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Bottom shaming

Is it a problem on the DL?

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by concerned topreply 15306/10/2021

Those filthy bottoms should be ashamed.

by concerned topreply 110/14/2016

Recently a DL top guy referred to manginas as "turd wombs."

by concerned topreply 210/14/2016

It would be helpful to hear from some of the TOPS out there.

by concerned topreply 310/14/2016

I'm a top and I love bottoms. LOVE them. Nothing whatsoever for them to be ashamed about.

by concerned topreply 410/14/2016

Top here. I love and admire bottoms. The ones who can take it for a long time and with enthusiasm get my utmost respect.

by concerned topreply 510/14/2016

[quote]It's absolutely ludacris that a top would be the ones bottom shaming.


The writer at OP's link is too dumb to fuck.

by concerned topreply 610/14/2016

Yes, it's a big problem and it's been greeting out of hand - especially due to the recent proliferation of PBS - (Power Bottom Syndrome).

by concerned topreply 710/14/2016

Here's somebody who might help.

Offsite Link
by concerned topreply 810/14/2016

Please. Bottom shaming in the gay community isn't a thing considering the vast majority of gay men ARE bottoms. If there is any shaming going on, it's disgruntled bottoms having to compete with other bottoms for the handful of genuine tops. Supply and demand.

by concerned topreply 910/14/2016

Well total bottoms are notoriously slutty.

by concerned topreply 1010/14/2016

Top here. Absolutely no shaming from me. Love to spend hours working and worshipping a bottom's bottom.

Best thing in the world.

by concerned topreply 1110/14/2016

Top here as well…I encourage bottoming! Bottoms are God's gift to me, and I thank Him for their existence.

by concerned topreply 1210/15/2016

Most of the jokes made about bottoms are from other bottoms.

by concerned topreply 1310/15/2016

Troof, R13.

Bottoms rule. There's nothing sexier to me than a man who sincerely likes it up the ass.

by concerned topreply 1410/15/2016

Re R8, there was trepidation when I first started to watch the video of this guy, but the lighted candles in the background put me at ease. Then I let him fuck my mind, and it felt WONDERFUL, SUBLIME even.

by concerned topreply 1510/15/2016

^ I love lady Miss Psychologist. You know she knows her way around a cock.

by concerned topreply 1610/15/2016

[quote]Baby, if I'm the bottom, you're the top.

Can't have one without the other.

by concerned topreply 1710/15/2016

What if you don't like anal sex, either way?

by concerned topreply 1810/15/2016

^ There are other threads, doll!

by concerned topreply 1910/15/2016

Anal has always kind of weirded me out, so guys who really enjoy it kind of do the same.

by concerned topreply 2010/15/2016

The only FB commenter.

Eric Collins · MSU, Mankato This is fucking gross. Top, bottom, who cares? Any guy who is a fag is a disgusting piece of shit. How you can prefer the rough, hairy asshole of another man to that of the nice, soft pussy of a woman is beyond me. I mean, how fucked in the head are these butt slammers?

by concerned topreply 2110/15/2016

^ 'disgusting piece of shit' describes him perfectly

by concerned topreply 2210/15/2016

It's interesting that when I warn a potential hook up that " if they try anything disrespectful....things won't turn out well for them"....they don't try and pull any bullshit. I swear, it would be the last fucking thing they ever do. The fuckers were warned.

by concerned topreply 2310/15/2016

The only bottoms that need shaming are of the BB variety.

by concerned topreply 2410/15/2016

I agree

by concerned topreply 2510/15/2016

The author spelled "ludicrous" like the rapper.

by concerned topreply 2610/15/2016

I feel like this term is used all the time now. When did it start gaining popularity? Was it from "Looking"?

by concerned topreply 2710/15/2016

Bottoms are the only guys I'd consider dating. When I hear that a guy I'm attracted to is a bottom, I start to fall in love instantly.

by concerned topreply 2810/15/2016

What are you paranoidly ranting about R23?

by concerned topreply 2910/15/2016

Why is it bottoms seem to end up needing more and often bigger things stuffed inside them as they age?

by concerned topreply 3010/16/2016

I only shame my bottoms when they cum too quickly.

by concerned topreply 3110/16/2016

Well, some of us go through a phase, R30. But many of us end up (as it were) quite contented with a nice dick.

by concerned topreply 3210/16/2016

That phase seems to last a lifetime for a lot of bottoms.

by concerned topreply 3310/16/2016

"Why is it bottoms seem to end up needing more and often bigger things stuffed inside them as they age?"

I always wondered about this, too.

If you watch fisting vids, most of the bottom guys seem to be in their thirties and up.

by concerned topreply 3410/16/2016

Do their holes loosen up and get sloppy with age or from over use?

by concerned topreply 3510/16/2016

Turkey-envy, R33.

R35, the hole is remarkably elastic. It returns to its wonted tightness in time, unless you completely wreck it. Which, yes, some FFers do.

by concerned topreply 3610/16/2016

As a top nearly all the derogatory or shaming language I hear about bottoms comes from other bottoms!

by concerned topreply 3710/16/2016

^ Competitive juices, R37

by concerned topreply 3810/16/2016

Juices is a bad word to use when discussing this particular subject R38...Bleech!

by concerned topreply 3910/16/2016

As someone once told me, "Bottoms want to be shamed otherwise they wouldn't be bottoms." Charming, really.

by concerned topreply 4010/16/2016

What's really bad is when a full grown man refers to his asshole as his pussy or even worse his man/boy pussy...Instant boner killer!

by concerned topreply 4110/16/2016

I like bottoms who let themselves be completely feminized, that includes referring to their asshole as a pussy or cunt. If we must have roles in the bedroom, why not get into it?

by concerned topreply 4210/16/2016

[quote] Eric Collins · MSU, Mankato This is fucking gross. Top, bottom, who cares? Any guy who is a fag is a disgusting piece of shit. How you can prefer the rough, hairy asshole of another man to that of the nice, soft pussy of a woman is beyond me. I mean, how fucked in the head are these butt slammers?

How does Miss Collins know what another man's asshole feels like?

by concerned topreply 4310/16/2016

I also think it's hot when the guy calls it his pussy. I mean, when the guy is hot.

by concerned topreply 4410/16/2016

Topping a nice tight ass gives me my greatest experiences and orgasms. Really pushy power bottoms who won't STFU, and constantly bark commands during the act, are hard-on wilters. In my mind, I'm thinking that I'm not taking care of business and satisfying my bedmate. Too much chatter makes my concentration scatter and interrupts my..... flow.

A little pillow talk to inform me if I'm tapping that booty right is appreciated. The non-verbal cues...moaning, eyes rolled back, provide me with all the inspiration I need to double down and really try to please my bottom. I'd never shame or humiliate them but I will ask them to refrain from the bitchy "drill instructor" routine. Baby, I got this.

by concerned topreply 4510/16/2016

R45 is right. The only shame in being a bottom is being a bossy one. You're not in charge. Accept that and gladly welcome your role.

And, for Christ's sake, just suck it up if it hurts. No pain, no gain. Remember, you're doing this for him. It's not about your pleasure: Part of being a bottom is learning to be submissive.

The sooner you accept your role as the bottom/sub, the sooner you'll both be happy. Embrace the idea that your purpose in life (in the bedroom, anyway) is making your man 100% happy. Suck his dick the first thing in the morning and bend over the second he gets home from work, and he'll treasure you like no one else ever has.

by concerned topreply 4610/16/2016


by concerned topreply 4710/16/2016


by concerned topreply 4810/16/2016

Danger Will Robinson..Danger Will Robinson...

Trigger alert ^R48. Needs a quick dick fix...STAT !

by concerned topreply 4910/16/2016


by concerned topreply 5010/16/2016

😵 EEK !

by concerned topreply 5110/16/2016

I read Eric Collins's article comment also. I wish I had a Facebook page so I could explain to him in great detail what guys like about having sex with guys, and offer him an alternative to Mankato cow-and-pig fucking.

by concerned topreply 5210/16/2016

I think unnecessary RUDENESS is the real problem on DL right now. There just seems to be so much random anger, people just lash out at others at the slightest provocation, and sometimes not even that.

by concerned topreply 5310/16/2016


by concerned topreply 5410/16/2016


Offsite Link
by concerned topreply 5510/16/2016

My mussy is moistest on Mondays.

by concerned topreply 5610/16/2016

There's a bottom in my town who mentions on the hookup sites that his ass is self lubricating. Apparently he has some prostate tissue that is inside his rectum leaking fluid, because in chat he told me the lubrication feels and smells like cum. Although curious, I haven't made the leap into self lubricating ass yet.

by concerned topreply 5710/16/2016

I fucked a self-proclaimed self-lubricating bottom once. He wasn't kidding. I was just dry humping his crack as foreplay when all of the sudden his hole just sucked my dick right in. I said, "Am I inside of you?" and he goes, "Yep...I told you so."

by concerned topreply 5810/16/2016

Let's hear it for hungry holes! 😋

by concerned topreply 5910/16/2016

This thread is highly amusing.

So much psychoANALysis !

by concerned topreply 6010/16/2016

No lie, if I was a billionaire I'd be the gay equivalent of Trump. Worse, actually, as I wouldn't marry. Ain't nobody got time for that! I'd have a different bottom every fucking night of the week. Line 'em up and just work on them all. God I'd be such a pig.

by concerned topreply 6110/16/2016

Don't know if the question was faux-naif, or dumb, or OP has never been to dl before; of course it is.

by concerned topreply 6210/16/2016

Is R46 kidding? Do most of you tops feel that way?

by concerned topreply 6310/16/2016


by concerned topreply 6410/16/2016

Bottom sharing . . . . .now that's a problem

by concerned topreply 6510/16/2016

I'm sure plenty have bottoms enjoy being shared R65.

by concerned topreply 6610/16/2016

That should read...plenty of bottoms...DL really needs to install an edit function.

by concerned topreply 6710/16/2016

R63, no I'm not joking. There's nothing worse than a bossy bottom. Learn your "place," so to speak, and I'll make you the happiest guy on earth. But don't call yourself a bottom and then try to run things in the bedroom.

We can be equals in every other part of our relationship but in bed, you're mine.

by concerned topreply 6810/16/2016

Yes, R66. There is such a thing as the "pass-around bottom". Not a bad thing.

by concerned topreply 6910/16/2016

R58 Diarrhoea?

by concerned topreply 7010/16/2016

R46, you don't care about your bottom's pleasure at all? Not even if he says please? You don't eat him out? Massage his prostate just the right way with your cock?

by concerned topreply 7110/16/2016

r63..your top will of course still fuck you, but if you talk back too much and mess up the dynamic, you can bet he has another guy on the side who is more than willing to be his bitch in every sense. Happens to women ALL THE TIME

by concerned topreply 7210/16/2016

Pass around bottom...all the STIs none of the

by concerned topreply 7310/16/2016

Bottoms 🍻 Up !

by concerned topreply 7410/16/2016

R71 Of course, you care about the bottom's pleasure. But trust me to know how to make you happy. No demands, no whining.

by concerned topreply 7510/16/2016

^ OK then. You had me worried. 🤗

by concerned topreply 7610/16/2016

Bottoms that squeal and carry on like over acting porn starlets are obnoxious to.

by concerned topreply 7710/16/2016

Baby, if I'm the bottom, you're the top!

by concerned topreply 7810/16/2016

Where's that cranky nun with the bell when you need her?

by concerned topreply 7910/16/2016

Back in my day, most guys were "versatile" and we were all quite happy.

by concerned topreply 8010/17/2016

R80 I was vers in my teens and thought the whole top/bottom dichotomy was silly. I eventually eased into the top role because there were so many bottoms.

by concerned topreply 8110/17/2016

R68 = 🙄 Whatever dude.

by concerned topreply 8210/17/2016

Some bottoms deserve to be shamed. There are some hungry bottoms who are utterly obsessed with getting fucked. I remember one guy I was hooking up with asked me if I knew any other guys who would want to fuck him. I was like wtf? I've known one acquaintance who seemed to lack any self-respect, this one hung top would treat him like crap, take advantage of him and he would still answer any text from him because he just really wanted to get fucked by him.

I've never seen any equivalent behavior from guys who like to top when get so needy that any self-respect goes out the window.

But obviously this is not at all bottoms, just some of them.

by concerned topreply 8310/17/2016

[quote]I also think it's hot when the guy calls it his pussy. I mean, when the guy is hot.

totally, the sluttier the talk about his hole the hotter it is

by concerned topreply 8410/17/2016

I'll add that I hate it when guys call it their pussy, or worst their bussy or manpussy. I'm a little surprised to find some here like it, in real life when I've talked about this other guys have always agreed.

by concerned topreply 8510/17/2016

Whores of either position are deserving of shaming R83.

by concerned topreply 8610/17/2016

Busted a huge nut on Skype last night with a slutty bottom who LOVED showing off his pussy for me. Bottoms are the best!

by concerned topreply 8710/17/2016

You should all get AIDS and die

You are a blemish on Gods green earth

by concerned topreply 8810/17/2016

R63 : No. Most tops have an actual dick. If your bottom isn't enjoying your dick --> your dick ain't big enough. So there's no "acting".

by concerned topreply 8910/17/2016

Die shit die

by concerned topreply 9010/17/2016

R80 and his ilk got it right. When did your sex position becomes such a polarizing subject? No one. Top nor bottom ought to be ashamed.

by concerned topreply 9110/17/2016

R88 thinks she's the first closeted self-loathing fag to post here. You're a type, queen.

by concerned topreply 9210/17/2016

I'm with r80 too. I've never understood the insistence that you be one or the other. I'd rather enjoy and excel at both.

by concerned topreply 9310/17/2016

For me it depends on the other guy. I've been an exclusive top, I've been an exclusive bottom. And I've been verse.

There's a big psychological component.

by concerned topreply 9410/17/2016

In agreement with R83. The only thing shameworthy about bottoms is when they ask you if you know other tops, or if other tops could join you. Nothing screams undiscerning slut more than lining up future dates before the current one is consummated. Everything else about them is pretty great.

by concerned topreply 9510/17/2016

This trend is getting worse.

by concerned topreply 9602/04/2017

Bottoms rule.

There is nothing hotter than a sexy guy who likes to get plowed.

by concerned topreply 9702/04/2017

My validation cums when the guys I top want another ride and return for some more deep dicking.

I was closeted until my mid 20's and mostly bottomed (somewhat reluctantly) because I was self conscious that my dick wasn't big enough to be an effective too. Silly me.

No, most of my early guy hook-ups were with older guys who didn't give me positive feedback, and were closeted themselves. Bottoming was ALWAYS an uncomfortable experience for me. Big dicks in my skinny tight ass hurt to the point of serious distraction. Can't maintain a boner...most of the time.

Being older, wiser and much more experienced, I have confidence that I'm a thoughtful, appreciative, balls to your walls savage fuck daddy. Seducing closeted men is my viagra, that and deep kissing/foreplay. I'm middle-aged but see no signs of slowing down or changing any time soon. Guys I top have no complaints either. Tops are always in demand. I still get to pick and choose my FB's.

by concerned topreply 9802/04/2017


Oh, and I am very effective.

by concerned topreply 9902/04/2017

But who does the bulk of the bottom shaming? OTHER BOTTOMS!!! Now that's internalized homophobia. I bottom and I can't tell you how many times I got shade for being one because I "look" like a top. Whatever that means.

by concerned topreply 10002/04/2017

Then you'd be my type of bottom R100. Masculine and secure enough to bottom and maintain your "butch-ness"

Is why I like seducing closet types. They're macho enough to at least have the option of being closeted. I respect fem dudes but I'm not attracted to them. Only butch bros get this boner.

by concerned topreply 10102/04/2017

There is even bottom shaming in sports

Offsite Link
by concerned topreply 10201/16/2019

Wednesday on a very special ABC After School Special: The Heartbreak of Bottom-Shaming.

by concerned topreply 10301/16/2019

Love plowing submissive bottoms. Long and hard all night. But it's hard to respect them afterwards. I mean I would never bring one home to meet my mother.

by concerned topreply 10401/16/2019

That top types bottom.

by concerned topreply 10501/16/2019

I agree

by concerned topreply 10601/16/2019

There's nothing wrong with being a bottom. Unless you hate yourself for it.

by concerned topreply 10701/16/2019

Why do they hate themselves?

by concerned topreply 10801/16/2019

Because of homophobia and misogyny. Being a bottom has, for the most part, been considered (in generations past) the worst, lowest, most shameful kind of homosexual. Passive. Weak. Effeminate. Repulsive. Disgusting. Perverted. Sick. The opposite of what being a man is all about (cultural indoctrination and socialization). In short, the worst thing in the world a man can be is a homosexual who receives dick up his ass. It is the reason generations of men committed suicide and became alcoholics. And lived shame-filled lives. And hated themselves. WOMEN are the passive receivers in sex, not men. Not "real"men. (again, the social cues). Some of this zeitgeist still hangs on. Homophobia is alive and well.

by concerned topreply 10901/16/2019

Throughout most of history and cultures, strict Tops were able to escape the stigma of homosexuality that bottoms could not.

by concerned topreply 11001/16/2019

My total-bottom friend says all the shaming is from other bottoms who are in competition.

by concerned topreply 11101/16/2019

What about all of this bully shaming, you can’t be a sarcastic asshole without being shamed these days.

by concerned topreply 11201/16/2019

Bottom shaming is a bit tongue and cheek. Does anyone actually believe bottoms are any less of men than tops?

by concerned topreply 11301/16/2019

Bottom shaming is just an extension of how women are denigrated by men. If you take cock, you must be less powerful (and thus weak) than the person giving you the cock.

Stupid sexual dynamics

by concerned topreply 11401/16/2019

What tops don't realize is that bottoms totally control the entire scene. Tops may think they are directing everything but the bottom is.

by concerned topreply 11501/16/2019

[quote] My validation cums when the guys I top want another ride and return for some more deep dicking.

and I'm sure you have some bottoms you go back to because you liked the experience together too.

by concerned topreply 11601/16/2019

I've been a top and I"ve been a bottom. Both are fun but, when I'm feeling slutty, I inevitably bottom

by concerned topreply 11701/16/2019

I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.

by concerned topreply 11801/16/2019

I remember when Alexyss K Tylor's videos first got posted to YouTube and she was talking about "vagina competition" (which was mostly hilarious and absurd - she still had some good points). The first thing I thought of was how bottoms act toward each other.

I think it has more to do with internalized homophobia though - and I hate that term. But this is possibly the one time it applies.

Offsite Link
by concerned topreply 11901/16/2019

I also think fem guys in general tend to be more catty and bitchy than other males.

by concerned topreply 12001/17/2019

The only bottoms that require shaming are the ones that don't associate with gay men unless they're trying to get laid.

by concerned topreply 12101/17/2019

[quote]Be proud if you’re a bottom, don’t be afraid to talk about it, let people know.

No. Don't go around making gay men look like fucking morons by speaking publicly about your sex life. PLEASE. Do straight people do this? NO.

by concerned topreply 12201/17/2019

Do bottoms do that?

by concerned topreply 12301/17/2019

I have made it a top priority to get to the bottom of this once and for all.

by concerned topreply 12401/17/2019

R121 sees all! Knows all!

by concerned topreply 12501/17/2019

Do bottoms hang out with each other, I mean just as friends? It seems they don't.

by concerned topreply 12601/17/2019

Are you claiming they have with total tops as friends?

by concerned topreply 12701/17/2019

I'm vers and to me if I'm being honest, well, having just one 100% preference seems strange. You have a dick, how comes you don't want to use it?

by concerned topreply 12801/17/2019

It seems they are usually by themselves I rarely see them in groups.

by concerned topreply 12901/17/2019

There seem to be far more self-professed bottoms on DL than tops.

"Vers" is frequently a polite way of saying "I prefer to bottom, but I've topped a few guys over the years"

by concerned topreply 13001/17/2019

Exactly, but I think that if a guy just bottoms once, people perceive him as more innately a bottom forever. It’s like the “one drop” racial rule. Bottoming once overrides all else

by concerned topreply 13101/17/2019

I love men who take it in the ass!

by concerned topreply 13201/17/2019

“Which one of you is the wife?”

by concerned topreply 13301/17/2019

Men who suck dick also are stigmatized

by concerned topreply 13401/17/2019

[quote] I'm vers and to me if I'm being honest, well, having just one 100% preference seems strange.

The Vers Nazi Troll has arrived...

by concerned topreply 13501/17/2019

[quote]Exactly, but I think that if a guy just bottoms once, people perceive him as more innately a bottom forever.

I'm guessing this happened to you.

by concerned topreply 13601/17/2019

R45- I want you deeply inside me. What a stud.

by concerned topreply 13701/17/2019

Even straights do it

Offsite Link
by concerned topreply 13803/27/2021

Bottoms are the hottest, most beautiful men on the planet. Without them we’d be nothing but a bunch of dumb males with no holes to screw.

And their strength is more manly than ANY “alpha asshole” because they can take a cock without making a fuss about it.

by concerned topreply 13903/27/2021

R138 or “user5802569449513” please stop plugging tiktok.

by concerned topreply 14003/27/2021

Each sentence gets its own paragraph in that article.

Every single one.

LinkedIn style.

by concerned topreply 14103/27/2021

Years ago I figured out I was a TOP because I think about and look at mens ASSES a lot more than I think about their cocks.

by concerned topreply 14203/27/2021

Shaming dad

Offsite Link
by concerned topreply 14305/20/2021

Sleeping Booty

Offsite Link
by concerned topreply 14405/22/2021

I had a pass around bottom once during an orgy. It was hot but seemed unsanitary as well. MARY!

by concerned topreply 14505/22/2021


Offsite Link
by concerned topreply 14606/10/2021

[quote]Men who suck dick also are stigmatized

Not by me. If you're not sucking my dick, you're not getting in my bed, top or bottom. And I'll be sucking your dick. It's just fair.

by concerned topreply 14706/10/2021

The only people who shame bottoms are other bottoms.

by concerned topreply 14806/10/2021

R9 This! There's so much competitiveness among bottoms. They are like women. Instead of helping each other out, they trash talk and try to put down each other. and btw there's nothing manlier to me than knowing how to take it in the ass. I'm serious.

by concerned topreply 14906/10/2021


by concerned topreply 15006/10/2021

R148 nails it. Bottoms you have all the power, learn to channel it.

by concerned topreply 15106/10/2021

Must include

Offsite Link
by concerned topreply 15206/10/2021

It’s not shaming if you don’t speak to them!

by concerned topreply 15306/10/2021
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