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Are Muscles Worth It?

I think of all the time Arnold Schwarznegger must have spent pumping iron in the gym and now I look at his emaciated body and think, "Is it worth it?"

John Travolta admits that he had Sylvester Stallone train him to get a better body. Now I look at Travolta and I think, "Is it worth it?"

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 253Last Wednesday at 3:47 AM

Do it now and enjoy it.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 105/25/2016

It was worth it to Arnie as he's made hundreds of millions off those muscles. For the average Joe, no it's not worth it.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 205/25/2016

Why do anything, OP?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 305/25/2016

Most people find a well toned, tight body with a little muscle more attractive than one that is overly muscular.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 405/25/2016

He used drugs to achieve his look and has admitted to it. That's why he's had all of those heart surgeries. He looks awful because he's had so many heart surgeries. Plus, he has gyno (from working out and elevated estrogen) and all kinds hormonal issues (from drugs and age) which cause loose skin. Drug use actually causes your body to stop producing hormones.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 505/25/2016

In just seven days, OP....

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 605/25/2016

"Drug use actually causes your body to stop producing hormones."

Plus, when men get older they lose the Y chromosome.

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by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 705/25/2016

Travolta decided he like to eat more. Legendary glutton. And after 50, roided muscle queens just start to get ridiculed whatever they do to stay "young." So, no.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 805/25/2016

I didn't know that R7. Are they still male essentially?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 905/25/2016

[quote]Are they still male essentially?

No, that's why so many old men look like lesbians.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 1005/25/2016

You can go on T to mitigate the Lesbian Look, but then you'll be dead of prostate cancer within 5 years.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 1105/25/2016

Yes it gets me any man that I want. I put up a pic and I get dozens of men wanting me. I can be more picky and the guys worship me. I even had a woman in a night club ask me to go home with her and fuck her. I could be an escort if I wanted to sell my ass.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 1205/25/2016


Arnie's a big, fat blob!

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by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 1305/25/2016

Only if you don't want to get sand in your face when kicked to the ground.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 1405/25/2016

I don't like men with too many muscles.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 1505/25/2016

[quote] Yes it gets me any man that I want. I put up a pic and I get dozens of men wanting me.

I'll be the judge of that.

Link to photo, please.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 1605/25/2016

Tell 80-year-old Vince McMahon that muscles aren't worth it.

Then stop making excuses for yourself and get your ass to the gym!

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 1705/25/2016

OP, I guess you know there is a middle ground between how Arnold Schwarznegger looked in his heyday and a 98 pound weakling?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 1805/25/2016

Only if you plan to fuck the maid and have an ugly child with her.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 1905/25/2016

R12 = Junior Samples

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 2005/25/2016

What's wrong with lean and slim ? Looks so youthful. Like a runway model.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 2105/25/2016

R21, I can get more guys and girls that you can imagine with my gym body. Lean and slim is for pussies. Muscles are hot. If I'm going to have sex with a guy don't want a lean and slim dude; I want someone built like me.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 2205/25/2016

People forget that exercising feels good if youi're doing it right. Obviously if you want mega muscles you need to spend way too much time getting them or put your health at risk with steroids.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 2305/25/2016

Muscle is a fetish r22

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 2405/25/2016

OP just don't equate muscles with sexiness.

And one time I asked a muscleguy with a small cock if he wished he had a big cock and an average body and he said def a big cock/average body.

And let's face it, with cock size there are only three: small, big and horse.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 2505/25/2016

[quote]Tell 80-year-old Vince McMahon that muscles aren't worth it. Then stop making excuses for yourself and get your ass to the gym!

Why would I in any way want to emulate Vince McMahon????

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 2605/25/2016

I prefer a big cock to big muscles

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 2705/25/2016

Vince McMahon is on HGH (probably enough to kill a horse)..and roids.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 2805/25/2016

Arnold had a Mesomorph body type. They are short and squaty and build muscles quickly.

Ectomorph- Lean and long, ectomorphs have difficulty building muscle

Endomorph - Big with high body fat, often pear-shaped, endomorphs have a high tendency to store body fat

Mesomorph - Muscular and well-built, mesomorphs have a high metabolism and responsive muscle cells

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 2905/25/2016

It's pretty amazing that OP would question if muscles are worth it and then ramble about Arnold.

EVERYTHING Schwarzenegger has attained in life, he owes it to bodybuilding. He would never had emigrated to America if it wasn't for bodybuilding, he would not have been in the movies if it weren't for his physique. Now he's worth over $500 millions, has been Governor of California, and you still wonder if being muscular was worth it because he's looking saggy in his 60's?? It's like wondering why someone would study hard to become an engineer if he got alzheimer later in life.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 3005/25/2016

You could still do all that without being a bodybuilder and not looking saggy at 60s.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 3105/25/2016

McMahon is impressive, but he's not 80.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 3205/25/2016

R31 With what talent? Arnold knew nothing but to lift weights, and he made it big.

I guess you, an obvious bitter fatso on the internet, could have life-coached him to stardom by other means, but alas uchronia is a subgenre of fantasy and sci-fi and not reality or history.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 3305/25/2016

Arnold looks a mess because he got old. All men of his age look like that, whether they worked out or not.

But I bet he had more fun than the average chubby schlub along the way.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 3405/25/2016

R34 I bet he had lots of fun with that ugly housekeeper..

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 3505/25/2016

Worth it?

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 3605/26/2016

You should emulate Vince McMahon because he is healthy, he looks and feels great with big muscles at 80 years old and he has an active sex life, r26.

Or be a fat, diseased, bitter P.O.S. when you're 80. The choice is yours.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 3705/26/2016

r36 is that a pinhead?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 3805/26/2016


Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 3905/26/2016

Oh yes

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 4007/29/2016

Of course. The hotties that start checking you out is incredible. It opens you you up to 8s, 9s, even 10s! And you fit in your clothes like whoa.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 4108/19/2018

Another unexpected advantage of having a well muscled body is that I get MAD respect from straight guys. At work they’re all “bro this”, “bro that”, asking for tips, wanting to hang out. A muscled body opens the door to the straight boys’ club - but you gotta be BIG.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 4208/19/2018

So true. Almost all my close friends are straight bros. While they were cool with me as a skinny dudes, they give me so much more respect now that I lift And am “Jacked.” They constantly comment on my Bigger muscles and physique. They call me “boss” and “stud” now, even sometimes “Alpha.” There is just so much Male respect for muscled dudes.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 4308/19/2018

Do you need to juice to get big?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 4408/19/2018

It depends what your priorities are.

If you want health, and to look good as long as possible, go for moderate muscle. Eat fairly healthy and work out regularly but not obsessively.

Oh, and don’t smoke Or get too much sun exposure (but go outside frequently. Just cover up and use sunscreen).

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 4508/19/2018

Definitely. I was a twinky waif inclined towards topping but got fucked all the time. After I bulked up bottoms became attracted to me and I was able to top much more - and kick sand in face to boot.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 4608/19/2018


by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 4708/19/2018

Vince McMahon: major pussy hound, big Trump supporter.

Just say no.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 4808/19/2018

The attention and adoration is intoxicating and addictive.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 4908/19/2018

Big muscles take lots of work and eating. To stay that way, it’s almost continuous. No carbs and steroids help too. You get lots of attention and then you realize it has little to do with you as a person but your muscles.

And then you get sick of not having much of a life because you spend so much time tending to your muscles.

It’s better to be lean and muscled but just not that big

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 5008/19/2018

I worked out with weights for 30 years, three hours a day, six days a week. I was the geeky, nerdy kid in high school, so when I noticed the results for the first time, I became hooked. I wasn't a bodybuilder, but I was well-muscled. I was always getting compliments on my chest, in particular. I got to know many great guys at the gym through those years; I spent so much time with them. I also got an up close look at some great bodies. Some even teased me by flashing their cocks from time to time.

I know I was noticed when I walked into a room. Going to a gay bar in the 80s with muscle (before it became popular) guaranteed at least one person would approach me each time, looking for love...

I was gradually tearing my rotator cuff, and it finally gave out. I had surgery and rehab. Then I tore it again. After that repair, I stopped lifting heavy. One day at the gym, in my fifties, I was so tired. I asked myself why I was doing this. I left the gym and never went back.

I lost muscle mass, but I haven't gotten fat. It was great while I had the muscle, lots of reward. But now I wonder how I ever had the time to do it.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 5108/19/2018

I love the way hard, developed muscles fit in clothes, especially today’s athletic, muscle, and slim fit styles. It feels good to just feel like your physique is molded into pants and shirts. I especially love how my polos are so fitted

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 5208/19/2018

R24 I am NOT fatish!


by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 5308/19/2018

[quote]They call me “boss” and “stud” now, even sometimes “Alpha.”

Wow, you must have a really magical, fulfilling life now.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 5408/19/2018

To r54: You mad, bro?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 5508/19/2018

U bet he is!

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 5608/19/2018

R54, he's being IRONIC.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 5708/19/2018

The snarky eyeroll isn’t ironic

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 5808/19/2018

If you love and need the attention, muscles are worth it. They take loads of work, particularly if your body doesn’t naturally have that aptitude.

You will have a wonderful selection of men who want to have sex with you, be invited to the hottest parties, have strangers offer you free things. Seriously.

I know, because I made that commitment. I went from being a vegetarian to a meat eater just so I could gain muscle. I’ve juiced a few cycles but kept most of my muscle mass since.

I like the attention and the fact that I can choose the hottest guys to sleep with (I remember when I had to hope and pray men would even look my way.). It’s fun but I know this won’t last forever. I’m already getting bored of the whole rigmarole.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 5908/19/2018

There is a lot of male bonding and camaraderie among guys who are in today’s male aesthetics, male fitness, and bodybuilding movements. These are essentially subcultures with their own lingo, lifestyle, and relationships. A lot of guys mainly hang out with other dudes and women who are fitness heads. After all, they are in the gym all the time and have very particular diets. It’s a huge male bonding appeal across orientations.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 6008/19/2018

Sort of like team Sports

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 6108/19/2018

Speaking of which, muscles mean you can indulge in sportsex.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 6208/19/2018

Do you have any idea how much Pu@@y was being thrown at Arnold in his prime? I’m sure he thought it was worth it!

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 6308/19/2018

Moderation in everything. In the long run, the person who eats right, gets a combination of some regular cardio and resistance exercise, even if it's just regular vigorous walking and some push ups or pull ups at home, maintains his BMI at 25 or less, gets sleep and avoids overindulgence in drinking or drugs will look good his whole life long, not just for a decade here or there. It's been my experience watching friends who are gymholics, that when the time comes (and it always comes) that they either injure themselves to the point of being unable to work out, or tire of the routine and stop it, their big muscle bodies quickly turn to fat - fat that is VERY hard to lose. But a completely untoned body is not attractive either, at any age. So finding some sort of exercise regime that fits into your lifestyle is very important. Sadly, it means spending a couple of hours a day away from DL too :)

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 6408/20/2018

Don’t ever tire of looking hot

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 6508/20/2018


Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 6611/16/2018

No. R64 is the best post on this thread.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 6711/16/2018

Look at Stallone’s and Van Damme’s bodies today. They never let themselves go.

Yes, it’s worth it.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 6811/16/2018

Schwarzenegger gained wealth beyond the dreams of avarice and world fame from his muscles, so even if all the steroids destroy his health in later life he probably thinks it was worth it.

Nobody else has ever gained enough from big muscles to make taking decades off their life span worthwhile.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 6911/16/2018

My vegetarian friend decided to become a meat eater so her would bulk up. He was pretty thin before and now he’s nicely muscled. He beds so really hot guys now.

So, for him, the muscles were worth it

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 7011/16/2018

R68 Stallone is still using steroids. He got busted in Australia a few years back.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 7111/16/2018

Working out, you pretty much have 2 choices: build muscles for appearance sake, or build strength.

Building strength feels great but it has a lot less to do with image. It will make you look better and weigh more while burning fat. You will be able to lift things you couldn’t before and walk around feeling like you can defend yourself if need be, especially against couch potatoes.

As a woman, I love lifting heavy weights. It feels great. I’m not too extreme, but it’s been proven I’m now stronger than your average non-active man —no hormones and no special diet, either. Love that, too.

I’ve also out lifted and out lasted a few gorillas in my day. When you build up the major muscle groups like bodybuilders do, you can actually lose strength and stamina. Their workouts are weird and I don’t understand them. A huge gorilla actually wept tears with his bloodshot eyes in my class doing tricep repetitions with a five pound weight. I can do 20 pounds or more at my best.

So, do it for you. Strong feels great and will serve you for a lifetime. My only complaint is I really need electrolytes daily because the extra muscle mass dehydrates me quickly. Bodybuilding is style over substance and can harm, is weird and unnatural, and is all about looks. If that’s what you want, then buyer beware. CrossFit guys are far hotter imho.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 7211/16/2018

Muscular people actually look sexy in clothes as well. Maybe even more sexy than in Speedo-type garb. For the person who is in shape and muscular (not talking body dysmorphia territory), it's a huge mental boost and confidence boost. Even if you work in a career that is more cerebral, I think the muscular person would have an advantage.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 7311/16/2018

Studies show weightlifting has huge health benefits, from preventing diabetes to helping jumpstart the metabolic rate. People with muscles are less likely to fall or suffer injuries, and tend to report higher levels of contentment

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 7411/16/2018

All should weight train at least twice a week.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 7511/16/2018

If you do it and keep it up, you'll consistently have sex with other muscular men. But after you stop doing it you'll lose the muscles, and if you lose the muscles, you'll lose the frequent sex with muscular men. But eventually you'll age enough that it won;t matter how muscular you are (unless you are a cum-sloppy whore like the elderly Dallas Steele and will have sex with anyone).

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 7611/16/2018

R76, do you only think about sex, man?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 7711/16/2018

Uh, google that old lady in her seventies who can deadlift over 200 pounds. She looked pretty damn firm to me.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 7811/16/2018

R17 is that a current photo of 80 year old Vince?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 7911/16/2018

[quote] Uh, google that old lady in her seventies who can deadlift over 200 pounds. She looked pretty damn firm to me.

If you want to have sex with her, go for it!

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 8011/16/2018

Honestly? It is SO worth it. Being young and having members of both sex wanted to be naked with you, is an incredible feeling. Now I am old and body has broken down, and I am invisible, and that is ok too. For any young man, go for it, there is no greater feeling in the world. Ok flame away, just one persons experience.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 8111/16/2018

I love seeing all the buff people in their 60s and 70s in the gym. Goals

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 8211/16/2018

Lost at sea, hide the desert

Stay with me, you won't regret it

Take this love, so deep to swim in

Come to me, and let the love in

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 8311/16/2018

I've been going to the gym for nearly 30 years; definitely had my muscle day when I could clearly get both men and women wanting me, and I did indulge. However, I never considered it the definition of who I was or am. Over 50 now, I'm still toned, not buffed, and not anywhere near as obsessive about achieving muscle mass. I'm very, very good at what I do, successful in my career, and had I been a fatty that wouldn't have changed. It's fine to want to be healthy, prolong wellness, and enhance self-esteem. It's another thing to overcompensate for many other deficits in one's life to the point that it becomes pathological. The guy who talked about body building as ultra male bonding may be omitting the facts that many of this clan also suffer from major depression, addiction, body dysmorphia, anorexia, bulimia, laxative abuse, and an array of personality disorders, namely NPD. Believe ne, I have seen them and known them all. Younger guys are being raised in era where the male physique has been hyper-exploited and oversexualized to the point that it is worse than the female stereotype ever was. A number of guys in my current gym have great physiques in tandem with coke and meth problems, ADHD, aggression issues compound by the incessant doping. Not a pretty picture. I hate to shatter the illusion of muscle magic and its gateway to respect and unbelievable sex with both genders, but there are plenty of guys with great bodies who ended up with chubby chics. There are also heavier guys with dynamic personalities and other talents that get laid a lot more than you'd like to know. Maybe the work needs to be done on the inside first. Getting an education, perfecting your intellectual and mental acumen, learning compassion, empathy, and generosity. Avoiding an elitist male bonding club that will exclude, but creating a social forum where all are welcome. It saddens me to see that gay men who have fought for decades not to be discriminated against have morphed into a generation that does nothing but discriminate when looks, weight, and age are involved. The outside will eventually be the reflection of the inside. When you're young, you have the face and body that God gave you. When you're old, you get the face and body you deserve. And tomorrow becomes today much faster than you think.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 8411/16/2018

Well said.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 8511/16/2018

To look like this, certainly

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 8611/16/2018

R85 Thank you. Not many are going to get the point.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 8711/16/2018

Yes, R84, very well said.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 8811/16/2018

Yes, it’s worth it.

Yes, I’m. More likely to get sex, but it make you feel so much better. Walking down the street, running up a flight of stairs, picking up a bag of whatever, you feel more capable. I’ve been working out regularly for thirty years. A few years ago, there was a definite change for the worse with body fat and muscle mass, in spite of a six-day-a-week regimine. Got my testosterone checked. It was low, as I suspected, so I got on weekly shots, and everything’s just a little bit better.

I’m not going to compete with twenty-five year olds, but I get to be the best me I can be. All my bloodwork gets checked regularly, so the health risks are minimal. Don’t always feel like going to the gym, but I’m always glad I went. My mood a better and I feel grounded in my body. There’s a joy to feeling your body working, it puts you in touch with your animal nature.

And occasionally, I make out with a guy half my age, so there’s that. I don’t much care about going home with them these days.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 8911/17/2018

If you get fit and stay fit WITHOUT steroids, then yes it is worth it.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 9011/18/2018

Yes it worth it. You pack on your muscles before you're 40 and you'll look pretty good as a hot daddy. Not to speak of a strong core as you age. Nothing more unattractive than a scrawny old geezer with a gut and hair growing out of his nose.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 9111/18/2018

Nothing can be "worth it" forever. Our values & priorities change the older we get.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 9211/18/2018

R42 R43. I can attest to that. I had a best friend who would and still gets mad respect from other guys due to his muscular frame.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 9311/18/2018

So straight guys' approval makes it worth it. Big shocker. Same as being a marine or pro sports player.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 9411/18/2018

R93 here. I should have mentioned that my buddy is straight.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 9511/18/2018

Hells yeah

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 9611/18/2018

[quote] I’ve juiced a few cycles but kept most of my muscle mass since.

Did your dick shrink?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 9711/18/2018

Question : when you stop after years of big muscles, does the extra skin schrink back or does it end up hanging on the body?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 9811/18/2018

Don’t juice

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 9911/18/2018

Hells yeah

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 10004/17/2019

Are you basically saying bodybuilding is a "sport" full of lust and orgies?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 10104/17/2019

I find many different types of men attractive, but the combo of a lot of muscle plus a bit of cushion (“fit fat”) is definitely the sexiest to me. I would love to get beefy, but am a classic ectomorph and know it would require constant, grueling workouts and more food than I can see myself eating on a regular basis.

So, for me it’s not worth it—at least not now. I’ll stick with my 4-5 challenging but not hellish workouts a week and moderate diet.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 10204/17/2019

Sex, most men want admiration and sex. Muscles open those doors.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 10304/18/2019

R84 hit the nail on the head!

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 10404/18/2019

Yes and no. The pros are obvious, of course; being healthier, stronger, the confidence boost and more attention really are great. Athletic activity opens up a completely new world of entertainment. But there's also a somewhat dark side to it, or at least there is for me. A nice body can be alienating to some people. One big problem I encountered is that my body change resulted in some horrible jealousy issues with friends, both men and women. My social groups from my youth were the typical party/bar crawl crowd, and we did it up majorly. However, as we hit our late 20s, the lifestyle caught up with us and we started getting fat. Of course we all made the pact to work-out together and eat healthier blah blah, but I was the only one who followed through with it. In my friends' defense, our lifestyles were grossly unhealthy, basically just working to get to the weekend to do drinking and smoking with little sleep, up all hours, no exercise besides walking from bar to bar. So going from that to consistent working out (working out with smokers lungs is one of the most horrid experiences) and moderating caloric intake was akin to throwing a fish on land and demanding it to walk. But it does suck because when I hang out with my friends, it's me and bunch of drunk, overweight, depressed smokers making snide comments about how I spend too much time in the gym or my "obsession with my body is weird." They basically hold a grudge against me for it which has really changed our dynamic. I've had three girlfriends who've said they don't want to be seen with me publicly because they think I make them look fat by comparison, past FWBs don't want to sleep with me anymore because they don't feel attractive enough, etc.. Contrary to what others have mentioned above, I haven't really enjoyed more sex with hotter people. I definitely sleep with hotter guys now, and that's nice. However, in my midwestern city, fit isn't really the norm; for every 50 guys I interact with on grindr or in a bar or wherever, there's maybe 3 or 4 who I'd consider, (and whether I meet their standards is another matter as, admittedly, I don't have a typical attractive male face), and the logistics and practicality of hooking up sometimes completely leave me with nothing (I'm not traveling 40 miles round trip for ass or waiting an hour for them to come over). I've also noticed that a lot of guys assume that, because I'm fit, I will only date or hookup with other guys at my same fitness level, which is not necessarily the case. But, like the issue with my friends above, the disparity in physique is alienating so they don't approach me or try to engage. Far too often on Grindr I hit up guys who say they've wanted to talk to me but feared some bitchy, insolent rejection. Also, a profile pic with a muscled body attracts a lot of catfish, so most of the time half the hot dudes hitting me up are fakes or bots or whatever.

But, with all the above said, I don't regret it in the least. Working out and lifting feels great, it's great to be healthy and get healthier, it's wonderful to care about what I eat and to be able to breathe properly again. I now enjoy getting sweaty and dirty and being outside in nature (I was something of a fuss pot in my youth), I care less about superficial commercialism (no body cares what you wear or what label you wear when the body is what's being eyed). It's really tempered me in a lot of ways and turned me into a much more mature adult than I was in my 20s. And one thing to remember is that getting slimmer or more fit doesn't necessitate hours in the gym or starving oneself. Sometimes all it takes is a few moderate shifts in diet and some more fast walks around the park or doing some jogging around the block. Building muscle is hard to do without a gym setting. But my first year, despite not having a gym membership, I actually made great progress in toning my muscles, and even gaining muscle, by just doing simple body weight exercises like lunges, pushups, crunches, etc.. Maintaining a healthy and strong body is very worth it.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 10504/19/2019

There is no easier way to get lots of followers, likes, admirers, and access to other hotties.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 10604/19/2019

There is no easier way to get lots of like-minded simpleton followers, likes, admirers and access to other shallow, vapid tools.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 10704/19/2019

But they are hot r107, so worth it

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 10804/19/2019

I wish I knew the health benefits of weight training when I was younger. It’s extraordinary. So many people butch and complain and take meds or abuse substances when they could just lift a few times a week instead.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 10904/19/2019

True, studies are confirming the major health benefits of weightlifting at every age

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 11004/19/2019

I muscled up right after high school. Had a downtown internship and just hit the gym after work and before going out.

I'm 50 now and what I have found out through the years is that I can easily get back to that body, but never beyond. Of course, those muscles are now packed into 50 year old skin, lol.

But that's good enough for me. I dont try too hard at the gym and consciously make sure I dont burn out.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 11104/19/2019

DLers as always can't accept getting older......

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 11204/19/2019

I love seeing buff 60 and 70 year olds at my gym. They are true gymspiration

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 11304/19/2019

R109 it's interesting that you mention that. Anecdotally, I've noticed major differences between my friends (and myself) who are active and those who aren't. Obviously, being overweight carries with it obvious risks. But I've noticed those less active friends are super dependent on doctor care to feel better, take more medications, complain of pain or being sick, are overly fatigued, and these are people in their early 30s. I myself haven't been on any medications most of my life, I get sore from the gym sometimes, but nothing debilitating like some of my friends have. One of my friends is 32 and she keeps throwing her back out. I told her that's just not normal. But again, she's never really been active.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 11404/19/2019

Yeah, gym life is great

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 11504/19/2019

If gays didn't like muscles there would have been less men physically apt to protect our species when we were primitive wanderes thousands and thousands of years ago. Some of you see attraction to muscles as shallow but you're wrong; it's nature's way to keep the species alive.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 11604/19/2019

Uh huh

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 11704/19/2019

I guess they are. Now and then I raid the piggy bank and splurge. Chad is my favorite, but if he's not available, Kyle will do in pinch (hehe).

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 11804/19/2019

Whatever dude

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 11904/19/2019

Yes they're worth it. Surely everyone ages but the muscle strength you built up keeps you stronger in old age. Also you get laid more when you could get it up.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 12004/19/2019

One day, when I was on adam4adam (yeah, it's been a few years), I decided to do an experiment, where I swapped my pic with a shirtless pic of a very nice muscled body I found off the Internet. I am not super-proud that I did this, but I planned from the start to not meet anyone, and indeed I stuck with my plan. I was shocked by the number of guys who hit me up. Some hot guys who I had never seen before on the site came out of the woodwork to say hi. It was a very telling experience that I have never forgotten.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 12104/19/2019

Good for you. Did the response at all inspire you to buff up?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 12204/19/2019

I'm 60+ and have been lifting and biking moderately for 45 years. I'll continue as long as I'm able because it's absolutely key to preventing my body from falling apart entirely. It preserves function and staves off various things that put folks in nursing homes. Plus I still get cruised seniors!

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 12304/19/2019

Moderate weight training and/or resistance training is important for long term health. HOWEVER........building gimongous muscles is NOT good for long term health. It leaves people muscle-bound and extremely injury prone, and when they stop working out, with a body that sags everywhere. Schwarzenegger and others are perfect examples of this. Ideally as we age, we have built into our lives a mix of cardio (brisk walking is just fine for this), plus, as I said, a moderate amount of resistance training, and a certain amount of stretching/flexibility work. This can be done with bands, or even using gravity (against arms or legs - anything held up against gravity). Doesn't have to be with weights or machines. Coupled with a healthy diet and lifestyle (minimal drinking, plenty of sleep), a person can continue to have a body with this regimen that is not overweight and has some muscle tone well into his 70s and even 80s. This is maintaining a functional body vs. a body built for show.

However, many men are addicted to the gym and the gym lifestyle. If it motivates them to get moving every day, I'm all for it. But men should avoid injecting steroids and attempting to get massively bulky at any age. That's a very unhealthy choice.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 12404/19/2019

Muscles are critical

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 12504/20/2019

Muscleheads are critical too.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 12604/20/2019

R122, yes, but it's not coming easily. Making progress though!

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 12704/20/2019

It takes time

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 12804/20/2019

What about your sex drive?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 12904/21/2019

It’s worth it

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 13004/21/2019

The world of muscle is not hypersexual for nothing.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 13104/22/2019

It's worth it when your young because you have the most sex then

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 13204/22/2019

[quote] One day, when I was on adam4adam (yeah, it's been a few years), I decided to do an experiment, where I swapped my pic with a shirtless pic of a very nice muscled body I found off the Internet.

Years ago, I did the same on another site and found similar results. Amazing how muscular men get hit on by all types--which is no surprise. I had totally forgotten about that account and recently checked it. I literally has over 100 emails waiting for me from guys who wanted to hook up.

No wonder gays are obsessed about becoming gym fit

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 13304/22/2019

R132 It's worth it when you're older too as it still helps you have sex.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 13404/22/2019

It doesn't have to be one extreme or the other. Work on your body and diet, but don't obsess about it.

Also, having a spectacular body won't solve mental issues. So work on those too, and learn to be happy with yourself.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 13504/22/2019

[quote] They call me “boss” and “stud” now, even sometimes “Alpha.”


by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 13604/22/2019

[quote] If gays didn't like muscles there would have been less men physically apt to protect our species when we were primitive wanderes thousands and thousands of years ago. Some of you see attraction to muscles as shallow but you're wrong; it's nature's way to keep the species alive.

I love it when the Ph.D.s like yourself weigh in!

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 13704/22/2019

It's true, R137. I learned it in middle school.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 13804/22/2019

Muscles of primitive wanderers were compact. They weren't these balloon-ish steroid muscles of modern bodybuilders.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 13904/22/2019

Thanks R137

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 14004/22/2019

It’s worth it to look like this in clothes

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 14104/24/2019

"A muscled body opens the door to the straight boys’ club -"

Oooo, the straight boys club! How special!

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 14204/24/2019


by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 14304/24/2019

R141 is so hot

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 14404/25/2019

R141 would look a lot better in nicely tailored clothes that leave something to the imagination. Skintight clothes on a guy screams look-at-me insecurity.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 14504/25/2019

Develop your mind AND body. But don't be defined by your muscles.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 14604/25/2019

Muscles rock

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 14704/25/2019

Yes, to look like this ALPHA

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 14804/28/2019

Muscles are okay, but they aren't the be-all end-all.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 14904/28/2019

Muscles open a lot of doors

Most particularly Aaron Schock’s butt cheeks

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 15004/28/2019

Yeah they give you access to other Alphas and 10s

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 15104/28/2019 their own minds.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 15204/28/2019

It's all about hotness. Don't ever be fooled by bodybuilders who say it isn't about looking hot.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 15305/01/2019

Muss kulls.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 15405/01/2019

We don't need muscles anymore.

We don't need men to wrestle the Woolly Mammoths anymore because we buy our food in a shop.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 15505/01/2019

Fat jealous loser ^

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 15605/01/2019

Woolly Mammoth wrestler ^

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 15705/01/2019

I’m not a lezzie r157

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 15805/01/2019

Muscles matter

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 15905/01/2019

What do you think?

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 16005/07/2019

Both Homosexual Arnold and Homosexual Travolta used their bodies to set them on the road to the mega-wealthy ladies that they are today!

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 16105/07/2019

Hells yeah, they are!

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 16205/08/2019

Most certainly

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 16305/11/2019


Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 16406/09/2019

They are

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 16509/20/2019

I love them

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 16611/21/2019

Most certainly. Makes you attractive to other attractive people

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 16711/23/2019

Yes, especially to build functional strength and maintain flexibility. As you age, you need to work to keep your body in order. Losing your mobility as you get older due to never taking fitness seriously is a common regret and if you bodybuild or strength train responsibly, looking good is a secondary benefit.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 16811/23/2019

I don’t think muscles = healthy

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 16911/23/2019

Muscles’ worth depends on what you’re willing to do for them.

I have a few friends for whom a few sessions in the gym make them muscular. My body type however is slim. A lifetime in the gym has made me fit looking but not with big muscles. It’s not worth doing steroids to gain mass for me.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 17011/23/2019

Exactly, muscles don't equal health or even genetic superiority.

I think the role of muscles is more about survival through defense. Nature eroticised muscles in order to increase the number of men that would protect their communities back in the days when humans live more primitively and numbers for survival mattered.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 17111/23/2019

They sure look great on dudes

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 17211/23/2019

Despite all the bitterness he causes here truth is he is getting lots of dicks hard and dripping across the globe.

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 17311/23/2019

If muscles didn't make you look sexy and didn't give you more chances for sex no one would do bodybuilding.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 17411/23/2019

R174, sadly R173's pic shows mucles don't make his look sexy

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 17511/25/2019

I feel better buff

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 17611/26/2019

Wow, old thread. But yes it's worth it. It takes a lot of work but you feel and look better than people who are not in good shape, you're more sexually desirable, your body is stronger and healthier which means you are less likely to suffer from various ailments, you can use your body as a money-making opportunity if you so wish.

If you could wave a wand and get your dream body without putting in the work, I reckon almost everyone would - but not everyone is willing to invest the time and work required. Yes, everyone will age and lose their looks and their body, but hell I'd rather look good for as long as I can than not put in any effort because one day I'll be old and saggy.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 17711/26/2019

They're always worth it.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 17811/28/2019

I like toned bodies, not overly muscled ones. I work out with weights 4 times a week to try and maintain good muscle tone. Plus, weight workouts help you avoid joint problems and arthritis as you age.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 17911/28/2019

Yes: it’s easier to regrow and maintain muscle mass in the future if you have trained your muscles in the past. This is called muscle-memory. You don’t want to end up a skinny-fat elderly person.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 18011/28/2019


by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 18111/28/2019

Yes, I love looking great in clothes

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 18211/30/2019

Yes, I love looking great in clothes

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 18311/30/2019


Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 18412/08/2019

I don’t tear down gay men who are effeminate or stereotypical, but I am never attracted to them. I’m Strictly attracted to conventionally masculine and mainstream guys, not only romantically, but also as friends. I just relate to masculine dudes and enjoy kicking it with them. I don’t bash fem Guys, I just don’t vibe with them.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 18512/08/2019


Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 18612/12/2019

Bg muscles are ugly. They make people look like freaks.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 18712/12/2019

That's a personal tate; not a universal fact.

I, for one find huge muscles attractive.

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 18812/17/2019

It’s intoxicating to be jacked

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 18901/20/2020

Muscle mass is important to preventing injury and Decline as one ages

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 19002/17/2020

I just turned 40. Too old to start ? Lol

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 19102/17/2020

No dude

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 19202/17/2020

Arnold probably destroyed his health with steroids, but you've got to admit that it worth it in the end. He's a legendary film star AND politician. At least he'll die having made some impact on the world.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 19302/17/2020

He still has a decent physique

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 19402/17/2020

R193 plus he got to participate in gym orgies, trains and gangbang that may or may not have had bi activities

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 19502/17/2020

I love the way buff muscles make me fit into clothes

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 19604/06/2020

I know I'm going to feel like mush at the end of this.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 19704/06/2020

Muscles are hot

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 19804/08/2020

Muscles are hot

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 19904/08/2020

It is painful not to work out. I hate skipping the gym.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 20004/08/2020

Me too bro

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 20104/08/2020

I've always been leery of gym bunnies and oh hell what's the derogatory name for a guy anyway. But I've confirmed it with others, hot bodies, trash personality.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 20204/08/2020


by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 20304/08/2020


by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 20404/08/2020

To look like this? Oh yes

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 20504/10/2020

To fit into shirts like this

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 20605/02/2020

r202 Most definitely think the average (nonwhite) guy is beneath them. At least the gay ones do.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 20705/02/2020

I don’t hang with the gay ones

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 20805/02/2020

It fills out clothes so nice

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 20905/08/2020

If you’re over 40, get a prescription for injectable testosterone. Even small amounts help with maintaining muscle mass.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 21005/08/2020

R202 you type death fat and envious

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 21105/08/2020

They definitely are. I love the 65 year old buff dudes at my gym with ripped abs. They are dedicated to fitness

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 21205/09/2020

Why wouldn’t all guys want to look like this in a shirt?

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 21305/25/2020

I like having nice tits in a shirt.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 21405/25/2020

I wanna loon like this in a T-shirt

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 21506/13/2020

They're welcoming us back!

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 21606/13/2020

Look like that

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 21706/13/2020

Oh yeah

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 21806/13/2020

Goals here

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 21906/14/2020

It looks so hot

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 22006/19/2020

It is attractive

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 22106/19/2020


Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 22207/30/2020


by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 22308/12/2020

They get so many followers and likes

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 22408/15/2020

To look like this? Hells yeah!

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 22508/24/2020

Work hard

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 22609/01/2020

I was high with a bodybuilder friend once and i talked about how it was kinda messed up that we eat other animal's muscles to grow our own. he went vegan after that and said "never again. those are their gains bro, not mine"

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 22709/22/2020

I was lifting weights in the 80s, which wasn't considered normal at the time. It wasn't common to see built men at gay bars, yet. I wasn't a bodybuilder, but my muscles were big. I was noticed when I walked through the bar's front door, some even stared at me. I'd wear a tee-shirt and guys would pinch my nipples, which were prominent on my pecs. Eventually someone would pull the shirt off of me. My package would be groped.

Honestly, I didn't mind it. I went home with a couple of guys who used their hands on me. I had to give up lifting weights twenty years ago, too many injuries sustained with the wear and tear of muscle. I regretted watching my body get smaller. Now, I'm happy with my average 60-year-old body. I had my moments; they are nice to remember. I still enjoy looking.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 22809/22/2020

R209 this is pretty much my physique - though I really would like to be bigger. I've not done injectable steroids before but I am considering it.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 22909/23/2020

R229 Damn boy, we should really hook up! I bet you would destroy me! You should not use steroids!

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 23009/23/2020

My gym crush told me is taking SARMS

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 23109/23/2020

R231 I have tried SARMS before but they didn't agree with me, and I felt like my nipples were getting puffy so I didn't finish the course.

R230 - why shouldn't I use steroids? I think a lot of people have a lot of misconceptions about steroids. Like anything, they can be abused/misused but there are ways to do them more safely, and like anything they have risks. It makes me laugh when people judge steroids but they smoke or drink to excess, which are way more harmful. Pretty much every built guy on Instagram is on roids, it's not a magic bullet but it sure does help when you are training hard but not seeing the results you want. And no, in before the usual comment 'it shrinks your dick' because it doesn't.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 23209/24/2020

Why jeopardize your health?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 23309/24/2020

R233 you could say the same about literally anything - you have to weigh up the risks vs the rewards and if you decide that the rewards for you personally outweigh the risks, then why wouldn't you do it?

Why do people go skydiving? They could die.

Why do people smoke? They could get lung cancer.

Why do people drink alcohol? They could become alcoholic.

Why do people drive cars? They could die in a car crash.

Why do people do steroids? They could develop health issues from steroid use, yes, but they could also develop the body that they want. Risk vs reward.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 23409/24/2020


Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 23509/26/2020

Marine muscle, yes.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 23609/26/2020


Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 23711/10/2020

Gains for the bruhs

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 23812/29/2020

My most muscled friends don't actually spend that much time in the gym--maybe 45 minutes/day.

I never understood why people spend hours and hours at the gym for the same result

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 23912/29/2020


Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 24001/30/2021


Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 24102/06/2021

Here's a bodybuilder (Arthur Peacock) at 40 and 80 (I think he's about 85 now). He actually looks BETTER at 80! Certainly the only 80-year old I've ever seen that I might want a fling with. Somehow he's avoided even having sagging skin.

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 24202/06/2021

No more being picked on

Offsite Link
by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 24302/14/2021

've had three girlfriends who've said they don't want to be seen with me publicly because they think I make them look fat by comparison, past FWBs don't want to sleep with me anymore because they don't feel attractive enough

R105, were you already bi at that time or did your interest in guys come later?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 24402/14/2021

Have gyms always been gay hookup spots?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 24502/15/2021

This thread makes me miss the gym.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 24602/17/2021

What about non-steroid supplements and watching your macros. Doesn't that work?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 24702/19/2021

I was very lean when I was younger but decided to bulk up. Supplements. Hours in the gym. Looking back now at 55 I wish I had stayed lean.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 24802/19/2021

Why so R248? I'm not too far from your age and was thinking I need to go for more bulk.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 24902/20/2021

Does bulk just get cumbersome in old age?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 25002/21/2021

I'd have thought some bulk was beneficial in old age as it keeps your bones and joints strong, but overdoing it would probably be detrimental.

Also, guys who are older and really ripped/shredded end up looking even older and their skin looks worse, I think bulky is better from an aesthetic perspective too.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 25102/22/2021

I think being thin and defined with muscles from regular lifting and cardio is ideal. If someone is having to force themselves to eat dramatically more calories and protein to maintain the muscle it doesn’t sound healthy long term to me.

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 25202/22/2021

What about muscles that aren't shredded or jacked. It's the low bodyfat that doesn't age well right?

by 98 Pound Weaklingreply 253Last Wednesday at 3:47 AM
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