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Grease, the movie: The dancer in the green shirt

One of the things about Grease that always fascinated me was the male dancer in the green shirt who performed front and center during the finale sequence "We Go Together." When he was on screen I couldn't take my eyes off him - he was so energetic and enthusiastic, he just stood out from the others.

A quick Google search revealed that his name was Daniel Levans and he was actually a ballet dancer. He passed away in September of this year from a lung infection.

His scene starts at the 01:30 mark in the video at the link.

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by Ramalamalamareply 90Last Friday at 5:34 PM

You dare took your eyes off me?

by Ramalamalamareply 111/01/2015

He looks gay.

by Ramalamalamareply 211/01/2015

I literally wouldn't have paid any attention to him (over anyone else) before you said something.

by Ramalamalamareply 311/01/2015

Why does he do the Chaplin walk at the beginning of his sequence?

by Ramalamalamareply 411/01/2015

Green shirt bump

by Ramalamalamareply 511/02/2015

No one cares about your fifty year old movie.

by Ramalamalamareply 611/02/2015

He's totally making eyes at Lorenzo Lamas, who can barely move his feets.

by Ramalamalamareply 711/02/2015

R6 Hey, that's 37 years old to you.


by Ramalamalamareply 811/02/2015

Beat it! You 50 yr old mattress!

by Ramalamalamareply 911/02/2015

Some of the dancers in the background stole their scenes because of their great dancing. Annette Charles who played Cha Cha had a small role but she was a real scene-stealer.

by Ramalamalamareply 1011/02/2015

OP that is so strange. I have watched that movie several times and that guy always stood out. He was incredibly sexy. (There's another similarly sexy dark haired guy in the background as well). I always thought I was the only person who ever noticed these poor dancers whom no one ever knows. I can't believe you actually came up with his name!

This is what I like about DL: as weird as you may think you are, someone else is just as weird.

by Ramalamalamareply 1111/02/2015

The other sexy guy is wearing a blue shirt, by the way.

by Ramalamalamareply 1211/02/2015

I remember green shirt guy and his air guitar!

by Ramalamalamareply 1311/02/2015

The Born to Hand Jive sequence in that movie is one of the weirdest movie dances ever.

by Ramalamalamareply 1411/02/2015

So that makes how many Grease "high-schoolers" dead? OP's dancer, Conway, Annette Charles (Cha Cha), Dennis Stewart (Craterface). Any others?

by Ramalamalamareply 1511/02/2015

I remember green shirt guy, Daniel Levins (or Levans, depending on the credits), from "The Turning Point." He played Arnold, the bitchy young choreographer who yells at Amelia to count while she's dancing. He's also in the opening of "Godspell," where he's dancing with a female disciple. He lifts her, and when she comes back down he's suddenly morphed into David Haskell (Judas).

Blue shirt guy (also known as "butt-sweat guy"), Greg Rosatti, died of AIDS complications in 1996.

by Ramalamalamareply 1611/02/2015

Was Putsie gay?

by Ramalamalamareply 1711/02/2015

Fat slob cocaine addict caftan wearing fag Alan Carr........dead.......AIDS. He liked the call boys ya know.

by Ramalamalamareply 1811/02/2015

I don't think he's sexy, but he's a great dancer.

by Ramalamalamareply 1911/02/2015

I think The Turning Point is currently on Netflix. I didn't know the green shirt guy was Arnold in the movie.

by Ramalamalamareply 2011/02/2015

His dance partner in GREASE is Antonia Franceschi, who played Hilary Van Doren (the rich ballerina) in FAME.

by Ramalamalamareply 2111/02/2015

Is Antonia Franceschi still alive? Btw, she was a real ballet dancer in Fame.

by Ramalamalamareply 2211/02/2015

I had no idea that all these dancers died, that's totally fucked up! Lamas had some really nice legs, and I like the arm/hand thing they do at the end of the movie.

by Ramalamalamareply 2311/02/2015

He doesn't have my energy though.

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by Ramalamalamareply 2411/02/2015

[quote]He's totally making eyes at Lorenzo Lamas

LOL I noticed that too - he is totally making eyes at him.

by Ramalamalamareply 2511/02/2015

Lorenzo was pretty fuckable even with that hideous orange-blond hair.

by Ramalamalamareply 2611/02/2015

I just watched Grease for the 1st time in years. I knew every word to the songs still. I got sad at the end thinking about how much I loved it when it came out and how vastly different a person I am now from that starry eyed romantic ditz back then !

by Ramalamalamareply 2711/02/2015

R27: The real people the characters were based on didn't live happily ever after.

by Ramalamalamareply 2811/02/2015

I was always fascinated with the girl in the green shorts (you're the one that I want - coming out of the shake shack) and I lost her when the video went to square TV scale. The late 90's letterbox edition revealed her again.

Silly, I know.

by Ramalamalamareply 2911/02/2015

What happened, R28?

by Ramalamalamareply 3011/03/2015

Baby fat Lorenzo Lamas was beautiful and sexy. Why did he ever think that being "lean" would make him more attractive?

by Ramalamalamareply 3111/03/2015


by Ramalamalamareply 3211/24/2016

The character Sandy from the stage production was allegedly based on Donna Mills a real-life student at Chicago's Taft High School.

by Ramalamalamareply 3311/24/2016

I was a child when the movie came out, 5 yrs old. I love it and know every part of it like it's seared into my mind.

by Ramalamalamareply 3411/24/2016

Does anyone else think this movie is underrated?

I think it's one of, maybe the last of, the great movie musicals. The Patricia Birch choreography in particular can hold its own with most musicals from the 1950's.

by Ramalamalamareply 3511/24/2016

Lorenzo Lamas was a beefcake! Love those meaty legs. I saw this movie when I was in 5th or 6th grade in the early 00s.

by Ramalamalamareply 3611/24/2016

Bobby "Bobby Banas" would have stolen the movie!

by Ramalamalamareply 3711/24/2016

R35 how the fuck can Grease be underrated? It's the highest grossing musical ever.

by Ramalamalamareply 3811/24/2016

I love you OP, I noticed the green shirt too, I have chills every time I watch this movie.

by Ramalamalamareply 3911/24/2016


by Ramalamalamareply 4011/24/2016

I loved this movie growing up. Haven't seen it in years. One of my best friends in high school insisted on watching it or Shag or Dirty Dancing everyday. I've probably seen it 1000 times.

by Ramalamalamareply 4111/24/2016

Also, what the fuck is R40 talking about?

by Ramalamalamareply 4211/24/2016

I saw grease when I was 6 with a beloved aunt, who embarrassed me by saying very loudly that Sandy looked cheap by the end of the movie. I loved it the first time I saw it and anytime It's on I just cannot change the station . I also noticed the green shirt guy. He is very noticeable. He has a ton of humor and personality that comes through very clearly. He has a beautiful dancers body. It was really a great movie. That would never get cast the way it did now. Most of the actors looked at least thirty but it worked. Love it! Many years ago I saw Crater Face walking down Broadway near Zabar's. Sexy!

by Ramalamalamareply 4311/24/2016

There is a book out by one of the dancers in grease available on Amazon.

Offsite Link
by Ramalamalamareply 4411/24/2016

R42 Let me help.

If Grease were made as a movie today it would be unthinkable to have an all white ensemble scene like that at the end. As we see in the clip everyone singing and dancing is white - even though it's set in 1950s America all kinds of Americans would have been present at the funfair. Rydell High isn't down in the Segregated South, now, is it? So the choices of the film's producers in that scene unwittingly reveal how they thought America understood itself in 1978. Today, the funfair scene would look different because there would be more POC singing and dancing.

It just struck me as I watched the clip.

by Ramalamalamareply 4511/24/2016

R45 I found at least three.

Offsite Link
by Ramalamalamareply 4611/24/2016
Offsite Link
by Ramalamalamareply 4711/24/2016
Offsite Link
by Ramalamalamareply 4811/24/2016

[quote] The character Sandy from the stage production was allegedly based on Donna Mills a real-life student at Chicago's Taft High School.

Did she move to a cul-de-sac to steal an alcoholic Texan from his wife?

by Ramalamalamareply 4911/24/2016

One thing Rydell High needed was a sex ed class. Did you ever notice that Rizzo and Kenckie had sex on like the first day of school and she realized she WASN'T pregnant on the last day?

by Ramalamalamareply 5011/24/2016

That's what my song in [italic]Grease 2[/italic] was for, R50.

by Ramalamalamareply 5111/24/2016

America was almost 90% white in the 1950's - and the north was still racially segregated, so it's not an untrue reflection of what America looked like then. The US is around 70% white today.

by Ramalamalamareply 5211/24/2016

Brown v. Board of Education was five years before the film's setting.

by Ramalamalamareply 5311/24/2016

I hate all that faux-perky showboy shit. That boy needs a good hard slave-fucking.

by Ramalamalamareply 5411/24/2016

He's positively butch compared to Warbucks' gardener from the movie [italic]Annie[/italic].

by Ramalamalamareply 5511/24/2016

You're right, R35. Grease was Birch at her best. The extra dancers in the last number are so good that you scarcely look at the stars. The new Ethan Morden book about movie musicals spends a whole page or so on the way Birch stages "Summer Loving," and it really is one of the best dance numbers ever, the way she has the guys interacting while they strut up and down those bleachers.

by Ramalamalamareply 5611/24/2016

I could never take my eyes off the shorts/OTC socks guy.

by Ramalamalamareply 5711/24/2016

My favorite character is Doody! So cute!

by Ramalamalamareply 5811/24/2016

Finally some cleaned up the soundtrack on Summer Nights and turned up the real background track. This is awesome.

Offsite Link
by Ramalamalamareply 5911/24/2016

Does anyone know where that last scene was filmed? The hills look familiar, but I can't place them.

by Ramalamalamareply 6011/24/2016

R60, it was filmed in Los Feliz set John Marshall High. Here is a link for all the movie's locations.

Offsite Link
by Ramalamalamareply 6111/26/2016

I love how they didn't edit the dance sequences in a Cuisinart. You actually see their whole bodies in one long take. Unlike Chicago which changed camera angles every 1 second.

by Ramalamalamareply 6203/19/2019

Stockard Channing does look great in those shorts, you have to admit.

by Ramalamalamareply 6303/19/2019

I love the fact that in this scene--like all the singing and dancing numbers--Dinah Manoff is carefully hidden in the background so as to camouflage that she can neither sing nor dance. Still, to me, she is one of the best parts of the movie.

by Ramalamalamareply 6403/19/2019

When you compare the difference in the cost of making the movie to how much it earned at the box office... Just rent a high school, find/make some vintage clothes and pay the talent.

Offsite Link
by Ramalamalamareply 6503/19/2019

Between Grease, Star Wars and Jaws, those were great summers for the movies!

by Ramalamalamareply 6603/19/2019

I must be the only queen on earth who hated this movie. That last number gives me a headache. It's like the cast members were shot up with crystal meth then given a couple lines of pure blow...then instructed to " speed it up and just have fun "...but Quickly!

by Ramalamalamareply 6703/19/2019

I think casting older actors worked because it was their generation they were being nostalgic about.

by Ramalamalamareply 6803/19/2019

Well, to be fair, R68, if it was nostalgia for the generation they actually grew up in, Stockard would have been better served on Little House on the Prairie...

by Ramalamalamareply 6903/19/2019

I was living in a group home the summer that movie came out. We stood outside in line to get tickets for an hour. The other guys in the group home kept going on and on about how they wanted to eat Olivia’s pussy.

by Ramalamalamareply 7003/19/2019

In that finale, you barely see Stockyard. I guess all she could do for dancing is ride Kenicke's back.

by Ramalamalamareply 7103/19/2019

After the movie was over the group home manager stopped the van at a convenience store so I could buy some Topps Grease movie cards.

by Ramalamalamareply 7203/19/2019

[quote]Topps Grease movie cards.

I have, I think, the entire set. Unfortunately, they aren't worth anything.

by Ramalamalamareply 7303/19/2019

Fun thread.

by Ramalamalamareply 7403/19/2019

Call the police, there's a 36 yr old woman molesting young boys at Rydell High!

Offsite Link
by Ramalamalamareply 7503/19/2019

When filming began in June 1977, Stockard Channing was 33, Michael Tucci was 31, Jamie Donnelly was 30, Annette Charles was 29, Olivia Newton-John was 28, Barry Pearl was 27, Jeff Conaway was 26, Didi Conn was 25, John Travolta was 23, Dinah Manoff was 21, Kelly Ward and Eddie Deezen were both 20, and Lorenzo Lamas was 19.

by Ramalamalamareply 7603/19/2019

Hollywood can be a very stinging town. They say it's a forgiving business. It's not that forgiving..... Jeff Conaway

by Ramalamalamareply 7703/19/2019

This is what “Susan Stockard” actually looked like when she was a high school senior.

Offsite Link
by Ramalamalamareply 7803/19/2019

The theory that Sandy did die during their summer together (I think the lyrics in Summer Nights was "She was splashing around/I nearly drowned") explains the car flying off at the end.

by Ramalamalamareply 7903/19/2019

R45 But there are black dancers, so feel free to fuck right off

Classic film, will live forever

by Ramalamalamareply 8003/19/2019

R75 Good times!

by Ramalamalamareply 8103/19/2019

I loved Stockard Channing in Six Degrees of Separation. She was so good she should have won an award.

by Ramalamalamareply 8203/19/2019

With all those lithe, nubile dancing boys on set, Allen Carr must have felt like he was at a smorgasbord!

by Ramalamalamareply 8303/19/2019

Born to Hand Jive is quite similar to Birch's choreography for Charlie's Place from Over Here. Travolta was in that show and wanted Ann Reinking to play Cha Cha in the movie. Maybe she thought it was going to be like the play where Cha Cha was a fat slob. It is a role she's quite perfect for and would have killed it.

by Ramalamalamareply 8403/19/2019

Ha, I always noticed him too.

by Ramalamalamareply 85Last Friday at 4:42 PM

I noticed the green shirt guy too. He looked ridiculous waddling like a duck or doing a Groucho Marx impression. He looks like one of The Jets from West Side Story. He has a few lines in Office Krupke. Doubt it's the same guy as there's a 17 year difference between films.

by Ramalamalamareply 86Last Friday at 4:52 PM

R45, it's Grease not Hairspray.

by Ramalamalamareply 87Last Friday at 5:00 PM

Never noticed him - always zoned in on blue shorts/knee-high socks guy.

by Ramalamalamareply 88Last Friday at 5:08 PM

R69 you mean evil cunt!

by Ramalamalamareply 89Last Friday at 5:33 PM

"..waddling like a duck or doing a Groucho Marx impression"

It's Charlie Chaplin, Millennial.

by Ramalamalamareply 90Last Friday at 5:34 PM
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