001/01/2017

Stay away from that nasty shit called santeria. It generates horrible energy that will negatively affect you and your surroundIngs.I live in Miami and have personally seen its destructive effect on those who get sucked into practicing it. Stay away.

by SKORreply 4101/01/2017

R26 where can I get potassium cyanide ? Or arsenic ? Just curious .

by SKORreply 4201/01/2017

Prayer is of the utmost importance, OP, as God expects man to make the first move. The santeria poster is right in that sense. However, sending it back to your enemies is NOT God's way, that is, this isn't the way we are supposed to conduct ourselves in his sight. What they receive will come by God's law and decision. Never send harm to anyone, even if they have sent it to you, otherwise you have compromised yourself and put yourself on their level, where they can and most likely will beat you. Yes, clothe yourself in God's word and ask for his protection and deliverance, put the situations in his hands with faith and ask for his will in them. Bless your enemies, for then you take away their power to harm. What's more, though, recognize that somehow you have helped to create these situations yourself. It can hurt to acknowledge this, but the change must begin within you. It doesn't have to have been a result of anything you consciously did - more often, it's because of bad belief systems and unconscious programming. Ask God to help you change and be willing to change if you truly want to see the difference.

by SKORreply 4301/01/2017

P.S. Lest you misunderstand what I've written, I'm not advising you to be a doormat, OP. Defend yourself where you can and do your best. However, your resentment and fear over what others have done is what will destroy your soul and your body with it. They will win if you cannot take care of yourself. Please do as I've suggested here and check out the 1925 book "The Game of Life and How to Play It," by Florence Scovel Shinn for more on these lines. You do have the power.

by SKORreply 4401/01/2017

R43 Can you live that kind of life and still be gay?

by SKORreply 4501/01/2017

Depends on how you mean that, R45. To be gay, yes. To act on it, I think so in the context of a loving, committed relationship. I am not for promiscuity, wherever you happen to fall on the sexual spectrum. Believe me, I have been there, and I know it can be fun in the short-term, however, I think it's harmful on many different levels later on. The choice is, as always, yours.

by SKORreply 4601/01/2017

R46, did you also post R41?

by SKORreply 4701/01/2017

Salt is a great "purifier" of persons and things. Just make sure it's the natural sea salt.

by SKORreply 4801/01/2017

I agree with R48 and everybody else about salt. Salt has a long spiritual history as a purifier. Kosher salt is good too. And no, R47, I didn't post that.

by SKORreply 4901/01/2017

Depressing as hell in here.

by SKORreply 5001/01/2017

How do you deflect negative energy from yourself and your home?

by SKORreply 5101/01/2017

I would be grateful for any ritual/spell that can help in changing the past to be more positive or at least changing my memories and the way others remember me. Or anything remotely close for this kind of problem.

by SKORreply 5201/01/2017

I love the way that God who loves you unconditionally is willing destroy your enemies whom he presumably also loves unconditionally. Witch here. Any salt will do, no need to buy an expensive one. Place a mirror in each window of your home so that the mirror faces outward. That deflects any negative energy coming your way. Forget about all the things you want and start working on your philosphy of life. When you do that, you'll attract the right people to you. NEVER do a love spell. They always go wrong sometimes horrendously so. If you want to attract money, concentrate on the colour green. Whenever you see any green, say 'I see green and money comes to me.' The more you do this, the better the spell will work. If you do any spell work at all, always close by saying 'And it harm none.' Any bad energy you hand out will come back on you threefold so be careful what you wish for.

by SKORreply 5301/01/2017

Do witch balls work for deflecting/reflecting bad energy and if so what should you put in them?

by SKORreply 5401/02/2017

A witch jar usually contains string/thread to tangle bad intentions and sharp items (needles, pins, tacks).

by SKORreply 5501/02/2017

OP, since you seem to be a magnet for toxic people , your chakras might be open . Here's what I do to cleanse and protect them :

1. Relax and breathe deeply . You can play relaxing music if you want . Imagine each Chakra as big as a CD. Imagine washing them with soap and water , rinsing and drying them off, and having them spin and glow brightly with the corresponding colors .

2. Red : tailbone /seat of your crotch . Orange : bellybutton . Yellow :solar plexus/sternum . Green : heart. Blue : throat . Indigo-dark purplish blue :third eye between your eyebrows . Violet : crown/top of your head.

3. Now imagine them all spinning bright white and then have them all connect and have the white light gush out of the top off your head and flow downward like a fountain , surrounding you with white light . Imagine a white light coming down from heaven connecting with it. Now they're cleansed.

4. This last step is to close them off. VERY IMPORTANT . If you leave them open you're susceptible to attack . Imagine trap doors made of white light over each of them , including a large one a foot above your head. Starting from the top , imagine them slamming shut and locking .

Always say a prayer before doing this and if you have a hard time with visualization , ask God to send you angels to help you do this . Always thank God afterwards .

by SKORreply 5601/02/2017

I had "the good bath" yesterday but I didn't have as much success staying asleep. Maybe because there was no salt in the bath. I don't feel any negative energy, just my futzing monkeybrain undoing my efforts at concentration. I know meditation'll help and I know I can go elsewhere for that advice.

Starting a money and prosperity spell (green and white candles, holy water, Psalm 57) today. If the conjure works, I'll definitely seek out a local "rootworker". This arcane subject has tickled my brain and given me some short-term projects. Best of all it's helped me focus, my real problem.

If any kind people, witches, psychic readers, rootworkers, Santeria practitioners are reading this and so inclined, please spend a second visualizing a successful surgery (complete removal of lesion, very limited scarring, no earthquake or power outage or freak occurrence) for me tomorrow. Thanks in advance!

by SKORreply 5701/02/2017

No magical powers here, R57, but I wish you a successful surgery and seedy recovery.

by SKORreply 5801/02/2017

Seedy! Yes! There's a great bar or two close to the hospital I want to try once the anesthetic wears off! I know you meant 'speedy', but 'seedy' is so lovably DL!

by SKORreply 5901/02/2017

Hopefully 2017 will be a "seedy recovery" for us all!

You got it, r57. I'll light a candle tonight for you.

by SKORreply 6001/02/2017

Oh dear!

by SKORreply 6101/02/2017

R40 I know there's a few websites .

Lucky Mojo , Hoodoo Roots , and Readers And Rootworkers .

R57 If any of them say you have a curse on you and it will cost a few hundred or thousand dollars to remove it , then run in the other direction . Honestly , you can do it yourself .

Imagine white light coming down from heaven surrounding your body , and good luck !

by SKORreply 6201/02/2017

Can anyone answer my question/give me some advice?

by SKORreply 6301/02/2017

maybe I'm not the one OP is referring to but I'm a santero because I was born in Cuba and was initiated with Obatala. Even though my rank is not high I still have some knowledge that I have learned from Oriates who are the highest priests in Ocha. People might think that I'm the same person as the OP and i'm promoting santeria, but I'm not, so let me explain something important for this types of rituals that involves santeria . Before performing a ritual it is always important to be familiar with the tradition that use it and have a very clear purpose for the ritual. Another important thing is to understand the materials that are used for the ritual and their role within the religion that performs the ritual. Santeria is an animistic religion. it has a higher creator Olodumare, and many individual manifestations of that source called Orishas. The Orishas represent the forces of nature and cosmic energies with which the santero work. Some Orishas are male,female,androgynous or exist as both, a male or a female separately. each santero receive an specific Orisha as a tutelary deity. This Orisha is passed from one santero to another though many generations. Clay pots contain the tools of the Orisha and must be fed, cleaned etc with a ritual. The most "polemic" aspect of santeria for people who do not understand the religion is that it uses animal sacrifice in some rituals.

Animal sacrifice is used in many animistic ancient religions around the world in places like India and Tibet. The meat of the animal is always eaten when the blood is offered to the deity, the only occasions when the meat is not eaten is when a cleansing is performed,in that case the carcass of the animal must be place in a specific location that the deity accepts. the santero communicates with the Orisha by using snail shells and coconut and possession. When a person goes to a santero a "registro" is made, and the problem is asked directly to the Orisha, who will communicate by either of those three ways. The Orisha is the one that determines what type of ritual is performed, the material and the animals used. The ritual is called Ebo. The Orisha determines the period of time that it must be done and where to place the offerings. It could be at a crossroad or a hospital,river,forest or a graveyard etc. Each Orisha has its own specific rituals and materials. In Santeria, palos (herbs) are very important because they are used for cleansing and other rituals for good or bad.

When I was younger I had a lot of bad luck in love and I was very lucky to come across bullies and negative people in my path. I was always depressed and after the year 1996 all my gay friends who were also santeros started leaving Cuba because they met foreigners who fell in love with them. and even tough back then I wasn't interested in leaving Cuba I still yearned to have the happiness they were having and their prosperity. All I was good for was for going to school and get straight A's. My grades were excellent and I was chosen to go to the best school in Cuba called Lenin to study nuclear chemistry. But I was too young to be having those depressions and sadness until one day I was at my madrina (priestess)'s house who was having a spiritual mass and her muerto (a spirit) told me that Oshun wanted me to perform ebbo because I had bad astral energies that I was born with since I was in the womb. The muerto told me that I was born to live in a foreign country because in cuba I wasn't going to be happy and a man from a very far away land was going to fall in love with me and that man was going to help me in everything, but before that blessing was obtained, Oshun wanted me to do ebbo to her in order to remove the osogbo (obstacles) that was not letting that ire( good luck) materialize in my life.

by SKORreply 6401/02/2017


The ebbo was done in a river with three priestesses, one of them an Oshun priestess. It required animals,honey, herbs, breaking and burying personal things like clothes, hair, etc it lasted an entire day in the river because the Orisha Oshun was indicating that further things had to be done in order for me to get rid of that energy. I remember after that I felt so light, like I was walking in a cloud. One month later, I was watching tv, and my best friend,a straight black girl who was into prostitution came to my house to invite me to a restaurant because a guy from europe wanted to know me. I told her what the fuck is the problem with you? I'm not into that fucking lifestyle. So I declined, but she told me that she and her two other female friends who were also prostitutes hit on him and he blatantly told them that he was not interested in women because he liked guys only, and they were like what??? the guy was so masculine how come?? but they were very poor and they wanted to go to a good restaurant to eat and they begged me,so I begrudgingly had to go with them to the goddamn restaurant so they wouldn't lose that opportunity and I was so embarrassed that I felt bad during the whole trip to the restaurant. That day proved to be I think the most beautiful day in my life because that guy is now my actual partner in crime, best friend and lover and we've been together like for 18 years. We have our issues and problems like any couple but we still love each other.

anyway I think you should put what we call an "esistencia" to those people who are harmful. In my last job during the second presidential campaign of Obama I had two fucking homophobes trying to make my life a piece of shit in that work.she was a very conservative gringa and he was a black evangelic pastor form Antigua islands in the Caribbean. They would make comments about how wrong gay marriage was and how they didn't support Obama because he was in favor of gay marriage.I went to my house and complain to my Orishas and explained to them my situation at work and did the ritual to make them completely ignore me. One week later, the bitch called the main office to tell them that she had a broken leg while she was mowing her lawn, then soon after that we got to know that the guy had a heat stroke and was no longer coming to work because he already was about to retire anyways.

by SKORreply 6501/02/2017


Whenever you encountered someone who wants to harm you, you must take action and don't let them put you down because you have all the right in this world to be happy too. Since you don't have Orisha, you can do one of the these three things by invoking the help of Eshu:

for Eshu: take a fresh fish cut inside in such a way that it has no organs inside, put cocoa butter all over it.inside as well and in a paper put your desire or the name of the person you want Eshu to deal with. Then put it on a white dinner plate the ones made of clay or porcelain. Light a candle, invoking that Eshu deals with that person in the way that he wishes and which person deserves. Pray to Eshu everyday in front of your offering and take it in your hands and pass it all over your body from head to toe telling Eshu to clean you of bad energies and to take obstacles away, then put the fish back on the plate and cove it with a clean white cloth. do this everyday until the fish starts to smell really bad, then at night drop it in a crossroad to Eshu. The paper should be the ones with the color of cardboard,like the ones use for grocery and it should be written in pencil not with pen.

for Eshu: this one uses a palo (a stick of wood form a plant) that is called "amansa guapo". It literally means to "tame the brave", with a paper of brown color like the one used for grocery write in pencil the name and the last name of that person who is causing troubles to you and wrap it around the stick.take a black sewing thread and a green one and wrap the stick with the paper completely until you don't see the stick with the paper anymore. you should see black and green color all around the covered stick. put it inside a drinking glass and add cinnamon powder,honey, and rum and cover it entirely. you should keep this one for long time in a quite place of your house at a corner somewhere where people do not look at it. every time it dries you add a little bit of rum. then always take it close to your mouth and with your breath going into the glass say. Say: (Name of person) you must help me overcome my all obstacles and you must help me advance in this job. etc. you must wait until you see the "evolution" of things with that person, if everything is good then dump the stick at a crosswork or if he is resilient and stubborn then in a hospital or cemetery.

This one is a very strong one, it is dedicated to what is called in africa: eggun. These spirits are the ones that were your ancestors, like a family member and other spirits of people who once lived and are protecting and guiding you. For this one you take four drinking glasses and fill one with water,then the other with coffee, the the third with rum, and the fourth with brown sugar in water. then in small container put a piece of brown paper with the name and last name of the person written in pencil, and add honey over it. then get a male white chicken not two young or old and in a humanly way cut the head as fast as possible and the blood pour it on top of the paper.keep everything until you start seeing the change in attitude toward you or until you see that the person is gone. you always invoke the help of your spirits and you name those of your family who are can also put sweets or the favorite dish of one of your ancestors. once you see that everything is fine then take the paper and dump it at a crossroad letting Eshu know and giving thanks.

by SKORreply 6601/02/2017

by the way,if you are not comfortable with this, then go to a hindu temple and have a priest perform a puja for you to the deity of your choice.I'm a Genesha devotee so my ishta devata is that deity, but you can choose saraswati or hanuman or any other that you feel drawn to. Genesha is the remover of obstacles and is the "Eshu" of the Hindus,he must also be worshiped first as Eshu is in Africa. It is a beautiful ceremony because you go to the temple with fruits,like coconuts,bananas,guavas etc flowers and incense then the priest start performing the ritual chanting the mantras and performing the fire ritual in your name and everybody in the temple gathers around you and at the end the priest give your offerings to the people to eat them. I just loooove going to the Hindu temple in Miami. They also offer the pujas at your own house but you need to give them a good transportation. The Hindus also do something similar to what santeros do that is called toque de santo with drums,they go to your house and perform that ritual in front of your shrine as well.

remember that the chicken must be eaten like in a soup, if you feel that it is weird look at this video how in Tibet they offer a chicken to a deity and later eat them after praying for its protection.

by SKORreply 6701/02/2017

r52, you can't change the past or how others think of you, sorry.

Is there a reason you would like to do this? Do you feel you were a bad person in the past and would like to rectify that? If so, the best thing you can do is become a different person. It won't happen overnight but every day do one good thing. Give someone a sincere compliment; help an older person carry something to/from their car; help someone at the grocery with something on a shelf they can't reach - stuff like that are little things you can do everyday that will change the way you (and others) see you.

by SKORreply 6801/02/2017

Just stop being such a dick to everyone all the time. Maybe move to a new city and make a fresh start.

by SKORreply 6901/02/2017

OP here, and thanks to all who replied in this thread. I'm not sure what to think now, or what I plan to do next.

I did not expect the rituals to focus on my enemies, and, to be completely honest, I am not comfortable proceeding that way. I suspect they might be victims themselves of a larger curse against me; that I have been hexed to bring angry people into my life. So I am not sure if my enemies are truly enemies or just responding to a spell that has been cast upon me. I have no idea who would have created this curse or hex, but it seems to go back as far as I remember, including my immediate family. I also don't know if such a curse or hex is possible, or, as others have pointed out, I keep looking for the wrong answers. I have read a few of the Psalms mentioned in this thread, and meditated on their meaning, but not feeling any better.

I'll update once I figure out what my next steps are. But thanks again to all who posted, and please add any thoughts or insight you might have.

by SKORreply 7001/02/2017

About a year or two ago, there was a Datalounge thread covering Southern Folk Magic, but I can't find it; Will someone send a link to that thread?

by SKORreply 7101/02/2017

Oy vey. Just feng Shui your fakakte place!

by SKORreply 7201/02/2017

R52 San Lez here. Light a white candle and read psalm 32. Ask God for what you need . Then take a bath with one tablespoon of amonia . Don't forget to pour some over your head . Good luck !

by SKORreply 7301/03/2017


go on YouTube , there's a lot of prayers on there to break generational curses. Good luck with everything .

by SKORreply 7401/03/2017

Omg, I'm so grateful that you responded to me, Santeria Lez. You are so kind.

by SKORreply 7501/03/2017

OP, what does SKOR mean?

by SKORreply 7601/03/2017

R3 Do the people there know about you?

by SKORreply 7701/03/2017

Hey, I just wanted to post that my excision went well: no laser, no horrendous bleeding, no fainting. Also, when I was having my 2nd day luck & prosperity bath this a.m., a call came in from a potential employer who had previously rejected an application, but had revised the job description and called with an inquiry of interest.

by SKORreply 7801/03/2017

Congrats, R78.

by SKORreply 7901/03/2017

What do you do if you are too poor to buy all the candles and fish and chickens and ammonia and all that because all your money goes to bills and debt and survival? Will just reading the Psalms do anything?

by SKORreply 8001/03/2017

Should holy water be used in any of these rituals?

by SKORreply 8101/03/2017

r81 I have read from r31 that holy water is as potent as Florida water for these recipes..

by SKORreply 8201/03/2017

R31, will that love spell work with a same sex partner?

by SKORreply 8301/03/2017

The writings of Denise Alvarado is worthwhile if you're interested in this kind of thing.

by SKORreply 8401/04/2017

Hurray, r78!! Very glad to hear your surgery went well and you have a potential employer!

Thanks for the update.

by SKORreply 8501/04/2017

Can you use magic to stop someone who is doing you harm or is that considered black magic?

by SKORreply 8601/05/2017

Santeria Lez here . Congrats R78!

R80 the psalms by themselves will work , let God know you can't a more then that.

R81 you can use holy water in any ritual . It can substitute for Florida water and vice versa .

R83 it will work for same sex partner . You love who you love.

R86 I personally don't use magic , I use prayer ; specifically the psalms . 35, 54, 59, 70, and 109 are good ones . You can always go on YouTube and type in "prayers for protection against black magic " and you should get a dozen or so .

Good luck all!

by SKORreply 8701/05/2017

My ex was into Santeria. He used to have me write in pencil the names of folks harassing me on plain brown paper. Then I put the names into my shoe and walked on them. Sounds dumb but it worked op

by SKORreply 8801/05/2017

Thank you Santeria Lez. Can you use Santeria to get rid of student loans? :)

by SKORreply 8901/05/2017

Can someone with the knowledge put a stop to Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan before they do their level best to destroy the lives of millions of people?

by SKORreply 9001/05/2017

R54 here, Should the thread in the witch ball be any particular color?

by SKORreply 9101/05/2017

LOL r89. In all seriousness , I had student loans years ago and when I got tired of paying them , I made it my priority to pay them off. Once I got down to business , this actually worked:

During 2 weeks of the new moon(increase), you want to increase your finances . So burn white/protection candle and green/money candle . You can carve in them "money for student loans". Say a prayer and let them burn for at least an hour , if you can't keep them burning for days until they burn out.

During the 2 weeks of the full moon(decrease) , you burn candles to decrease your debt. Light white protection candles , then a brown one and carve "decrease student loans /debt" on it . Pray and ask God for what you need . Light them until they burn down to the wick.

When I did this I had been working a part-time job and went to full-time with over time most weekends . I took all that over time cash and paid off my student loans.

by SKORreply 9201/05/2017

In advance: I know this could all be bullshit. No need to remind me.

I used some of the recs of either the root witch or the santeria poster - (are they the same person?) - to get some people out of my life/head who most likely _were_ working curses and it worked; whether this was due to my subconscious refocusing or whatever, I don't know or care. The suggested remedy involved Psalms 35 / 37 and one more I didn't use (Psalm 109). It was too hardcore for me to even play at - involving cursing kids and whatnot. Not comfortable with that.

So whatever, it worked. I broke focus and went on with life.

But here's an odd thing. Since then while on a recent business trips, I've wanted to do a side trip to check out one of the last practicing officially sanctioned exorcists that exists in the US and participate in his weekly healing ceremony at his Church.

Both times I've been stopped. Once I got violently ill and had to cancel the whole trip, the other time the priest cancelled unexpectedly - very odd during the Christmas season. I literally showed up at the door in freezing cold weather and they were no longer doing the mass. I had called in advance to make sure it was still on. I also have dreams that some of the cursers are still putting the vibes out and I have to work to sidestep them.

Note: these are declared santeria/ancestor magic and witches/satanists (in the personal pleasure way) putting out generalized hexes on "their man" and anyone who gets near him. So these would not be specifically directed towards me as a person; it's more of a heavy, heavy generalized atmosphere that can be felt. Just bad vibes. The guy in question is very susceptible to suggestion.

Thoughts about the inability to get near an exorcist? Do I still need to do stuff? I was able to break focus but not create a good atmosphere and enjoy the good stuff, which would be preferable. I just had to leave the whole situation behind - even getting close to it made me vaguely nauseated - which is annoying and limiting.

by SKORreply 9301/05/2017

Also, assuming this stuff isn't bullshit, wouldn't all the focus on the negative just bring more negative into your life? Or is like chemo - necessary some times?

by SKORreply 9401/05/2017

R92 LOL, I was going to ask you what R89 asked about, as I suffer the same problem.

This is all very new to me. What authors and/or books do you recommend for learning topics like Hoodoo and Senteria?

by SKORreply 9501/05/2017

A prosperity spell?

by SKORreply 9601/05/2017

r95 This is new to me too. Aside from aforementioned Denise Alvarado, I found another name, William Oribello. I found a sheet of psalms and candle colors for specific purposes. I am doing the financial increase candle spell while the moon is waxing and am in day four, praying Psalm 57.

Santeria and rootworker practitioners are welcome to correct me or make better suggestions. I'm including a link to a PDF.

by SKORreply 9701/05/2017

I was brilliant in that.

by SKORreply 9801/05/2017

R90 has the right idea. Never mind the annoying coworkers or vindictive exes, take down the real evil-doers.

by SKORreply 9901/05/2017

My suggestions: via a really bad case of jock itch that cannot be cured via the usual means. Or, via a sinus infection that doesn't get better and and makes their ears are all blocked and their nose all congested and makes it so they can't sleep or think straight. Nothing worse.

by SKORreply 10001/05/2017

I like his recording of "Strangers in the Night".

by SKORreply 10101/05/2017

There is a gay rootworker who calls himself Carolina Dean who is an expert on this stuff.

by SKORreply 10201/05/2017

Hey Santeria lez, what psalm should I recite to achieve financial prosperity?

by SKORreply 10301/06/2017

OP, you must be doing something that turns people against you. You might not even notice you are doing it. Have you ever said a sexist or racist remark? Or some other offensive thing? Or something someone else might find offensive, even if you do not? Are you good at your job or are you a coaster? Have you shit talked or bad mouthed people to others? Do you get nervous and only talk about yourself? Do people ever describe you as "creepy"? Have you ever given the impression that you care about your coworkers or friends? Do you compliment them or remember their notable events or ask about something they hinted at?

I'm not saying you did anything wrong or even any of the above. But if this keeps happening independently there HAS to be something that you must not notice that is the cause of this. Do some deep introspection. And you should actually see a therapist. Not someone to try And uncover your specific mental illness, but someone you can discuss your relationships and interactions with that will give you insight and advice from a third party POV.

by SKORreply 10401/06/2017

Here is my situation. For the last 3 years in love with the guy who is gay and reciprocates but is deeply closeted (not in any danger if he would come out). Our contact is on and off but almost always I'm initiating it. Each time he finds a way to run away or push me away after initial conversation, denies being gay (very unconvincingly) yet each time I approach him he always responds, and then bolts. This situation is destroying me emotionally, I want to help him without pushing anything on him, but no matter what I try it always backfires. Is there any ritual that can help us overcome his fears and blockages? I would be eternally grateful.

by SKORreply 10501/07/2017

R92 Santeria Liz, how does one find an adviser or mentor to guide him through the proper use of this folk magic? I don't know if there any locals who use it.

by SKORreply 10601/07/2017

Someone upthread posted about curses coming back on you. My mother told me this as a child. My Grandmother was psychic, though she never used her gift for money. She also used to curse my Grandfather when she fought with him, before I was born. Some of those curses apparently came true, but many bounced back and hurt her in unintended and horrid ways.

I never forgot what my Mother told me, and I would never wish harm on others, even when tempted.

by SKORreply 10701/07/2017

any curse that will bring sickness or death?

by SKORreply 10801/07/2017

Is there anything that will remove a loved one's addiction?

by SKORreply 10901/07/2017

Are spirit animals a thing and what does your spirit animal say about you?

by SKORreply 11001/08/2017

R103 for prosperity I do the ritual from r92 but if you need a psalm I would just use 23, some Rootworkers use 4.

r105 I would burn a white protection candle , and pink love candle . He needs to overcome his fear and the only thing that can do that is love . However , you cannot control a person's free will .

R106 I'm not sure where you're at , but if there's a large Hispanic community near you then go into a store that sells a lot of religious gifts. If they have candles and such, then ask if they have a psychic . I guarantee they're a santeria priestess/priest . If not , then you can find a local metaphysical bookstore who should have someone .

R109 again , you can't control a person's free will , but if you want to do a prayer ritual l can give you the basics: During the new moon that's when increase comes into play; you can burn a white candle and pray that their willpower and strength will be increased to avoid the drug . During the full moon that's when you do rituals for decreasing anything . Pray their addiction decreases.

r93 I'm very happy everything worked for you , and believe me I know how hard it is when it's several people against one of you . I would light a white candle and just talk to God ; just tell Him straight out that you've been wanting to go to this Exorcist but you keep getting thwarted . And if you would benefit from it then to clear the path for you and protect you, AND if you're not meant to go then to bring someone else into your life to help you .

Sometimes if we go to work and there's a bunch of people there who hate us , it's hard to do a ritual on the spot , so one of the things I've always done that helps and is VERY EFFECTIVE is this : Google a picture of Jesus and you can print it out . Put it in your wallet or frame it, just memorize it. And when you feel you're in danger or you feel those threatening vibes , just pray "Jesus protect me" and visualize Him standing between you and your enemies .

I did this once with a neighbor who was being a total asshole to me. We got into an argument and when I saw him the next day he started walking towards me for round 2 with a smirk on his face , I said this prayer real fast and visualized Jesus about 7 foot tall facing my neighbor . I SWEAR on a stack of bibles , my neighbor FROZE in mid-stride, that smirk on his face crumbled , and his eyes filled with fear . He backed off and has avoided me since .

I personally don't like to "curse" anyone , I would rather have God settle their hash. But sometimes people get their kicks harassing you -they're evil and have evil in them; the only way to destroy that evil in them is to ask God to protect you and visualize Jesus standing in front of you . If you're surrounded by enemies I always ask God to send Jesus and His angels to stand around me.

Trust me , the next time you see one of your enemies glaring at you , ask Jesus to protect you , stand before you , or just say "Jesus be with me ". I promise you when you visualize Him standing between you and your enemies they will either leave the room or look away .

Get back to me on this one . You'll be amazed .

by SKORreply 11101/08/2017

I asked my Mexico City friend (Catholic, not Santeria nor hoodoo) to light a blue candle for me and recite either psalm 89 or psalm 146 for me. He responded to my request as if it were normal. I was in the last day of my prosperity/attracting job spell and I didn't know if the rule was to petition for one thing at a time, have one candle spell on the go.

For candles such as one buys at a Latin America type store, the ones in glass holders, is it fine to tape one's intention written on paper to the outside of the candle, as carving into the wax may be tricky?

by SKORreply 11201/09/2017

R111 thanks Santeria lesbo. To add spice, right as I was reading your post and just as I began to ask about 'getting thwarted' I turned slightly I n my desk chair and something happened to my keg. Now it feels like my hip went half out. (No, I'm not THAT old). Now, next day, I'm limping around w possible ER trip (rolls eyes). So yeah, I'll do whatever.

by SKORreply 11301/09/2017

After reading some comments here I think that people mistake santeria (Lucumi/Osha) with other practices like wicca or hoodoo. santeria do not use spells actually, santeria is based on feeding the spirits, like voodoo except that santeria involves west african deities called Orishas and voodoo the Loas. So,santeria does not use bible psalms or christian prayers,in fact in santeria preying as christians do is not common, getting on one's knees to pray is not done in front of an Orisha,but that depends on the "iIe" or house that the practitioner belongs to.

In santeria, and I mean Lucumi/Osha, nothing is done without consulting an Orisha first or el muerto ( the spirit of a dead person that the santero works with). They indicate through their oracles such as the Obi or "caracoles" their solution to your problem. In santeria, as in Haitian Voodoo, just tossing some coconuts or snail shells for an answer is not possible,those things must be first consecrated and fed with very long and complicated rituals by people who already have been initiated to perform these rituals and have the Orisha on their "head".

it is important to know that most things that people call spells or wiccan rituals for most voodoo, palo mayombe and santeria practitioners are just considered "weak" because they do no involve what it is known as prenda,or calderos where the loas, orisha or muerto live. In voodoo or palo mayombe some work with evil prenda or calderos and they can send dark spirits to destroy a person and turn his life into a living nightmare. Trust me, no christian prayer or bible psalms are effective to get rid of this.

if a person is having trouble finding love etc, the person should first contact one of these practitioners understanding their respective differences of tradition.then the spirtit like loas, orisha or the muerto are asked what exactly is going on with you, why can't you find love, why do you have bad luck in love and nobody ever falls in love with you, is it because of you,like your character etc? is it because you have a negative astral energy or a bad entity that you were born with who doesn't want you to find someone to live with? what can you do to make a person who is talking bad about you at work shut his mouth and leave you alone? what can you do to make your homophobic boss more friendly toward you or possibly get rid of him? all these cases are very frequently encountered and are answered by the entities the priest has in his own prenda or caldero.

Some of my gringo and african americans friends frequently ask me the reasons as to why animals are sacrificed for some rituals and they are obviously uncomfortable and some find it shocking and cruel but this is just because of their own misunderstanding of the reasons why it is actually done according to those ancestral traditions. Another important thing to remember is to be very careful because they are a lot of scammers out there to get money easily, and also do what you feel comfortable with, if you are a person who is not into these things and you think they are evil, demonic and all that, then you were raised in a christian tradition and these things is probably not for you. in that case go to speak to an evangelic pastor or catholic priest and tell them to pray for you a rosary or something.

by SKORreply 11401/09/2017

It's funny that she wrote in her last post that you can not influence someone's free will, yet earlier she talked about psalms for cursing other people which in fact is definitely something they would not want with their free will :)

by SKORreply 11501/09/2017

R114 you definitely have more knowledge than I do on the subject of santeria . To give you a little bit of background on me: my aunt from Puerto Rico id a priestess on the east coast . She's 86 years old so she's on her way out . When I was a little kid growing up she used to have customers that would go down to her basement in the Bronx , where yes, she would kill a chicken , smear the blood all over them , chant, pray , etc..and she always had food offerings at her altars .

My grandmother is native American and was the neighborhood psychic rootworker.

My mom is hard core Catholic and incorporated a little bit of this and that from her family . Her best friend grew up in New Orleans and was very knowledgeable in hoodoo and taught her a few things . I myself had a close friend who was Wiccan and taught me candle magic .

So growing up I was exposed to all these things and now I do what works for me .

by SKORreply 11601/09/2017

In voodoo or palo mayombe some work with evil prenda or calderos and they can send dark spirits to destroy a person and turn his life into a living nightmare. Trust me, no christian prayer or bible psalms are effective to get rid of this.

Sorry , I will have to disagree . John Ramirez was a well-known Mayombe priest in New York . He wrote a book called Out Of The Devil's Cauldron and in it he wrote that he would put curses on people but the only ones he couldn't touch were the ones who prayed, went to church m and read the bible .

by SKORreply 11701/09/2017

Jhon ramires is a propagandistic puppet of the evangelic churches and no body knows who the hell that guy is. The only ones that palo mayombe practitioners usually consider strong enough for those of haitian voodoo. I can write a list of real stories about christians who have gotten into fights with palo priests and they had to go to santeros to get the spirit off them. what's more, some of these spirits just laugh when these loons try to "exorcise" them because the bible is a dark book itself.

by SKORreply 11801/09/2017

R116 Santeria Liz, you sound very intelligent. My only knowledge of Santeria is from the horror movie "The Believers," which portrays the practice in a negative light. It was years ago, so you may have never heard of it.

There is an online university I've discovered called Crossroads University. Do you recommend it to newcomers to folk magic?

by SKORreply 11901/09/2017

R119 thanks for the compliment ! I have never heard of that university but I Googled it and I think it looks interesting . I would do more research on it before I would commit.

R118 thanks for the reassurance ! I'm going to see a Palo Mayombe priest tomorrow that was written about in the local paper .He even freaked out the journalists ! I will let you know how it went .

by SKORreply 12001/10/2017

If I write trump and pals on a piece of paper and put it in my shoe will it work to get rid of them?

by SKORreply 12101/10/2017

Start with McConnell R121, he's the third head of the beast.

by SKORreply 12201/11/2017

Santeria Lez, I have been doing the prosperity prayer with candles. The green candle has burned down like an open flower on one side. The other side is normal.

The white candle is burning evenly around except for one place, where it has an opening. Wax has dripped down in the shape of a foot. It is so good it is like a doll's foot.

Does the way the wax drips mean anything?

Thank you.

by SKORreply 12301/11/2017

Santeria Liz, do you use divination cards or have others give you readings, and if so, what decks would you most recommend?

by SKORreply 12401/11/2017

R123 the shape doesn't mean anything . But you can Google it just to make sure .

R124 I don't use cards , I do psychometry. If you want to buy cards and learn, then get the ones that "speak " to you .

by SKORreply 12501/12/2017

SL, is there a spell, etc. for renewing passion in a loving but sexually dull relationship?

by SKORreply 12601/12/2017

Hi there: I've posted about using hoodoo for cleansing energy bath and for prosperity baths. I also posted one time requesting candles and good thoughts for my surgery. My nevus or lesion if you will was benign. I'll be renewing the prosperity bath and candle rituals next waxing phase, and decorating a money bucket or prepping a honey jar for the moolah. I'm reporting this as one kind soul offered to light a candle for my surgery.

by SKORreply 12701/12/2017

Thank you SL.

by SKORreply 12801/12/2017

OP / SKOR here. I want to apologize for not posting back sooner. I have only good news to share!

Question: Did anyone in this thread pray for me? I have a sense someone did.

I want to thank everyone who posted in this thread, as I took all your advice to heart. I thought long and hard about everything said, and realized that the fact that I was reaching out to spiritual people for help was a sign that I lacked spiritually myself, and if I had a relationship with the higher powers, I wouldn't likely need to reach to out to random strangers who did, hoping they would bail me out. So I asked the higher powers for guidance, and for the first time, I began to realize my own actions and behaviour that engaged my circumstances.

I finally realized why so many people in my past treated me so poorly - because I didn't respect them. I respected their titles, their wealth, their social skills and perceived 'fabulous' lifestyles, but that was really just envy - not respect. In fact, I hated most of them. I found them rude, vulgar, elitist and, most of all, cowardly. And as I reflect back - this time more objectively - they didn't really treat each other that much better than the way they treated me.

For the first time in, well, forever, I am not walking around in a dark cloud of anger and revenge fantasies against those that hurt me in the past. These weren't brief fantasies of schadenfreude - these were insanely dark, twisted fantasies of unbelievably evil revenge that consumed my whole day. But on the surface, I was always the loveliest, sweetest guy - a facade to deny my own anger, which would have shocked the most jaded person ever. I also realized I was attracting angry people into my life because I was denial of how angry I truly was - and acknowledging my own anger seemed to help diffuse it. So I was inadvertently one of those people we've all encountered - nice to your face, but you can tell they strongly dislike you, even if their words do not confirm it.

Most of all, I realized people didn't respect me because I didn't respect myself - and, as my psychiatrist has been trying to convince me for years - because my family had issues, and not because I was defective or substandard. So I kept trying to get the 'corrective emotional experience' - trying to get surrogates for my family to love, value and respect me - and in doing so, I sought people exactly like them - and like my own family, my surrogates' personality deficits made them incapable of doing that for me. It sounds so ridiculous, but my life story truly read: "Why can't I find a narcissist who treats me well? I need to try harder..."

I know keep a relationship with higher powers, and have faith that my greater good will lead me to the right places. I've had a few interviews, and am hopeful, but more important, know that my higher power will manifest and I will end up where I belong.

I was really moved and touched by the all the information shared here, and it reaffirmed that the world is in fact full of good, kind people who genuinely want to help those who are suffering. All your words and concern touched me.

by SKORreply 12901/12/2017

R125 Santeria Liz, I know that you learned folk magic from your relatives. But to someone who has no exposure to it, what books would you recommend?

by SKORreply 13001/14/2017

I think that for americans interested in folk magic carolinaconjure is a good website.It is written by a gay guy who is pretty knowledgeable in the subject. the only thing that I find "weak" from the point of view of santeria is that he doesn't feed the spirits with blood but with oil, which to me is kinda weird, but for americans is better to do it with oil.

by SKORreply 13101/16/2017

I have a bit of a problem with doing cleansing ritual with Psalms 35,37 and the other one. Here I am very much concentrated on cursing my enemies, then I realize the biggest one is my own father, and in these Psalms there are curses against children of the enemies, so will I bring something upon myself? I skipped that lines to protect myself, I hope it will still work.

by SKORreply 13202/04/2017

I hope that R125 returns to post again, her wisdom is very helpful.

by SKORreply 13302/04/2017

R111: Getting back to you. It's been a long road. I was able to clear some of the worst out of my life with 35/37 and your suggestions and one of my allies/friends in the situation took care of the worst more or less permanently. It came in stages and took months. I was able go to the exorcist in May.

There is a def 'white lighter' in the situation and he's the only one I can get near. As everything cleared away it became obvious that I'm going to have to remove the guy they were all focused on from my life as well. Whether he's involved or just contaminated, I don't know, but it's not good for me. Last resort. (Why was I hanging around? Sex vibe of course. Sad it has to go this way.)

So now I'm doing the 35/37 and also the Lorica on the whole situation. I had a really ugly couple of days when the final decision was made, but seem to be coming out of it.

by SKORreply 13406/22/2017


by SKORreply 13506/22/2017

Loved this thread-

by SKORreply 13606/23/2017

R93 Santeria Lez here! I'm glad the psalms have worked for you . I would suggest buying a book of psalms , which you can get in any bookstore or online . Read all 150 and the ones that resonate with you repeat over and over . What I also like to do is pray over the book, telling God my problems and what I need, and ask which ones I should read. Usually a number will pop into my head and it will pertain to what I prayed about.

In the meantime Psalm 70 is good to read also Psalm 91 and 109. Interestingly , I read that psalm 91 is what a Rabbi reads to get rid of a dybbuk!

Upthread I mentioned I was going to a Palo priest . I can't say I was very impressed -just reading the Book of Psalms is more powerful .

by SKORreply 13706/23/2017

Why are the psalms so powerful?

by SKORreply 13806/23/2017

Why is it necessary to reach out to God through prayer? If He is truly omniscient, shouldn't he already know what is troubling people and what they might need in terms of assistance?

by SKORreply 13906/23/2017

1.) Fuck your co-workers with 10 inches of lymph dick in the jugular vein.

2.) With friends like that who the hell needs enemies.

3.) If the antidepressants aren't working, stop trying them before it kills you.

You are alive . When you get tired of people fucking you, pull up your pants and go home.

Life is too fucking short, you have 1 Life so get out there and live it. You don't need this shit

by SKORreply 14006/23/2017

R138 The psalms are about God protecting you from your enemies as well as giving you strength to fight them .

R139 God will not intervene in our lives unless we ask him to .

by SKORreply 14106/24/2017

Bump for a great thread. How y'all doing?

by SKORreply 14206/17/2018

I did use the Santeria lesbian’s prayers, and they do work!

OP, if you’re still here, I hope you’re in a better place m

by SKORreply 14302/21/2019

R143 can you give an example of how they worked?

by SKORreply 14403/08/2019

You keep waiting for external things to change even though it's you that needs to change (thoughts, and then actions)

by SKORreply 14503/08/2019


by SKORreply 14603/08/2019

Santeria lesbian,

It would be great if you were still on DL. Let us know how you're doing.

by SKORreply 14703/08/2019

r145 Exactly. Reminds me of that santeria episode of Vida (on Starz) where the witch does a heavy spell on the character to remove all the bad juju from her life and then the character slowly realizes that she herself (or rather her behaviour) [italic]is[/italic] the bad juju that brings misery to the people around her.

by SKORreply 14803/08/2019

R147 Santeria Lez here! I'm doing well and still on DL.

by SKORreply 14903/08/2019

R143, every time I lit candles and did the prayers for prosperity, money came into my life, usually unexpectedly.

Happy to know you’re still here, SL.

by SKORreply 15003/08/2019

Santeria Liz,

Please let us know how you discovered Santeria and how you learned to use it to improve your life. You seem like a very interesting person.

by SKORreply 15104/05/2019

It's always great to hear from our resident Santeria expert.

by SKORreply 15204/05/2019

OP, any advice I could give you wouldn’t be any more unique than that already given but please keep us posted and please know that plenty of internet strangers are rooting for you. Yes, you.

by SKORreply 15304/05/2019

Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is my only answer. I told God “You’re my only hope. Im not being helped by psychiatry, family or the passage of time. My life sucks and I’m lonely. Please come into my life and help restore me. Be my friend, because I have none.” He is kind and just to help those who will earnestly seek him.

by SKORreply 15404/05/2019

R154 That's a beautiful sentiment.

by SKORreply 15504/06/2019


by SKORreply 15604/10/2019

Hi, Santeria Lez here! R151, I grew up with it. My mom and her family all practiced it so I was exposed at a young age. If I needed something in my life, I would ask a relative and they would give me advice. Also, my mom's best friend was from New Orleans so she taught me a little Hoodoo, and my best friend was Wiccan, so I learned from everyone.

It's helped with finding a job, getting more money, getting rid of enemies, etc...


by SKORreply 15704/10/2019

OP, how is your life going? Give us an update, please. Did any of the suggestions help?

by SKORreply 15804/10/2019

R157 Thanks for the info. Another question, SL. If a beginner wanted to learn to practice Santeria correctly, what books or websites would you recommend?

by SKORreply 15904/10/2019

R157 SL,

I don't mean to ask too many questions, but your're so fascinating. Can one practice Santeria without engaging in animal sacrifice?

by SKORreply 16004/14/2019

Well, well. Looks like I've found me a friendly rival to arch here on the D of L...

by SKORreply 16104/14/2019

Can you use magic to bind/stop an evil person without it coming back on you and if so how?

by SKORreply 16204/14/2019

Pray for protection, r162. It has worked for me. I’ve had miracles occur. (I tend to be skeptical by nature. The miracles were so loud that I couldn’t intellectualize them away.)

My mind is flawed and finite. There is a source of wisdom that is greater and more efficient. I don’t care what it’s called—it’s love beyond our comprehension and it’s out there, sees the bigger picture and will respond to prayer.

I often don’t know don’t know what is in my own best interests—i.e., I’ve prayed for stuff that I easily received, only to find out it didn’t make me happy or somehow damaged my life. Surrendering control and having faith in something greater than myself has produced amazing results.

by SKORreply 16304/14/2019

r162 Try binding spells. Around February 2017 someone blogged about a mass 'binding spell' ceremony to contain the negative actions/harms from other people. I did this on the last day of 2018, using the names and likenesses of two harmful people. Although the harmful people are still in action, so if someone with more practice and power supplies specifics, I'd be grateful.

I've tried the ammonia bath with white candles, complete submersion five times and Psalm 22 spell a Santeria Lez recommended. Twice. I'm looking for some noncryptic, easily discernable direction to deliver me out of my current, dire, predicament.

by SKORreply 16404/14/2019

R160, thank you! You don't need to do animal sacrifice. You can offer the spirits something else like a cup of coffee, water, fruit, etc...

R164, Psalm 91 is supposed to be the strongest psalm for protection.

by SKORreply 16504/15/2019

R165 I once offered one of my pantheon a cup of spiced milk and she threw it off my altar lmao. I quickly replaced it with red wine and got promotion.

by SKORreply 16604/15/2019

R166 aw lol. I would've taken the milk over the wine.

by SKORreply 16704/15/2019

R163 & R165,

What would you recommend to help with money problems? I'm trying to pay off bills and find a much better-paying job. I've been stuck in place financially and career wise and it's affecting every other aspect of my life. Anything you think would help me would be greatly appreciated.

by SKORreply 16804/15/2019

R162 again here, Can you use spells on someone who is evil or corrupt but that doesn't have a personal connection to you like say a racist politician or two billionaire bigots that seem to be the sole supporters of the GOP?

by SKORreply 16904/16/2019

I ditto r169's question. I tried dragon's blood, myrrh, frankincense in the binding spells. The monsters are still loose, still harming.

by SKORreply 17004/16/2019

Don't yell at me in front of my Sublime cover band!

by SKORreply 17104/17/2019

Full moon tonight. What kind of spells are best invoked/performed today?

by SKORreply 17204/18/2019

R172 ones that involve werewolves.

by SKORreply 17304/18/2019

Santeria Lesbian, how can you know you have bad energy around you?? Do you think I have bad energy about me? Can you do tarot readings for people too?

by SKORreply 17404/19/2019

Can someone here cast a binding spell on Senator Mitch McConnell to stop him from protecting Trump and hurting those that oppose him, I'd try it myself but I'm afraid I'd screw it up and get myself struck by lightning or giving that asshole superpowers. lol

by SKORreply 17504/19/2019

R168, it's the full moon for the next 2 weeks so now is a good time for banishing. Get a black candle and a white candle. Light the white one as you say a prayer of protection. Then on the black one carve "decrease and banish bills".

R172, full moon you do banishment spells and the new moon you do increase/new beginning spells.

R174 I don't read tarot cards, only psychometry. There are some good psychics that I use: Co Meadows and Voodoo Priest Man. They have their own websites and Instagram, Facebook, etc..

by SKORreply 17604/19/2019

Thanks very much, SL.

What book would you recommend for beginners to Santeria?

by SKORreply 17704/23/2019

R177, there's about 4 of them on Amazon that are for beginners. And sometimes a local metaphysical store or botanica will have classes.

by SKORreply 17804/27/2019

I will pray for this sufferer tonight. I will play my guitar and write a melody for you.

Now, you will have a melody composed for you, that will be sent into the ether. Xoxo

by SKORreply 17904/27/2019

Never leave a candle unattended, or fall asleep with one burning. You don’t need a house fire on top of everything else you’re experiencing.

by SKORreply 18004/27/2019

Thank you R178.

by SKORreply 18104/27/2019

Looking forward to anything new from SL.

by SKORreply 18205/02/2019

Dang it, I need help too. My cat of 19 yrs, 8 months trickled away to go die somewhere quiet and secluded. This is the fourth significant death in five months. I need some grace, tranquillity, fortitude, love, and a winning lottery ticket.

by SKORreply 18305/02/2019

SL, my cats are OK, but I also need a winning lottery ticket, a REALLY BIG ONE. Not just for me, I'm a caregiver too.

by SKORreply 18405/03/2019

Santeria Lez,

There are a couple of people I wish would retire. Can you recommend something that could influence them to do so voluntarily?

by SKORreply 18505/07/2019


by SKORreply 18605/17/2019

Bump... and more money spells please!

by SKORreply 18705/18/2019

r187 this isn't a Santeria page for creating petitions, but Hoodoo, a related spiritual/magick practice. Bonus: example of same-sex love spell/petition

by SKORreply 18805/18/2019

Thanks, R189.

by SKORreply 18905/19/2019

Santeria Lez,

Is it true that there are rigid food restrictions for practitioners of Santeria, or do they only apply to the priesthood?

by SKORreply 19005/19/2019

I wonder if there's also a Southern Folk Magic thread here?

by SKORreply 19105/19/2019

Anyone know a good "Cut and Clear" for a neighbor with whom we used to be friends? I've been digging around, but can only find spells for romantic relationships.

by SKORreply 19205/25/2019

I guess the Santeria poster is taking time off from DL.

by SKORreply 19305/26/2019

The Tarot expert seems to have abandoned DL as well.

by SKORreply 19405/27/2019

I see that Diane the psychic has disappeared. Her lengthy rants on how Trump would be found guilty of Russian collusion proved wrong, eh. Oh, I recall her saying Nancy Pelosi would be replacing Trump as president!

by SKORreply 19505/27/2019

Santeria is just another pyramid scheme, people who get sucked into it out of desperation end up being much worse.

Stay away from it.

by SKORreply 19605/27/2019

R196 Santeria is a religious belief system centered on magic and the divinity. How is that a pyramid scheme?

by SKORreply 19705/27/2019

I hope this thread doesn't die. Santeria Lez is a fascinating lady.

by SKORreply 19806/02/2019

Yes, I agree R198. Was hoping for some more information on this fascinating topic from Ms Santeria Lez.

by SKORreply 19906/02/2019

Agree, R198. Hope she's well

by SKORreply 20006/02/2019

Santeria Lez, please come back. We really miss your wisdom.

by SKORreply 20106/08/2019


by SKORreply 202Last Thursday at 3:17 AM

Can someone please bind Mitch McConnell before he gives the deed to the United States to Putin on a silver platter?

by SKORreply 203Last Thursday at 4:47 AM

I've done two binding spells, not for Mitch McConnell though.

Are they working? Yes, for me personally but it wasn't an instantaneous effect. The bullies are still harming the country though

I'm wondering what the critical mass for energy and intention is; on a concrete reality level, we can't just leave it to the Speaker of the House and Democratic chairs of House Committees and the AG of New York to toss these idjits out. My imagination isn't robust or wild enough to think any more than 1/20,000,000 Americans are casting binding spells on any given day.

Make a new topic thread or "hijack" this thread, and see who's up for synchronously casting a binding spell, or a 'time wave' of binding spells moving westward by the hour.

by SKORreply 204Last Thursday at 10:11 AM

R204 Are you Santeria L:ez? If so, welcome back! We've missed you.

by SKORreply 205Last Thursday at 3:39 PM

How do you cast a binding spell?

by SKORreply 206Last Thursday at 3:41 PM

I'm not Santeria Lez, I wish I were, or at least a hoodoo chile whose conjure practices are usually successful.

r206 there are numerous methods, some described online, r204 links to a page with some variants. When I do it I use pictures, black embroidery floss, candle, and photos of those to be bound.

I am not even a dilettante, a let-me-Searx.Me-that-for-you curious-bordering-on-dilettante. I'm tempted to say something untrue so Santeria Lez will unlurk with a "no! no! do this instead"

by SKORreply 207Last Thursday at 4:06 PM

Santeria Lez must be very busy right now, dealing with family or loved ones issues.

by SKORreply 208Last Saturday at 11:16 AM

There's a Santeria subReddit to lurk on, and some Santeria Meetups. They're not DL but those areas might be helpful or even local to inquirers and could educate and inform.

by SKORreply 209Last Saturday at 6:55 PM
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